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ATHERTOX. xvi, 17. Catherine, wife of Abner Atherton, died Oct. 15, 1811,
Aet. 33. Abner Atherton, died Dec. 24, 1847, Aet. 72. Betsey, wife of Abner
Atherton, died Aug. 16, 1849. Aet. 66.

FROST, xvi, 18. In memory of John H. Frost, sou of Mr. John & Mrs.
Fanny Frost, who died June 26, 1820. Aet. 11. weeks.

Behold the mother's eye a tear While on the sable bier

Steals silently along. Her only son is borne.

\Note. This stone has been removed since 1870. C. S.]

FISHER, xvi, 19. Hannah Fisher, died Aug. 29, 1849. Aet. 60. Hannah M.
Fisher, died Mar. 22, 1852. Aet. 23. Billings Fisher, died Feb. 5, 1854. Aet. 73.

RICHARDS, xvi, 20. In memory of Mr. Reuel Richards, who died in Smith-
field, R. I., Nov. 18, 1838. Aet. 51.

Lover and friend where hast thou fled,
Why art thou slumbering with the dead?

Companion of my youth !
From me by death thou art removed
And from the children you dearly loved.

Can it be so? 'tis truth.
Upon Thine arm, Almighty King.
Permit my widowed heart to lean;

In thee I put my trust.

RICHARDS, xvi, 21. In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Richards, who died
April 10, 1848, Aet. 88.

Light is sown for the righteous,

And goodness for the upright in heart.


RICHARDS, xvi, 22. In memory of Mr. Abiathar Richards, who died July
10, 1835. Aet. 81.

There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

RICHARDS, xvi. 23. Catharine Richards, died January 4, 1887, aged 89 yrs.
6 mos. 17 days.

COLBURX. xvi, 24. Here lies y e Body of Mr. Benjamin Colburn, who died
Aug' 15, 1747. Aged 58 years 2 months & 18 days.

RICHARDS, xvi, 25. Here lies y Body of Mrs. Hannah Richards, wife of
Lieu' Edward Richards. Died Jan r - v y e 4th, 1755, in the 56 th year of her age.

RICHARDS, xvi, 20. Here lies Interred the Remains of Lieu 1 Edward Rich-
ards, who died Decem r 3 d , 1771. Aged 87 years,

FULLER, xvi, 27. Here lies y c Body of M r Hezekiah Fuller, who departed
this life July 8, 1756, in y e 69 year of his age.

COBB. xvi, 28. In memory of Calvin Cobb, (only son of Mr. Daniel & Mrs.
Mary Cobb.) aged 7 years, who was instantly killed by the discharge of a mus-
ket April 30, 1829.

Oh! hapless parents, who shall paint your woe

On viewing this your lovely child laid low,

Whose budding virtues just began to bloom

Ere he was summoned to this early tomb.

Our Heavenly Father takes his children home

To save them, doubtless, from the ills to come.
FULLER, xvi, 29, Enoch Fuller, died Mar. ], 1823. Aet. 46.

IVERS. xvi, 30. Samuel Ivers, born Feb. 26, 1795, died Mar. 10, 1860. Caro-
line F., wife of Samuel Ivers, born Mar. 6, 1802, died May 20, 1853.

BURGESS, xvi, 31. Abbie P. Burgess, Born Aug. 26, 1854, Died Apr. 24,
1855. Carrie Frances, wife of Ebenezer P. Burgess, Died Jan. 3, 1859, Aged 29
years. Blessed "are the dead that die in the Lord.

PAUL. DICKF.UMAX. ALDEN. FALES. SWAN, xvi, 32. William Paul.died Feb-
ruary 14, 181(5, aged 52 years. Anna Dickerman, died April 7, 1851, Aet. 84.
Adeline Alden, died Dec. 12, 1834. Aet. 32 years. Leonard Alden, died Oct. 27,
1871, Aet. 78 years. 10 months. Samuel Fales, died Sept. 20, 1834, Aet. 88. Re-
l>erra Fales, died Sept. is, is:}<>, Aet. 83. Joseph Swan, died Nov. 13, 1818, Aet.
45 years. Xancy, wife of Joseph Swan, died Jan. 1, is;!',t, aged 68 years. Joseph
Warren Swan, died Sept. 25, 1838, Aet. 29 years.

