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Davis, son of N. D. & F. M. Pond, died Jan. 24, 1858. Aet. 3 mos. 8 days. Mary
Elizabeth, Daughter of N. D. & F. M. Pond, Died May 8, 1868, Aet. 15 years.

POND, vii, 17. Eliph' Pond, died Jan. 19, 1795. Aet. 91. Elizabeth Pond
died Oct. 25, 1789. Aet. 81. Eliph 1 Pond Died July 2, 1813. Aet. 68. Prudence
Pond died May 18, 1818. Aet. 58. Eliph 1 Pond died April 25, 1829. Aet. 35.
Henry E. son of Eliph 1 and Ann Pond died June 25, 1822. Aet. 2 years. William
A. their son; died Aug. 8, 1835. Aet. 8 years. Julia A., Daughter of Eliph 1 and
Ann Pond, died Nov. 20. 1868. Aet. 47 yrs.

There is rest in Heaven.

WHITING, vii, 18. In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Whiting, the wife of Mr.
Edward Whiting, who died 8 April, 1798, Aet. 29 ye.


BAKER, vii, 19. Mary, wife of Daniel Baker, died March 15, 1836. Aet. 81.

BAKER, vii. 20. This humble stone is erected to the memory of Mr. Daniel
Baker who was removed from this -state of trial and suffering May 7 th 1806, in
the 54 year of his age.

KELTON. vii, 21. This monument is erected to perpetuate the remem-
brance of Miss Catherine A. Kelton, who died Oct. 20, A. D. 1816, aged 17 years.

Her amiable disposition and the gentleness of her manners, with the
unblamable tenor of her life, though short, yet virtuous, and entirely devoted
to the happiness of her friends, rendered her dear to the affections of all by
whom she was known. Beloved in life in death lamented,

Tender friends awhile may mourn Dearer, better friends I have,

Me from their embraces torn: In the realms beyond the grave.


FAULKNER, viii, 1. Mrs. Elizabeth Whiting Faulkner, Daughter of James
and Lucy Morse, died April 17, 1874. Aged 52 years.

The weary soul is at rest in the arms of her Savior in whom her
faith never wavered.

EGBERTS, viii, 2. In memory of Mrs. Nancy, wife of Mr. Edward Koberts,
and dau r of Solomon and Lucy Whiting, who died Oct. 24, 1826. Aged 44.
Accept, blest shade,
This last sad tribute of surviving love. E. K.

WHITING, viii, 3. In memory of Mr. Solomon Whiting who died Novr. 5,
1803. Aged 48 years.

WHITING, viii, 4. In memory of Mr. Timothy Whiting who died Jan. 7,
1828, aged 82 years.

Blessed are the merciful for they shall find mercy.

MORSE, viii, 5. In memory of Harriet, daughter of James and Lucy Morse,
who died June 17, 1841, aged 17 years.

She being dead yet speaketh.
What say the happy dead ? Till life's uneasy dream

She bids us bear our load; In rapture shall depart.

With silent steps proceed She bids us give, like her,

And follow her to God: To Christ our Bleeding Hearts.

MORSE, viii, 6. In memory of Xancy Whiting, daughter of James and
Lucy Morse, who died July 22, 1841. Aged 21 years.

Oh! may the mantle of her heavenly deeds
Of faith and love and patience fall on us;
Then naught will hide those mansions
From our view, from which, with loving eye,
She now surveys her kindred here below.

MORSE, viii, 7. James Morse died Jan. 14, 1855; aged 71 years, 10 mos. and
23 days.

MORSE, viii, 8. Lucy, wife of James Morse, died Sept. 2, 1855: aged 70
years, 9 mo. & 20 days.


EATOX ALDEN BROWNE, viii, 9. John, only child of John and Hannah
Eaton, died Sept. 15. 1796, aged 4 years. Lucy wife of John Eaton, jr, died May
13, 1827, aged 25. John Eaton died March 24, 1842, aged 78. Hannah, widow of
John Eaton, died June 3, 1860, aged 98 ys. 7 mo. Lucy Eaton died Oct. 7, 1800,
aged 4 yrs. 4 mos. John Ellis Eaton died Oct. 23, 1800, aged 2 years 8 months.
Children of Luther & Lucy Eaton,

Capt. Luther Eaton died Nov. 13, 1820, aged 54. Eliza, wife of Luther
Eaton, died Sept. 28, 1844, aged 42. Lucy, widow of Capt. Luther Eaton, died
Feb. 15, 1847, aged 75 years. J. Ellis Eaton died Oct. 7, 1854, aged 20. Maria
Eaton died Dec. 20, 1S63, aged 63. Abby M. Daur. of J. and A. Eaton died Feb.
26, 1848, Aet. 8 mos. Luther Eaton died May 17 th 1876, aged 73 years, 10 days.
Joel Eaton died Nov. 25, 1881, aged 75 years, 10 mos. 4 days. Abigail, wife of
Joel Eaton, died May 14, 1883, aged 72 yrs. 10 mos. 19 days.

