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io8 Copies Privately Printed,

of ivhich this is No. O O .

Signed y^ , r /c^ c^-^

Cross & Jackman, Printers &: Publishers, 6, High Street.




Names of Subscribers . . . . . . . . . . . . i

Forewords . . . . . . . . , . , . . , iii

Books Relating to Canterbury, by J. M. C. . . . . vii

Explanation of Abbreviations . . . . . . . . viii

T? Marriage Allegations . . . . . . . . , . . , i

Index of Matches — Females . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 5

Index of Stray Names.. .. .. .. .. .. 1153

Index of Places beyond the County of Kent .. .. 1204

Index of Trades and Professions .. .. .. .. 1206


Amherst, of Hackney, The Right Hon. Lord. <?, Grosvenor Square, W.

Payne-Smith, The Very Reverend, Robert, D.D., Dean of Canterbury

Cust, The Lady Ehzabeth. / 7, Ecdestoii Square, S. W.

Grace, Mrs. INI. P. 70, Belgrave Square, S.W.

Anderson, Alderman J. A. Hillside House, Faversham

Athill, Charles H., Esq., F.S.A. Richmond Herald. Colltge of Anns, B.C. . .

Bottle, Alexander, Esq. 4, Godivyne Road, Dover . .

Boyle, Colonel the Hon. Robert P>. 0, Stunner Terrace, Onslo'cu Square, S.W. . .

British Museum, l"he. London . .

Brown, James Roberts, Esq. 7, Trei^unler Road, Kensington, S. W.

Browing, Arthur Giraud, Esq., P\S.A. Spencer Lodge, Wandsivorth Common, S. W.

Canterbury Corporation Library. Canterbury

Central Library, The. Syracuse, N.Y., U.S.A.

Chapman, H. Mapleton, Esq. 6". Martin s Priory, Canterbury

Clark, George 'P., Esq. Talygarn, Llantrissent {cjo Messrs. Hy. Sotheran and Co.,

Cokayne, George Edward, Esq., F.S.A. Norroy King of Arms. College of
Arms, E.C.

Crisp, Fred A., Esq. Grove Park, Denmark Hill, S.L'.

CuUeton, Leo., Esq. -'5, Cranbourn Street, W.C. . .

Dawes, Sir Edwyn Sandys, K.C.RLG. Mount Ephraim, Hernhill, Faversham . .

Duncan, Leiand Lewis, Esq., F.S.A. Rosslair, Lingard's Road, L^ewishani, S.E.

Foster, Joseph, Esq., M.A. Oxon. Ji, Boundary Road, N.W.

Fry, George S., Esq. Ccedmon, Albert Road, Walthamstow . .

Gibbs, Henry Hucks, Esq., F.S.A. Aldenham House, Elstree, Herts. . .

Goodwin, The Rev. Leslie E., M.A. Aldington Rectory, Hythe

Griffin, Herbert J., Esq. Iquique, Chili . ,

Heaton, John Henniker, Esq., M.P. jC, Eaton Square, S.W.

Henniker-Gotley, The Rev. George. Gtvve House, Wtin, Salop

Hovenden, Robert, Esq., F.S.A. Park Hill Road, Croydon . .

Kent Archaeological Society, The. Maidstone

Langley, A. F., Esq. Golding, Peterston super Ely, Cardiff . .

Lea, J. Henry, Esq. Cedarhurst, Fairhaveti, Mass., U.S.A. {cjo Messrs. B/oivn,
fatison aud Co., ^2, Abchurch Lane, E.C.)

Lockett, Cyril, Esq. Alexandra Drive, Liverpool . .

^laddison, Rev. A. R., ALA., F.S.A. Vicars' Court, Lincoln


Marshnll, George William, Esq., L.L.D., F.S.A., Rouge Croi.\. College of

Arms, E.C. . .
Marsham, The Hon. Robert, M.A., F.S.A., F.(i.S. 5, Chesterfield Street

Mayfair, W. . . '.

