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Abr. Lincoln.
Febr. 12. 1809, 2.34 a.m.

Dec. 29. 1809, 8.43 a.m.


Vincent van Gogh.
Mrch. 30. 1853, 10 a.m.


Aug. 28. 1749, 11,55 a.m.

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Aug. Bebel.
Febr. 21. 1840, 8.30 p.m.

Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Jan. 27, 1859, 3.4 p.m.

H. P. Blavattky.

Aug. 12. 1831, 1.26 a.m.

Col. Olcoit.
Aug. 2. 1832, 11.34 a.m.

A. Russell Wallace.
Jan. 8. 1822, 2.14 a.m.

A. Bc-sant.
Sep. 30. 1847, 5.41 p.m.


Rud Steiner.
Febr. 27. 1861, 11.22 p.m.


Martin Luther.
Oct. 31. 1483, 12.55 p.m.













authorised translation from the Dutch by Coba G.

Ferme 1'oeil et 1'oreille a la prevention;
Grains 1'exemple d'autrui ; pense d'apres toi-m6me :
Consulte, delibere, et choisis librement.
Laisse les fous agir et sans but et sans cause
Tu dois dans le present, contempler 1'avenir.

Vers Dor&s de Pythagore, p. 181.


^nn he ordered through :


he ordered through :


I, Timor Street, London, E.C.4


klcu E<^


Introduction; 1). One reason of astrology being discredited. Is astrology an empir-
ical science? A university of astrology. How great a part astrology might play
in the sphere of education. The material and occult sciences. The religions. How
the initiates hid their wisdom for humanity.

Well-known men who studied Astrology; 4). Arabian, Chaldean, Egyptian etc.
priest-astrologers. Why Moses forbade the study of astrology. Thomas Aquinas,
Albertus Magnus, Dante, Tycho Brahe etc. People who were born at exactly
the same time.

The Laws of Karma and Reincarnation; 10). Needs astrology a foundation of
belief? What is the Ego? Can we co-operate and oppose? A rational explana-
tion of the different phases in our existence.

The Use of Astrology; 13). How to learn to make the most of our time. Astrology
combined with the medical science. What we have to do and to leave undone.

The Aspects; 14). The phases of the planets.

Strong and Weak Natures; 15). How we can, by our fear, strengthen the influence
of the inharmonious aspects. Is it not highly useful to be fore-warned?

he Cosmos; 16). The solar systems. The Central Sun. The backward movement
of the Equinox. Velocities. Terms used in cosmology. Geocentric astrology and
Copernicus' heliocentric system. Sidereal time.

Fate and Free-will; 20). Harmony, Disharmony. Evil. If a physician intervenes
^ or if birth is delayed. Exalted individualities. The ordinary man. The Will of the
Logos. Is there no chance? Plaything of circumstances. Has the harmony which
now manifests itself, always ruled the Cosmos ? Asteroids, Comets, Meteorites. The
strife in the Heavens.

something about Symbology; 24). Spirit, soul, matter. The circle, the cross, the
dot. The symbols of the zodiacal signs. The dark and white serpent.

The Horoscope; 27). What is a horoscope? Sectors in the horoscope. Birth by day,
birth during the night. How to guess the hour of birth. Horoscopes cast for
the north of Norway. Intercepted signs. The direction of the movement of the
signs and the planets.

ie Twelve Signs of the Zodiac; 29). The Law which bears all these things. The
light of the eternal Truth reflected in the lower kingdoms. A triplicity which joins a
quadruple. The four castes of the Hindus. The rulers of the signs. Corresponding

- parts of the Body.

The Ascendant or Rising Sign; 37). Appearance, temperament, general character.
The characteristics and tendencies which the native has made his own. Qualities
not sufficiently developed. The form of the body, the transition of one sign in
another. The impulsive ARIES, the dogmatic TAURUS, the ever changing GEMINI,
the sensitive CRAB, the kingly or lordly LEO, the systematic VIRGO, the indolent


LIBRA, the Jealous SCORPIO, the open and frank SAGITTARIUS, the earnest and
cautious CAPRICORN, the idealistic AQUARIUS, the not appreciated PISCES.

Influence of the Decanates on Body and Character; 50).

