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probate 6.

vol. ta.


" Year Books of Probates "

(from 1630.)



probate 3cts

fn the

Preroaatice Court of Canterbur y.


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probate Hcts

in the

Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Hnno 1652.

ABBOTT, Sarah, of p. Christ Church, London, widow.

Will [18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 3, 165 1-2 by son GEORGE Abbott.
I ABBOTT, William, of Work, Somerset.
) Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 7 by relict GRACE.

ABBOTT, Catherine, of Lyme Regis, Dorset, (widow).

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 31 by son-in-law Walter Naplockk.
ABBOT, William, of Cavendish, Suffolk.

Will [154 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 22 by brother-in-law William Sparkf.
ABBOTS, Richard, of Wigmore, Herefs.

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 22 by relict Frances.
ABELL, Francis, of Weobley, Herefs.

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 21 by relict Eliz. Sense alias Abell.
AB JOHN, George, of p. Dingestow, co. Monmouth.

Will [34 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 26, 165 1-2 by nephew John Nicholas the elder.
ABNHY, Thomas, of Newton Burgoland, (p. Swepstone,) Leics., gent.

Will [ 196 Bowyer] pr. July 7 by relict ANNE.
ABRAM, Robert, of Rufford, Lanes.

Will [52 Bowyer] pr.Mar. 24, 1651-2 by Evan Cawnce and Cuthbert Mason.
ACRIGGE, George, of Laverstock, Wilts. , yeoman.

Will [154 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 25 by relict Mary.

ACROD alias SMITH, Helen, ofBrigstock, but deed, at Woodford, Northants.,

Will [ iq6 Bowyer] pr. July 24 by son JOHN A. ; son ROBERT A. deed.
ACTON, Rowland, of Astanton (? Wistanstow), co. Salop., (gent.).

Will [ 108 Bowyer] pr. May 27 by son JOHN.
ACTON, Francis, of Over Alderley, (p. Alderley,) Cheshire, (gent.).

Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 30 by son Thomas.
ADAM, George, of Matlock, co. Derby.

Will [1 Bowyer] pr. Jan. 17, 1651-2 by relict Anne, and son GEORGE.

'NOTE : The Probate Act Book for 1652 contains no Entries after November 6th, while the Register
for the vear contains only one Will proved during the period missing from the Act Book
a Will proved in December.

hi consequence of thU evident deficiency in the Records, the Extracts here printed from them
have been checked off against the Official Calendar for 1652, and any additional Fnlries
occunngin the latter are r.oted in the text, but it will be seen that none cf these additions
belong to the month of December, and only one to November.

These facts suggest the probable existence of a large number of Original Wills to which there
is no Official Reference whatever, at lea^tfor the months of November and December
The Examination of the Official Calendar for 1652 has shewn that it alto°etlur omits 15
Registered Wills and 45 Probates of Unregistered Wills, while other 3 Registered Wills are
entered in the Calendar without folio, as if unregistered.

It is also a notable fact that the Register for 1652 contains 8 Wills belonging to 1655, and 7 to
Ibbl, of which latter only one is to be found in the Register for 1651.

Prow* Act* [Anno 1652

ADAMS, Steven, of East Greenwich, Kent.

Admon w. Will [17 Bowyer] Feb. 12, 165 1-2 to relict Elizabeth. N.E.
ADAMES, Richard, of (Cokeham,) p. Sompting, Sussex.

Will [17 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 26, 165 1-2 by daughter Jane A.
ADAMS, Thomas, of Kidderminster, Worcs., (gent.).

Will [68 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 5 by son EDWARD.

ADAMS, Thomas, of Stodmarsh, Kent.

Will [ 196 Bowyer] pr. July 10 by relict Mary.

ADAMS, Thomas, of Leominster, Herefs.

Admon w.Will [215 Bowyer] Aug. 23 to dau. ALICE MORGAN ; rel. ALICE deed.

ADAMS, Henry. Grant in October (Calendar).