BTLLAKD. xvi, 33. Charles Billiard, born August 13, 1794, died July 29, 1871.

BULLARD. xvi, 34. William Bullard Died March 15, 1803, aged 33 years.
Lydia Bullard, widow of William Bullard, Died Nov. 24, 1859. Aged 88 years.

WHITI.VC;. xvi, :!">. In memory of Mrs. Lydia Whiting, widow of Mr.
William Whiting, who died Sept. 20, 1802. Aged 57 years.
My flesh must slumber in the ground
Till the lust trumpets joyful sound
Then burst the chains in sweet surprise
And in my Savior's image rise.

MASOX. xvi, 30. In memory of Mr. John Mason of S tin-bridge, who died
July 30 th , 1803. In the 25"' year of his ae.


Stop my friend as you pass by As I am now so you must be

As you are now so once was I. Prepare for Death & follow me.

WHITIXG. xvi, 37. In memory of Mr. William Whiting who died 26 Jan.
1801, in the 60 year of his age.

Friends nor physicians could not save Xor can the grave confine it there,
My mortal body from the grave. When Christ doth call it to appear.

WHITING, xvi, 38. In memory of two children of M r W m & M Lydia
Whiting. Viz, Joe died Sept. 15, 1792, Aet. 19. James died July 1(5, 1793, Aet. 4.
Behold and see, my former mates Pray thiuk of me when this you see
My name's engraved on this plate. You'r not far from eternity.


STOWELL. xvii, 1. Joel Stowell died June 3, 1858. Aet. 84 years.

STOWELL. xvii, 2. In memory of Sarah Stowell who died at Boston Dec.
10, 1826, Aet. 46.

DRAKE, xvii, 3. Sarda Drake died July 11, 1828, aged 47: Polly Drake,
wife of Sarda Drake, died Nov. 22, 1839, aged 56.

CLARK, xvii, 4. In memory of Mr. Spencer W. Clark who died Feb. 28
1841. Aet. 63.

SMITH, xvii, 5. Abner Smith died Mar. 29, 1871, aged 84.
An honest man's the noblest work of God.
Fanny Smith, Sept. 4, 1784, Jan. 31, 1874.
She hath done what she could.

SCHOPF. xvii, 6. Barbara Schopf died in E. Dedham Jan. 11 th , 1878. Ae.
51 yrs. 1 mo,

COBIIAM. xvii, 7. Here Lyeth y c body of Josiah Cobham aged about 24
years. Died April y 8, 1701.

LYONS, xvii, 8. In memory of Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. John Lyons, who
died May. 1825, aged 34. Also of his 2 (1 wife, Mrs. Mary J., who died April 11,
1852, aged 67 years.

Jesus can make a dying bed

Feel soft as downy pillows are.
While on his breast I lean my head
And breathe my life out sweetly there.

NASON. xvii, 9. In memory of Miss Clarissa II. Nason who died July 22,
1834, aged 36 years.

McWHiRK. xvii, 10. In memory of John son of Alexander & Matilda
McWhirk, who died Sept. 11, 1829, agea 2 yrs. 10 mos.

BULLARD. THOMPSON, xvii, 11. Jesse Bui lard died Sept. 29, 1821, aged
1 yr. 6 mos. Harriet Bullard died Jan. 3, 1828, aged 16 years. Children of \\\\-
lard and Harriet Bullard.

Harriet Bullard died Jan. 10, 1835, aged 46 years. Willard Bullard died
Aug. 12, 1859, aged 72 years. Susan, widow of Willard Bullard, died Mar. 2,
1871, aged 82.

