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physician, of, requiring dead bodies for dissection, 3095.
pilots, of, 2431.
public administrator, 4022.

receivers, of

form of, 982.
provisions as to, 981.
who may sue upon, 982.
recorders, 4022.

recording of

of county officers, 950, 4022.

of deaf, dumb and blind asylum, 2244. /

of official, in official record, 951.



[Refei'ences are to sections.]

BONDS (continued).

recording- of (continued).

of state officers, 948. ^

of townsliip officers, 950.

bond fund, failure to malce levy for, proceeding, 4088.
denomination of, 4088.
form of, 4088.
interest on, 4088.

payment, how provided for, 4088.
proceedings for issuance of, 4088.
revenue from applied how, 4088.
siibmi^it^ion to voters of question of issuing'
as to, generally, 4088.
election precincts, 4088.
notice of election, 4088.
two-thirds vote required, 4088.

for bond payment, 4088.
proceedings on failure to make, 4088.
register of land office, 500.
road, of petitioner for change, laying out or discontinuance

of, 2683.
school. See tit. Schools.

of superintendent of, 4022.
secretary of state, 423.
sheriffs, 4022.

signing of official, to be by principal and two sureties, 954.

acts relating to issuance of, preserved, 19.
conversion of school-fund into, 680.
purchase by board of examiners, 683.
sale of

board of examiners may purchase at, 683.
notice of to be given board of examiners and state
treasurer, 681.
state librarian of, 2304.
state printer of, 530.

of public instruction, 517.
of schools, 4022.
supervisors, 4022.

execution and approval of, 976.
insufficiency of surety, 976, 978.



[References are to sections.]

BONDS (continued).

supiileniental (continued).

on withdrawal, release, or discharge of surety, 978.
publication of filing- of, 979.
when may be given, 976.
" when not required on withdrawal, release, or discharge of
surety, 979.
sureties on. See tit. Sureties.

release, discharge, or ^vithdra^val

supplemental bond to be filed, 976, 978. "
when supplemental bond not required, 979.

release of

how accomplished, 972-974.

new bond to be given on or office declared vacant, 975.

when new bond not required on, 979.
surveyor, 4022.
surveyor-general, 487.


city, 4374.
county, 4022.
teacher, principal, in deaf, etc.. asylum, 2270.


companies, of, 2845, 2849, 2850.
of owners and keepers of, 2850.


city, 4374.

county, 4022.

deaf, dumb and blind asylum, of, 2282.

state, of, 459.


form of, 982.

who may sue upon, 982.
vacancy on appointment to fill, 971.
vessels, owners and consignees of, see "of owners" etc., this

«'ho may sue on

as to, generally, 961.

on bond of assignee, trustee or receiver. 982.

BONDS OF CITY, See tit. City Indebtedness.

BONDS OF COUNTY. See tit. Counties (indebtedness*.


calling election as to issuance of, 1880.

issuance to rebuild in case of conflagration, 1670.



[References are to sections.]


conversion of school-fund into, 680.
purchase of by board of examiners, 683.

assessment. See tit. Taxes and Taxation.

certain, to be delivered at close of session of legislature to

secretary of state, 268.
controller and treasurer to allow inspection of, 678.
enforcement of delivery of, 1015.
of county treasurer to be kept open, 2120.
of recorder to be open for inspection, 4247.

of state library

liability for injuries to, 2299.

taken by members of legislature, 2297.

taken by state officers, 2298.

who may take, 2296.
of supreme court library, who may use, 2315.
penalties for refusal to use school, prescribed, 1875.
possession of official, 1014.

proceedings to compel delivery of official, 1015.
school once adopted to be kept how long, 1874.
text-books. See tit. Schools.

to be continued in use, 1874.

to be kept

by auctioneer, 3306.
by board of supervisors, 4031.
by county recorder, 4234.

of city may be changed, 4357.

of county

alteration of effect on taxes levied, 3975.
certain terms used in defining, 3903, 3907.
inadequately marked, how established, 3969.
of the various. See tit. Counties,
of election precincts

change of precinct, 1229.
how established, 1127.
may be changed, 1129.
of school^ districts, change of, liability for indebtedness,
BRANCH INSANE ASYLUM. See tit. Insane Asylum.
BRANCH PRISON. See tit. State Prisons.
BRANDS. See tit. Marks and Brands.