ADAMSON, William, of Wells, Somerset. (Under the command of Capt. John
Jenkins, in Col. Disborough's Regiment, Feb. 4, 1651-2.)

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 10 by surviving exor. WILLIAM LEADHAM ;
(his wife Joan, testator's mother, deed.).

ADERLEY, John, of Chancery Lane, Middx., Esq. (Lands in Derby s.,
Staffs. , and Middx.)

Will [ 18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 4, 1651-2 by dau. WINIFRED A., and cousin Wm. A.


AGER, Thomas, of Stoke by Clare, Suffolk.

Will [18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 12, 165 1-2 by JOSHUA FlTCH andTHOS. ALLEN.

AGGUS [? AGGAS] , Anne, of Liston, Essex, (spinster).
Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 1 by brother FRANCIS A.

AILESBURY, Thomas, of Balsall, (p. Hampton in Arden,) Warws., (and
within the Peculiar Jurisdiction of the Temple of Balsall).
Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 23 by relict Anne.



ALBIN, Christian, of Bruton, Somerset, (widow).

Admon w. Will [ 19 Bowyer] Feb. 3, 1651-2 to son JAMES ALBIN ; his eldest son
James having died.

ALCHORNE, Marian, of Maresfield, Sussex, (widow).

Will [236 Bowyer] pr. Sep 16 by ELIZ. Cooper, (wife of HENRY, of same).

ALCOCKE, Isaac, of (Rownall,) p. Cheddleton, Staffs.

Will [68 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 27 by brother WILLIAM.
ALCOCKE, Robert, of Hadleigh, Suffolk, clothier.

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 1 by son-in-law BARUCH Fox.
ALCOCK [ALICOCK] , Thomas, of Stanton ward, co. Derby.

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 18 by relict Mary.
ALDER, Richard, of Drayton, Berks., yeoman.

Will [154 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 2 by telict JOAN.

ALDERMAN, Anne, of Tilshead, Wilts. , (spinster).

Will [68 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 24 by Praxed Naish (of same, widow).

ALDHOWSE, Robert, of Ash Bocking, Suffolk, gent.

Will [ 196 Bowver] pr. July 25 by son John.

ALDRED, James, of Shadingfield, Suffolk.

Will [176& 236 Bowyer] pr. Sep. 30 by rel. Margery. P.r. Thomas Smith.
ALDRIDGE, William, of Newton in theThistles, (aims Newton Regis,)Warws.

Will [17 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 21, 1651-2 by sister ELIZABETH ALDRIDGE.
ALDRIDGE, Samuel, of Hugely Deane (Hedgerley Dean, p. Farnham Royal),

Will [ 1 54 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 19 by daughters Mary and Hannah ALDRIDGE.

Anno 1652] Prerogative £ourt of Canterbury.

ALDRIDGE, Thomas, of (Gosport, p. Alverstoke, near) Portsmouth, Hants.

Admonw.Will [i54Bowyer] Oct. 21 to MaRGT. DUNSTON, wid. (of Roger). N.E.
ALDUS, Anne, of Blythburgh, Suffolk, widow.

Will [ rgo Bowyer] pr. Nov. 1 by son-in-law Richard Wincopp.

ALDWORTH, Richard, of Letcombe Regis, Berks., (gent.).

Will [18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 14, 165 1-2 by relict Margt. {Vide Anno 1643.)
ALDWORTH, Richard. Admond.b.n. in June [Calendar). Vide Anno 1634. .

ALEXANDER, William, of Heckfield, Hants.

Will [215 Bowyer] pr. Aug. 26 by mother ALICE Richards widow.


ALLATT, Hugh, of Ashton, Cheshire.

Will [ 124 Bowyer] pr. June 23 by rel. Margt. ; (dau. Anne A. also extrix.).

ALLBROOKE, Thomas, of Esher, Surrey.

Will [236 Bowyer] pr. Sep. 22 by ROBERT TAYLER.

ALLEN, Robert, of Chelsfield, Kent.

Will [1 Bowyer] pr. Jan. 30, 165 1-2 by relict Anne.
ALLIN, Richard, of Keynsham, Somerset.

