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The Reason James Oppenheim
"My Own Cailin Donn" George Sigerson
Nocturne Amelia Josephine Burr
Surrender Amelia Josephine Burr
"By Yon Burn Side" Robert Tannahill
A Pastoral, "Flower of the
medlar" Theophile Marzials
"When Death to Either shall
Come" Robert Bridges
The Reconciliation Alfred Tennyson
Song, "Wait but a little
while" Norman Gale
Content Norman Gale
Che Sara Sara Victor Plarr
"Bid Adieu to Girlish Days" James Joyce
To F.C. Mortimer Collins
Spring Passion Joel Elias Spingarn
Advice to a Lover S. Charles Jellicoe
"Yes" Richard Doddridge Blackmore
Love Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Nested Habberton Lulham
The Letters Alfred Tennyson
Prothalamion Edmund Spenser
Epithalamion Edmund Spenser
The Kiss Sara Teasdale
Marriage Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
The Newly-wedded Winthrop Mackworth Praed
I Saw Two Clouds at Morning John Gardiner Calkins Brainard
Holy Matrimony John Keble
The Bride Laurence Hope
A Marriage Charm Nora Hopper
"Like a Laverock in the
Lift" Jean Ingelow
My Owen Ellen Mary Patrick Downing
Doris: A Pastoral Arthur Joseph Munby
"He'd Nothing but His
Violin" Mary Kyle Dallas
Love's Calendar William Bell Scott
Home Dora Greenwell
Two Lovers George Eliot
The Land of Heart's Desire Emily Huntington Miller
My Ain Wife Alexander Laing
The Irish Wife Thomas D'Arcy McGee
My Wife's a Winsome Wee
Thing Robert Burns
Lettice Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
"If Thou Wert by My Side,
My Love" Reginald Heber
The Shepherd's Wife's Song Robert Greene
"Truth doth Truth Deserve" Philip Sidney
The Married Lover Coventry Patmore
My Love James Russell Lowell
Margaret to Dolcino Charles Kingsley
Dolcino to Margaret Charles Kingsley
At Last Richard Henry Stoddard
The Wife to Her Husband Unknown
A Wife's Song William Cox Bennett
The Sailor's Wife William Julius Mickle
Jerry an' Me Hiram Rich
"Don't be Sorrowful,
Darling" Rembrandt Peale
Winifreda Unknown
An Old Man's Idyl Richard Realf
The Poet's Song to his Wife Bryan Waller Procter
John Anderson Robert Burns
To Mary Samuel Bishop
The Golden Wedding David Gray
Moggy and Me James Hogg
"O, Lay Thy Hand in Mine,
Dear" Gerald Massey
The Exequy Henry King


Sonnets from "Amoretti" Edmund Spenser
Sonnets from "Astrophel and
Stella" Philip Sidney
Sonnets from "To Delia" Samuel Daniel
Sonnets from "Idea" Michael Drayton
Sonnets from "Diana" Henry Constable
Sonnets William Shakespeare
"Alexis, Here She Stayed" William Drummond
"Were I as Base as is the
Lowly Plain" Joshua Sylvester
A Sonnet of the Moon Charles Best
To Mary Unwin William Cowper
"Why art Thou Silent" William Wordsworth
Sonnets from "The House
of Life" Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Sonnets Christina Georgina Rossetti
How My Songs of Her Began Philip Bourke Marston
At the Last Philip Bourke Marston
To One who Would Make a
Confession Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
The Pleasures of Love Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
"Were but my Spirit Loosed
upon the Air" Louise Chandler Moulton
Renouncement Alice Meynell
"My Love for Thee" Richard Watson Gilder
Sonnets after the Italian Richard Watson Gilder
Stanzas from "Modern Love" George Meredith
Love in the Winds Richard Hovey
"Oh, Death Will Find Me" Rupert Brooke
The Busy Heart Rupert Brooke
The Hill Rupert Brooke
Sonnets from "Sonnets to
Miranda" William Watson
Sonnets from "Thysia" Morton Luce
Sonnets from "Sonnets from
the Portuguese" Elizabeth Barrett Browning
One Word More Robert Browning



"The World is too Much With
Us" William Wordsworth


The Book of the World William Drummond
Nature Jones Very
Compensation Celia Thaxter
The Last Hour Ethel Clifford
Nature Henry David Thoreau
Song of Nature Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Great Nature is an
Army Gay" Richard Watson Gilder
To Mother Nature Frederic Lawrence Knowles
Quiet Work Matthew Arnold
Nature Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
"As an Old Mercer" Mahlon Leonard Fisher
Good Company Karle Wilson Baker
"Here is the Place where
Loveliness Keeps House" Madison Cawein
God's World Edna St. Vincent Millay
Wild Honey Maurice Thompson
Patmos Edith M. Thomas


