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ITew York
1912. J




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Jan (?brnelis Van Eoorn was the founder of
tiais Van Horne family in America. The tirae of
his arrival is not known, "but he was in ITev/ Amster-
dam (ITew York) as early as 1645. He came from the
Cit3'' of Koorn, Holland. He was a man of means said
of superior education, ranking high in the astina,-
tion of his church and with his fellows; we find
him o\7nincj several pa.rcels of real estate and his
signature, Oct. 4, 1647 Jan Cornellessen Van Hoorn
is attached to a Power of AtGorne;/, on file among
the old Dutch records, l^ew York, giving authority
to Jan Jansen, cheesemonger of ITew Amsterdam, auth-
orising said Jansen to receive and receipt for the
income due said Jan Cornellessen Van ?Ioorn at Arri-
sterdam, Holland. His name signed "by him writ-
ten and spelled in 1654 as above, is still in a
state of good preservation.

Jan Cornells prospered, hi a children pros-
pered and were honored "by their fellow citizens ,and
prosperity and honor came to their descendants,
reaching, its zenith a'oout the days of the Revolu-

It is problematical if Jan Cornelius Van
Hoorn was of the old Van Hoorn family of Holland or
whether he viras simply Jan Cor nelius Van .Eoorn ,';7hich
translated means £ohxi., the son of Cornelius^ from
Hoor2i. ITearly all the immigrants ••ifh.o cajne to Hew
ITetherland, had no other name than of such forms as
the following:- Jan Cornells, which means John, the
son of Cornelius - Jan Cornellissen , which means
John, the son of Cornelius who was the son of Cor-
nelius; another illustration is Peter Peters , which
means Peter, the son of Peter - Peter Peterssen,
which means Peter, the son of Peter, who was the
son of Peter. This method of distinguishing the
children of the family amongst the common people in
Holland, had gone on for centuries, and it was only
when one of the common people rose above his sur-


roundings and performed some particular service
that he toolc a surname.

On the 23rd of June , 1645 , he was granted
two lots of land and on same day he sold a house
and lot south of Marketf ield Street , 50 feet wide
by 4 1/2 rods long, being part of the premises pat-
ented to said Jan Cornellissen Van Hoorn.

Jan Cornelissen sells and gives deed of a
lot on the Island of Kanliattan , with a bill of Sur-
vey, to Albert Pietersen, Trucipeter , Peb. 22, 1649.

On Farch 5th, 1653, Jan Cornellissen Van
Honrn sold a lot on east side of Port Arnsterdam one
and one half rods ajid lour and one half inches , by
nine rods and nine feet in length near Marketf ield
Street. The fort stood on the Hudson River front-
ing tile Battery, hence tMs lot to the east of it.

April 20,1561, Jan Cornelisa bought of Abra-
ham Pietersen at rev; Ansterdam, a water mill on
fresh water.

In a remonstrance of the People of the ITew
iNFether lands to the Director General and Council, no.f
in the Royal Archives at the Hague, dated September
?, 1664, in which we find the name of Jan Cornelia
Van Hoorn.

He ^.fas oriQ of the remonstrants ags.inst de-
fending the ciuy -rhen attacked by the English in
1664, and signs the petition to the Director Gen-
eral and Council, asking that the City may be sur-
rendered to the English September 5, 1654.

In October of that year, he took the oath of
allegiance to the King of England. He became a
member of the First Dutch Church of New York City
October 3th.

On April fourteenth, 1657, Jan Gornellisssn
Van Hoorn was entered upon the rolls of the i nimbi -
tants oil ITew Amsterdam aa a small burgher; he must
pay 25 guilders and have been a resident tlirae
years and six weeks before the date of the city
charter .

Jan Cornelissen Van Horn was the thii'd


teacher of the Public School of the Dutch Church,
'E. y. after its organization, beginning his duties
some time in 1648, and continuing up to November
1650, about which time he resigned.

His occupation as teacher was in a sense an
ecclesiastical position recognized by church and
state .

He married Hilleronda Joris, it appears that
he died before June 16th, 1669, as on this day his
widow married Evert Pstersen, the widov?er of Griet-
je Arents.

The follov/inc Court Records are of interest.