Mrs. Sibel Thompson died Jan. 30. 1834, aged 70 years. Formerly of Medfield.


SMITH, xvii, 12. In memory of Mr. Lemuel Smith, who died March 29
1822. Aet. 62.

SMITH, xvii, 13. Jn memory of Mrs. Susanna, wife of Mr. Lemuel Smith'
who died April 3, 1835, Aet. 76.

Why do we mourn departing friends

Or shake at death's alarms,
'Tis but the voice that Jesus sends
To call us to his arms.

BIRD, xvii, 14. Walter F., son of Francis & Emily Bird, died Sept. 2, 1852.
Aet. 4 months.

WOODS, xvii, 15. Mary Isabella Woods, died July 26, 1842. Aet. 1 week,
Mary A., wife of William G. Woods, died July 20, 1852, aet. 38. Mrs. Caroline
A., wife of Win. G. Woods, died June 7, 1862. Aet. 42 yrs. 9 mos. AVm. G.
Woods, died Oct. 3, 1863. Aet. 47 years.

TRASK. xvii, 16. Erected in memory of Mr. Luke Trask who departed this
life May 11 th 1811 in his 29 th year.

DEWOLF. xvii, 17. Hannah, wife of Nathan Dewolf, died Dec. 10, 1862.
Aet. 76 ys. 9 ms.

Oh happy day that fixed my choice
On thee, my Savior and my God.

DEWOLF. xvii, 18. In memory of Mr. Nathan Dewolf, who died Dec r 5 th
1811, in his 32 d year.

There is a balm for those who weep,

A rest for weary pilgrims found;
While the mouldring ashes sleep.
Low in the ground.

TALBOT. xvii, 19. Mrs. Martha Talbot, wife of Mr. Nathaniel Talbot, died
Nov. 18, 1824. JE. 70. '

While fond affection sheds the frequent tear

O'er the cold form that rests beneath this sod;
Hope sweetly whispers that the soul sincere
Reposes on the bosom of her God.

TALBOT. xvii, 20. In memory of Mr. Nathaniel Talbot, who died Oct. 17,
1829, aged 81.

Forgive, blest shade, the tributary tear

That mourns thy exit from a world like this,
Forgive the wish that would have kept thee here,

And stayed thy progress to the seats of bliss.
No more confined to grovling scenes of night,

No more a tenant pent in mortal clay.
Now should we rather hail thy glorious flight,

And trace thy journey to the realms of day.

STOWELL. xvii. 21. Hannah, daughter of Jesse & Mary Stowell, died June
13, 1840. Aet. 22. Jesus wept.

TALBOT. xvii, 22. Lucy Talbot died Apr. 3, 1842. Aet. 58.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.


TALBOT. xvii, 23. Josiah Talbot died May 2, 1847. Aet. 65.
Be ye also ready.

COLBURN. xvii, 24, George L., son of Lyman R. & Joea Colburn, died
Sept. 19, 1837. Aet. 16 ms. & 21 ds.

DANIEL. SHUMWAY. xvii, 25. Jesse Daniel died Aug. 29, 1832. Aet. 46
years. Nancy S., daughter of Jesse & Mary Daniell, died Oct. 11, 1833: Aet. 17
months. Mary, wife of Jesse Daniell, died Nov. 19, 1865. Aet. 77 years.

Mary, wife of Erastus Shumway, died April 28, 1839. Aet. 21 years. Alvin
J., son of Erastus & Mary Shumway, died March 11, 1842. Aet. 3 years. Eras-
tus Shumway died June 8, 1851. Aet. 40 years.

He that hath pity upon the poor, lendeth unto the Lord.

Erastus D. Shumway died Feb. 11, 1855. Aet. 3 yrs. 7 mos.

RICHARDS, xvii, 26. Here lyes Buried y e Body of M r Nathaniel Richards
who died Oct. y 25 th , 1749, in y c 70 th year of his age.