Will [ 1 Bowyer] pr. Jan. 30, 165 1-2 by relict Prisctlla.
ALLEN, William, of Welland, Worcs.

Will [18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 13, 165 1-2 by relict Martha. P.r. son William.
ALEYN, John, of Hazeleigh, Essex, (gent.).

Will [18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 21, 165 1-2 by brother Gyles.
ALLEN, John, of East Grinstead, Sussex.

Will [17 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 23, 165 1-2 by relict Elizabeth.

ALLEN, Judith, of East Grinstead, Sussex, (widow).

Admon w. Will [17 Bowyer] Feb. 23, 165 1-2 to Elizabeth Allen, relict
and executrix of only son John.

ALLEYN, Richard, of Stowting, Kent, D.D.

Will [52 Bowyer] pr. Mar. 16, 165 1-2 by son Richard.

ALEYN, Elizabeth, of Hazeleigh, Essex ; (formerly of London, widow of Giles
Aleyn, of Fleet Bridge, Lond., goldsmith. Leg. to the poor of p. St. Bride).

Will [52 Bowyer] pr. Mar. 18, 165 1-2 by Isaac and Giles A., (both of same).
ALLEN, Richard, of Braunton, Devon.

Will [ 108 Bowyer] pr. May 10 by son RICHARD.
ALEYN, Susan, of Braughing, -Herts., (gentlewoman).

Will [ 108 Bowyer] pr. May 27 by cousin ROBERT BROGRAVE.
ALLEN, Margery, of East Shilton, Leics.

Will [ 1 24 Bowyer] pr. June 1 5 by cousin SAMUEL ALLEN.
ALLEN, Robert, of Lowestoft, Suffolk, (merchant).

Will [ iq6 Bowyer] pr. July 3 by relict Alice.
ALLEN, William, of p. St. Michael (near St. Albans), Herts.

Will [215 Bowyer] pr. Aug. 21 by relict JUDA.
ALLEN, Mary, of Ipswich, Suffolk, widow.

Will [176 & 236 Bowyer] pr. Sep. 2 by niece Elizabeth Harvey.
ALLEN, Rose, of Tilbury, Essex, (widow).

Will [154 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 19 by brother-in-law EDWARD HARRIS.
ALLENS, Edith, of Fovant, Wilts., (widow).

Will [18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 18, 165 1-2 by son in-law SAMUEL CHUB.
ALSOPP, Raphe, of Bonsall, co. Derby, gent.

Will [17 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 11, 1651-2 by brother Marmaduke, and sister
Dorothy Hopkinson.

8 Probate Hers [Anno 1652

ALSOPP. William, of Brigstock, Northants., (gent.).

Will [i7Bowyer] pr.Feb. 26, 1651-2 by relict Elizabeth.
AIM PH LETT, Anne, of Droitwich, Worcs., widow.

Will [18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 7, 1651-2 by (sons) Robert Norbury clerk, and
Thomas Amphlett.

AMY, John, of p. St. Christopher le Stocks, London, (citizen and haberdasher).

Will [215 Bowyer] pr. Aug. 5 by relict ANN.
ANDERSON, Penelope, of p. Christ Church, London, (daughter of Sir Richard
Anderson, deed. (Legacies to the poor of Tring, and AJbury, Herts.).

Will [200 Bowyer] pr. July 9 by GEORGE CROYDON (M.A.).
ANDERSON, William, of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.

Will [196 Bowyer] pr. July 10 by Edw. Joynes ; relict Susanna ren.
ANDERTON, Isabell, widow.

Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 21 by cousin JOHN KlRBV.
ANDROWES, Henry, of Puriton, Somerset.

Will [19 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 16, 1651-2 by relict Agnes.
ANDRE WES, Mary, of Potton, Beds., (widow).

Will [18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 16, 165 1-2 by daughters Jane Parsons alias
Andrewes and Joan Andrewes.

ANDREWS, Oliver, of Chelmondiston, Suffolk.