[References are to sections.]

BRIDGETS. See tit. Roads aod Highways, Public.

aid for erection and maintenance may be given by county,

when, 2712[a].
are highways, when, 2618, 2619.
between road districts

liow constructed, 2714.

repair of, when one overseer fails who to act, 2713.
by toll-road companies, 2793.
construction and repair, 2645, 2713.
contract for construction and repair, 2713.
erection and maintenance, 2711.
how maintained and by wliom, 2711.
repair of

between road districts, 2714.
contract for to be let out by contract, 2713.
when supervisors must, 2715.
report of road officers to include, 2716.
semi-annual meetings for bridge purposes, 2716.

when must repair, 2715.

when to control construction and repair, 2713.

action of supervisors thereupon, 2872.

applications for leave to construct, 2870.

banks to be kept in repair, 2858.

bond of owner or keeper of, 2850.

completion of, rate of toll and license tax, 2878.

county may purchase, 2881.

duty of supervisors granting authority to construct, 2845.

hearing of application, 2871.

how constructed over navigable waters, 2875.

how lands are acquired for use of, 2855.

inquiry of supervisors, fixing tolls, 2848.

license for, 3378.

license tax and rates of toll, 2846.

no bridges to be licensed on certain streams, 2872.

notice must be proved, 2844.

over streams navigated by rafts, 2877.

owner of land to be preferred to build, 2854.

penalty for avoiding tolls, 2880.

persons exempt from paying tolls, 2879.

protection of, 2938.

rates of toll to be posted, 2856.

report of owner of, 2847.

revenue derived from license tax, 2857.



[References are to sections.]

BRIDGES (continued).
toll (continued).
■ 'fixing- rates of toll by, 2845.

g-ranting authority to construct may require what, 2873.
interested in, disqualified, 2852.

may reg^ulate weig-ht and number of animals to be on
bridge at one time, 2876.
use of highways for, 2874.

what board to grant authority to construct, 2843, 2870.
when located in two counties, 2853.
when to direct license to issue, 2849. ,

when county may aid in constructing, 2712.
when supervisors must repair, 2715.
where asse&sed, 3643.
within one mile of another, 2853.
BRIGADES. See tit. National Guard.
BRIGADIER-GEiVERALS. See tit. National Guard.

license of, 3379.

for university, construction of, 1436.
hours of labor on, 3233.
labor and material on, 3234.

proceeds of lands granted for, how applied, 1415.
temporary, for university, 1439.
BURIAL. See tit. Dead Bodies.
as to, generally, 3084.

issuance and registration of by county recorder, 4142c.
BURYING-GROUND, STATE. See tit. Dead Bodies.
duties of trustees of, 3597.
number of trustees of, 343.
term of office of trustees of, 369.
title to, 3596.

trustees, how appointed, 368.
who may be interred therein, 3596.
BUSHELS. See tit. Weights and Measures.
BUSINESS. See tits. Certifloate; Insurance Companies.

certificate of insurance company to do, 596.

assemblymen for, 230.
boundaries and county seat of, 3922.
legal distance from Sacramento, 154.
notaries public for, 791.