Song, "Phoebus, arise" William Drummond
Hymn of Apollo Percy Bysshe Shelley
Prelude to "The New Day" Richard Watson Gilder
Dawn on the Headland William Watson
The Miracle of the Dawn Madison Cawein
Dawn-angels A. Mary F. Robinson
Music of the Dawn Virginia Bioren Harrison
Sunrise on Mansfield
Mountain Alice Brown
Ode to Evening William Collins
"It is a Beauteous Evening
Calm and Free" William Wordsworth
Gloaming Robert Adger Bowen
Evening Melody Aubrey de Vere
In the Cool of the Evening Alfred Noyes
Twilight Olive Custance
Twilight at Sea Amelia C. Welby
"This is My Hour" Zoe Akins
Song to the Evening Star Thomas Campbell
The Evening Cloud John Wilson
Song: To Cynthia Ben Jonson
My Star Robert Browning
Night William Blake
To Night Percy Bysshe Shelly
To Night Joseph Blanco White
Night John Addington Symonds
Night James Montgomery
He Made the Night Lloyd Mifflin
Hymn to the Night Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Night's Mardi Gras Edward J. Wheeler
Dawn and Dark Norman Gale
Dawn George B. Logan, Jr
A Wood Song Ralph Hodgson


A Song for the Seasons Bryan Waller Procter
A Song of the Seasons Cosmo Monkhouse
Turn o' the Year Katherine Tynan
The Waking Year Emily Dickinson
Song, "The year's at the
spring" Robert Browning
Early Spring Alfred Tennyson
Lines Written in Early
Spring William Wordsworth
In Early Spring Alice Meynell
Spring Thomas Nashe
A Starling's Spring Rondel James Cousins
"When Daffodils begin to
Peer" William Shakespeare
Spring, from "In Memoriam" Alfred Tennyson
The Spring Returns Charles Leonard Moore
"When the Hounds of Spring" Algernon Charles Swinburne
Song, "Again rejoicing
Nature sees" Robert Burns
To Spring William Blake
An Ode on the Spring Thomas Gray
Spring Henry Timrod
The Meadows in Spring Edward Fitzgerald
The Spring William Barnes
"When Spring Comes Back to
England" Alfred Noyes
New Life Amelia Josephine Burr
"Over the Wintry Threshold" Bliss Carman
March William Morris
Song in March William Gilmore Simms
March Nora Hopper
Written in March William Wordsworth
The Passing of March Robert Burns Wilson
Home Thoughts, from Abroad Robert Browning
Song, "April, April" William Watson
An April Adoration Charles G. D. Roberts
Sweet Wild April William Force Stead
Spinning in April Josephine Preston Peabody
Song: On May Morning John Milton
A May Burden Francis Thompson
Corinna's Going a-Maying Robert Herrick
"Sister, Awake" Unknown
May Edward Hovell-Thurlow
May Henry Sylvester Cornwell
A Spring Lilt Unknown
Summer Longings Denis Florence MacCarthy
Midsummer John Townsend Trowbridge
A Midsummer Song Richard Watson Gilder
June, from "The Vision of
Sir Launfal" James Russell Lowell
June Harrison Smith Morris
Harvest Ellen Mackay Hutchinson Cortissoz
Scythe Song Andrew Lang
September George Arnold
Indian Summer Emily Dickinson
Prevision Ada Foster Murray
A Song of Early Autumn Richard Watson Gilder
To Autumn John Keats
Ode to Autumn Thomas Hood
Ode to the West Wind Percy Bysshe Shelley
Autumn: a Dirge Percy Bysshe Shelley
Autumn Emily Dickinson
"When the Frost is on the
Punkin" James Whitcomb Riley
Kore Frederic Manning
Old October Thomas Constable
November C. L. Cleaveland
November Mahlon Leonard Fisher
Storm Fear Robert Frost
Winter: a Dirge Robert Burns
Old Winter Thomas Noel
The Frost Hannah Flagg Gould
The Frosted Pane Charles G. D. Roberts
The Frost Spirit John Greenleaf Whittier
Snow Elizabeth Akers
To a Snowflake Francis Thompson
The Snow-Shower William Cullen Bryant
Midwinter John Townsend Trowbridge
A Glee for Winter Alfred Domett
The Death of the Old Year Alfred Tennyson
Dirge for the Year Percy Bysshe Shelley


