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niMT? m. a kind of arrow (cf. f^TnS)'

fe t m^lM a. deep-red.

f^nrra ro- a kind of arrow (cf. f^nnZ)*

f^nvm? a. whitish, pale, abstr. •TfT f.

f^niff n. drinking off.

f^^trri <& RlMim^l, a. faultless, sinless.

r^MI9 a. having no herd or keeper.

fi|c(|»(^ f. N. of a river.

f%xmr a. having no sling or fetters; f. ^

= prec.
fttmnr n. untying.
f^MlfUI^I, a. having no stiing.
fiffinf n. wood.
t^T^V^ a. large, wide, broad, thick, long,

strong, intensive, important, numerous,

much, many, loud. f. ^T N. of a metre.
f^fjinn f| •^^ n. largeness, extent, width.
fifOT a. ill fed, famished.
f^f^^ a. flowerless.
f^^^B^ ace. infin. to T^.
m^Jf a. stirred inwardly, inspired, wise,

learned, clever; m. seer, poet, singer,

priest, a Brahman.
fB|l|l|i$ m. drawing away, carrying off;

distance, remoteness; contrast, difference.
f^ Umi < m. doing harm, injuring.

R|ll4)l( a. scattered, diffused, loose (hair);
expanded, wide.

filU^fTI f. change, variation.

ftira^ a. remote, far (w. *gen. or •abl.);
abstr. o^ n.

f^HWT^^ a. separated by a longer dis-

fi j lifi i r^ m. N. of a teacher.

t^finrr f* state or rank of a Brahman.

f^nnrnre m. a Brahmanical ascetic.


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^- ^^ -^ -


f^Uf^Uf^ f. false perception, delusion of
the senses, error, mistake, discrepancy,

r^JlPlMfl a. perplexed, confounded, be-
wildered; wrong, false.

r^UpltH'S a* forbidden, contrary; n. adv.

flprfTRV m* checking, restraining; contra-
riety, discrepancy; negation.

HIIKDm b- (turned backwards*) ; refractory,

finnQ^ m. distrust.

f%ii^ n. = frnnfT.

OlII^S a. corrupt, bad, libidinous.

filKilS a* lost, vanished.

(^I^IJ^ m. a Brahman's son.

Hfll^TI a* hurled, shot off; driven away,

absent; liberated from (instr. or — •).
"PlH%R OJ. separation from (instr. ^ ^,

gen., or — •); absence, want, loss.
f«nr4^ m« chief (lit. bull) among Brahmans.
f^nvf^ ^' a priestly sage.
f^nr^ra «»• deception, illusion or disillusion.
fq^^l^im a- deceiving; ra. deceiver.
f'nW^irf^(^)* & t%nraf%P( the same.
fffjlijiq^ a. rapacious.
"Pnn^ adv. like a Brahman.
f^n^lti m. going or staying abroad; being

outside (abl. or — •).
'PfirTWf n. banishment.
tt^ni^rnRC a. receiving the homage or

oblation of singers.
if^nrftr ^' a heroic Brahman.
2f«|n4^< a. inspiring men or having inspired

f«nnr m. questioning Fate.
f^HrpR^ m. who questions Fate, astrologer.
f^nr^ n. the property of a Brahman.
f^mftur or o^ a. excluded from (abl.);

disappeared, gone; destitute of (instr.).
RlMIMm^ na. abuse of a Brahman.
f^ifinSf a. disunited; not dear, unpleasant to

(gen. or — •); n. something unpleasant.
f^^VTf a. submerged, washed away.
i^H\ *"• (no"' •^) drop, spot, dot.
f^nl^ m. an excellent Brahman.
fW*!**^ ni« estrangement, alienation.

