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heart, that I feel so little of this divine and thank-
ful reception of thy chastenings. I acknowledge
and bewail this my great sinfulness, and do the
more earnestly cry for grace and help ; for I know



thy grace is sufficient for me, and that I can do
and bear all things through Christ which strength-
eneth me. Leave me not to struggle alone through
these dark waters, but let me feel thy helping,
supporting hand ; let me hear thy sweet voice of
tender mercy, saying, "It is I, be not afraid."

For who am I, that I should complain when
Thou dost afflict me ? Do I not richly deserve
thy chastenings? Have I not every reason to
expect them, seeing that there is no son whom
the father chasteneth not, and that not mildly
alone, but even "with scourges ? " Thy scourges
are upon me, my God, and my flesh quaileth
beneath thy strokes ; yet will I not say, " Remove
thy heavy hand from me ;" but rather, I implore
Thee, while Thou art scourging, be also support-
ing ; while Thou art wounding, be also pouring
in oil and wine : as my sufferings abound, let my
consolations abound also ; and let me feel that
Thou art very pitiful and of tender mercy. Blessed
Father, I know that thy judgments are right, and
that in very faithfulness Thou art afflicting me.
I beseech Thee let thy merciful kindness be for
my comfort, according to thy word unto thy

Be not far from me while trouble is so near ;
without Thee, my frailty cannot but fall. Unless
Thou sustain me, I shall faint under my burden.
Leave me not, therefore, neither forsake me, Thou


God of my salvation. Give me a holy readiness
to suffer as much and as long as Thou pleasest.
Let me say with Jesus, "Not my will, but thine
be done." Jesus, my Lord, and my God, my
gracious, compassionate, loving Saviour my High
Priest, who art touched with the feelings of my
infirmities, because Thou wast thyself made per-
fect through suffering, teach me to reckon that
the sufferings of this present time are not worthy
to be compared with the glory that shall be re-
vealed, and enable me even to rejoice in bearing
in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. May
I joyfully suffer here with Thee, that I may glo-
riously reign with Thee hereafter. Let me count
of this affliction that it is light, and but for a mo-
ment ; and let it work for me a far more ex-
ceeding and eternal weight of glory.

meek and suffering Lamb of God, may I
suffer meekly like Thee. May I give my back to
Him that smiteth me, even my righteous Father ;
and since it " pleased Him to bruise Thee," who
" knewest no sin," O let me, who am so full of sin,
humbly bend beneath thy chastening rod, and
meekly bear the bruises caused by its strokes.

Thou hast promised, blessed Saviour, that thy
people shall indeed " drink of thy cup," and " be
baptized with thy baptism;" and shall I turn
away my lips from that sacred cup, and not rather
count it all joy to share it with Thee ? Thy holy
R 2


Apostle Paul desired to know the fellowship of
thy sufferings, and shall not I desire also ? Shall
I only desire communion in thy glory and thy joy,
and not rather account myself blessed to have
fellowship with thy griefs ?

I beseech Thee, for thy Name's sake, and "to
the praise of the glory of thy grace," bring every
murmuring thought into a glad captivity to thy
holy cross. Strengthen me with " all might, ac-
cording to thy glorious power, unto all patience
and long-suffering with joyfulness." Oh, that I
may be a spectacle to angels and to men, of thy
mighty power to uphold, yea, of thy glorious power
to make me, out of these depths, raise unto Thee
not the voice of prayer alone, but also the song of
praise ! May I glorify Thee by exhibiting all the
graces of thy Holy Spirit, the love which endureth
all things, and gladly welcomes every instrument
of communion with her Lord ; humility, which
deems all far less than her iniquities deserve ;
faith, which realizes the blessed end and effect of
suffering ; and hope, which rejoices in the pros-
pect of the glory that shall follow.

Let the Holy Ghost the Comforter comfort me
in this sad hour, with the sure and certain expec-
tation of eternal joy and endless felicity. Quicken
my faith, that I may realize those joys which are
at thy right hand. Oh, that my pains may be as
blessed angels bearing me upon their wings to


heaven, and making that " pleasant land " appear
more exceeding pleasant in contrast with this
great and terrible wilderness. Blessed be Thou,
my God, who givest me such expectations, so full
of rapture and transport. Blessed be Thou, my
Saviour, who of thy tender mercy didst suffer and
die to purchase for us such a glorious inheritance.
Blessed be the Eternal Spirit, who brings these
precious realities before our sad eyes, filling us
with joy and peace in believing, and making us,
mourners, to abound in hope. Accept, most mer-
ciful God, these prayers and praises ; and pardon,
comfort, sanctify, and, if it may be, relieve thy
poor child, for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.


