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California, Colorado, Kansas, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona,

Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming,

Utah, and New Mexico.

JANUARY 1-MARCH 5, 1885.




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Ck)PTBTGHT, 1885,


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Adams ▼. KcUj (Wash. T.). . .'. 601

Adams, Truett v. (Cal.) 9G

Adelsdorfer v. Ehrman (Cal.) 915

Adolphson, Territory v. (Monl.) .... 264

Aguirre, Estudillo v. (Cal.) 109

Alexander v. Municipal Court (Cal.) 675

Amann v. Lowell (Cal.) 3G3

Amsbaugh v. Exchange Bank (Kan.) 384

Anderson v. Burkhart (Cal.) 612

Anderson V. Uulmne (Mont.) 865

Anderson, Pa rchen V. (Mont.) 588

Archuleta, Waldcz v. (N. M.) 327

Armel v. Layton (Kan. ) 441

Armijo v. New Mexico Town Co.

(N.M.) 709

Arnold v. Johnson (Cal.) 796

Atchison, T. & 8. F. R. Co., Hardy

V. (Kan.) 6

Atchison, T. & B. F. R. Co. v. Howe

(Kan.) 897

Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co., Mac-

Veagh V, (N. M.) 457

Atkinson v. Tabor (Colo.) 814

Avery v. Aveiy (Kan. ) 418

Ayers, McCoy v. (Wash. T.) 843

Baca V. Fulton (N. M.)

Bh.'ey v. Richardson (Cal.)

Barnard v. Wilson (Cal. )

Bartholomew, Sanford v. (Kan.)....

Bartlett, People v. (Cal.)

Baum, Burton ▼. (Kan.)

Beacannon v. Liebe (Or.)

Beach v. Hodgdon (Cal.)

Beam, People v. (Cal.)

Berry, McBurney v. (Mont.)

Berry, Nunan v." (Cal.)

Beshoas, Pueblo & A. V. R. Co. v.


Billing, Tucker v. (Utah)

Bishop V. Mugler (Kan.)

Blackman, State v. (Kan. )

Blair, Oliver v. (Cal.)

Boren, G^mzales v. (N. M.)

Boston & Colo. Smelt. Co. v. Pless


Bowles ▼. Doble (Or.)

Bowman, United States v. (N. M.)..

Boyd V. Dodson (Cal.)

Boyd V. Slayback (Cal.)

Boyd, State V. (Nev.)

V.5— Pac.



237 I



Bradley v. Rogers (Knn ) 374

Brady v. Farwell (Colo.) 808

Brady v. Page (Cal. ) — two cases .... 103

Brady, AVood V. (Cal.) 623

Breemer v. Burgess (Wash. T.) 733

Breemer v. Burgess (Wash. T.) 840

Briswalter v. Palomares (Cal.) 226

Bruckman v. Taussig (Colo.) 152

Brunswick V. Winters' Heirs(N.M.) 706

Buck, Logan City v. (Utah) 564

Budd, Walla Walla Print. & Pub.

Co.v. (Wash. T.) 602

Burgess, Breemer v. (Wash.T.) .... 733

Burgess, Breemer v. (Wash. T.).... 840

Burkhart, Anderson v. (Cal.) 612

Burrows, State v. (Kan.) 449

Burton V. Baum (Kan.) 3

Butcher v. Vaca Vallev & C. L. R.

Co. (Cal.) 359

Butler, Quimby v. (Cal.) 613

California B. R Co., McKinne v.

(Cal.) 482

Callendar v. Patterson (Cal.) 610

Campodonico v. Grossiiii (Cal.) 609

Carenga v. Fernald (Cal.) 615

Carey v. Reeves (Kan.) 22

Carpenter V. Hindman (Kan.) 165

Carpenter v. People (Colo.) 828

Carpenter v. Titus (Kan. ) 412

Center, People v. (Cal.) 263

Chabrie, Meysan v. (Cal.) 670

Chalfant v. Jones (Cal.) 626

Chandler, Krutz v. (Kan.) 170

Chapman v. Polack (Cal.) 232

Chapman, Helm v. (Cal.) 352

Chapman, State ▼. (Kan.) 768

Chaves v. Chaves (N. M. ) 331

Chenowith. Territory v (N.M.)..,. 682

Chester, Kruse ▼. (Cal.) 613

Chollar Min. Co. v. Wilson (Cal ). . . 670

City of East Portland, Dalton v. (Or.) 193
City of Olympia, Hutchinson v.

