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219. Margaret Cooley. b. Mar. 8, 1787; m. Mar. 1809. .Justine Darling.

Resided near Canton, X. Y. One dau.. Sarah, b. in 1821; m. Mr.
Northrup; had family. Res. in 1909, Washington, Pa. At age of 88
wrote author a good letter.

220. Catherine Cooley, b. Nov. 22, 1789; m. 1810, .Jesse Woodward. Resided

in Newfane, (probably Vermont.)

221. Sarah Cooley, b. Oct. 27, 1793; d. Aug. 4, 18.53; m. 1845, .Jesse Harris.

222. Ruth Coolev. b. June 21, 179.5. Resided on the homestead in Pittsford.

Vt., in 1872.


223. John Cooley. h. Mar. 17, 1797; m. Amanda Cook, who died July 17,


224. Cabel Cooley, Jr.. b. Aug. 16, 1799; d. Mar. 2, 1867, Pittsford, Vt., at

the homestead.

225. Ann Coolev, b. May 10, 1810. Resided on the homestead in 1872.

{Town History of Fitt.iford. 1372)

213. WILLIAM'^ SANPORD (same descent as 211) m. Oct.
V2. 1795. Hetty Stickney.

22C. + Samuel Stickney*, b. Feb. 6, 1795; d. June 16, 1875; m. Almeda Smead.

227. Anna, m. '- Twifhel. Resided near St. Louis, Mo.

228.+PoUy O., m. Nichols.

229. Betsey, m. Hunter.

230. John.

215. THOMAS" SANFORD, JR. {same descent as 211) m.
Dee. 3, 1795, Lney Kellosr?. b. Mar. 22. 1780. Benninsrton. Vt.









Morris (Morrell.



226. SAMUEL STICKNEY' SANFORD {William 2i:^,
Thamas 43, Thomas 18, Eobert 7. Eohert 1) b. Feb. 26. 1795: d.
June 16, 1875. Charles City. la.: m. 1819, Almeda Smead, b. May
23, 1S03; d. Dee. 4. 1846. Buried in Hopkinton. N. T. Mr. San-
ford went to Hopkinton. N. Y., from Middlebury. Vt.. in 1826.
where he settled about a mile from Nicholville up the North "West
Bay road. Here he built a house, which stood where the Milton
Tharet house now stands. They had four children. He was a
good hand at makinsr black salts and pearlash and worked in the
factories of Clark S. Chittenden, Zora.ster Culver, Joel Goodell.
Jr. and Lyman Day.

A little later he built a frame house on the Turnpike aboiit
one and a half miles east of Parishville village. Jonah Sanford.
Jr., bought this place and moved onto it in 1849. where he lived
until the fall of 1853. The place is now owned by Thomas Conlin.

In ]8.')9, '^^r. Sanford left Hopkinton. going first to his
daughter. Mrs. Lucelia White, in Wisconsin, and later to his son
Egbert in Floyd Co., la. In 1872, when about seventy-five years
of ace, he visited his son Francis in the Sandwich Islands.

Thirteen children, the last nine all born in Hopkinton. N. Y.

237. Francis H.". b. ab. 1820, Middlebury, Vt.; d. Aug. 18, 1874, Sandmch
Islands. He married a native in Papeete, Tahati (Society Islands),
a relative of the former Queen. Pomare, and at his death left three
sons and three daughters.


238. Julia M., d. Mar. 14. 1886. Sious PaUs, N. D.; m. William Clia.ller of

Nicholville, N. Y. A son, Francis II., now ro.sidcs at Siou,\ Falls
N. D.

239. Julius, ran a saloon on the boat plying between Ogdcnsburg, N. Y., and

Lewiston. The boat took fire and he was drowned about 1S52. Unm

240. Egbert, b. Sept. 7, 182.5, Middlebury, Vt.; d. Dec. 30, 1888, Floyd Twp.]

la. When a boy he lived for a time with Dr. Gideon Sprague of
Hopkinton, X. Y. In Dec, 18.51, he went to California where he
remained five years, when he returned and bought a farm in Floyd
Twp., la. Here he became a prominent citizen. He left three
daughters. Flora M., who died Jan. 21, 1899; Laura E., res. in
Charles City, la.; and Mrs. Dr. Frank Branan of Chicago, IlL

241. Lucelia, d. ab. ISO!), ag. 72: m. Nelson "White of Hopkinton, N. T.

After a few years they removed to Floyd Co., la., and later to
Minnesota. She had seven sons and a daughter. Of these, Silas
resided in Charlton, la.

242. Fidelia, b. Dec. 30, 1830; m. Mar. 13, 1853, Urial E. Beach of Salisbury,

Vt., where thev now reside (1910).

243. Thereeia Maria, b. Jan. 9, 1833, Lawrence, N. Y'.: m. Dec. 30, 1850,

Austin A. Jones at Hopkinton, N. Y., b. May 27, 1831; d. July 30,
1910, at Osawatomie, Kans. Went to Michigan in 1853, to Iowa
in 1870, to Minnesota in 1872, to Iowa in 187.5, to Arkansas in 1886,
to Kansas in 1891. Res. of widow, Osawatomie, Kans. They had
eight children: (1) Henry G., b. Mar. 17, 18.52; d. Aug. 3,'l902,
Estherville, la.; m. Ellen Coffey; (2) Mary A., b. Nov. 24, 18.54; m.
Andrew Johnson; last heard of in Seattle, W^ash.; (3) Adelbert E.,
b. Julv 27. 1856; m. Emma Eiserman; res.. Chanute, Kans.; (4)
Viola E., b. Apr. 4, 1858; m. May 7, 187.5, Charles Patten; res.,
Osawatomie, Kans.; (5) Josie J., b. May 4, 1860; m. .Tune 6, 1882,
John Eslham; res., Chicago; (6) Austin A., Jr., b. July 30, 1862;
m. Dec. 25, 1890, Marv Brown; res.. Osawatomie; (7) William e',
b. July 17, 1864; (8) Ulysses S., b. Dec. 27, 1868; m. Mar. 9, 1898,
.Jennie Lambert of Salina. Kans.: res., Osawatomie, Kans.

