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34. WOODCOCK, John, xviii, 20; Sarah, xviii, 19. WOODS, Caroline A., xvii,
15; Emmeline M., xv, 17; Mary A., xvii, 15; Mary I. , xvii, 15; William G., xvii, 15.




COBB. i, 1. Jonathan Holmes Cobb. Born July 8, 1799. Died March 12,
1882. Register of Probate Court from 1833 to 1879. Town Clerk from 1845 to 1875.

Sophia Doggett, wife of Jonathan H. Cobb, born May 23, 1805, died January
13, 1878, aged 72 years, 7 months, and 21 days.

FAIRBANKS, i, 2. In memory of Mr. Ebenezer Fairbanks, who died Nov.
21, 1832. Aet. 75.

Friends nor physicians could not save, Nor can the grave confine it here,
This mortal body from the grave; When Christ doth call it to appear.

FAIRBANKS, i, 3. In memory of Mary, wife of Ebenezer Fairbanks, who
died Jan. 7, 1843. Aet. 87. Erected by her children.

Though thou hast left us, mother, each kind deed,
And word, and thought of thine, shall with us live,

And though our hearts at thy departure bleed,
These to our souls a bright example give:

Like the ripe sheaf, when harvest time has come,

Mature in goodness, God has brought thee home.

FAIRBANKS, i, 4. Prudence Fairbanks died Mar. 2(5, 1871, aged 89 years.

FAIRBANKS, i. 5. In memory of Mr,- 3 . Prudence Fairbank, wife of Mr.
Ebenezer Fairbank, who died ]Nov. 11 th , 1815, aged 78.

GAY. i, 0. Sacred to the memory of Miss Mary Gay, who died April 29 th ,
1813. Aged 81.

MESSENGER, i, 7. In memory of Mrs. Olive, wife of Mr. Jason Messenger,
who died Nov. 5, 1837. Aet. 57.

Her spirit is with God, and this its plea:
My Savior lives, my Savior died for me.

MESSENGER, i, 8. In memory of Henry, son of Mr. Jason and Mrs. Olive
Messenger, who died Oct. 8, 1827, Aet. 17 yrs. and 6 mo.

Smitten friends are angels sent on errands full of love;
For us they languish and for us they die:
And shall they languish, shall they die in vain ?

NICHOLSON, i, 9. Maria Nicholson died Jan. 10, 1859, aged 65 years.

Elizabeth E. Nicholson, born March 10, 1800, died June

1, 1878.
Daughters of Commodore Samuel Nicholson, United States Navy.


ARBONNE. ii, 1. In memory of Charlotte Arbonne, (only daugh r of Mr.
Anthony Arbonne, mere 1 of Boston, dec d ) who died May 13, 1809. Act. 23.
My mother dear, do not lament, but know
God orders thee to stay and me to go.
Now learn with patience meekly to submit
To whatsoe'er God's wisdom judges best.
To say with humble Job, the Lord thinks fit:
Giving or taking, let his Name be blest.

FAIRBANKS, ii, 2. In memory of Mr. Eben r Fairbanks, who died Feb. 12 th ,
1812. Aged 79 years.

DEWIN. ii, 3. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Margaret Dewin, who died
Dec 1 12 th , 1811. Aged 84.

GAY. ii, 4. In memory of Mr. Josiah Gay who died Sep. 14, 1804. Aet. 84.
GAY. ii, 5. In memory of Mr. Moses Gay who died May 23 d , 1804. Aet. 64.

GAY. ii, 6. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sarah Gay, Relict of Mr. Eben-
ezer Gay, who died Feb. 21, 1843. Aet. 89 years.

GAY. ii, 7. Sacred to the memory of Mr. Ebenezer Gay, who died Feb. 23,
1824. Aet. 78.

GAY. ii, 8. In memory of Mrs. Sarah Gay, wife of Capt. Daniel Gay, who
died June 8, 1808. Aet. 94.

GAY. ii, 9. In memory of Capt. Daniel Gay, who died Feb. 24, 1798. Aged
84 years.

GAY. ii, 10. In memory of Mr. Daniel Gay, who died 15 April, A. D. 1801.
Aged 63 years.

MESSENGER, ii, 11. John, son of Mr. Jason and Mrs. Olive Messenger, died
July 25, 1812. Aet.-5.