(Wash. T.) 606

City of Provo v. Shurtliff (Utah). . . . 302

City of Stockton v. Dahl (Cal.) 682

Clarke. Silver Bow Min. & Mill. Co.

V. (Mont.) 670

Clarkson, Wells, Fargo So Co. v.

(Mont.) 894

Clawson, Ex parte (Utah) 74


Digitized by




Clawson, United States v. (Utah). . . 689
Clear Lake Water- works, Moore v.

(Cal.) 494

Cleghorn v. Cleghorn (Cal.) 616

Cole V. Fisher (Cal.) 915

Coleman, Langworthy v. (^Nev.) .... 65

Collier, Uobbins v. (N. M.) 538

Collins V. Johnson (Wyo.) 669

Collins, State v. (Kan.) 368

Colorado Nat. Bank of Denver, St.

Louis Lager Beer Bottling Co. v.

(Colo.) 800

Comaita v. K vie (Nev. ) 666

Commercial Union Assur. Co.. Old
Saucelito Land & Dry-Dock Co.

V. (Cal.) 232

Conlan, Cummings v. (Cal.) 796, 903

Connolly V. Cunningham (Wash. T.) 473
Connolly v. Cunningham (Wash. T.) 477
Conway", Denver, S. P. & P. K. Co. v.

(Colo.) 142

Conway, White V. (Cal.) 672

Cooley, Garanflo v. (Kan.) 766

Co-operative Ass'n of the Patrons of

Husbandry v. Kohl (Kan.) 1

Coulter, Stewart Min. Co. v. (Utah). 557
Coulter, Stewart Min. Co. v. (Utah)

— (two cases) 663

County of Linn, Crawford v. (Or.). . 738
County of Missoula v. McCormick

(Mont.) 287

County of Santa Fe, Laughlin v. (N.

M.) 817

County of White Pine v. llcrrick

(Nev.) 276

County of Woodson v. Heed (Kan.). 453
Crawford v. County of Linn (Or.). . . 73s

Crosby v. Probate Court (Utah) 552

Cross v. Knox (Kan.) 32

Crowe, Snell v. (Utah) 522

Cummings v. Conlan (Cal.) 7.^6, 903

Cunningham, Connolly v. (Wash. T.) 47S
Cunningham, Connolly v. (WashT.) 477

Dahl, City of Stockton v. (Cal.).... 6.^2
Dalton V. City f East Portland (Or.) 193

David V. Waters (Or. ) 74?^

Davis V. Excelsior Co (Colo.) 816

Davis, Hathaway v. ( Kan. ) 20

Davis, Victor v (Or. ) 750

Deering, Savings & Loan Soc, v.

(Cal.) 353

Denver, S. P. & P. R. Co. v. Con-
way (Colo.) 142

Denver, S. P. & P. R. Co. v. Moy-

nahan (Colo.) 811

Denver Transit & Warehouse Co. v.

Swem (Colo.) 836

Denver, W. & P. Uy. Co. v. Woy

(Colo) 815

Denver & New Orleans Const. Co. v.

Stout (Colo ) 627

Dcscalso, Dwain v. (Cal.) 903


De Young, Fitch v. (Cal. ) 364

Dill, In re (Kan.) 39

Doble, Bowles v. (Or.) 918

Dodson, Boyd v. (Cal.) 617

Donohoe v. Mariposa Land & Min.

Co. (Cal.) 495

Donohoe, Morrissey v. (Kan.) 27

Doolan, Lawrence v. (Cal.) 484

Dorland v. Dorland (Cal. ) 77

Douglass V. Parker (Kan.) 178

Drake, State v. (Kan ) 753

Dunphy, Ryan v. (Mont.) 324

Dwain v. Descalso (Cal.) 903

Dyke, Gannon v. (Wash. T.) 845

Edwards, Logan City v. (Ctah)— two

cases 664

Egbert, McGinnis v. (Colo.) 652

Ehrman, Adelsdorfer v. (Cal.) 915

Elder v. Frevert (Nev.) 69

Eldridge, Krapp v. (Kan.) 372

Estudiilo V. Aguirre (Cal.) 109

Eureka Lake ife Yuba Canal Co. v.

Superior Ct. Yuba Co. (Cal.) 490

Eureka Lake & Yuba Canal Co. v.