George Alden died Aug. 25, 1862: Aet. 58 years. Hannah, widow of George
Alden, died Mar, 6, 1878, Aet. 74 years. Martha, wife of Horace E. Browne,
died Feb. 24, 1876. Aet. 44 years.

FALES. viii, 10. Charles S. son of William & Mary J. Fales died Sept. 11,
1827 aged 2 yrs. 8 mos.

FALES. viii, 11. Mary L. Fales, born Sept. 13, 1793, died July 22, 1882.
Stephen Fales, born Dec. 5, 1786, died Dec. 3, 1860.

REDIHOUGH. viii, 12. James W. died Aug. 5, 1879, in the 19 th year of his
age. Elizabeth A. died Feb. 14, 1876, aged 9 years, 6 mos.

Children of Thomas and Ellen Eedihough.

We have entered the valley of blessing so sweet

And Jesus abides with us there;
And there's rest for the weary-worn traveller's feet,

And joy for the sorrowing heart.

LEWIS, viii, 13. Margaret A., wife of Levi C. Lewis, died Aug. 7, 1879,
aged 75 yrs. Lydia J. daii. Levi C. and Margaret A. Lewis, died June 4, 1860,
aged 17 yrs. 3 mos.

LEWIS, viii, 14. Levi C. Lewis died Nov. 19, 1877, aged 72 yrs. 10 mos.
Helena M., dau. of Levi C. and Margaret A. Lewis, died July 27, 1872, aged
43 years.

DRAPER, viii, 15. In memory of Capt. James Draper, who died April y c
24 th , 1768, in y c 77 th year of his age.

In memory of Mrs. Abigail Draper, wife of Capt. James Draper, who died
Kov ber y e 23, 1797, in y c 70 th year of her age.

2 Sam. i : 23 They were lovely and pleasant in their Lives & in their Death

they were not divided.

The stroke of Death hath laid my head The Trump shall sound: I hope to rise
Down in this dark & Silent Bed; And meet my Savior in the skies.

DRAPER, viii, 16. Abijah Draper, son of Mr. Ira & Mrs. Lydia Draper, died
4 Oct. 1802, aged 9 mos.

DRAPER, viii, 17. In memory of Mrs. Alice Draper, wife of Maj r Abijah
Draper, who died Jan? 22 d , 1777, aged 36 years.

DRAPER, viii. 18. Lucy Chickering Draper, dau. of Mr. Ira & Mrs. Lydia
Draper, died 15 Sept. 1800, aged 3 yrs. and 3 mos.


DRAPER, viii, 19. In memory of Mrs. Desire Draper, relict of Maj r Abijah
Draper. Died Oct. 23, 1815. Aet. 69.

She sleeps in Jesus, wipe the falling tear.
She lives in glory, strive to meet her there.

WHITING, viii, 20. In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Joshua
Whiting, who Died March 27 th , 1776, in y" 41 year of her age.

POND, viii, 21. In memory of Miss Rebecca Pond, Dau r of Eliphalet Pond,
Esq., and Elizabeth his wife. Died April 13 th 1776, in the 28 year of her age.

POND, viii, 122. In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Pond, wife of Eliphalet
Pond, Esq., who died the 25 th of Oct. 1789, in the 81" year of her age.

SMITH, viii, 23. In memory of Mrs. Ann, wife of Mr. William Smith, who
died June 28, 1835, aged 36 years.

And while our mournful thoughts deplore

The mother gone, removed the friend
With heart resigned his grace adore,
On whom our nobler hopes depend.

SMITH, viii, 24. Francis Prentice, son of William & Ann Smith, died July
3 d , 1835. Aged 4 years.

Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the
kingdom of heaven.

POND, viii, 25. William Allen, son of Eliphalet and Ann Pond, died Aug.
8, 1835. Aet. 8 years.