[References are to sections.]


of corporations. See tit. Corporations.

of reclamation districts, 3452.

subsequent purchaser governed by such, .3469.

to be signed and recorded, 3454.
CADETS. See tit. University of California.

assemblymen for, 230.

boundaries and county seat of, 3936.

legal distance from Sacramento, 155.

notaries public for, 791.

amendment and change of headings and title, note preceding

approval and filing- of official bond, 2244.

bond, approval and filing of official, 2244.
of principal, 2270.
of treasurer, 2282.

clothing for pupils, 2240.

controlled by board of directors, 2254.

direct or.s

control of school, 2254.

duties of, 2255.

powers of, 2255.

receive no salary, 2257.
editorial note on effect of amendment, before, 2236.
maintenance of pupils^ 2240.
name and object, 2237.

non-residents entitled to benefits on payment, 2239.
object and name, 2237.

powers and duties of board of directors of, 2255.
principal, bond of, 2270.

duties of, 2268.

powers of, 2268.

qualifications of, 2267.
salaries, how paid, 2243.
transportation of pupils, 2240.
treasurer, bond of, 2282.

duties of, 2280.

salary of, 2281.
under control of board of directors, 2254.
who entitled to benefits of, 2238.

non-residents, on payment, 2239.


[References are to sections.]


action lies to compel, 1109.

necessary before registration elsewliere, 1103.

of entry on great register, 1105.

parties to action, 1110.

when entry to be canceled, 1106.

nomination of. See tit. Nomination of Candidate!^. ;

CANVASS, See tit. Election. j


appointments by, 718.

appointment of, 716.

appointment of laborers, etc., by, 719.

bonus of, 716.

duties of, 716.

rules and regulation and their enforcement, 717.

salary of, 716.

of insurance companies, repaired, restoration of authority,

at Sacramento, 145.

commissioners of

number composing board, 343.
number of copies of report, 332.
time of making report, 332.
who are, 366.

fund, amount raised for, 3713.

grounds of, gardens for. See tit. Capitol Buildings and
Grounds, etc.

legislature to assemble at, 235.

secretary of state superintendent of, 1674.
CEMETERIES. See tit. Dead Bodies.

register of interments to be kept, 3111.

superintendents of to report interments, 3026.

title to grounds, 3105, 3108.

under whose control, 3109, 3110.

what constitutes, 3106.

board of supervisors may take, when, 4055.
CENSUS-MARSHALS. See tit. Scliools.

certain, to be filed in office of insurance commissioner, 607.

of completion of toll-road, 2797.

of election to legislature, evidence of what, 236.



, [References are lo sections.]

CERTIFICATE (continued).

of exempt firemen, by and to whom issued, 3338, 3339.

of filing oath of notary public, 799.

of insurance company to do buj^iness
as to, generally, 596.
notice of revocation of, 603.
to be filed in office of insurance commissioner, 607.

of proficiency to university students, 1401.

of purchase of lands uncovered by rescission, etc., validating,

of sale of property for taxes, 3376.

of school teachers. See tit. Schools.

of secretary of state, where bill becomes law by lapse of
time, 313.

of survey by port-wardens, 2510.

of teacher, lost or destroyed, restoration of, 1892.

of vetoed legislative bill passed, 313.

to do business, to insurance company, 596.

to be issued by county recorder, 4133.

to be printed by board of supervisors, 4025.

definition of, 3212.

of election precinct, 229.

of school district, liability for indebtedness, 1888a.

of municipal corporations, preserved, 19.

summoned by coroner, when, 4292.

duties of, 3342.

to attend fires, etc., 3343.

houses of ill-fame act, concerning continued in force, 19.

separate schools for, 1662.

personal property, 17.

taxes on, by whom paid, 3647.

to whom assessed, 3647.
CHUTES. See tit. Wharves, Chutes and Piers.

accounts and demands against, 4387.

acts authorizing officers of, to appoint subordinates, pre-
served, 19.



[References are to sections.]