Will [51 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 16, 1651-2 by relict SARAH, and sons Oliver and

ANDREWES alias COOKE, John, of Selworthy, Somerset.

Admon w. Will [52 Bowyer] Mar. 31 to relict Margaret. N.E.
ANDREWS, Mary, of Lowton (Loughton), Essex, (spinster).

Admon w. Will [108 Bowyer] May 18 to bro. Robert Bowyer. N.E.

ANDREWES, John, of Limehouse, (p. Stepney, Middx.).
Will [Not Regd.] pr. Aug-. 10 by relict MARY.

ANDREWS, Edmund, of Wichenford, Worcs.

Will [215 Bowyer] pr. Aug-. 15 by brother THOMAS, ROBERT TOMBES
(of Salwarpe), and WALTER Seaverne (of Shrawley).

ANDREWS, Roger, of Cadnam, (p. Minstead,) Hants.

Will [154 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 1 by relict Mary. P.r. son Roger.

ANNAND, James, of p. St. Peter Westcheap, London, clerk.

Will [ 193 Bowyer] pr. Sep. 27 by JOHN YEATE, (citizen and goldsmith).
APEW, Thomas, of Wonersh, Surrey.

Will [52 Bowyer] pr. Mar. 29 by brother Richard. P.r. son Robert.

(Admon d.b.n. Mar. 2, 166S-9 to daughter Joan Street.)

APPLEBURY, Thomas, of Arscott, (p. Pontesbury,) co. Salop.

Will [17 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 13, 165 1-2 by nephew Abraham Applebury.
APSLEY, John, of p. Kingsley, Hants.

Will [52 Bowyer] pr. Mar. 15, 165 1-2 by son-in-law CRUSOPHILAS Cleere.

ARCHER, Edward, of Wickensome, p. Faringdon, Berks.
Will [68 Bowyeri] pr. Ap. 8 by relict Margaret.

ARCHER, Nicholas, of Hasthorpe, p. Willoughby, Lines.

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 31 by brothers Nathaniel and Theodore.

ARCHER, Mary, of Banbury, co. Oxon., (widow).

Admon w. Will [ 196 Bowyer] July 22 to ANNE WALROND, d.m. her daughter
Mary, granddaughter of deceased.

ARCHER, Thomas, of Brackley, Northants.

Will [157 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 20 by relict URSULA.

ARDEN, Thomas, of Coningsby, Lines., yeoman.

Will [ 196 Bowyer] pr. July 12 by relict ELIZABETH.

ARMITT, George, of (theThornleigh,)p. Leek, Staffs.
Will [52 Bowyer] pr. Mar. 13, 1651-2 by relict Joan.

Anno 1652] Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

ARMSTEAD, Thomas, of Obthorpe, (p. Thurlby,) Lines., gent.

Will [17 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 16, 1651-2 by son Thomas.
ARNEFIELD, William, of (Dinting,) p. Glossop, eo. Derby.

Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 1 by bro. THOS., and uncle JOHN Hadfield

ARNOLD, John, of p. Stepney, Middx.

Admon w. Will [ 1 Bowyer] Jan. 23, 165 1-2 to relict Martha. N.E.
ARNOLD, Jane, of Tvtherington, Gloucs., spinster.

Will fio Bowyer] pr. Feb. 20, 165 1-2 by mother ELIZABETH ARNOLD.
ARNOLD, John, of p. St. Botolph Aldersgate, London, draper.

Will [52 Bowyer] pr. Mar. 20, 165 1-2 by daughter Anne Arnold.

ARNOLD, Richard, of Tandridge, Surrey.

Will [109 Bowyer] pr. May 21 by Stephen Bentley, and Richard Dodd.

ARNOLD, James, of Reading, Berks. , (gent.).

Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 1 by relict Elizabeth.
ARNOLD, Joan, of East Wickham, Kent, (widow).

Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 1 by Arthur Blanev.
ARNOLD, Robert, of Cromhall, Gloucs.

Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 25 by relict SARAH.
ARUNDELL, Henry, of Wrington, Somerset, gent.

