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to this country 1820, and started the first ingrain cari)Ct manufactory in America at Jer-
sey City, where he remained 14 years; 1834 removed to West Kanns, N. "i ., and estab-
lished a carpet factory: 183(j went to .\ew Haven, Conn., to succeed his l)rotlicr as man.
and supt. of the extensive carpet works, still retaininjr his Interest \u the tactory at \A est
Farms owned by himself and bro.; 1845 moved to Yonkers, X. Y., in company with
John Hutchison, contiaued the mnfr. of carpets till iav2, when he retired. [over]

John (Ayer), b. June 25, 181S ; a farmer and Free Baptist in LeRaysville, Penn. ;
m., Oct., 1S44, Harriet Wood.

Lucy Ring (Ayer), b. Sept. 3, 1819 ; m., Jan. 13, 1S39, George W. Wells, a farmer
in LeRaysville.

Elbridge Nelson (Ayer), b. Nov. 13, 1820; d. in Chicago, July 14, 1849.

Mary (Ayer), b. Feb. 16, 1822; m., Oct. 29, 1846, Homer Wells, a shoe dealer in

Elizabeth Thurston (Ayer), b. Sept. 16, 1823; d. Jan. 12, 1825.

Martha (Ayer), b. Feb. 22, 1S25; m., July 15, 1S54, Alonzo Whitehead, a farmer
in LeRaysville, served in the war against the rebellion two years.

Samuel (Ayer), b. July 26, 1826; d. Aug. 15, 1828.

Warren (Ayer), b. Aug. 4, 182S; a farmer in Albany, Penn., enlisted 1S64, and
served to close of war; m., July, 185S, Ann Eliza Wood.
Isaac (Ayer), a soldier in war of 1812; d. in Ohio.
Lucinda (Ayer), m. John Burke, in Chicago.

Mary (Ayer), b. in Corinth, Vt., Oct. 21, 1798; m., in Pike tp., Bradford Co., Penn.,
Dec. 7, 1S20, Amasa Wells, b. in J'ike tp., Jan. 20, 1797 ; 1S44 went to Wiscon-
sin via. Buffalo and Chicago by private team, and settled on a farm in Clinton,
Wis.; a Baptist, good neighbor and honest man, d. July 28, 1863; she d. in
Chicago, Sept. 17, 1861. They had, all b. in Pike:

Mary Adelia (Wells), b. Oct. 20, 1S22 ; m., in Pike, Solomon Moore, a teacher,
1845 went to Wisconsin, 1866 to McKinley, Tenn. Had Ella (Moore), m. Ur.
Garner, a physician in McKinley, a Friend, doing much good among the poor.

Sarah Elizabeth (Wells), b. Oct. 14, 1S25 ; m., Sept. 16, 1S47, Stephen B. Perley, b.
Mar. iS, 1806, son of Nathaniel and Dorothy (Bartlett) Perley of North
Sanbornton, N. H. He v/as a successful farmer in Wasioja, Minn., a man
of good mind, great energy, superior judgment and strict integrity, d. March
31, she d. Apr. 14, iSSo, having had (i) George Amasa (Perley), b. near Mar-
quette, Wis., Nov. 18, 1S49; grad. from the W. M. sem. in Wasioja, taught
school several terms, 1S76 settled on a splendid farm in Grovena, P. O. Fran-
dau, So. Dakota, where he has been very successful ; is a powerful reform
worker, has been one of the influential characters in shaping the destinies of
his town and state ; runs a county ins. co., a co-operative grain warehouse,
the U. S. signal service, and holds other positions of trust; m., July, iSSo,
Emma Rosetta Lish, b. in Milton tp.. Dodge Co., Minn., Sept. 29, 1857, and
have Iva Chrysoma (Peiley), b. Julyi4. 18S1; Stephen Elton (Perley), b.
March 12, 1883. (2) Mary Elizabeth (Perley), b. April 13, 1S52; m. William
H. Lincoln, owns with his brother a farm of 2,200 acres in Gardner, North
Dakota. (3) Dorothy Fidelia (Perley), b. Jan. 14, 1S54; m, George Allen
Norton, a lawyer in Mantorville, Minn. (4) Charles Nathaniel (Perley), b.
Nov. 2, 1856; a railroad employe in Cheney, Minn. (5) Ida Gertrude (Per-
ley), b. April 16, 1859; with her sister in Gardner; n.m.