He's gone to join the happy throng Then why should we his loss deplore,

Of youthful cherubs round the Throne; Since he now lives to die no more.


GAY. ix, 1. Here lies interred the body of M rs Lydia Gay, only Dau r to
M r Benjamin and M" Hannah Gay, who died Nov. 10, 1756. Aged 25 years &
28 D*.

AVERT, ix, 2. Here lies buried y e body of Capt. William Avery, who
Deceased May 13 th , 1750, in the 74 th year of his Age.

MARSH, ix, 3. John Marsh died in New York Aug. 24, 1827, aged 27 years.
Martin Marsh died in Florida, May 29, 1836, aged 32 years. Henry Marsh died
Aug. 13, 1836, aged 34 years. Martin Marsh, born Aug. 27, 1844, died Sept. 20,
1845. Martin Metcalf Marsh, born Sept. 15, 1849, died Sept. 14, 1872. Charles
Marsh, born Oct. 13, 1853, died Sept. 13, 1878. Martin Marsh, born April 15,

1777, D. July 26, 1865. Elizabeth Metcalf, wife of Martin Marsh, born May 12,

1778, D. Dec, 31, 1868. Francis Marsh, born Oct. 6, 1806. Died May 4, 1879.

ELLIS, ix, 4. Here lies buried the Body of Mr. Samuel Ellis, who died Nov.
2 nd , 1755, in y e 57 year of his age.

DEAN, ix, 5. Here lies the body of Mrs. Mary Dean, the wife of Mr. Joshua
Dean. Died April 19, 1756, in the 34 year of her age.

ELLIS, ix, 6. Betsey Ellis died July 14, 1855. Aet. 60.

ELLIS, ix, 7. Jesse Ellis, Born April 30, 1765, Died March 30, 1850. George
Ellis, Born Feb. 28, 1819, Died Feb. 4, 1847. Lucy Ellis, Born April 12, 1780,
Died Dec. 15, 1865.


GAY. ix, 8. In memory of Mary, wife of Mr. Ebenezer Gay, who died Nov.
17, 1777. Aged 27.

WHITING, ix, 9. Rebecca, daughter of Mr. Isaac & Mrs. Rebecca Whiting,
died Dec. 10, 176C, in the 22* year of her age.

WHITING, ix, 10. In memory of Sarah, Daugh r of Mr. Isaac & Mrs. Re-
becca Whiting, died Nov. 28 th , 1775, in y e 12 th year of her age.

WHITING, ix, 11. In memory of Isaac, son of Mr. Fisher & Mrs. Rebecca
Whiting, who died May 9 th , 1785, aged 9 months.

WHITING, ix, 12. Isaac, son of Mr. Fisher & Mrs. Rebecca Whiting, died
Sept. 13 th , 1793, in the 7 th year of his age.

DRAPER, ix, 13. In memory of Abijah Draper, son to Mr. Abijah & Mrs.
Alice Draper, who died Dec. 16 th , 1774, in y e 11 th yr. of his age.

WHITING, ix, 14. In memory of Mrs. Ruth Whiting, wife of Mr. Jeremiah
Whiting, who died March y e 30 th , 1770, aged 74.

GAY. ix, 15. In memory of Mrs. Mary Gay, relict of Mr. Lusher Gay, who
died Oct. 7, 1780, in the 90 th year of her age.

GAY. ix, 16. In memory of Mr. Lusher Gay, who died Oct. y* 18 th , 1769, in
the 85 th year of his age.

GAY. ix, 17. In memory of Mrs. Sarah Gay, the wife of Mr. Joseph Gay,
who died Feb. 10 th , 1773, in y e 29 th year of her age.

GAY. ix, 18. In memory of Mr. Joseph Gay, who died Feb. 10, 1814, aged
83 years.

GAY. ix, 19. In memory of Phebe, wife of Mr. Joseph Gay, who died April
y e 29*, 1782, in y e 42 d year of her age.

DAVIS, ix, 20. In memory of Washington Davis, son of Capt. Nathaniel
and Mrs. Prudence Davis, died Nov. 25 th , 1788, in the 11 th year of his age.

BROWN, ix. 21. In memory of Mrs. Sarah Brown, wife of George Brown,
who died March 18. 1827. Aet. 25.

In the midst of life we are in death.

BROWN, ix, 22. William F., son of George & Eliza Ann Brown, died July
4, 1830. Aet 4 months & 2 days.

