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niRECTORV 1910-1911

3 1833 01764 3872

P 770lal


vol.. VII OCTOBER, 1910


pi'iii.isiiBU <^i;a.rteri,y by i»omona cou.eoe

Entered December II, 1903, at Cla remon t, California, as Second Class Matter,
under Act 9^C3«5se^7&t 16. 1894

Fl"8 17 19?""

900 WeMlet Street

m. L






i&Z§f::Z l "Registration nays, Monda, primarily

September 28 Wednesday J for resident students.
September 27 Tuesday Examinations for Entrance
September 28 Wednesday Academic year begins, 10:30 a. m.
November 24 Thursday Thanksgiving Daj-.
December 22 Thursday Christmas Recess bej^ins, 4:15 p. m.

January 5 Thursday
January 26 Thursday
January 30 Monday

February 4 Saturday
February 7 Tuesday
February 8 Wednesday
February 9 Thursday
February 16 Thursday
February 22 Wednesday
March 24 Friday
April 4 Tuesday
May 30 Tuesday
June 15 Thursday
June 16 Friday
June 17 Saturday
June 17 Saturday

June IS Sunday

Christmas Recess ends, 7:30 a. ni.
Day of Prayer for Colleges.
Kinney Freshman Contest in Declama-
tion, 8 p. m.

I Mid-year Examinations.

Registration Day for Second Semester.

Matriculation Day.

Washington's Birthday.

Easter Recess begins, 4:15 p. m.

Easter Recess ends, 7:30 a. m.

Memorial Day.

> Final Exauiinations.

Anniversary of the School of Music,
8 p. m.

Baccalaureate Sermon, 10 a. m.

Annual Address before the Christian As-
sociations of the College, 7:30 p. ni.


June 19 jMonday Condit Prize Contests in Extempora-

neous Address and Sight-Singing, 10

June 20 Tuesday

June 20 Tuesday
June 21 Wednesday
June 21 Wednesday

Dole Prize Debate, 3 p. m.

Choral Union Concert, 8 p. m.

Class Day.

Annual Meeting of Board of Trustees.

President's Reception, 4 to 6 p m.

I Annual Exhibit of the School of Art

J and Design.

Commencement Exercises, 10 a. m.
Informal Addresses, 2 p. m.
Annual Meeting of Alumni, 3:30 p. m.
Alumni Banquet, 6:30 p. m.



George W. Marston, San Diego

Rev. a. C. Smither, Los Angeles
Rev. Charles B. Sumner, Claremont

Charles E. Walker, Pomona

George H. Bixby, Long Beach
Llewellyn Bixby, Long Beach
Nathan W. Blanchard, Santa Paula
Charles C. Chapman, Fullerton
E. P. Clark, Los Angeles

Rev. William Horace Day, D.D., Los Angeles
Arthur M. Dole, Pomona
Rev. Frank M. Dowling, Pasadena
J. M. Elliott, Los Angeles
John Fleming, San Diego
Edwin F. Hahn, Pasadena
Stephen H. Herrick, Riverside
Charles E. Harwood, Upland
Rt. Rev. Joseph H. Johnson, D.D., Los Angeles
Rev. Henry Kingman, D.D., Claremont
W. R. H. Weldon, Santa Barbara

Rev. Edward F. Goff, Claremont
Business Manager


Executive Committee
James A. BlaisdeIvL, Chairman
Charles B. Sumner, Secretary
Charles E. Harwood
Charles E. Walker
Arthur M. Dole

Fifiance Committee
Charles E. Walker
George W. Marston
George H. Bixby
James A. Blaisdell
Charles B. Sumner

Comm.ittee on Instruction

James A. Blaisdell
Edwin F. Hahn
William H. Day

Committee on Buildings and Grounds'"
Charles B. Sumner
George W. Marston

^In conjunction with a committee of the Faculty.



James ArnOI^D BlAISDELL, M.A., D.D. 339 College Ave.