Judd Plumer (Wells), b. Aug. 18, 1827; a farmer in Clinton ; m. Jane Lamson ;
he d. 1858; she d. 1S61, having had Guy L. (Wells), b. 1853, a farmer in
West Point, Neb., m. Julia Conant.

Warren Ayer (Wells), b. July 22, 1830; learned the trade of mason in Janes-
ville, Wis.; m. there, Apr. 28, 1855, Sarah Harper Harris, b. Jan. 28, 1831,
da. of James and Margaret Harris of Watertown, N. Y.; went to Iowa ancl
after to Pike's Peak in a prairie schooner drawn by o.xen, returned in a few
months and settled in St. Paul, Minn.; 187- went to Chicago; he is a whole-
souled man, with hosts of friends, of great energy, perseverance and pluck ;
has lost a competence twice, and in rebuilding the city after the great fire,
has regained an independent position, and many fine structures in the city
and elsewhere are monuments of his labor. They have 3 sons who learned
their father's trade, and are in lousiness with him, doing an annual business
of $1,000,000, viz. (i) Addison E. (Wells), b. in JanesvUle, Feb. 4, 1856: m.,
Jan. I, 1S77, Alice M. Conant, and have Arthur F. (Wells), b. Nov. 26, 1S77 ;
Harry L. (Wells), b. Apr. 14, 1880; Percy A. (Wells), b. March 15, 1882;
Warren M. (Wells), b. Sept. 10, 1S83. (2) Fred A. (Wells), b. in Mitchell,
la., July 26, 1859; m. ist, Sadie L. Holton, d. Dec. 13, 1885; 2d, 1887, Ida
Kerr of Grand Rapids, Mich. He had Edith L. (Wells), b. Apr. 22, 1885.
(3) Judd E. (Wells), b. in St. Paul, Aug. 14, 1S65 ; m., Aug. 19, 18S5, Jessie
M. Jones, and have Warren Ayer (Wells), b. May 6, 1890.

Arabell (Wells), b. June 13,1832; m., 1854, Josiah Batson, a farmer in Fair
Water, Wis.; she d. March 15, 1884, having had Josephine (Batson), m. Jo-
seph Lockin, a prominent man and well-to-do farmer in Aurelia, la. ; War-
ren (Batson), a farmer in Fair Water, m. ; Fay (Batson), n.m.; Lora B. (Bat-
son), m. Charles P. Tinkham, a teacher and farmer in White Water, Wis.

Polly Ann L. (Wells), b. Jan. 15, 1838; m., in Clinton, 1859, Silas G. Cheever,
editor of the San Francisco Call; she d. May i, 1S85; no children.

George Harrison (Wells), b. March 3, 1S41 ; a carpenter and builder in East
Portland, Oregon; m., in Clinton, 1863. Phebe Dresser, and had Cora L.
(Wells), b. 1865, Frank, Mary Alice, Lillian, Eva (Wells), b, 1881.
David and Elizabeth (Ayer), both d. young.


