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of the Special Committee appointed to consider, inquire
into and report upon the Reception, Treatment, Care, Training
and Re-Education of the Wounded, Disabled and Convalescent
who have served in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, and
the provision of Employment for those who have been Honour-
ably Discharged, and the Training and Re-Education of those so
discharged who are unable to engage in their former occupation.


Comprising the Evidence taken and Statements submitted in
connection therewith, February 7th to July 17th,







Proceedings of the Special Committee appointed to consider, inquire
into and report upon the Reception, Treatment, Care, Training
and Re-Education of the Wounded, Disabled and Convalescent
who have served in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, and
the provision of Employment for those who have been Honour-
ably Discharged, and the Training and Re-Education of those so
discharged who are unable to engage in their former occupation.


C :)rising the Evidence taken and Statements submitted in
connection therewith, February 7th to July 17th,






;277— A


Cy^Cj^c - -'^'^



Alphabetical List of Witnesses examined I'ur evidence xil

Order of Reference xiv

Preliminary and Second Reports xvii

Minutes of Proceedings of Committee, 1st Meeting 5

Chairman addresses the Committee. 2nd Meeting 6

Minutes of Evidence 9

Subjects of Inquiry and Witnesses —

Amar System of Functional Training and Re-education: — Commends the system (Major
Anderson), 1208. — System adopted for maimed soldiers and its introduction in England
(Col. Mignault), 1209. — Three Canadians sent by the Military Hospitals Commission to
Paris to investigate the system (Mr. Knight), 1261.

ARTIFICIAL Limbs and Orthopaedic Institutes : — Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal to be Ortho-
paedic centres. — Accumulation of maimed men compels the establishment of an institute
at once (Col. Thompson), 33, 41-42. — Montreal men forwarded to Toronto to be fitted
(Captain Grey), 570. Difficulty in getting proper help (Mr. LeOras), 681. Complaint
set forth re Mr. Laidlaw's (Winnipeg) case and imperfect limb (Mr. Law), 853. Injus-
tice to western men to have to come to Toronto for artificial limbs (Sergt. -Major Guil-
foyle), 904. Output of limVjs at Toronto and arrangements planned at various centres
in Canada to provide limbs (Mr. Armstrong), 1005-7. Standardize the best limb or appli-
ance and permit no others to be given (Major Todd), 1017.

Army Medical Corps, Canadian, Re Medical Examinations and Services in connection with
members of the Canadian Bxpeditionary Force: — Fotherinyham, Surgeon General, J. T.,
Director of Medical Services — Invalids. The proper authority to take over the military
patients, so long as they remain soldiers, is the military organization that has been pro-
vided by the Militia Department — Reads Article 10 of the Geneva Convention of 1906. To
hand over sick and wounded soldiers to a civilian organization is a completely new idea.
An alternative scheme proposed, 1223-1247. Grey, Captain H. S. Dunstan, Medical Officer
in charge of Grey Nuns Convalescent Home, 567-75. Jones, Surgeon-General G. C. —
Hospital cases in England sent to Canada — Procedure overseas regarding pay and allow-
ances, 1058-60, 1114-16. Marlow, Col. F. W., Assistant Director Medical Services (A.D.
M.S.) in Military District No. 2, — Inspection of, and Report on, the Medical Services of
the whole of Canada in respect of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces (C.E.F.), 167-230.
Letter re disposal of Tuberculous Invalids, 217. Memo, re Tuberculosis, 222. Special
recommendations re Medical Service, — Invalids, 228. Accommodation in Convalescent
Hospitals and necessity of extending same — Out-patients system, 724-42. Surgical cases,
where treated, 742. Arrangement for treatment of tuberculous cases at Muskoka and
Gravenhurst hospitals, 743. Cablegrams re disabled soldiers returned to Canada, 753.
Proportion of medically unfit who enlisted and eventually rejected, 762. Documentfl
ordered filed, 769. McTaggart, Major D. D., Medical Officer in charge of Montreal Khaki
League — Conflict of authority between Medical Officer and Officer Commanding the Unit,
581. Munn, Major F. J., Medical Officer in charge of Toronto M. H. C. Command (D
Unit) — Prtsont accommodation completely used up with the exception of 120 beds- -
Number of out-patients, 515 cases — Holds advanced views on the subject of tuberculosis
— Blue print of town plan for a tubercular colony filed, 668-81. Patch, Lt.-Col. F. S.,
Assistant Director Medical Services (A.D.M.S.) in charge of No. 4 M.D., — States a
number of factors which are responsible for the rejection of men — The matter of defin-
ing medical responsibility for returned soldiers — Soldiers under treatment — S>T>hilitic
cases, 403-417. Potter, Colonel J. L., Acting Director General Medical Service, — Describes
military hospitals under the jurisdiction of the Militia Department, 65-67. Number of
venereal cases for first ten months, 68, 268. Medical examinations, 69-76. Instructions
re m.edical examinations of recruits in Canada, 243-284. Relations of Medical Service
to the Pensions Board, 78-79. See also Statistics and Records, 243-299.