HOWE, xvii, 27. Calvin Newton, son of Calvin and Polly Howe, died Nov.
12, 1825; Ae. 8 months.

HOAVE. xvii, 28. Sacred to the memory of Mr. Calvin Howe, who died June
27, 1829. Aet. 30 years.

HOWE, xvii, 29. Polly, wife of Calvin Howe. Born May 28, 1793. Died
May 21, 1864.

RICHARDS, xvii, 30. Here lies Buried y e Body of M r Jonathan Richards,
who died Sep r 4 th , 1759, aged 48 years 2 months & 20 days.

RICHARDS, xvii, 31. In memory of Mr. James Richards, who died May 22 d ,
1760. Ae. 77 years. Mrs. Hannah Richards, wife of Mr. James Richards, who
died Feb'y 8>, 1770. Ae. 83 yrs.

The memory of the Just is Blessed.

The saints though buried in the dust, Surviving friends, () drop a tear,
Shall rise again among the just. Remember your own death is near.

SMITH, xvii, 32. In memory of Mr. Josiah Smith who died March, 1765,
aet 80 years.

BAKER, xvii, 33. In memory of M r . Joseph Baker who died March y c 1 st ,
1765, in y e 75 th year of his age. In memory of M rs Hannah Baker, wife of M r
Joseph Baker, who died Aug. 2, 1763, in y e 73 d of her age.

DAMOX. xvii, 34. Here lyes Buried y e Body of M rs Hopestill Damon, y e
wife of M r Joseph Damon, who died January y e 31 st , 1770, in y c 39 year of her
Age, Also Mary Damon, her child, Age 3, days.

WILLSOX. xvii, 35. Here lies Buried the Body of Deacon Ephraim Will-
son, ob* July 19 th , 1769, in the 86 th year of his age.

"WILLSOX. xvii. 36. In memory of M rs Hannah, (wife of Dea. Ephraim
Willson) who died Aug" y c 6 th , 1776, in y* 79 th year of her age.


HAYWARD. xviii, 1. Here Lieth Buried Mary, Y e wife of John Hayward,
aged 68 years. Died April the 24 th , 1684.

FORD, xviii, 2. Sacred to the memory of John Ford, died Nov. 17, 1874,


aged 20 years, 2 mos. Agnes Ford died Oct. 7, 1875, aged 1 year 11 mos. James
Ford died Mar. 13, 1876, aged 9 yrs. 10 mos.

SWEET, xviii, 3. In memory of Miss Elizabeth, daugh tr of Mr. Rufus &
Mrs. Elizabeth Sweet! of Xo. Kingston, R. I., who departed this life Aug. 31,
1826. Aet. 23 Y. 11 M. G D.

In youthful bloom death laid me down

Here to await the trumpets sound :

Till God shall bid my dust arise,

To meet my Savior in the skies.

Stand still, kind reader, drop one tear

Over the dust that slumbers here;

And when you read the state of me;

Think of the glass that runs for thee.

EITZ. xviii, 4. Here lies in peace Maria C. Ritz, who died Oct. 4 th , 1878.
Aged 67 years.

WELCH, xviii, 5. In memory of Mr. Joel Welch, who died Oct. 27, 1827.
In his 24th year.

JACKMAN. xviii, 6. In memory of Miss Martha Jackman, who died Feb. 9,
1833. Aet. 23.

CROOKER. xviii, 7. Little Gerty, born April 11 th , 1874, died Nov 30 th , 1877,
aged 3 yrs. 7 mos. 19 d's. daughter of Calvin B, and Maria F. Crooker.

CALDWELL. xviii, 8. Miss Mary, dau. of Mr. John & Mrs. Nancy Caldwell,
died May 12, 1845. Aged 17 years.

See the fair cheek of beauty fade,

Frail glory of an hour:
And blooming youth with sickening head

Droop like the dying flower.

[ Note. This stone has been removed since 1870. C. S.]