Edwin Clarence Norton, Ph.D., D.D. 137 w. Seventh St.

Professor of the Greek Language and Literature on the Edwin

Clarence Norton Foundation, and Dean of the College

Frank ParkhuRST BrACKETT, M.A. 140 E. Fourth St.
Fiske Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Observatory

Phebe Estelle Spalding, Ph.D. 261 w. Fifth St.

Professor of English Literature on the Phebe Estelle Spalding

Daniel Herbert CoLCORD, M.A.,B.D. 157 e. Seventh St.

Professor of the Latin Language and Literature

Arthur Dart Bissell, M.A. 161 w. sixth St.

Professor of Modern Languages

George Gale Hitchcock, B.A. 236 College Ave.

Professor of Physics

Albert John Cook, D.Sc. 119 College Ave.

Professor of Biology ajid Instructor in Geology

George Stedman Sumner, Ph.D. 105 College Ave.

Professor of Econotnics and Sociology on the Stedman Sumner

Charles Cummings Stearns, M.A., B.D, 146E. Tenth st.

Professor of Biblical History and Literature on the Nancy M.
Lyon Foundation

Charles Fuller Baker, M.A. 814 Dartmouth Ave.

Professor of Zoology


Grace Ella Berry, M.A. Sumner Hail

Dean of Women and Instructor in IMatheniatics

James Alexander Lyman, Ph.D. 833 Indian Hill Blvd.
Professor of Chemistry

Milton Erastus Churchill, Litt. D. 507 Yale Ave.

Associate Professor of Greek and Latin.

MENDAL GarbuTT FrAMPTON, M.A. 927 Harvard Ave.
Associate Professor of English and Rhetoric

Ames Haven Corley,^ B.A.

12 Kirkland Place, Cambridge, Mass.
Associate Professor of Romance Lajiguages

Francis Harding White, M.A.

Eighth St. and Indian Hill Blvd.
Associate Professor of History

Robert Day Williams, Ph.D. 346 Harvard Ave.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

William Polk Russell, M.A. 506 E Sixth St.

Assistant Professor of Alathematics
John William Hotson,' M.A.

12 Kirkland Place, Cambridge, Mass.
Assistant Professor of Botany

Robert Tresilian Belcher, B.A. 169 w. sixth St.

Instructor in 3fathematics and Engineering

William Layton Stanton, B.A. 239 w. Eleventh St.
Physical Director for Men

Edward PaySON BarTLETT, B.A. Claremont Inn

Instructor in Chemistry

Alfred McArTHUR Brace, B.A. Claremont inn

Instructor in Rhetoric and English Literature

Laura Charlton Squire, B.A. 248 w. Seventh St.

Physical Director for Women

'Absent on leave, 1910-1911.


Gilbert Morgan Smith, B.S. Ciaremont inn

Instructor in Bota?iy

Bernadena Elizabeth Hough, B.L,

Second St. and College Ave.
Instructor in Romance Languages

Julia Steffa, B.S., B.L.S. 709 College Ave.

Assistant Librarian

Fred Albert Bacon 425 Harvard Ave.

Director atid Instructor in Voice

Mrs. Ida BlAKESLEE 1020 Harvard Ave.

Instructor in Piano

MablE Clair West, B.S. 1016 Columbia Ave.

Instructor in Piano and History of Music

Samuel Earle Blakeslee, B.E.

Tenth St., and Dartmouth Ave.
Instructor in Piano and Theory

Robert Martin Staples 223 E. Third St.

Instructor in Violin

Alfred Appling Butler 132 E. Second St.

Instructor in Organ, Piano and Theory

Maude Marguerite Hughes, Mus.B. Sumner Hall

Assistant in Voice

Fannie Charles Dillon 684 Benton Boulevard, Los Angeles
Instructor in Piano and Theory

Hannah Tempest Jenkins ciaremont inn




Athletics — Messrs. Williams, Russell, Bartlett, Stan-
ton, Miss Squire.