Hll) ifH ^ a. abroad, absent, removed to (ace.);

t^V^Rf tn.ruin, fall, destruction, loss, calamity^

distress; tumult, rebellion, violation (of a

f^SIT a. confounded, disturbed, disquieted,

agitated, depraved, wicked, ruined, lost.
f^^[l(^ f. a drop.
f^T^iH a. fruitless, useless, unsuccessful, idle>

vain ; having no testicles.
f^niinfT f* uselessness.
f?fqifr?^ n. fruitlessness (lit. & fig.).
HlMi^ V render useless, frustrate, disappoint

(0^ P.); emasculate.
f^nrar a. having no strength; weak.
f^lfT^ !»• remover or removal.
r«l^ivt^<n^ a. driving away (Agni).
f^lflff) f. N. of a river.
f^V^ a. awakened, expanded, blossomed;

clever, skilful, versed in (loc).
frraf^ a. unwise, unseasonable.
f^Pflfr a. very wise; m. a wise man or a

t^«n^^ m. king of the gods, Indra.
n^^Vl^jSH f* divine female, Apsaras.
r^^Mlf^^ & •^jfif m. the same.
f'T^W^r^ ^* attendant of a god.
fi|^VtM|< ™- lord of the gods.
f^nlrv m. awaking, perceiving, knowing,
f^firn^ m. awaker, rouser; n. awaking or

frpin a. divided, separated by (instr. & — •)

or from (instr.), isolated, lonely ; distinct,

different, manifold; regular, symmetrical.

n. separation, isolation, loneliness.
f^9^ or f^hilV m. distributer, arranger.
fi|4ini f* division, distincn'on, modification;

inflection, case, case -affix or personal

ending (g.).
fjflif^ m. bending, contracting (of the eye-
brows); incision, furrow; interruption,

disturbance, frustration.
f^^^4\^ & f^H^ a. to be divided,
f^n^^ a. breaking (intr.).
f^n^ a. dangerlcss, secure ; n. as adv.
f^vpf a. rich. m. omnipresence, ubiquity,

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eyolntion, developiDeDt, growth; power,
might, majedtj, rank, high position ; prop-
erty, wealth, mooej.

ffi| 41^1141^ adv. according to rank or fortune.

fipi 19^11^ & •f^f'C. a. wealthy, opolent.

fsntl a. shining; f. lustre, splendour, beauty.

fff4||9| m. distribution, apportionment, di-
vision, partition, esp. of an inheritance;
share, portion, part; separation, distinction,

f^^NIII^ A<)v* 10 parts, separately.

fi|l|T9l| a. to be divided or distributed.

fSpfm a. shone forth, bright, luminous; n.

tf^TOT^ a. shining, resplendent.

f^Rtr^ & f^^irft. »• the same.

f^nrnpf a. & n. developing, manifesting;
n. also perceiving, ascertaining; f. ^ a
cert, rhetor, figure.

ri|4||€|4^€| a. to be perceived or understood.

tftW^ adj. f. to f?nh^; f. the star-

light night, night i.g.
f^^l^^Q^n. evening (beginning of night).*
ffl^iiq^ a. resplendent, m. fire or the god

of fire; the sun.
t^nnf^nC &• powerful ; showing, manifesting,


f?nfni| a. to be perceived, perceivable, in-
telligible; to be heeded or attended to
(n. impers.}.

f^4|mi f. alternative, option (g.).

ft^lfMfl a. optional (g.).

t^nrnEC f- splendour.

Hlfif*^ a. splitting; m. N. of a man.

f^fiin a. pierced, cleft, opened, blossomed,
expanded, split asunder, destroyed ; altered,
disfigured, estranged, disunited, opposite,

f^rlft a. fearless; m. N. of a man.

Ifw4^ a. fearless.

2f%nft7T ro. = seq.

Wfhf^ A fqi{)^l| m. N. of a tree; n. iU
nut (used for dicing).

f^4)49 a. terrifying, horrible, m. N. of a
R&k^asa etc; n. frightening, terror.

nv4\Hq«l|l|«, f. •fiPIT a. having a terrible

f€|4(\rM4T f» frightening, terror.

ft^ & fir^, f. f^<& f^Mt far-reaching,
pervading, omnipresent; abundant, intense,
powerful, mighty, able to (infin). m. lord,
ruler, chief of ( — •), E. of Brahman,
VisQu, & Qiva ; N. of a god etc

f^ra^ n. omnipresence, might, power.

f^ptflT a. pervading, abundant, powerful,
mighty, disposing of (gen.); f. develop-
ment, growth, abundance, might, power,
glory, majesty, splendour, success, welfare,
fortune, prosperity, wealth, riches.

f^THf^^T^^ a. powerful, mighty.

f^l^TiTi^ m. growth, might.

f%^^ a. mighty.

f^pfqilf a. adorning; n. ornament, splendour,

f^pPflQ^i9^ a. adorning.

f€|Mm f. ornament.

ft5)^ m. breaker, piercer, destroyer.

f^3|^ ra. breaking, splitting, piercing; bend-
ing, contracting (of the eyebrows), change,
alteration; interruption, disturbance; fall-
ing asunder, decay; discord, difference.

f^Efil^Vf a. & n. splitting, piercing, separating.

f^fi^f^^ a. splitting, tearing, destroying.

f?9^1( ro. decay, disappearance, ruin, loss.

