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part) desire and strive to aspire ; that our heads
and shoulders are above water, whilst the other
limbs are yet wading through the stream."

Therefore, with angels and archangels, and with
all the company of heaven, we laud and magnify
thy glorious Name ; evermore praising Thee, and
saying, " Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts,
heaven and earth are full of thy glory. Glory be
to Thee, Lord most High."

C. E. K.




HOLY JESUS, Thou art a merciful High Priest,
and touched with the sense of our infirmities :
Thou knowest the sharpness of my sickness, and
the weakness of my person. The clouds are
gathered about me, and Thou hast covered me
with thy storm. My understanding hath not such
apprehension of things as formerly. Lord ! let
thy mercy support me, thy Spirit guide me, and
lead me through the valley of this death safely ;
that I may pass it patiently, holily, with perfect
resignation ; and let me rejoice in the Lord, in
the hopes of pardon, in the expectation of glory,
in the sense of thy mercies, in the refreshments of
thy Spirit, in a victory over all temptations.

Thou hast promised to be with us in tribulation.
Lord ! my soul is troubled, and my body is weak,


and my hope is in Thee, and my enemies are busy
and mighty ; now make good thy holy promise.
Now, O holy Jesus, now let thy hand of grace be
upon me : restrain my ghostly enemies, and give
me all sorts of spiritual assistances. Lord, re-
member thy servant in the day when Thou bindest
up thy jewels.

take from me all tediousness of spirit, all im-
patiency and unquietness : let me possess my soul
in patience, resigning soul and body into thy
hands as into the hands of a faithful Creator, and
a blessed Redeemer.

holy Jesu, Thou didst die for us : by thy
sad, pungent, and intolerable pains, which Thou
enduredst for me, have pity on me, and ease my
pain, or increase my patience. Lay on me no
more than Thou shalt enable me to bear. I have
deserved it all, and more, and infinitely more.
Lord, I am weak and ignorant, timorous and in-
constant, and I fear lest something should happen
that may discompose the state of my soul, and
that may displease Thee. Do what Thou wilt
with me, so Thou dost but preserve me in thy
fear and favour. Thou knowest that it is my
great fear, but let thy Spirit secure, that nothing
may be able to separate me from the love of God
in Jesus Christ. Then smite me here, that Thou
mayest spare me for ever : and yet, Lord, " smite
me friendly," for Thou knowest my infirmities.


Into thy hands I commend my spirit, for Thou
hast redeemed me, Lord, Thou God of truth.
Come, Holy Spirit, help me in this conflict.
Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly ! Amen.



Almighty God, merciful and gracious, who
in thy justice didst send sorrow and tears, sick-
ness and death, into the world as a punishment
for man's sins, and hast comprehended all under
sin, and this sad covenant of suffering; not to
destroy us, but that Thou mightest have jnercy
upon all, making thy justice to minister to mercy,
short afflictions to an eternal weight of glory. As
Thou hast turned my sins into sickness, so turn
my sickness to the advantages of holiness and
religion, of mercy and pardon ; of faith and hope,
of grace and glory. Thou hast now called me to
the fellowship of sufferings : Lord, by the instru-
ment of religion, let my present condition be so
sanctified, that my sufferings may be united to
the sufferings of my Lord, that so Thou mayest
pity me and assist me. Relieve my sorrow, and
support my spirit : direct my thoughts, and sanc-
tify the accidents of my sickness, so that the pun-
ishment of my sin may be the school of virtue ;
in which, since Thou hast now entered me, Lord,



make me a holy proficient ; that I may behave
myself as a son under discipline, humbly and obe-
diently, evenly and penitently, that I may come
by this means nearer unto Thee ; that if I shall go
forth of this sickness by the gate of life and health,
I may return to the world with great strength of
spirit, to run a new race of a stricter holiness and
a more severe religion ; or, if I pass from hence
with the outlet of death, I may enter into the
bosom of my Lord, and may feel the present joys
of a certain hope of that sea of pleasures in which
all thy saints and servants shall be comprehended
to eternal ages. Grant this for Jesus Christ's
sake, our dearest Lord and Saviour. Amen.