Waldeinsamkeit Ralph Waldo Emerson
"When in the Woods I Wander
All Alone" Edward Hovell-Thurlow
Aspects of the Pines Paul Hamilton Hayne
Out in the Fields Unknown
Under the Leaves Albert Laighton
"On Wenlock Edge" Alfred Edward Housman
"What Do We Plant" Henry Abbey
The Tree Jones Very
The Brave Old Oak Henry Fothergill Chorley
"The Girt Woak Tree that's
in the Dell" William Barnes
To the Willow-tree Robert Herrick
Enchantment Madison Cawein
Trees Joyce Kilmer
The Holly-tree Robert Southey
The Pine Augusta Webster
"Woodman, Spare that Tree" George Pope Morris
The Beech Tree's Petition Thomas Campbell
The Poplar Field William Cowper
The Planting of the
Apple-Tree William Cullen Bryant
Of an Orchard Katherine Tynan
An Orchard at Avignon A. Mary F. Robinson
The Tide River Charles Kingsley
The Brook's Song Alfred Tennyson
Arethusa Percy Bysshe Shelley
The Cataract of Lodore Robert Southey
Song of the Chattahoochee Sidney Lanier
"Flow Gently, Sweet Afton" Robert Burns
Canadian Boat-Song Thomas Moore
The Marshes of Glynn Sidney Lanier
The Trosachs William Wordsworth
Hymn before Sunrise in the
Vale of Chamouni Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Peaks Stephen Crane
Kinchinjunga Cale Young Rice
The Hills Julian Grenfell
Hemlock Mountain Sarah N. Cleghorn
Sunrise on Rydal Water John Drinkwater
The Deserted Pasture Bliss Carman
To Meadows Robert Herrick
The Cloud Percy Bysshe Shelley
April Rain Robert Loveman
Summer Invocation William Cox Bennett
April Rain Mathilde Blind
To the Rainbow Thomas Campbell


My Garden Thomas Edward Brown
The Garden Andrew Marvell
A Garden Andrew Marvell
A Garden Song Austin Dobson
In Green Old Gardens Violet Fane
A Benedictine Garden Alice Brown
An Autumn Garden Bliss Carman
Unguarded Ada Foster Murray
The Deserted Garden Elizabeth Barrett Browning
A Forsaken Garden Algernon Charles Swinburne
Green Things Growing Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
A Chanted Calendar Sydney Dobell
Flowers Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Flowers Thomas Hood
A Contemplation Upon Flowers Henry King
Almond Blossom Edwin Arnold
White Azaleas Harriet McEwen Kimball
Buttercups Wilfrid Thorley
The Broom Flower Mary Howitt
The Small Celandine William Wordsworth
To the Small Celandine William Wordsworth
Four-leaf Clover Ella Higginson
Sweet Clover Wallace Rice
"I Wandered Lonely as a
Cloud" William Wordsworth
To Daffodils Robert Herrick
To a Mountain Daisy Robert Burns
A Field Flower James Montgomery
To Daisies, Not to Shut so
Soon Robert Herrick
Daisies Bliss Carman
To the Daisy William Wordsworth
To Daisies Francis Thompson
To the Dandelion James Russell Lowell
Dandelion Annie Rankin Annan
The Dandelions Helen Gray Cone
To the Fringed Gentian William Cullen Bryant
Goldenrod Elaine Goodale Eastman
Lessons from the Gorse Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The Voice of The Grass Sarah Roberts Boyle
A Song the Grass Sings Charles G. Blanden
The Wild Honeysuckle Philip Freneau
The Ivy Green Charles Dickens
Yellow Jessamine Constance Fenimore Woolson
Knapweed Arthur Christopher Benson
Moly Edith Matilda Thomas
The Morning-Glory Florence Earle Coates
The Mountain Heart's-Ease Bret Harte
The Primrose Robert Herrick
To Primroses filled with
Morning Dew Robert Herrick
To an Early Primrose Henry Kirke White
The Rhodora Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Rose William Browne
Wild Roses Edgar Fawcett
The Rose of May Mary Howitt
A Rose Richard Fanshawe
The Shamrock Maurice Francis Egan
To Violets Robert Herrick
The Violet William Wetmore Story
To a Wood-Violet John Banister Tabb
The Violet and the Rose Augusta Webster
To a Wind-Flower Madison Cawein
To Blossoms Robert Herrick
"'Tis the Last Rose of
Summer" Thomas Moore
The Death of the Flowers William Cullen Bryant