While with the spirits of the just

My Savior I adore.
I smile upon my sleeping dust,
That now can weep no more.

MESSENGER, ii, 12. Newton, son of Mr. Jason and Mrs. Olive Messenger,
died Feb. 8 th , 1805. Aged 4 months.

Stop daring Cavilist! t'is God who calls
His favorites from the sick'ning ills of life.
His hand but lightly on the infant falls,
And cuts it off from sorrow, toil and strife.

WHITING, ii, 13. Polly Whiting, daur. of Mr. Hezekiah and Mrs. Mary
Whiting, died Sept. 22 d , 1796. Aged 2 yrs. and 24 days.

WHITING, ii, 14. In memory of Dea. Joseph Whiting, who died Nov. 19 th ,
1806. Aged 77 years.

The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. The corruptible must put on incor-
ruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.

WHITIM;. ii, i:>. In memory of Mrs. Mary, the wife of Dea, Joseph Whit-
ing, who died April 10 th , 1811. Aet. 83.


The days of our years are three score years and ten, and if by reason of
strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow, for it
is soon cut off, and we fly away.

SMITH, ii, 16. In memory of Mrs. Rapsima G. wife of Mr. Whiting Smith,
who died March 4, 1840. Aet. 20. Here reposeth beneath this sacred stone, the
affectionate wife and Mother, the loving Daughter and Friend.

FALES. ii, 17. Nathaniel Fales died Sept. 26, 1854. Aet. 74 yrs. 6 mos.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
Rebecca, wife of Nath 1 Fales, died Sept. 7, 1862. Aet. 81 yrs.
4 mos.

LEWIS, ii, 18. Sacred to the memory of Mr. Paul Lewis, who died Jan. 30,
1834. Aet. 74.

LEWIS, ii, 19, In memory of Mrs. Eunice Lewis, wife of Mr. Paul Lewis,
died May 10, 1828. Aet. 67 yrs. A friend in need, a friend in deed to all in
distress lies here at quiet rest.

LEWIS, ii, 20. In memory of Mr. Asa Lewis, son of Mr. Paul and Mrs.
Eunice Lewis, who died Jan r y 23, 1808, in his 25 th year.

I've paid the debt that all must pay, Tho' cruel Death has conquered me

Tho awful to my view; The victory is but small,

On frightful rocks where waters poured, For I shall rise and live again,

And broken buildings tiew. And Death himself shall fall.

LEWIS, ii, 21. In memory of Capt. Samuel Lewis who died July 23, 1854,
aged 66 years.

Anna, wife of Capt. Samuel Lewis died Aug. 9, 1869. Aet. 77 years.

HAPGOOD. ii, 22. Catherine A. died Oct. 27, 1834. Aet. 17. Henry M. Nov.
, 1844. Aet. 30. Lucy Ann, Dec. 5, 1845. Aet. 26. Adeline R., Dec. 9, 1846.
Aet. 34. Catherine Conant died Apr. 5, 1859. Aet. 73. Wife and children of
Henry Hapgood.

Henry Hapgood died Oct. 29, 1861. Aet. 74.

DOWSE, SHAAV. ii, 23. (South side.) In memory of Edward Dowse, Sarah
Dowse, Samuel Shaw, and Hannah Shaw.

(East side.) Here rest the Remains of Edward Dowse, A Representative of
this District in the Congress of the United States. His Philanthropy was
universal, His Benevolence active and unostentatious. By assiduous and
learned Research his Faith was established in the Gospel of Christ, and his life
was ajbright example of its power. He died on the 3 d of September, 1828, in the
72 year of his age.

(West side.) Samuel Shaw was born in Boston on the 2 (1 of September 1754.
He served his country as an officer in the American Army during the war of
the Revolution. After the Peace of 1783, being the first Consul of the United
States in China, he had a leading influence in establishing important Commer-
cial relations between these nations. A Soldier without Fear: A Merchant
without Reproach: he combined a chivalric spirit with a highly cultivated
Mind. He died at sea and was buried in the Indian Ocean on the 30 th of May, 1793.

