Consolidated supplement to the codes and general laws of 1909, showing the changes affecting the codes and the general laws for the years 1911 and 1913, together with the citations contained in volumes 154 to 164 of the California Supreme Court reports and in volumes 8 to 19 of the California Appell online

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Online LibraryCaliforniaConsolidated supplement to the codes and general laws of 1909, showing the changes affecting the codes and the general laws for the years 1911 and 1913, together with the citations contained in volumes 154 to 164 of the California Supreme Court reports and in volumes 8 to 19 of the California Appell → online text (page 275 of 295)
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Registration, entries to show what, p. 347, § 1096.

Registration, for special or municipal elections, how made, p. 355, § 1120.
Registration for municipal or special elections, necessity of, p. 355, § 1120.
Registration, how effected where voter absent from county, p. 348. § 1097,

subd. 5.
Registration, index, general, to books of affidavits, preparing and binding,

p. 355, § 1115.
Registration, index to books of affidavits, p. 355, § 1115.
Registration of electors, legalized, p. 1135, Act 1022a.
Registration, manner of, p. 347, § 1095a.
Registration, marriage, proceedings where name changed by, p. 348, § 1097,

subd. 6.
Registration, marriage, showing required where citizenship is by, p. 348,

§ 1097.
Registration, names must be entered in duplicate, p. 346, § 1095.
Registration, naturalized voters, showing required, p. 348, § 1097.
Registration, neglect or refusal of officer to do duty a misdemeanor, p. 344,

§ 1095.
Registration, new, on each even-numbered year, p. 344, § 1094.
Registration, new, what affidavits may be used where election between Janu-
ary 1st and April 1st of year of, p. 344. § 1094.
Registration, outside of office of county clerk or of registrar, power of board,

p. 344, § 1094.
Registration, place of, generally, p. 344, § 1094.
Registration, place of, outside of office where registration over 85,000, p. 344.

§ 1094.
Registration, precinct, p. 344, | 1094.

Registration proceedings where affidavits spoiled, p. 347, § 1095a.
Registration, qualifications for. pp. 347, 348, §§ 1096, 1097.
Registration, showing required, p. 348, § 1097.
Registration, stjatement of political party, p. 348, § 1096.
Registration, time for commencement and closing of, p. 344, § 1094.
Registration, transfer of. affidavit on, p. 344. § 1094.
Registration, transfer of, citing voter to appear on question of residence and

proceedings on failure to appear, p. 344, § 1094.
Registration, transfer of, within what time may be made, p. 344, § 1094.



ELECTIONS r Con tinned).

Kepisiration, who to be registered to be entitled to rote, p. 355. { 1120.

Keturns, district elprtion. abs'.:-.i-» of, p. 380. 5 128.i.

Rt'turns, duty of clerk to seal, indorse, and transmit certified abstract ot, p. 360,

§§ 1286, 1289, 1309; p. 381, iS 1334, 133.5, 1345.
Returns, incomplete or ambi^ous, correction of, p. 379, S 1281a.
Returns, incomplete or amhi^ous, subpoenaing and examining officers, p. 379,

S 1281a.
Secretary of election commission, duties of, p. 342, } 1078.
School. See Schools.

Special, boards of election for, p. 358, J 1151.
Special, boards of election, apportionment of among political parties, p. 358,

S 1151.
Special, boards of election, apportionment of work, p. 358,! 1151.
Special, boards of election, consist of what officer*, p. 358, { 1151.
Special, book of aflidavils of recislrntii'n and liils, return of, p. 358, i 1161.
Special, one book of original affidavits of registration only need b« kept, p. 358,

§ 1158.
Special, one poll list and one tally list and copy only need be kept, p. 358,

§ 1151.
Special, registers to be used at, p. 357, { 1121.
Special, registration, neccsitity of and how made, p. 355, | 1120; p. 356,

§ 1121.
Special, what paper may be used at, p. 362. { 119«.
Special, who entitled to vote, p. 355. { 1120: p. 356. { 1121.
Statement of campaign expenses, p. 1133, Act li>21.
Supervisors, authority of over, pp. 575, 576, JJ 2. 3.
Supplies for, election officers to fuurnish, p. 374. { 1205.
Tally lists to be returned and open for inspection for sis months, p. !t79,