SHUTTLEWORTII. xviii, 9. Jeremiah Shuttleworth, born Dec. 25, 1760, died
June 7, 1841. Aet. 80. Sukey Shuttleworth, his wife, born April 16, 1779, died
Oct. 3, 1809. Henry Shuttleworth, born Feb. 29, 1804, died Feb. 14, 1806. Sam-
uel Shuttleworth, born Dec. 2, 1807, died A p. 6, 1864. Jeremiah Shuttleworth,
born May 17, 1802, died June 13, 1872. Hannah Shuttleworth, born Feb. 1(3, 1800,
died Feb. 22, 1886.

BIRD, xviii, 10. In memory of our beloved grandparents; Samuel Bird,
born Dec. 6, 17&5, died Jan. 12, 1866; Catherine Bird, born Feb. 19, 1788, died
May 13, 1873.

FELTON. xviii, 11. Rosilla A. Felton died Nov. 15, 1859, aged 2 yrs. 7 mos.
10 days.

FELTON. xviii, 12. Charles C. Felton died Oct. 9, 1864, aged 55 yrs. 10 mos.
Horace Felton died March 15, 1865, aged 15 years 10 mos. Mary \\'., wife
of Charles C. Felton, died Feb. 4, 1867, aged 43 yrs. 7 mos.

FISHER, xviii, 13. Here Lyes Buried y e Body of Cap' Daniel Fisher, aged
about 63 years. Departed This Life Nov y e 17 th , 1713.

THORNTON, xviii, 14. Joseph Thornton died Dec. 28, 1870, aged 77 years 29
clays. Augustus T. Thornton, a member of Co. B, 4*' Reg. R. I. volunteers,
Killed at Petersburg, Va., July 30, 18C3, aged 24 years.

F7/?,sr PARISH. 47

THORXTOX. xviii, 15. Jane A., wife of Joseph Thornton, died Sept. 12,
1858, aged 59 years 11 mos. & 12 days.

She sleeps in Jesus, blessed sleep,
From which none ever wake to weep.

CROSBY, xviii, 16. Obed S., died April 3, 1823, Aet. 3 yrs. & 7 ins. Turana
died Sept. 25, 1831, Aet. 17 yrs. Fanny M. died June 2, 1837, Aet. 12 yrs. Mary
died April 18, 1843, Aet. 27 yrs. Rhoda, wife of Hernan Crosby, died July 27,
1846, Aet. 66 yrs. Heinan Crosby died June 18, 1859, Aet. 79 yrs.

HOPKINS, xviii, 17. Capt. Benj. Hopkins died Nov. 12, 1824, Aet. 71.
Esther, his wife, died Dec. 5, 1846, Aet. 67.

Parents we cannot wish you back,

To this dark world of sin and care,
To tread with us life's thorny track;
For you are free from sorrow there.

HOPKINS, xviii, 18. Sacred to the memory of Harriet H. Hopkins, who
died April 15, 1841, Aet. 33.

Here lies a lovely sister dear,
Sleeping beside her father here;
Stop, dear friends, & do not weep;
They are not lost, but gone to sleep.

WOODCOCK, xviii, 16. Here lyes y c Body of Sarah Woodcock, wife to John
Woodcock, aged 68 years. Died March y e 18 th , 1718.

WOODCOCK, xviii, 20. Here lyes y e Body of John Woodcock, aged 69 years.
Died July y 10 th , 1718.

BAKER, xviii, 21. Here lyes y e Body of M r Xath 1 Baker, son to Lev 1 John
& M re Sarali Baker, aged 27 years. Dec' 1 May y e 9 th , 1713.

BAKER, xviii, 22. Here lyes interred y e Body of Lieut. John Baker. De-
parted this life Sept, y e 15 th , 1719, in y c 72 year of his age.

BAKER, xviii, 23. Here lyes y c precious dust of Mrs. Abigail Baker, widow
of Lieut. John Baker, departed this life Jan r y 14 th , 1723, in y e 77 rh year of her age.