(North side.) Sarah Dowse, the widow of Edward Dowse, died on the 3 d of
July, 1839, aged 83. Hannah Shaw, the widow of Samuel Shaw, died on the 24 th


of January, 1833, aged 77. They were Twin Sisters, and daughters of William
Phillips of Boston. Pious and charitable, they were united through life by
Nature, Fortune and Affection, and they here rest together.

[A'ote Near the Dowse monument is a nameless tomb which contains the bodies of
Josiah Smith and his son Thomas, and probably other members of their families.]


WHITING, iii, 1. In memory of Mrs. Esther Whiting, the wife of Mr.
Stephen Whiting, died Dec. 23 d , 1790, aged 57 years.

It was, I lived, but now my day My spirit's gone: it lives; but where,

To dust is mouldering fast away Ask not; Kepent; for death prepare.

BAKER, iii, 2. In memory of the widow Elizabeth Baker who died 4 th Feb.
1803, aged 95 years.

FAIRBANKS, iii, 3. Sacred to the memory of Jason Fairbanks, who departed
this life 10 th Sept. 1801. Aged 21 years.

FAIRBANKS, iii, 4. In memory of Mr. Calvin Fairbanks who died 23 Nov.
1800. Aet. 22 years.
Depart my friends wipe off all tears, Here I must lye till Christ appears.

BATES, iii, 5. In memory of Mr. Samuel Bates who died 21 Aug. 1800,
aged 43 years.

GUILD, iii, 6. In memory of Mrs. Miriam, wife of Joseph Guild, Esq. who
died Sept. 27, 1831. Aet. 93.

GUILD, iii, 7. In memory of Joseph Guild, Esq. who died Dec. 28 th 1794,
aged 60 years.

Draw near, my friends, and think on ine, Now I lie mouldering in the dust,
I once was in this world like thee; In hope to rise among the just.

GUILD, iii, 8. In memory of Mrs. Catherine Guild, the wife of Mr. Reuben
Guild, who died Sept. 8 th 1795, aged 25 years.

In youth I've walked the way to death, By me, my mates, a warning take,
Obey'd my God who gave me breath; Prepare for death bef ore's too late.

MASON, iii, 9. In memory of Abigail Mason, the wife of Mr. Thaddeus
Mason, who departed this life July 29 th 1796, aged 28 years.
She died in Jesus and is bless'd,

How soft her slumbers are!
From sufferings and from sins released,
And free from ev'ry snare.

FULLER, iii, 10. In memory of Miss Judith Fuller, died Feb. 8 th 1815.
Aged 82 years.

WIIITEEN. iii, 11. In memory of Mr. Aaron Whiteen, who died Ocf 18 th ,
1792. Aged 42 years, 7 months, and 12 days.

HUMPHREY, iii, 12. In memory of Mrs. Sarah Humphrey, the wife of
Jonas Humphrey, who died Feb. 24 th 1794. Aged 65 years.

FALIES. iii, 13. In memory of Capt. David Falies, who died Jan 23 d 1793.
Aet. 91.


Also Mrs. Mary Falies, the wife of Capt. David Falies, who died Dec. 24 th
1793, Aet. 78.

SMITH, iii, 14. To the memory of Mr. John Smith, a native of England,
who died 27 Jan. 1801, aged 43 years.

Also Thomas Smith, son of Mr. John and Mrs. Grace Smith, died 1 Feb.
1799, aged four years.

Reader seek not his merits to disclose,

Or draw his frailties from their dread abode,
There they alike in trembling hope repose,
The bosom of his father and his God.

SMITH, iii, 15. In memory of Mrs. Grace Smith, (widow of Mr. John
Smith, both natives of England,) who died Nov. 20, 1825. .ZE. 60. And also
of Benjamin Franklin Smith, (their son) who died Oct. 17, 1812. M. 16.

WHITING, iii, 16. In memory of Mr. Samuel Whiting, who died Jan. 18 th ,
1808, in the 81 year of his age.


KEITH, iv, 1. In memory of Miss Chloe Keith of Dudley, Daugh'r of
Capt. David and Mrs. Ruth Keith. Died June 17 th 1780 in y e 14 th year of her age.

(Headstone removed since 1869, but the footstone still remains.)
LUCE. iv. 2. Charley A. Luce died May 3 d 1876. Age 1 year 6 m. 9 d.