Tuesday, }?ov» 4, 1659. In the City Hall
Hendrick v/iHeiasen, baker, pltf. vs. Jan Cornelissn
Van Hoorn, deft. Pltf. deraanda of Deft. a Muff
brought to riim by his wif e ,to have it made smaller,
which he spoiled; requests paj-n.ent or that the
muff be returned. Deft, says, his wife left the
muff to be made smaller and narrower , that he did
not cut it of f J to wit, in the length, but took it
in. Plf- replies saj'-ing , tliat his v/ife said to
him - Jan Cornelissen, we vfish you to make the
muff smaller nor larger, but leave it as it is.
Deft. denies it. The Court refer the matter in
question to Jacob Strj'-cker and Isaacq Kip to exam-
ine, whether the muff be spoiled, if not spoiled to
estiiiiate it: to reconcile parties if possible ; och-
erv/ise to render a report to the court.

Janeen bv^Aug. 3, 1642.


2 Cornelius

iQ . ■ Anna

Maria Jans , Oct


3 Vroutje

" Dec. 12, 1643.

4 Abraha.m,

^fv" " Aug. 8, 1647.

5 Abraham

'" Oct. 24, 1649.

6 Judith

" Feb. 25, 1652.


Cornelius Jansen m. Anna Maria Jans Oct. 6,1659.
They lived in rrevf York City. He died in 1692.

He laade Ms will Oct. 11,1639, and gires
his oldest son John fifty shillings; the re-
mainder of his estate he left to hie wife
"That she may properly "bring up and educate
his under-age children."

The will of Johannes Van Hoorn of Mew
York was proved at Fort William Henry Feb . 16 ,

On September 15, 1659, Jan Cornelissen
Van Hooren sells to Cornelis Jansen Van Hooren
a lot north of the wall "bounded west by house
and lot of Adolf Pietersen; north, by house
and lot of him the grantor; east by ^^^ house
and lot of Sybrant Jansen; south, by the vyall
aforesaid. Broad, on the \?all or south aide
25 running feet; long, on west side 48 feet;
on the north, 22 l/2 feet; on the east, 46
feet. £-,^.^

Annaka "5?ebber , sister of Wolf oiNU Anant
Y4(ebbpr , who came to AiQerica in 1649, m, (1)
%^M^ Jans bj^ v/hom she had one child, named

Anna^feria, b. m. Cornelius Jansen Van

I-iorne , Oct. 5, 1659.

Cornelis Janzen lived on "The ^aal" and
on April 19 , 1665 , a general levy was mads on
all Burghers and other inhabitants of Hew Am-
sterdam to paj'- the expenses of 100 soldiers
quartered on the town - his assessment v/as
1 fl. per week for 6 weeks. He afterrard
lived on the northerly side of Pearl Street
between Old Slip amd Broad Street , then a part
of the streat called the Waterside in 1574, and
he was estimated at this time worth '^oOOO, and
was taxed on a valuation of 500 florins. H«
WU8 ^j-'j occupation a furrier and liat dealer.
His wife, Anna Maria Jans, was a member of the
Iratch Churcii in :Jev/ York City in 1686.

Anna Maria Van Hoorn w'io of Coraelis


Johnson Van Hoorn deceased , sells land he
"bought of the Ivlayor and Aldermen of "Few York,
IToY. 19 J 1686, and land Anna liaria \''an Koorn
"bought April 21, 1692. Sha sella as S:-.or, of
her husband's will - to Garret Van Hoorn -
AUG. 22, 169 6.

Anna Ma,ria Van Iioorn sells tc her eldest
son Jolrn Van Hoorn Aug. 22, 1696.

Tuesday,. Slst Oct., 1662. Cornells Tan-
sen Van Hoorn, pltf. vs. Jan Gerrisen Vries,
deft. D-efto in default.

Au2. 31, 1653. Cornelius Janzen Van
Eoorn appeared in court vdth others in regard
to wall of City Hall,

Friday , -Z2nd ITov, , 1658. In the City
Hall. Corneiis Van Koorn takes the Burgher

Tuesday J March 16, 1660. In City Eall.
Corneiis Janzsn Van Hoorn, pltf. ts. Arien Huy-
"berzen, deft. Pltf. demands from deft. 17 5,
one hundred seventy -five guilders, "balance of
purchase of lands, Deft, says, the pltf, was
content with Pieter Jansen Witt and now ad-
dresses hiin; he says he has offex-ed him pay-
ment in pease a. four guilders the skepel , for
■Krhich he can sell theia. The Court order deft,
to pay the pltf. the hundred and seventy-five
guilders .

