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The Montgomery Family


JULY 1915~


No American family can proclaim a more distin-
guished or more ancient lineage than the Montgom-
ery's. The founder of the line in America, William
Montgomerie, settled in East Jersey in 1701-02, but
the pedigree is easily traceable many generations back
of that period; indeed, fully a thousand years beyond
the present year of grace.

The earliest record of the family extend to Roger
de Montgomerie, a native of Neustria, who was "Count
of Montgomerie before coming of Rollo" in 912.
Though of French extraction the Montgcmeries thus
became absorbed in and assimilated with the Norman
dynasty, which was established by Duke Rollo, fol-
lowing his descent upon and capture of that section
of the domain of Charles the Simple.

Count William de Montgomerie and Hugh de
Montgomerie, his brother, great-grandsons of the
Roger de Montgomerie above mentioned, are thus
spoken of by Ordericus Vitalis:

"William and Hugh, the two sons of Roger de
Montgomerie, were turbulent during Duke William's

Ordericus furthermore accuses the elder of the
brothers of having assassinated Osberne de Crepon,
High Steward of Normandy. The assault is said to
have taken place while the victim was sleeping in
the chamber of Duke William, who was then a minor.
For this act he received speedy vengeance, as Barnon
de GIos, Osberne's steward, surrounded William in
his castle, and, setting fire to it, destroyed him and
all his accomplices.

Montgomery Family

Hugh de Montgomerie, son of William de Mont-
gomerie, married Osberne's cousin Josseline, daughter
of Tourode, Sire de Pont Audemer, whose wife, Weva
Duceline de Crepon, was a sister of Duchess Gonnor,
wife of Richard Sans Peur, the great-grandmother of
William the Conqueror.

The eldest son of Hugh de Montgomerie, namely.
Roger de Montgomerie, Count of Montgomerie, and
Viscount d'Exmes, accompanied his cousin, William
of Normandy, in his invasion of England, and, at the
battle of Hastings, October I 4, 1 066, is said to have
commanded the advance division of the Norman

Thus the Montgomeries found foothold in the
British Isles, and the English, Scottish and Irish
branches of the family extended and developed. In
diplomacy, literature, journalism and religion the name
has ever since been more or less prominent. The poet
and hymn writer, the Rev. James Montgomery, ranks
high among English men of letters.

In our own country, from the days of Colonel
Richard Montgomery, of heroic memory, the name
has been one of the highest type and character.

In American Colonial records the Montgomerys,
of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky
were among those who made history, and they were
foremost among the pioneers who blazed the way
through the wilderness of the new world.

The descendants of the first American Montgom-
erys now number many thousands, and this modest
little chronicle will endeavor from time to time to per-
petuate the history, the song, the story and the ro-
mance surrounding this distinguished family. Many
priceless Colonial records have been lost to literature,
but with the hope that much of the Montgomery tra-
dition, record and fact can still be found available
and preserved for future generations this publication
is undertaken. W. M. C.

Montgomery Family

(From original records)
Montgomery, Archibald, of Perry Township, Lancas-
ter, Pa., 25 December, 1773. Probated
21 June, 1774:
To son Archibald.
To daughter Mary.
To daughter, wife of Robert Walker.
To daughter, wife of Samuel Hannah.
Montgomery, Christina, widow of Robert, Sunbury,
Pa., 5 February, 1815.
To sons Robert, John, William and David.
To grandson William, son of William.
To Robert's daughter, Christina.
To daughter Jane, wife of Rev. John Bryson.
To daughter Margaret, wife of William Gallahan.
Montgomery, Jane, of the town of Milton, Sunbury,
Pa., 1 August, 1806.
To daughter Sarah, wife of George Whitehill.
To daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Bull.
To daughter Nancy.

To son Robert and son James Moody Montgom-
To Peggy and Dorcas.
To my sister Nancy Porter.
To my sister Mary Hall.
Montgomery, John, of Lurgan Township, Carlisle, Pa.,
21 July, 1779.
To brothers Thomas, Robert, William and Hum-
To sister Elizabeth, wife of James Smith.
Montgomery, John, of Turbutt Township, Northum-
berland County, Sunbury, Pa., 1 2 Decem-
ber, 1 792.
To wife Christina.
To sons Robert, John and David.
To daughter Jane.
To daughter Margaret.
To youngest daughter Sarah.