FAIRBANKS, iv, 3. Calvin, only son of Joshua and Clarissa Fairbanks,
died Feb. 13, 1837, Aet. 12 years,

Behold and see as you pass by, As I am now, so you must be.

As you are now, so once was I. Prepare for death and follow me.

FAIRBANKS, iv, 4. In memory of Calvin Fairbanks, son of Mr. Joshua and
Mrs. Clarissa Fairbanks, who died Sept. 18 th 1820. Aged 1 year and 1 month.
No more the smiling babe is seen,

Behold the gaping tomb!
The tender plant so fresh and green
Has met its final doom.

DRAPER, iv, 5. In memory of Mrs. Lydia Draper, wife of Mr. William
Draper, who died Jan. 25, 1790: in the 34 th year of her age.
Time was like you I life possest
And Time shall be when you must rest.

MASON, iv, 6. Mason. Abigail obt. July 29, 1796 Aet. 28. Anne, obt. June
26, 1828 Aet. 58. Thaddeus, obt. Feb. 13, 1832, aet. 70. John obt. May 18, 1836
aet. 26. Thaddeus Harris, obt. in Memphis, Tenn. Dec. 11, 1843. Aet. 36.

FARRINGTON. iv, 7. In memory of Mrs. Hannah Farrington, Avife of Eben-
ezer Farrington, who died July 21, 1788, Aet. 52.

FARRINGTON. iv, 8. In memory of Mr. Abner Farrington, son of Mr.
Ebenezer and Mrs. Hannah Farrington, who died Nov. 14, 1789. Aet. 34.

FARRINGTON. iv. 9, Sacred to the memory of Mr. Ebenezer Farrington.
who departed this life Oct. 25*' 1 1810, in his 76 th year.


Death is a welcome messenger to the good man.

Though here his mouldering body lies, The wintry storms of life are past,
His spirit dwells above the skies; And heaven shall be his home at last.

FARRIXGTOX. iv, 10. Ebenezer Farrington died Apr. 10, 1848, aged 88 years.
Elizabeth, his wife, died Feb. 1857 aged 90 years.

FARRIXGTOX. iv. 11. [Stone broken; this remains]: arrington, who died
Sept. 19, 1805. Aet. 43.


NICHOLS, v, 1. In memory of Lieut. Abel Nichols, of Danvers, who died
Sept r 12 th , 1778, in the 36 th year of his age.

STEVEXS. v, 2. In memory of James Stevens who died Dec r 20 th 1786, in the
33 d year of his age.

STEVEXS. v, 3. In memory of Mr. William Stevens who died Oct r 5, 1777,
in the 77 th year of his age.

He was a good citizen, and an honest man.

STEVEXS. v, 4. In memory of the "Widow Maryan Stevens who died June
21 st 1794 in the 84 th year of her age.

Blessed are the Dead that die in the Lord.

FARRIXGTOX. v, 5. In memory Miss Mehitable Farrington who died Nov.
4 th 1803 aged 22 years.

DRAPER, v, 6. In memory of Ebenezer Draper, son of Mr. William and
Mrs. Lydia Draper, died Feb 1 * 20, 1788 aged 1 year, 9 months, 14 days.

PARKER, v, 7. Catharine Parker, dau'r of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Cath-
arine Parker, died 22 d Sept. 1800 aged 14 months and 27 days.

Her life was short, but pleasant.
The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.

PARKER, v, 8. Alexander A. Parker son of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Cath-
arine Parker died Dec. 27, 1804. Aged 3 years.

Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

WHITING, v, 9. In memory of Mr. Nath 1 Whiting, died Sept. 2, 1821.
Aged 69 years.

WHITIXG. v, 10. In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel Whiting
who died Nov. 15, 1841. Aet. 86.

WHITIXG. v, 11. In memory of Miss Elizabeth Whiting, Daugh. of Mr.
Nath 1 and Mrs. Eliz th Whiting, died Nov. 10, 1817, aged 25 yrs.

WHITING, v, 12. Abigail Whiting died Oct. 7, 1867. Aet. 73.

WHITING, v, 13. In memory of Mr. Fisher Whiting who died March 25 th
1797, aged 40 years.