CITIES (continued).

acts incorporating' or consolidating, preserved, 19.

as bodies politic and corporate, 4354.

ass'fessor of, 4390.

attorney of, 4391.

authorities of, may regulate actions, 3304.

bodies politic and corporate, 4354.

bond of officer of, 4374.

boundaries, of, how changed, 4357.

certain statutes, concerning, preserved, 4442.

clerk of, 4393.

common council of. See tit. Common Council.

declared by the legislature, 4356.

demands against, 4387.

distribution of powers, 4355.

election of

as to, generally, 4366.

canvass of, 4367.

city electors, who are, 4368.

first election of. officers of, 4366.

notice of, 4367.
executive officers, 4385.

exempt from laws concerning wharves, etc., 2920.
first election of officers of, 4366.
liabilities for injuries by mob or riot, 4452.
marshal of, 4389.

may adopt sanitary regulations, 3061.
mayor of, 4386.

mob, liability for injuries by, 4452.
oath and bonds of officers, 4374.
official oaths and bonds of officers, 4374.
ordinance, how vetoed and how passed over veto, 4414.
police courts

civil practice in, 4432.

criminal jurisdiction of, 4426.

criminal trials in, 4431.

form of proceedings in, 4430.

general and exclusive jurisdiction of, 4427.

when justice of the peace to act, 4428.
entry to be made in docket, 4428.
police judge, 4424.
powers of, distribution of, 4355.
powers of mayor, 4386.

property of, exempt from taxation, 3607.
quorum, 4406.



[References are to sections.]

CITIES (continued).

reservation by cities, 4411.

restrictions and conditions imposed on gas and water com-
panies, 4413.
riot, liability for injuries by, 44.52.
rules and regulations, may make, 4407.
sanitary regulations maj' be adopted by, 3061.
street improvements, how made, 4409.

property of exempt from, 3 607.
treasurer, duties of, 4392.
vacancies in office, 4373.

boundaries of, 4404.

first meeting- and organization, 440."..
number of, 4404.
quorum, 4406.

allegiance of, 55.

as to wlio are, 51. ,

of anotlier state, rights and duties of, 60.
of the United States, rights of, 60.
people consist of, 50.

rights and duties of when not electors, 59.
who are, 51.

as to qualification for holding office, 842, 4023.
CITY ATTORXEY. See tits. Cities; Municipal Corporations.

duties of, 4374.
certificates may be renewed by, 1792.
chairman, 1789.
as to, 1789.

place of meeting, 1790.
special meetings, 1790.
compensation allowed, 1794.
examinations of, 1790.
general powers of, 1791.

to adopt rules and regulations, 1791.
to examine applicants, 1791.
' to prescribe standard/ of proficiency, 1791.

to recommend reduction of certificates, grounds for, 1791.
holders of certificates by may teach, where, 1793.
renewal of certificates by, 1792.
schools. See tit. Schools.



[References are to sections.]


to make report, ,1791.

who constitute, 1788.

assessment to pay interest on bonds, 4447.

bond to be delivered to city treasurer, 4446.

cancelation of old bonds, '4446.

failure to levy tax, proceedings to compel, 4449.

forni of bond, 4445.

redemption, how made, 4448.

refunding- outstanding, 4445.

sale, how made, 4446.

treasurer to report statement of bonds sold, 4446.
CITY MARSHAL. See tit. Cities.

duties, 4389.
CITY TREASURER. See tit. Citie.s.

to receive no compensation for collecting school tax, 1857.

fees in I

not to be charged when, 4301.
payable in advance, 4300k.


against oounty

afndavit to, 4076.

county auditor to pay, 4093.

form of, 4076.

how presented, 4078.

how to be made out, 4075, 4076.

improper to be rejected, 4077.

of members board of supervisors, 4079.

presenting by officers, 4074.

prohibiting of contracting, no basis for, 4005.

rejection of, 4077.

to be identified, 4075.

when claimant may sue, 4078.

when to be rejected in part, modified or paid, 4077.
against pilot commissioners, 2487.

against state, statement of to be filed in state budget, 243.
allowance of by supervisors, who may oppose, 4071.
before board of examiners, 642-673.
by supervisors, how presented, 4082.
claimant dissatisfied with allowance may sue, when, 4075.

costs recovered, when, 4075.
county officers not to present, except for services, 4071.
district attorney, not to present certain, 4259.