BAKER, xviii, 24. Seth Baker, son to Joseph and Hannah Baker. Died
June y e 21, 1720, in the 10 th month of his age.

HERRING, xviii, 25. Here lyes y e Body of Mrs. Sarah Herring, wife to
James Herring. Dec d Dec r y e 2 d , 1721, in y e 60 th year of her age.

SPRAGUE. xviii, 56. Samuel M. Sprague died Jan. 6 th , 1841. Aet. 1 yr. 7 ms.
Margaret L. Sprague died Sept. 10, 1880. Aet. 2 yrs. 2 ms. Mary, wife of Sam-
uel Sprague, died June 18, 1853. Aet. 41 yrs, 8 ms.

Romxsox. xviii, 27. Melissa "Robinson died Sept. 16, 1842. Aet. 2 yrs. 10 ms.
Esther Robinson died Nov. 11, 1852. Aet. 15 ys. 8 ms. Deborah C. Robinson
died July 23, 1884. Aet. 72 yrs. 3 ms.

PENNIMAN. xviii, 28. Henry Asa Penniman. Born at Mendon pet. 24,
1767, died at Milton, Oct. l, 1854. Aet. 87 yrs. Sally F. Penniman, 'born at
Dedham Nov. 11, 1774, died at Milton Nov. 14, 1860. Aet. 86 years.

PENXIMAX. xviii, 29. James Penniman, 3 d son of Mr. Asa and Mrs. Sally
Penniman, died April 17 th , 1808, aged 9 months.


Alas how swift our transient comforts fly,
And all our pleasures only bloom to die,
Sweet smiling babe! a spotless flower
Cut down and withered in an hour.

PEXXIMAN. xviii, 30. In memory of George Koyal Penniman, son of Mr.
Asa and Mrs. Sally Penniman of Boston, who died August 1", 1801: aged 23
mos. & 7 days.

Peace to his gentle shade! his soul is free,

Eased from the pains of sad mortality,

Enrob'd with innocence, by virtue blessed,

For Earth too good, he Hew to heaven for rest.

Cease then, fond parents, check the rising sigh,
The child of innocence will never die.
Hush every fear, lay all your cares to rest,
Your infant died; he died but to be blest.

STOW, xviii, 31. In memory of Lydia F. Stow, widow of Timothy Stow, jr,
who died June 28, 1834, aged 30 years.

I know that my Redeemer liveth.

STOW, xviii, 32. In memory of Mr. Timothy Stow, jr., who died April 1G,
1824, aged 45.

We mourn the husband and the parent dead,
The faithful friend and the kind neighbor fled;
But oh! the nearest, dearest friends must part,
Xo more the Tyrant death shall wound his heart.

STOW, xviii, 33. In memory of Edward stow, who died Aug. 30, 1829: aged
23 years.

His mind was cast in heavenly mould,

His-spirit pure now soars above!
Death never can from God withhold
The soul; that trusts in Jesus' love.

POXD. xviii, 34. Here lies interred the Body of M r8 Sally Pond, consort of
Capt. Eliphalet Pond, who departed this life Jan r - v 1 st , 1774, aged 31 years.

Likewise two of their children. Vix: Abigail, aged 20, & Sally Aged 21 days.

Under this stone confin'd doth lie Whereby we see Death's cruelty

Three subjects of Death's Tyranny. In cutting off both fruit and tree.

The mother who in this close tomb Yet all his malice will prove vain.

Sleeps with the offspring of her womb. For tree and fruit shall spring again.

DANIELL. xviii, 30. In memory of Mr. Timothy Daniell, son of Jeremiah
& Mrs. Abigail Daniell, who died March 10, 1805. Ae. 25.
Friends nor Physicians could not save,
My mortal body from the grave.
Xor can the grave confine it there,
When Christ shall call me to appear.

STOW, xviii, :]<>. In memory of Mrs. Betsey Stow, wife of Mr. Timothy
Stow, jun r , who died April 7 th , 1814, aged 31 years.