^^If^fi^ a. decaying, falling down or off.

f^l^sHT m. unsteady motion, flurry, going to
and fro, esp. of the eyes ; coquetry, grace,
beauty; confusion, agitation, error, mis-
take; erroneous application of (gen.); mis-
taking for, phantom or mere semblance

fif^f^ a. fallen, ruined; separated from, de-
prived of, thwarted in (— •); idle, vain;
vanished, gone.

f^f^ih^ a. shining.

Ri^lA^ n. rivalry, enmity.

f^^iff a. moving to and fro, rolling (eyes);
flurried, confused, bewildered.

f^nftf^ ^' agitation, confusion, error, mis-

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f^fWRft a. fashioned by Vibhvan or by a
skilful artificer; well made, perfect.

ll^t^^Pt. ^' far-reaching, pervading.

2fi|w|«^ a. capable, skilful, clever ; m. N. of
a Ribbu.

f^nnr a. disagreed, disunited.

if^nrflT f* disagreement, dislike, aversion.

2f^nTf?T a. stupid, foolish.

f%V?rff a. discountenanced ; rnttish.

f^^n^n^ a. "free from envy or selfishness.

t^7|^ a. free from intoxication, rut, or arro-
gance ; m. f^nVi^ N. of a Rishi.

fr^Tn? s. middle, centre.

f^l^^ »• very wise; out of one's senses
or disheartened.

f^^nr^ a. depressed, disheartened.

if^t'nj m. longing for, desire.

2f^7r^ a. free from anger or wrath.

fit4|«dl| a. not angry or appeasing anger.

f^H^ m. crushing, pounding, stamping (with
the feet); hostile encounter, fight, war,
tumult; destruction, disturbance.

t^4|^^ & •Wrf^'t. a. crushing, destroying.

f^lTf^if a. & n. = prec. ; n. also war, fight.

t^nrf^ (— •) = prec. adj.

fif^^ m., o?r n. consideration, examination,

finrj%f^H a. destroying doubt, unequiv-

"pnit^H a. considering, examining ( — •).

T^M^, •^ etc. = f^n^ etc.

(q^^&cQ a. to be tried or inquired into.*

f^nra a. stainless, clean, pure, bright; abstr.

•m f-, •^^ D.

f^TflfiTfTT a. pure-minded, honest.
ft^ra^, •^rflT make pure or clear.
f^Wrant^ *• ^>right (-natured, the moon).
ft*IMH< 1 < » a. bright-faced.
■pnif^ifC. na. purity, brightness.
ft^^^^iH n. purification.
ft»H^^ a. very great.
t^t^Tf^ a. merry, gay.
f^nfra n- bad meat,
t^mrg f. step-mother.
fq^il^ m. shaking, pounding.
f^^rrftr'^ a. crushing.

if^t^rnfy f. i^ measuring, traversing, pervad-
ing, esp. the sky. — m. n. sky -chariot
(of gods etc.), waggon i.g.; palace, tower f
n. extension, measure.

2f^7ITir m. despising, contempt.

Sf^RTPf a. dishonoured.

f%riTT«ni n., owr f. =2fiRT?r.

fa !HT»l fi l ? !<*i & r^M\^ a. to be despised or

lf^1l4 ni. wiping off.
2f^nRT4 m. wrong road; a. being on it.


f^tflTTT a. fixed, built; n. building, hall.

f^ffTHT a. mixed, mingled, dissimilar; mixed^
joined or furnished with (instr. — o).

f^^^^ a. unyoked, unharnessed, unbound,
loosened, dishevelled (hair); deprived of
(instr.), escaped or freed from (abl., instr.,
• — or — •); free from sin; clear (ship);
emancipated (r.); given up, abandoned,
relinquished by (•— or — •); hurled, cast,
thrown, sent forth by (— •).