[References are to sections.]

CLAIMS (continued).

of military, how audited, 2093.

officers not to present claims against county, 4071.
supervisors not to allow certain, when, 4077.
chang-e of, 4006a.

new federal census to govern, 4007.
of counties, 4006.
CLERK. See tit. County Clerk,

certain acts authorizing appointment of certain, preserved,

duties of, in cities, 4393.
hold office at pleasure of principals, 371.
of as.sembly

duty of, 254, 261.

in contested elections, 288.

on organization of assembly, 239.

holds office until election of successor, 237.

how elected, 247.

salary of 268, 269.
of attorney-general, salary of, 472.
of hoard of equalization

may administer oaths, 3699.

to separately perform the duties thereof, 3890.

to transmit statements to county auditor, 3695.
of city

duty of, 4393.

when to be chosen, 4405.
of controller

number of, 343.

salary of, 440.
of county. See tit. County Clerk,
of election

by whom appointed, 1144.

may administer oath, 1146.

on district returns, etc., 1285.

to be sworn, 1148.

to keep tallies of votes, 1258.
of police courts, how appointed, etc., 4425.
of resister of state laud ofiiee

number of, 343.

salary, 500.
of secretary of .state

number of, 343.

salary, 420.



[References are to sections.]

CLERK (continued).
of state treasurer

number of, 343.

salaries, 455.
of superintendent of public instruction, salary, 513.
of superior court, duties of, 4152.
of supervisors

assessment-book, etc., to be delivered to, 3654.

county clerk, ex-offlcio of, 4029.

duties of, 4030.

in relation to road matters, 2623.

to forward to wliom, assessor's enrolment of militia, 1897.

to record proceedings, alterations, etc., of board of equali-
zation, 3682.
of supreme court. See tit. Clerk of Supreme Court,
of surveyor-general

number of, 343.

salary, 486.
of swamp-lands of Sacramento county, 3484.
office of to be at county seat, 4312.
assistant clerk, duties of, 254.
duties of, 254.

appointment of stenographer by, and salary of, 751 1^.

bonds, 757.

deputies of, number and appointment, 751.

election and term of office, 749.

fees collected by, 752.

disposition of fees, 753.
general duties of, 750.
may appoint five deputies, 751.
office hours of, 757a.
official bond of, 757.
salary of, 755.
salary of deputies, 756.
settlement by, when to be made, 754.
to give notice to disbursing officers of contest of title to

office, 937.
to reside at Sacramento, 852.
vacancy in office of, how filled, 1001.
CLERKS OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS. See tit. School Districts.

hackney, regulations concerning, 2937.
COAST ARTILLERY. See tit. National Guard.



[References are to sections.]


certain actions not effected by, 7.
certain offices, how affected by, -1.

between articles, which to prevail, 448.3.

between chapters, which to prevail, 4482.

between titles, which to prevail, 4481.

in sections in same titles, which to prevail, 4484

construction o£

as to, generally, 4, 7, 4478.

in relation to other codes, 4480-4484.

in relation to statutes of, 1871-2, 4478.

in relation to title and revenue, 3891.

with relation to each other, 4480.
do not affect certain offices, 7.
do not affect certain statutes, 18, 19.
effect of repeal, by, 18.

laws passed at same session prev.ail, when, 4479.
limitations, not affected by, 9.
not published as parts of the statutes, 4494.
not retroactive, 3.
Political Code, act establishing, 1.
publication of, 4494.
when took effect, 2.

included in term "will," 17.


m what, taxes to be paid, 3888.
COLLECTION OF TAXES. See tit. Taxes and Taxation.

all matters in assessment-book to be set down in numerical

or alphabetical order, 3760.
application to purchase, costs accruing to, 378.5a.
assessment, where state the purchaser, 3813.
auditor statement to state controller, 3763.
authority to serve notices, 3785a.

by assessor

deficiency, when less than rate has been charged, how col-
lected, 3828.
duty to collect when, 3820.

less than rate charged, deficiency, how collected, 3825.
of personal-property tax by seizure and sale, 3821.

amount to be collected, how determined, 3823.

mode of conducting seizure and sale, 3822.
poll-taxes. See tit. Poll-Taxes.