Farewell my spouse and children dear

I've left this world of pain;
May virtue be your practice here

Till we do meet again.

DANIELS, xviii, 37. In memory of Mrs. JSabby Daniels, wife of Mr. Joseph
Daniels, who died March 7, 1820, aged 36 years.

Farewell my son and partner dear,
If aught on earth could keep me here
'Twould be my love for you.
But Jesus calls my soul away;
Jesus forbids a longer stay.

DANIELL. xviii, 38. Erected by filial love to the memory of a beloved
father, Josiah Daniell died April 4, 1816, aged 39 years.

EICHARDS. xviii. 39. In memory of Dea n Ebenezer Richards, who departed
this life Feb. 27 th , 1799, Aet. 80 years. In memory of Mrs. Thankful Richards,
consort of Dea n Ebenezer Richards, who departed this life 1 June, 1796, Aet. 76

lie performed the office ot Deacon in the first church of Dedham for 27 years.
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

RICHARDS, xviii, 40. Dea. John Richards, Born Aug. 17. 1760, Died July 21,
1837. Sarah Richards, his wife, Born Oct. 26, 1768, Died July 1, 1830.


DYAR. xix, 1. Here Lyes y e Body of Hannah Dyar, Wife to Benjamin
Dyar of Boston, aged 18 years. Dyed Sept. y e 15, 1678. [ See page 3.J

MABBETT. xix, 2. Florence Lillian, Daughter of Henry J. & Maria Mab-
bett. Died Dec. 2. 1875, aged 1 year 8 mo's & 14 days.

Darling Florrie.
She is with the angels,
And we long for her sweet kiss,
Where the little feet are walking,
In the realms of perfect bliss.

PARTRIDGE, xix. 3. In memory of two children of Ilervey and Rachel
Partridge. Angelina died Aug. 26, 1833, aged 16 years. Sarah G. died Jan. 23,
18S4 Aged 8 months.

WIGHT, xix, 4. Deacon Joseph Wight, died June 13, 1729. Aet. 75.

WIGHT, xix, 5. Mary Wight, widow of Deacon Joseph Wight, died Dec.

2:,, 1733. Aet. 73.

CHISHOLM. BARTON, xix, 6. George Chisholm died Oct. 17, 1828, Aet, 1 yr.
mos. William Chisholm died June 30, 1868, aged 73 yrs. 11 mos. Isabel Chis-
holm died June 30, 1868, Aet 74 ys. 4 ms. Mrs. Janet Barton died Xov. 23. 1852.
Aet. 26 ys. 9 ms.

CTPTILL. xix, 7. In memory of Lizzie M. Guptill, age 26. Died Mar. 1 st ,
1876. She is not Dead But Sleepeth.

GKAIIAM. xix, 8. Lydia, wife of John Graham & daughter of the late John
Curtiss, of Dudley, Mass , died June 6, 1842, Aet. 42. Also Lydia Curtiss, her
child, dic'd July 25, Aet. 2 months.


MAYO, xix, 9. James Mayo died Jan 14, 1845. Aet. 66. Abigail, his wife,
died April 23, 1854. Aet. 74.

DONLEY. xix, 10. Francis Donley died Ap. 3, 1879, aged 46 years, 3 months,
13 days, Co. I, 35 Keg. Mass. Vols.

HAWS, xix, 11. In memory of Mrs. Sebiah Haws, who died Jan. 16, 1835.
Aet. 94.

MORSE, xix, 12. Silas Morse died Jan. 20, 1876, aged 56 yrs. 2 mos. 20 ds.
Ruth Stears Morse died Sept. 4, 1882, aged 87 years, 8 mos. 4 ds. Lewis Morse
died Oct. 5, 1882, aged 58 ys. 8 ms. 26 d.