Buildings and Gfounds — Messrs. Baker, Cook, Brack-

Classification — Messrs. Norton, Colcord, Brackett,
Sumner, Miss Berry.

Courses of Stndy — Messrs. Brackett, Sumner, Baker,

Faculty Meetings — Messrs. Bissell, Norton, Hitchcock.

Graduate Work — Messrs. Lyman, Baker, Bissell,

Library — Miss Spalding, Messrs. Hitchcock, Church-
ill, White.

Publications — Messrs. Churchill, Frampton, Stearns,
Baker, Brace.

Public Occasions and Lect2ires — Messrs. Colcord, Wil-
liams, Blakeslee, Bacon.

Religious hiterests — Messrs. White, Lyman, Williams,
Misses Spalding, Berry.

Rtiles — Messrs. Sumner, Frampton, Churchill, Miss

Scholarship, Honors and Prizes — Messrs. Frampton,
Russell, Colcord.

School of Art arid Design — Mrs. Jenkins, Miss Spald-
ing, Messrs. Colcord, Belcher.

School of Music — Messrs. Bacon, Hitchcock, Bissell,
Butler, Colcord.


Student Aid and Labor — Messrs. Russell, Frampton,
White, Norton, Miss Berry.

College Li/ e— Messrs. Norton, Colcord, Brackett, Sum-
ner, Miss Berry.

Sub- Freshman Work — Messrs. Stearns, Russell, Ly-

For the Senior class, Professor Brackett.
For the Junior class. Professor Colcord.
For the Sophomore class. Professor Sumner.
For the Freshman class. Professor Norton.



James Arnold BlaisdELL, D.D. President's Rooms, Library

Edwin Clarence Norton, Ph. D.

Dean's Office, Holmes Hall
Dean and Registrar

Grace Ella Berry, M.A. Sumner Hall

Dean of Wotneti

Milton Erastus Churchill, Litt.D. 507 Yale Ave.

Secretary of the Faculty

Julia Steffa, B.S., B.L.S. 707 College Ave.

Assistant Librarian

Charles Fuller Baker, M.A. 814 Dartmouth Ave.

Curator of the Museum

Mary Louise AtsATT, B,A. Sumner Hall

Assistant Registrar

Clyde Maynard, B.A. 153 w. Ninth St.

Assistant in Library

Edward Fade GoFF 338 Harvard Ave.

Business Mariager

Ernest Everett Jones. B.S. Smiiey Haii

Assistant Business Manager and Business Manager of Student

ByRDE IvA EuSTIS Claremont Inn


MabLE Irene ClAPP Claremont Inn

Secretary to the President


Sarah Louise Jewell Sumner Haii

Matron of Sumner Hall

Forest Glenn Hutchison 212 Dartmouth Ave.

Superintendent of Parks and Grounds

Frank Webster Thomas, M.D. 441 Harvard Ave.

Physical Examiner for Men

Mrs. Idris Briggs Gregory, M.D. Ontario

Physical Examiner for Women


The President — President's Rooms, Library

1:30 to 2:30 p.m., daily
The Dean— Dean's Office, Holmes Hall

10:15 to 11:10 a.m., except Monday and Thursday

9:20 to 10:15 a.m., Thursday
The Dean of Women — Sumner Hall

8 to 8:15 a.m. and 12:20 to 1:45 p.m., daily
The Registrar — Dean's Office. Holmes Hall

10:15 to 11:10 a.m., except Monday and Thursday
9:20 to 10:15 a.m., Thursday

The Assistant Registrar — Dean's Office, Holmes Hall

8:30 to 11:10 a.m. and 1:30 to 4:15 p.m., except Monday

The Assistant Business Manager — Business Office, Pearsons Hall
10 to 11:10 a.m., daily, and usually 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., ex-
cept Saturday

The Cashier — Business Office, Pearsons Hall

9 to 11:30 a.m., daily and 1 to 4 p.m., except Saturday
1 to 3 p.m., Saturday




124 — Business Manager's Office
124 — Business Office, Pearsons Hall
301 — Brackett Observatory, Blanchard Park

5 — College Commons
304— Heating Plant
134 — Holmes Hall, Dean's Office
595 — Library
121 — Physics Laboratory
122— President's Office
391 — Smiley Hall, Men's Dormitory
131 — Sumner Hall, Women's Dormitory

(House Telephones)

131— Atsatt, Miss M. L.
343— Bacon, Prof. F. A.
815— Baker, Prof. C. F.