The Planets; 51). Benefics and malefics. Fiery, airy, earthy and watery planets.
Ennobled and degenerated action. Delay of action. The Sun the ruler of all life.
The Moon the giver of form. A time for working out material experiences, and a
time for meditation. Influence of the Moon on vegetation etc. Moon-influence
on the medical herbs gathered during certain constellations. Critical days with
acute illnesses. The winged Messenger of the Gods, Mercury. The movement of
Mercury. Beauty- or pleasure seeking VENUS. The God of War MARS. Optimistic
JUPITER. The purifier SATURN; the moons of Saturn. Zeus the conqueror. The
New Path finder URANUS. Nebulous NEPTUNE.

Handwriting 69) of the different planetary types. The style of writing. Movements,
rotations, moons, distances, densities, mass of the planets. The seven senses and
the planets.

Planetary Spheres; 70). An electric hypothesis. The outer side of things. The real
Substance. Maya. A reciprocal action. The protecting atmosphere. Our solar system
and its different copies and reflections. Physical manifestation of the heavenly
bodies. The stamp of the whole Cosmos. Velocity of light. Electric and magnetic
constants. The atom with its electrons. Adhesion, cohesion, magnetism. The out-
ward boundary of the real planet. The substance of the planet. The essence. A
close copy of the Cosmos. Natures that are strongly psychic and magnetic. The
same colours in the aura (Reichenbach). Time and space.

The Aspects; 75). Angular distances between two planets expressed in degrees.
When an aspect comes into operation. Harmonious and inharmonious influences.
Mathematical lines in nature. The crystals. Lines of splitting.

Outlines of the Aspects in Relation to the Evolution.of Man; 77). Our character

our destiny. The courage to take up the cross.

Outlines of the Aspects; 80). About character, the first difficulties, a strong
source of help, a hard struggle, the fruit of a victory, a harmonious union.

The Aspect-Influence of the Planets; 81). The bounds within which an aspect
exercises its action.

Mundane Aspects; 83). Proportional distance.

Polarity; 85). Electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic natures.

The Astrological Houses; 85). The immediate surroundings or the material cir-
cumstances of the native. What many astronomers believe. The half of the vault
of heaven occupied by one zodiacal sign. When man out of the spiritual world
descends into matter, when he takes part in the full life. Mature age. Old age.
Occult houses.

The Twelve Houses as different Fields of Activity; 87). A close connection of
these 12 parts and the 12 zodiacal signs. How a highly developed Ego observes
the expression of a planet through a house otherwise than a low developed Ego.
An easy survey.

Meaning of the 12 Houses; 90). What each house can represent. I. THE STRUGGLE
XII. SECLUSION AND LIMITATION. The. orbs of the houses.

Calculation of the Horoscope; 92). Tables of Houses. An Ephemeris for the year
of birth. The difference between standard and local time etc. Accepted standard


times. The Sidereal time. Correction in the sidereal time. Examples for calculating
the ascendant. Cusps of the houses. Intercepted signs. Positions of the planets.
Dragon's head and Dragon's tail. The Part of Fortune. Corrections. Insertion of
the planets in the houses. Calculation of a horoscope for a place with southern

Influence of the Planets in the Ascendant; 102). Influence in Asc. of the Moon,
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

The Sun, the Moon and the Remaining Planets in the Different Houses; 105).

The Nodes. The concrete synthesis of the horoscope. One short glance at the
qualities of the native's soul.

The Sun in the Twelve Signs; 111). How the Ego expresses itself. Is the real
power of the Ego revealed by the horoscope ? Horoscopes of well-known leaders
and great men in various spheres of action. The limitations to which the Ego is
subjected in his expression.

The Moon in the Twelve Signs; 118). Passing tendencies of the personality.
"Pigeon-hole work", the condemned system. How to judge the various combina-
tions. General action of the planets in the signs on the parts of the body that
the signs represent.

General Action of the Planets in the Houses and Signs; 122). How to develop
our faculty of combining.

Action of the Aspects; 124). Prosperity, limilations. The character and the action of
the aspects of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.

The Ruler of the Horoscope; 133). General notice. Planets that exercise the
greatest influence on the life. The position of the ruler.

Planets in Strong or in Weak Positions; 134). Sign of strength and of weakness.

Intellect, Memory and Character; 135). The nature of the feelings as evidenced
in thought.