Go beauteous soul to bloom above.

BROWN, ix, 23. Eliza Ann, daughter of George & Eliza Ann Brown, died
July 1, 1843. Aet. 5 months.

Of such is the kingdom of heaven.

BROWN, ix, 24. Mr. George Brown died Oct. 3, 1840. Aet. 48.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

BROAVN. ix, 25. Eliza Ann, wife of George Brown, died Sept. 22, 1844.
Aet. 42.

ABRAHAM, ix, 26. Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Abraham, who
departed this life Mch. 22 d , 1807, aged 69 years.

COOPER, ix, 27. In memory of Mrs. Ann Cooper, wife of Mr. Samuel
Cooper, who died July 17, 1808. M. 28. Also her infant son, Sain., who died
Sept. 3, 1808. Ae. 3 M.



GAY. x, 1. In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Gay, widow of Mr. John Fisher
& Mr. Ezra Gay, who died Dec. 13 th , 1796, aged 78 years.

[Note. This stone has been removed since 1870.]

GAY. x, 2. In memory of M Mary Gay, (widow of M r John Gay), who
died July y e 24, 1773, in y c 70 year of her age.

In memory of Mr. John Gay, who died Mch. y e 24, 1753, in the 69 year of
his age.

FULLER, x, 3. Here lies y e body of Mrs. Judith Fuller, wife of Mr. John
Fuller. She died Nov 19 th , 1718, in the 70 th year of her age.

GAY. x, 4. Here lies Buried the Body of M" Sarah Gay, wife to Mr. John
Gay, Dec d July y e 5 th , 1732, in y e 50 year of her age.

PARKER, x, 5. Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Alpha Parker, died June 13, 1842.
Aet. 30.

SWAX. x, 6. Here lies buried the Body of Mr. Robert Swan, who Died Oct.
31 st , 1773. Aged 75 years.

ADAMS, x, 7. Sarah Jane, dau. of Charles and Mary Jane Adams, died
April 9, 1842. Aged 1 year 18 ds.

ALLWRIGHT. x, 8. Alfred Allwright, born May 13, 1815, died Nov. 14, 1873.

They rest from their labors and their works do follow them.
DOGGETT. x, 9. Memento Mori.

In memory of Mr. Samuel Doggett, who died March 6 th , 1794. Aet. 67.
This grave contains the feeble, mouldering clay:
The spirit triumphs in eternal day.

CLAPP. x, 10. Jesse Clapp, died Jan. 19, 1823, aged 51 years. Betsey Dog-
gett, his wife, died Dec. 20, 1850, aged 72 yrs.

Their Children:

Mary, died Oct. 3, 1800. Aet. 2 yrs. Elizabeth D., died June 24, 1810. Aet.
9 yrs. Mary Ann, died July 15, 1816. Aet. 10 years. John D., died Feb. 11,
1878. Aet. 74 years.

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Clapp:

John D., obt. Oct. 4, 1836. Aet. 20 mos. Mary Ann, obt. April 2, 1839.
Aet. 7 mos. Jane D., obt. Jan. 4, 1841. Aet. 7 mos. John D., obt. Jan. 21, 1843.
Aet. 6 yrs. Henry F., obt. Jan. 2, 1862. Aet. 27 yrs. Mary B., obt. Sept. 13,
1872. Aet. 24 yrs. Jane D., obt. Oct. 22, 1873. Aet. 19 yrs. Charles W., obt.
May 17, 1876. Aet. 33 yrs.

BEDELL, x, 11. Lucy E., wife of Merrill Bedell, died Dec. 15, 1851. Aet 33.
Wandering below who would not wish to share
The joys of heaven; leave this world of care
And join her gentle spirit, in bright realms above,
To sing forevermore His never-dying love.

HERRING, x, 12. Here lyes buried the Body of M re Ann Herring, the wife
of Mr. James Herring; died March 9 th , 1749, in y e 77 th year of her age.

ELLIS, x, 13. Lyman, only son of Franklin & Marya Ellis. Jan. 7, 1856.
Dec. 12, 1871.


COBURN. x, 14. In memory of two sons of Alvan & Susan Coburn. Hiram
died May 4, 1830, Aet. 9 months. Alvan died June 6, 1832, Aet. 6 years.

COBURN. x, 15. Alvin Coburn died Jan. 27, 1856. Aet. 62 yrs. Hiram
Coburn died June 19, 1856. Aet. 24 yrs.

