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Enfield, Mass. Died 1838. Sprague Annals 2


FAWCETT, JOHN, A.M.; D.D. 1810. Baptist minister; pastor Wainsgate,
England, 1764; Hebden Bridge, Halifax, England; teacher academy;
president Bristol educational society 1792. Author Hymns, 181 1; De-
votional commentary on the Holy Scriptures, 181 1; numerous other pub-
lications. See An account of the life . . . of the Rev. John Fawcett, D.D.,
by his son. Born Lidget Green, near Bradford, Eng., Jan. 6, 1740; died
Hebden Bridge, Halifax, Eng., July 25, 18 17.

Diet. nat. biog.. Darling's cyc. bib., Allibone

FOBES, PEREZ, LL.D.; A.B. Harvard university 1762; A.M. 1786. Vice
president Brown university 1786; professor natural philosophy 1786-98;
fellow 1795-1812. Ordained Congregational minister 1766; pastor Rayn-
ham, Mass., 1766-1812; chaplain Continental army 1777; fellow American


academy of arts and sciences. Author History of Raynham, 1794; Scrip-
ture catechism, 1804; Abridgement of the Scripture catechism, 1809; also
frequent sermons. Born Bridgewater, Mass., Sept. 21, 1742; died Rayn-
ham, Mass., Feb. 23, 1812.

Cyc. Am. biog., R. I. eye, Sprague Annals i

FRANCIS, BENJAMIN, A.M. Baptist minister; pastor Shortwood, Eng-
land. Author several hymns. Died Dec. 14, 1799. Bapt. encyc.

FRANCIS, JOHN, A.M. Trustee Brown university 1791-96. Merchant
Providence, R. I. Born 1763; died Providence, R. I., Nov. 4, 1796.

Prov. gaz.

FURMAN, RICHARD, A.M.; D.D. 1800. Ordained Baptist minister 1774;
pastor High Hills, S. C; Statesburg, S. C; Charleston, S. C, 1787-1825;
member S. C. constitutional convention; president Baptist triennial con-
vention 1814. Author several sermons and addresses. Born Esopus,
N. Y., 1755; died Charleston, S. C, Aug. 25, 1825.

Cyc. Am. biog., Sprague Annals 6, Bapt. encyc.

HAMILTON, ALEXANDER, LL.D.; A.M. Columbia college 1788; LL.D.
Dartmouth college 1790; College of N. J. 1791; Harvard university 1792.
Captain N. Y. troops 1776-77; lieutenant colonel and aid-de-camp to
Gen. Washington 1777-81; lieutenant colonel N. Y. troops 1781-83;
brevet-colonel; member Continental congress 1782-83, 1787-88; member
Convention for the adoption of the Federal constitution; secretary of
treasury U. S. 1789-95; major-general and inspector-general U. S. army
1 798- 1 800; commander-in-chief 1799; member Mass. historical society;
American philosophical society; fellow American academy of arts and
sciences. Author Works, edited by John B. Hamilton, 7 vols., 1851.
Bom Nevis, West Indies, Jan. 11, 1757; died New York, N. Y., July 12,
1804. Cyc. Am. biog., Johnson's cyc, Heitman Rev., Harv.

SHAW, PHILANDER, A.B.; Harvard university 1792; A.M. 1795. Min-
ister Eastham, Mass., 1797-1841. Born 1769; died Oct. 10, 1841.

Allibone, P.

WHITE, LEONARD, A.M.; A.B. Harvard university 1787; A.M. Harvard
university 1790. Town clerk Haverhill, Mass.; treasurer; member Mass.
house of representatives; U. S. house of representatives 1811-13; cashier
Merrimack bank, Haverhill, 25 years. Born Haverhill, Mass., May 3,
1767; died Haverhill, Oct. 10, 1849. Cong, direct.


DANA, DANIEL, A.M.; A.B. Dartmouth college 1788; A.M.; D.D. 1814.
Ordained minister; pastor Newburyport, Mass., 1794-1820, 1826-45;
trustee and president Dartmouth college 1820-21 ; pastor Londonderry,
N. H., 1822-26; trustee Andover theological seminary 1805-56. Born
Ipswich, Mass., July 24, 1771; died Aug. 26, 1859. Dart.

DORE, JAMES, A.M. Minister London, England. Author Sermons, etc.,
1786-1806. Died 1825.