S 1262.
Tally of votes, ballot read and tally sheet to be within view, p. 378, S 1258.
Tally of votes, clerks must keep. p. 378, ( 1258.
Tally of votes, how made, p. 378. J 1258.
United States senators, abstract of returns, clerk to make out, indorse, seal

and transmit to si-cretary of .^tnte. p. 381. |} 1334, 1335.
United States senators, estimating and declaring rote and certifying result to

gi«ernor, p. 381, § 1336.
United States senator, govenior to transmit sealed and attested certificate of

election, p. 381, § 1337.
United Sl.ites senators, repeal of act providing for placing names of cindidates

on ballot, p. 2240, .\cl 4231.
United States senators, vacancy in term, time of holding election for, p. 381,

§ 1.T33.
United States senators, time of holding election for, p. 381. t 1332.
Voters, how to prepare, mark or stamp ballot, p. 374, J 1205.
Voter not to be nsked for whom he votes at polling-place, p. 376. { 1215.
Voter not to be solicited or spoken to within one hundred feet of pulls, p. 376,

§ 1215.
Voters, who entitled to vole. p. 355. { 1120.
Voting, ballot, how prepared by voter, p. 374, § 1205.
Voting, folding ballot, p. 374. } 1205.

Voting machines, amendments of 1911 and 1913 of Act of 1903 relating to,
p. 1122, Act 1020.

INDEX. 2425

ELECTIONS (Continued).

Voting, maiiri.T of, p. 373, 5 1204; p. 375, § 1205.

Voting, marking ballot, p. 374, § 1205.

"Who entitled to vote, p. 355, 5 1120; p. 356, § 1121.

ELECTEIC CORPORATIONS. See Electricity; Public Utilities.

Duty to supply electricity oa application and penalty for refusal, p. 142,
S 629.


Appropriation of water for generation of, act of 1913, regulating and limiting,
p. 2333, Act 4368c.

Appropriation of water for generation of, repeal of act of 1911 relating to,
p. 2329, Act 4350.

Appropriation of water for generation of, time for development of works, p. 163,
§ 1416.

Limit of time of appropriation of water for development of, p. 162, § 1410.

Poles, wires, cables and appliances, regulation of the placing, erection, use
and maintenance of, p. 1136, Act 1024.

Poles, wires, cables and appliances, violation of provisions regulating, punish-
ment of, p. 1136, Act 1024.

Provision giving lien for repealed, p. 52, § 1183a.

Subways, manholes, underground rooms containing wires, etc., regulation of
and punishment for violation of, p. 1141, Act 1025.


Construction, maintenance and operation in buildings being constructed, regu-
lation of, p. 1143, Act 1025a.


Changing so as to eliminate grade crossing over railroad, p. 1230, Act 1457g,

EMINXNT DOMAIN. See Irrigation.

Abandonment of proceedings, attorneys' fees on, p. 70, § 1255a.

Abandonment of proceedings, costs, what allowed on, p. 70. § 1255a.

Abandonment of proceedings, implied, what constitutes, p. 70, $ 1255a.

Abandonment of proceedings, judgment on, p. 70, § 1255a.

Abandonment of proceedings, manner of, p. 70, § 1255a.

Abandonment of proceedings, right of, p. 70, § 1255a.

Abandonment of proceedings, time of, p. 70, § 1255a.

Abandonment of proceedings, what constitutes, p. 70, § 1255a.

Action, all parcels in county may be included at option of plaintiff, p. 66,

§ 1244.
Action by city to condemn land for sewerage, supervisors may be plaintiff,

p. 66, § 1244.
Actions, change of place of trial, code provisions applying, p. 66, § 1243.
Actions, consolidation or separation of, p. 66, § 1244.
Actions, how commenced, p. 66, § 1243.
Actions, lis pendens, filing of, p. 66, § 1243.
"" Actions, where to be brought generally, p 66, § 1243.

Actions, where to be brought when city, county or municipal water district a

plaintiff, p. 66, § 1243.
Actions, where to be brought when property in different counties, p. 66.

§ 1243.

2426 INDEX.


Cominuii, cuurt may provide for, p. 67, § 12474.

Complaint in, what to contain, p. 66. { 1244.

Damages, assessment of, ruleg governing, p. 67, S 1248.

Damages, compensation on removal of railroads from rights of way taken for

roads, p. 68. S 1248a.
Damages, improvements subsequent to institution of action not included, p. 69,

§ 1249.
Damages, interest on where plaintiff let into possession, p. 69. S 1249.
Damages, proceedings where property encumbered, p. 07, $ 124<i.
Damages, time at which assessed, p. 69, { 1249.
Damages, time of payment of generally, p. 69, } 1251.
Damages, time of payment, where state or public corporation is plaintiff, p. 69,

§ 1251.
Estates subject to public use, p. 5R, } 1239.