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 25 by relict MARGARET.
ARUNDELL, Thomas, of Cradley, Herefs.

Will [196 Bowyer] pr. July 28 by kinsman Thos. A. (of Bromyard).
ASBERV, Margaret, of Bramshall, Staffs., (widow).

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 8 by son Thos. ASBERY, and John Aknott.

ASBERRY, Edward, of p. St. Mary Axe, London, gent.
Will [215 Bowver] pr. Aug. 2 by relict Bridget.
Admon Oct. 16 to Phillipp Thomas, d.b.n. his late wife Bridget deed.

ASH, Thomas, of Ashbvdela Zouch, Leics., yeoman.

Will [52 Bowyer] pr. Mar. 1, 1651-2 by eldest son Thomas.
ASH LAISH] , Roger, (the elder,) of Virginstow, Devon.

Will [200 Bowyer] pr. July 14 by daughters JOAN Combe and Ruth AlSH.
ASHBURNE, John, of (Fleet Street,) p. St. Bride, London, (gent.).

Will [236 Bowver] pr. Sep. 28 by relict ELIZABETH.
ASHTON, Richard, of the Maynes, in Ashton (in Makerfield, p. Winwick),

Lanes., gent.

Admon w. Will ITS Bowver] Feb. 15, 1051-2 to RlC. TURFFE and his wifeCATH.,
formerly relict of deceased ; Geo. Sorocold (of Ashton in Makerfield) ren.

ASHTON, Richard, of Ware, Herts.

Will [18 Bowver] pr. Feb. 24, 1651-2 by relict Dorothy.
(Admon Mav 8, 16*7 to daughter ANNE DYE alias BOTELER, d.m. her
daughters DOROTHY and ANNE B., d.b.n. relict deed.)
ASHTON, William, of Agden, (pp. Bowdon & Rostherne,) Cheshire, yeoman.
Will [ 186 Bowver] pr. Sep. 28 by rel. Dorothy, Peter Warburton the elder
(of same), HENRY WARBURTON the younger (of Bollington, pp. Bowdon
and Rostherne), and GEORGE ASHTON (of Agden).
ASHWIN, Thomas, of Bretforton, Worcs.

Will [18 Bowver] pr. Feb. 11, 165 1-2 by youngest son Edward.
(Admon Feb. 18,1679-80 to Mary, wife of JOHN TAYNTON, late widow and
adtrix. of son Edward, d.b.n. latter.)
ASKEW, Robert, of Lapworth, Warws., (gent.).

Will [196 Bowyer] pr. July — by relict Margaret, and daughters Barbara
and Mary Askew.
ASKWITH, Nicholas, of Hackney, Middx.

Admon Mav 18 to daughter Eliz. Littlebury, d.b.n exors
New Grant'in June. (" July "— Calendar. Vtde Anno 1638.)
ASTLE, John, of (Ingleby,) p. Repton, eo. Derby.
Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 4 by son THOMAS.

*° PrOMC flCt* [Anno 1652

ATHERLEV, William, of Woolaston, Gloucs.

Admon w. Will [68 Bowyer] Ap. 27 to Kich\rd Tippetts, d.m. his grandson
Phillip Atherley, son of deceased.

ATKINS, Richard, deed, unmarried in Scotland.

Admon w. Will [17 Bowyer] Feb. 17, 165 1-2 to brother Mathew. N.E.

ADKINS, John, (the elder,) of Napton on the Hill, Warws.
Will [68 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 16 by relict JOAN.

ADKINS, Thomas, of Hanbeck, (p. Wilsford,) Lines., gent.
Will [ kj6 Bowyer] pr. July 8 by relict CICELY.

ATKINS, Hattox, of Warwick.

Will [236 Bowyer] pr. Sep. 16 by relict Katherine.

ATKINSON, Thomas, of Trimley St. Martin, Suffolk, gent.

Will [ 1 Bowyer] pr. Jan. 11, 165 1-2 by Thomas Barker Esq.
ATKINSON, Richard, of Hunslet, Vorks., clothmaker.