GRAVES, SAMUEL, A.M. Author Political treatises, iSi ^-.aXsodisconTs&s.


JONES, MORGAN, LL.D. Baptist minister Hampstead, Hartfordshire,
England. Died 1897.

LEONARD, ZEPHANIAH, A.M.; A.B. Yale college 1758; A.M. 1761;
Harvard university 1763. Lawyer Raynham, Mass.,; member Mass.
house of representatives 1768, 1769, 1771, 1777, 1778; high sheriflf county
i776?-i8o8. Born Raynham, Mass., Jan. 18, 1737; died Raynham,
April IT, 1 814. Dexter, P.

M'LEAN, ARCHIBALD, A.M. Printer Glasgow, Scotland, 1 746-59 ; printer
and bookseller Glasgow 1759-66; resident London 1766-67; superin-
tendent Donaldson and company, printers, Edinburgh, 1767-85; Baptist


minister Edinburgh 1768-1812. Author numerous publications. For
list, see Dictionary of national biography , vol. 35. Born East Kilbride,
Lanarkshire, Eng., May i, 1733; died Edinburgh, Dec. 21, 1812.

Diet. nat. biog.

PEARCE. SAMUEL, A.M. Student Bristol college; ordained Baptist min-
ister 1789; pastor Cannon street church, Birmingham, England, 1790-99.
Author Corporation and test acts exposed, i "j go ; Alemoirs. 1800; also ser-
mons. Born Plymouth, England, July 20, 1766; died Plymouth, Mass.,
Oct. 10. 1799. Diet. nat. biog., Bapt. encyc, Allibone

PRIESTLEY, JOSEPH, LL.D.; University of Edinburgh. Preacher Need-
ham Market, Suffolk, England, 1 755-58; Natitwich, Cheshire, 1758-61;
principal school, Nantwich; teacher academy, Warrington, Lancashire,
1761-67; ordained minister; pastor Mill Hill chapel, Leeds, Yorkshire,
1767-73; librarian Earl of Shelburne 1773-80; pastor Unitarian congrega-
tion, Birmingham, 1780-Q1; Gravel Pit meeting house. Hackney, London,
1791-94; resident Northumberland, Penn., 1794-1804; discoverer nitric
oxide 1772; oxygen, hydrochloric acid and ammonia, 1774; sulphur diox-
ide and silicon tetrafluoride, 1775; nitrous oxide; carbon monoxide; mem-
ber Royal society 1766. Author 130 works published in 25 vols., edited
by J. T. Rutt 1832. Born Fieldhead. near Leeds, Yorkshire, England,
March 24, 1733; died Northumberland, Penn., Feb. 6, 1804.

Encyc. Brit., Cyc. Am. biog., Sprague Annals 8, Allibone.

RICHARDS, WILLIAM, A.M.; LL.D. 1818. Student Bristol college, Eng-
land; Baptist minister; assistant minister Pershore, Worcestershire,
Eng., 1775-76; pastor Lynn, England, 1776-1818. Author History of
Lynn, 18 12. Born Penrh3^d, near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, South
Wales, 1749; died Lynn, England, Sept. 6, 1818. Bapt. encyc.

SUTCLIFF, JOHN, A.M. Clergyman. Died 1814.

TILLINGHAST, NICHOLAS, A.M.; Harvard university 1807. Lawyer
Providence, R. I., until 1793; Taunton, Mass., 1 793-1818. Born Provi-
dence, R. I., Jan. 24, 1767; died Taunton, Mass., April 24, 1818.

Min. of Taunton, Vinton mem.


BALDWIN, THOMAS, A.M.; D.D. Union college 1804. Trustee Brown
university 1794-1807; fellow 1807-25. Ordained Baptist minister 1783;
pastor Canaan, N. H., 1783-90; Second church, Boston, Mass., 1790-?;
trustee Waterville college 1821-25. Editor Mass. Baptist missionary
magazine, 1803-17; senior editor 1817-25; author numerous publications.
See Sprague's Annals of the American pulpit, vol. 6. Born Bozrah, Conn. ,
Dec. 23, 1753; died Waterville, Me., Aug. 29, 1826.

Cyc. Am. biog., Bapt. encyc.