R l ^ l ft^UJH ^^^' loudly, aloud (lit with
loosened throat).

f^f^pn^pn^ adv. breaking the silence.
f^r^fin f. loosening, emitting, giving up

(breath) ; release, liberation from (abl. or

— •), final emancipation.
f^^^ a. turning the face away or back,

averted; turning off or abstaining from

(loc, abl., gen. w.^Jlrf^, or — •); opposed,

unfavourable; abstr. ©TIT f-
f?rpr^, •^rfir turn off, avert.
fiif^^ w the same, drive or bend back, put

to flight; OH P.
fiif^^^fRf m. aversion.
I^fip^ a. confused, perplexed ; stupid, foolish,

abstr. oTIT f.
f^l^^ f. stopping, halting (lit. unharnessing)

or liberating; f%|^[%T 'RTct the son ot

(happy) arrival or liberation, safe-guard

or liberator (POsan).
t^nrc »• = f'f^'^ + incertain of ( — •).
r^4€^l^ 03. confusion, perplexity.
t^T^l^ a. thickened, coagulated; full of,

resonant with ( — •).

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f^m a. rooted out, eradicated.

fqjji e iO ^' cleanly.

f^VM a. not subject to deatb, immortal.

f%|1^%l m. despiser, averter, enemy.
t^ra^t a. warding off the despiser.
f^mjf m. consideration, dobitation.
if^ram ger. after mature consideration.
2f^rai|| a. to be considered or examined.

f^^isr a. cloudless.

f^^fll m. unharnessing, loosening, release

etc. = f^^lR.
flf^T^ m., o^ f. releaser.
Ol^lB^ A. to be let loose, given up, hurled

or thrown upon (loc. or dat.).
f^4||^ m. getting loose, opening (intr.);

loosening, setting free, sending forth,

shooting off, giving, bestowing; release etc.

= ftfjfTI.

fqi^l^q^ a. freeing from (— •); n. loosening,
unbinding, emitting, giving up ; liberating
from (abl. or — •).

f^^lf^^^ &• partaking of liberation.

p^lil^ll a. liberating from (—•).

(\||j|f|l|, f. f^ unharnessing, loosening, free-
ing from (— ®); n. giving up, abandoning,
unharnessing, halting, stopping, liberating
from (abl.).

r^4)|^ a. to be liberated.

f^3|l|[ m. confusion of the mind.

f^^lf *|a. perplexing, bewildering; n. =prec

f^l^H^ tt. = prec. a.

fll^ni a. stretched, expanded.

fifinVf a. going asunder, dissolving, perish-
ing; n* f^nsht. ^^^ A^^ o^ ^ky (^ ^^^
space between the two separated, i.e.
heaven and earth).

fira^ a. divided, du. disunited (man and
wife); separated from, rid of, -less (instr.
or — •).

f«t^1T a. separated from, deprived of (instr.
or — •); f. "Wt du. heaven and earth.

frf^if m. separation, division, loss of (instr.
*^r^» abl., or — •); absence, want; getting
rid of, abstaining from, giving up (^If 1^
be lost*).

fi|f||j|C|M a. separated (from the beloved

Hl^lOlfll f* separation, parting.

fq^lfJIfl^ a. separated (esp. of lovers) from
(instr. or — •).

Hi €i 1^*1 n. liberation or separation from (— •).

f^fjl^^l^ & ®9ir a. to be separated from

i fqitlpn or •T^ f. womb of animals, also

= o^ animal.
^r^^lf^ «• contrary to one's nature.
flf^TII a. discoloured, passionless, indifferent

to or averse from (abl^ loc^ ace w. utTf,

or — •).
"Pr^ftf f. indifference (cf. prec); p. •IT^f^.

f^<^^<ll f. arrangement, putting on.
f^l"^ a. dustless, passionless, pure.
ftnC^^ & o^l^ a. = prec
fV^ a. having desisted or ceased from (abl.),

n. impers.; having given up or resigned

(abl. or — •) .
f«|^p| f. resting, ceasing, abstaining from

(abl., loc, or — •); conclusion, end. • —

finally, at last.
f^T^T^lt' ^* ^ swelling, full ; m. abundance.

f^^D m., ^Hf n. ceasing, desisting, abstaining
from (—•).