O God, let my earnest prayer now ascend with
acceptance before Thee through Jesus. Father,
withhold not thy tender mercies from me, but let
thy grace replenish my soul. Give me a very
enlarged patience, even grace to rejoice in tribu-
lation, however severe or long continued. Give
me a more humbled heart, a sense of my need of
suffering, a deeper sense of the value of suffering,
a deeper sense of my own unworthiness, and of thy
great goodness in refining and purifying me for
thyself. Ah ! Lord, let me not shrink from thy
holy discipline, or faint under thy kind rebukes.
Let me never be weary of thy corrections, or turn


away with, an unwilling and unthankful heart from
the medicinal cup of affliction. Engrave with thine
own Spirit on my heart those gracious words,
" Whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth." May
every day and hour of trial cut the holy lines yet
deeper into the substance of my spirit. Teach me
to estimate more highly the value of trial as a
means of glorifying Thee, and as affording golden
opportunities of showing my love to Thee, and
exercising the graces which are by Jesus Christ
unto the praise and honour of God. Let me, like
a good soldier of the cross, rejoice to be counted
worthy to suffer for and with my Lord, and with
a firm and grateful heart let me take and keep my
appointed station, though in the hottest of the
battle. God, weak and feeble, and utterly help-
less as I am in myself, I yet trust in Thee to make
me strong in Thyself, and in the power of thy
might ; for Thou givest power to the faint, and to
them that have no might Thou increasest strength.
Amen, so let it be to me, for Jesus Christ's sake !
to whom with Thee and the Holy Ghost be all
praise, and honour, and glory, henceforth even for


O my God, hear me, I beseech Thee, at this
time, in the name of Jesus Christ. Give me thy
holy Spirit to help me to pray, and enable me to


draw near to Thee acceptably, with reverence and
godly fear, with confidence and filial love, with a
deep sense of need, and a hearty desire to obtain
the blessings for which I ask.

Give me grace, I beseech Thee, to confess my
sins before Thee, and lead me to a true and per-
fect knowledge of myself. Alas ! my God, I con-
fess how little I feel the burden of sin, the plague
of my own heart. How poor and insufficient is
my repentance I how insensible am I to the real
nature of sin ! how little do I mourn for it ! how
imperfectly do I hate it ! how little do I feel to-
wards it as Thou wouldst have me feel ! Lord,
I am truly ashamed of the hardness of my heart,
and sincerely bewail and deplore it before Thee.

I confess also the coldness of my love to Thee.
Oh, how little am I penetrated with the sense of
thy love to me! How little do I love Thee in
return ! Alas ! my heart is dull and hard. I can
hear, and read, and think of thy sufferings and
thy love ; and yet neither hate deeply the sins
which made Thee suffer, nor love Thee deeply for
the love which made Thee willing to suffer. I am
ready to cling to, and to love my earthly treasures ;
but to Thee, O God, my Saviour, how little do I
cleave ! how cold, even when it is warmest, is my
love to Thee !

And my love to my neighbour, how small is
that also ! This also I confess with shame and


sorrow. How little of a brother's heart have I
for those around me ! How slow am I to seek
their welfare ! how inconsiderate often of their
happiness ! How few are the prayers which I put
up for them ! How little am I moved by their sins
and miseries ! How selfishly I seek my own com-
fort and happiness ! how little the comfort of my
brethren ! How soon am I weary of doing good !
how easily turned aside from acts of charity ! how
impatient of the faults of others ! how unwilling
to sacrifice myself even for those who are dear to
me ! And, alas ! alas ! my God, I often even dis-
like and despise those for whom Christ died, and
am displeased if they come in my way. This didst
not Thou, O Lord Jesus ; but with shame I con-
fess how little I am conformed to Thee, my Lord
and Master.