BARNARD, THOMAS, D.D.; A.B. Harvard university 1766; A.M. 1769;
D.D. University of Edinburgh 1794. Ordained Congregational minister
1773; pastor North church Salein Mass., 1773-1814. Author Sermons,
1786-1806. Bom Newbury, Mass., Feb. 5, 1748; died Salem, Mass.,
Oct. I, 1814. Prince Ser., Allibone

JAY. JOHN, LL.D.; A.B. Columbia college 1764; A M. 1767; LL.D. Har-
vard university 1790; University of Edinburgh 1792. Delegate Conti-
nental congress 1774, 1775. 1778; president 1778; member provincial con-
vention, N. Y., 1776; chief justice N. Y., 1777; minister plenipotentiary
Spain 1779; U. S. peace commissioner 1781-83; U. S. secretarj' foreign
affairs 1784; regent Universitv of the state of N. Y. 1784-90; delegate
convention for the adoption of the Federal constitution 1787; delegate
N. Y. constitutional convention 1788; chief justice U. S. 1789-94; U. S.
envoy extraordinary Great Britain 1794; governor N. Y. 1795-1801;
fellow American academy of arts and sciences; member American philo-
sophical society; corresponding member Mass. historical society. See


Life and times of John Jay, by William Whitlock, 1887. Bom New York,
N. Y., Dec. 12, 1745; died Bedford, N. Y., May 17, 1829.

Cyc. Am. biog.. Allibone, Columb.

KIRKLAND. JOHN THORNTON, A.M.; LL.D. i8to; A.B. Harvard uni-
versity 1789; A.M. 1792; Dartmouth college 1792; D.D. College of N. J.
1802. Teacher Andover academy one year; tutor Harvard university
1792-94; ordained Unitarian minister 1794; pastor New South church,
Boston, Mass., 1794-1810; president Harvard university 1810-28; vice
president American academy of arts and sciences; member Mass. his-
torical society. Author numerous sermons; biographical and historical
sketches and addresses; besides numerous contributions to periodicals.
Born Herkimer, N. Y., Aug. 17, 1770; died Boston, Mass., April 26,
1840. Palfrey, Cyc. Am. biog., Sprague Annals 8, Harv.

LETTSOM, JOHN COAKLEY, LL.D.; M.D. Leyden university 1769; Har-
vard university 1790. Physician London, Eng., 17 70-1 81 5; fellow So-
ciety of arts; Royal society, London; Royal society, Edinburgh; Ameri-
can academy of arts and sciences; member American philosophical society;
corresponding member Mass. historical society. Author numerous pub-
lications. See Dictionary of national biography. Born Little Vandyke,
West Indies, Nov. 22, 1744; died London, England, Nov. i, 1815.

Diet. nat. biog.

USHER, JOHN, A.M.; A.B. Harvard university 1743; A.M. 1746. Lawyer;
ordained Episcopal minister 1793; rector St. Michael's church, Bristol,
R. I., 1793-1800. Born 1720; died Bristol, R. L, July 5, 1804.

R. L cyc, Sprague Annals 5, Prov. gaz.


BEATTIE, ANDREW, A.B.; Harvard university 1795; A.M. Minister Sal-
isbury, Mass., 1797-1801. Born Chelmsford, Mass., 1768; died March
16, 1801. P.

DUNN, THOMAS, A.M. Clergyman. Died 1833.

NOTT, ELIPHALET, A.M.; LL.D. 1828; D.D. College of N. J. 1805. Stu-
dent Brown university; licensed Congregational minister 1795; principal
academy and pastor, Cherry Valley, N. Y.; pastor First Presbyterian
church, Albany, N. Y., 1 798-1804; president Union college 1804-66;
inventor of about 30 patented devices. Author Counsels to young men,
1845; Lectures on temperance; besides numerous sermons and addresses.
See Memoir, by C. Van Santvoord, 1876; Sabin. Born Ashford, Conn.,
June 25, 1773; died Schenectady, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1866. Cyc. Am. biog.