KINGSBURY. x, 16. Here lie the remains of Mrs. Hannah Kingsbury, con-
sort of Dea. Nathaniel Kingsbury. She departed this life Aug. y e 17 th , 1775,
in y e 76 th year of her age. There is no discharge in that War.

KINGSBURY. x, 17. Here lies y e body of M rs Elizabeth Kingsbury, the wife
Deacon Nathaniel Kingsbury. She died Dec r y e 29 th , 1751, in y e 53 d year of
her age.

KINGSBURY. x, 18. Here lie the remains of Deacon Nathaniel Kingsbury,
who departed this life August y e 20 th , A. D. 1775, in y e 78 th year of his age.
He performed the duties of his office in the first church in Dedham for about 29
years, and having served his Generation, by the will of God he
fell asleep. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

MACKERWETHY. x, 19. In memory of Mrs. Mackerwethy, who died June
y 9, 1771, in y e 77 th year of her Age.

CLARK, x, 20. In memory of Abigail A., daughter of Aaron and Olive
Clark: who died Oct. 27, 1831; Aet 15 yrs.

Prepare to meet thy God.
CARTER, x. 21. Mrs. Harriet Carter died Oct. 24, 1878, aged 89 years.


STRONG, xi, 1. William I., son of Mr. William I. & Mrs. Elleanor Strong,
died July 2, 1846; aged 2 years.

Shed not for him the bitter tear,

Nor give the heart to vain regret;
'Tis but the casket that lies here;
The gem that fill'd it sparkles yet.

STRONG, xi, 2. William F., son of Mr. William I. & Mrs. Elleanor Strong,
died April 25, 1844, aged 5 years & 1 mo.

Ere sin could blight, or sorrow fade,

Death came with friendly care;
The opening bud to heaven conveyed,
And bade it blossom there.

GRANT, xi, 3. Caleb Grant, son to Caleb Grant, Late of Weston, Dec d
Feb 1 * y e 10, 1731-2, in y e 20 th year of his age.

HOUGIITON. xi, 4. In memory of Mr. Jesse Houghton, who died July 8,
1833. Aet. 41.

FARRINGTON. xi, 5. Abby Maria, dau. of David & Abigail Farrington,
died Jan. 4, 1842. Aet. 2 years.

So fades the lovely blooming flower, So soon our transient comforts fly,
Frail smiling solace of an hour. And pleasure only blooms to die.

FARRINGTON. xi, 6. Oscar Ellis, only son of David & Abigail Farrington,
died Dec. 22, 1838, Aet. 6 ms. & 15 ds.


This lovely bud, so young, so fair,

Called hence by early doom,
Just came to show how sweet a flower

In Paradise would bloom.

WHITING, xi, 7. Here lyes y e body of Mr. Jonathan Whiting, died Sep' y e
4 th , 1728, in y 61 8t year of his age.

UPTON, xi, 8. In memory of Mr. Theodore J. Upton, who died Sept. 26,
1847, aged 35 years.

Stop my friends as you pass by As I am now, soon you must be
As you are now, so once was I; Prepare for death & follow me.
DEAN, xi, 9. John Dean 2 d , Died Sept. 30, 1847: aged 63 years.

Mrs. Betsey Dean Died Feb. 22, 1870, aged 82 yrs. 3 ms. 20 dys.

DEAN, xi, 10. Mrs. Mary Dean died Oct. 13, 1850. Aet. 98 yrs. 6 mos.
DEAN, xi, 11. John Dean died Sept. 14. 1838. Aet. 90.

RICHARDS, xi, 12. In memory of Mrs. Mary Richards, consort to Joseph
1 Richards, Esq., who Departed this life on January 1746, in the 40 th
year of her age.

1 Where sweetness thus and Innocence unite,
Virtue, the Soul, and Beauty charms the Sight.

2 In memory of Joseph Richards, Esq., who departed this life on Feb? 25,

1761, in the 60 th year of his age.

2 My Life thou know'st is but a span, a cypher sums my years
And every man in best estate, but vanity appears.

SCARBOROUGH, xi, 13. In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Scarborough, who
died Nov. 1, 1805. Aged 81 years.

xi, 14. Albert and Frank.