613 Mary (Ayer), m. Amasa Wells.

614 David (Ayer), d. young. 615 Elizabeth (Ayer), d. young.

616 Mary,^ b. in Deerfield, Jan. 14, 1767; m. Thomas Smith of Unity, N. li., b.
Sept. 4, 1752, d. July 31, 1830; she died Aug. 26, 1850. They had:
617 Sally (Smith), b. March 26, 1786; m., Sept. 2, 1804, Noah Ladd of Unity;
d. Jan. 31, 1861. They had: Lorenda (Ladd), b. July 26, 1805; d.
Nov. 4, 1809. Caroline (Ladd), b. March 14, 1807; m., 1827, John
Sleeper; d. in Oneida, 111., Feb. 5, 1857; three children. Lorenda
(Ladd), b. May 23, 1810; m. Wilson Bartlett of Unity; d. Jan. 4, 1843;
two children. Washington Thurston (Ladd), b. July 4, 1812; d. April
22, 1820. Adeline (Ladd), b. Jan. 25, 1815; m. Stephen Glidden of
Unity. James Monroe (Ladd), b. June i, 1818; m. Sarah Graves; liv-
ing m Oneida, 111.; three children. Harriet (Ladd), b. April 12, 1820;
m. Alvin Roundy; two children. Washington Thurston (Ladd),b. Nov.
10, 1S22; m. Frances Neal ; d. in Oneida, 111., March 31, 1862. Noah
Jefferson (Ladd), b. Sept. 14, 1S25; m. Hannah Frost; d. in Claremont,
N. H., June 1,1849. Wallace Wingate (Ladd), b. April 22,1827; m.
Ann Jones; d. in Springfield, Vt., July 10, 1852.

628 Asenath (Smith), b. April 8, 1790; m. lidward Sleeper of Unity; d. Sept.

14, 1873; ^^'^s a member of the Baptist church; seven children.

629 Thomas (Smith), b. Dec. 15, 1791 ; d. young.

630 Thomas (Smith), b. March 14, 1794; m. ist, Hannah Iluntoon of Unity;

2d, Hepsy Newton of Dalton, N. H. He was a soldier of the war of
1812; a member of the N. H. legislature; a farmer, and belonged to the
Methodist church. He died in Dalton, Oct. .'.4, 1876; nine children.

631 Josiah (Smith), b. Jan. 8, 1796; m. Cynthia Farwell of Unity; was drum-

mer in the war of 18 12, for which service he receives a pension. He is
living in Claremont, N. H.; is a shoemaker, and belongs to the Meth.
church ; 4 children. One son, Curtis, was in the war against the rebellion.

632 John (Smith), b. Jan. 27, 1798; m. Delia Cram of Unity; d. in Jones-

ville, Mich., Jan. 17, 1873; a farmer; three children.

633 Betsey (Smith), b. Dec. 22, 1799; m. Ichabod Farrington of Claremont;

is a member of the Baptist church ; no children.

634 Hiram (Smith), b. April i, 1802; m. Lucinda Marshall of Lempster, N. H.;

is a farmer in Unity ; has been town representative ; three children.

635 Moses (Smith), b. July 28, 1S04; d. young.

636 Hannah (Smith), b. May 3, 1807; m. Jesse Cram of Unity; d. in Ohio

1830; one child.

637 Moses Thurston (Smith), b. Oct. 8,1809; m. Eunice Blake of Rocking-

ham, Vt. ; d. Sept., 1S60, in Springfield, Vt. ; a mechanic, and member of
the Baptist church ; three children.

638 Alvah Chase (Smith), b. Dec. 7, iSii ; m. Phebe Ann Faulkner of Hamil-

ton, Mass. ; is a physician in Reading, Mass., and member of the Con-
gregational church ; two children.

639 Frederic Plummer (Smith), b. July 30, 1814; m. Locia Morris of Lisbon,

N. H. ; is a farmer, living in Claremont ; seven children.

Born in Unity.

640 Dorothy,^ b. Nov. 14,1769; m., Jan. i, 1789, Nathaniel Hunton,* b. Jan. 21,

1764, son of Charles and Maria (Smith) Hunton of Kingston, after of

Unity, N. H. ; a farmer. She died Feb. 10, 1828; he died Dec. 29, 1857.