PRINCE, JOHN, LL.D.; A.B. Harvard university 1776; A.M. 1779. Tea-
cher; ordained Congregational minister 1779; pastor First church, Salem,
Mass., 1779-1836; inventor improved air pump; fellow American acad-
emy; member American philosophical society; Mass. historical society.
Author numerous sermons and articles. Born Boston, Mass., July 22,
1751; died Salem, Mass., June 7, 1836. Sprague Annals 8

TOMPKINS, ISAAC, A.M. Ordained Congregational minister 1797; pastor
East Parish church. Haverhill, Mass., 1 797-1826. Author sermons.
Born New Bedford, Mass., April 16, 1761; died Haverhill, Mass., Nov.
21, 1826. P.


BICHENO, JAMES, A.M. Dissenting clergyman, and schoolmaster. New-
bury, Berkshire, England. Author Friendly address to the Jews, 1787;
Signs of the times, 1792-94; Word in season, 1795; and other politico-theo-
logical works. See Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica. Died April 9, 183 1.

Diet. nat. biog.


BUTTERWORTH, LAWRENCE, A.M. Minister England. Author va-
rious doctrinal publications.

FULLER, ANDREW, A.M.; D.D. College of N. J. 1796; Yale college 1804.
Ordained Baptist minister 1775; pastor Soham, England, 1775-82; Ket-
tering, Northamptonshire, 1782-1815; one of the founders Baptist miss-
ionary society; first secretary. Author numerous publications. See AUi-
bone's Dictionary of authors. Born Wicken, Cambridgeshire, Eng., Feb.
S, 1754; died Kettering, Eng., May 7, 181 5.

Prov. gaz., Diet. nat. biog., Darling's Cyc. bib., Newman

SWIFT, FOSTER, A.M. Physician Taunton, Mass.; resident Boston,
Mass.; U. S. hospital surgeon. Min. of Taunton


ADAMS, JOHN, LL.D.; A.B. Harvard university 1755; A.M. 1758; LL.D.
1781; Dartmouth college 1782; Yale college 1788. Principal grammar
school, Worcester, Mass., 1757; admitted to Suffolk co. bar 1758; lawyer
Braintree, Mass., 1758-68; Boston, Mass., 1768-78?; member Mass. house
of representatives 1770-72; member Continental congress 1774-77; rev-
olutionary provincial congress of Mass. 1774; member Mass. council 1775;
commissioner to France 1778-79; minister to negotiate treaty of peace
with Great Britain 1780-82; minister to Holland 1780-81; England 1785-
88; vice president U. S. 1789-97; president 1797-1801; resident Quincy,
Mass., 1801-26; president American academy; member American philo-
sophical society; Mass. historical society. Author Works, with life by
C. F. Adams, 10 vols., 1850-56. Bom Braintree, now Quincy, Mass.,
Oct. 31, 1735; died Branitree, July 4, 1826. Cyc. Am. biog., Harv.

BACKUS, ISAAC, A.M. Trustee Brown university 1765-99. Separatist
preacher 1746-48; ordained Congregational minister 1748; pastor Titicut,
Middleboro, Mass., 1748-1806; Baptist minister 1751-1806; agent Warren
association to Congress 1774; delegate to convention that adopted the
federal constitution 1788. Author History of the Baptists, 3 vols., 1777-
96; besides numerous sermons and discussions. Born Norwich, Conn.,
Jan. 9, 1724; died Middleboro, Mass., Nov. 20, 1806.

Cyc. Am. biog., Bapt. encyc, Sprague Annals 6, Sabin

BINNEY, HORACE, A.B. ; Harvard university 1797; A.M. 1800; LL.D. 1827.
Admitted to bar 1800; member Penn. house of representatives 1806;
reporter Penn. supreme court 1807-14; member U. S. house of represent-
atives 1833-35. Author Decisions of the Supreme court of Penn., 1790-
18 1 4, 1809-15 ; Eulogy on John Marshall, 1835 ; Argument in case of Vidal
vs. the city of Philadelphia, 1844; Leaders of the old bar of Philadelphia,
1859; Inquiry into the formation of Washington's Farewell address, 1859;
Privilege of the writ of habeas corpus under the constitution, 3 pts., 1862-65 ;
also numerous pamphlets. Born Philadelphia, Penn., Jan. 4, 1780; died
Philadelphia, Aug. 12, 1875.

Cyc. Am. biog., Allibone, Sabin, Cong, direct.