RICHARDS, v. 14. Sally Richards, dau r of Mr. Reuben and Mrs. Sarah
Richards, died Nov. 5 th , 1795, aged 5 years.

WILLIAMS, v, 15. Here lies the body of Mr. Ebenezer Williams, Preacher
of the gospel (son to Co 1 Eben r Williams of Pomfret and Jerusha his wife) who
died May y e 28, 1777, in y e 23 d year of his age.

Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.


FISHER, v, 16. In memory of Miss Rebecca Fisher who died 29 July, 1797,
in the 24 year of her age.

Here when fleeting life is ended Look beyond these narrow graves,

Vain distinctions all are blended, Saints are kings, and sinners slaves.

EATON, BALCH. v, 17. Calvin Eaton, obt. Aug. 31, 1809; aged 31. Isaac
Eaton, obt. Jan. 16, 1822; aged 75. Isaac Eaton, jr. obt. Sept. 13, 1838, aged 62.
Sarah Eaton obt, Feb. 10, 1844, aged 95.

Rev. William Balch, obt. Aug. 31, 1842, aged 67 years.


GUILD, vi, 1. In memory of Nath 1 , son of Mr. John and Mrs. Rebecca
Guild, who died Sept. 23, 1805, aged 1 year.

GUILD, EATON, vi, 2. Nath 1 Guild Died Sept. 23, 1805. Aet. 1 year. Alfred
R. Guild, died in Galveston, Texas, Sept. 3, 1837. Aet. 30. Miranda Guild died
Mar. 20, 1873. Aet. 74. John Guild Died Dec. 2, 1847. Aet. 75. Rebecca Eaton,
wife of John Guild, died Sept. 7, 1849. Aet. 77. Capt. John Eaton died May 14,
1777. Aet. 45. Mrs. Desire Eaton, his wife, died Aug. 3, 1814. Aet. 83.

CURRIEA. vi, 3. Caroline S. Curriea, born Sept. 6, 1822, died Nov. 7, 1883.
Ever thoughtful of the comfort of others, a loving mother and faithful friend.

PAUL, vi, 4. In memory of Mr. William Paul, who died Dec. 10, 1791.
Aet. 63 years. Also Mrs. Mary Paul, wife of Mr. William Paul, died Nov. 18 th
1791. Aet. 59 years.

Come living friends see where we lie, But to prepare for death and He'v'n.
Remember you are born to die: Is all for which the longest life is given.

CAIN, vi, 5. John P. Cain died December 9, 1827, aged 37 years. John E.
M. Cain, son of John P. and Elizabeth Cain, died July 8, 1847, aged 26 years.
Mrs. Elizabeth Cain died Mar. 19, 1857, aged 72 years.

I know that my Redeemer liveth.

THOMPSON, vi, 6. In memory of Mrs. Catherine Thompson, a native of
Chester, Nova Scotia, who died at Needham, Feb. 1, 1855. Aet. 23.

In the same grave rests her son Norman, who died at Boston Feb. 24, 1849.
There is rest in heaven.

LEWIS, vi, 7. In mem/ of Mrs. Abigail Lewis, (wife of Mr. John Lewis,)
She died May y e 6 th 1777. Aged 60 years.

LEWIS, vi, 8. Near this place are deposited the remains of Mr. Joseph
Lewis, who died June 9, 1804, aged 66 years.

Here lies entombed beneath this mossy sod
An honest man, "the noblest work of God,"
In whom those beauties of a noble mind,
Faith and good works were happily combined :
A friend and comfort to the sick and poor,
Want never knocked unheeded at his door:
A tender husband, father, brother, friend,
He crowned his virtues with a pious end.

LEWIS, vi, 9. To the memory of Mrs. Molly Lewis, relict of the late Mr.
Joseph Lewis, who died Oct. 2, 1816, aged 75 years.


In life how peaceful moved this happy pair,
How blessed in death released from mortal care.
Ye angels o'er their dust your vigils keep.
Calm be their slumbers undisturbed their sleep.
And ye who tread in solemn silence near
Repress the sigh, restrain the swelling tear.
Xo more to wound, shall earthly sorrows fly,
Eternal bliss awaits them in the sky.