Marriage, Friendship, Enmity etc.; 136). Friends, open enemies, secret enemies.
The reason wiry here is sympathy and there antipathy may be found. Indications
for sympathy. Delay in marriage. Very strong attraction. An unsurmountable wall,

Health and Disease; 139). To find the part of the body that is liable to suffer.
Accidents and sudden death. When serious suffering is indicated. When it is
dangerous to operate.

The Calling; 140). The nature of the callings that come under the different planets.

Travelling; 142). When there is a tendency for travelling. A desire for a fixed
abode. The place where to go and to dwell.

Judging the Horoscope; 144). How to analyse the horoscope. The strong chief
influences and the weaker, subservient ones. Birth-scheme.

General Remarks; 147). Influence of the planets on body, feelings, intellect. Sub-
jective and objective consciousness. Adaptability and one-sidedness. The planets
dispersed. Parallels. Faults which may be controlled by our will. Moon-action
with a woman. Strength of character. Vitality. Critical degrees. The dark and light
part of the lunar month. Work that must be done in this incarnation.

The Influence of the Fixed Stars; 150). Can there be any life in the Cosmos that
does not excercise its definite influence on any other integrant part?

Sensitive Places in the Horoscope. Duration of Life; 151). The giver and
the destroyer of life. Sensitive points.

The Progressive Horoscope; 152). Repetition everywhere in nature. Great periods
of culture. Growth of the embryo. Periods of earth-development. Rhythm.

Zodiacal and Mundane Directions; 154). The most reliable directions for predic-
tions. When the personality and when our spiritual growth come more to the fore.

Calculation of the Progressive Aspects; 155). Of the planets. Prog, parallels. Orbs.
Sun-Revolutions; 158). Year-horoscopes. Illustration of the calculations.

Moon-Revolutions; 160). Month- and day-horoscopes. To fix the exact day on
which an event takes place that is indicated by one of the progressions.

Transits; 161). Daily transits of the planets across the important places in the
radix horoscope. "Saturn hunting the Moon." An indication of the native's good
and bad times. Transits to the positions of the progressive planets. Transits
through the different houses of the horoscope. Fortunate and unfortunate months
and days. Parallels in the daily course.

Eclipses; 164). The Metonic cycle. An illustration of the action of the eclipses in
the horoscope of King Edward VII.

New Moon (Lunations) and Planetary Conjunctions; 164). Influence on the events
in the month following it.

Periods of the Planets; 166).

The Planetary Hours; 167). Names of the planets and the days of the week in the
various languages. Mental and religious practices at definite planetary hours.
Those who doubt will after investigation probably change their opinion.

The Pre-natal Horoscope and Correction of the Time of Birth; 169). The
moment of conception. The "rule of Hermes." The horoscope of the astral body.
Future sex of the embryo. Premature death of children. Deformations, teratologic
products. How to make little corrections in the time of normal births. A table to help in
calculation. Horoscope for the Epoch. How the day of Epoch may be found. The
hour that the conception took place. Illustration. Correction of the birth of
President Wilson. Another more simple method of rectification. Why Astrology is
so fascinating a study.

Action of the Directions; 176). The moral standpoint of the person. Inborn ten-
dencies. Influences operating on resultant qualities. Duration of the action. Cli-
macteric years. How the progr. Moon-aspects bring us into contact with people,
typified by the planet that she aspects.

Mundane Directions, Protections; 179). Proportionate distances from the cusps.
Mundane parallels. Twelve-yearly, yearly and monthly profections.

Directions of the Sun; 181). Fittest mental attitudes by which one may fight and
endeavour to overcome the inharmonious influences.

Moon-; 186). Mercury-; 189). Venus-Directions; 190). The most important progres-
sive aspects.

Example to illustrate the Planetary Influences; 191). The great a Titanic"-drama.
The hor. of the best-known passenger W. T. Stead; the hor. of captain Smith.

Countries and Towns coming under the Different Signs of the Zodiac; 194).
Karma of the nations, of tribes and countries. By-circumstances. The Londoner and
the Yankee, the Prussian type. Children born of colonists in America.

The Zodiac of the Head; 198). Centres of consciousness. Organs for the 6th and

7th sense.

The Zodiac of the Eye; 201). Eye-Diagnostics. How Ignaz Peczely discovered this
quite new method of diagnostics. Colour of the eyes. Symptoms of degeneration.

