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of weight of 1 c.c. of carbonic acid at various temperatures

and pressures . . 506

Temperature, influence of on gases, in reading-off 33

Tiemann-Schulze's method of determining nitric acid 582

Thiosulphuric acid, see acid thiosulphuric.

Tin, determination as oxide (ic) 405

as stannic (or metastannic) acid . . . . 405

as sulphide (ous or ic) 406

by alkaline iodine ->solution . 408

by Lenssen's method 408

with ferric chloride 408

volumetrically 407

pxide (ic) 219

phosphate (ic) .230

separation from antimony 716, 725

from antimony and arsenic 723, 726, 728

from arsenic 717, 728

from gold 727

from metals of groups I, n, and in 707

from metals of groups iv and v. 706

from stannic tin 730

j sulphide, hydrated (ic) and (ous) 220

Titanium, determination of .... 284

Tripotassium cobaltic nitrite 193

Uranium acetate 139

780 INDEX.


Uranium determination 335

by Belohoubeck's method 336

separation from aluminium 674

from barium, calcium, and strontium 673

from chromium 674

from cobalt, nickel, and zinc 675

from iron (ic) 675

from magnesium 674

from other metals of groups i-iv 672

Uranyl pyroarsenate 21:3

pyrophosphate 229

Vogel's modification of Pisani's method 351

Vohl's method of determining arsenous acid 419

of determining chromic acid 423

Wackenroder-Fresenius' method of separating phosphoric acid from

aluminium 459

Water, distilled 127

estimating 72

Water-bath , 58

Weeren's method of determining phosphoric acid by Mailer's modi-
fied Schulze's method 452

Weighing, process of 21, 70

Weights, testing, etc 19

Weil's method of determining copper , . . 380

Wells' apparatus for determining carbonic acid 499

Werther's method of determining arsenic as uranyl pyroarsenate 413

of examining gunpowder residues 742

Wildenstein's method of determining sulphuric acid 437, 438

Wohler's method of determining silicon fluoride evolved from fluo-
rides 478

Zinc 132

carbonate, basic 182

oxide 183

sulphide 184

determination as carbonate 287

as oxide 287

as sulphide 288, 289

separation from aluminium and manganese 649

from barium and strontium . . . .633, 634

from cadmium 684

from calcium 633, 634

from copper 683

from iron in alloys 660

from nickel, cobalt, and manganese * . 660

from potassium and sodium 632

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Fresenius, K.R. 42086
Quantitative chemical
analysis. 6th German ed.

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