Once on a Time Margaret Benson
To a Mouse Robert Burns
The Grasshopper Abraham Cowley
On the Grasshopper and
Cricket John Keats
To the Grasshopper and the
Cricket Leigh Hunt
The Cricket William Cowper
To a Cricket William Cox Bennett
To an Insect Oliver Wendell Holmes
The Snail William Cowper
The Housekeeper Charles Lamb
The Humble-Bee Ralph Waldo Emerson
To a Butterfly William Wordsworth
Ode to a Butterfly Thomas Wentworth Higginson
The Butterfly Alice Freeman Palmer
Fireflies Edgar Fawcett
The Blood Horse Bryan Waller Procter
Birds Moira O'Neill
Birds Richard Henry Stoddard
Sea-Birds Elizabeth Akers
The Little Beach Bird Richard Henry Dana
The Blackbird Frederick Tennyson
The Blackbird Alfred Edward Housman
The Blackbird William Ernest Henley
The Blackbird William Barnes
Robert of Lincoln William Cullen Bryant
The O'Lincon Family Wilson Flagg
The Bobolink Thomas Hill
My Catbird William Henry Venable
The Herald Crane Hamlin Garland
The Crow William Canton
To the Cuckoo John Logan
The Cuckoo Frederick Locker-Lampson
To the Cuckoo William Wordsworth
The Eagle Alfred Tennyson
The Hawkbit Charles G. D. Roberts
The Heron Edward Hovell-Thurlow
The Jackdaw William Cowper
The Green Linnet William Wordsworth
To the Man-of-War-Bird Walt Whitman
The Maryland Yellow-Throat Henry Van Dyke
Lament of a Mocking-bird Frances Anne Kemble
"O Nightingale! Thou
Surely Art" William Wordsworth
Philomel Richard Barnfield
Philomela Matthew Arnold
On a Nightingale in April William Sharp
To the Nightingale William Drummond
The Nightingale Mark Akenside
To the Nightingale John Milton
Philomela Philip Sidney
Ode to a Nightingale John Keats
Song, 'Tis sweet to hear the
merry lark Hartley Coleridge
Bird Song Laura E. Richards
The Song the Oriole Sings William Dean Howells
To an Oriole Edgar Fawcett
Song: the Owl Alfred Tennyson
"Sweet Suffolk Owl" Thomas Vautor
The Pewee John Townsend Trowbridge
Robin Redbreast George Washington Doane
Robin Redbreast William Allingham
The Sandpiper Celia Thaxter
The Sea-Mew Elizabeth Barrett Browning
To a Skylark William Wordsworth
To a Skylark William Wordsworth
The Skylark James Hogg
The Skylark Frederick Tennyson
To a Skylark Percy Bysshe Shelley
The Stormy Petrel Bryan Waller Procter
The First Swallow Charlotte Smith
To a Swallow Building Under
our Eaves Jane Welsh Carlyle
Chimney Swallows Horatio Nelson Powers
Itylus Algernon Charles Swinburne
The Throstle Alfred Tennyson
Overflow John Banister Tabb
Joy-Month David Atwood Wasson
My Thrush Mortimer Collins
"Blow Softly, Thrush" Joseph Russell Taylor
The Black Vulture George Sterling
Wild Geese Frederick Peterson
To a Waterfowl William Cullen Bryant
The Wood-Dove's Note Emily Huntington Miller


Song for all Seas, all Ships Walt Whitman
Stanzas from "The Triumph
of Time" Algernon Charles Swinburne
The Sea from "Childe
Harold's Pilgrimage" George Gordon Byron
On the Sea John Keats
"With Ships the Sea was
Sprinkled" William Wordsworth
A Song of Desire Frederic Lawrence Knowles
The Pines and the Sea Christopher Pearse Cranch
Sea Fever John Masefield
Hastings Mill C. Fox Smith
"A Wet Sheet and a Flowing
Sea" Allan Cunningham
The Sea Bryan Waller Procter
Sailor's Song from "Death's
Jest Book" Thomas Lovell Beddoes
"A Life on the Ocean Wave" Epes Sargent
Tacking Ship off Shore Walter Mitchell
In Our Boat Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
Poor Jack Charles Dibdin
"Rocked in the Cradle of the
Deep" Emma Hart Willard
Outward John G. Neihardt
A Passer-by Robert Bridges
Off Riviere du Loup Duncan Campbell Scott
Christmas at Sea Robert Louis Stevenson
The Port o' Heart's Desire John S. McGroarty
On the Quay John Joy Bell
The Forging of the Anchor Samuel Ferguson
Drifting Thomas Buchanan Read
"How's My Boy" Sydney Dobell
The Long White Seam Jean Ingelow
Storm Song Bayard Taylor
The Mariner's Dream William Dimond
The Inchcape Rock Robert Southey
The Sea Richard Henry Stoddard
The Sands of Dee Charles Kingsley
The Three Fishers Charles Kingsley
Ballad Harriet Prescott Spofford
The Northern Star Unknown
The Fisher's Widow Arthur Symons
Caller Herrin' Carolina Nairne
Hannah Binding Shoes Lucy Larcom
The Sailor William Allingham
The Burial of the Dane Henry Howard Brownell
Tom Bowling Charles Dibdin
Messmates Henry Newbolt
The Last Buccaneer Charles Kingsley

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