Mason, Charles A. J., Esq. jq, Emperor's Gate, S. W.
May, Sam. P.. Esq. :?yj, Centre Street, Newton, Mass., U.S.A.
Mercer, William John, Esq. /.?, Marine Parade, Maigate . .
Moens, William John Charles, Esq., F.S.A. Tweed, Lymington, Hampshire
Morin, Alex., Esq. High Holborn, W.C. . .

Munch", lizekiel W., Esq. Central Library, Syracuse, NtW York, U.S.A.
New England Historic Genealogical Society. iS, Somerset Street, Boston, Mass.
" U.S.A., per John Ward Dean, Esq., Librarian

Nicholls, J. Mayne, Esq. _'', Woodhouse Terrace, Falmouth

Oliver, Vere L., Esq. Whitmore Lodge, Sunninghill

Pembroke, George P. A., Esq. //, King's Bench Walk, Inner Temple, E.C.

Scott-Gatty, A. S., Esq., F.S.A. York Herald. College of Arms, E.C.

Smith, Major-General W. H. u, St. Geoiges Square, Primrose Hill, N.W.

Thornton, Major-General H. T. Junior United Service Club, and ^j, St. Gear

Place, Canterbury
Tritton, J. H., Esq. jV, Lombard Street, E.C.

Unwin, George, Esq. Chilworth, Surrey, and 24, Pilgrim Street, E.C.
Venn, Dr. John. Caius College, Cambridge
Welch, Charles, Esq., F.S.A. For the Library of the Corporation of London

Guildhall, E.C.
Wilkic, Rev. Christopher Hales, M.A. Kingslojie Rectory, Canterbury
Woods, Sir Albert William, K.C.RLG., C.B., F.S.A. Garter King of Arms

College of Arms, E.C. ..


Tlie First Series of these Marriage Licences, issued two years ago, brought
the work to the end of the year 1618 ; this Series closes on March 24, 1 660-1.
The two series thus cover a period of ninety-three 3'ears, and contain about 18,000
Marriage Allegations. If the Allegations in this volume are compared with those
in the former, it will be seen that they give much more information, and that
they are, consequently, very much longer. I could, it is true, have made my
entries shorter by eliminating many details, but every elimination would have meant
the suppression of some useful or interesting matter. I might, for instance, have
omitted all reference to wedding dinners, wedding drinkings, wedding courtesies ;
the foul ways which prevented the interested parties from getting to Canterbury ; and
the reasons which induced persons, bent on matrimon\', to prefer a particular
church in which to be married. But then 1 should ha^■e left all the amusement
out of the book, and deprived my readers of the good (and bad) stories it contains,
and so have reduced it to a " proper " and dry-as-dust condition. I might, too,
have omitted thousands of the " stray names ; " but instead, and notwithstanding
the labour involved, I have endeavoured to give the whole of them, in the hope
that they may add to the usefulness of the work ; for they frequently give a clue
to the parishes in which families bearing the same name may be looked for. It
may also be noted that, whatever may be the value of the information here given,
that information is not limited to the County of Kent. A reference to the third
Index will show that places as far apart as Edinburgh and the Isle of Wight,
Lincoln and Holland, and Bristol and Calais, are represented, while the references
to London arc numerous.

It is necessary to draw attention to certain deficiencies in this Series. In
June, 1627, four pages of Allegations are missing. These pages probably contained
ten entries ; eight or nine of these I have supplied from various jjarish registers,
to each one so supplied, I have added a note. In 1643 there is a more serious
gap, which will be best explained by giving William Somner's own account of it.
On fol. 192, Vol. O., he wrote : —

" M"^ that by reason of the distraining and seizing of this amongst other
book's belonging to the oflice for non payment of a certaine Sesse imposed
on the Registers, by vertue of an ordinance of Parliament,* the Licences
happening from and after these last menc'oned vntill the xiiijth of October

* The reader should consult "The Journals of the House of Commons," April 14, 1643.


then next following, were entered and recorded in a certaine small paper hooke
made for that pur])ose and couered w*'' ]iarchm*, wliere they may be found by
the helpe of an Index at the end thereof. W : Somner."