O eternal God, Thou hast made me and sus-
tained me ; Thou hast blessed me in all the days
of my life, and hast taken care of me in all variety
of accidents ; and nothing happens to me in vain,
nothing without thy Providence ; and I know Thou
smitest thy servants in mercy, and with designs of
the greatest pity in the world. Lord, I humbly
lie down under thy rod : do with me as Thou
pleasest ; do Thou choose for me not only the
whole state and condition of being, but every little
and great accident of it. Keep me safe by thy


grace, and then use what instrument Thou pleasest
of bringing me to Thee. Lord, I am not solicitous
of the passage, so I may get to Thee. Only,
Lord, remember my infirmities, and let thy ser-
vant rejoice in Thee always, and feel, and confess,
and glory in thy goodness. be Thou as delight-
ful to me in this my medicinal sickness, as ever
Thou wert in any of the dangers of my prosperity.
Let me not peevishly refuse thy pardon, at the
rate of a severe disciplined I am thy servant and
thy creature, thy purchased possession, and thy
son : I am all thine ; and because Thou hast mercy
in store for all that trust in Thee, I cover mine
eyes, and in silence wait for the time of my re-


Most merciful and gracious Father, who, in the
redemption of lost mankind by the Passion of thy
most holy Son, hast established a covenant of suf-
ferings, I bless and magnify thy Name, that Thou
hast adopted me into the inheritance of sons, and
hast given me a portion of my elder brother.
Lord, the cross falls heavy and sits uneasy upon
my shoulders ; my spirit is willing, but my flesh
is weak : I humbly beg of Thee that I may now
rejoice in this thy dispensation and effect of Pro-
Q 2,


vidence. I know and am persuaded that Thou
art then as gracious when Thou smitest us for
amendment or trial, as when Thou relievest our
wearied bodies, in compliance with our infirmity.
I rejoice, Lord, in thy rare and mysterious
mercy, who by sufferings hast turned our misery
into advantages unspeakable ; for so Thou makest
us like to thy Son, and givest us a gift that the
angels never did receive ; for they cannot die in
conformity to and in imitation of their Lord and
ours ; but, blessed be thy Name, we can, and,
dearest Lord, let it be so. Amen.


Thou who art the God of patience and conso-
lation, strengthen me in the inner man, that I may
bear the yoke and burden of the Lord without any
uneasy and useless murmurs, and ineffective un-
willingness. Lord, I am unable to stand under
the cross, unable of myself; but Thou, holy
Jesus, who didst feel the burden of it, who didst
sink under it, and wert pleased to admit a man
to bear part of tho load, when Thou underwentest
all for him, be Thou pleased to ease this load
by fortifying my spirit, that I may be strongest
when I am weakest, and may be able to do and
suffer every thing Thou pleasest, through Christ,
who strengthens me. Lord, if Thou wilt support


me, I will for ever praise Thee : if Thou wilt suffer
the load to press me yet more heavily, I will cry
unto Thee, and complain unto my God ; and at
last I will lie down and die, and by the mercies
and intercession of the holy Jesus, and the con-
duct of thy blessed Spirit, and the ministry of
angels, pass into those mansions where holy souls
rest and weep no more. Lord, pity me ; Lord,
sanctify this my sickness ; Lord, strengthen me :
holy Jesus, save me and deliver me. Thou know-
est how shamefully I have fallen with pleasure ;
in thy mercy and very pity, let me not fall with
pain too. 0, let me never charge God foolishly,
nor offend Thee by my impatience and uneasy
spirit, nor weaken the hands and hearts of those
that charitably minister to my needs ; but "let me
pass through the valley of tears, the valley of the
shadow of death, with safety and peace, with a
meek spirit, and a sense of the Divine mercies ;
and though Thou breakest me in pieces, my hope
is, Thou wilt gather me up in the gatherings
of eternity. Grant this, Eternal God, gracious
Father, for the merits and intercession of our
merciful High Priest, who once suffered for us,
and for ever intercedes for us, our most gracious
and ever blessed Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.