They had, all born in Unity :

641 Ariel (Hunton), b. July 5, 1789; m., March 18, 1809, Polly i'ingry, b. Sept.

6, 1791, daughter of William and Mary (Morrill) Pingry of Rowley,

Mass., after of Salisbury, N. H. She d. in Bethel, Vt., Apr. 29, 1874;

he d. in Hyde Park, Vt., Nov. 25, 1857. He commenced the practice of

medicine in Groton, N. H., in 1814; July. 1818, he removed to Hyde

Park, where he was the village doctor for thirty-nine years. They had:

(i) Parmenas (Hunton), b. in Salisbury Nov. 30, 1809; m., May 22, 1838,

Laura Pearson of Randolph, Vt., b. in Roxbury, Vt., Mar. 17, 1S15, da.

of John T. and Mary (Fowler) Pearson; after his death she married

again, and is living in Wheatland, N. J., 187S. He studied law and was

*This family all originally spelled their name Hunton, but about 1825 a part of them
changed it to Hiuitoon.


adnutted to the bar at Hyde Park in 1838, and died in Charleston, S. C,
Aug. 4, 1S39; no children. (2) Sylvanu.s (Hunton), b. in Sali-sbury June
2, iSti ; m., Sept. 5, 1S41, Clarissa M. Bailey, b. in Weare, N. H., Sept.
29, iSii, da. of Uradbury and Agnes (Marshall) Bailey of Unity; she d. in
Unity, Dec. 21, 1842. He graduated from the Vermont Academy of
Medicine at Castleton in 1836; went to South Carolina on account of ill
health in Oct., 1S39, and engaged in teaching; was at Gaillard's planta-
tion on the great southern bend of the Santee, at Sumterville, Charles-
ton and Aiken; and in Nov., 1846, he went to Carrollton, Ga., to take
charge of a school, where he died, F"eb. 25, 1S47, at the house of Dr. W.
r. Parker; no children. (3) Eudosia Dorothy (Hunton), b. in Salisbury,
May I, 1S13; d. single at Hyde Park, Aug. 3, 1844. (4) Augustus Pin-
gry (Hunton), b. in Croton, N. H., Feb. 23, 1816; m., April 29,1849,
Caroline Paige, b. Feb. 14, 1S17, da. of Dr. Alfred and Sarah (Bigelow)
Paige of Bethel, Vt. She d. May 8, 1884. He was admitted to the bar
in Alontpelier, Vt., April, 1837; commenced practice in Warren, Vt. ;
removed to Bethel in 1838, where he still resides, 1890; has been several
times representative to the legislature; was speaker of the house 1860-1 ;
has been state senator, and was presidential elector in 1864. They have
(i) Mary (Hunton), b. in Bethel, Vt., April 25, 1851 ; m., Feb. i, 1877,
Wm. Brunswick Curry Stickney, b. in Marblehead, Mass., Jan. 16, 1845,
son of Rev. Moses Parsons and Jane Frances (Curry) Stickney of Bethel.
Mr. Stickney is a partner in the law firm of Hunton & Stickney, Bethel.
They have William (Stickney), b. March 6, 1878; Mary (Stickney), b.
Nov. 24, 18S2. (2) Albert (Hunton), b. in Bethel June 20, 1S53; d.
July 18, 1864. (5) Tryphena Ruth (Hunton), b. in Hyde Park Jan. 10,
1827; d. single, Nov. 11, 1843. (6) William Philo (Hunton), b. in Hyde
Park Nov. 24, 1832; d. single Feb. 22, 1S56. (7) Mary Augusta (Hun-
ton), b. in Hyde Park Nov. 24, 1832; m., July 8, i860. Rev. Sylvester
Ames Parker, b. June 10, 1S34, son of William Bateman and Alalvina
(Miner) Parker of Lempster, N. H. ; has been pastor of the Universa-
list ch. in Stowe, and in Bethel, Vt., where he still is, 1890; no children.

642 Tryphena (Hunton), b. March 22, 1791; m., Oct. i, 1S20, Moody Oilman

of Goshen, N. II.; she died Nov. 15, 1S21 ; no children.