Kxercise of ri>:ht of by irrigation districts, p. 1343, Act 1732a.
Facts necessary to be found before condemnation, p. 64, i 1241.
Highways, condemnation for, city, county or state may elect to build fsnces,

p. tiit. § 12.51.
Highways, deposit of money on election by city, cuuiity or state to build f«?nces

and disposition of, p. 69, S 1251.
Lis pendens, filing of, p. 66, { 1243.

Pending litigation not affected by amemlmriit of ststiitn. p. 69. S 1249.
Property I'uit may be taken for public use. p 62. | 1240: p. 64. { 1241. subd. 3.
Public use, resolution or ordinance of mi].. r\ i» as to C(Mn-l',i>iviiif»s of. p. 64,

§ 1241.
Public uses, what are, p. 58, { 1238.

Public use. what are more necessary puMic uses, p. 62. } 1240: p 64. } 124 1.
Public utility, condemning by city, county or municipal water district, rifht

of and proci'diiri>, p. 1759. .Vet 2886, i 47.
Purposes for which right may be exercised, p. 58, S 1238.
Railroad commissi<in. jurisdiction to fix compensation not n/fected by pruv.

sions relating to eminent domain, p. 66, { 1243.
Railroads, condemnation proceedings by, cost of fences and cattle-guards, p. 68,

8 1248a.
Railroads, proceedings by, bond to build fences and cattle guards, attorneys'

fees recoverable in actions on, p. 69, i 1251.
Railroads, proceedings by, bond to build fences and cattle guards, giring of,

p. 69, § 1251.
Railroads, proceedings by, may elect to build fences and cattle puanls. p. 09.

§ 1251.
Railroads, removal and relocation of, complaint, p. 68. S 1248a.
Railroads, removal and relocation of. damages. ass»»s»ment of, p. 68. 5 124.*a.
Railro.ids. from rights of way taken for highway, boulevard, etc.. and

relocation of, p. 68, § 1248«.
Railroads, renioral from rights of way taken for roads, p. 68, 5 1248a.
Reference in. provi.<iioiis as to do not affect jurisdiction of railroad comm:i»

sion, p. 29. § 640.
Reference in, residence of referees where public body is plaintiff, p. 29, S 64i'
Removal or relocation of structures or improvements, court may regulate, p. 67.

§ 1247a.
St.ife. proceedings to condemn land belonging to. aotborised, p. 62, i r24ii.

subd. 8.

INDEX. 2427


State, piutecilings to condemn land belonging to, how maintained and con-
ducted, p. G2, § 1240, subd. 8.

United States, proceedings to condemn property of authorized, p. 62, § 1240,
subd. 9.

United States, proceedings to condemn property of, how maintained and con-
ducted, p. 62, § 1240, subd. 9.

Uses, pul)lic, for which may be exercised, p. 58, I 1238.


Act of 1911 repealed, p. 1415, Act 2144.
Act of 1913 regulating, p. 1415, Act 2144a.

EMPLOYMENT. See Master and Servant.


Charges for registering or filing applications for help prohibited, p. 1144,

Act 1038.
Commissioner of bureau of labor statistics may prescribe rules and regulations,

p. 1144, Act 1038.
Fees and expenses, refunding where employment not obtained, p. 1144, Act

Fees, dividing prohibited, p. 1144, Act 1038.
Forms of receipts and registers to be kept, p. 1144, Act 1038.
License for operating, p. 1144, Act 1038.
Regulation of, act providing for, p. 1144, Act 1038.

ENGINEERING. See Department of Engineering.


Desertion of seamen, provision as to enticement of repealed, p. 230, § 644.

EQUALIZATION. See State Board of Equalization.


Limitation of action for, p. 13, | 339,


Moneys deposited with state treasurer on dissolution of bank, escheat of, p. 927,
Act 297, § 137.



How may be terminated, p. 150, § 789.

ESTATES OF DECEDENTS. See Executors and Administrators; Public Adminis-
trator; Wills.
Administration of estates \mder $1,500, p. 76, § 1469.

Appeals, provisions how far applicable to probate proceedings, p. 89, § 1714.
Appeal, time of taking, p. 89, § 1715.