Montgomery Family

Montgomery, John, of Carlisle, Pa., 1 8 September,

To wife Sarah.

To daughter Sydney.

To daughter Esther, wife of James Morrison.

To daughter Jean, wife of Samuel Edmiston.

To son John. ,,

To son Dr. William.

To daughter Sarah, wife of David Harris.

To grandson John, son of Samuel Edmiston.
Montgomery, Mary, of Little Britain, Lancaster, Pa.,

~ 21 May, 1788. Probated 22 June, 1788.

To granddaughter Elizabeth McClain.

To son-in-law John McClain.

To grandson William McClain.

To sons Moses and Robert.
Montgomery, Robert, of Lancaster County, 6 October,

1 1 748.

To son John.

To wife Elizabeth.

To sons-in-law Eugene Tolan, Robert Clark and
George Clark.

To daughter Rebecca Lee.

To Thomas Dyerman.
Montgomery, Robert, of Paxton Township, Lancaster,
Pa., 29 November, 1774.

To wife Sarah.

To daughter Mary Dunken.

To daughter Elizabeth Gallacher.

To sons John, Hugh and David.
Montgomery, Samuel, of Hopewell Township, Cum-
berland County, Carlisle, Pa., 20 February,
1 765.

To wife Hannah.

To nephew Thomas.
Montgomery, Sarah, of Lancaster, Pa., 31 August,
1 784. Probated 9 December, 1 784.

To sons David, William and John.

To daughter Mary Duncan.

Montgomery Family

To daughter Elizabeth Gallacher.
To granddaughter Sarah Gallacher.
To Hugh's daughter Mary.
Montgomery, Thomas, of Little Britain, Lancaster, Pa.,
5 September, 1 770.
To my daughter Jean Montgomery Campbell.
To grandson Thomas Campbell.
To granddaughter Rebecca Campbell.
Montgomery, Thomas, of Newton Township, Carlisle,
Pa., 14 March, 1781.
To wife Susannah.
To daughter Margaret.
To grandson Thomas.
To granddaughter Mary.
To son William.

To Sarah and Mary, daughters of my son An-
Montgomery, William, of Little Britain, Lancaster, Pa.,
7 April, 1 782. Probated 20 June, 1 782.
To wife Mary.

To grandson William Montgomery.
To "my negro boy Pompey."
To grandson William McClean.
To daughter Agnes McClean.
To son David.
Montgomery, William, cf Carlisle, Pa., 15 November,
To wife Margaret.
To my five daughters Susan, Ann, Rebecca, El-

lenor and Elizabeth.
To grandson William Montgomery Holmes.
Montgomery, William, of Turbutt Township, Sunbury,
Pa., 22 September, 1 828.
To sons John and William.
To daughter Nancy.

Rev. Joseph Montgomery was preaching at Lima-
ville, Stark County, Ohio, in 1840.

Montgomery Family


Mr. Lothrop Withington, a well-known genealo-
gist of Boston, many years of whose life was spent in
England and Ireland, was one of the ill-fated passen-
gers on the steamship "Lusitania." Mr. Withington
some years prior to his death had made extensive
genealogical researches in Ireland, and to the Mont-
gomery family he paid a glowing tribute.

In these days of wars and rumors of wars, of
fighting nations and fighting men, some words con-
cerning the Montgomeries, penned by the late Mr.
Withington, will be read with more than the ordinary
interest. Of the Montgomeries of the north of Scot-
land he wrote:

"In my notes from Irish records, gathered by me
incidentally in the course of many years' occasional
research in Dublin and elsewhere, concerning various
Ulster emigrant families the first and most important
is the connection of our famous General Richard Mont-
gomery. As a fact, the Montgomeries overshadow the
whole of Ulster, just as the Fitzgeralds do the rest of
Ireland. It is said that Lord Mount Alexander at one
time could ride at the head of a regiment all Mont-
gomeries. In the last Irish Parliament were no less
than five Montgomeries, the handsomest men not only
in the Parliament but in Ireland, according to tradi-
tion. The ramifications of the Ulster Montgomeries
are endless."

