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To collate and preserve in compact form the life-records of dis-
tinguished church leaders has hitherto proved to be a useful service to
British Methodism as well as to some Christian denominations on this side
of the Atlantic. American Methodism through the years has produced a
remarkable library of the biographies of her own great men, whole
volumes being devoted to the life of one man save in a few collections,
such as "The Lives of Methodist Bishops" by Drs. Theodore L. Flood and
John W. Hamilton (now Bishop) and the "Cyclopedia of Methodism"
by Bishop Matthew Simpson. But not since the days of Nathan Bangs
has an attempt been made to present any considerable number of biogra-
phies of American Methodists within the limits of one volume, compact in
form and convenient in arrangement.

Nathan Bangs, that eminent church historian, who in a sense belongs
to all branches of Methodism, published in Volume Two of "A History
of the Methodist Episcopal Church," in the appendix, "an alphabetical
index of all the Preachers who have been received into full connection
in the Methodist Episcopal Church to the year 1814, including those who
came from Europe and returned," over sixteen hundred of them in all,
giving their names, dates of reception into the Conference, location,
death, withdrawal or expulsion. In subsequent volumes of his history
this list was brought down to 1840. Within the fruitful century that has
intervened, so marvelously has American Methodism multiplied that,
were Nathan Bangs to attempt to record only living clergymen in various
branches of the Methodist vine on this continent to-day, he must needs
tell the story of over forty-five thousand ministers.

In a book of this kind it is impracticable even to mention tens of thou-
sands of devoted ministers, and laymen too, who are laboring together
for the extension of the Kingdom of God, some of them with true heroism
albeit in relative obscurity. It is the plan, therefore, of this Wesleyan
onomasticon to present the biographies of only the more prominent living
Methodists of America.

At the outset the question of selecting names to be included herein was
most perplexing. That responsibility, however, the compiler has almost
entirely placed upon a Board of Nominators representing the various
Conferences in different branches of American Methodism. Certain ec-
clesiastical leaders, eminently competent for the task, were persuaded to
select this Board of Nominators from all parts of North America with
especial reference to their knowledge of Methodists in their respective


localities and their ability to select with impartial judgment the more
prominent names. The nominators in turn were invited to exercise this
intimate knowledge and impartial judgment. The result was a list of
those who have been invited to send to us data concerning their own lives.

If the Gentle Reader find not in this book the name of his friend whom
he regards of sufScient prominence to be mentioned in WHO 'S WHO IN
AMERICAN METHODISM, let him reflect that not all those nominated
have honored us with the information we have requested concerning their
life-records ; and of those failing thus to respond it has been possible to
include in the book only the most prominent leaders, whose biographies
may be found in the files of the church papers. And if his friend has
been overlooked in this process, let him be consoled with the hope that a
later edition of this book may somewhat reduce the imperfections in-
evitable in the first edition of a work of this nature. To that end we
eagerly invite suggestions from the Gentle Reader for improvement in
the book, the broadening of its personnel and the elimination of errors
and inaccuracies.

We are grateful to all who have assisted in making the book possible ;
to all nominators for their nominations, to those nominees who have so
generously furnished information requested of them, and especially to
Dr. James R. Joy, editor of The Christian Advocate (New York), for the
initial suggestions and plans from which this work has developed, and
to Mr. William Rhinehart Barbour for most valuable advice and assist-
ance in producing it in this form.

It is the earnest hope of the compiler that this book in itself may con-
tribute to the self-esteem of no man ; but that it may prove with God 's
blessing to be of real value to the successors of John Wesley in promoting
a more intimate acquaintance with the lives of our living leaders, a
deeper fellowship among the separate branches of Methodism, and that
closer union for which many centripetal forces are operating in this age
of broader brotherhood. Carl F. Peice.


ABEKNETHY, Rev. Joseph Edgar: 6. Oct.
3, 1869, Rutherford College, N. C. : educ.
Rutherford Coll. A.B. '93, A.M. '96 : m. July
27, 1893 Susan Virginia Allen : c. Olive,
Pascal, Oscar, Wallace, Horace, Virginia.
Ent. W. North Carolina Conf. '93. Pasto-
rates : Highlands ; Bryson City ; Murphy ;
Rutherfordton ; Waynesville ; Mt. Airy ;
Winston-Salem ; Gastonia '12 ; Monroe, N.

