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Jews met with the same treatment as in Yelisabetgrad.
Beresovka. — 26th April, 1881. 159 private houses were

robbed and destroyed, also 28 shops and business houses.
Annanieff. — 27th April, 1881. 175 private houses and 24

business houses were destroyed, mostly the property of

poor ews.
Annanieff District. — 28th April to ist May, 1881. Eight

villages of Jews were destroyed and the inhabitants

KiEFF. — 23rd-26th April, 188 1. Massacre and outrages of

the Jewish inhabitants of a fearful description.
VosiLKOFF. — 29th and 30th April, 1881. Extermination of

the Jews.


OsATRE, NEAR KiEFF. — 29th and 30th April, 1 88 1. Massacre

and robbery of the Jews.
Zmarinkah. — 27th April, 1881. Massacre and robbery of

the Jews.
KoNOTOP. — 27th-29tb April, 1881. Several Jews murdered

and robbed. The officials shared in the spoils. Nine

villages in the district wiped out.
Smealah and Cherkass District. — 3rd and 4th May,

1 88 1. Thirteen villages destroyed and the inhabitants

VoLOCHiSK. — 5th May, 1881. Volochisk and the neighbour-
ing villages were destroyed by fire and sword.
Odessa. — 3rd-5th May, 1881. Massacre and robbery of

Jews, in which the authorities took part.
Jewish Colony, near Odessa. — 4th-ioth May, 1881. The

colony was wiped out and their effects plundered.
Nikolaieff. — ist-4th May, 1881. The Jews destroyed by

fire and sword.
Alexandroffsk and Novomoscva Districts. — istMay, 1881.

Massacre and robbery, with arson.
Kharkoff and Berdjansk. — 4th-6th May, 1881. Massacre

and robbery, in which the officials joined.
Berdjansk and Marienpol. — i8th and 19th May, 1881. As

DoNSKOi Losovo. — 6th May, 1881. At the Sevastopol rail-
way station, outrage of women and massacre.
RoMNY. — 6th and 7th May, 1881. Romny and neighbouring

villages destroyed. Children murdered in the presence

of representatives of the Church.
KiEFF. — 8th May, 1881. 2000 Jews were left homeless,

their houses pillaged and burnt, stores sacked, men

murdered in the streets, women outraged publicly, and

babies thrown from the windows of the houses.
Yaroslav. — 30th June and 14th July, 1881. In Yaroslav

and the neighbouring villages was a repetition of the

scenes in Kieff.


Nezin. — 2istand 22nd July, 1881, Jews murdered in the

streets and their dead bodies robbed.
Faodosia. — 2nd June, 1881. Massacre and robbery of Jews.
Odessa. — 1 4th- 1 8th November, 1881. A repetition of the

scenes in KiefF.
Krosilnikoff. — 28th and 29th December, 1881. Massacre

and robbery of Jews.
Warsaw. — I2th-i5th December, 1881. 298 business houses^

690 small shops, 519 private houses were burnt or made

desolate. The synagogues were polluted, and nearly a

hundred Jews were never accounted for.

Extract from " Encyclopaedia Britannica," vol. 24, p. 475 :

" Within a few weeks the whole of Western Russia, from
the Black Sea to the Baltic, was smoking with the ruins of
Jewish homes. Scores of Jewish women were dishonoured,
hundreds of men, women, and children were slaughtered, and
tens of thousands were reduced to beggary and left without
a shelter. Murders, riots, or incendiary outrages took place
in no fewer than 167 towns and villages, including Warsaw,
Odessa, and Kieff. Europe had witnessed no such scenes of
mob savagery since the Black Death massacres in the four-
teenth century."

So much for 1881, the first year of the gentle system
inaugurated by M. Pobiedonostseff.

In this year there were massacres of the Jews, attended
by the usual horrors at :

Balta District, Kaments.







NuNi Novgorod.

DoMBRovrrzA, District of Rovno.
Every year until 1895 there were frequent massacres of
the Jews in some part or other of Russia. Then there was a
pause in the orgie of Jew-murder, and until 1903 massacres
were not so frequent, though of annual occurrence at Easter,
when the old story of the Jews murdering Christian children,
to knead their unleavened bread with their blood, is regularly
circulated by the popes of the Russian Church. Kischinieff
and Gomel foot the list, and prove to the civilised world that
M. PobiedonostsefE has lost none of his savage vindictiveness
against the Children of Israel. From 1880 until 1904 M.
Pobiedonostseflf has filled the post of first adviser to the Tsar,
as Procurator of the Holy Synod. He is responsible for the
" May Laws " and the system of rigorous persecution of all
unorthodox persons, whether Jews, Christians, or Mahom-
medans. The Protestant Stundists sufiered under his direction
afflictions almost as dire as those of the Jews. To the instiga-
tion of M. Pobiedonostseff must be traced the murder of
thousands of innocent persons, the violation of countless
women and girls, the destruction by fire of the homes of
tens of thousands of helpless Jews. M. Pobiedonostseff is
to this day the chief adviser of the Tsar, and the Procurator
of the Holy Synod. His influence with his Royal Masters
has been, and is, enormous. Alexander III. was completely
in his power, and turned a deaf ear to the appeals of the
civilised world, and even of the Tsaritsa herself, on behalf
of the persecuted Jews, refusing with coarse oaths to hear
their name mentioned in his presence. His influence with
Nicholas II. seems to be equally strong, and old age has not
abated his bloodthirstiness nor weakened his savage hatred
of the heretic.

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