Will [ 1 Bowyer] pr. Jan. 27, 1651-2 by Anne A. P.r. her dau. MARY A.

ATKINSON, William, of Ludford Magna, Eincs.

Will [ig Bowyer] pr. Feb. 20, 1651-2 by son Edward.

ATKINSON, Christopher, of p. Tewkesbury, Gloucs.
Will [68 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 10 by relict Eleanor.

ATKINSON, John, of Eppleby, (p. Gilling,) Yorks., yeoman.
Will [ 196 Bowyer] pr. July 15 by relict JANE.

ATRIDGE, William, of p. Stepney, Middx., (citizen and weaver).
Will [68 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 27 by relict Elizabeth.

ATTENBOROUGH, William, of p. Stapleford, Notts.

Will [ 108 Bowyer] pr. May 20, by relict Anne, and son William.

ATTLEBOROUGH, George, of Castle hole, p. Burbage, Leics.

Will [68 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 10 by relict ELLEN.
ATTLEE, William, of Ealing, Middx.

Will [18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 6, 1651-2 by son JOHN.

ATWOOD, John, of Bevere, p. Claines, Worcs., (gent.).

Will [108 Bowyer] pr. May 25 by grandson WILLIAM Atwood.
ATTWOOD, William, of Halesowen, Salop, (and Worcs.), whitesmith.

Will [196 Bowyer] pr. July 12 by dau. Anne Allen. P.r. son John.

AUCHER, Richard, of Rainham, Kent, (gent.).

Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 24 by relict ELIZABETH.

AUGOOD, Thomas, of p. Great Amesbury, Wilts.

Will [153 Bowyer] pr. Nov. 4 by relict MARY.
AUNGIER, Francis, of East Clandon, Surrey, Esq. (Land in Cambs.)

Will [215 Bowyer] pr. Aug-. 4 by brother GERARD, Lord AUNGIER.
AUSTEN, John, of Brenchley, Kent.

Will [68 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 14 by relict Mary.
AUSTEN, Thomas, of Benenden, Kent.

Will [236 Bowyer] pr. Sep. 27 by youngest son THOMAS.

AVERY, Richard, of Truro, Cornwall.

Will [124 Bowyer] pr. June 5 by relict ELEANOR.
AVERY, John, of Jacobstow, Devon. (Will dated Dec. 2, 5 Chas. 1.)

Admon w. Will [124 Bowyer] June 14 to grandson Richard Avery,
d.b.n. his father Richard deed.

Anno i6 5 2j Prcroaaitoc Court^of CaitttrDurv. '*

AWBREY, Maylad, widow of Morgan Awbkev, of Yniscedwyo, (p. Ystrad-
p-vnlais,) co. Brecon, Esq. .

Admon w Will [68 Bowyer] Ap. 29 to brother by the fathers side
William Thomas, d.m. daughter Katherine Awbrey.

AWRREY Edward, of Tredomen, (p. Llanfillo,) co. Brecon, Esq.

Admon w Will [108 Bowyer] May 18 to cousm-german William Herbert

Esq. (Colonel). N.E.
(Admon t.a.i. Dec. 31, 1651 to John Cooke revoked.)

AWBREY, John, of p. St. Botolph Bishopsgate, London.

Will [154 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 25 by relict BEATRICE.
AWDREY, Agnes, of East Greenwich, Kent, (widow).

Will [ 1 Bowyer] pr.Jan. 20, 165 1-2 by Jane A. P.r. Hen. A. (son of VvM. deed.).
AWDREY, Henry, apprentice to John Phillipps of East Greenwich, Kent,

Sep. 2i, 1652. .

Will [180 Bowyer] pr. Sep. 28 by mother Amy MlSSINGHAM, of same, widow.

AXE, Richard, (the younger,) of (p. St. Mary Steps,) Exeter.

Will [19 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 10, 1651-2 by relict Jane.
AX FORD, Elizabeth, of Chitterne All Saints, Wilts.