C. '14 . Address: Monroe, N. C. M.

E., S.

ACORNLET, Benjamin Richard: i. Nov. 17,
1869, Rochdale, England : s. Rev. John
Holmes and Agnes Rebecca Acornley : educ.
pub. schs. (Penna.) : m. Nov. 17, 1898 Olive

Driver : c. John H. Printer 25 yrs. .

Mem. Plymouth Av. ch. (Eastern Conf.) Bk.

agt. Eastern Conf. 4 yrs. ; mem. 4 Gen.

Confs. ; Gen. Conf. pub. Mem. Royal Ar-
canum. Mason ; Odd Fellow ; M. U. ; Rep.
City Com. Fall River 20 yrs. ; sec. same 2
yrs. Office: 16 Pleasant St. Residence:
556 Osborn St., Fall River, Mass. Prim.

ADAMS, Benjamin Franklin: 6. Sept. 29,
1861 in country, Ind. : s. Benj. F. and Jane
(Baker) Adams: educ. Indiana Univ. '83: m.
Dec. 4, 1888 Anna Brant. Banker ; vice-

pres. 9 yrs. . Supt. S. S., steward 1st ch.

27 yrs. (Indiana Conf.) Mem. Gen. Conf. '12;
trus. Moores Hill Coll. ; mem. Gen. Bd.
Conf. Claimants. Address: Bloomington,
Ind. M. E.

ADAMS, Rev. Fred Winslow, D.D. : 6. Aug.
31, 1866, Belfast, Maine: s. Rev. (M. E.)
True Page and Dorcas Ellen (Winslow)
Adams : edtic. High Sch. (Kennebunk, Me.)
'85; Boston Univ. 3 yrs. ('92) ; Harvard 1
yr. ('93) ; Yale Divinity Sch, '01; Syracuse
Univ. D.D. '05 : m. June 11, 1901 Harriet
Heath : c. Winslow H., Vincent T. Pas-
torates: (assoc. Nostrand Av.) Brooklyn
(New York East Conf.) '96 ; Yalesville, Conn.
'97; (Epworth) New Haven, Conn. '00;
trans. (1st) Schenectady (Troy Conf.) '02;
(St. Andrews) N. Y. City (New York Conf.)

'14 . Sec. Meth. Brhd. '98-'02 ; pres.

Schenectady Ministerial Assoc. '04-'05 ; Boy
Scouts of Amer., Schenectady Div. '11-'13.
Mem. Theta Delta Chi. frat. : Mason. Con-
trib. Meth. Review ; compiler "Vincent Cal-
endar." Lecturer : "Mark Twain and other

Marks" ; "James Whitcomb Riley, Prince of
Hoosiers and Prophet of Cheer." Residence:
120 W. 76th St., New York City. M. E.
ADAMSON, Rev. Wathan Weeden: b. Aug.
28, 1865, Ridgeway, Ont. (Canada.) s. Wee-
den T. D. and Sarah Anne (Ruble) Adam-
son: educ. Bradford Coll. '87: m. July 1,
1890 Lucy Deborah Dinsdale : c. Morns C,
Lawrence D., Ora R., Agnes P. In pastorates
23 yrs. ; Chm. Carman Dist. ; supt. circuit

09 ; Crystal City '13 . (Manitoba Conf.)

Odd Fellow; Orange Order. Served under
Gen Middleton in Riel Rebellion, whole cam-
paign '85. Address: Crystal City. Manitoba,
Canada. Meth. Canada.

ADAMSON, William Charles: &. Aug. 13,
1854, Bowdon. Ga. : s. John Whitfield and
Mary Ann (McDaniel) Adamson : educ. pub.
sch. ; Bowdon Coll. A.B., A.M. : w- Jan. 29,
1885 Minna Reese (d. Dec. 30, 1912) : c.
Chas. Jr., Reese, Erne. Mem. of Congress,

9th term . Chm. trus. CarroUton ch.