The number of Allegations lost (so far) b}' this curious and untoward event is
about seventy, of which I have recovered from registers twenty-three. I need
hardly say I have made diligent search for the " certaine small paper booke " in
every place accessible to me ; but there is one place which, owing to my absence
from home on the two da}-s in each week on which the Cathedral Library is open,
I have not searched. I refer to tlie room in which William Somner's manuscripts
are kept.

In 1640 there is another gap. The six lea\-es following leaf 69 of Vol. P. have
disappeared. They were probably lost when the volume was bound or re-bound,
for the edges of the book have been cut. According to the Index the six leaves
contained 34 allegations, ol which I ha\e recovered 17 from parish registers; that
is to say, I have found 17 marriages which followed the making of the lost allega-
tions. Such as I have not succeeded in tracing will be found under the names as
they stand in the Index to Vol. P. {See Barham et Dawson, col. 60.)

Then there is the period between July 30, 1646, and August 17, 1660. Here
there is nothing to recover, for the simple reason that the functions of Archbishops,
Archdeacons, and Registrars, as well as the issue of Marriage Licences, were
suspended. It is useless to lament over what is lost : it is well to be thankful for
what we have left. And surely we have special reasons for being thankful, first,
that William Somner recovered his books from the hands of the tax collector, and,
second, that Somner, or some person of a like mind, managed to preserve the books
during the perilous years 1646 to 1660.-'^

And here, before I finally dismiss this list of what is missing, I must confess
to two omissions of my own, and ask the reader to supply them, (i) To the
allegation made by Thomas [enkcn of Westh^'the (col. 548), add " At S. George's,
Cant." (2) To that made by Thomas Parramore of Waltham (col. 740), add "At
S. Martin's, Cant."

Of what I may call uncommon Christian names but few will be found in this
volume, and of names which may be styled uncouth fewer still. Such names as
Faith, Hope, Charity, Mercy, Prudence, Patience, and Pleasant, have generally been
more or less popular, and the Puritans certainly had no monopoly of these, any
more than they had of the names of Patriarchs, Prophets, Evangelists, Apostles,
and other Biblical characters. Now and then a scriptural name certainly has an
odd look, but that is about all. Of these unusual names I quote the following : —
Abdias Pownoll, Abovehope Sharpie, Alveridus Hills, Appia Pyend, Atherie Straine,
Avarus Mount, Bashia Sharpie, Barsheba Betts, Bethulia Pierce, Booz Parker (feyn.),
Bruno Disbro, Cassamera Mathews, Dccmos Goldie, Egidia Tasseels, Elisan Day,
Emblem Wright, Fortunatus Gray, Fortune Downe, Freegift Boorne, Godly
* The Noncomformists of Canterbury did not take formal possession of the Cathedral until the sth

day of the 5th month, 1650. Sec Minute Book, Guildhall Street Chapel, Canterbury.


. Edwardes, Godward Freeman, Hopostill TiUlfn, Isa Kennett, Jov Star, judeos
Ferrers, Lezard (Eleazar) Day, Moravia Taylor, Xinian Burrell, Nisell Tritton,
Noneus Dolman, Obedience Cruttenden, Persis Taylor, Peace Fowesden, Please
vSwinford, Redeemed Compton, Remember Death Comper, Remembrance Smith,
Repent Clarke, Repentance Garrett, Rosania Sayer, Sacra Hutchcn, Surctriist
^^'illiams, Synollus Bell, Temperance Huntlc}-, Tremor Allam, Triih- Jones,
Zutphania Clive.