[References are to sections.]

by a.ssessor (continued).

restitution when excess rate has been charged, 3824.

when excess of rate has been charged, restitution, 3824.
certificate of sale

clerical errors in may be corrected, 3805b.
certificate of tax-sale

collector to give duplicate to purchaser, 3776.
clerical errors in certificate of sale may be corrected, 3805b.
collection of taxes from per.sons assessed, but removed to

another county, 3808.

must make affidavit, 3800.
indorsement of on list, 3800.

to collect additional sum to defray costs, etc., 3770.
sum, how collected, 3770.

to give purchaser duplicate certificate of tax-sale, 3776.
compensation for serving notices, 3785a.

copy of publication of notice to be filed with county re-
corder, 3769.
costs, etc., to be paid before redemption, 3815.
credit to be given tax-collector on final settlement, 3761.
delinquent list. See tit. Delinquent List.

publication of, when to be made, and what to contain, 3764.

vv^hen must be completed, 3759.
delinquent property sold to state by operation of law, 3771.
delinquent taxes, penalty of fifteen per cent, 3756.
entry of penalty for delinquency, 3758. /

final settlement of auditor and collector, 3799. ^

land irregularly assessed not to be sold, 3806.
land sold for taxes encumbered by trust deed, etc., 3769a.


of making publication, 3766.

of publication of notice, 3749.
marking "sold to state" when, 3814.

mistakes which do not affect sale of property for taxes, 3807.
notice, compensation for serving, 3785a.
notice of sale appended to delinquent list, 3765.
official may designate where action shall be commenced, 3900.

exceptions to the provision, 3900.
owner's right of redemption, 3785a.
payment under protest, to be in writing, 3819.
person assessed, but removed to another county, collection
of taxes from, 3808.

prima facie evidence, what is, 3809.



[References are to sections.]

prima facie notice of assessment, 3789.

what books constitute, 3789.
printed list of lands sold, 3801.
duty of tax-collector in reference to, 3801 [a],
proceedings when tax is three hundred dollars, 3899.
public lands upon which final payment has not been made,

publication of delinquent list, when made, and what to con-
tain, 3764.
receipt for taxes paid to be given, 3751.
record of certificates of sale, 3777.
redemption. See tit. Redemption.
by executors, 3817.
by heirs, 3817.

distribution of moneys on, 3816.

may be made in separate lots or parcels of land, 3818.
of property sold for, 3780.

accounting and distribution of proceeds, 3781.
how made, 3781.

not made in time, tax-collector's deed to state, 3785.
time of, 3780.
owners right of, 3785, 3785a.
partial redemption, 381 8 [a],
refunding of taxes illegally collected when erroneously as-
sessed, 3804.
sale of property for taxes, 3897.
amount of bid, 3897.
at public auction, 3897.
deed to property sold for taxes, 3898a.

duty of controller and tax-collector, 3898a.
when state university holds mortgage, 3898a.
distribution of money received from sale, 3898.
notice of sale, 3897.

to be sent to former owner, 3897.
to state what, 3897.
seizure and sale of personal property for taxes, 3790.
excess of proceeds returned to owner, 3795.
fees and mileage on, 3793.
made after notice, 3792.
manner of conducting sale, 3791.
settlement of collector with auditor, 3797.

Online LibraryCaliforniaThe codes of California as amended and in force at the close of the Forty-first session of the Legislature, 1915 (Volume 1 Political Code) → online text (page 173 of 191)