(Georgia Conf.) Mem. Gen. Conf. '80, '00,
'04 (alt. '08, '12.) Mem.-elect, Ecumen.
Conf '01 : Commissioner on Church Union
Com '04. Trus. Bowdon Coll. : Mason : Odd
Fellow; R. A.; Elk; K. of P. omce:
House of Representatives, Washington D. C.
Residence: 27 West Av.. CarroUton. Ga.
Meth. Prot.

ADKINS, Frederick Paul: 6. Nov. 9, 1878,
Powellville, Md. ; s. Elijah Stanton and Hen-
rietta Francis Adkins : educ. Salisbury High
Sch. ('95) ; Goldey's Bus. Coll., Wilmington,
Del '95-'96 : m. Nov., 1903 Edna Sheppard :
c. Eleanor F., Bertha Sheppard. Mem. Gen.
Conf '12. Steward, Bethesda Church, Salis-
bury' (Maryland Conf.) Mason. Pres. and
treas. E. S. Adkins and Co., lumber dealers.
Office: Baltimore St. Residence: 619 Parke
Ave., Salisbury, Md. Meth. Prot.
ADKINSON, Rev. Alva Wilson, D.D. : 6- May
2, 1851. E. Enterprise, Iii<i- = ,^- ^^LAje
jkne (McHenry) Adkmson : /<^«fv„ii '71 •
Coll. '67-'69, D.D. '06; Pa- A^'\ColK 71
Asbury Univ. (now DePauw Univ.) A.B. Jb
AM '79. D.D. : m. Jan. 2, 1878 Kate i^ueiid.
HasseU : ' c. Cassell W., David H Katherine
W. Ent. (trial) N. Indiana Conf 76. Pas-
torates: Galveston, Cassville J6- "ans
SB Ind. Conf., prof. Math.. Moores Hill

NOTE. — See also the Addenda in the back of
this book for additional biographies.




Coll. 'Te-'TS ; Cliarlestown '78 ; Moore's Hill,
iDd. '79 (prof, ancient langs., Moore's Hill
Coll.); miss. Ogden, Utah, '81; Huron, S.
D. '84 ; charter mem. Dakota Conf. '85 ;
Mitchell, S. D. '87 ; act. pres. Dak. Univ. '88-
'90 (now Dak. Wesleyan Univ.) ; Water-
town, S. D. '90 ; miss. Albuquerque, N. M.
•92-'96 ; trans. B. Ohio Conf., Mingo '96 ;
New Lisbon '97 ; trans. So. California Conf.,
Long Beach '98 ; Pres. Elder Los Angeles
Dist. '03 ; Riverside, Cal. '09 ; supt Arizona

Miss. '12 . Mem. Gen. Conf. '92, '08.

Trus. Univ. of So. Cal. Address: 2129 W.
20th St., Los Angeles, Cal. M. E.

ADKISSON, Eev. Milton: b. Apr. 29, 1833,
Napton, Mo. : s. Walker and Ann Adkisson :
m. Sarah F. Saunders : c. Andrew A., Robt.
W., Mrs. Lizzie Smothers, Mrs. Annie Coyl.
Ent. (trial) S. W. Missouri Conf. '55 ; dea-
con '57 ; elder '59. In pastorates 28 yrs. ;
Pres. Elder 12 yrs. ; Superannuated 19 yrs.

. Chm. Exam. Bd. 14 yrs. Mem. Gen.

Conf. '78. Mason. Contrib. ch. papers. Ad-
dress: Fayette, Mo. M. E., 8.

AGNEW, Eev. Walter D. : &. Dec. 9, 1873,
Littleton, 111. : s. David and Margaret L.
(Tucker) Agnew: educ. Augusta High Sch.
'03 ; Chaddock Coll. B.A. '07 ; Boston Univ.
S. T. B. '01: m. June 9, 1887 Mary J.
Baker: c. Frances Margaret. Pastor: St.
Joseph (Wesley), Mo. '01; prof Eng., Mis-
souri Wesleyan Coll. '02 ; pres. Mo. Wes.
Coll. '05; Dean, Sch. of Theol., Univ. of
Chattanooga '09 ; pres. Hedding Coll. '11

. (Central Illinois Conf.) Address:

Abingdon, 111. M. E.