City Hall, Tuesday, 7th ITov. , 1662. Cor-
nells Janzen Van Hoorn, pltf^ vs. Jan Gerrizen
de Vries, deft. Pltf. demands from deft,
trrenty guilders oalance of fire wood sold him
and his brother, which deft, promised to pay.
Deft, says, the pltf. was satisfied "by his
"brother. Pltf. denies it. The Court order
pltf. to prove, that the deft, has promised to
pay for his brother - this case was disposed
of on the next Court day, Tuesday, ITov. 14,
1652, the deft, heing ordered to pay pltf. the
twenty gl. v/ith costs.


City Hall, Tuesday, Nov. 13, 1663. Aaght

J an 3- J

pltf. Ts . Cornells
Pltf . says , her boy
he tried to put in hia
came by there jWho said

Jansen Van Hoorn,

had shot a
boat and that
that he had chas

bear ,

ed the bear and that the half belonged to him;
forcing him to toss up for Y/ho should have the
skin v^hich her boy lost; maintaining that the

deft, has no rir^ht to the skin-

but her boy ^
says , he clias~

because he iiad shot it. Deft,
Bd the bear and th^t he ■was on one end of the
island and the boy shot the be-ar on the other
end; admits he told the toy to toss up for
the skin and that he had eaten half of the
Lieat . Burgonasters and Schepens having heard
parties J decree that the bear belongs to the
boy as he shot him; but since half the meat
had been consumed by the deft, and the pltf.
is content •'.vith the skin that the deft. shall
deliver up to her the skin of the aforesaid
bear ,

, r, Children

2 Hellegonda bap. Oct, 1-6, 1660. d. June 29,

1746. mo ITov, 10, 1689 Capt .
Giles Shelley, d. s. p.

£_ Johannis
2 Jannet j e

10 Vroutj e

11 G-errit

12 Aefja

13 Abrg,ham

14 Marritie

Jan, 17, 1663

m. Catharine

Myers ,
Feb . 10

1664, m» Reviielr

Van Sickland , Mch. 26, 1687,

Jan, 25, 1666. m. Abra]iam

Santwort , Pab . 8, 1689.

ITov. 17, 1671, m, Alt j e Pro-

voost , July 2 , 1693.

Oct .31, 1673, ffl. Joim Theo-

bales , Sarah ¥ebber a v/it~

nesQ .

Jan. 31, 167 7. m. llaria Pro-

voost, Sept. 6, 1700 o

July 23, 1681. m. (1) -" Sx .


V A K H R .il E

Ledger, (2) Enoch Michael son
Vreeland Oct. 22', 1709.
15 Janeck bap, m, Laneo

Giles Shellej^ 'born Jul;,^ 30, 1664, froci London,
Eng. , married Hillegond Van Hooren , Hot. 25,
1689. She vfas the widow of Oliver Crainshor-
ough. Shelley's will dated Sept. 22, 1708,
proved March 6, 1710, having no children , gives
to various people and 150 pounds "to Loving
Mfe" during her life. Her will is dated
March 28, 1716, proved Sept. 29, 1718, gives
her whole estate to her Executors in trust to
deliver the sajne to "My loving sister Mary
Yresland during her natural life" with reLiain-
der to the children of said Mary Vreeland then
living, if none then to be equall^^ divided be-
tween ray brothers and sisters - Jo.i-rn Van Horn
Crarret Van Horn - Abraham Van Horn - Ef-
fie Theobalds - Vroutie Sandford andJannitie
Lane, share and share alike. The Executors
of the will are "ray loving brothers Garret and
Enoch Vreeland."

Giles Shelley was a sea captain and was
suspected of complicity with Captain ^.Tilliam
Kidd in his illegal practices in the East In-
dies, but lived many years after a respected
merchant in Hew York.

Joliannes m. Catharine Myers , March 20, 1693.

She dleA i-Tov. 22, 1740. He vras made a
freeman in Hew York City and was a merchant
there, and is described in ceremony of making
him a Ereeman, as a "Bolter". He made his
will June 23, 1753, proved Hov. 22, 1735. He
bequeaths to his son Cornelius 1 ,600 acres of


land ■bou~,]"-t of Samuel Royce , called Roycsfield
a.nd 500 pounds in noney. To his son Andrew
he gives lands in Piacataqua tovmsMp jr.J, To
his son Ahraham he gives 600 acres of land at
Rocky liill , East Yevr Jersey, bounded south hy
"brother Ahrah^a-n's lot and west 103^ my hrcchsr
G-arritt's lot. To son .Jaraes he gives 1700
acres of l8.nd extending to Llillstone River
also house v/here I no-.i live and my store -house
fronting on the dock. To his daughter Cath-
erine he gives 200 pounds, this being the
bala.nce of her prcpor'cion ,8he having previous-
ly had her full share except this. He makes
all of hie sons and his daughter Executors of
his v7ill. His \'5lll is witnessed by Johui Van
Solingen, Jere Tothill, B. Rynders .