Who can tell how oft he offendeth ? And when
I begin to confess, where shall I end ? How often
am I discontented and impatient, unwilling to
suffer, and unhappy and fretful under thy chasten-
ings ; anxious to get rid of my burden, rather
than anxious to profit by it ; weary of thy correc-
tions, or inattentive to their meaning ; indisposed
to obedience, fond of my own way, or following
thine reluctantly ; unwilling to bear with others,
though expecting to be borne with myself; im-
patient of contradiction, proud, earthly-minded,
often indisposed to prayer, and oftener still to


praise ; careless in private prayer, careless in
thy house, careless in reading thy word, careless
about truth, careless about time, irreverent, un-
thankful ! Lord, what shall I say ? I will
cover my face with shame ; I will smite upon my
breast and cry, " God be merciful to me a sinner ;
for thy Name's sake, pardon mine iniquity, for
it is great." Yes, it is great, yet pardon it ; and
because it is great, for thy Name's sake pardon
it. Oh, magnify in the full and free pardon of my
great iniquity the riches of thy grace, the great-
ness of thy mercy, the depth of thy love, the
height of thy compassion, the length of thy long-
suffering, the breadth of thy loving-kindness. It
is thine own word, that if we confess our sins,
Thou art faithful and just to forgive us our sins,
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Lord,
I am persuaded of it ; I most earnestly embrace it ;
I bless Thee for its exceeding great and precious
promise ; the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from
all sin. Oh, let the hand of my faith sprinkle that
most holy, most precious blood upon my con-
science, for the healing of my soul.

But, Lord, I beseech Thee, let the sense of par-
don deepen my penitence, and exceedingly increase
the contrition of my spirit. Oh, work in me that
contrition which is well-pleasing in thy sight. Let
sin be my heavest burden, my deepest affliction,
the only thing I cannot bear ; teach me to see it


as the burden my Saviour bore upon the cross, as
the hateful thing which caused His death. Blessed
Spirit of holiness, convince me of sin, and make it
indeed hateful to me.

Increase, I beseech Thee, my love to Thee
exceedingly more and more. Fill my soul with
all the love of which my nature is capable. Let
me love Thee as much as it is possible for me to
love Thee : let the sound of my Redeemer's name
never fail to thrill my spirit. Let the hope of
seeing Him, and being like Him, lie like a burn-
ing coal at my heart. Let His personal presence
be unspeakably desirable and precious to me :
let me seek after communion with Him as my
highest happiness, my dearest enjoyment, the
greatest blessedness of which I am capable. Oh,
make me like the seraphim, burning with love.

And let my heart, enlarged with love to Thee,
be filled with love to my neighbour. Let me ever
be ready to spend and be spent for others. Fill
me with kindness, gentleness, patience, long-suf-
fering, tenderness, compassion, forbearance, for-
giveness, brotherly kindness, charity ; that charity
which never faileth, which is not easily provoked,
which beareth all things, which suffereth long, and
is kind.

Give me, I beseech Thee, the spirit of grace and
of supplication in behalf of others. May I pray
with all perseverance for all saints especially.


May I be deeply impressed with a sense of the
value of souls, and be always watching for oppor-
tunities to serve the spirit and heart of my neigh-
bour, thinking no trouble too great by which I
may promote the welfare of all around me ; acting
always from a glowing love as well as from a sense
of duty. Let duty be inseparably joined with in-
clination, even as in the soul of the blessed Jesus,
whose meat and drink it was to do thy will.

And oh, my God, give me, I beseech Thee, a
spirit of affectionate and grateful submission to
thy holy will ; a deep desire to profit by thy chas-
tenings ; a ready willingness to suffer as much
and as long as Thou seest needful for me. Never
let me faint under thy rebukes, or think for a
moment that Thou art careless of my sorrows, or
indifferent to my sufferings. Open my inward
ear to hear the voice of my Father speaking to
me through trial ; and give me grace with heartfelt
thankfulness and humble joy, to share the cup of
Christ, and to be baptized with his baptism.

And I beseech Thee also to increase mightily
my love for thy holy word. May it be my medi-
tation all the day, and in the night watches, when-
ever Thou holdest mine eyes waking. May it be
every day, the joy and rejoicing of my heart. Let
the word of Christ dwell in me richly in all wis-
dom, and the spirit of Christ continually open to
my mind and heart its deep and precious treasures.


And, I pray Thee, make me to delight exceed-
ingly and increasingly in all occasions of com-
munion with Thee. How often, through careless-
ness, through indolence and infirmity of body,
through want of earnestness and full purpose of
heart, do holy seasons pass away but little im-
proved, and leave but little trace of good behind !
Oh, that it may be so no more ! O Lord, so
quicken my soul, that I may more anxiously im-
prove all the means of grace, and more thankfully
trade with the talents entrusted to my care ; whe-
ther permitted to enter thy sanctuary or detained
at home, let my soul maintain as unbroken com-
munion with Thee as it is possible for a soul to
enjoy upon this side of heaven.