AIKENS, Kev. John William: 6. May 14,
1871, Dublin, Ont., Canada: s. John and
Margaret Aikens : educ. Mitchell High Sch.
'89; Victoria Univ. (Toronto) '95-'96 ; Mt.
Allison Univ., New Brunswick (theol.) '99:
m. Sept. 27, 1899 Etta B. Phlnnimore : c.
Karl, Ralph. Pastorates: Petite Riviere,
N. S. (Toronto Conf.) '94; Port Maitland
'99 ; Hantsport '00 ; Truro '02 ; Halifax
'04 ; Amherst '09 ; field sec. Temp. & Moral
Ref. Dept. '10-'13 ; (Metropolitan) Toronto

'13 . Address: 51 Bond St., Toronto,

Ont, Canada. Meth. Canada.

AINSWORTH, Rev. William Newman,
D.D. : 6. Feb. 10, 1872, Camilla, Ga. : s.
Rev. Jas. Thos. and Kate L. (McRaeny)
Ainsworth : educ. Emory Coll. A.B. '91,
D.D. '05; m. Oct. 11, 1893 Mary Nichol-
son : c. Wm., Malcolm, Eloise. Ent. So.
Georgia Conf. '91. Pastorates: (Grace)
Macon '92 ; Montezuma '94 ; Bainbridge
'96 ; Dublin '00 ; (Mulberry St.) Macon
'02 ; (Wesley Mon.) Savannah '06 ; Pres.
Wesleyan Coll., Macon '09-'12 ; (Mulberry

St.) Macon '13 . Mem. Gen. Conf. '06,

'10 ; Ecumen, '11. Trus. Wesleyan Coll. ; So.
Ga. Orphanage ; Wesleyan Advoc. ; mem.
Kappa Alpha frat Mason. Address: 717
Mulberry St., Macon, Ga. M. E., 8.

ALBEOOK, Eev. J. Burleigh, Ph.D., D.D. :
b. July 18, 1844, Monroe, Pa. ; s. M. Frank
and Agnes Myra (Hahn) Albrook : educ.
Cornell Coll. A.B. '70, A.M. '73, D.D. '91;
M. E. Coll, of Nebraska Ph.D. '85: m. first
Sept. 21, 187,1 Lydia A. Matson, (d. Oct. 22,

1873), second Dec. 23, 1574 Delia A. Bab-
cock: c. Luella Matson (Mrs. H. A. Miller),
Frank B. (d.). Ent. Upper Iowa Conf. '70.
Pastorates: Central City, Maquoketa ; prln.
Epworth Sem., Mason City ; Marshalltown ;
Pres. Elder Cedar Rapids Dist., Marshall-
town Dist., Davenport Dist. ; Finan. Agt.

Cornell Coll. '09 . Conf. sec. 9 yrs. ; ch.

Examining Comm. 6 yrs. ; chm. Conf.
Claimants 9 yrs. Mem. Gen. Conf. '96, '00
(alt. '04). Mem. Bd. Control, Epworth
League '96-'00. Trus. Cornell Coll. '74 ;
dr. Iowa Children's Home Soc. 22 yrs. ;

Natl. Children's Home Finding Soc. '04 .

Mem. Victoria Inst. ; Amer. Inst, of Chris-
tian Philosophy. Civil War, priv. Co I, 2d
Iowa vol. cavalry ; 1st lieut. Milo Guards
'64 ; pres., 2d Iowa Cav. Assoc. 2 yrs.,
chaplain 26 yrs. ; dept. chap. Iowa G. A.
R. ; chap. Iowa Union Veterans Union ;
Natl. Chap. Union Vet. Union. Author:
"Sunday School Assembly of Northwest"
(Fairbanks '77) ; "Methodism and Her Sis-
ters" (author '85). Established "Cedar
Rapids Dist. Methodist," "Marshalltown
Methodist Herald," "Davenport Dist. Meth.
Herald." Address: 389 Gelena Av., Pasa-
dena, Cal. M. E.