I have included Alveridus in the above list, as I take it to mean Alberedus or
Aluredus, the Latin form of Alfred, aiul this is, I belie\e, the only instance in which
I have met with the name in all my researches among the parish registers, etc., of
Kent before the year 1801. The list includes the names Repent and Repentance,
and this induces me to say a few words on the curiously suggestive names which
were. often bestowed on illegitimate children. For these the minister was, I imagine,
responsible ; for one mother brought such a child to be baptized, and it was named
Lament. In due course she brought another, and that was named Lament. When
she brought the third, the parson seems to have given licr up, for number three
was christened Tcrtiits. At Eastchurch, in 1578, Doubtful and Lamentable, both
base-born, were christened; at Headcorn, about 1570, Creature; at Kingsnorth,
1609, Strange ; at Marden, between 1578 and 1624, there were six Repents, and two
Repentances; at Alilton near Sittingbourne, I find Lamentation and. Repentance ;
At Minster in Sheppy, Desolate and Iphtajih ; at Sturry, between 1604 and 161 1,
four children were named Repentance; and at Kingsdown, on Dec. 28, 1581, was
baptized " Liocent Day, sone of on (one) Day." All these children are registered
as illegitimate.

The following, culled from various sources, may, I think, be accepted as of
Puritanic origin :— Asgodwill, son of Anthony Kingesmvll, Mcar of Milton near
Sittingbourne ; Attained Smith, of Goudhurst ; Bethankfull Cunny, of iMarden ;
Careful Somersall, sojourner in Fairfield ; Comfort Tomkins, of Lydd ; Consider
Janson, of Goudhurst; Creata Gooddin, of Kennington ; Living Goldsmith, of
Hinxhill ; Faintnot ^^'ine, of Eastwell ; Feare (}od Butler, of Goudhurst; Fearnot
Cressid, ot Warehorn ; Forbade Bates, of ]\Llton near Sittingbourne ; Friendless
Knott, of Harbledown ; Honour-the Lord, son of Abraham Lorde, of Kennino-ton:
Indued Ellis, of ^lilton near Sittingbourne ; Increased Collins, of Sittingbourne :
Joyous Eaton, of S. ]Mar3-'s in Dover ; Alorebread Glover and Humilitv Reyner, of
Lydd ; Morefruit Ersden, of [Marden ; Nazareth Ramsdeu, Nazareth Maplesden,
Nazareth Kinker, Nazareth Barber, Nazareth Sibley, and Nazareth Bathirst, all of
Goudhurst, between 1603 and 1634; Renewed Stevens, of ^Nlarden ; Serajihin
Markettman, of Lydd ; Silence Turner, of Faversham ; and Truthanna Lintut, of
Marden. Hamlet Page, Avho was buried at Harbledown in 150:;, must not be
included in any list of Puritan names ; while Sufficient, the ieulh daughter of John
Grimston, Vicar of Lyminge, grimly suggests that the good vicar thought his qui\er
was full.

From 1 66 1 to 1700 the interest of these Canterbury Allegations is well main-
tained. To bring them to the end of the year 1700, three more volumes will be

"\"i CAN" n-.Kr,rk\ .MARKrA<;K i,R;i;xci-,s.

necessary ; volumt-s nf)t so bulky as this, Init larger, I Icar, ihan ilic first. After
1700 the Alleviations are little nK.ire than a ilr\ list ot names. Useful to the
gene.alogist, no doubt, but jtresentins' nothing of sufficient interest to induce a
l)rivnte person to embark on the wilil speculatiim of printing them.

AT}' best thanks are again due to the Riglit ive\erend the Lord i>isli(i]i of Dover,
uiu>, as Archdeacon of Canterbury, has, as usual, afforded me <-very facility for
doing mv work with the least inconvenience to m\self ; also to Mr. .\Ilen Fielding,
tlie Deputv Registrar, wlimn I ha\'e tn.uibled times without number, hut hav(.' ne\'er

j. M. C'OWPI'.R.
St. j\In,DkKD'.s,


C/iris/iiiax Evl, /Si)/.

SorkfJ lUktiufl to Cimtcrburjr


1. Our Parish Books nnd what Thi^y Tell Us. Holy Cross. 188-t-a. 2 Vols.

Canterbury : Cross and Jacknian.

2. Hand-Book for Canterbury nnd Canterbury Cathedral. 1886. Canterbury :


3. Accounts of the Churchwardens of St. Dunstan's, M8i-lo8U. Reprinted from

Arch.eolog[a Canti.wa. 1886.