On liarch 8, 1732, .John Van Rorne of the
City of Vev; York, merchant, and Catharine his
v/if e , with others sell to Abraliam Van Cainpen
of Hunterdon County, l-est Jersey, 1666 acres
in Hunterdon County, in 'U'est Kev/ jersey, kno"/.T!.
by the Indian naas Pahaquaaliii. This deed
also recites "Arho o^vned it before 1698. On ]'ay
0, 1751, Jolm Van Korne of the City of Few
York, gentleiiian, sells to Richard Smith of
Burlington, H.J., for 50 pounds, tract of land
which said Van licrne purchased of Rugh Ruddy,
Ray 2, 1715. Recorded in Liber B ... E., Folio
259 , which deed recites that John Van Earne,
purciiased 6 1/2 acres.

His vdll was proved in Hew Jersey, not.
prowa.ted in Hev? York. Re acquired a tract of
6,800 acres of land in Montgomery Tovmship
Soinerset County, 1^. J., in 1707. In 1755 Ms
son Abraliaxi Van -Horns , a merchant in Hew York
City, sold 264 1/2 acres in tlie saiae tovmship
to Joost Durj'-ea for 1059 pounds.

In a census taken in 1703 , "His family
is given as one male, one female, tliree cliil-


dren , tlii'ee negroes, three negresses."

He was an Alderman, "East Ward", New
York City, 1703-4-5-6. He was a member of
the 12th Colonial Assembly from New York City^
April 6, 1709 to l^ovember 12, 1709.

Claude German De pre Van Gits in !Plan-
dera gi/es to Johannes Cornelius , son of Cor-
nelia Janeen Van Home "Ivlji^ small Bible." This
will is dated December 10, 1686.

Joiin witnesses will of Jacob Van Car-
strant , October 22, 1702. John Van Horn is
witness to a will, New York City , July 17,1706.
John Van Home, October 19, 1710, took Peter
Py age six years , and William Py age ten , or-^
plian brothers , under indenture from Gov.Huntero

December 24, 1703, John given license to
buy land, July 1, 1707 John e^ts order on pe-
tition. August 1, 1708, John Van Home, 'Wil-
liam Peartree and Jacobus Cortland, petition
for a new patent for a tract of land beginning
at Hutchinses brook at the end of the imlf
mile mentioned in Eastchester patent and so up
the sane to its head, and thence IT, W. to
river, and so up said river till it
head of Hutchinses River due
southeast and so down said river to Eastches-
ter patent, and along the bounds of the same
to the head of Rattlesnake brook.

November 10,1709 — Petition of Jol:n Van
Horne and others, praying that the dock from
Burgess path, to Capt . Theobald's slip, front-
ing their lots ,ma3f be erected, and made a pub-
lic landing place. On May 23, 1710 they
again present same petition,

November 10, 1721, John Van Horno p-^ti-
tions for a grant of 2 ,000 acres of the land
now lying vacant and unappropriated in this

February 13, 1722, Jolan Van Horn, Ebe-
nez^T Willson and Anthony Rutgers file a cav-



eat against recording any new survey of the
patent of lands owned by thsmselves and oth-
ers, known as Wawauynda and Minisencks . (This
was near Stonej- Point, probably as the Evans
Ps.tent- was there . )

John Van Horn receives pa.yiaent from Es-
tate Peter Watson, deceased, October 14, 1715,
at l!iddletown, IT. Y.

June 25, 1725, John Van Home and Barent
Rynders ovmed the ship "Hopewell" and are paid
for quarantine guard put on her. He is also
given pa:/ for services.

John Van Horne imports 6 Bbls . Rum (150
gals.) March 11, 1701.

In Seceniber 1753 John Van Horne sues Ar-
hout Schermerhorn on bond and in April 1734
case comes up in James Van Home to whom the
said bond to John then belonged. K.Y. Gazette
April 1734.