ALDEEMAN, Eev. Ehenus HoflFord: 6. Dec.

9, 1880, Lithia, Fla. ; s. Hiram and Sarah
Jane Alderman ; educ. Fla. Conf. Coll. '01 ;
Emory Coll., Oxford, Ga., B.A. '94, Univ.
of Denver, summer '06. Columbia Univ.
summer '12 : m. May 22, 1906 Jane Kath-
eryne Purnell : c. Rhenus Hofford, Jr.
Princ. Harbison (Ga.) High Sch. '04-'05 ;
vice pres., prof, science. Southern Coll.,
Sutherland, Fla., '05-'07 ; pres. Russell
Coll., Lebanon, Va., '07-'09 ; pres. Morris
Harvey Coll. '09 ; pres. Southern Coll. '14

(Florida Conf.). Mem. Delta Tau

Delta frat.: Mason. Residence: Suther-
land, Fla. M. E., a.

ALDEICH, Chester Hardy, LL.D. : ft. Nov.

10, 1862, Pierpont, O. : s. Geo. Washington
and Sufrona Eliza Aldrich : educ. O. State
Univ. A.B. '88 ; Univ. of Neb. LL.D. : m.
June 4, 1889 Sylvia Estella Stroman : c.
Geo. S., Chester, John B., Fredk. S. Nebras-
ka State Senator, '07-'08, author Neb. Rail-
way Comm. Law and Freight Rate Law ;
Governor of Nebraska '11-'12 (elected on
County Option issue). Mem. St. Paul's

Ch., Lincoln. Attorney-at-law '93 .

Mason: K. of P.: Odd Fellow. Offl.ce:
Bankers Life Building, Lincoln. Residence:
202 S. 27th St., Lincoln, Nebraska. M. E.

ALEXANDER, Eev. John Meader: ft. Feb.
20, 1852, Macon Co., Tenn. ; s. Hugh Wash-
ington and Emily Emiline Alexander ; educ.
Enon (Tenn.) High Sch. and Normal School.
Tgh. sch. : m. Jan. 1, 1874 Sallie K. House ;
Ent. Tenn. Conf. on trial '05. Pastorates:
Coalstown Miss, Cookville Cir. '86 ; Costa-
lion Spr. '89 ; San Sabo (trans, to W. Texas
Conf.) '90; San Marcos Sta. '92; Kyle,
Pleasant Grove, '96 ; Beeville Dist. Pres.
Elder '97-'01 ; San Antonio, '01 ; Austin,
Dist., Pres. Elder, '04-'08 ; Lockhart '08 ;
Cuero Dist. Pres. Elder, '10 ; pastor Hondo

'14 . Odd Fellow ; Mason. Pres.

trus. San Antonio Female Coll. Residence:
Hondo, Texas. M. E., 8.




ALLEN, Rev. Charles Bronson, D.D. : &.
May 23, 1869, Jackson Co., Mich. : s. Ira B.
and Mary (Lord) Allen: educ. Iprury Ar-
bor Sem. '88 ; Univ. of Mich. A.B. '93 ;
Boston Sch. of Theol. S.T.B., '95 ; Albion
Coll. D.D. '10 ; m. 1895 Adelaide Andrews :
c. C. B. Jr., Eliz. S. Ent. New Eng. S.
Conf. '94 ; trans. E. Maine Conf ., Bar Har-
bor '95 ; trans. Detroit Conf., Wyandotte
'98; (Tabernacle) Detroit; (N.Woodward)
Detroit; Dist. Supt. Detroit Dist. '09, De-
troit East Dist. '15 . Mem. Gen. Conf.

'12 ; Ecumen. '11. Trus. Old People's Home,
Chelsea ; Det. Deaconess Home. Mem.
Delta Tau Delta frat Mason. Address:
110 Hazelwood Av., Detroit, Mich. M. E.