BROWN, CLARK, A.B.; A.M. 1803; A.B. Yale college 1794; Harvard uni-
versity 1797; A.M. Yale college 1797; Dartmouth college 1799; Harvard
university 1811. Ordained Congregational minister 1795; pastor Ma-
chias, Me., 1795-97; Brimfield, Mass., 1798-1803. Author various ser-
mons. Born Stonington, Conn., 1772; died Md., Jan. 12, 1817.

Sprague Annals 2, Dart.



GREEN, THOMAS, A.M. Physician; ordained Baptist minister 1797;

pastor North Yarmouth, Me., 1797-1814. Born Worcester, Mass., June

3, 1761; died North Yarmouth, Me., May 29, 1814.

Sprague Annals 6, Vinton mem.


MARCY, BRADFORD, A.B. Clergyman.

PADELFORD, SETH, LL.D.; A.B. Yale college 1770. Lawyer Taunton,
Mass.; judge of probate. Bom Taunton, Mass., Dec, 1751 ; died Taunton,
Jan. 7, 1810. Min. of Taunton

TALLMADGE, MATTHIAS BURNET, A.M.; A.B. Yale college 1795.
Lawyer Herkimer, N. Y.; member N. Y. house of representatives; N. Y.
senate; judge U. S. district court, N. Y. Born Stamford, N. Y., March
I, 1774; died Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1819. Bapt. encyc.

WILSON, JAMES, A.M. Ordained Congregational minister 1793; pastor
Beneficent church, Providence, R. I., 1 793-1839; first principal Fourth
district school 1800-10; principal private school four years. Author
various sermons. Born Limerick, Ireland, March 12, 1760; died Provi-
dence, R. I., Sept. 14, 1839. R. I eye, Sprague Annals 8, AUibone


ADAMS, EBENEZER, A.M.; A.B. Dartmouth college 1791; A.M. 1794.
Assistant teacher, afterwards principal, academy, Leicester, Mass.; prin-
cipal academy Portland, Me.; professor mathematics, Phillips academy,
Exeter, Mass.; professor Latin and Greek languages, Dartmouth college,
1809-10; mathematics and natural philosophy 1810-33; emeritus 1833-41;
president and treasurer corporation, academy, Plainfield, N. H. Born
New Ipswich, N. H., Oct. 2, 1765; died Aug. 15, 1841.

Sprague Annals 2, Dart.

FLETCHER, NATHANIEL HILL, A.M.; A.B. Harvard university 1793;
A.M. 1796. Ordained Congregational minister 1800; pastor Kennebunk,
Me., 1 800-1 82 7. Author various sermons and pamphlets. Born Box-
boro, Mass.; died Boxboro, Sept. 4, 1834. Sprague Annals 2

PICKERING, TIMOTHY, LL.D.; A.B. Harvard university 1763; A.M.
1766; LL.D. College of N. J. 1798; Harvard university 1810. Admitted
to bar 1768; lawyer Salem, Mass.; colonel Mass. troops 1776; adjutant-
general to Washington 1777-80; quartermaster-general 1780-85; member
board ofwar 1777; Penn. constitutional convention 1789-90; commissioner
to negotiate treaties with Indians 1790-91, 1793, 1794; postmaster-gen-
eral 1791-95; secretary of war 1795; secretary of state 1795-1800; chief
justice Mass. court of common pleas 1802; member U. S. senate 1803-11,
1813-17; Mass. executive council 1817; corresponding member Mass. his-
torical society. Author Easy plan of discipline for a militia, 1775.
Bom Salem, Mass., July 17, 1745; died Salem, Jan. 29, 1829.

Cyc. Am. biog., Cong, direct.

SULLIVAN, JAMES, LL.D.; A.M. Harvard university 1780. Lawyer
Biddeford, Me.; king's attorney York co.. Me., 1770; member Mass.
provincial congress 1775; justice Mass. superior court 1776-82; member
Mass. constitutional convention 1779-80; delegate Continental congress
1784-85; member Mass. house of representatives; commissioner to settle
controversy between N. Y. and Mass. in regard to western lands 1784;
member Mass. executive council 1787; judge court of probate, Suffolk
CO., Mass., 1787; attorney general Mass. 1 790-1807; governor Mass. 1807-
09; member commission to settle the boundary line between the U. S.
and British North American provinces; fellow American academy of arts
and sciences; first president Mass. historical society 1791-1806. Author
Observations upon the government of the U. S., 1791; Path to riches, 1792;
Altar of Baal thrown down, 1795; History of the district of Me., 1795; His-
tory of land titles in Mass., 1801 ; Dissertation on the constitutional freedom
of the press, 1801; Correspondence with Colonel Pickering, 1808; History
of the Penobscot Indians, in Mass. historical collections. See Life with
selections from his writings by T. C. Amory, 2 vols., 1859. Bom Berwick,
Me., April 22, 1744; died Boston, Mass., Dec. 10, 1808.