John Van Horne near the Long Sridge ad-
vertises his wares J April 10, 1753, Gazette,

n. Y=

On the 23d A.pril 1701 John Vanhorne im-
ports in £rigantine Susannah Jno. Van Surge,
now from Larbadoes 54 Gals. Rum.

Valentine's 2iantial . John Van Horne Mer-
chant, As St, Alderman 1703-6. JohiB Van Horne /
Merchant, Colonial Assembly 1709-10,

Catharine Meyer ^ wife of Jonanuas Van
Horne,. was baptized Sept. 8, 1672. She was
"&he ^daughter of Jan Dirckszen Meyer and his
wife Trjmt j e Andriease Grevanvaet ,v/ho lived in
Few Amsterdam prior to 1652. They are in list
as earl^'" meriibers of Dutch Church, many of whom
settled here prior to 1649. He was a painter
and was admitted as a small burgher, April 14
1657. His wealth in 1674 was eatimated at
2,000 pounds. He then lived on Bridge Street
JTew ijnsterdaia (Hew York), arjd in 1586 on Stone
Street between Wliiteh^ll and Sroad Streets.




John Van Home of New York, a merchant,
bought land at Van Keulers Hook March 27 , 1711
and sold it to Deriok Benson in 1714.

John Diunanesque of Kew York vvillB to
John Van Korne ^50.00. Under certain contin-
gencies makes Johannis Van Cordtlandt and John
Van Home, Jr., Scecutora , - dated March 9,
1721, proved April 13, 1723, — neither of the
a'bove served as Executors, it Deing said John
Van Home "was beyond seas" >


16 Cornelius

17 Andrew-
is Anna Maria

19 Cc.tliarine

20 John

21 Catharine
22_ Andrew

23 Anna

24 Abraham

25 James




i Dec . 17
Sept .25
Nov. 11
Oct .
Oct .
-Jan .


1700 ^
170 So'




1 1 ! '.•


d. 1706

In the New York Weekly Post Boy Andrew
offers to lease hi a farn of 300 acres on the
Raritan River two miles below ITewbrimswick in
Piscataway, County of Middlesex - ■ includes
house, grist and bolting mills , farm imple-
ments - 3 bucks 1 wencii - slaves. Dated
May 20, 1745.


Cornelius m. Elizabeth French July 13,

He was born and brought up

in the City

of >Tew York, lived tliere and in Somerset Coun-


He made his will at

FeTTtCffn j_ >!. Jo ,

February 19, 1768, proved Ifey 23, 17 70, xn
which h.e bequeaths to his wife Elizabeth and
to son Philip one half of farm wherein I now



dwell in Soinerset County, vrhich land is dis-
tinguished on a map by the .letters P. Vo H. ,
and contains 557 acres, to become the property
of Philip "at txje death of my wife". To hia
son John he gives the other half of his farm \
distinguished on the ahoTe-raent ioned map hy
the letters J. V, fl. He also gives to my
grandchildren, children of ray son Philip ,naTr.ed
as follows: Cornelius, William, Philip, JohJi ,
Mary, Elizabeth, Cornelia , Violetta , and to ciy
grandchildren , children of mjr son John, Hannah,
Elizabeth, Catfiarine. He makes hia wife Eliz-
abeth Executrix of the Will, vrhich is witness- ■
ed by Isaac Brokow , Andrew Kirkpat ri ck , Conrod
Ten Eick, Jr.

Hie wife was Elizabeth French, daughter
of Philip French, and his wife Py.-'S Phn'^Q^.e
which is proven by deed dated ITov. 20, 1722,
Liber D. 2, Polio 7-11, Few Jersey State deeds
on file at Trenton, IT. J, This deed refers to
land situated at or near place called Rariton
on >Torth side of Rariton River.

The earliest mention of him in a Public
Record is in tha following ^rill:

"I, the underwritten, am now bound to
sea , and knowing that I am mortal , like all
other men, therefore declare this to be my
last /a.11 and testament - I give and bequeath
all my ©state, both real and personal, to my
well beloved cousin, Cornelius Van Horna , to
him, his heirs, adrainistratorc and a3si;3ns.
In v»'itnese hereunto I liave set my hand and
seal in }Ie^ York, the Ist of Vay 1712. Sign-
ed Cornelius Meyer. Proved April 23, 1716.
Cornelius Van Korne , Administrator."