In the Washington County, Pa., Rangers, 1 778
to 1 783, were William, Alexander, Thomas and John
Montgomery. At the same time Samuel Montgomery ,
was in the ranks of the Bedford County, Pa., Rangers.
In Cumberland County were Samuel, William and Au-
gust. In Northumberland County were Samuel and

Among the U. S. pensioners in 1833 was Thomas
Montgomery, of Nelson County, Ky., aged 84 years.


Montgomery Family

Mecklenburg County.

August 1, 1795 — John Montgomery to Mary Clark.

January 8, 1800 — James Montgomery to Rebekah

February 26, 1802 — John Montgomery to Margaret
Begett (or Buhet).

November 15, 1804 — Robert Montgomery to Elianor

March 28, 1812 — Samuel Montgomery to Rachel

July 14, 1827 — John Montgomery to Mary Wiley.

December 27, 1831 — John H. Montgomery to Han-
nah E. Moore.

April 15, 1846 — Wilson Montgomery to Mary A.

June 16, 1846 — James Montgomery to Delila Her-

January 17, 1849 — R. F. Montgomery to Eliza Jane

^February 13, 1855 — R. C. Montgomery to Margaret
B. Wallace.

^December 8, 1859 — R. C. Montgomery to Mary E.

*June 15, 1865 — A. F. Montgomery to E. A. Brown.

July 6, 1 869 — Still Montgomery, son of J. Montgom-
ery, to Emily Porter.

November 28, 1869 — Samuel Montgomery, son of
James and Delilah Montgomery, to Mrs. Jane

September 6, 1871 — C. G. Montgomery, son of I. D.
and C. A. Montgomery, to Isabella Davidson.

February 25, 1875 — Robert W. Montgomery to Har-
riet Jamison.

December 7, 1876 — James F. Montgomery to Mary


December 17, 1878 — J. W. Montgomery to Sallie

Montgomery Family

October 30, 1880 — W. A. Montgomery to Maggie
V. Springs.

December 13, 1881 — J. W. Montgomery to A. C

February 15, 1882 — James F. Montgomery to Jane

June 2, 1 884 — James Montgomery to Margaret Cald-

Ones marked by star (*) are dates of ceremony
as given by the ministers.

Rowan County.

February 23, 1825 — James C. Montgomery to Deli-
lah Hill.

August 4, 1851 — James Montgomery to Leah Earn-

December 7, 1841 — James A. Montgomery to Mar-
garet Phifer.

January 11, 1845 — Nicholas Montgomery to Jane


Will of Thomas Montgomery (yeoman), Mill
Creek, Hundred, May 17, 1 794. Wife Mary; sons
Benjamin, William Alexander, Thomas, James, Rob-
ert, Daniel, Samuel, David and Moses. Son John's
three children, Minta, Mele and James. Daughter
Margaret, married to William Faron. Daughter Mary.
Executor, son Moses. (Eleven sons.)

Will of Robert Montgomery (yeoman), Mill
Creek Hundred, June 12, 1775. Wife Martha (?);
tons Robert, William and Hugh Montgomery.

Daughters Jane, Margaret Griffith, Sarah McCuI-
lough and Martha Wilson. Executrix, wife Martha;
executor, son Hugh.

Chris. Hundred, 1 779, mentions two grand-
daughters, Catharine and Elenor Montgomery.


Montgomery Family

(From original County Records.)

Montgomery, Alexander, and Margaret Eaune, May
30, 1774, Norfolk County, Va.

Montgomery, Andrew, and Nancy Hall (or Hull),
July 17, 1801, Westmoreland County, Va.

Montgomery, Anne, and Samuel Walker, January 23,
1797, Westmoreland County, Va.

Montgomery, Betsy, and Cathy Sehom, May 6, 1812,
Rockbridge County, Va.

Montgomery, Catharine, and Henry Miller, January
25, 1816, Rockbridge County, Va.

Montgomery, Clayton, and Mary Montgomery, May
18, 1807, Amherst County, Va.

Montgomery, Elizabeth, and James J. Flournoy, No-
vember 4, 1819, Rockbridge County, Va.

Montgomery, Emily, and William Doleman, Decem-
ber 14, 1796, Westmoreland County, Va.

Montgomery, James and Elizabeth Hall, November 7,
1803, Westmoreland County, Va.

Montgomery, James, and Martha Hall, October 15,
1807, Rockbridge County, Va.