The eye, "the mirror of the soul and of the body." The gift of deciphering the
cosmic hieroglyphs. Diagram. Illness, a process of recovery for the soul.

Astrology and Medicine; 206). Astrology of great use in medicine, as regards
diagnostics as well as therapeutics and prognosis. The relation between the planets
and certain diseases. The relation between definite planets and definite veget-
able and mineral remedies. The influence of the planet-colours on certain diseases
and on the state of the mind. The "house of disease". The Mind. Vitality. The
strong influence of materialism on the science of medicine. The critical days.
Why do e.g. infectious diseases appear good-natured one year and malicious
in another year?

Diseases coming under the Planets in the different Signs; 211). In what direc-
tion we have to look for it. A short study of the characters. Diseases of the
physical body, of the soul, of the mind. An astrological prediction about syphilis.

Embryology and Heredity with respect to Astrology; 218). The moment of
impregnancy. The sperm, the ovum. Inheriting of the qualities of father and mother.
The qualities of the Ego. What is inherited from the parents? Horoscopes of
parents and child with regard to heredity compared. The embryo in its develop-
ment. The whole secret of the continuity of a race. Evolution. The growth in
proportion to and in harmony with the qualities of the resp. planets. The devel-
opment of the eye, and of the heart. The development from the earliest periods
of animal consciousness up to human consciousness. The famous "Tabula, Sma-
ragdina Hermetis".

Zodiacal Man; 225).

The Cosmos in Relation to Number Sound and Colour; 226). Numbers are
symbols with a profound meaning. The cabbalistic values of the numbers. The
exact order of the atom-weight of the metals and the 7 planets in the Chaldean
order. Close relation between colour, sound and the planets. The "Harmony
of the Spheres".

Proportions in the Cosmos in Nature and Art; 228). The world is built upon
the power of numbers. The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 12. Kant and the three-dimen-
sional space. The higher dimensions. Proportions in the Cosmos, the Golden cut.
The so-called Divine proportion in the human body, with mammals, birds, insects
and snails, straight-winged insects, beetles, in the vegetable kingdom, in the
mineral kingdom, in crystals, in the distributing of water and land ; in real, inspired
utterings of art, in temples, in the distance and revolution of the planets etc.
Man, the measure of all things.

Astrology and the Bible; 235). What is the Bible? The ancient Christians' fish-
symbol The Old and New Testament. The Indian-Brahman, Persian, Egyptian,
Jewish, Christian, Slavonic, American era. The twelve Apostles. The twelve tribes.
The 12 sons of Jacob. The 4 quadrants of the Tabarnacle. The breastplate of the
Jewish highpriest. The new Jerusalem. The holy city. The four animals. The life
of Jesus. John the Baptist. The three wise men. Bethlehem. Jesus baptised. Bread
and wine. Judas with the 30 pieces of silver. The crown of thorns. The scarlet
robe. Simon of Cyrene. Golgotha. The soldiers. Joseph's many-coloured robe. The
story of Job. The drama of the crucifixion.

Conclusion and Esoterics; 245). Has the earth really a soul? (KEPLER). Radiating
matter (prof. CROOKES). The density of the ether (OLIVER LODGE). A con-
formity between an atom and a solar system. Experiments taken by DE ROCHAS
and DURVILLE. The aura (REICHENBACH). The power in thought.

Treatise on Evolution; 249).^; Slowing ot the vibrations. One condition of vibration.
Astrology, the soul of Astronomy. Short esoteric treatise. The physical Sun, the


spiritual Sun. Ptolomy's astronomical system. The integral parts permeate each
other. The ape a degenerated man. The opinion of DARWIN and RUSSELL WAL-
LACE. Original SIN and original VIRTUE. The Nebular theory of Kant and Laplace.
Why is there so much evil in the world? The Hierarchies. Are thoughts secreted
by the brains? The reflections of the Cosmic-thoughts. A new planet manifests
itself when a great World-teacher rises. Symbols of the mystery-planets. The
12 signs in connection with the 12 Nidana's of the Buddhists. Where shall we
have to seek the three supposed planets?

Conclusion; 255).