4. The Registers of St. Dunstan's, 1.0r,9-IS()O. Privately Printed, 1887.

■3. The Registers of St. Peter's, 1.060-1800. Privately printed, 1888.

G. The Memorial Inscriptions in the Cliurch and Clnirchvard of Holy Cross.
Privately printed, 1889.

7. The Registers of St. Alphage, 1-5.)S-1800. Privately printed, 1889.

8. The Registers of St. Mary .Magdalene. 1.559-1800. Privately printed, 1890.

9. The Regi.sters of St. George the Martyr, 1538-1800. Privately printed, 1891.

10. Canterbury Marriage Licences, 1568-1618 (First Series). Privately printed, 1892.

11. The Registers of St. Paul's, 1562-1800. Privately printed, 1893.

12. Canterbury Marriage Licences, 1619-1660 (Second Series). Privately printed,


Canterbury Marriage Licences, 1661-1673 (Third Series).

The Monumental Inscriptions of Canterbury Cathedral, from 1376 to the
present time, with numerous biographical notes.




ba. = bachelor.

bonds. = bondsman, or, bondsmen.

Cant. = Canterbury.

Cli. Ch. = Christ Church (Canterbury Cathedral.)

(1. = daug-hter.

dec. = deceased.

g. =: gentleman.

govt. = government.

husb. := husbandman.

S. I\I. = St. :\Iary.

s. p. = of the same parish, or, of the same place.

spr. = spinster.

V. = virgin.

w. = widow.

widr. = widower.

yeom. = yeoman.

Ciinti:rlntrg ^arriagi^ girenr^g.


Abbitt, John, of Wingham, husb., ba.,
about 30, and Joan Cox of Great
Hardres, v., about 28, d. of Elizabeth
Cox, s. p., w., who consents. At S.
Margaret's, Cant. John Atwood of,
G. Hardres, husb., and Thomas Cox,
s. p., husb., bonds. Dec. 17, 1639.

Abbot, Christopher, of All Saints', Cant.,
woolcomber, ba., about 23, at his
own govt., and Catherine Merser of
S. Mildred's, Cant., v., about 24, d.
of John Merser, s. p., tailor, who
consents. At S. Mildred's, Cant.
Jan. 6, 1643.

Abbot, Ralph, of Bethersden, clerk, ba.,
about 44, and Joan Haccomplaint of
Ashford, w. of Mr. James Haccom-
plaint, late of Egerton, dec. At
A Ashford or Shadoxhurst. John Har-

^ flete of Shadoxhurst, g., bonds.,
Jan. 5, 1641.

Abbott, Stephen, of S. Peter's in Thanet,
husb., ba., about 40, and Joan Dog-
gett now or late of S. Bartholomew's
Hospital n. Sandwich, w. of Robert
Doggett of Birchington, dec. At S.
Peter's aforesaid. Oct. 15, 1622.

Abbott, Thomas, of All Saints', Cant.,
woolcomber, ba., about 21, whose
parents are dead, and Elizabeth
Fowle of S. M. Bredman, Cant., v.,
about 20, d. of John Fowle, s. p.,
baker, who consents. At S. George's,
Cant. June 24, 1643.

Abraham (Abram), Edward, and Ann
Packhenham, of Boughton Blean.
At -same. Dec. 20, 1624.

Abraham, Jefifery, of Minster in Thanet,
husb., ba., about 30, and Elizabeth
Troward, s. p., maiden, about 20,
whose mother, Mary Nethersole,
alias Troward, now wife of Richard
Nethersole, s. p., consents, as is
testified by her brother, Richard
Troward of S. Lawrence. At S.
Andrew's, Cant. Feb. 8, 1625.

Abraham, Michael, of Egerton, husb.,
ba., about 32, and Susan Nash, s. p.,
maiden, about 22, d. of Robert Nash,
s. p., husb., dec. about 7 years since,
and now in the govt, of Joan Nash,
s. p., w., her mother, who consents,
as is testified by James Nash, s. p.,
husb., brother of Susan. At S. Mar-
garet's, Cant. Nov. 2, 1620.