Will [ 18 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 9, 165 1-2 by bro. BUCKLE A., and WALTER CARDE.
AYLWORTH, W'alter, of p. St. Giles in the Fields, Middx.

Admon w. Will [68 Bowyer] Ap. 10 to relict Winifred. N.E.
AYNSWORTH, George, of Bolton by Bolland, Yorks.

Will [196 Bowyer] pr. July 12 by eldest son MATHEW.
AYRE, Robert, of Tunstall, (p. Bishop Wearmouth,) co. Durham.

Admon w. Will [1 Bowyer] Jan. 12, 165 1-2 to son ANTHONY. N.E.

AYRES, Amy, of Westminster, (widow).

Admon w. Will [108 Bowver] May 20 to daughter Mary 1 eachey ;
(Brian Barmby and Godfrey Austinson named exors.).

BABB, Susan, of Kilkhampton, Cornwall.

Admon w. Will [201 Bowver] July 6 to grandson EDW. SHERME ; grandson
Chamond Sherme, son of ZACHARY S. of same, having died.
BABER, Thomas, of Twerton alias Twyverton, Somerset.

Will [127 Bowyer] pr. June 1 by son THOMAS.
BABINGTON, John, of p.ChristChurch,Lond., cit. &• salter. (Lands in Essex.)

Will [ 199 Bowyer] pr. July 5 by sons Richard and Abraham.
BACHE, Thomas, of p. St. Sepulchre, London.

Admon w. Will [127 Bowyer] June 2 to relict Elizabeth. N.E.

BACKALLAR, Henry, of Honiton, Devon.

Will [21 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 25, 165 1-2 by relict Agnes.

BACKHOUSE alias NEYILL, Dame Flower, ofCressingTemple, (p. Cressing,)
Essex, (sometime widow and extrix. of Sir John B. Kt. Legacies to pp.
St. Mary Magd., Milk St., London; Kingsley, Hants. ; and Swallow field,
Berks. " Of Somerset" : Calendar).

Will [2 Bowyer] pr.Jan. 28, 165 1-2 by late husband Hen. N. ahas SMITH Esq.

BACKLER, Samuel, of Dedham, Essex.

Will [ 197 Bowyer] pr. July 1 by son JOHN. P.r. son Samuel.



BACON, Edward, of Barham, Suffolk, gent.

Will [197 Bowyer] pr. July 12 by relict Elizabeth.
BACON, Robert, of Redgrave, Suffolk, Esq.

Will [ 176 & i78Bowyer] pr.Sep. 30 by son Edward ( ? Edmund). 1 .r. relict
son-in-law George Reeve, and George Gardiner.

21_ _JW»«eJFktt ^Anno i6 52

BADCOCK, Robert, of Wonersh, Surrey.

Will [ig Bowyer] pr. Feb. 17, 1651-2 by relict Anne.
BADCOCKE, Nathaniel, deceased abroad.

Admon w. Will [68 Bowyer] Ap. 17 to Thomas Honywell. N.E
BADCOCKE Anne, of Hagbourne, Berks. , widow (of Thos. , who died testate).
Will 23 i Bowyer] pr. SeiL 16 by Henry Bunce (of same), and Henry Harvey
(or south btoke, co. Uxon.).

BAEL Vh^i^^^ ( To be **r.chyd. of Road.)

Will [ 198 Bowyer] pr. July 4 by son SIMON. '

BAGGE, Nathaniel, of Cow Honeybourne, Gloucs.

Will [200 Bowyer] pr. July 8 by daughter Mary Bagge

BAGGOTT, Anne, of Burton Agnes, Yorks. , widow.

Will [200 Bowyer] pr. July 10 by sister Barbara Claxton.
BAGGS Giles, of p. St. Michael Queenhithe, London, (citizen and fishmonger).

Will [21 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 25, 1651-2 by relict Elizabeth
BAGSHAWE, William, of Wetton, Staffs.