KINGSBURY. MAY. DRAPER, xi, 15. Martha T., wife of Ezekiel Kings-
bury, Jr., died Aug. 26, 1829, aged 37 yrs. 4 mos. Eliza C. Kingsbury died
Aug. 31, 1840, aged 23 yrs. 7 mos. 21 days. Ezekiel Kingsbury died Feb. 10, 1836,
aged 68 yrs. Mary D., his wife, died Sept. 20, 1826, Aged 66 years.

Daniel May died May 29, 1819. Aged 32 years. Catherine Kingsbury, widow
of Daniel May, died June 10, 1863, aged 75 years, 7 mos. 14 days. Augustus R.
May died July 19, 1870, aged 56 yrs. 5 mos.

Ebenezer Draper died Jan. 3, 1784, aged 86. Dorothy, his wife, died Aug.
22, 1748, Aged 48. Sybil Avery, widow of Ebenezer Draper, died Feb. 16, 1816,
aged 9(5 years.

HALL. PRESCOTT. xi, 16. Sabina, wife of Amos Hall. Jan. 12, 1858. Aet.
54 yrs. Amos Hall died June 26, 1863. Aet. 60 yrs. 6 mos. Mary Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of Abel and Elanor Prescott, Sept. 10, 1833. Aet. 4 yrs. Sabina Tillson, wife
of Daniel H. Prescott. Dec. 4, 1852. Aet. 23 yrs. 9 mos.

WHITING, xi, 17. Loacada, wife of Abner Whiting, died Aug. 28, 1852, aged
85 yrs. 10 mos.

WHITING, xi, 18. Abner Whiting died May 20, 1838. Aged 78.

A kind husband and father and an upright and honest man.

WHITING, xi, 19. Mary, wife of Joshua Whiting, died May 25, 1825, aged
65. Mary, daughter of Joshua & Mary Whiting, died Oct. 27, 1837, aged 52.


Joshua Whiting died May 7, 1842, aged 84. Elizabeth P. "Whiting died June 18,
1852, aged 56.

FARRINGTON. xi, 20. Benjamin Farrington died March 2, 1825, aged 79
years. Sarah, wife of Benjamin Farrington, died Nov. 24, 1826, aged 77 years.
Simeon Farrington died June 6, 1836, aged 38 years. Eliphalet Farrington died
Oct. 14, 1840, aged 62 years. Lucy P. Farrington died March 27, 1868, aged 81
yrs. 11 mos. 5 dys. James Farrington died Oct. 17, 1864, aged 82 years. Desire,
wife of James Farrington, died Ap. 27, 1880, aged 87 yrs. 2 mos. & 18 days.

STOW, xi, 21. Here Lies Buried y e body of M r Nathaniel Stow. Died
March 29 th , 1762, in y e 24 year of his Age.

PAUL, xi, 22. Here lies Buried the Body of M r Samuel Paul, who died
March I 8t , 1775, in the 77 th year of his age.

PAWL, xi, 23. In memory of M rt Abigail Pawl, wid w of Mr. Samuel Pawl,
decea d , who died Sept r 19, 1781, in the 83 d year of her age.

DURANT. xi, 24. Here lies buried the body of Miss Faith Durant, who was
driven by the hand of tyranny from Boston, the place of her nativity. She
departed this life Oct. y c 7 th , A. D. 1775. Aged 56 years.

DURANT. xi, 25. Here lie the remains of Mrs. Rachel Durant, who departed
this life y e 7* h of January, 1776, in y c 87 th year of her age.

FALES. CHAMBERLAIN, xi, 26. Nehemiah Fales died March 14, 1857, aged
72 years. Mary, his wife died June 10, 1865. Aet. 81 yrs. 10 mos. Albion Ernest
son of Charles T. and Harriet F. Chamberlain, died March 15, 1851. Aged 1
year 10 mos.

HOWE, xi, 27. Here lie the remains of Nancy Houghton Howe, dau. of
M r Jotham & Mrs. Sally Howe, who died 18 th Sept. 1796, aged 6 mos, & 10 days.
Look here my friends, turn off your eyes
From Earth and earthly vanities,
And in me read your certain fate,
That death will call you soon or late.

BERRY, xi, 28. In memory of two children of Mr. James and Mrs. Martha
Berry. John died 3 (J Oct. 1800, Aet. 3 years 10 months. Caroline died 11 Oct.
1800, Aet. 1 yr. 7 mos.

A style & temper like the saints of old,
The mourning parents humbly wish to hold.
These children dear no more to us shall come,
But we must follow them down to the tomb.