Superior Ct. Yuba Co. (Cal.) 493

Excelsior Co., Davis v. (Colo.) 816

Exchange Bank, Amsbaugh v.

(Kan.) 384

Farnsworth v. Wixom (Cal.) 506

Farnsworth, Territory v. (Mont.)... 869
Farnsworth, Territory v. (Mont.). . . 878

Farwell, Brady v. (Colo. ) 808

Favor, Kent v. (N. M.) 470

Fernald, Careaga v. (Cal. ) 615

Ferrugeard v. Superior Court (Cal.) 612
Finaue v. Las Vegas Hotel & Imp.

Co. (N.M.) 725

Finane, Straus v. (N. M.) 729

Finle}', Ex parte (Cal.) 222

First Nat. Bank v. Mc Andrews

(Mont.) 279

First Nat. Bank v. Mc Andrews

(Mont.) 879

FLsher, Cole v. (Cal.) 915

Fisher, Smith v. (Utah) 545

Fisher, Smith v (Utah) 546

Fitch V. De Young (Cal.) 364

Fleming, State v.^Kan.) 19

Fox v. Territory (Wash. T.) 603

Frazicr, Sanderson v. (Colo.) 632

French, Tatro v. (Kan.) 426

Frevert, Elder v. (Nev.) 69

Fulton, Baca V. (N. 31.) 467

Galbreath, Swoek v. (Or.) 749

Ganahl v. Sober (Cal.) 80

Gannon v. Dyke (Wash T.) 845

Garanflo v. Cooley (Kan.) 766

Garverick, Gregg'v. (Kan.) 751

Gharky, In re (Cal.) 676

Gibson, Tell V. (Cal.) 223

Digitized by



Gilberson ▼. Miller Min. & Smelt.

Co. (Utah) 699

Gilmer, Kcnnon v. (31ont.) 847

Gilmore v. Hentisf (Kan. ) 7bl

Golden Stale & Miners' Iron Works,

Harley V. (Cal.) 160

Golding, Territory V. (Utah) 546

Gonzales v. Boren (^. M.) 336

Grady, bclirocdcr v. (Cal.) 81

Grammar, Henderson v. (Cal.) 488

Gray, People V. (Cal.) 240

Gray, Sell wood V. (Or.) 196

Gregg V. Garvcrick (Kan. ) 751

Groning, State V. (Kan.) 446

Grossini, Oampodonico v. (Cal.).... 609
Gurnee, Polack v. (Cal.) 229, 610

Habershaw v. Sears (Or.) 208

Hagerty v. Powers (Cal.) 622

HallY.Linn (Colo.) 641

Hallv. Shotwell (Cal.) 683

Hall, Uobinson v. (Kan. ) 763

Hamilton v. Hirsch (Wash. T.) 216

Hancock y. Plummer (Cal.) 514

Hanna, Territory v. (Mont.) 250

Hanna, Territory v. (Mont. ) 252

Hannibal & St. J. li. Co., Limckiller

V. (Kan.) 401

Hardten y. State (Kan.) 212

Hardy y. Atchison, T. & S. F. K. Co.

(Kan.) 6

Hardy y. Sexton (Cal.) 162

Harley y. Golden State & Miners*

Iron Works (Cal.) 160

Harris V. More (Cal.) 159

Harris, E.x parte (Utah) 129

Harvey, Horner y. (N. M.) 329

Hastings, Wilson y. (Cal.) 217

HathHway y. Davis (Kan.) 29

Haysv. Territory (Wash. T.) 927

Hazen, Uounsaville v. (Kan.) 422

Heed, County of Woodaon v. (Kan.). 453
Heinbockei v. Zugbaum(Mont.).... 897

Helbing, Ex parte (Cal.) 103

Helmy. Chapman (Cal.) 352

Henderson v. Grammar (Cal. ) 488

Hentig, Gilmore y. (Kan.) 7S1

Herrick, County of White Pine y.

(Nev.) 276

Hiijbee, In re (Utah) 693

H»h, Maynard v. (Wash. T.) 717

Uimes, Kanr^as City, Ft. S. & G. R.

Co. v. (Kan.) 172

Hindman, Carpenter y. (Kan.) 165

Hirsch, Hamilton v. (Wash. T.) .... 215

Hobnrt v. Tillson (Cal.) 83

Hobbs v. Spiigelberff (N. M.) 629

Hobbs, Murphy v. (Colo.) 119

Hobl»s. Murphy v. (Colo.) 637

Hodgdon, Beach v. (Cal.) 77

Holladny, People V. (Cal.) 798

Hopt, People v. (Utah) 565

Horner v. Harvey (N. M.) 329

Houghton ▼. Las Vegas Hotel &

Imp. Co. (N.MJ 729

Howe, Atchison, T. & S. P. R. Co. v.