643 Reuel (Hunton), b. July 22, 1794; d. in Unity May 2, 1S23; n.m.

644 Harvey (Huntoon), b. Nov. 10, 1800; m.. July 5, 1831, Maria P. Morse,

daughter of Ichabod and Polly (Bailey) Morse of Newport, N. H., b.
April 25, 1813; she died Feb. i, 1871. He was a farmer on the home-
stead; d. in Newport, N. H., Aug. 25, 1882; was appointed first railroad
commissioner in 1844; high sheriff for Sullivan county from 1850 to
1855; been justice of the peace fifty years. They have: (i) Reuel
(Huntoon), b. July i, 1832; m., Nov. 21, 1861, Susie E. Russell, b. Sept.
10, 1837, daughter of Phileman and Mary (Wilkins) Russell of Cam-
bridge, Mass. She died at Somerville, Mass., May 30, 1S75. He en-
listed in the i6th N. H. regiment Nov. 4, 1862, as corporal, and was pro-
moted to first sergeant; was mustered out Aug. 20, 1863, and died Sept.
17, 1863, three weeks after reaching home; one child. (2) Ransom
(Huntoon), b. April 25, 1836; m., Sept. 12, 1859, Elizabeth L. Thorp of
Wataga, 111.; a farmer in Newport, N. H. ; 4 chil. ; enlisted 1862 in the
war against the rebellion, as serg. in 14th N. H. reg. ; wounded at Win-
chester Sept. 19, 1864, crippled for life; dis. July 26, 1865. (3) Ora
Morse (Huntoon), b. May i, 1839; m., Nov. 30, 1871, Mary Vilona Cur-
tice of Contoocook, N. H. ; was representative to legislature 1868-9; ^
farmer in Pittsfield, N. H. ; 2 children. (4) Ira McLaughlin (Huntoon),
h. June I, 1843; m., July 3, 1867, Jennie S. Lowell of Lempster, N. H. ;
a farmer in Unity; d. July 3, 1887; 5 chil. (5) Lemira Jennett (Hun-
toon), b. Feb. 22, 1847 ; m.. May 26, 1874, Joel A. Jillson of P.ellows
Falls, Vt.; d. Apr, 22, 18S0; i child. (6) Ariel Augustus (Huntoon),
b. Sept. 29, 1851 ; m., June i, 1874, Carrie F. Kenerson of Newport; a
grocer in Newport, since in River Falls, Wis. ; 4 children.

645 Roxana (Huntoon), b. July 15, 1805; d. Oct. 22, 1S27 ; n.m.

646 Ransom (Huntoon), b. Aug. 10, iSio; entered the military academy at

West Point 1830, and died in Unity Fel). iS, 1834; n.m.
647+Josiah,'''' 1). May 7, 1772; m. ist, Polly (Wood) Thurston; 2d, Martha March.


648-I- Hannah,^ b. Sept. 13, 1774; m. Jedediah Thilbrick.

649 John,° I twins, bom ( m. Betsey Ladd. He was a farmer in Unity; died

650 Joanna,^ i Dec. 14, 1776; ( Oct. 5, 1839; she d. Jan. 19, i860; no children.

Joanna m., Nov. 26, 1795, Jonathan Fitts, b. May 9, 1772, son of Jonathan
and Susannah (Pike) Fitts of South Hampton, N. H. He was a farmer in
Unity till 1807, when they moved to Smithville, N. Y. ; both members of
the Baptist church. He d. Oct. 2,1847; she d. in McDonough, N. Y.,
Apr. 29, 1855. They had:

651 Jonathan (Fitts), b. Oct. 24, 1796; m. ist, in Smithville, N. Y., Jan. 4,

1820, Martha Chamberlain of that place, b. Jan. 7, 1794; she d. in Har-
risville, O., July 19, 1S39; 2d, in Elyria, O., June 3, 1841, Nancy DeWitt,
^ b. in Vermont Aug. 22, 18I6; she d. in lilyria Feb. 4, 1859. He was a