Cong, direct., Cyc. Am. biog., AUibone


WOLCOTT, OLIVER, LL.D.; A.B. Yale college 1778; A.M. 1781; LL.D.
1819; College of N. J. 1799- Quartermaster Litchfield, Conn.; ad-
mitted to bar I 781; clerk Conn, financial department, Hartford, Conn.;
member committee of the pay table 1782; commissioner to adjust claims
of Conn, against U. S. 1784; comptroller public accounts 1788; U. S.
auditor of the treasury 1789-91 ; U. S. comptroller of the treasury 1791-95 ;
U. S. secretary of the treasury 1 795-1 800; justice U. S. circuit court 1800-
02; merchant New York, N. Y.; president Merchants bank; founder and
first president bank of North America 181 2-14; governor Conn. 1817-27;
president Conn, constitutional convention 181 7; corresponding member
Mass. historical society. Born Litchfield, Conn., Jan 11, 1760; died
New York, N. Y., June i, 1833. Cyc. Am. biog.


BRADFORD, EBENEZER, A.M.; A.B. College of New Jersey 1773; A.M.
1786; Dartmouth college 1785. Ordained Congregational minister 1782;
pastor Rowley, Mass., 1782-1801. Author various sermons and pam-
phlets. Born Canterbury, Conn.. 1746; died Rowley, Mass., Jan. 3, 1801.

Sprague Annals i

ELAM, SAMUEL, A.M. Trustee Brown imiversity 1793-1813. Died 1813.

GANO, STEPHEN, A.M. Trustee Brown university 1794-1828. Surgeon
Continental army 1781-82; physician Tappan, now Orangetown, N. Y.,
1782-86; ordained Baptist minister 1786; pastor Hillsdale, N. Y.; Hudson,
N. Y. ; First church, Providence, R. I., 1 792-1828. Author numerous
sermons. Born New York. N. Y., Dec. 25, 1762; died Providence, R. I.,
Aug. 18, 1828. Sprague Annals 6, R. I. cyc.

GIBBS, GEORGE, A.M.; Yale college 1808. Died 1833.

HOLCOMBE, HENRY, A.M.; D.D. South Carolina college. Captain Con-
tinental army; licensed Baptist preacher 1782; pastor Pike Creek, S. C,
1785-91; Euhaw, S. C, 1791-95; Beaufort, S. C, 1795-99; Savannah, Ga.,
1799-1810; First church Philadelphia, Penn., 1812-24; member S. C. con-
vention to ratify federal constitution; founder Savannah female seminary;
one of the founders Mount Enon academy 1804. Author First fruits,
letters, 181 2; Whole truth relating to the controversy betwixt the American
Baptists, 1820; Lectures on primitive theology, 1822; also sermons and
pamphlets; editor Georgia analytical repository. Born Prince Edward
CO., Va., Sept. 22, 1762; died Philadelphia, Penn., May 22, 1824.

Sprague Annals 6, Cyc. Am. biog.

PARSONS, DAVID, D.D.; A.B. Harvard university 1771; A.M. 1774.
Licensed Congregational minister 1775; preacher Roxbury, Mass.; Conn.;
in business i779?-8i; preacher Amherst, Mass., 1781-82; pastor 1 782-1819;
one of the founders Amherst college. Born Amherst, Mass., Jan. 28,
1749; died Wethersfield, Conn., May 18, 1823. Sprague Annals 2


CHADDOCK, CALVIN, A.M.; A.B. Dartmouth college 1791; A.M. 1794.
Minister; pastor Rochester, Mass., 1793-1805; Hanover, Mass., 1806-18;
teacher Charlestown, Va., 1818. Born Brookfield, Mass., 1765; died
June 8, 1823. Dart., P.