5— Bartlett. E. P.
596— Belcher, R. T.
131— Berry, Miss G. E.
591— Bissell, Prof. A. D.
302— Blaisdell, President J. A
556 — Blakeslee, Mrs. Ida
504— Blakeslee, S. E.

5 — Brace, A. M.
303— Brackett, Prof. F. P.
458— Butler, A. A.
844— Churchill, Prof. M. E.

5 — Clapp, Miss M. I.
394— Colcord, Prof. D. H.
293— Cook, Prof. A. J.
505— Daniels, Miss B. V.

5— Dillon, Miss F. C.

5— Eustis, Miss B. I.
351— Frampton, Prof. M. G.
384- Goflf, E. F.

854— Hitchcock, Prof. G. G.
283— Hough, Miss B. E.
131— Hughes, Miss M. M.
457— Hutchison, F. G.

5— Jenkins, Mrs. H. T.
131— Jewell, Miss S. L.
391— Jones, E. E.
447— Lyman, Prof. J. A.
363— Maynard, Miss Glyde
372— Norton, Prof. E. C.

5— Smith, G. M.
414— Spalding, Prof. P. E.
564— Squire, Miss L. C.
831— Stanton, W. L.
506— vStearns, Prof. C. C.
493— Steffa, Miss Julia
294— Sumner, Prof. G. S.

1— Thomas, Dr. F. W.
602— West, Miss M. C.
561— White, Prof. F. H.
876— Williams, Prof. R. D.




It shouH be understood that the followmg: classification is
merely approximate, as the exact standing of every student is
determined at the beginning of the second semester.

The letters N, M, S, preceding Smiley Hall, stand for North
Section, Middle Section, South Section.


Graf, John Enos, B.A. Banning N 14 Smiley Hall

Hill, Merton Earle, B.S. Upland Upland

Whitney, Walter Ticknor, B.S. Claremont 435 Yale Ave.

Graduate students — 3

Bangs, Marguerite Louise
Becker, John Hovpard
Bissell, Clara Louise
Brannon, Julian Link
Churchill, George Milton
Clary, William Webb

Comstock, Delphia
Crawford, David Livingstone
Daniels, Bess Viola
Fairchild, Amanda Eastman
Fifield, Lucia Hazel
Fischer, Ernest William
Garrison, Joseph Gail
Hayes, Elsie Reed
Henry, Elva Alberta
Hitchcock, Harry Williams
Hoyt, Alice
Jennings, Paul
Kennard, Helen Rose


Santa Ana 169 W. Sixth St.
Pomona San Jose Ave.

Claremont 161 W. Sixth St.
So. Pasadena 241 College Ave.
Claremont 507 Yale Ave.

Oklahoma City, Okla.

N18 Smiley Hall
Bassett 130 E. Seventh St.

Claremont 349 E. Eighth St.
Claremont 1122 College Ave.
Claremont 241 College Ave.
Los Angeles 319 Harvard Ave.

Wheaton, 111.
Long Beach
West Saticoy
Point Loma

S8 Smiley Hall
W. Eleventh St.
153 W. Ninth St.
225 W. Fifth St.
236 College Ave.
137 College Ave.
N19 Smiley Hall
153 W. Ninth St.