farmer in Harrisville, afterward Lodi, O., in 1820; member of the Con-
gregational church; d. June i, 1850. They had: Hiram Lewis
(Fitts), b. Feb. 22, 1S21 ; n.m. ; d. Apr. 26, 1S38. Sylvia (Fitts), b. July
II, 1822; n. m. ; d. July 7, 1838. Celinda (Fitts), b. May 13, 1824; m.
Feb. 12, 1845, George Burr of Harrisville; living, 1878, in Lodi. So,
phia (Fitts), b. Sept. 15, 1S25; m.. May 5, 1S46, John T. \Vells of Lodi-
moved to Coral, 111., where she d. Feb. 5, 1847. .Sophronia (Fitts), b;
Dec. 22, 1827; d. June 29, 1849. Julia De Francey (Fitts), b. Jan. 21,
1832; d. July 19, 1843. Wealthy (Fitts), b. Mar. 9, 1834; d. Nov. 13,
1838. Welton (Fitts), b. Mar. 9, 1834; enlisted, 1861, in the 2d regi-
ment of U. S. sharp-shooters ; remained in camp Instruction near Wash-
ington, D. C, till May, 1862, when his regiment was ordered to march;
was carried to the hospital at Fredericksburg with typhoid fever, where
he died, June 17, 1862. He lies buried in the soldiers' burying-ground
at Falmouth Village, Virginia. RoUin Jonathan (Fitts), b. Feb. 5, 1843;
m., March 8, 1862, Cornelia J. Nevins of Elyria; d. May 6, 1877. Har-
vey Edmund (Fitts), b. Oct. 6, 1844; m., March 3, "1868, Lizzie .Spurriss
of Tennessee. He entered the army in the spring of 1862, belonging
first to the infantry, then the cavalry, and served till the close of the
war, in 1865; living, 1878, in Aberdeen, Miss. Virgil (Fitts), b. Oct. 12,
1847 ; d. Oct. 5, 1850.

652 Anna (Fitts), b. Mar. 13, 1798; m., Dec. 31, 1818, Seth Curtis of McDon-

ough, N. v.; d. May 19, 1876; he d. April 18, 1880. She and all her
children, were members of the Bap. church. Chil. : James Harvey (Cur-
tis), b. Nov. 29, 1819 ; m., Feb. i, 1846, Fanny Coville of McDonough ; d.
Apr. 29, 1869. Palmyra Leach (Curtis), b. Oct. 15, 1821 ; m. ist, Sept. 4,
1840, George Mclntyre of Cincinnatus, N. Y., who d. Aug 8, 1S41 ; 2d,
May 19, 1844, Merrit Daniels of McDonough. In Nov., 1S78, they
went to Nebraska. Sally (Curtis), b. Jan. 2, 1823; d. July 17, 1839.
John Thurston (Curtis), b. Aug. 5, 1824; m., Oct., 1851, Julia Ackley of
McDonough ; lived on the old homestead for several years, then was
overseer on railroads in different towns till a few years since they moved
to Kentucky, where they reside, 1878. Edmund Bostwick (Curtis), b.
March 9, 1826; m., Oct., 1851, Mary Moore of McDonough; was clerk
in the treasury department for sixteen years; 1878 is a dealer in eggs,
butter and cheese ; is deacon of the Baptist church and Sunday-school
superintendent in Washington, D. C. Adelaide Elizabeth (Curtis), b.
July 13, 1828; m., Aug. 27, 1856, Nelson Coville of McDonough; d.
Sept. 3, 1872. Charles Edgar (Curtis), b. May 24, 1830; m., (^ct., 1852.
Maria Gibson of McDonough ; enlisted Sept., 1864, in the 90th N. Y.
regiment ; was taken prisoner at the battle of Cedar Creek Oct, 19, and
died from starvation in prison hospital at Salisbury, N. C, Feb. 8, 1865.
Louisa Rebecca (Curtis), b. May 9, 1832; d. March 17, 1861. Lorena
Allen (Curtis), b. Feb. 23, 1834; m., Sept., 1853, Asa McDaniels of Mc-
Donough. In 186S they moved to Norwich, N, Y., and in 1878 to Gar-
net, Kan. William Henry (Curtis), b. Dec. 10, 1838; d. Jan. 10, 1839.
Hattie Adoresta (Curtis), b. June 11, 1840; n.m.; living in McDon-
ough, 187S.