Montgomery, Jean, and James Johnston, December

17, 1807, Rockbridge County, Va.
Montgomery, Rev. John and Margaret McCutcheon.

November 3, 1 795, Augusta County, Va.
Montgomery. John, and Sarah Dyer Thelaball, June

12, 1765, Norfolk County, Va.
Montgomery, Katharine, and Isaac Bledsoe, 1771,

Culpepper County, Va.
Montgomery, Marv, and Clayton Montgomery, May

18, 1807, Amherst County, Va.
Montgomery, Mary, and Edward Porter, May 23,

1 822, Westmoreland County, Va.
Montgomery, Nancy, and William Johnson, Decem-
ber 5, 1805, Rockbridge County, Va.
Montgomery, Polly, and John McCorkle, May 15,

1800, Rockbridge County, Va.
Montgomery, Polly, and Edward McKemy, October


Montgomery Family

18, 1821, Rockbridge County, Va.
1820, Rockbridge County, Va.
Montgomery, Thomas, and Nancy Gore, April 5,


(From a Government Blue Book published In 1833.)

J. M. C. Montgomery, postmaster at Standing Peach
Tree, Georgia, 1833.

William Montgomery, postmaster at White River,
Arkansas Territory, 1833.

W. W. Montgomery, pension agent at New Orleans,
1833. Born in Ireland.

William R. Montgomery, first lieutenant, U. S. Mili-
tary Academy, 1833. Born in New Jersey.

Alexander Montgomery, U. S. Army Cadet, 1833.
Born in Pennsylvania.

U. M. C. Montgomery, postmaster at Clear Creek,
Georgia, 1833.

Jones Montgomery, postmaster at Bono, Indiana,
1833. Salary, $29.53.

Thomas Montgomery, postmaster at Stamford, New-
York, 1833.

William Montgomery, postmaster at Montgomery,
Tennessee, 1833.

Hugh Montgomery, War Department, Cherokee
Agency, 1833. $1500. Born in South Caro-

James Montgomery, postmaster at Hurricane Shoals,
Georgia, 1833.

William M. Montgomery, postmaster at Fort Seneca,
Ohio, 1833.

William Montgomery, postmaster at Harmony Grove,
Pennsylvania, 1833.

Joseph Montgomery died at North Union, Ohio,
a Shaker settlement, 5 October, 1878, aged 68 years.


Montgomery Family


1 709, February 8 — Robert Montgomerie, married
Sara Stacy, in Burlington, N. J.

1715, August 13 — David Montgomery married Sarah
Darling, in Salem, Mass.

1 720, February 26 — James Montgomery, born to
Robert Montgomery and Sarah Stacy, in Mon-
mouth County, N. J. ; married Esther Wood, May
15, 1746; died Monmouth County, N. J. 1759.

1 723, September — William Montgomery died in
Crosslogdrum, County Antrim, Ireland, leaving
wife Ann and five children. He had brothers
John and Henry.

1736, June 21 — John Montgomery married Eliza Lo-
gan, in Philadelphia, Pa.

1 736, December 2 — Richard Montgomery, born in
Convoy House, near Raphoe, Ireland. Married
Janet Livingston, King's Bridge, N. Y., 1774;
died November 18, 1804, in Albany, N. Y.

1 737, September 29 — Archibald Montgomery, mar-
ried Sarah Winter, in First Presbyterian Church,
Philadelphia, Pa.

1 738, October — Jane Montgomery, of Londonderry,
Ireland, arrived in Gloucester, Mass., having
eloped with Stephen Richardson, of England.

1 748, October 22 — Robert Montgomery, born to
James Montgomery and Esther Wood, in Mon-
mouth County, N. J. ; married ( 1 ) Margaret
Leonard, November 14, 1771; (2) Elizabeth
Newell, June 22, 1778; died July 5, 1828.

1 748, November 1 — Sarah Montgomery, married
William Morrison, in North Bridgewater, Mass.

1 748, November — Robert Montgomery, died in Lan-
caster County, Pa. ; wife's name Elizabeth.

1 750, July 7 — John Montgomery, born to Robert
Montgomery and Esther Wood, in Monmouth
County, N. J. ; married Mary Crathorne, Novem-


Montgomery Family

ber 3, 1785, in Philadelphia; died March 16,

I 751, March 19 — Sarah Montgomery, married Charles
Garaway, in Philadelphia, Pa.