ALLEN, Rev. Clarence Eugene, D.D. : 6.
Dec. 12, 1869, Addison, Mich. ; s. Rev.
(Meth.) Chas. Thompson and Elnora R. Al-
len : educ. Mich. Military Acad., '89-'90 ;
Albion Coll., A.B., '94, D.D. '09 : m. July
24, 1894 Charlotte A. Rich: C. Chas.
Thompson, Dorothy Rich. Ent. Detroit
Conf. '96. Pastorates: Farmington (Mich),
Wyandotte, Haven, Detroit, Saginaw, Flint ;
trans. Genesee Conf., Richmond Av., Buffalo
'08; trans. W. Virginia Conf., (4th) Wheel-
ing, W. Va. '15 . Mem. Gen. Conf. '08.

Sec. of Detroit Conf. many years. Pres.
Deaconess Board Genesee Conf. Trustee and
supt. Instruc, Silver Lake Assembly (N. Y.)
Trus. Genesee Conf. Home, and Deaconess
Children's Home ; mem. Delta Tau Delta
frat. : Mason, Chaplain Grand Lodge N. Y.
State. Lecturer on his extensive travels.
Residence: Wheeling, W. Va. M. E.

ALLEN, Rev. George Wesley, D.D. : 6.
Aug. 10, 1854, Smith Station, Ala. : s. Geo.
and Margaret Allen : educ. private teach-
ers ; Payne Univ. D.D. '00 ; Wilberforce
Univ. D.D. '15 : m. Mar. 2, 1876 Phoebe
Harvey : c. Griffln A., Wm. W., Jas. L.,
John S., Alex. J., Nimrod B., Marion A.,
Bertha L. Ent. E. Alabama Conf. '87.
Pastorates: Miss, preacher 2 yrs. ; sta.
preacher 7 ; circuits 2 ; Pres. Elder 4 ;
mgr., editor "Southern Chr. Recorder" '04

. Conf. treas. Mem. Gen. Conf. '00, '04,

'08, '12, '16. Trus. Payne Univ. ; Morria
Brown Univ. ; Wilberforce Univ. ; Comm'r
Bd. Comm'rs. on Fed. of the Colored. Meth.
Chs. of Amer. Cincinnati, O. '15 ; mem. K.
of P.; Internatl. : Mason. Ojfice 1033%
1st Av. Residence: 1315 Fifth Av., Col-
umbus, Ga. A. M. E.

ALLEN, Rev. John Roliert, D.D. : 6. Nov.
21, 1851, Iredell Co., N. C. : s. Rev. Archi-
bald Campbell and Mary Adeline (Tucker)
Allen : educ. Andrew Coll. Trenton, Tenn.
'70 ; Southwestern Univ. (Ala.) A.B. '73,
D.D. '91 : m. first 1873 Florence Worley
(d. 1875), second Oct. 3, 1878, Mollie Flor-
ence Crutchfield. Pastorates: Btarkville
Sta. 1 yr. ; Okolona Sta. and Crawford Ct.
(N. Miss. Conf.) '73; trans. N. Texas Conf.
(Floyd St.) Dallas '75; prof. Dallas Pem.
Coll. '77 ; trans. N. W. Texas Conf. pres.
Marvin Coll. Waxachachie '78-'79 ; (1st)
Ft. Worth '79 ; Paris '81 ; McKinney '86 ;
Pres. Elder Bonham Dist. '86-'88 ; (1st
Dallas '88 ; Honey Grove '90 ; prof. South-
western Univ. '92-'12 ; pres. Ladies' Annex,
act. pres. 1 yr. Superannuated '12 .

(N. Texas Conf.) Gen. Conf. (alt. '90, '94.)
Ex-trus. N. Tex. Fem. Coll. ; exec, com.,
trus. Southwestern Univ. ; mem. Meth.
Benv. Soc. ; Amer. Econ. Soc. ; Tex. Hist,
Soc. ; prof, emeritus Philos Southwestern
Univ. '12 . Odd Fellow: Chm. Pro-
hibition party Williamson Co. '11 ; exec,
com. Georgetown Bus. Club. Author: "Form
Book, Meth. Law Manual" (Shaw, Dallas
'87) ; "Man, Money and the Bible" (So.
Meth. Pub. House '91) ; "Itinerant's Guide"
(same '97). Contrib. ch. papers. Address:
Georgetown, Tex. M. E., S.