653 Betsey (Fitts), b. Oct. 12,1800; went with her parents to Smithville, N.

v., in 1807; was for many years a teacher of district school and of
Baptist Sunday-school; m. ist, May 21, 1844, Elder Bennett Hart, Bap-
tist, of Smithville, who was killed by lightning June 12, 1845; ^d, Dea.


Silas Betts of (ireene, N. V. ; he d. Feb. 8, 1878; she is living at Bris-
bin, N. v., 1878; no children.

654 Sally Bartlett (F'itts), b. Oct. i, 1802; m., Apr. 5, 1826, Isaac Tichinor

Towslee of Pownal, Vt. ; d. Sept. 3, 1870; was a Baptist; had, all born
in Smithville, N. Y., Henry Lafayette (Towslee), b. Jan. 6, 1S27 ; m.
Louisa Van Tassel of Oxford, N. Y. ; she d. May 8, 1864. He was a
boatman at Oreene, N. V., where he d., Apr. 2, 1874. Clarrenda Jane
(Towslee), b. Feb. 17, 1828; d. June r, 1S32 Lavorian Thurston (Tows-
lee), b. Feb. 7, 1S30; m. ist, Jane Knickerbocker of Smithville; shed.
Dec. 31, 1857; 2d, Diantha Congdon of Scipio, N. V.; is a grocer and
butcher in Locke, X. Y. ; Francis Chase (Towslee), b. May i, 1831 ; m.
Sarah Caukins of Iladley, Mass. ; is a farmer in Smithville, N. Y. ;
Delos Hiram (Towslee), b. May 20, 1S33; m., Jan. r, 1861, Hannah
Thackry of Leeds, Eng. ; is a farmer and blacksmith in Greene, 1878;
both meml^ers of the Baptist church. Clarrenda Jane (Towslee), b.
May 21, 1835; m., Sept. i, 1861, Harvey Symonds of Oxford, N. Y. ;
live in Greene, 1878; Baptists.

655 Lovina (Fitts), b. Nov 2, 1808; m., Sept. 19, 1849, John Carpenter of

Ohio; he died in McDonough May 2, 1864; both members of the Bap-
tist church. She lives in McDonough, 1878; no children.

656 Hiram Lewis (Fitts), b. May 2, 1812; m., Jan. 5, 1842, Almeida Ward

P)eardsley of McDonough, where he died Aug. 9, 1880. They have,
born in Smithville: George Flarvey (F'itts), b. Xov. 13, 1842; m. Hat-
tie Alvard; live in Iowa, 1878; Methodists Ellen Douglas (Fitts), b.
F^eb. 22, 1844; n.m.; d. at Oxford, N. Y., Apr. 9, 1872; Baptists. Alice
(Fitts), b. May 14, 1845; d. Apr. 29, 1853. Adelaide F:iizabeth (Fitts),
b. Apr. 14, 1S4S; m., in 1869, Hadlai Fish Pendleton of Norwich, N. Y.,
where they now reside; Baptists. Martha Minerva (Fitts), b. in Mc-
Donough Jan. 9, 1851 ; d. in Oxford Nov. 12, 1871. Mary Ida (Fitts),
b. March 30, t853; n^-' Nov. 9, 1S72, George Burr of Lodi, O., where
they reside ; member Congregational church. Frank (Fitts), b. in
Maine, N. Y., March 4, 1859; lives in McDonough; is studying to be a


EzEKiEL Thurston •» (Moses,^ Stephen,'^ Daniel^), brother of the
preceding, and son of Moses and Sarah Thurston ; married .

Mr. Thurston was a resident of Exeter, N. H., in 1775, as he was
enlisted from that place in the revolutionary war under Col. Joseph
Cilley; was in the battle at Saratoga, Oct. 7, 1777.

Child,- born in Epping, N. H.

6574-Jonathan,''' b. May 7, 1761 ; m. 1st, Sarah ; 2d, Mary Ardway.

Probably hail other children.