Assigned Pay and Separation Allowance : — See Pay and Allowances.

Attestation Paper: — Sample of form re questions to be put before attestation; declaration to
be made by man on attestation ; certificate of magistrate ; certificate of medical exami-
nation ; certificate of Officer Commanding Unit, 211-213.

Badges, Soldiers' : — Regulations relating to, and classes of soldiers to whom issued, 383.

Battalion, 118th: — Court held in London presided by Colonel Marlow, 206.

Beds in Military Hospitals and Convaij:scent Homes: — Approximate number of, 175-6, 271.
Beds occupied and bed accommodation, 271-275.

28277— Ai iii


Cablegrams : — Sir George I'erley and Canadian Government re men sent to Canada for treat-
ment, 1024.

Chairman of the Committee: — Election of Sir Herbert Ames, 5. Cliairman addresses the
Committee, C. Presents I'relLminary Report to tlie House, April 25 (See Preliminary
Report). Addresses the Great War Veterans' Association, 1193. Presents Second Report
to the House, July 17. (See Preliminary and Second Report).

■Communications Received: — See Statistics and Records.

Complaints, Specific, Inquired into and Ordered Investigated : — Pte. Abercromhie re pension,
482. Pte. Appleby re treatment, 474. Pte. Baldock re pay, 480, 1173. Pte. E. Ball re
treatment, 888. Pie. G. Bimson re pension, 888. Pte. F. O. Brault re gratuity in lieu of
pension, 887. Trooper Brotvn re pay, 485, 1172. Pte. Cahole re pension, 515. Pte. John
Campbell, re treatment and pension, 857. Pte. R. H. Case re salary, 385, 390. Pte.
Caty re pay and fines, 580. Pte. Colehan re pension, 514. Pte. Cooper re limb supplied
unsatisfactory. 1086, 1173. Pte. J. Cunimings re pension, 856. Pte. Drew re delay of
pension, 1248. Pte. F. Goocle re pension, 818. Pte. Gouch re gratuity in lieu of pension,
858. Pte. Gough re pension, 819. Sergt. Hall re employment, 1257. Pte. Hamilton re
pension, 1252. Hart, H. W., re pension, 93i2, 1222. Sergt. Haynes re assigned pay, 1255.
Pte. Henderson re \y\i\Aic charge, 51i5. Herbert, G. H., re pension, 889. Pte. H. Hodgson re
pay and treatment, 908, 1178. Pte. F. Hyatt re gratuity, 516. Pte. Edward James re -pen-
sion. 1250. Pte. Jones re pay, 536, 1168, 1172. Pte. Kidd re pension, 1249. Pte. Knevett
re pension, 819. Pte. Laidlaw, re treatment and insufficient pension, 839, 840, 1174.
Lance-Corporal G. L. Lajoie re discharge, 488, 1173. Lance-Corporal L. Lalicheiir re.
pension, 514. Sergt.-Major Langtry re gratuity, 779, 1177. Pte. James Mo?-fin re pension,
820. Pte. Tom Martin re pension, 777. Pte. Matheson re pension, 482. Pte. McGilton
re pay, 483. Corporal McRae re pension, 1251. Pte. McVicar re pay, 517, 1172. Pte.
Middleton re treatment and charges, 888, 1173. No. 11014, 19th Batt. C.E.F., re insuffi-
cient pension, 1248. Lance-Corporal O'SiilUvan re treatment, 481. Pte. Poirier re pen-
sion, 1249. Pte. Reis re treatment, 542, 1177. Pte. Saimders re insufficient pension,
1248. Pte. Sentall re medical attendance, 518, 1172. Pte. Geo. J. Slack re pay, 811.
. Pte. Smillie re assigned pay, 1167. Pte. Stafford re gratuity, 1144. Corporal Stirling re
treatment, 841. Pte. Tnulel re pensions, 348, 1222. Turley, W. E., re treatment and
delayed pay and allowance, 771, 1173. Sergeant Waugh re pay and allowance, 1256. Pte.
Whittaker re treatment, 819. Sergeant-Major Whitton re pension, 786, 1222.