O Lord, hear; Lord, forgive ; O Lord, hearken,
and defer not ; for thine own sake, O my God, and
for the sake of my blessed Mediator and Advocate,
Jesus Christ. Amen.


Lord, hear me in the day of trouble !
Send me help from the sanctuary,
And strengthen me out of Zion.

Look upon my affliction and my pain,
And forgive all my sin.


Rejoice the soul of thy servant,

For unto Thee, Lord, do I lift up my soul.

I am afflicted very much ;

Quicken me, Lord, according to thy word.

my God, my soul is cast down within me ;
Therefore will I remember Thee.

Put Thou my tears into thy bottle :
Are they not in thy book ?

1 know, Lord, that thy judgments are right,
And that Thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me.
Let, I pray Thee, thy merciful kindness be for my


According to thy word unto thy servant.
Let thy tender mercies come unto me,
That I may live.

Into thy hands I commit my spirit ;

Thou hast redeemed me, Lord God of truth.

my soul, thou hast said unto the Lord,
Thou art my Lord.

1 am thine, save me :
Preserve my soul, for I am holy.


What is man that Thou shouldst magnify him,
And that Thou shouldst set thine heart upon him !
And that Thou shouldst visit him every morning,
And try him every moment !

that by this my iniquity may be purged,
And that this may be all the fruit,
To take away my sin !

O, let patience have her perfect work,

That I may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

Strengthen me with all might,
According to thy glorious power,
Unto all patience and long-suffering, with joy-

O Righteous Father, and ever to be praised, the
hour is now come that thy servant is to be tried.

Behold, Father, it is fit that in this hour thy
servant suffer something for Thee. Most ador-
able Father, now for a short time I am to be op-
pressed, afflicted, humbled, and disquieted, with
many passions and infirmities.

So it has been appointed by Thee ; and nothing
happens of all I suffer, but that which is according


to thy blessed will. This is a mercy Thou showest
thy friends, that they be afflicted and suffer some-
thing in this world for Thee ; in what manner and
by whomsoever Thou pleasest.

Without thy counsel and providence, nothing
happens upon earth. It is good for me, Lord,
that Thou hast humbled me, that so I may learn
to obey Thee, and cast from me all pride and
presumption of heart. Behold, beloved Father,
I am in thy hands ; behold, I bow myself under
the rod of thy correction.

Strike me now, and make my proud neck and
stubborn will bend under the appointments of
thy will.

Make me devout and humble, that I may be
ready to follow every beck of thy Divine pleasure.

I recommend myself, and all that belongs to
me, into thy hands, to receive the correction Thou
shalt think fit ; for it is better for me to be chas-
tised here than hereafter. Thou knowest what is
expedient for my good, and what tribulation is
necessary to purge me from the filth of sin.

Do with me according to thy pleasure, and de-
spise not the sighs of a sinful soul.

Thou art my God and my deliverer : help me in
the day of tribulation.





WHEN these dark hours of earthly love,

And earthly pangs are o'er ;
These lips shall bless, these hands shall move,

These eyes shall look no more :

Oh ! let no tear thine eyelids dim

O'er this pale form of clay,
But think I rest at peace with Him

"Who wipes all tears away !

These lips transform'd shall sound the words,

Hosanna to the Lamb !
These hands transfigured sweep the chords

That praise the great I AM

These hollow eyes but seem to sleep,

For oh ! to them is given
An endless watch of bliss to keep,

For they have waked in heaven !




All praise, honour, and glory be to the holy and
eternal Jesus. I adore Thee, O blessed Redeemer,
eternal God, the light of the Gentiles, and the
glory of Israel ; for Thou hast done and suffered
for me more than I could wish, more than I could
think of, even all that a lost and miserable perish-
ing sinner could possibly need.

Thou wert afflicted with thirst and hunger, with
heat and cold, with labours and sorrows, with hard
journeys and restless nights : and when Thou wert
contriving all the mysterious and admirable ways
of paying our scores, Thou didst suffer thyself to
be designed to slaughter by those for whom in love
Thou wert ready to die.

Wliat is man that Thou art mindful of him, and
the son of man that Thou thus visitest him ?