Stephen Thurston ■* of Stratham, N. H. {Moses,^ Stephen,'^ Dan-
iel'), brother of the preceding, and son of Moses and Sarah Thurs-
ton ; married . He was in South Newmarket, N. H., in 1776,

as he refused to sign the Association Test at that time.

658-I- Moses,'"' m. Betsey Wiggin.


OiTVEK Thurston ^ {Moscs,^ Stephen,^ Datiiel'), brother of the
preceding, and son of Moses and Sarah Thurston; born about 1738;


married Sarah French. She died in Eaton, N. H., 1814; he died
in Shapleigh, Me., or Wakefield, N. H.

Mr. Thurston was a butcher in Brentwood, N. H., a very large and
athletic man. He was in Capt. George March's company. Col. John
Goff's regiment, in an expedition for the invasion of Canada, from
March 6 to Nov. 27, 1760. He next enlisted in Capt. Rowell's com-
pany, Col. Nathan Hale's regiment, Feb. 11, 1778. In Sullivan's ex-
pedition in the battle of New Town, Chemung county, N. Y., fought
Sunday, Aug. 29, 1779, was wounded (a very large and enthusiastic
centennial celebration of this battle was held on the spot Aug. 29,
1879) ^ ^"^^ '^^^s sergeant in the 8th company of Col. Reed's regiment,
shot through the thigh, and suffered much for many years before the
ball could be removed. Discharged Feb. 26, 1781 ; examined and
commenced garrison duty Feb. 26, 1783. Received a pension of two
dollars per month.


659 Thomas,^ m, twice ; was a shoemaker, living in Shapleigh, j\Ie., Freedom and

P^aton, N. H., where he died between 1835 and 1S40; no children.
66o-fMoses,° b. about 1770; m. Sarah or Sally Moses.
66i-|-()liver,5 b. May 10, 1773; m. Anstress Cross.
662+ Reuben,^ b. 1775; "^- Sally Cross.
663-j-William,5 b. Oct. 19, 1777; m. Mary Robinson.
664-i-John,5 b. July 5, 1782; m, Alice S. Elutchins.
665 Ann, 5 lived and died in Brentwood.


John Thurston-* {y^ohii,^ Stephen,^ Daniel^), son of John and
Elizabeth Thurston of Stratham, N. H. ; married Elsie Leavitt.
Mr. Thurston was a farmer in Stratham. He was in the revolution-
ary war.


666-|-John,5 b. 1780; m. ist, Hannah Mason; 2d, Jane Smith.

667 Phebe,'^ b. 1784; m. James Cram of Newmarket, N. H.; d. 187 1. They had:
668 Benjamin Franklin, Joseph, Mary and Ann (Cram).

669 Sally,*^ b. 1791 ; n.m. ; d. in Exeter, N. H., 1S67, aged 76.

670 Betsey ,5 n.m. ; d. young.

671 Dolly,5 m. Theophilus Jones of Exeter; d. 1843; five children,

672 David,^ b. about 1798; m. Lydia Drew of Wakefield, X. H. ; d. al)out 1858,

having had Harriet, Lydia, Robert, John, David.

673 Hannah,*^ b. March 31, 1803; m. John L^-ford Conner, a carpenter of Exeter.

He d. Jan. 22, 1848, aged 43; she d. July 26, 1872. They had: John,
.Sarah E., Enoch F., Margaret B., Wm. H. and Carrie Frances (Coimer), b.
July I, 1837; m., .Sept. 2, i860, Cieo. Washington Wiggin, b. Feb. 22, 1831.
son of Andrew N. and Sarah B. (Messer) Wiggin of North Hampton, N.
H., a manufacturer of drain tile in Exeter ; a member and clerk of the Bap-
tist church. Children: Emma Adell (Wiggin), b. Jan. 18, 1862. Perley
Olive (Wiggin), b. Nov. 30, 1864. Amy Floretta (Wiggin), b. July 27. 1868.

674 Mary Carr,^ b. Nov. 9, 1804; m., March, 1831, John Ingalls Nourse, a farmer

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