(Kan.) .397

Howell y. Howell (Cal.) 681

Howell y. Manglcsdorf (Kan.) 759

Hubbell, McCormick y. (Mont.) .... 314
Hughes y. Oregon Ky. & Nav. Co.

(Or.) 206

Hughes y. Shull (Kan.) 414, 770

Hughes, State V. (Kan.) 381

Hulmne, Anderson v. (Mont.) 865

Hulse, Rullman v. (Kan.) 176

Huichinson y. City of Olympia

(Wash. T.) 606

Imel y. Van Dcrcn (Colo. ) . • , 803

Iverson y. Jones (Cal.) 626

Jackson y. Logan (Cal ) 070

Jacobsen V. Jucobsen (Or.) 667

Jansen, Riverside Land <& Irrigating

Co. y. (Cal.) 486

Jewett, Muller y. (Cal.) 84

Jones, Chalfant v. (Cal ) 626

Jones, Iverson v. (Cal.) 626

Jones, Mull v. (Kan.) 388

Jones, People v. (Cal.) 245

Johnson v. Moore (Kan.) 406

Johnson, Arnold v. (Cal.) 'ii)^

Johnson, Collins y. (Wyo.) 669

Johnson, Van Winkle v. (Or.) 922

Kansas City, Ft. S. & Q. R. Co. v.

Himes ( Kan. ) 172

Kansas City «& E. R. Co. y. Kregelo

(Kan.) 15

Kansas Ins. Co., State y. (Kan.).... 187
Kansas Ins. Co., State y. (Kan.). ... 190

Kelly, Adams v. (Wash. T.) 601

Kennon v. Gilmer (Mont.) 847

Kent y. Favor (N. M.) 470

Kessler, In re (Kan.) 60

Kirby v. London & San Francisco

Bank (Cal.) 236

Kin ley. Marshall Silver Min. Co. v.

(Colo.) 649

Kleinschmidt v. McAndrews (Mont.) 281

Knox, Cross v. (Kan.) 32

Krappv. EIdridge(Kan.) 372

Krecelo, Kansas City & E. R. Co. v.

(liixn.) 15

Krusev. Chester (Cal.) 613

Krutzv. Chandler (Kan.) 170

Kyle, Comaita v. (Nev.) 666

Langy. Specht (Cal.) ••• 612

Langworthy v. Coleman (Nev.) 65

Larue, People v. (Cal. ) 157

Las Vegas Hotel & imp. Co., Finane

y. (N.M.) 725

Las Vegas Hotel & Imp. Co., Hough-
ton y. (N. M.) 729

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Langhlin v. County of Santa Fe (N.

M.) 817

Lawrence v. Doolan (Cal.) 484

Laytoo, Armel V. (Kan.) 441

Lebanon Min. Co. v. Rogers (Colo.} 661

Ledoux, Pinkerlon v. (N. M.) 721

Levy V. Superior Ct. Yolo Co. (Cal.) 353

Levv, Marshal] v. (Cal.) 155

Lewis V. South Pacitic Coast R. Co.

(Cal.).:. 79

Lewis Cook Manuf'g Co., Marbourg

V. (Kan.) 181

Lewis, People v. (Utah) 543

Leyser V. Rinclskopf (N M.) 540

Liebe, Beacannon v. (Or.) 273

Limckiller v. Hannibal & St. J. R.

Co. (Kan.) 401

Lindsev, State v. (Nov.) 822

Linn, fiall v. (Colo.) 641

Livermore Spring Water Co., Mar-
shall v. (Cal.) 101

Logan City v. Buck (Utah) 664

Logan City V. Edwards (Utah)— two

cases 564

Logan. In re (Kan. ) 190

Logan, Jackson V. (Cal.) 670

London & San Francisco Bank, Kir-

hvv. (Cal.) 236

Lowell, Amann v. (Cal.) 363

Lowry, O'Gara v. (Mont.) 6S3

Maclay, Story v. (Mont. ) 326

MacVeagh v. Atchison, T. & S. F. R.