Appraisers, appointment of for property in another county, p. 75, § 1444.
Appraisers, compensation of, p. 75, § 1444.
Appraisers, who incompetent and cannot be appointed to act, p. 75, § 1444.

a428 INDEX.


A|;prai.s<'r.s, luhentauce tax appraiber may be appointed sole appraiser, p. 75,

§ 1444.
Appraisers, number and appointment of, p. 75. j 1444.
Appraisers, one to be an inheritance tax appraiser, p. 75, S 1444.
Appraisers, to file account of aervices and disbursements with inrentory, p. 75,

S 1444.
Claims a(,'ainst, effect of failure to file, p. 78, S 1403.
Claims against, time to present, generally, p. 78, { 1493.
Claims against, time to present, where claimant without notice because absent

from state, p. IS, j 1493.
Death of applicant for public lands before patent issued, proeeedinf to deter-
mine who are heirs, p. 90, } 1724.
Death nf child pending administration, proceedings In case of, p. 87, { 166.1
Deposit in bank under foUU, withdrawing without administration, p. 871, A< :

297, § 10.
DepoHils in savings banks, authority of public administrator. See Public Ad

Deposits of decedents in savings banks, permitting them to remain in bank,

p. 900, Act 297, S 68H.
Deposits of decedents in savings banks, withdrawal of, p. 900, Act 297, { 68^.
Distribution, final, granting of, p. 87, } 16fi5.

Distribution, final, proceedings where decedent a nonresident, p. 87. J 1667.
Distribution, final, receipts and disbursements since final account, settlement of,

p. 87, 5 1665.
Distribution, partial, bond, requirement of and when may be waived, p. 86.

§ lf.61.
Distribution, partial, costs of, applicant to bear, p. 86. $ 1661.
Distribution, partial, heir may pelilinn for after four months, p. 66, | 1658.
Distribution, partial, order fur, granting uf. p. 86, t 1661.
Distribution, ])artial, partition on. p. 8fi. { Ifit^l.
T>istribution, partial, provision for, p. 86. i 1658.
Distribution, partial, time for, p. 86. $ 1658.
Homestead, decree terminating, p. 89. $ 1723.
Ifoniestead, liability for debts, p. 77. } 1474.

Honiestond, power to assign to family of deceased, p. 77. } 1474.
Homestead, right of survivor to, p. 77, 5 1474.
Homestead selected in lifetime of spouses, disposition of on death, p. 158,

5 126,'->.
Inheritance taxes. See Taxation.

Investment of moneys in deceased person's fund, p. 880, | 677.
Lease of property, power to order, p. 80, 5 1577.
I^ease of property, procedure, p. 80, J 1577.
Life estate, decree terminating, p. 89, § 1723.
Money belonging to in state treasury, investment of in bonds and deposit with

treasurer, p. 330, 8 677.
Mortgage of property, power to order, p. 80, J 1577.
Mortgage of property, procedure on, p. 80. } 1577.
Kew trial granted in what proceedings only, p. 89, | 1714.

New trials, provisions, how far applicable to probate proceedings, p. 89, J 1714.
Nonresident, distribution of < state where dece.ised was. p. 87. S 1667.
Notice to creditors, additional, posting or publication of, p. 78, | 1490.
Notice to creditors, filing printed copy of, p. 78. § 1491a.

INDEX. 2429


Notice to creditors, publication of, p. 78, § 1490.

Notice to creditors, where executor resigns or is removed, p. .78, § 1490.

Payment of bequest after four months, provision for, p. 86, § 1658.

Probate, wills proved in other states, allowing and recording of, p. 73, § 1322.

Public administrators. See Public Administrators.

Sale of mining property or option on, power to authorize, p. 80, § 1577.

Sale of mining property or giving option on, procedure, p. 80, §§ 1577, 1580.

Shares of stock of decedent, how represented, p. 114, § 313.

Summary administration of estates under $1,500, 'procedure, p. 76, § 1469.

Vendor, death of before conveyance, completion of sale by guardian of minor,

p. 93, § 1810a.
Will detained outside of state, copy may be probated, when, p. 72, § 1310.
Will detained outside of state, probating copy, proceedings, p. 72, § 1310.
Wills proved in other states, allowing and recording of, p. 73, § 1322.


Charter of, p. 1152, Act 1083.

EVIDENCE. See Privileged Communications.