fif^fl a. having interstices or intervals, sep-
arated (in space or time), distant, thin,
rare; abstr. ©^ f.

ft^^llTH^i •^ be thin or rare.

t%^4 m. roaring, thundering.

f^Ttt?T a. rayless.

t^fXif a. juiceless, flavourless , insipid , dis-
gusting, repugnant; n. adv.

f^r^ m. abandonment, separation from (instr.
or — •); absence, want.

flV^riT a. abandoned, forsaken, lonely,
separated from, -less (instr. or — •).

n^^fff^^ a. separated, absent, -less (— •).

if^TTHI ^* change or loss of colour, absence
of passion; aversion or indifference to
(loc, abl., or — •).

2f^T^ a. many-coloured or s= seq.

f^^pnnVf &*firn a. passionless, indifferent.

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f^f^;!^ a. shining, radiant, ruling; m. f.
ruler, sovereign ; f. high rank, distinction,
(also m.) N. of a myth, being, the first
progeny of Brahman, (ph.) the Intellect
ruling over the collective aggregate of
bodies, (only f.) N. of sev. metres.

f?nrni A •ftlH^ a. shining, resplendent

f^rtrift f. queen.

f^f^T^Q n. reign, government.

f^n^TZ m- N. of an ancient king.

fif^rf 8* the end of night.

f^l^TW m. offender, injnrer.

fifi^TV m. N. of a Rllksasa.

ni^|V|i| n. failure.

f^^l^ m. cessation, rest, end, pause, caesura,
stop and its sign (g.).

Ol^l^ m. cry, sound, noise, hum.

(€|^|€|li| a. causing to cry or howl.

f^^lOl'^ *• crying, bellowing, roaring; re-
sounding with (instr.).

firfrii a- having purged.

r^r\^ or of^ m. E. of Brahman.

f^^^^ a. shining; nr. a bright ornament
or weapon.

if^T^^ a* causing pain.

2f^f^^ a. painless, sound, healthy.

f%^ a. & n. tinkling, sounding, singing (of
birds), bumming.

f^fUfir f. = prec. n.

f^nnr a* stopped , hindered ; opposed , con-
trary, repugnant, hostile to (instr., gen.,
or — •); unwished for, hateful, odious,
prohibited, dangerous.

f^nrc *• very angry.

f^n^ a. rough, harsh.

f^f^V a. grown forth, germinated, formed,
risen; mounted or ridden by (instr.).

ni^M a. many-coloured, multiform, manifold,
various, different from (— •); al80=seq.
Abstr. o^nt f.

f^n^q^l a. deformed, ugly.

f^ipi^, onf?! deform, disfigure.

Hl^Mi^, f . 1^ hanng deformed eyes ; m. N.
of a cert divine being, E. of Qiva etc.

ftf^ m. ray of light.

f^f^TfiK »• shining.

f^r^l^if m. health, a. healthy.

njXl^^ ^ illuminating; m. the sun.

f^l^Tf^^ a. shining, bright

f^l^JH^ a. to be opposed or fought with;
n. impers. (it is) to be fought.

f^TVoi- obstruction, hindrance, disturbance ;
opposition, contradiction; adversity, in-
jury, detriment, calamity ; hostility, contest
between (instr. ^^^T^ or — •).

f^'^l^^ a* opposed to, incongruous with
(gen. or — •); also=seq.

OlT^I^M^ a. causing hostility or sedition.

ftTjTV! a. opposed to, fighting with (— •);
n. opposing, quarrelling, harming, injuring.

ftf^Tftr^ f., •W n- abstr. to seq.

f^^|f\|i(^a. obstructing, hindering, (•rivalling,
a match); disturbing, injuring, harming,
repelling, hostile, inimical; m. adversary,

f^T^rtW ^- contradiction.

nrXlVJIM^I f- a kind of comparison (rh.).

r^'^IMUl & ^\Vf^ a. causing to grow to-
gether, heating.

f^r^^ m., •fUT n. sprouting, growing; adj.

f^lin^ a. having no aim or missing the aim,
ashamed, embarrassed; abstr. ^^ n.

f^^^lQ a. of different character or nature;
unequal to, different from (abl. or — •);
various, manifold.

ftuf^TW a. marked, knowable by (instr. or
— •); puzzled, vexed.

f^flf^ a. hanging, sitting or resting on,
sticking or cleaving to, turned or fixed
upon (loc. or — •); hanging down, pend-
ulous; gone, past; thin, slender.

pffHf f| n. springing over, striking against,
harming, injuring.

f^Hrf^pH a. overstepping, transgressing (fig.);
striking against, touching.

f?f^r^ a. to be overstepped or passed over
(river); to be borne, tolerable.

f^nn^ a. shameless.

f^twr^ff a. ashamed, abashed.

f^T^nnf <& ®1xpr n. waiUng, lamenting.

f^nr^ a hanging down ; n. lagging, loitering.