Lorbeer, Lloyd Louis

Maynard, Marjorie

Maynard, Mary

Metz, Charles William

Minney, Margaret

Moncrieff, Flossie Cunningham

Mudgett, Leona Elizabeth

Neuls, Joseph Dale

Potter, Hope Lee

Prizer. John Alfred

Rasmussen, Evangeline Elizabeth

Savory, Solena

Seaver, Homer Carlton

Smith, Leora May

Stafford, Blanche Elizabeth

Stahl, Cor win Floyd

Stephenson, Gladys Ruth

Stout, Vinnie Ream

Walden, Arthur Frisbie
Walden, Jean

Willard, Madeline Deaderick
Wood, George Henry

Adams, Elsie Loraine
Anderson, Frank
Atwood, Owen Enoch
Belcher, Minnie
Bichowsky, Francis Von
Billeck, Marguerite Frances
Billings, Harold Eugene
Blair, Treva Gladys
Boyden, Boyd Lester
Campbell, Margaret
Carver, Kauffman Lowell

Claremont 224 E. Third St.
Claremont 153 W. Ninth St.
Claremont 153 W. Ninth St.
Sheridan , Wyo. S8 Smiley Hall
Los Angeles 228 College Ave.
Ontario 14 Sumner Hall

Claremont 233 E. Second St.
Redlands N14 Smiley Hall

Claremont 214 E. Seventh St.
Corona N15 Smiley Hall

Ventura 228 College Ave.

Claremont 343 Harvard Ave.
Pomona N15 Smiley Hall

Monrovia 139 E. Seventh St.
Corona 319 Harvard Ave.

Claremont N17 Smiley Hall
Berkeley 13 Sumner Hall

Glenn's Ferry, Ida.

319 Harvard Ave.
Claremont 225 W. Fifth St.
Claremont 225 W. Fifth St
Corona 319 Harvard Ave.

Portland, Ore.

817 Columbia Ave.
Seniors — 41


Claremont 262 W. Sixth St.
Los Angeles 132 E. Second St.
Upland Sll Smiley Hall

Claremont 169 W. Sixth St.
Pomona Pomona

Claremont 261 E. Sixth St.

Claremont 541 Harvard Ave.
Claremont 219 W. Seventh St.
Los Angeles N20 Smiley Hall
National City 11 Sumner Hall
Los Angeles S15 Smiley Hall



Cogswell, Theresa Zaidee
Craig, Mary
Crawford, Marguereta
Davis, Alva Raymond

Davis, Mary Elizabeth
Drishaus, Ernest August
Easton, Maude Luella
Edwards, Ruth
Gillette, Chauncey Alfred
Guernsey, John Edwards
Guernsey, Mabel
Hall, Harry Victor Malan

Hartshorn, Edna
Hawkins, Georgia Margaret
Hentschke, Hans Max
Hill, Virginia Dayton
Hudson, Alice Herrick
Kenned}', Gertrude
Iveighton, Liesel
L/oney, Frank Walter
Ivorbeer, Floyd
Loveland, Arthur Stanley
L/utz, Katherine Barbara
Mead, Herbert Edwin
Newton, Alberta Victoria
Norman, lyilian
Parker, Elsie May
Pillsbury, George Eber
Pinckney, Dorothy Lawrence
Pruett, Harry Jeroani
Ratekin, Ivoren
Russell, Alice Gail
Sayer, Jane Elvira
Scharle, Hulda Eugenie
Scott, Elma Adella

Claremont 341 W. Sixth St.
Upland 427 Yale Ave.

Claremont 818 College Ave.
Cedar Rapids, la.

SI 5 Smiley Hall
Pasadena 12 Sumner Hall

Redlands S4 Smiley Hall

Rialto 15 Sumner Hall

Redlands 137 College Ave.

Claremont 230 Dartmouth Ave.
Claremont 106 W. Seventh St.
Claremont 106 W. Seventh St.
New Haven, Conn.