Complaints (fortt cases) Investigated by Major Todd: — ^See pages 1076, 1087.

Complaints (specific) Investigated by Major Ingall: — See pages 1168-78.

Complaints (samples of) Reported to Committee by Major Ingall: — See pages 1185-1191.

Conference, Interprovincial re Employment for Returned Soldiers : — Memo, of suggestion
adopted at Ottawa, 616. Clause of report of the Conference read by the Chairman, 710.
Letter of the Prime Minister of Ontario regarding the problem of taking care and pro-
viding employment for returned members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 948.
See also Soldiers' Aid Commissions, Provincial.

Convalescent Homes and Sanatoria :— See evidence of Colonel Alfred Thompson, pages 32-61.
Of Hon. J. S. McLennan, 84-90. Of Mr. T. B. Kidner, 90-133. Of Mr E. H. Scammell,
231-240. Of Lieut.-Col. Smith, 418. Of Dr. Shepherd, 4 29. Of Mr. Doble, 435. Of
Trooper Brown, 470-78. Of Captain Grey, 567. Of Major McTaggart, 581. Of Major
G. E. Hall, 585. Of Dr. Walker, re New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Homes, 503. Of
Mr. W. K. George re Toronto Homes, 639. Of Major Munn, 668. Of Capt. Farrar, 691.
Of Col. Marlow re his inspection and report, 166-230, 724-769. Of Mr. Scammell, 951-
994. Of Mr. S. A. Armstrong, 998-1009. Of Surgeon-General Fotheringham re military
control over the convalescent returned soldier, 1223-46. Of Dr. Byers re treatment of
tuberculous patients in sanatoria at Ste. Agathe, 458-466. See also exhibit submitted
by Mr. MacCoy, respecting homes in Nova Scotia, 611.

Discharge, Soldiers': — Classification of men for immediate discharge (Col. Sharpies), 10, 11.
Discharge paper used at Quebec is of a very poor quality (Lieut.-Col. Hendrie), 1094.
When and how men are discharged, 352-54. Authority to discharge, how delegated
(Major-General Wilson), 399. Causes for discharge (Major-General Logie), 631-32.
List of discharged Ontario soldiers under occupations, 315. Number of Class E men
awaiting discharge in England, 497. Classified return showing number of men discharged,
in Military District No. 2, 1027. Table showing number of Class 1 men for immediate
discharge, 1092.

Disembarkation Depots : — Procedure followed at Quebec, Halifax and St. John with returning
soldiers (Col. Sharpies), 9-16. How returning soldiers are received and transported to
destination (Brig.-Cieneral Biggar), 62. Medical aspect of work at Quebec Depot (Col.
Marlow), 804. •

Employment for Returned Soldiers: — See Conference, etc., also Soldiers Aid Commissions.

Enlistments: — Number of men enlisted in No. 4 Military District (Major-General Wilson),
597, 498. Number of men enlisted in No. 2 Military District (Major-General Logie),
625. Statement of the Units that have left Military District No. 2 since 1st Contingent,


FORESTRY AND RAILROAD CONSTRUCTION UNITS: — Men With minor defects transferred to (Major-
General Wilson), 397. Class "B" men enlisted in (Lieut.-Col. Maclnnes), 354.