Abraham, Reginald, of Boughton Blean,
husb., ba., about 23, whose father,
Matthew Abraham, s. p., consents,
and Margaret Marketman, s. p., v.,
about 23, whose parents are dead.
At. S. Margaret's, Cant. John
Spencer senior, and John Spencer
junior, of B. Blean, yeomen, bonds.
March 11, 1640.

Abraham, Thomas, of Maidstone, malt-
ster, widr., about 40, and Mary
Beale, s. p., w., about 40, relict of Alex-
ander Beale, s. p., cheesemonger,
dec. about 3 years since. At same.
Sept. 14, 1621.

Acres, Robert. &^ Akers.

Acton, Lawrence, of Sutton Valence,
clothier, ba., about 30, and Catherine
Bishop, s. p., v., about 22, d. of John
Bishop, s. p., who consents, as is
testified by Henry Bishop, her
brother. At S. M. Bredin's, Cant.
Dec. 14, 1625.

Acton, Richard, of Leeds, clothier, ba.,
about 34, and Mary Post of Maidstone,
maiden, about 27, d. of William
Post, s. p., cloth-worker, who con-
sents. At Leeds or Maidstone.
Nov. 30, 1622.

Acton, Richard, of Leeds, clothier, widr.,
about 39, and Ann Fisher of Bough-
ton Monchelsea, v., about 23, whose
mother consents. At Langley,
because her mother is desirous to
have them to be married there, and
doth intend to accompany them
thither. Jan. 29, 1628.



Adams, Alexander, of Eastry, maltman,
ba., about 27, and Alice Smith, s.
p., maiden, about 24, d. of William
Smith, s. p., husb., who consents,
as is testified by Nicholas Adams of
Woodnesborough, husb. At Eastry.
Jan. 25, 1627.

Adams, Alfxander, of Eastry, husb.,
\vidr., and Elizabeth Hayward of
Woodnesborough, v., about 27 or 28,
d. of Ellen Adams, alias Hayward,
who consents, as is testified by her
husband, Nicholas Adams. At S.
M. Magdalene, Cant. Dec. 16. 1641.

Adams, Andrew, of Whitstable, husb.,
ba., about 50, and Ann Stone of S.
Dunstan's, Cant., w., about 30, relict
of George Stone of Cosmus Blean,
dec. At S. Dunstan's. Jan. 4, 1619.

Adams, Edward, of Cant., g., ba., about
24. and Mary Rumfeild of Sts.
Cosmus and Damian, Blean. v.,
about 22, d. of John Rumfeild of
Cant., tailor, who consents. At S.
James's in Dover or Thanington.
"Nov. 11, 1640.

Adams, George, of Bencnden, and Ann
Adams of Lenham. At Lenham.
March 14, 1636.

Adams, Henry, of Hollingbourne. husb.,
ba., about 30, and Susanna Hinck-
ley of Harrietsham, v., 30 and
upwards, whose parents are dead.
At Deal. Peter Osborne of Cant.,
ostler, bonds. July 3, 1639.

Adams, Isaac, of S. Peter's in Sand-
wich, yeom., ba., about 22, whose
father, Thomas Adams, consents, and
Pllizabrth Safery, s. p., v., about 21,
d. of Vincent Saferey, s. p., maltster,
who also consents. At S.Clement's in
Sandwich. Edward Christian and
Peter De Lanoy, of Cant., tailors,
bonds. Aug. 3, 1642.

Adams, John, of Maidstone, husb., ba.,
about 25, and Margaret Post, s. p.,
w., about 29, relict of Thomas Post,
s. p., dec. At S. Margaret's, Cant.
Ian. 17, 1619.

Adams, John, of Sturry, carpenter, ba.,
about 30, and Mary Page, s. p.,
maiden, about 26, d. of John Page,
s. p., dec. about 10 years since. At
Sturry. Sept. 25, 1622.