1752, January 30 — William Montgomery, born to
James Montgomery and Esther Wood, in Mon-
mouth County, N. J. ; married Rachel Harvey,
October 25, 1 781 ; died March 4, 1831.

1 752, November 29 — Samuel Montgomery, married
Elizabeth Faris, in Christ Church, Philadelphia,

1 755, November 22 — James Montgomery, born to
James Montgomery and Esther Wood, in Phila-
delphia, Pa.; married Mrs. Ellen Reading Rogers;
died in New Jersey, June, 1832.

1756, April 12 — James Montgomery, died in Upper
Freehold, Monmouth County, N. J. Third son
of William and Isabell Burnett Montgomery, born
in ancestral estate in Ayreshire, Scotland; mar-
ried Mary .

1 75 7, October — John Montgomery, died in Leacock
Township, Lancaster County, Pa.

1 758, May 7 — John Montgomery, appointed captain
of militia, Chester County, Pa.

1 758, August 30 — Joseph Montgomery, born to James
Montgomery and Esther Wood, in Monmouth
County, N. J.; died 1776.

1 762, January — James Montgomery, died in Leacock
Township, Lancaster County, Pa.

1 762, March 1 5 — Samuel Montgomery, registered as
master of brigantine "Jane," Philadelphia, Pa.

1762, December 1 — Thomas Montgomery, master of
ship "Salley," received letters of marque, Phila-
delphia, Pa.

1 764, August — James Montgomery, died in Lancaster,

1765, February 1 — Samuel Montgomery, died in
Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, Pa.;
wife's name Hannah.


Montgomery Family

I 765, May — James Montgomery, son of Hugh, died
in York, Pa.

1 766, March 6 — Jonathan Montgomery, commanded
U. S. brig "Abigail."

1766, October 21 — Catherine Montgomery, married
Duncan McMillan, in Christ Church, Philadel-
phia, Pa.

1766, December 1 — Hugh Montgomery, made cap-
tain of U. S. "Effingham," Pennsylvania Navy.

1767, August 1 7 — Robert Montgomery, married Dor-
cas Armitage, in Philadelphia, Pa.

1 767, September 2 — Jonathan Montgomery, married

Eliza Hawkins, in Christ Church, Philadelphia.

1767, November 12 — James Montgomery, married

Mary Bowes, daughter of Captain Hugh Bowes,

in Christ Church, Philadelphia, Pa.

1769, August 30 — Hugh Montgomery, married Ame-
lia Irvine, in Philadelphia, Pa.

1 770, July 6— James Montgomery, commanded U. S.
brig "Charlotte."

1770, July 11 — Rev. Joseph Montgomery, married
Rachel Boyce, in Philadelphia, Pa.

1771, January 1 — Thomas Montgomery, died in Lit-
tle Britain, Lancaster County, Pa.

1771, February 28 — John Montgomery, married Mar-
garet Henry, in Massachusetts.

1771, May — William Montgomery, died in York
County, Pa.

1771, November 4 — James Montgomery, the poet,
born in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland; died Sheffield,
England, April 30, 1854.

1772, April 25 — John Montgomery, married Jane
Blaylock, in First Presbyterian Church, Phila-
delphia, Pa.

1772, October 6 — John Montgomery, married Anne

McFarland, in Philadelphia, Pa.
1772, October 12 — Elizabeth Montgomery, married

John Rice, in Philadelphia, Pa.


Montgomery Family

t 774. June — Archibald Montgomery, died in Perry

Township, Lancaster County, Pa.
!774. July 4 — Mary Montgomery, wife of Captain

James Montgomery, died in Philadelphia, Pa.

She was a daughter of Captain Hugh Bowes.

1774, November 20 — Robert Montgomery, died in
Paxton Township, Lancaster County, Pa.; wife's
name Sarah.

1775, December 31 — Richard Montgomery, died in
the battle of Quebec, aged 38 years.

1776, November — James Montgomery, died Fanet
Township, near Carlisle, Pa.

1776, December 30 — Alexander Montgomery, de-
serted from U. S. Navy in Philadelphia, Pa.

1777, August 26 — James Montgomery, died in West-
moreland County, Pa.; his widow, Martha, lived
until 1824.

1777, September 26 — James Montgomery, enlisted in
Cumberland County, Pa., militia.