FUNCTIONAL Training and Re-education : — See Vocational Training, etc.

GREAT "War Veterans Association (G.W.V.A.) : — See Soldiers' Associations, etc.

Industrial, Educational and Municipal aid re Employment : — Armstronu, Mr. P. C, Super-
intendent of Dominion Bridge Company — Have employed 625 returned soldiers — Extra
liability entailed in some cases — A mistake to treat the soldier as an object of charity,
562-67. Church, Mayor T. L., Toronto — What Toronto has done and is doing for the
returned soldier — Returned men who apply for work — Accommodation for convalscents,
713-23. Grasett, Lieut.-Col, Toronto Chief of Police, — Police protection for returned
soldiers, 723. Harrison, Dr., Principal, Macdonald College, — Specialized forms of farm-
ing taught — Men should be divided into two classes for that — Some disabled
men have returned to college to complete their course, 448-49. Xclson, Controller J. W.,
Ottawa Council — Council divided into five groups who take weekly turns to look after
returned men — Municipal aid to Soldiers' Aid Commission, 327. Shortt, Dr. Adam,
Civil Service Commissioner — Orders in Council re preference given to returned soldiers
in the Government sei-vice, 370-81.

Insanity Cases: — Clause 28 of Regulations governing the payment of pensions, 137. Arrange-
ments made with nearly all provinces (Lieut. J. K. L. Ross), 146. List of insanity
cases, 149. How cases are distributed and treated (Capt Farrar), 691. List of insanity
cases, February 24, 1917, 998.

Khaki League, Montreal: — Ninety-five returned soldiers under treatment at the Home of
(Lieut-Col. Patch), 410. Work done by the League (Mr. Doble). 432-40. Duties of the
medical officer in cliarge of the Khaki League Home (Major McTaggart), 581. Co-
operate with the League in looking after the families of soldiers (Mrs. Rutherford), 493.

Land Settlement Schemes: — Instead of the Government giving land and $500 it would be
better if materials and implements were purchased for the men (Capt. Macpherson), 342.
There is a call for men in the West who could do agricultural engineering owing to the
use of the gasoline engine, the separator, the traction engine and so on (Dr. Harrison),
450. The group system of farms as planned by the Government of New Brunswick
(Major Tilley), 519.- Land settlement after the war (Major Tilley), 605. Would advise
the re-enlistment of returned soldiers and place them on Crown lands in the western
provinces to receive the same pay and allowance (Hon. Geo. A. Simard), 553. Sees no
reason why the colony scheme could not be made self-supporting in the case of the
returned soldier who receives a pension from the Government (Major Munn), 678.
Ontario Government scheme to assist the returned soldier to learn farming and for form-
ing land colonies (Hon. G. H. Ferguson), 707-712, and 791. When the land schemes are
taken up in the West there will be 50 per cent of the men who will go back to the farm (Mr.
Law), 861. Thinks that any land settlement scheme should be part of a general immi-
gration or colonization scheme so far as it affects soldiers. Another scheme would be
the community centre for a limited time (G. Harmon Jones), 874-882. From 50 to 60
per cent of the men coming back to Saskatoon are in favour of some grant. The chief
proposition is the community system of about 160 acres per man and a long term loan
with small interest. The disabled who are unable to work the land should not be
debarred. That financial assistance be given to returned homesteaders and those hold-
ing pe-emptions who are in financial difficulties (G. H. Herbert), 884-86. At a meeting
convened by our association, 70 per cent of those present signified their willingness to
become producers if a suitable land scheme were put forward (Sergt. -Major Guilfoyle),
911. A majority of the men at several meetings convened endorsed the suggestion that
320 acres of land are necessary to each man in Alberta — Horses, lumber and implements
to be supplied at wholesale rates — The land should not belong to the settler until he gets
his patent, but he should be paid for in\provements made to enable him to live (Geo.
Wells), 912-13. The principle adopted by the British Columbia Commission is a com-
munity settlement scheme — The land clearing in our province is a great factor (J. H.
Hill), 921. Land settlement scheme on Seabird Island, B.C. (W. Drinnan), 926. Recom-
mendations regarding community land settlement setting forth the provincial govern-
ment's purpose (See report submitted by Mr. Hill). 1041. Memorandum of Calgary
Veterans' Club re Land Settlement, 943. Scheme of the Toronto Housing Company re
Suburban Community Settlements for Returned Soldiers, 1145. Resolutions submitted to
the Committee re the Land Question (Messrs. Finn and Irwin), 1206-8.