Will [20 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 4, 165 1-2 by grand.,011 Thomas Bagshawe

BAKER, Robert, (the elder,) of Walton in Gordano, Somerset

Admon w Will [1 Bowyer] Jan. 22, 1651-2 to John Drake the elder (of same )
d.m. his daughter Magdalen Drake. e,J

BAKER, Thomas, of Cricket Malherbe, Somerset.

Will [22 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 18, 165 1-2 by son Robert.

BAKE w-!i°r AN '£ f Ber & ave " n y( Aber §:avenny), co.Mon.,(wid. of Wm., of same).

Will [54 Bowyer] pr. Mar io, 165 1-2 byWlLLLAM Vaughan, (son and heir of
brother Walter V., of Sugwas, Herefs., Esq., deed.).
BAKER, Thomas, of Sproxtpn, Leics., (bachelor).

Will [70 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 22 by Richard Baker (of same).
BAKER, William, of Deptford, Kent.

Will [ 100 Bowyer] pr. May 1 1 by son JOHN.
BAKER, Edward, of Loughton, Bucks., (clerk).

Will [97 Bowyer] pr. May 18 by relict Dorothy.
BAKER Thomas of p. St. Olave, Southwark, Surrey, (cit. & dyer of London).

Admon w. Will [98 Bowyer] May ig to relict ALICE. N.E. '
BAKER, Anthony, of Wrentham, Suffolk, gent.

Will [199 Bowyer] pr. July 3 by relict Elizabeth.
BAKER, George, of Brasted, Kent.

Will [200 Bowyer] pr. July 3 by brother John.
BAKER, John, of Tenterden, Kent.

Ad, R^-S™ % B r e -fU uIy 2I t0 br0thcr 2ACHARY, and sister
keblcc A .baker ; brother Thomas renouncing-.

BAKER, Henry, of Tillingham, Essex, (gent.).

Will [216 Bowyer] pr. Aug-. 19 by sister Sarah Baker.

BAKER, Robert, of Seal, Kent, (clerk).

Will [190 Bowyer] pr. Nov. 3 by relict Martha

BAKEWELL [? BLAKEWELL] , William, of Uttoxeter, Staffs.

Will [20 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 26, 165 1-2 by relict ELLEN.
BALCOMBE, Richard, of Worth, Sussex.

Will [200 Bowyer] pr. July 23 by uncle JOHN Jenner.
BALDEN, John, of Wrecclesham, p. Farnham, Surrey.

Will [177 Bowyer] pr. Sep. 21 by relict Frances

Anno 1652] Prcrcgame Court of Ca nterbury. 13

BALDWIN, John, of Chesham, Bucks.

Will [i54Bowyer] pr. Oct. 26byTHOS. DlDSBERY, (son of dau. ANNE).


BALL, Gabriel. Grant in March (Calendar).

BALL, George, of Paignton, Devon.

Will [Not Regd.] pr. July 13 by daurs. ELEANOR BALL and Joan BALL.

BALL, Francis, of Ludlow, co. Salop.

Will [216 Bowyer] pr. Aug. 6 by relict ROSE.
BALL, Elizabeth, of Lambeth, Surrey, widow.

Will [216 & 220 Bowyer] pr. Aug. 30 by Christopher Wormall (of same).


BOLLARD, Angela, of Weston sub Edge, (Gloucs.,) spinster.

Will [2 Bowyer] pr. Jan. 19, 1651-2 by THOS. Willis (of same).
BALLARD, John, of Buttermere, Wilts.

Will [206 Bowyer] pr. July 22 by son JOHN.
BALLARD, Thomas, of p. St. Anne Blackfriars, London, (cit. & tallowchandler).

Adm'on Aug. 17 to El.lZ. B , relict and extrix. of son John, d.b.n. latter and
relict JOAN, both deed.

(Will [54 Dale] pr. June 21, 1621 by relict JOAN. )

BAI LFSTONE, Christopher, of Bodham, Norfolk, clerk.

Will [21 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 2, 1651-2 by rel. ELIZ. P.r. dau. Martha TOPLIFF.

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