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, aged 17 months & 4 D 6 . Dec d July y e 17, 1736.

WILLSON. xix, 29. Here Lyes Buried y e Body of M rs Anna Willson, wife
to M r John Willson, died April 21 st , 1737, in y e 24 th year of her age. Ebenezer,
son to M r John & M rs Anna Willson, born & died April 11 th , 1737.

BULLARD. xix, 30. In memory of Ena" Isaac Bullard, who died 15 th April.
1770, being his birthday, aged 61 years.

In memory of Widow Grace Bullard, who died 26 th March, 1789, aged 79
years. Mark the perfect and behold the upright, for their end is peace.

BULLARD. xix, 31. Here Lyes interred the Body of M" Mary Bullard.
Late wife of Mr. Isaac Bullard. Aged 34 years 1 month & 18 days. She died
Dec r 28 th , 1745. The Righteous have Hope in their Death.

WILLSON. xix, 32. Here lyes Buried y e Body of M" Lydia Willson, wife to
Mr. ]S T at hl Willson, Aged About 54 years. Died Oct. y e 17 th , 1740.

BROWN, xix, 33. Charles H. Brown, son of H. C. & O. A. Brown, Died
Oct. 17. 1862, Aet. 6 yrs. 3 mo. & 4 days.

WILSON. RICHARDS, xix, 34. Mrs. Esther Wilson, wife of John Wilson,
died Sept. 4, 1753, aged 34 years. Mr. John Wilson died May 1, 1788, aged 86 yrs.
Mrs. Abigail Wilson, wife of John Wilson, died June 26, 1801, aged 54 yrs.
Mr. John Wilson died Sept. 28, 1812, aged 62 years. M'ss Maria Osgood died
Dec . 1, 1826, aged 26 years. Mrs. Molly Wilson died Oct. 14, 1859, aged 93 years.
Maria O., dau r of J. F. & P. I. Wilson, died Oct. 15, 1852, Aet. 32 years. John
F. Wilson died July 9, 1853, Aet. 62 years. Polly I., wife of John F. Wilson ,
died Jan. 18, 1874, Aet. 78 yrs.

Mrs. Abby F. Richards, wife of Luther Richards, died July 30, 1840, aged 22
years. Irving W. Richards, son of Luther & Abby F. Richards, died Aug. 20,
1840, aged 9 weeks.

RICHARDS, xix, 35. In memory of M Hephzibah Richards, wife of Lieu
Jonathan Richards, who died N"ov r 22, 1789, aged 29 years.
Depart my friend, wipe off your tears,
Here I must lie till Christ appears.


STOW, xix, 36. In memory of George Stow, son of Mr. Timothy Stow, jr.
died July 17, 1814, aged 6 years.

PAIXE. xix, 37. Fannie Augusta Paine, Born and Died Dec. 16 th , 1858.

GOULD, xix. 38. Sacred to the memory of Docl. John Gould, who died 24
Jan., 1807 : aged 46 years.

How lov'd, how valu'd once avails tliee not
To whom related, or by whom begot,
A heap of dust alone remains of thee,
'Tis all thou art & all the proud shall be.

EVERETT, xix, 39. Affectionately erected by Mrs. Everett to the memory
of her Husband, John Everett, jr., who was one of the unfortunate Passengers
that perished at the burning of the Steamer Lexington on L. I. Sound on the
night of Jan. 13, 1840. Aet. 33.

Fare thee well thou dear departed Husband

Best thou here till Christ shall come,
Then in Heaven may I but meet thee

To enjoy a happy home.

NEWELL, xix, 40. In memory of Mr. Ebenezer Newell, who died July 11,
1821. Aged 55.
I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were

dead, yet shall he live. St. John, xi. 25.

XEAVELL. xix, 41. Ebenezer Newell died Oct. 16, 1837. Aet. 33.
Every one which seeth the son and believeth on him may have everlasting
life; and I will raise him up at the last day, John 6: 40.

TOWNSEND. xix, 42. To the Memory of the Rev d Jonathan Townsend, A.
M., -24 years pastor of the Church of Christ in Medfleld, who died of the small
pox in the Hospital at Dedham, Dec. 12 th , 1776, in the 56th year of his age.

What can preserve my life, or what destroy?
An angel's arm can't snatch me from the grave.
Legions of angels can't confine me there.

BOYNTON. xix, 43. John Boynton died Nov. 2, 1824. Aet. 24. Jesse P.
Boynton died Feb. 23, 1825. Aet. 11. Abigail, wife of Luther Boynton, died
May 13, 1846. Aet. 73. Luther Boynton died July 24, 1849. Aet. 79.

WHITNEY. SPALDING. xix, 44. Samuel S. Whitney, M. D., died June 30,
i >."..">. Aged 40. Sarah W., only daughter of S. S. and Sarah W. Whitney, Died
Sept. 23, 1855, aged 16 months. Dr. Stillman S. Whitney, only son of S. S. &
Sarah W. Whitney, Died Nov. 6, 1886, aged 36. Stephen H. Spaulding, M. D.,
died July 15, 1865, aged 76. Sally, wife of Stephen H. Spaulding, Died June 22,
1882, aged 95 years.

COOLIDGE. xix, 45. Horace. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

BARROWS, xix, 46. Thomas Barrows died May 7, 1880, aged 84 yrs. 9 mos. 1
day. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Barrows, died Aug. 6, 1860, aged 67 yrs. 6 mos.
20 days. Thomas, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Barrows, died Oct. 29, 1863,
aged 38 yrs. 7 mos. 22 days. Edward Barrows died Feb. 1, 1881, 52 yrs. 6 mos.

RICHARDS, xix, 47. In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Richards, wife of Abiathar
Richards, who died Aug. 3 d , 1814, aged 84 years.

Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.


RICHARDS, xix, 48, In memory of Mr. Abiathar Richards who died Sept.
30, 1803, aged 73 years.

Ye living men, come view the ground,

Where you must shortly lie.

RICHARDS, xix, 41). In memory of Elizabeth Richards, dan. of Mr. Abia-
thar & Mrs. Elizabeth Richards, who died 11 Oct'r, 1S02. aged is months.

(JAY. xix, 50. Jotham Gay died May 17, 1848, Aet. 57.

RICHARDS, xix, 51. In memory of Eliphalet, son of Mr. Abiathar & Mrs.
Elizabeth Richards, who Died Sept. 21**, 1792, in y c 18 th year of his age.

GAY. xix, 52. In memory of Mrs. Lydia Gay, wife of Mr. Jotham (Jay.
who died Jan. 6 th , 1820, aged 25 years.

Farewell, my spouse, and children dear,

I've left this world of pain;
May virtue be your practice here

Till we do meet again.

BONNKMORT. TYLER, xix, 53. Nicholas Bonnemort died Nov. 3, 1885, aged
85 yrs. 3 mos. 7 D. Mary Gill, wife of N. Bonnemort, died May 4, 185(>, aged
4(5 yrs. 7 mo.

Nicholas M. died July 22, 1837, aged 2 yrs. 7 mos. Maratio N, Geo. P.
Children of N. and M. Bonnemort. Mariatho N. Bonnemort died Aug. 22.
1802, aged 48 years.

Mrs. Eunice Tyler died Apr. 22, 1824, aged 45 years.

RICHARDS, xix, 54. In memory of Mrs. Mary Richards, consort of Mr.
Job Richards, who died June 7 th , 1797, in y c 66 year of her age.

f Note. This double stone was broken by a falling tree, but on the footstone under the
name of Mr. Job Richards, is the date 1798. C. S.]

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