Admis.sibility of abstracts of 'title where records burnt or lost, p. 95, § 1855a.
Certified copy of entry in great register, p. 355, § 1117.

Certified copy of record of instrument defectively executed, p. 156, § 1207.
Competency of husband or wife as witnesses in criminal actions, p. 96, § 1881 ;

p. 251, § 1322.
Copies of state's standard of weights and measures admissible in evidence,

p. 2344, Act 4384.
Criminal. See Criminal Practice.

Deed under court process as evidence of transfer, p. 98, § 1928.
Privileged communications. See Privileged Communications.
Tax deed is evidence of what facts, p. 553, § 3786.


Board of, provision as to repealed, p. 291, § 364.

EXCEPTIONS. See Bills of Exceptions.


Allowance to sheriff for expenses of keeping property, p. 816, § 4290.
Building and loan associations, exemption of property of, p. 972, Act 428.
Exemption of cemetery lands from, p. 1020, Act 549.
Expenses of keeping and preserving property, allowance of to sheriff, p. 815,

§ 4290.
Homesteads, against. See Homesteads.
Homesteads, exemption of. See Homesteads.
Stay of, power of court as to, p. 32, § 681a.


Allowance for expenditures where no voucher produced, p. 84, § 1632.
Allowance for expenditure where voucher lost or destroyed, p. 84, § 1632.
Allowance for necessary expenses, p. 83, § 1616.

Appeal by, from justice's judgment, dispensing with bond, p. 42, § 94S.
Attorney, compensation of, appeal lies from order making allowance on account
of, p." 83, § 1616.

2430 INDEX.


Attorney, fonipeiisation on account of may he allowed, p. 83, { 1616.

Claims paid. without affidavit and allowance, when allowed, p. 84, I 1632.

Compcnhation, allowance on account of commissioas, p. 83, { 1616.

Compensation of, fees allowed to, p. 83, § 1616.

Compensation, provis^jn in will for, effect of. p. 63, | 1616.

Death of, settlement of accounts of, p. 85, { 1639.

Delivery of estate to executor of nonresident decedent by resident kdnainis'

trator, p. 87, J 1667.
Dcpo.sit of funds with triist company, ordering by coart and redaction of bonds,

p. 907, Act 297, i 93.
Dt'posit of trust funds with trust company under order of court and discharge

from liability, p. 906. Act 297. } 91.
Foreign corporation, acting; as, rights of, p. 862. Art 297, } 78.
P'orr-ifcn, satisfaction of mortgage by. See Mortgages.
Funds ma.v be invested in bonds of reclamation district, p. 534, | 3480; p. 134-1,

Act l-32b.
Proxies, may give, p. 115, S 321b.
Piihlic administrator. See Public Administrator.

Ucrcipts and disburspments since final account, ftfi-ipmrnt nf. p. 87, i 166.S.
Relatives of whole blood preferred to half blood to administer, p. 73, | 1366.
Shares of stuck of decedent, executor represents, p. 114. 5 313.


liiiililiiiK and loan associations, of property of in liquidation, p. 972, Act 428.
Cemetery lands, exemption of, p. 1020, Act 649.
Homesteads, of. See Homesteads.


I'uwer of supervisors to levy tax I-t .■Thi>iiiinn.. ,.f i.r.wli.ns nf r.ninfio* r> '^S'
S 4056b.


Agriculture, expert in, boards of irrigation, reclamatioa or drainage diatricts

authorized to employ, p. 84.'>, Act 78b.
Orniid jury, for. See Grand Jury.


llriiii,-iiic into prison, jail or reformatory a felony, p. 193, | 171a.
Malicious use of dynamite or other explosive a misdemeanor, p. 209, 5 fiOl,
Transportation, storage and selling of. regulation of, p. 1153, Act 1092.
Violation of provisions for transporting, storing and selling, panishment of,
p. 11.13. Act 1092.

EXPOSITIONS. See Panama California Kxposition; Panama-Pacific International

Ghent, appropriation for California exhibit at exposition in, p. 1167, Act 109'-f
Italian International Fxposition, provision for California exhibit at, p '!• ■

Act 10930.
Los Angeles, exposition building at. See Los .\ngele8 City.
Panama-California Exposition, appropriation to complete construction of -v

position huildinc, p. 1166, .\ct 1093e.
Panama California Exposition, state exhibit at, provision for, p. II.IS, Act


INDEX. 2431

EXPOSITIONS (Continupd).