WEATHERBY. xi, 29. In memory of M Submit, wife of Mr. Nathaniel
Weatherby, who died March y e 18, A. D. 1789, in y e 48 th year of her age.
Here is the end of all that live,

This is my dark long home.
Jesus himself lay in the grave,
The house where all must come.

BERRY, xi, 30. In memory of Mrs. Martha, wife of Mr. James Berry, who
died March 2<\ 1830. Aet. 63.

The saints who now in Jesus sleep, Till dawn the bright illustrious day,
His own Almighty power shall keep, When death itself shall die away.


BERRY, xi, 31. In memory of Mr. James Berry, who died Jan. 25, 1832.
Aet. 67.

HOWE, xi, 32. Isaac Howe died July l, 1854. Aet. 53 yrs. His wife, Anne
Howe, died July 15, 1874. Aet. 75 years. Isaac Francis, died Nov. 18, 1830. Aet.
4 years 8 mos. Isaac Francis, died Dec. 10, 1832. Aet. 1 year 7 mos.

CRANE, xi, 33. Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Hannah Crane. Died May 5,
1848. Aet. 81 years.

Well done good and faithful servant.

HOWE, xi, 34. In memory of Mr. Thomas Howe, Jun r , who died Dec r 22,
1805. Aet. 40.


WHITING, xii, 1. Here lyes y e body of Mr. Samuel Whiting, Dec d Jan 1 * y e
16 th , 1721-22, in y c 36 th year of his age.

WHITING, xii, 2. Here lyes y body of Mr. Samuel Whiting, aged 78 years,
died Dec r y e 4 th , 1727.

BONNEY. xii, 3. In memory of Mrs. Deborah, wife of Mr. Seth Bonney.who
died April 8, 1835, Aet. 54,

KAHLMEYER. xii, 4. Henry C. Kahlmeyer, born April 15, 1823, died Oct. 30,

LANE, xii, 5. In memory of Mrs. Hannah S., wife of Daniel Lane, jr., who
died Aug. 3, 1832, Aet. 36.

KINGSBURY. xii, 6. Here lyes Buried y e Body of M r Nathaniel Kingsbury,
Dec d Jan^ y 19 th , 1724, in y e 51" year of his age.

KiNgSBURY. xii, 7. Here lies the body of M Abigail Kingsbury, widow of
M r Nathaniel Kingsbury. She Departed this life Novem r 9 th , 1764, in the 90 th
year of her age.

She lived about 20 years in single life, about 30 years in the married state,
& about 40 in that of widowhood : in each of which her behavior was amiable &

At length the aged saint comes to the tomb,
As corn when fully ripe is gathered home.

HUTCHINS. xii, 8. George H. Hutchins died Jan. 8, 1864, aged 28 years, 5
mos. There is rest for the weary.

HUTCHINS. WHITE. SQUIRE, xii, 9. Joseph S. Hutchins died May 6, 1841,
aged 45 years. Sarah Hutchins died Dec. 22, 1871, aged 72 years. George H.
Hutchins, Jan. 8, 1864, aged 28 years. Luther White died Feb. 5, 1858, aged 82
years. Rebecca J. White died June 7, 1838, aged 57 years. Luther White died
July 21, 1828, aged 25 years. George White died Sept. 18 th , 1805, aged 2 years.
Eben White died Feb. 13, 1864, aged 52 years. Sally Squire died Aug. 3, 1838,
aged 63 years.

MACOMBER. xii, 10. In memory of Mr. Samuel, son of Mr. Winchester &
Mrs. Polly Macomber, of Jay, Me., who died Feb. 2, 1839. Aet. 22.

Farewell, dear friend, a long farewell. We commit thy loved remains to
the bosom of thy mother earth, with the joyful hope that in the morning of
the resurrection thou wilt arise clothed with glory, honor, immortality, and
eternal life.


FORIST. xii, 11. In memory of Miss Belinda Forist, formerly of Eaton,
N. H., who died Dec. 18, 1833, Aet. 19 years.

Farewell my friends and kindred dear,

I've left this world of pain;
May virtue be your practice here
Till we shall meet again.

LEWIS, xii, 12. Mary O., dau. of John & Mary Octavia Lewis, died Sept.
30, 1843, aged 1 month.

Sweet babe, thy sufferings all are o'er,

In Heaven thy Spirit rests.
A blooming rose forever more
Upon the Savior's breast.

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