DUDLEY, xix, 13. In memory of Miss Harriet, daugh. of Mr. Steph & Mrs.
Sybel Dudley, of Readfield, Maine, who died April 19, 1835, aged 25 ys. & 11 ms,

My flesh shall slumber in the ground,
Till the last trumpets joyful sound;
Then burst the chain with sweet surprise
And in my Savior's image rise.

TALBOT. GUILD, xix, 14. George G., Aug. 28, 1830: 6 mos. Ann S., Sept.
23, 1833: 11 mos. George, Sept. 12, 1839: 9 mos. Children of Sylvester W. &
Margaret G. Talbot. We scarce had called them ours.

Sylvester W. Talbot. Aug. 30, 1849. 3 years. Sylvester W. Talbot, April 18,
1847. Aet. 49.

George R. Guild, Sept. 21, 1820. 16 years. Son of Abner & Sophia Guild.
Abner Guild, July 6, 1843, aged 70. Sophia H. Guild, Aug. 8, 1858, aged 84.
Sophia Guild, Feb. 8, 1867. Aet. 59. Henrietta Guild, Mch. 25, 1874. Aet. 58.

SAMPSON, xix, 15. Mary, wife of Lemuel Sampson, died Feb. 15, 1857. Aet.
93 years. Our mother sleeps.

Sons and daughters: Such a friend

For you on earth there lingers not ;
Well may you weep till life shall end.

Say, can her love be e'er forgot?
By faith her heavenly march she led,

And onward pressed whate'er befell;
By faith she bowed her suffering head
And sweetly whispered, All is well.

COLBURN. xix, 16. Here lyes y e body of Rebekah Colburn, wife to Benj :
Colburn, aged 29 years. Dec d Jany y e 24, 1723. Annah Colburn, aged 7 weeks,
dec d Aug. y e 27. 1721. Jesse Colburn, aged 6 days, dec d Jany y e 18 th , 1723. John
Colburn, aged 6 years, dec d March y c 5, 1724. Children of Benj m and Rebekuh

COLMAN. xix, 17. Benjamin Colman, son of M r Benjamin & M re Rebecca
Colman. Died March y e 17th. 1731, in the 15 year of His age.

PAUL. SAMPSON, xix, 18. Hiram Paul died Sept. 8, 1873, aged 69 years, 6
mos. Susan B. Paul died June 9, 1888, aged 82 yrs. 22 days. Cynthia Sampson
died June 17, 1877, aged 87 yrs. 2 ms, 14 ds.

BISSETT. xix. 19. Charles Bissett died Feb. 11, 1842. Aet. 62 years.

BISSETT. xix, 20. Maria I., wife of Charles Bissett, died April 17, 1879,
aged 83 years.


MOODY, xix, 21. Here Lyes Buried y e Body of M r Eliezer Moody, scriv r ,
who departed this life June y e 7 th , 1720. ^ETATIS SU^J 61.

WENTWORTH. CHANDLER, xix, 22. Jason Wentworth died Mar. 11, 1829,
Aet. 38. Bethiah Wentworth Born Aug. 22, 1789, died May 2, 1878. Benjamin
W. Chandler died Aug. 29, 1848, Aet 2 mos. 6 ds. Eliza Jane, wife of B. Chand-
ler & dau r of J. & B. Wentworth, died July 11, 1856, Aet. 34.

FISHER, xix, 23. Nathaniel, son of Jeremiah and Deborah Fisher, aged
about 7 years, Died July, y e 21, 1715.

DWIGHT. xix, 24. lj[ere lyes y e Body of Mary Dwight, wife to Timothy
Dwight, aged 49 years. Died August 29, 1689.

HURST, xix, 25. William, son of William & Isabella Hurst, died June 17,
1843, aged 22 mos.

CLARKE, xix, 26. Horatio Clarke, 18101873. Elvira B. Clarke, 18131881.

WILSON, xix, 27. Here Lyes Buried y e Body of M r Ephraim Wilson, who
died Feby y e 20, 1733, in y e 77 th year of His Age.

WILLSON. xix, 28. John Willson, son of M r John M Hannah Willson,

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