ALLEN, Rev. John Wesley: 6. Feb. 25,
1847, Walton Co., Ga. : s. Rev. John Wm.
Burkley and Martha (Camp) Allen: educ.
Burtrop Mil. Inst. (Tex.) '67; Winchester
Acad. (Tex.) : m. Jan. 30, 1872 Mary
Catherine Cooke: c. Frank, (d.) Maud,
(d.) Mary, Minnie, Mattie, (d.) Moved from
Tex. to Cal. '68 ; licensed exhorter. Ent.
Pacific Conf. '69 ; trans. Los Angeles
Conf. '70. Pres. Elder, 7 yrs. Pastor
(West-Side) Los Angeles '12 ; Superannu-
ate. Former trus. Wilson Coll. In Confed.
Army 12 mos. Autlior: "Laconic History
Epis. Meth. ;" "How Can the Church Obtain
a Better Ministry." Address: 1930 New
England Av., Los Angeles, Cal. M. E., S.

ALLEN, Rev. Ray, D.D. : b. Mar. 22, 1860,
Pavilion, N. Y. : s. Daniel and Laverne
(Tito) Allen: educ. LeRoy Acad.; Syra-
cuse Univ. D.D. '10 : m. first Dec. 20, 1885
Bessie J. Bouk, (d. May 25, 1888), second
July 2, 1895, Sarah E. Martin (d) : c. (by
2nd) Earl, Carl, Ralph. Conductor Pales-
tine Parties '08 . Pastor Grace Ch. Sec.

Rochester Forward Movmt. '13 ; Dist. Supt.
Central Dist. '14 (Genesee Conf.) ; Conf.
sec. '08 . Author: "History of E. Gene-
see ^onf." ('08) ; "Century of Genesee
Conf." ('11). Mem. Gen. Conf. '08. Ad-
dress ; 173 Bryan St., Rochester, N. Y. M. E.

ALLEN, Rev. William Kinnear: 6. July
28, 1873, Burlington, Ont. : s. Geo. and
Mary Jane (Kinnear) Allen: educ. Hamil-
ton Coll. Inst. '90 ; Victoria Univ. '96-'00,
B.D. '04 ; Univ. of Toronto, B.A. '00, M.A.
'04. m. June 13, 1904 Emily Eliz. Shaver:
c. Jean B. Ent. (probation) Hamilton
Conf. '00 ; ordained, '04. Pastorates:
Swift Current, Sask. (Alberta Conf.) '04;
Vegrevllle '07 ; Springvale '08 ; Banff, '10 ;
Statist, sec. '06 ; asst. sec. Conf. '09 ; Conf.
sec. '10: trans. Clifford '12-'13 ; Platts-

ville '13 . (Hamilton Conf.) S. S.

sec. Palmerton Dist. Mem. Royal Templars
of Temp. ; Can. Order of Foresters. Ad-
dress: Plattsville, Ont., Can. Meth. Can-

ALSTORK, Rev. Bishop John Wesley, LL.D.,
D.D. : 6. Sept. 1, 1852, Talladega, Ala. : s.
Rev. Frank and Mary Jane Alstork : educ.
Logwood Inst. ; Talladega Coll. ; Liying-
stone Coll. (N. C.) D.D.; Princeton (Ind.)
LL.D.: m. May 26, 1872 Mamie Meta
Lawson. Clergyman — . Mem. 7 Gen.
Confs. ; Ecumen. '01, '11. Trus. Living-
=;tone Coll. ; Old Bd. trus. State Normal
Sch. ; Hale Infirmary ; Longrldge Acad. ; In-
dus. & Orphan Scr., Macon : Natl. Gd. Master
F & A. M., York; Lieut. Comm. United




Gd. Council : Inspector Gen., Order of Love
and Charity ; dr. Order of Good Stiepherd ;
dr. Loan and Investment Co. ; founder La-
mox-Hannon Indus. Coll. ; mem. Fed. o^
Chs. ; mem. Sociological Congress. Bishop

of A.M.B. Zion '00 . Address: 231

Cleveland Av., Montgomery, Ala. A. M. E. Z.