LEWIS, vi, 10. Sacred to the memory of Miss Sally Lewis, dau. of Mr.
Joseph and Mrs. Sally Lewis, who departed this life 13 July, 1797, aged 16 years.
Nature with copious grief laments the dead,

A mothers tears bedew the verdant sod!
On outstretch'd wings her cherished hopes are fled,

But sorrow points to a Redeeming God.

HAMMER, vi, 11. W m P. Hammer died Jan. 18 th 1887, aged four years and
three months.

LIEBOLD. vi, 12. Our Father, George J. Liebold died Feb. 20, 1880, aged 49
years 1 month 6 days.

LIEBOLD. vi, 13. Our Mother, Caroline Liebold died June 5, 1882, aged 40
years, 10 months, 27 days.

MASOX. vi, 14. In memory of Miss Rhoda Mason, Daug r of Mr. William
and Mrs. Hannah Mason, who died Feb? 1 st , 1781, in the 21 t year of her age.
Cheerful I go at Jesus call Come welcome Death she meekly cry'd

To be with Christ is best of all: Breathed out her patient soul and dy'd.

RICHARDS, vi, 15. Samuel Richards born Mar. 16, 1756, died Dec. 22, 1822.
Phebe Willard, wife of Samuel Richards, born April 8, 1758, died June 8, 1782.
Olive Mason, wife of Samuel Richards, born Dec. 21, 1758, died Jany. 20. 1837.

Children of Samuel and Olive Richards:

Hannah Richards, born Sept. 1, 1785, died July 12. 1807. Roxana Richards,
born Apr. 16, 1796, died Jan. 15, 1813. Seth Richards, born June 10, 1798, died
June 2, 1819. Betsey Richards, born Sept. 2, 1794, died Oct. 12, 1821. Danford
Richards, born May 4, 1803, died Mar. 17, 1847. Mason Richards, born May 28,
1789, died Feb. 14, 1866. Eliza Richards, born Oct. 7. 1790, died Feb. 18, 1880.
Roxana L. Richards, daughter of Mason and Eliza Richards, born Dec. 6,
1814, died Sept. 18, 1876.

WHITING, vi, 16. In memory of Mr. Isaac Whiting who died July y e 18 th ,
1785. Ae. 63.. In memory of Mrs. Rebecca Whiting, relict of Mr. Isaac Whit-
ing, who died April y e 13 th , 1787. Ae. 65.

DEXTER, vi, 17. [A tomb, over which is a marble slab containing the fol-
lowing texts of Scripture:] This corruptible must put on incorruption. 1 Cor.
xv, 53. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, hath abolished death and brought life and im-
mortality to light. 2 Tim. 1: 10. I am the resurrection and the life; he that
believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. John xi: 25. Behold
He is coming in the clouds, and every eye shall see Him. Rev. i: 7. When
Christ our life shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Him in glory.
Col. iii: 4. Where is thy stinj;, O Death? Where is thy victory, O Grave?
Thanks to God, who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Cor. xv : 55, 57.


FISHER, vi, 18. In memory of Mr. Josiah Fisher, who died Dec. 19, 1812.
Aet. 07.

With patience to the last he did submit.
And murmur' d not at what the Lord tho't fit.
He with a Christian courage did resign,
His soul to God at his appointed time.

FISHER* vi, 19. In memory of Mr. Josiah Fisher Jun r who died Aug. 10,
1794, in the 23 d year of his age.

My dear young friends come near and see
A friend of yours I used to be.
make your peace with God above,
The fountain of Eternal love,

PAUL, vi, 20. In memory of Mr. Ebenezer Paul, who died Oct r 2, 1804, in
the 22 d year of his age.

PAUL, vi, 21. Samuel Paul died March 1, 1775. Aet. 87. Abigail, wife of
Samuel Paul, died Sept. 19, 1781. Aet. 83. Ebenezer Paul, died Aug. 20, 1803.
Aet. 65. Abigail, wife of Ebenezer Paul, died Jan. 5, 1804. Aet. 55. Isaac
Paul, died April 4, 1852. Aet. 77. Lydia, wife of Isaac Paul, died May 5, 1854.
Aet. 75.

WHITING, vi, 22. Catharine, Daughter of Calvin and Elizabeth Whiting,
died July 5, 1811. Ae. 15 years.