S13 Smiley Hall
Holtville 328 Harvard Ave.
Pomona 15 vSumner Hall

Redlands S16 Smiley Hall

Pasadena 12 Sumner Hall

Claremont 232 W. Fifth St.
Pomona 17 Sumner Hall

Covina 17 Sumner Hall

Pomona Pomona

Claremont 224 E. Third St.
Bonsall Holmes Hall

Santa Ana 137 College Ave.
Claremont 217 W. First St.
Los Angeles 407 Harvard Ave.
Santa Ana 238 E. Seventh St.
Santa Ana 137 College Ave.
Los Angeles S9 Smiley Hall
Ontario 262 W. Sixth St.

Fallbrook S16 Smiley Hall

Lordsburg Lordsburg

Claremont 353 W. Sixth St.
Claremont 1006 College Ave.
Claremont 238 E. Seventh St.
Downey 427 Yale Ave.


Scriver, Arthur Tupper

Seward, Raymond Sanford
Shaw, Shirley Richard
Sherrill, Hattie
Shrode, Ida May
Shutt, Vincent WiUiam
Sloane, Paul Edward
St. Clair, Arthur Eugene
Sturges, Robert Wright
Suplee, Miriam
Taylor, Joseph Banner
Warner, Howry Haskell
Wills, Winifred

Minneapolis, Minn.

SI 4 Smiley Hall
Long Beach 243 E. Sixth St.
E. Berkeley 224 W. Seventh St.
Redlauds 328 Harvard Ave.
Monrovia 917 Harvard Ave.
Claremont 222 E. Seventh St.
San Diego S6 Smiley Hall

Lordsburg Lordsburg

Claremont 221 Dartmouth Ave.
Claremont 328 Harvard Ave.
Claremont 1009 College Ave.
Marion, O. 1011 Harvard Ave.
Brawley 228 College Ave.

Juniors— 59


Adams, Carolyn Annelle
Ash, George
Atkinson, John Irwin
Austin, Helen Augusta
Bach, Doroth}'
Bacon, Helen Jeannette
Baldwin, Alice Grandison
Barnes, Clifton Wellesley
Blair, Lua Eulela
Brewster, William George
Butler, John Hughes
Caldwell, Katherine Jeanette
Campbell, Edward Logan
Carson, Adella King
Carter, Isis Caroline
Churchill, Delia
Clark, Florence

Clarke, John Black
Cogswell, Harold Goldsmith
Cogswell, Irene

Pomona 45 Sumner Hall

San Diego M5 Smiley Hall

Lordsburg Lordsburg

Santa Ana 25 Sumner Hall

Helena, Mont. 16 Sumner Hall
Claremont 425 Harvard Ave.
Columbus, O. 137 College Ave.
Saticoy 222 E. Seventh St.

Claremont 229 W. Seventh St.
Claremont 739 College Ave.
San Dimas Mil Smiley Hall
San Diego 262 W. Sixth St.
San Dimas M9 Smiley Hall

Hemet 5 Sumner Hall

Duarte 45 Sumner Hall

Claremont 507 Yale Ave.

Worland, Wyo.

230 W. Seventh St.
Chicago, 111. 222 E. Seventh St.
El Monte 222 E. Seventh St.
El Monte 18 Sumner Hall


Cole, Frank
Cornell, Ralph Dalton
Crank, Yvonne
Crawford, William Clark
Darling, Kenneth Glendower
Durkee, Clarence Algernon
Durrell, Claude Raymond
Du Vail, Clyde
Edwards, May Gertrude
Eichenberger, Mildred Letitia
Eldred, Edna Sophronia
Elliott, Maurine Elder
Fleming, Paul

Flinspach, Louis Edward
Gapp, Hazel
Gardner, Eugene Gray
Garner, Karl McPherson
Geier, Ethel
Godsmark, Edith Louise
Goettsche, Bertha Henrietta
Gooch, Grace Alydia
Gordon, Walton Chauncey
Hamilton, Helen Eugenia
Hatch, May
Hayes, Florence Ethel
Hight, Elizabeth Grace
Himrod, Minnie Almira
Hitchcock, Edith Marguerite
Holley, Clyde Eugene
Kennard, Roberta Claire
McCleery, Grace Louise
McConnell, Edith Elvira
Merritt, George Ernest
Metcalf, Margaret
Nye, Harris Tracy
Payne, Arthur Raymond