most blessed and eternal Jesus, Thou who
art the great Physician of our souls, and the Sun
of Righteousness arising with healing in thy wings,
to Thee is given by thy Heavenly Father the
government of all the world ; and Thou disposest
every great and little accident to thy Father's
honour, and to the good and comfort of them that
love and serve Thee ; be pleased to bless the minis-
try of thy servant, in order to my ease and health ;
direct his judgment, prosper the medicines, and
dispose the chances of my sickness fortunately,
that I may feel the blessing and loving- kindness
of the Lord, in the ease of my pain, and the resti-
tution of my health ; that I, being restored to the
society of the living, and to thy solemn assemblies,
may praise Thee and thy goodness secretly among
the faithful, and in the congregation of thy re-
deemed ones, here in the outer courts of the Lord,
and hereafter in thy eternal temple, for ever and

holy and eternal Jesu, who didst pity man-
kind lying in sin and misery, and didst choose
our sadness and sorrows, that Thou mightest
make us to partake of thy felicities ; let thine
eyes pity me, thy hands support me, thy holy


feet tread down all the difficulties in my way to
heaven : let me dwell in thy heart, be instructed
with thy wisdom, moved by thy affections, choose
with thy will, and be clothed with thy righteous-
ness ; that in the day of Judgment I may be
found having on thy garments, sealed with thy
impression ; and that, bearing upon every faculty
and member the character of my elder brother,
I may not be cast out with strangers and unbe-


eternal God, most merciful Father, who hast
revealed thyself to mankind in Christ Jesus, full
of pity and compassion, merciful and gracious,
long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and
truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving ini-
quity, and transgression, and sin ; be pleased to
effect these thy admirable mercies upon thy ser-
vant, whom Thou hast made to put his trust in
Thee. I know, O God, that I am vile and pol-
luted in thy sight ; but I must come into thy
presence or I die. Thou canst not behold any
unclean thing, and yet, unless Thou lookest upon
me who am nothing but imcleanness, I shall perish
miserably and eternally. look upon me with a
gracious eye ; cleanse my soul with the blood of
the Holy Lamb, that, being purified in that holy


stream, my sins may lose their own foulness, and
become as white as snow : then shall the leprous
man be admitted to thy sanctuary, and stand be-
fore the throne of grace, humble and full of sorrow
for my fault, and full of hope of thy mercy and
pardon, through Jesus Christ.

my God, Thou wert reconciled to mankind by
thine own graciousness and glorious goodness, even
when Thou didst find out so mysterious ways of
redemption for us by sending Jesus Christ. Now,
O gracious Father, let me also be reconciled to
Thee ; for we continued enemies to Thee, though
Thou lovedst us : let me no longer stand at a dis-
tance from Thee, but run unto Thee, bowing my
will, and submitting my understanding, and morti-
fying my aifections, and resigning all my powers
and faculties to thy holy laws, that Thou mayest
take delight to pardon and sanctify, to assist thy
servant with thy grace, till by so unspeakable
mercy I shall arrive to the state of glory.

1 have spent much time in vanity ; grant me
thy grace, that I may recover my loss, and employ
all the remaining portion of my time in holy offices
and duties of repentance. My understanding hath
been abused by false persuasions and vain confi-
dences ; but now, O God, I offer up that imperious
faculty wholly to the obedience of Christ ; to be
governed by His laws, to be instructed by His doc-
trine, to be bended by all His arguments. My


will hath been used to crookedness and peevish
morosity ; but now, God, I have no will but
what is thine, and I will rather die than consent
and choose any thing that I know displeases Thee.
My heart was a fountain of evil thoughts, un-
gracious words, and irregular actions, because my
passions were not obedient, nor carried to a right
object; but now, O God, I present them unto
Thee, not as a fit oblation ; but as the lepers and
the blind, the lame and the crooked, were brought
unto the holy Jesus to be made straight and clean ;
and when Thou hast taken what is thine, and what
the devil did usurp, then Thou wilt sanctify and
save it, use it as thine own, and make it to be so


most gracious and eternal God, Father and
Lord of all, I confess I am unworthy of any
favour ; I am less than the least of thy mercies ;
yet our weakness and unworthiness cannot be
measures of thy mercy ; Thou art good and gra-
cious, and delightest in showing mercy to them
that call upon Thee, and that put their trust in
Thee. I know, O God, that Thou lovest to hear
our prayers, and Thou delightest in the humble
and resigned desires of thy servants. God,
I humbly submit my desires, my interests, my


contents, and all that I am or have, to thy holy
will and pleasure ; humbly begging of Thee that I
may cheerfully suffer, and obediently do thy will,
and choose what Thou choosest, and observe the
ways of thy providence, and revere thy judgment,
and wait for thy mercy, and delight in thy dispen-
sation, and expect that all things shall work toge-
ther for good to them that fear Thee. Oh, let
thy holy Spirit for ever be present with me, and
make me to fear Thee and to love Thee above all
things in the world, for ever ; and then no ill can
come unto thy servant, for whosoever loves Thee
cannot perish.