WHITING, vi, 23. In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Whiting, wife of Col.
Eaton Whiting, who died Jan. 10, 1821. Aet. 27.

WHITING, vi, 24. Francis, son of Eaton and Olive Whiting, died Nov. 4,
1834. Aged 12 days.


BAKER, vii, 1. Eliphalet Baker died Nov. 9, 1841. Aet. 76. Anne Eaton,
wife of Eliphalet Baker, died Oct.! 30, 1853. Aet. 84. Nathaniel Baker, died
July 11, 1800. Aet. 17 mo. Nathaniel Baker, died Nov. 19, 1802. Aet. 15 mo.
Children of Eliphalet and Anne Baker.

FESSENDEN. vii, 2. John Fessenden, born March 13, 1794, died May 11, 1871.
Nancy B. Fessenden, his wife, born Oct. 3, 1803, died May 18, 1886. George
Fessenden, born July 9, 1833, died Nov. 20, 1856.

EATON, vii, 3. In memory of Capt. John Eaton who died May 14, 1777.
Aged 46 years.

EATON, vii, 4. In memory of Mrs. Desire Eaton, ^wife of Capt. John
Eaton, who died August 3 d , 1814. Aged 83 years.

BAKER, vii, 5. John Baker, sheriff of the county of Norfolk, died Jany. 1,
1843. Aged 63 years. Patty Ellis, wife of John Baker, born Nov. 11, 1790, Died
Feb. 14, 1876.

PIERSON. vii, 6. The Kev. Jacob Pierson died in Boston, Aug. 12, 1850.
Aet. 66. A presbyter of the Protestant Episcopal Church. This memorial is
erected by his clerical brethren.

KINGSBURY. vii, 7. In memory of Mrs. Mary Kingsbury, who departed
this life Aug. 24, 1788. Aged 85 years.

In faith she lived, in dust she lies,
But Faith fore sees the dust shall rise.


KINGSBURY. vii, 8. Here lie the remains of Mr. Joseph Kingsbury. He
departed this life Aug. y c 17 th 1775, in y e 56 year of his Age.
Death is a debt to Nature due,
As I have paid it, so must you.

DAY. vii, 9. In memory of Mrs. Prudence Day, widow of the late Maj r
Jonathan Day, who died Sept. 4 th 1807. Aet. 74.

The sweet remembrance of the just
Shall flourish while they sleep in dust.

KINGSBURY. vii, 10. George Kingsbury died Aug' 14 th 1775 in y e 3 d year of
his age. Sarah Kingsbury died Aug' 14, 1775 in y e 5 year of her age.
Children of Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Phebe Kingsbury.

BATTLE, vii, 11. Here sleeps in peace the remains of Col. Ebenezer Battle,
who made his exit Nov r y e 6 th , 1776, in y e 46 th year of his age.
When Death invades we must obey,
Resigne our breath and sleep in clay:
The Trump shall sound, all must attend,
Make Heaven your aim and Christ your friend.

BAKER, vii, 12. In memory of Mrs. Chloe Baker, the wife of Mr. Nathaniel
Baker, who died Dec. 3 d 1773 in y e 23 d year of her age.

Behold and see as you pass by As I am now, so you must be,

As you be now so once was I. Prepare for death and follow me.

PAUL, vii, 13. Samuel Paul died July 8, 1833 aged 49 yrs. Martha, wife of
Samuel Paul, died Nov. 1, 1857, aged 67 years. Abby P. wife of Samuel Davis,
Died Nov. 30, 1846, aged 29 years. Susan F. Paul died Oct. 12, 1862, aged 1 year
4 months.

DRAPER, vii, 14. Here lie interred the Remains of Major Abijah Draper,
who departed this life the first day of May, A. D. 1780 aged 45 years.

Ah! why so soon from us he's fled

Laments the widow, orphan, friend;
You must not say, too soon he's dead

Who stayed to answer life's great end.

WHITING, vii, 15. In memory of Mr. Joshua Whiting who died Oct. y e 3 d
1780, in y c 51 st year of his age.

POND, vii, 16. Nathaniel D. Pond, died April 29, 1861. Aet. 35 yrs 7 mos,
Flora Maria, wife of N. D. Pond died Oct. 27, 1860. Aet. 40 yrs 2 mos. Charles

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