AMES, Charles Bismark: &. Aug. 1, 1870,
Macon, Miss. : s. Chas. Bingle and Sarah J.
(Longstreet) Ames. educ. A. and M. Coll.,
Starkvile '88 ; Emory and Henry Coll. B.S.
'90 ; Univ. of Miss., LL.B., '92 : m. Feb. 6,
1894 Eliz. Pearl Allen : five children. Mem.

Ecumen. Conf. '11. Lawyer . Member

Supreme Court Com. of Oklahoma 1911-'13 ;
'13 re-entered law practice. Chm. stewards,
St. Luke's Ch., Okla. City (West Okla.
Conf.) Address: Amer. Bank Bldg., Ok-
lahoma, Okla. M. E., S.

AMES, Herbert Thomas: b. June 7, 1844,
Sullivan Township, Pa. : s. Thos. Whipple
and Mary Amy Ames : educ. Mansfield
(Pa.) State Normal School '67; Univ. Mich-
igan LL.B., '69 : m. Dec. 23, 1876 Lizzie
A. Wise : c. Mary Creighton Haskin, Thos.

West. Lawyer '69 . Mem. Gen. Conf. '84,

00, '04, '08, '12 ; author of law, organizing
Temperance Soc. in Discipline: trus. Pine
St. Ch., Williamsport, Pa. : mgr., treas.
Preachers' Aid Soc. (Cent. Pa. Conf.) ; trus.
Dickinson Sem., Wmsport : Prohibitionist:
pres. city Select Council during city debt liti-
gation ; ex-pres. local Bar Assoc. Address:
51 W. Third St., Williamsport, Pa. M. E.

ANDERSEN, Rev. Jens Peter: b. Sept. 24,
1859, Denmark, Europe : s. Peter and Jen-
sine (Jacobsen) Andersen: educ. in Den-
mark schools ; came to America aged 17
years ; Norweg, and Danish Theol. Sch.,
Evanston, 111., 2 yrs. : m. Feb. 27, 1893
Hannah Eck : c. Sigurd, Theodor, Karl,
Helen, John, Albert, William, Hannah, Es-
ther. Ent. New Eng. Conf. '93. Elder '95.
Pastorates: Concord (Mass.) '92 ; Leland
(111.) '98; Manistee (Mich.), '00; Milwau-
kee (Wis.) '03; Minneapolis (1st) '09;
Dist. Supt. Minneapolis Dist. (Norweg and

Danish Conf.) '12 . Trus. Norweg. and

Danish Book Concern, Chicago. Address:
2213 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
M. E.

ANDERSON, Rev. Alfred: 6. Mar. 3, 1851,
Sweden : educ. Sweden Theol. Sem. ; Iowa
Wesleyan Univ. : m. Nov. 13, 1874 Augusta
Borgeson : c. Judith, Victor, Garfield, Na-
omi, Ruth, Raymond. Ent. Cent. Illinois
Conf. '71, elder '74 ; Pres. Elder 15 yrs. ;
Mgr. Swedish Book Cone. 5 yrs. ; pastor
Galesburg, 111. ; Jamestown, N. Y. ; (1st)

Chicago '12 . (Central Swedish Conf.)

Mem. Gen. Conf. '92 ; Ecumen. '11 ; trus.
Swedish Theol. Sem. ; Bethany Home. Ad-
dress: 350 W. Oak St., Chicago, 111. M. E.

ANDERSON, Elizabeth Preston (Mrs.
James) : 6. Apr. 27, 1861, Decatur, Ind. :
daugh. Rev. (M. B.) Elam S. and Maria
(Shepley) Preston: educ. Ft. Wayne Coll.;
Asbury (now DePauw Univ.) ; Univ. of
Minn. : m. Dec. 11, 1901 Rev. James An-
derson : c. (step c.) Fletcher, Howard C,
S. Cuyler, State Org. W. C. T. U., N. D.,
'89-'93 ; pres. '93 ; asst. rec. sec. Natl. W.

C. T. U. '04-'06; rec. sec., 'oa . (N.

Dakota Conf.) Mem. Kappa Alpha Theta
frat. Attended every session of State Legis.

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