Adams, John, of Goodnestone n. Wing-
ham, husb., ba., about 30, and Susan
Creake of Ash, maiden, about 22, d.
of [blank] Creake, dec, and now in

the govt, of her molher, Joan Creake,
alias Jorden, of Ash, w., who con-
sents, as is testified by William
Adams of Goodnestone aforesaid.
At Ash. Nov. 4, 1622.

Adams, John, of Stone in Oxney, yeom.,
widr., and Elizabeth Allen, s. p., vv.
of Henry Allen, late of Wittersham,
dec. At same. William Springeit,
s. p., yeom., bonds. Oct. 16, 1628.

Adams, John, of Goodnestone n. Wing-
ham, yeom., widr., and Elizabeth
Falkley of P^astry, w. of Thomas
Falkley, late dec. At S. George's,
Cant. Gabriel Richardes of G. n.
Wingham, g.. bonds. June 5, 1634.

*Adams, John, of Hythe, husb., ba ,
about 25, and Sylvester Baker, s. p.,
w. of James Baker, late s. p., dec.
At S. Margaret's. Cant. William
Ford red of Hythe, cordwainer,
bonds. Aug., 19, 1639.

Adams, John, of Ash, husb.. ba., about
22, whose father, Thomas Adams,
consents, and Margaret Browinge
of S. Mary's in Sandwich, v., about
18, d. of Alargaret Browinge, s. p.,
w., who also consents. At S. Mary's
in S., or Woodnesborough. Richard
Saunders of Ash, yeom., bonds. Nov.
11, 1641. Note. In the original
this allegation is entered between
Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 1641.

Adams, John, of Staple, husb., ba., 30
and upwards, and Parnell, alias
Petronell, Cartricke. s. p., v., about
24, whose parents are dead. At S.
Peter's, Cant. Dec. 27, 1044.

Adams, John, of Walmer, ba.. about 29,
and Elizabeth Williams of S. James's
in Dover, v., about 17, d. of Eliza-
beth Gillow, alias Williams, s. p.,
who consents. At S. James's in D.
Feb. 10, 1644.

Adams, Ralph, of S. Andrew's, Cant.,
butclier, ba., about 23, and Ann
Stokes of S. Mildred's, Cant., w. of
Edward Stokes, dec. At S.Mildred's,
Cant. Thomas Gunn of Cant.,
butcher, bonds. March 20, 1644.

Adams, Robert, of Favcrsham, carpen-
ter, ba., about 29, and Margaret
Bonnet, s. p., v.. about 28, whose
parents are dead. At S. M. Bred-
man's, Cant. William Clench of
Eaversham, g., bonds. Abril 7, 1629.

Adams, Stephen, of Ash, husb., widr.^
and Catherine Worsley, s. p., v.


about 41. At S. Margaret's, Cant.
Ralph Winford of Ash, husb., bonds.
Sept. 25, 1634.

Adams, Thomas, and Rosa Goodin, of
S. Peter's in Sandwich. At same.
Nov. 30, 1629.

Adams, Thomas, of Leeds, husb., widr.,
and Jane Curd of Brenchley, w. of
[blank] Curd, late s. p., dec. At
Leeds or Langley. July 20, 1641.

Adams, Thomas, of Faversham, seaman,
ba., about 26, and RLargaret Ince
[or Juce], s. p., w. of George Ince
[or Juce], late s. p., dec. At Ospringe
or Freslon n. Faversham. Matthias
Hewes of Faversham, tailor, bonds.
July 3, 1644.

Adams, William, of Goodnestone n.
Wingham, yeom., ba., about 30, and
Alice Tailer, s. p., maiden, about 20,
d. of Simon Tailer of Woodnes-
borough, husb., who consents. At
S. M. RIagdalene, Cant. Oct. 27,

Adams, William, of Lydd, husb., ba.,
22 and upwards, son of William
Adams of Brookland, yeom., who
consents, and Anna Parkes of Lydd,
w. of William Parkes, late s. p., dec.

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