Hear the prayer of thy servant, and relieve my
sorrow, and sanctify my desires, and accept me in
the Son of thy love, our Lord and Saviour Jesus


Almighty God, Thou art the Judge of all
the world, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of mercies, the Father of men and an-
gels ; Thou lovest not that a sinner should perish,
but delightcst in our salvation, and hast in our
Lord Jesus Christ, established the covenant of
repentance, and promised pardon to all them that
confess their sins, and forsake them. my God,
be pleased to work in me what Thou hast com-


manded should be in me. Lord, I am a dry tree,
who neither have brought forth fruit unto Thee
and unto holiness, nor have wept out salutary
tears, the instrument of life and restitution, but
have behaved myself like an unconcerned person
in the ruins and breaches of my soul ; but,
God, Thou art my God ; early will I seek Thee :
my soul thirsteth for Thee in a barren and thirsty
land, where no water is.

Oh, let the cry of thy Son's blood, who offers an
eternal sacrifice to Thee, speak on my behalf. My
conscience does accuse me ; the devils rejoice in
my fall, and aggravate my crimes, already too
great ; and thy holy Spirit is grieved by me. But
my Saviour Jesus Christ died for me, and^Thou
pitiest me : and thy holy Spirit still calls upon
me, and I am willing to come ; but I cannot come
unless Thou drawest me with cords of love. Oh,
draw me unto Thee by the arguments of charity,
by the endearments of thy mercies, by the order
of thy Providence, by the hope of thy promises,
by the sense of thy comforts, by the conviction of
my understanding, by the zeal and passion of holy
affections, by an unreprovable faith and an humble
hope, by a religious fear and an increasing love,
by the obedience of precepts and efficacy of holy
example, by thy power and thy wisdom, by the
love of thy Son, and the grace of thy Spirit.

I am not worthy, Lord, I am not worthy to


come into thy presence : and where shall I appear
who have put my Lord to death, and crucified
the Lord of Life ? Where should I appear but
before my Saviour, who died for them that have
murdered Him ; who hath loved them that hated
Him ; who is the Saviour of His enemies, and the
life of the dead, and the redemption of captives,
and the advocate for sinners ; and all we do need
and all we can desire ?

Lord, give me the grace of tears and pungent
sorrow ; turn my sin into repentance, and let my
repentance proceed to pardon and refreshment.
Support me with thy graces, strengthen me with
thy Spirit, soften my heart with the dew of heaven,
with penitential showers. Make the remaining
portion of my days full of caution and observance,
strong and resolute, patient and severe.

Grant that in thy wounds I may find safety ;
in thy stripes, my cure ; in thy pain, my peace ;
in thy cross, my victory ; in thy resurrection, my
triumph ; and a crown of righteousness in the
glories of thy eternal kingdom.



most just and most merciful Lord God, who
hast sent evil diseases, sorrow and fear, trouble


and uneasiness, into the world, and planted them
in our houses, and round about our dwellings, to
keep sin from our souls, or to drive it thence ;
I humbly beg of Thee that this my sickness may
serve the ends of the Spirit, and be a messenger
of spiritual life, an instrument of reducing me to
more religious courses.

I know, Lord, I am unready and unprepared
in my accounts, having thrown away great por-
tions of my time in vanity, and set myself hugely
back in the accounts of eternity ; and I had need
live my life over again, and live it better ; but thy
counsels are in the great deep, and thy footsteps
in the water, and I know not what Thou wilt
determine of me. If I die, I throw myself into
the arms of the holy Jesus, whom I love above
all things ; and if I perish, I know I have deserved
it ; but Thou wilt not reject him that loves Thee :
but if I recover, I will live by thy grace, and help
to do the work of God, and passionately pursue
my interest in heaven, and serve Thee in the
labour of love, with the charities of a holy zeal,
and the diligence of a firm and humble obedience.
Lord, I will dwell in thy temple, and in thy ser-
vice ; religion shall be my employment, and alms
shall be my recreation, and patience shall be my
rest ; to do thy will shall be my meat and drink,
and to live shall be Christ, and then to die shall
be gain.