Co. (KM.) 457

Manglesdorf, Howell v. (Kan.) 769

Mantle v. Noyes (Mont.) 856

Marbourg v. Lewis Cook Manuf'g

Co. (Kan.) 181

Marcy, Strong v. (Kan. ) 366

Maripoita Land & Min. Co., Donohoe

V. (Cal ) 495

Marshall v. Levy (Cal.) 155

Marshall v. Livermore Spring Water

Co. (Cal.) 101

Marshall Silver Min. Co. v. Kirtley

(Colo.) 649

Marshall Silver Min. Co., Turck v.

(Colo.).... 838

Martinez, People v. (Cal. ) 261

Marvsville v. N. B. G. M. Co. (Cal.) 506
31arysville v. N. B. G. M. Co. (Cai.) 607

Maynard v. Hill (Wash. T.) 717

McAndrews, First Nat. Bank v.

(Mont.) 279

McAndrews, First Nat. Bank ▼.

(Mont.) 879

McAndrews, Kleinschmidt v. (Mont.) 281

McBurney v. Berry (Mont.) 867

McCormick v. Hubbell (Mont.^ 314

McCormick v. Springfield F. & M.

Ins. Co. (Cal.) 617

McCormiclt, County of Missoula v.

(Mont.) 287


McCormick, Owen v. (Mont.) 280

McCoy V. Ayers (Wash. T.) b43

McGee, Quigley v. (Or.) 347

McGinnis v. Egbert (Colo.) 652

McGraw, Mulkey v. (Wash. T.) 842

McKinne v. California S. R. Co.

(Cal.) 482

3feears, Ex parte [Utah) 552

Meeks, Savings* Loan rfoc. v. (Cal.) 624

Merket v. Smith (Kan. ) 394

Meyer, Trabing v. ( Wyo. ) 669

Meysan v. Chabrie (Cal. ) 670

Miller V. Van Loben Sells (Cal.).... 612

Miller v. Zeigler (Utah) 618

Mil'erv. Zeigler (Utah) 521

Miller Min. <fe Smelt. Co., Gilberson

V. (Utah) 699

Missouri Pac, Ry. Co. v. Pierce

(Kan.) 378

Missouri Pac. Ry. Co., State v. (Kan.) 772
Moore v. Clear Lake Water- works

(Cal.) 494

Moore, Johnson v. (Kan.) 406

More, Harris V. (Cal.) 159

Morrissey v. Donohoe (Kan.) 27

Mount V. Simons (Utah) 563

Moynahan, Denver, S. P. & P. R. Co.

V. (Colo.) 811

Mugler, Bishop v. (Kan.) 756

Mulkey v. McGraw (Wash. T.) 842

Mull V. Jones (Kan.) 388

Muller V. Jewett (Cal.) 84

Municipal Court, Alexander V. (Cal.) 675

Murrar, State v. (Or. ) 55

Murphy v. Hobba (Colo.) 119

Murphy v.Hobbs( Colo.) 637

N. B. G. M. Co., Marysville v. (Cal ) 606
N. B. G. M. Co., Marysville v. (Cal.) 6o7

Neistrath, Estate of (Cal. ) 607

Nelson, Nicklin v. (Or.) 51

New Mexico Lumber Ass'n, Rupe v.

(N. M.) 730

New Mexico Town Co., Armijo v.

(N. M.) 709

Newton v. Thornton (N. M.) 257

Nicholson, Sandwich Manuf'g Co. ▼.

(Kan.) 164

Nicklin v. Nelson (Or.) 61

Nolan, Rice v. (Kan.) 437

Northern Pac. R. Co., Wells, Fargo

& Co. v. (Wash. T.) 215

Noyes, Mantle v. (Mont. ) 856

Nunan v. Berry (Cal.) 358

O^Gara v. Lowry (Mont.) 683

Old Sanceliio Land & Dry-Dock Co.

Y. Commercial Union Assur. Co.

(C^l.) 232

Oliver v. Blair (Cal.) 917

Olney v. We.«;ke (Cal.) 611

Oregon Ry. & Nav. Co., Hughes ▼.