"Cornelius Van Horn dwells in ye Eastern
division about 22 miles IT. W. from Amboy. Fe
was a member of the New Jersey Council »"

In the "Ainerican Weekly Mercury," Sept.
19 , 1724 , Cornelius Ve-n Home advertises a


V A JT K R 1.T S

runav;ay ilegro — offers tliree pounds rev/ard
and states ■^ liat he lived at chia tine 22 miles
F. ip. from Amboy , N. J.

Abraham "Van Horn was appointed as a Com-
missioner to try Pirates and Cornelius Tan
Home was also appointed on the seiine cOi;ii;iiss-
ion November 6, 1728.

Cornelius Van Home signs a pecition
for a CToyernor of T'ev/ -Jersey separate from ?Te:w
York, March 18, 1735.

Cornelius , as one of council for ITew
Jersey, sig^ns petition to the King March 18,

October 21, 1756, Cornelius si£:n8 a let-
ter to Hon. John "lainiiton , President of His
iilojesty's Council, and Coirjrs,nder -in -chief of
the province of iTew Jersey, referring therein
to the claiEis of Col. Le'A'is ".orrie. He was
appointed J-aj'-or of ITew York by President V,in
Dam in 1735, but the validity of his appoin:-
ment vv'as denied tuid ne did not act officially.


"■ • J

Lev-'is Morris, v/ritine;; from Perth Aiiboy ,
October 25, 1736, to the Duke of Hewcastle in
support of his claims to the presidency of the
couiicil, na^iea Cornelius as being in the op-
posit ioiio

In the Pennsylvania Gazette, April 20,
1738, published at Philad/ilphia , Cornelius "'■^an
Home advertises En;_;lish servaJit rnan , named
James Yates, employed to teach school, aai
one, Elisabeth Perry, an English servant to
said Van Horne , havin^j both run away; five
pounds re\yard is offered for both, or fifty
shillings for each.

On Autiust 1, 1740, the Lords of Trade
appointed Abraham Van Horne of t.1^ Province of
Ferf Yo r k , an d Co m s li u s Van Ho me of t Is Fi- o v—
ince of Hew Jersey on a caotdssion to settle
the boundaries between the Province of the
ilassachusetts Say and the Colony of Rhode Is~



land eastward.

October 5 J 1740, Van Horne is dismissed
at Ills oWii request J as a member of Council for
ITew Jersey.

Gov. Lewis Morris, writing October 18,
1740 to tiie Dulce of Newcastle 8a:/3 , "Van Forne
of the Council declined coming as much as he
could, but finding the Council insisted in his
presence and had an officer to bring hin, de-
sired to be dismissed, which I granted." And
under date .January- 28, 1744, v/rites the Lords
of Trade . . . "And the brother of Van Horne be-
fore yt marryed to my grand daughter by whom
he has several children." He and his v/ife and
son Philip were witnesses at the baiptism of
his brother Abraham's daughter Elizabeth in
the Dutch Church, N. Y. , April 28, 17'42 . June
20 , 1745 , Cornelius as Councilor resigns fin-
ally from the Council giving as a reason that
he must pay more attention to his private af-

In The Hew York Weekly Post Boy, Febru-
ary 17, 1746, Cornelius Van Horne and H. Coop-
er of East Hew Jersey advertise , partnership
expired and call for speedy pajanent.

Cornelius authorized to administer
oaths, etc., by the Governor of Hew Jersey,
July 28, 1748. It is recorded that ■oji Hebru-
ary 26, 1749, lie owned a large plante.tion on
the F.ariton River in Somerset County, H. J.,
ten miles above Hew Bruns^v-ick , H. J.

Cornelius advertises a Herrro man; owner
may have him 'oy paying cimr~es. Hew York Post
Boy, April 16 ," 1750.

January 17, 1753, George Clinton in "jvrit-
ing to Hon. Robert Hunter Morris speaks of
Major Van H^orne as being very ill.

On Hovember 6, 17 55, Gov. Belcher order's
all the Eilitia Regim.ents in the Province of
Hew Jersey to be held in readiness to repel


the Prench and Indians reported to Toe ap-
proacMng the Frontier towns. One of these
Regiments was under the command of Col. Cor-
nelius Van Home, and on December 3, 1755 Got.
Belcher ordered Col. Van Home of Somerset
County to furnish forty men for ths immediate
defense of the frontiers in the Counties of
Morris and Sussex.

On June 30, 1756 CrOTernor Belcher of ITew
Jersey issues orders to Col. Cornelius Van
Horne - commandin-,: the Regiment of the Mil-

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