Last Pay Certificate and Pass Book : — Complains present system causes delay in pay
(Trooper Brown), 485. Very general complaint about the last pay certificate — Pte.
Jones' case reported (Dr. Evans), 536. The pay book is the man's own personal property
although he may have handed it out to have it checked at Quebec — The officers at Quebec
give the returning soldier a certain amount on account which is recorded on his last pay
certificate (Major Wilson). 659. My pay book was taken from me at Quebec; I have
not seen it since (W. E. Turley), 772. When at Bath in 1916. my pay book was sent
to London and I have not seen it since (Sergt. -Major Whitton), 772. The man's last
pay «ertificate is forwarded to headquarters at Ottawa, his account is adjusted there,
and fresh last pay certificate (L.P.C.) is forwarded to Toronto (Lieut.-Col. Forbes), 825.
The man returns from overseas invariably with his pay book and is given an advance
of $10 when he arrives at Quebec (Lieut. Chadwick). 847. The last i>ay certificate has


been one source of great annoyance (Mr. McRae), 867. Explains grievance about men
not being allowed to keep their pay books (Mr. Borden), 1110. The soldier now takes
his pay book wherever he goes (Major Ingall), 1126.

Medical Boauds and Medical Examinations : — The Medical Board at Quebec classifies the
returned men into three classes (Col. Sharpies), 9-16. Highly qualified medical men
are employed at debarkation hospitals — Medical records in Canada and medical history
of the returning soldier (Col. Thompson), 33-35. How medical boards are constituted
(Col. Potter), 70. Reports of medical boards, how revised and checked (Col. Potter),
78. Re-examination of men for pension purposes (Lieut. Ross), 144. How medical
examinations were conducted during the winter of 1915-16 (Col. Marlow), 203-213. Cir-
cular letters instructing medical boards ?-e inspection and examination, 245-66. Rules
for the medical examination of recruits, 2SS. A Central Examining Board was started
in Montreal in the fall of 1915, to which every man had to be brought (Lieut-Col. Patch),
404. LTnfortunately there is no continuity of medical boards at the Discharge Depot
(Mr. MacCoy), 525. There should be a permanent Standing Medical Board for the
examination of men who are eligible for pensions (Major Purney), 53 2. Remarks and
suggestions respecting the medical aspect of work at Quebec Discharge Depot (Col.
Marlow), 8 04. The Medical Board at Winnipeg and men examined for pensions by a
specialist (Mr. Law), 852. Medical Board at Calgary very busy (Harold Hodgson), 908.
How appointments of medical men are made after the names have been approved by the
M. H. C. (Mr. Scammell), 975. See also evidence of Surgeon-General Fotheringham re
work of the C.A.M.C. with the M.H.C., 1223-47, and Medical Boards on Units, page 277.

Military Hospital Cars : — With our hospital cars it is hoped patients can be taken as far as
Winnipeg without a break (Brig.-General Biggar), 62. See also photogravures of cars
(Exhibit No. 3), 392-393.