(Or.) 206

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Osborpe v. United States (N. M.). . . 46f'
Owen V. McCormick (Mont. ) 280

Pa£e, Brady v. ( Cal. )— two cases 103

Palmer v. Snyder (Cal.) 609

Palomares, Briswalter v. (Cal.) 22t)

Pape, People v. (Cal.) 621

Parchen v. Anderson (Mont.) 588

Parker, Douglass v. (Kan. ) 178

Patterson, Callendar v. (Cal.) 610

People V. Bartlett (Cal. ) 674

People V. Beam (Cal.) 677

People V. Center (Cal.) 263

People V. Gray (Cal.) 240

People V. Holladay (Cal.) 798

People V. Hopt(Utali) 665

People y. Jones (Cal.) 245

Peopb V. Larue (Cal.) 157

People V. Lewis (Utah) 543

People V. Martinez (Cal.) 261

People V. Pape (Cal.) 621

People V. Riverside (Cal. ) 350

People V. Silvas (Cal.) 246

People V. Swift (Cal.) 506

People V. Thompson (Cal. ) 686

People V. Tomlinson (Cal.) 509

People V. Treadwell (Cal.) 686

People V. Villarino (Cal.) 164

People V. Washington (Cal.) 22S

People V. Weber (Cal.) 679

People V. Wilson (Cal.) 624

People, Carpenter / (Colo.) 828

People's Ice Co., Twomey v. (Cal.).. 158

Phillips, State v. (Kan.) 436

Pico V. Sepulveda (Cal.) 515

Pierce, Missouri Pac. Ry. Co. v.

(Kan.) 378

Pinkerion v. Ledoux (N. M.) 721

Ple-sa, Boston & Colo. Smelt. Co. v.

(Colo. ) 6nO

Plummer, Hancock V. (Cal.) 514

Polack V. Gurnee (Cal.) 229, 610

Polack, Chapman v. (Cal.) 232

Post V. Spiegelberg (N. M.) 52!>

Powers, Hagerty v. (Cal.) 622

Probate Court, Crosby v. (Utah). ... 652
Probst V. Trustees of Board of Do-
mestic Missions (N. M.) 702

Pueblo & A. V. R. Co. v. Beshoas
(Colo.) 639

Quigley V. McGee (Or.)...; 347

Quimby V.Butler (Cal.) 613

Randall, talbott v. (N. M.) 533

Itandall, Talbott v. (N. M.) 637

Rayl^urn, White v. (Or.) 345

Reeves, Carey v. (Kan.) 22

Reuss, Territory v. (Mont.) 885

Ricev. Nolan (Kan.) 437

Richards v. Wetmore (Cal.) 620

Richardson, Bailey v. (Cal. ) 910

Rindskopf, Lcyser v. (N. M.) 540

Riverside Land & Irrigating Co. v.

Jansen (Cal.) 486

Riverside, People v. (Cal.) 350

Robbins v. Collier (N. M.) 538

Robinson v. Hall (Kan.) 763

Rogers, Bradley v. ( Kan.) 374

Rogers, Lebanon Min. Co. v. (Colo.). 661
Rohl, Co-operative Ass'n of the Pa-
trons of Husbandry v. ( l\an. ) 1

Roller v. Suiter-Street R. Co. (Cal.) 108

Rose, Estate of (Cal.) 163

Rose, In re (Cal.) 219

Rose, In re (Cal. ) 220

Rosencrautz v. Territory (Wash. T.). 305

Rounsaville v. Hazen (Kan.) 422

Rullman v. Hulse (Kan.) 176

Rupe V. New Mexico Lumber Ass'n

(N.M) 730

Ryan v. Dunphy (Mont ) 324

St. Louis Lager Beer Bottling Co. v.

Colorado Nat. Bank of Denver

(Colo ) 800

Salazar, Territory v. (N. M.) 4h2

Salisbury v. Shirley (Cal.) 104

Sanderson v. Frazier (Colo.) 632

Sandwich Manuf'g Co. v. Nicholson

(Kan) 164

Sanford v. Bartholomew (Kan.) .... 42'.^
Santa Clara Min. Co., Williams v.

(Cal.) 85

Savage, Stebbins v. (Mont.) 278

Savings & Loan Soc. v. Deering

(Cal.) 353

Savings & Loan Soc. v. Meeks (Cal.). 624

Schaer, Winel)urch v. (Mont.) 299

Schell V. Simon (Cal.) 258

Schilling V. Territory (Wash. T.).... 926

Schroeder v. Grady (Cal.) 81

Schroeder V. Schweitzer Lloyd (Cal.) 478
Schweitzer Llovd, Schroeder V. (Cal.) 478
Schwenke v. Lnion Depot & R. Co.