GASSETT, HENRY, A.M.; A.B. Harvard university 1795; A.M. 1798.
Resident Boston, Mass. Born Jan. i, 1774; died Boston, Mass., Aug.
15. 1855. P-

METCALF, PAUL RAY, A.M. Physician Wrentham. Mass. Died Wren-
tham, Mass., Dec, 1853. ^^^- ^^54

ROBINSON, ISAAC, A.M.; Dartmouth 1838; D.D. 1847. Ordained Con-
gregational minister 1803; pastor Church of Christ, Rindge, N. H.;


Stoddard, N. H. Author sermons. Born Hudson, N. H., 1780; died
Stoddard, N. H., July 9, 1854. Dart., P., Ser.

SLOCUM, HOLDER, A.M. Resident Dartmouth, Mass.; member Mass.
house of representatives i8o5?-26; delegate Mass. constitutional con-
vention 1820. Born Dartmouth, Mass., March 17, 1748; died Dart-
mouth, April 30, 1827. Slocuni gen.

WILLIAMS, DAVID ROGERSON, A.M. Lawyer and planter, S. C;
member U. S. house of representatives 1805-09, 1811-13; U. S. army
1813-14, brigadier-general; governor S C, 1814-16. Born Robbins Neck,
S. C, March 10, 1776; died Lynch's Creek, S. C., Nov. 15, 1830.

Cong, direct.


BOTSFORD, EDMUND, A.M. Licensed Baptist preacher 1771; ordained
1772; pastor Tuckaseeking, Ga., 1771-72?; New Savannah, Ga., 1773-77;
Brier Creek, Ga., 1777-79; Continental army; pastor Welsh Neck church,
Society Hill, S. C, i779?-96; Georgetown, S. C, 1796-1819. Author
The spiritual voyage performed in the ship Convert. Born Woobum, Bed-
fordshire, Eng., 1745; died Georgetown, S. C, Dec. 25, 1819.

Furman Life, P.

HUMPHREYS, DAVID, LL.D.; A.B. Yale college 1771; A.M. 1774; College
of New Jersey 1783; Harvard university 1787; LL.D. Dartmouth college
1804. Continental army 1777-83, captain; lieutenant-colonel and aide-
de-camp to Washington 1780-83; member Washington's family 1783-84,
1788-90; secretar)' of legation to European powers 1784-86; member
Conn legislatiire; U. S. minister to Portugal 1791-98; Spain 1798-1802;
brigadier-general Conn, troops 181 2-1 5; woolen manufacturer Conn.
Author Miscellaneous ivorks, 1790. Born Derby, Conn., July 1752; died
New Haven, Conn., Feb. 21, 1818.

Sabin, Allibone, Cyc. Am. biog., Duyckinck

PUGH. EVAN, A.M. Ordained Baptist minister 1762. Died 1803.

Hist. Bapt.


ANDREWS, ELISHA, A.M. Ordained Baptist minister 1793; pastor Fair-
fax, Vt., 1793-96; Hopkinton, N. H., 1796-97; Nottingham West, now
Hudson, N. H., 1797-1800; Templeton, Mass., 1800-13; Hinsdale, N. H.,
1816-40. Author numerous controversial writings; also sermons and
many articles in religious magazines. Born Middletown, Conn., Sept.
29, 1768; died Hinsdale, N. H., Feb. 3, 1840. Sprague Annals 6

BOWEN, WILLIAM CORLIS, A.B.; A.M. 181 1; M.D. 1813; A.B. Union
college 1803; M.D. University of Edinburgh 1807. Professor chemistry.
Brown university, 1811-13. Student Brown university 1799-1801; phy-
sician Providence, R. I. Author De sanguine niittendo, 1809. Born
Providence, R. I., June 2, 1785; died Providence, April 23, 1815.

R. I. cyc, Parsons

CLEAVELAND, JOHN, A.M. Ordained Congregational minister 1785;
pastor Stoneham, Mass., 1785-94; North Parish, Wrentham, Mass., 1798-
1815. Author various sermons. Born Ipswich, Mass., Jan. 6, 1749;
died Wrentham, Mass.. Feb. i, 1815. Sprague Annals i

FINLEY, JAMES EDWARDS BURR, A.M. Medical student College of
Philadelphia 1770-?; acting captain Battle of Germantown 1777; surgeon
15th Mass. regiment 1778-81; 5th Mass. regiment 1781-83; 4th Mass.

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