Redlands M9 Smiley Hall

Long Beach M12 Smiley Hall
Pomona 5 Sumner Hall

Claremont 349 E. Eighth St.
Claremont 809 College Ave.
San Dimas Mil Smiley Hall
Chino M5 Smiley Hall

Ripon, Wis. MIO Smiley Hall
Whittier 707 College Ave.

Claremont 259 W. Sixth St.
Azusa 19 Sumner Hall

Pomona 10 Sumner Hall


Eleventh St. and Park Place
Redlands Holmes Hall

Pomona 137 W. Seventh St.
Ventura 222 E- Seventh St.
Claremont 237 W. Seventh St.
Pasadena 42 Sumner Hall

Los Angeles 427 Yale Ave.

Pomona 243 Alexander Ave.
Rivera 11 Sumner Hall

Seattle, Wash. N8 Smiley Hall
Claremont 18 Sumner Hall

Alhambra 28 Sumner Hall

Upland 1020 Harvard Ave.

Long Beach 427 Yale Ave.

Pomona 407 Harvard Ave.

Claremont 236 College Ave.
Claremont 346 Yale Ave.

Glendora 19 Sumner Hall

Whittier 29 Sumner Hall

Claremont 130 E. Seventh St.
Claremont 247 W. Sixth St.
Claremont 307 W. Sixth St.
Paso Robles 808 Columbia Ave.
Claremont 343 E. Eighth St.


Perrin, Charles Alford
Pond, Wilna Fay
Poston, Ruby Ethel
Rau, Mildred Carrie
Rebok, Ruth
Reid, Ivillian
Rice, Theodore Johnson
Roof, Mary Stoddard
Roth, Ralph James
Rust, Elizabeth Margaret
Sanford, John DeRenier
Schmidt, Gerhard Edward
Stearns, Alice Ivucinda
Stewart, Lloyd Ivincoln
Stover, Willard Pairan
Strickler, John Philip
Sugg, Ela Clement
Thomas, Charlotte Josephine
Turner, Anna
Utt, Elizabeth Claire
West, Marguerite Elizabeth
Williams, Irene Maud
Woodford, Alfred Oswald
Yeomans, Ruth Alberta


Pomona 229 E. Third St.

Riverside E. Second St.

Pomona 427 Yale Ave.

Pasadena 21 Sumner Hall

Claremont 240 W. Tenth St.
Long Beach 228 College Ave.
Pomona Pomona

Claremont 407 Harvard Ave.
Claremont 219 E. Sixth St.

Pasadena 30 Sumner Hall

Claremont E. Second St.

Upland Upland

Claremont 146 E. Tenth St.
Los Angeles N13 Smiley Hall
Claremont 808 College Ave.
Vista M12 Smiley Hall

Claremont 211 W. Seventh St.
Claremont 441 Harvard Ave.
Claremont Mesa Ave.

Claremont 243 Alexander Ave.
SantaAna 26 Sumner Hall

Ethanac 119 College Ave.

Claremont 639 Yale Ave.

Long Beach 21 Sumner Hall
Sophomores — 80


Adams, Paul
Allen, Bertha Harding
Allison, Alta Maye
Anderson, Alice
Andrews, Helmus Weddel
Atkinson, Eunice
Atsatt, Marjory
Bangs, Edward Crane
Berg, Henry William
Bishop, Ruth Rae

Pomona Pomona

Pasadena 49 Sumner Hall

Covina 37 Sumner Hall

Los Angeles 634 College Ave.
San Diego N3>^ Smiley Hall
Claremont E. Eighth St.