Panama Pacific International Exposition, powers and duties of directors of,

p. IlfiO, Act 1093U.
San Diego, park commissioners authorized to give use of Balboa Park for

exposition, p. 1158, Act 1093a.
State Fair. See State Fair.
Supervisors authorized to levy tax to make exhibit at, p. 58.5, § 4056b.

EXPRESS COMPANIES. See Public Utilities, II.


Account of expenses in bringing bark fugitive, how audited and paid, p. 255,

§ 1557.
Expenses, of bringing back a county charge if fugitive not placed on trial,
p. 255, § 1557.

FACTORIES. See Manufactures.

FAIRS. See Expositions; State Fair.

FALSE PRETENSES. See False Representations.

Labor employed in producing goods, misrepresentations as to a misdemeanor,

p. 207, § 532a.
Statements as to financial conditions, when a misdemeanor, p. 207, § 532a.


Commission to investigate European system of rural credits, creation of, p. 845,
Act 78c.


Appropriation for, p. 2550, Act 4252a.

Regents of university authorized to hold, p. 2550, Act 4252a.


Registration of names of, p. 1597, Act 2390a.


Accomplishment of work of direct improvement of navigation of, appropriation

for, p. 1975, Act 3818.
Appropriation for rectifying channel of, p. 1974, Act 3815a.
Expenditure of money to improve navigation, act to enable, p. 1973, Act 3816a.
Rectifying channel of, p. 2333, Act 4368b.



Accounting for and payment into treasury, p. 819, § 4300c.

Applicant for teachers' credentials, certificate or diploma to pay two dollars,

p. 388, § 1519, subd. 5 (d).
Building and loan associations, what fees only may be charged by, p. 144,

§ 634. siibd. g.
Copies of indexes of registration affidavits, fees for, disposition of, p. 355,

§ 1115.

2432 INDEX.

TEES (Continued).

County clerk, p. 817. S 430fya.

County clerk, of. See C-ounty Clerk.

County officers, of, paid into salary fund for officerf. p. 820, 5 4305.

Deaths, for certified copies of records of, p. 1060, Act 897.

Dismissal of action after transfer where fees not paid. p. 26. 5 581b.

Filini; transferred pleadini^a anew withont fee after dismitsal, p. 26. i 581h.

Investment companies, fees to be paid by -en filing articlei with secretary of

state, p. 320, § 6.35r.
Justices' courts in townships of two hundred and fifty th.uiiiarid. See Justicos"

Justices, of, p. 819, S 4300e. See Justices' Courts.
Justices, fees of, report of and payment info treasury, p. 6, I 103.
Justices in cities of second class, of, p. .5. S 102a.
Licenses for pipelines, p. 1614, Act ^^hM*.
License to raise Rame animals or birds, for. p. 218, } 631d.
Notice of completion of buildinfr, fee for filing, p. 53, | 1187.
Officers, (jenerfllly. See Offices and Officers.
Officers in particular counties, of. .S«^e particular title.
Particular officer, of. See particular title.
Public utility commission, of. See Public Utilities, II.
Recorders, fees of. p. 819, } 4300c.
Recording notice of completion of building under mechanics' Hen law, p. 53,

5 1187.
TapKinfc animals or birds by eame commission, p. 222. J 631d, anbd. 12.
Secretary of state, of, p. 292. 5 409. See Secretary of State.
Sot apart for salary fund. p. 820, i 4305.


Adultery, livinR in stale of by m.Trried peri'ons. p. 196, f 269b.
Automobiles, failure of driver to assist in case of collision, p. 201, | 367c.
Automobiles, intoxicated driver iiijurini; person, p. 201, S 367e.
Banks, commercial, violation of regulationa governing loans to officers, agents

or employees, p. 903, Act 297, { 83.
Banks, officer, agent or employee overdrawing account, p. 882. Act 297, i 89.
Banks, officer, agent or rmployre receiving reward for procuring loan or accom-
modation, p. 882, Act 297, S 39.
Banks, officer or employee transferring mortgage or contract for tale of realty

to bank, p. 882, Act 297, J 35.
Banks, rniployee or controlling stockholder selling note or bond to, p. 8'^2,

Online LibraryCaliforniaConsolidated supplement to the codes and general laws of 1909, showing the changes affecting the codes and the general laws for the years 1911 and 1913, together with the citations contained in volumes 154 to 164 of the California Supreme Court reports and in volumes 8 to 19 of the California Appell → online text (page 275 of 295)