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f^f|l^i| u., oifT f. retarding, delay.

ftflfflifi^ a. banging down, hanging or lean-
ing on (loc. or — •), hang with ( — •);
lagging, loitering.

Of^lO^lfl a. hanging down ; laggering, loiter-
ing, retarded, slow ; n. impera., as adv.,
or as snbst delay.

fqf||f4|fger. lagging, loitering, slowly, so late.

f^fll^ m. dissolution, destruction, disappear-

f^ini^ A* dissolving, n. = prec.

f^li|^«r a. coruscating etc. = seq.

f%irf^PT a* shining, radiant, appeared, risen,
moving to and fro, coruscating (lightning),
sporting, dallying.

f^TWI'^ ni. lament.

if^Wnrf a. <& n. causing to lament.

^f^nvnrf, f. {^dissolving, melting, removing,

r^^lfM^ a* wailing, lamenting.

nV<fll4J ra. appearance (rising or semblance);
joy, merriment, petulance; joke, sport,
play, esp. amorous pastime, dalliance,
coquetry; grace, beauty.

"HWWI* f. •ftRRT moving hither and thither,

t^HTO'F^ n. pleasure house.

f^rwra^PT or o^^RC^ m. E. of the god of

fttm^i^ l Uf ni. the same.

^WTPW^R n. =f?rwgf.

ftWra'nrt' f- a coquettish woman.

OltRlRl^f^ n. abstr. to seq. adj.

ftfllftl't a* flashing, beaming, moving to
and fro, wanton, sportive, dallying with
( — •). ro. husband, lover ; f. ©ift a (wanton)
woman; mistress, wife.

ft¥l1*l a. attached to, fixed upon, immersed
in, sitting upon (loc. or — •); covered,
hidden; disappeared, vanished, gone;
melted or dissolved into (— •).

f^^f^^l n. plundering, robbing, stealing.

f^f^nra m- robber, destroyer.

f^^tinr a. moved hither and thither, fallen
down or asunder, disordered, confused.

fi(W^ m., o^ n. ointment, rubbing in.

f^f%1xp^ a« smearing, anointing.

f?f%T^Pf & ^f^inf n* look, glance; conside-

f^ii [f^\ a. seeing, beholding, perceiving,

f^%r^ir a. making see or seeing; n. eye.

f^f%Tf3i^ a. moving hither and thither.

ni%l4^ n. stirring up, churning.

f^f%nT to. loss, disturbance, destruction,

injury, theft.
|qi|tM<| a. destroying, plundering.

Hl^R^ n. destroying, omitting, stealing.

fEf%ffl|i(^ a. destroying, omitting ( — •).

fi|%f^ m. thief, robber.

f^f%fQ| a. to be destroyed.

f^%Pflf n. attraction, seduction.

fif%T'T & nt%1^^ a. against the hair or

grain, contrary, refractory.
f^%flf a. moving hither iand thither, restless,


f^n^SlrilT a. eloquent.

f^l^^Hf a. swelling (Soma).

fe|<|^r f* desire of saying, teaching, express-
ing; meaning, sense (loc. or — •), mere
desire of saying etc., i.e. hesitation, doubt.

f^T^f^TT a. meant, intended, borne in mind

f?T^li a. calling aloud; wishing to say or

fqe(vqi| a. decision, authority,
f^pi?^ a. having no calf; bereft of the young

or children i.g.
f^^ a. == t^Wf^.
fi^q'c^il n. quarrel, contest.
fif^n^lj a. wishing to speak.
f^l|\i or ^t^nf m. carrying -yoke; burden,

load, provisions, stock of grain, etc
fSf^rpf n. matting-work.
fly^^ m. n. opening, hole, fissure, interval,

distance, flaw, fault.
f^^4^q[ n. opening, uncovering, explaining.
f^^^^ a. splendourless.
f^^f^Nr n. abandoning, giving up; desisting

from (abl.).
f^pnilfhV a* to be abandoned or given up.