238 PRAYEltS.

O spare me a little, that I may recover my
strength before I go hence, and be no more seen.
" Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven."


Give me grace, merciful Father, to put the
rudder of my life into thy hands, to steer the course
of it as seemeth Thee good ; for, believing that
Thou lovest me, and believing withal that Thou
art wiser than I am, I needs must confess, that
whatsoever Thou doest with me is better than my
own choosing for myself would be : and by all the
troubles and unhappiness of this life, enable me
to gain this, that when they most abound upon
me, I may feel myself a stranger, and behave as
such ; and think, thereupon, with more delight
and stronger desires on my own country, and the
rich and sure inheritance that lies there, and the
ease and rest I shall have when I come thither.
O, happy indeed, good Lord, are the stones Thou
choosest to be living stones in thy spiritual tem-
ple, though they be hewed, and hammered, and
polished for it by trials and afflictions. How much
happier to be the meanest expectant of the glory
to come, than the sole possessor of all the world !
May my soul have a continual desire to go to that
company which is above ; to the spirits of just
men made perfect, to the company of angels, but


most of all to Thee, O God, and to Jesus, the
ILediator of the New Testament ! In that excel-
lent country, Thou hast told me, O Father, that
there is light and love, and nothing else ; that thy
saints will there be happy for ever ; that they shall
die no more, shall sorrow no more, shall be sick
no more, shall doubt no more. How cheerfully,
then, may a Christian go through all the sorrows
and adversities of this transitory life ! To Thee,
O blessed Lord, I commend and commit myself,
both for time and eternity, in the name of my
Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


compassionate Father, I would render unto
Thee most humble thanks for that wonderful gra-
dation of mercies shown to me in thy Son. In
Him Thou dost offer me thy holy Spirit, and with
it the whole golden mine of all spiritual comfort
and good ; allowing me, when wearied by the fol-
lies and miseries of the world, to refresh my soul in
Thee ; yea, enjoining it upon me to speak my mind
to Thee freely, as the kindest and tenderest of all
Fathers, with the sure confidence that, as Thou
art withal the Lord of heaven and earth, so Thou
wilt make all different lines always to concentre
in my highest good, how opposite soever in appear-
ance now. I do humbly confess my great need


of afflictions, yea, of many afflictions ; keep me,
therefore, I pray Thee, from ever promising my-
self an exemption, although my present state be
ever so free from them ; and for the number and
weight of them, let me resign that altogether into
thy hands, who art my wise Father and Physi-
cian, who knowest my mould and maladies, and
what kind of chastisement is needful for my cure.
But, merciful Father, let me never so wrong my-
self as to entertain any care at all but such as
I may put into thv hands, and make thine on mv
behalf. May I have grace to give up all outward
things into thy hands, referring the disposal of
them to Thee, and that heartily and fully ! Even
in the darkest night of sorrow, may I cast anchor
in Thee, and repose on Thee when I see no light ;
remembering that this is not my hope, nor the
place of my rest, but the place of my trial and con-
flict ; and that my home is above. Good Lord and
Father, of thine infinite mercy Thou hast called
me to eternal glory ; save me, then, I pray Thee,
from ever being so ungrateful as to repine against
Thee, and so to drown a hundred great blessings
in any little trouble that befalls me : give me more
deep thoughts of the things of the world to come ;
lift my eyes to that state that I am most nearly
related to; direct my steps to it, and lead. me to-
wards it, cheerful and unwearied, by an assured
hope that the joyful day will at length come, when,


as Christ's disciple, I shall be admitted into the


Bow down thine ear, Lord, and hear me, for
I am poor and in misery : help me, meekly and
gratefully, and with perfect resignation, to bear
the chastening of the Lord ; to feel that it comes
from the hand of a Father, and is sent with de-
signs of the tenderest mercy. I implore Thee to
bring home to my heart the blessed assurance
that Thou dost not afflict willingly nor grieve thy
children ; that Thou dost it for our profit, to make
us partakers of thine holiness ; and that Thou art
sitting as a Refiner, watching the process, and
wilt keep thy gold no longer in the fire than as
Thou seest needful for the clear reflecting of thine
image in it.

subdue all my unwillingness to suffer, and
turn it into a meek and grateful acquiescence,
that so I may glorify Thee, and show forth the
power of thy grace. my God, I lament before
Thee, and am most truly grieved and sorry at

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