(Colo.) 816

Sears, Habershaw v. (Or.) 208

Sell wood V. Gray (Or.) ^qq

Sepulveda, Pico v. (Cal.) 515

Sexton, Hardy v. (Cal.) 162

Sherwood, Sultan v. (Nev.) 71

Shirley, Salisbury v. (Cal.) 104

Shoiwell, Hall v. (Cal ) gjjjj

Shull, Hughes v. (Kan.) 414, AAX

Shurtliff, Cilv of Prove v. (Utah). . . ^^^

Silvas, People V. (Cal.) 246

Silver Bow Min. A Mill. Co. v. Clarke

(Mont.) 570

Simon, Schell v. (Cnl.) 238

Simons, Mount v. (Utah) 563

Slayback, Boyd v. (Cal ) 161

Smith V. Fisher (Utah) 545

Smith V. Fisher ( Utah) 646

Smith V. Woodville Con. S. M. Co.

(Cal.) 688

Smith, Merket v. (Kan.) 394

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Snell V. Crowe (Utah) 522

Snyder, Palmer v. (Cal.) 609

Soher, Ganahl v. (Cal.) 80

South Pacitic R. Co., Lewis v. (Cal.) 79
Southmayd V. Southmayd (Mont.).. 318

Specht, Lang v. (Cai.) ." 612

Spiegelberg, Hobbs v. (N. M. ) 529

JSpiegelberg, Post v. (N . M.) 629

Spray, Thompson v. (Cal.) 606

Springfield F. & M. Ins. Co., McCor-

miek v. (Cal.) 617

Stark, Strepy v. (Colo. ) Ill

State V. Blackman (Kan.) 173

State V. Boyd (Nev.) 735

State V. Burrows (Kan.) 449

State V. Chapman (Kan.) 768

State V. Collins (Kan.) 368

Slate V. Drake (Kan.) 753

State V. Fleming (Kan.) 19

Stale V. Groning (Kan.) 446

Slate V. Hughes (Kan.) 381

Stale V. Kansas Ins. Co. (Kan.) 1S7

State V. Kansas Ins. Co. (Kan.) 190

Slate V. Lindsey (Nev.) 822

Slate V. Missouri Pac. Ky. Co. (Kan.) 772

State V. Murray (Or.) 55

Slate V. Phillip's (Kan. ) 436

State V. Third Dist. Court (Nev.) . . . 64

State V. Warren (Nev.) 134

State V. Winton (Or ) 337

State, Hardten v. (Kan.) 212

Slebbins v. Savage (Mont. ) 278

Stewart Min. Co. v. Coulter (Utah). 567
Stewart Min. Co. v. Coulter (Utah)

— (two cases) 563

Story V. Maclay (Mont. ) 326

Stout, Denver & New Orleans Const.

Co. v. (Colo.) 627

Straus v. Finane (N. M. ) 729

Strepy v. Stark (Colo.) Ill

Strong V. Marcy (Kan.) 366

Slumpff, Thimes v. (Kan.) 431

Sultan V. Sherwood (Nev. ) 71

Superior Court, Ferrugeard v. (Cal.) 612
Superior Ct. Yolo Co.,"Levy v. (Cal.) 353
Superior Ct. Yuba Co., Eureka Lake

& Yuba Canal Co. v. (Cal.) 490

Superior Ct. Yuba Co., Eureka Lake

& Yuba Canal Co. v. (Cal.) 493

Sutliff, In re (Kan.) 187

Sutler-street K. Co., iiollerv. (Cal.). lOp

Sweek v. Galbreath (Or.) 749

Swem, Denver Transit & Warehouse

Co. V. (Colo.) 836

Swift, People v. (Cal.) 605

Tabor, Atkinson v. (Colo.) .... 777. . . 814

Talbott V. Randall (N. M.) 633

Talbott V. Randall (N. M.) 637

Tatro V. French (Kan.) 426

Taussig, Bruckman v. (Colo.) 152

Taylor, Woman's Christian Temper-
ance Union v. (Colo.) 826


Tell V. Gibson (Cal.) 223

Territory v. A-dolphson (Mont.) 264

Territory v. Chenowith (N. M.) 532

Territory v. Famsworth (Mont.) . ... 869
Territory v. Farnsworth (Mont.) .... 878

Territory v. Golding (Utah) 646

Territory v. Hanna (Mont.) 260

Territory v. Hanna (Mont.) 252

Territory v. Reuss (Mont. ) 885

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