Los Angeles 51 Sumner Hall
Santa Ana 230 Dartmouth Ave.
Reedley 137 W. Seventh, rear
Long Beach 31 Sumner Hall



Blakeslee, Ruth Josephine
Bliss, Anna
Brandt, Harry Alonzo
Brennen, Voyle Ellsworth
Brigg-s, Gladys Watson
Brooks, Robert Paul
Bullard, Corinne
Bullock, Ruth
Burr, Holland Field
Bush, Rowena Carolyn
Butterbaugh, Mildred
Campbell, Fern
Carr, Mildred Douglas
Clyne, Marguerite
Cogswell, Franklin
Collom, Isabel Fva
Cook, Ethel May
Colvin, Jessamine
Crabb, Marie
Crawford, Inez Lillian
Crook, Sarah Avis
Dahlem, David John
Daniels, Harold Welding
Davies, Paul Armstrong
Davis, Helen Nina
Downing, Fdnah Le Royce
Dupuy, Florence Martha
Eakin, Charles Morgan
Eakin, Freeman Morgan
Eaton, Edith May
Edwards, Fred Newton
Elliott, Anna Lucile
Elmayan, Elma Vartouhie
Foss, Elizabeth Augusta
Fox, Donald Frederic
Frater, Eleanor
French, Dwight George

Claremont 1020 Harvard Ave.
Earlville, 111. 7 Sumner Plall
Lordsburg Lordsburg

Los Angeles N4 Smiley Hall
Los Angeles 425 Harvard Ave.
Phoenix, Ariz.

Creston, Iowa 47 Sumner Hall
Redlands 37 Sumner Hall

Los Angeles NIO Smile}- Hall
Redlands 27 Sumner Hall

Alhambra 38 Sumner Hall

El Centro 123 E. Sixth St.

Alhambra 38 Sumner Hall

Ocean Park 39 Sumner Hall
Claremont 341 W. Sixth St.
Oxnard 24 Sumner Hall

La Tolla Claremont Inn

La Salle, 111. Pomona

Pomona 228 College Ave.

Claremont 818 College Ave.
Covina 33 Sumner Hall

loamosa N5 Smiley Hall

Manila, P. I. 222 E. Seventh St.
Los Angeles S5 Smiley Hall
Pomona 24 Sumner Hall

Pomona 2 Sumner Hall

Monrovia 52 Sumner Hall

Claremont Cucamonga Ave.
Claremont Cucamonga Ave.
Riverside 20 Sumner Hall

Whittier S3 Smiley Hall

Pomona 10 Sumner Hall

Pasadena 119 College Ave.

Los Angeles 227 Dartmouth, St.
Pasadena M7 Smiley Hall

Pomona 222 W. Sixth St.

Stockton S9 Smiley Hall



Frost, Marie Main
Gardner, Ray Earl
Gibson, Ralph Emerson
Gillette, Laurence Birney
Gossard, Guy Carleton
Graham, Frances
Hanf, Porter Valentine
Hankey, Albert Howard

Harris, William Oscar
Hayward, Arthur Carlyle
Hill, Watt Goodwin

Hog-an, Winifred Rachel
Hopkins, Ella Rice
Hoskins, Katherine Alma
Jacks, Josephine Elizabeth
Jacobs, Newton Francis
James, Warren Benaiah
Jameson, Irene Evelyn
Jesson, Ralph William
Johnston, John Spencer
Johnston. Marion

Jones, Hugh Toland
Jones, Rolland Sheffield
Kendall, Norman
Kingman, Harry Lees
Kinsey, Clyde
Kommers, Clara
Lemon, Bernice

Liebler, Weller Noble

Lochridge, Mary Edna
Longmire, William Richard
Lor beer, George Coe
Lorbeer, Sarah Elizabeth

Redlands 33 Sumner Hall

Claremont 253 W. Sixth St.
Escondido 348 Dartmouth Ave.
Claremont 230 Dartmouth Ave.
Trumbull, Neb.
Pomona 425 Harvard Ave.


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