Military Hospitals and Convalescent Homes Commission: — Armstrong, S. A., Director of
the Commission — Hospital accommodation throughout Canada, 999-1003. Insane might
be cared for in provincial institutions, IOCS. Percentage of tuberculosis cases from camps
^ very high, 1004. Orthopaedic Institutes, 1005-7. Byers, Dr. J. R., in charge of Sana-
toria at Ste. Agathe — Reads statement on care and treatment of patients — Sanitary pre-
cautions — Tables showing progress made, 458-466. Farrar, Dr. C. R., Specialist, on
insanity — Patients distributed into three classes according to mildness or severity found
to exist. Discipline necessai-y, 691-693. Forbes, Lieut.-Col, Medical Officer of M.H.C.,
Montreal — Organizing and re-equipping the Grey Nuns' Home — ^Suggestions re certain
differences discussed, 451-57. George, Mr. W. K. — Equipment of various convalescent
homes in Toronto — Accommodation at Whitby, Guelph and Hamilton, 639-47. Harris,
Lloyd — 3,000 beds to be installed in No. 2 Military District, including Guelph, 659.
LeCras, T. J., Superintendent of Orthopaedic Institute, Toronto— Number of orders for
limbs — Number of limbs completed — Prices, etc., 681-690. McLennan, Hon. J. S., mem-
ber of M. H. C. — General organization described — Vocational training in particular, 84-90.
ScammeJl, E. H., Secretary of Military Hospitals Commission — Orders in Council creat-
ing the MjH.'C, and convalescent homes — ^^Number of invalided men received per week — -
Accommodation provided for convalescents, 231-240 — The tubercular situation, 951-71.
Makes three recommendations re Government service, the land settlement question, 971-
74. Duties of the Army Medical Corps in respect to the Military Hospitals Commission,
974-982. Documents re additional power given the Commission, filed, 994-98. Shepherd,
Dr. F. J., Member of the Hospitals Commission, Montreal — Divided authority as at pre-
sent exists is an utter failure — Found twenty-five tuberculous patients in one room in
Grey Nuns Home, without the knowledge of the doctor, 428-32. Smith, Lieut. -Col. C. F.,
Member of Hospitals Commission, Local Committee, Montreal — Cost of buildings, salarie.'?
and number of cases treated, 418-22. How the returned soldier's position could be
improved regarding allowances — Patriotic Fund grants and pensions discus.sed — Families
assisted, 422-25. Relations between the A.D.M.S. and the M.H.C., 426-27. Thompson,
Col. A. T., Medical Soiperintendent of M. H. C, Ottawa — Reads Orders in Council creat-
ing the Commission, 26-32. Describes five classes of hospitals for treatment of the
returned soldier, 32-34. How medical history of every man is recorded, 35. Cases under
treatment, number of, 3,779. Active treatment hospitals described — Tubercular
hospitals — Orthopaedic Institutes, 38-44. Vocational department, 44-45. Alcohol and
syphilis, two great factors In insanity, 52. Venereal cases, 52-56. Total number
(10,863) of beds available, 60. Walker, Dr., member of St. John (N.B.) M.H.C.
Describes organization of Commission in New Brunswick, 503. Tubercular cases sent
to Ste. Agathe and Lake Edward, 504. Accommodation at St. John — Papers sent to
Halifax — The delay is not at Ottawa, 504-5.

Military Hospitals Commission Command: — Sharpies, Colonel — Officer Commanding, 9-26.
Hall, Major G. E., Officer Commanding, Montreal "A" Unit — Duties of — Reports to Col.
Sharpies, General Wilson and General Fages, 584. Answers criticisms of administration
and discipline in respect to Grey Nuns Convalescent Home, 585-602. Wilson, Major,
Officer Commanding, Toronto "D" Unit — Pay book and last pay certificate explained —
Punishment described, 659-60. Necessity of having conducting officers sent with men
from Quebec. 661-62. Responsible to General Logie for discipline and to Col. Sharpies
for interior economy and administration, 662-68.

Minnewaska and Gravenhurst Sanatoria: — Accommodation and treatment at (Col. Marlow),
214-18. In some respects not suitable (Major Munn), 675, Weekly charges to patientar
675, 743. Men discharged from the institution prematurely (Col. Marlow), 744-46.
Correspondence between Mr. Gage and Col. Marlow and Dr. Kendall re provision for
patients at Gravenhurst, 747-48.


National Service Board of Canada: — Peterson, Mr. Chas. W., Secretary — Describes card sent
to Overseas forces to be filled in by the men — Occupational survey of Canada to be
obtained — Forms submitted to Committee — Co-operation with provinces aimed at re dis-
tribution of soldiers for employment, 1147-53. Copies of letters sent out to Boards of
Trade and Organized Labour, 1153-58.

Orders in Council, government Bills, Charters, etc. : — Creating the Military Hospitals Com-

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