Blessed be thy name, O holy Jesus ; for Thou
wentest about doing good, working miracles of
mercy, healing the sick, comforting the distressed,
instructing the ignorant, raising the dead, and
enlightening the blind, strengthening the lame,
straightening the crooked, relieving the poor,
preaching the gospel, and reconciling sinners by
the mightiness of thy power, by the wisdom of thy


spirit, by the word of God, and the merits of thy
passion, thy healthful and bitter passion.

Lord, what is man that Thou art mindful of him,

Blessed be thy name, holy Jesus, who wert
content to be conspired against by the Jews, to be
sold by thy servant for a vile price, and to wash
the feet of him that took money for thy life, and
to give to him and all thy Apostles the most holy
body and blood, to become a sacrifice for their
sins, even for their betraying and denying Thee,
and for all my sins, even for my crucifying Thee
afresh, and for such sins which I am ashamed to
think of, but that the greatness of my sins magnify
the infiniteness of thy mercies, who didst so great
things for so vile a being.

Lord, what is man, &c.

Blessed be thy name, holy Jesus, who being
to depart the world, didst comfort thy Apostles,
pouring out into their ears and hearts treasures of
admirable discourses ; who didst recommend them
to thy Father with a mighty charity, and then didst
enter into the garden, set with nothing but briers
and sorrows, where Thou didst suffer a most un-
speakable agony, until the sweat strained through
thy pure skin like drops of blood, and there didst
sigh and groan, and fall flat upon the earth, and


pray and submit to one intolerable burthen of thy
Father's wrath, which I had deserved and Thou

Lord, ichat is man, &c.

Blessed be thy name, holy Jesus, who hast
sanctified to us all our natural infirmities and pas-
sions by vouchsafing to be in fear and trembling
and sore amazement, by being bound and impri-
soned, by being harassed, and dragged with cords
of violence and rude hands, by being drenched in
the brook in the way, by being sought after like a
thief and used like a sinner, who wert the most
holy and the most innocent, cleaner than an angel,
and brighter than the morning-star.

Lord, what is man, &c.

Blessed be thy name, O holy Jesus, and blessed
be thy loving-kindness and pity by which Thou
didst neglect thy own sorrows, and go to comfort
the sadness of thy disciples, quickening their dul-
ness, encouraging their duty, arming their weak-
ness with excellent precepts against the day of
trial. Blessed be that humility and sorrow of
thine, who being Lord of the angels, yet wouldest
need and receive comfort from thy servant the
angel ; who didst offer thyself to thy persecutors,
and madest them able to seize Thee ; and didst
receive the traitor's kiss, and sufferedst a veil to
s 2


be thrown over thy holy face, that thy enemies
might not presently be confounded by so bright a
lustre ; and wouldest do a miracle to cure a wound
of one of thy spiteful enemies ; and didst reprove
a zealous servant in behalf of a malicious adver-
sary; and then didst go like a lamb to the
slaughter, without noise or violence or resistance,
when Thou couldest have commanded millions of
angels for thy guard and rescue.
Lord, what is man, &c.

Blessed be thy name, O holy Jesus, and blessed
be that holy sorrow Thou didst suffer when thy
disciples fled, and Thou wert left alone in the
hands of cruel men, who like evening wolves
thirsted for a draught of thy best blood; and
Thou wert led to the house of Annas, and there
asked ensnaring questions, and smitten on the face
by him whose ear Thou hadst but lately healed ;
and from thence wert dragged to the house of
Caiaphas, and there all night didst endure spittings,
affronts, scorn, contumelies, blows, and intolerable
insolences ; and all this for man, who was thy
enemy, and the cause of all thy sorrow.

Lord, what is man, &c.

Blessed be thy name, O holy Jesus, and blessed
be thy mercy, who when thy servant Peter denied
Thcc, and forsook Thee, and forswore Thee, didst


look back upon him, and by that gracious and
chiding look didst call him back to himself and
Thee : who wert accused before the high priest,
and railed upon, and examined to evil purposes,
and with designs of blood; who wert declared
guilty of death, for speaking a most necessary and
most profitable truth ; who wert sent to Pilate
and found innocent, and sent to Herod and still
found innocent, and wert arrayed in white, both to
declare thy innocence, and yet to deride thy per-
son, and wert sent back to Pilate and examined
again, and yet nothing but innocence found in
Thee, and malice round about Thee to devour thy
life, which yet Thou wert more desirous to lay
down for them than they were to take it from

Lord, what is man, &c.

Blessed be thy name, holy Jesus, and blessed
be that patience and charity by which for our sakes

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