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f^^ff^JlTf a. abandoned by, destitute of, free
from, -less (instr. or — •); left oat—, not
including ( — •).
f^f^nj a. colourless or discoloured, pale;

abstr. ©Tn f-, •W^ m.
Rl^^^4^ a. pale-faced.
f^^l^rrf m. the turning or revolving one, i.e.
the sky; whirl-pool, eddy; change, altered
condition ; the mere semblance of (— •).
ftlWM «• turning, revolving, changing; n.
the action of turning etc., moving hither
and thither, wandering, roaming, turning
away or back; turning point, change.
'pl^lS'l. a- turning (intr.), moving in a circle,
turning away or towards (— •), changing.
f^^T» f. t; (^) increasing, strengthening,
furthering (— •); n. growth, increase,
f^lrf>5H^ = prec. adj. (only f. & — •).
f^!)^f?f a. uncovered, bare.
t^l( a. having no will, irresolute or indo-
lent, acting involuntarily or against one's
own will; abstr. ©TfT f.
f^nreif & •^B^C a- unclothad, naked.
f ?yq i<t< q a m. patron, of Manu.
fqejia^l *• (o"^y ^^^^^' plO = seq. adj.
N^renW^ or fqf^^^, a- lighting up, matu-
tinal ;^ro. N. of a "god, later B. of the
sun or the god of the sun.
f^^|l|| m. decider.
fi[^T% a. calling to (i.e. challenging) each

other; f. challenge, contest.
ft^T^'^ m., t^f. arbiter, umpire; n. decision,

t%r^T^ m. (n.) quarrel, contest, dispute.
"Pl^T^^ n. the object of a contest.
ft^l^lN i ^V ^' prosecutor, plaintiff.
fif ^ 1 (4 * 1 a- disputing, litigating.

lf«RIT^ m. the lighting up, daybreak.
2fBf^rra ro* leaving home, exile.
fJim^H n. expulsion, banishment.
fi i mfjj^ a. unclothed, naked.
fif^^ a. to be banished.
fTlpfT^m. leading (the bride) home; wedding,

f ^^ qUjf J Mm n. wedding ornament*
f^^lfM^li 8. wedding drum.

fJH^m'^H m. wedding garment
frpfTlT a- ^^ ^^ married (girl); fit for a
matrimonial alliance; related by marriage,
m. son-in-law.
f^lfqiRa. separated, detached, isolated, single,
lonely, free from (instr. or — •); clean,
pure, dainty, dear, distinct; n., •?n ^- &
o^ n. separation, loneliness, etc.
fi r ftlft^ftn. a. seeking solitude.
f^rf^HrnBR a. sitting in a lonely place.
f^t^rflU ^- separation, division, (right) dis-
f^f^w a. wishing or being about to enter.
f^fqq a. much frightened.
f^ff^ a. of different kinds, various, mani*

fold; n. adv.
f^f^Wnr m. relating to various traditions.
f^lf^lf^limi a. having different weapons.
fn?f a. uncovered, bare, open, displayed,
manifested, published, explained; n. adv.
fi^a^T^lf^H a. showing heroism.
fnTnfpBf a. open-hearted, candid.
t^rafTf f. explanation, exposition.
fil^^'^T a. turned round or back, whirled, bent
fq^W^ a. rolling the eyes.
fw^nif a. distorting the limbs (in agony).
'praf^ f. expansion; hiatus (g.).
f^V^ a. grown, increased, enlarged, im-
portant, great, numerous, abundant
f^raflf f. growth, increase, lengthening (of

a vowel); thriving, welfare.
f%^f^ a. giving welfare.
f^^lm m. separation, discrimination, discern-
ment, examination, consideration, judgment
insight, penetration ; poss. ©^^^ & •ftffl.
f^f^^rV a. having (lit knowing) the right

insight into ( — •).
f^'ijlir^Jm^ a. void of judgment, unwise,

f^^fti?!Tf«, •W n. right discrimination or

fifitJf a. who discriminates or judges right.
f^^q^ a, discriminating (right).

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