1 778, January 1 5 — William Montgomery, married
Mary Rhea, in Monmouth County, N. J. ; died in

1778, March 28 — William Montgomery, enlisted in
Cumberland County, Pa., militia.

1778, May 1 — James Montgomery, son of Pajrick,
died in York, Pa.

1778, December 1 7— William W. Montgomery, born
to William Montgomery and Mary Rhea in New
Jersey; married Marie d'Elincourt in 1813; died
in New Orleans, La., October I, 1864.

1 779, July — John Montgomery, died in Luazan Town-
ship, Carlisle, Pa.

1 780, May 30 — James Montgomery, made loans to
the State of New York.

1780, June 21 — Matthew Montgomery, enlisted in
Lancaster County, Pa., militia.

1780, December 1 — Huldah Montgomery, married
John Rhea, in Philadelphia, Pa.

1 781, March 14 — Thomas Montgomery, died in New-


Montgomery Family

ton Township, near Carlisle, Pa. ; wife's name

1781, March 25 — William Montgomery, married Ra-
chel Harney, in Philadelphia, Pa.
1 782, June — William Montgomery, died in Little

Britain, Lancaster County, Pa. ; wife's name

1 785, July 30 — Andrew Montgomery, mate on U. S.

"Dolphin,'* captured at Algiers.
1 785, August 22 — Martha P. Montgomery, born in

Lincoln County, Ky. ; married Richard H. Lee.

Stanford, Ky., March 3, 1803; died September

25, 1835.
1 785, November 3 — John Montgomery, married Mary

Crathorne, in Christ Church, Philadelphia, Pa.
1 786, April 3 — Joseph Montgomery, married May

Clark, in Philadelphia, Pa.

(To be continued)


(From the Sugar Creek Church (Mecklenburg County) New Burying

1. In memory of Josiah Montgomery. Died July 22,

1857, aged 63 years.

2. Mary Montgomery, consort of Josiah Montgom-

ery. Died June 20, 1865, in the 64th year
of her age.

3. John P. C. Montgomery, died a prisoner at El-

mira, N. Y., February 5, 1865, in the 25th year
of his age.

4. Mary J. Hunter, wife of Hugh M. Hunter, and

daughter of Josiah and Mary Montgomery.
Born November 11, 1823. Died October 21,

At Walkill, Ulster County, N. Y., 5 January,

1 777, at a sale of Lady Johnson's goods, Joseph

Montgomery bought one blanket, price two pounds.
* * *


Montgomery Family

(From a Correspondent)

My father's name was Joseph Montgomery. My
mother's name was Frances Bagby. My people came
through Virginia to Kentucky and from Kentucky to
Illinois just about eighty years ago. He had brothers
Nathan, Clayton, Nelson and Alexander. My grand-
father's name was Nathan. In one of the lives of
Daniel Boone my grandfather is mentioned as one of
those who took part with him in the Indian wars in
Kentucky, but I do not know who his father was. I
only know that they came from the central part of
Virginia. S. B. M.


Dr. J. H. Montgomery came from Ireland to
Georgia in 1 788. He married Mary Bird, of Mary-
land. His grandson. William Watts Montgomery, was
born in Augusta, Ga., I 1 November, 1827.

In the War of the Revolution the following Mont-
gomerys enlisted from New York State: Alexander,
Elijah, Ezekiel, Hugh, James, John, Peter, Richard
and Robert.

On 30 May, 1 780, James Montgomery loaned
money to the State of New York. In 1 782, Hugh
Montgomery, of New York, was given land bounty

* ♦ ♦

Judson M. Montgomery died at Randolph, Vt.,
12 June, 1862, aged 27 years.

Alexander Montgomery, a cousin of General
Richard Montgomery, came from County Donegal,
Ireland, to New York City about 1778. His chil-
dren were James, John, Alexander and Nancy, whose
children intermarried.


The Montgomery Family




"In a grand tournament held in Paris, on the occa-
sion of a great festival in honor of one of the royal family,
the King of France, Henry II. having vanquished seven
noble antagonists, challenged the Count of Montgomery
to break a pair of lances with him. The Count accepted.
"The king and his gallant subject met in full array
in the presence of the noblest assemblage in France;
on the first tilt, a fragment of the lance held by the
Count struck the king in his left eye, at the instant when

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