Many of those who take up the study of astrology complain of the
great obscurity of the books of study, of the many technical terms,
incomprehensible to the laity, and especially of the difficulties of the
calculations, which latter are unsurmountable for those who have no
knowledge of mathematics and cosmology.

I will, therefore, try to remove these obstacles, by using foreign
names as little as possible, and by simplifying the calculations in such
a manner that any one of average intellect and with a knowledge of
ordinary arithmetic, may be able to follow this study without much difficulty.

Further, I will try to be as brief and clear as possible, omitting all
superfluous digressions, and yet giving a fairly complete survey of that
branch of Astrology which is called Genethliacal Astrology, that which
applies to nativity or birth.

This branch is by far the most important and therefore counts most

Astrology has the advantage over other occult sciences in that it
asks no "belief" of the student, but only investigation. Any one who
takes up the study of his own birth-horoscope, with some assiduity, will
be able to demonstrate by numerous facts, looked up by himself, that
Astrology is true, is founded on facts in nature.

To this end it is positively necessary to know the exact time of
one's birth, and as, for the last half century, the hour of birth had to
be filled in at the registry *), one might go there for inquiry.

Next you will have to obtain an ephemeris 2 ) for the year in which
you were born; you may then cast your own horoscope and study it.
You will find how extremely interesting this study is!

Those who know by research and experience, how much our life,
our doings and dealings, our moods, in fact, all that happens in the
world, is influenced by the powers that work in the Cosmos, often
wonder how it is possible that a science such as astrology, which
comprises the study of those cosmic powers, has relatively so few
students and so many opponents. It is strange, for it is easy to show
the truth of astrology practically, to any one who wishes it.

One reason of astrology being discredited is surely to be found in
the rubbish brought into the market under the name of astrology and

1 ) This is the case on the continent, but not alas, in Great Britain, where date

2 ) Raphael's Ephemeris for each year, price 1 Sh. per year. Published by W.
Foulsham & Co, London.

planetlore, but having nothing whatever to do with it in reality. In
every branch of science, however, fraud and charlatanism are to be found.

But the principal causes are the dogmatism of modern religions and
the rapid development during the last centuries of materialism, which
has brought man to accept only that which he can observe with his
three-dimensional senses x ) and explain through well-known physical
laws, regardless of the cause, the foundation of these phenomena.
We need not accept anything supernatural in astrology, according to
this doctrine also everything happens along natural and unchangeable
laws ; but also it teaches us that in the Universe laws operate of which
we still know very little; we see them in their outward results, but
so far we can only guess how they work. For this reason astrology is
for the greater part an empirical science, it is founded on observations
which have been made for centuries.

Astrology begins to gradually draw the attention of the public, of
late. In the United States there is already a University of Astrology,
where one may graduate in this science, and the time is coming when
the elements of astrology will be taught in schools as a part of cos-
mology, and for England as well, that time will come, however conser-
vative the English may be. Is it not far more useful for a child to
understand something of life in the Cosmos, than to be able to give
the exact date of the settling of Flemish weavers in Pembrokeshire, or
to know on which day for the first time the eldest son of the English
sovereign was called Prince of Wales?

What great a part astrology might play in the sphere of education,
in self-education as well as in the hands of parents and teachers! By
going carefully through the children's horoscopes, they would get to
understand their pupils better and realise that under certain planetary
influences they could scarcely help acting in an unusual manner and
thus many an unjustly inflicted punishment will be left aside.

Every child bears at his birth his own characteristics in him, and
these will never change, they are inseparable of his individuality
and this the pedagogue has to take into account, if he wants to make
of a child what can be made of him. And for this, accurate knowledge
of his characteristics and talents, on which his horoscope throws light,
must show the way. As things often are now, failures are made of
them ; ignorant of the laws, they try to lead the child in a direction
not meant for him, and the natural talent gets suffocated. Yet, it will
assert itself later, but only after much disappoinment and failure.

The material sciences, however far advanced, are still far from being
complete, and moreover deal with the outer side only; totheFoun-

!) By three-dimensional senses we mean the physical senses, by which we can only
percept that which is physical in length, breadth and height Our astral and
mental senses, however, allow us to make observations in higher dimensions;
they allow us to see through physical matter.

dation of things the real Cause they do no penetrate and they
are not as yet sufficiently advanced to set themselves with some
ground up as competent judges of the occult sciences.

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