244. Eli. m. in Wisconsin, removing to O'Neill, Neb., where he died, leaving

a widow and five or six children.

245. Merovia Finney, d. Feb. 19, 1905, Auburn, Kan.; m. in Alton. HI., at

the age of forty. Resided in Burlingame, Kan. No children.

246. Charles "Veloris, d'. Jan. 7, 1889; m. Julia Montgomerv-. Had four

daughters and two sons. Resided in Charles City, Ix

247. John D., d. in Burlingame, Kan., from an accident; m. in O'.Neill, Neb.,

and had several children. His widow resides at O'Neill, Neb.

248. Carlos, d. in infancy.

249. Almena Aurora, d. Oct. 12, 1902, Nora Springs, la.; m. E. V. Seoville

in Minnesota. Had three sons and a daughter.

228. POLLY 0.''_SANFORD {same descent as :J26) m.
Nicholas. In IS (6, she was Imng in Soraerville. N. J.


250. Augustus' Nichols, res., 1876, Woodstock, V*.

251. George Nichols, res., 1876, Brandon, Vt.

252. Charles Nichols, res.. 1876, Shoreham, Vt.

253. Almena Nichols, res., 1876, Shoreham, Vt.

254. Marv Nichols, res., 1876, Somerville. N. J.

255. Atlanta Nichols, res., 1876, Somerville, N. J.

256. Georgia A. Nichols, res., 1876. Somerville, N. J.



The following tables are built on the same plan as the Thomas
Sanford Genealogy (See "Descendants of tlie Four Sons," pg. 8,
and "Key to Work," pg. 86. They have no index.

1. THOMAS^ SANFORD {Ezechiell, Thomas, Richard)
bapt. Nov. 1, 1617, Stanstead Mountfitchet, Essex Co., Eng. (See
"Medieval Origins of the Sandfords" pg. 13.), d. 1684, Milford,

Ct. ; m. (1) Mary , d. 1662; m. (2) Sarah, dau. of "Wm.

Gibbard of New Haven, Ct. Her mother was a daughter of Ed-
mund Tapp of Milford, and sister to the wife of Gov. Robert Treat.

The first record of him is in Hartford in 1651. His residence
was on what is now lot 74 on Burr St. On May 21. 1657, he was
made Freeman and was Chimney Viewer in June, 1662. It is
very likely that he was in Hartford and married as early as 1638
and the first two children born soon thereafter. The records state
that Mary, his second child, was of marriageable age in 1667.

He and wife certainly got into seriouse trouble in Hartford,
rhey were both indicted for witchcraft or for holding public
meetings other than those prescribed by the elders or for dealings
with "Sathan". The records show that he was "accused" June
6, 1662, and very soon after tried in court by a .jury; that the
verdict of the jury was, "some thought guilty, some strongly
suspected," result, a disagreement.

It further appears that the wife Mary was indicted June 13,
1662, and soon tried, whether with her husband has not been
learned. The verdict in her case, it is certain, was "Guilty," which
of course, meant execution. The actual record of the execution has
not been found, but it is morally certain that she was executed.
John M. Taylor in his "Witchcraft Delustan in Colonial Connect-
icut" states that she was executed. In the preparation of that
work, as he states, in a letter to Mr. F. A. Sanford, No. 303 in
this family, of Nov. 14, 1910, (to whom the author is indebted for
assistance in this matter), he (Taylor) had access to the notes of
the late Dr. Charles J. Hoadley who made an exhaustive research
some years since on the subject of witchcraft. His vol. of memor-
anda is now held by j\tr. George E. Hoadley of New Haven. For
trial of Mrs. Sanford see pg. 151. Andrew's trial will be found in
the same volume. See also records of "Particular Court" vol. 2,
pg. 174-5, on file in otfi(?e of Secretary of State and State Librarian,
Hartford, Ct.

The fact, too, that Mr. Sanford not long after these trials,
married again goes to show that his first wife had died.

A recent article (1910) in the New England Historical Maga-
zine refers to the Sanfords of Hartford, Ct., as being "All Quak-
ers." In and under Hartford Colonial law Quakers were classed
as and with heretics. Quite a good many Quakers and Heretics
were executed in New Ensxland in Colonial times. So we need uot
look upon the case of Mary Sanford as a strnntre one.


On going to Milford in 1667 he and his second wife accepted
the situation and joined the Church, Mar. 4, 1671. Mr. Sanford
left a will dated Sept. 6, 16S4. The inventorj- of his estate
is dated Oct. 16, 1684. The will mentions eldest son Andrew,
son Ezekiel, eldest daughter Mary, daughter Hannah, and
"the three younger ones."" "If any of these die their portions to
go to the remaining daughters. (New Haven Pro. Rec. Book 1. p.

Had nine or ten children.

2. + Andrew=, b. Hartford; d. 1692.

3. Mary, b. Hartford; d. 1689, Milford, Ct. ; unm. ; joined the church May

4, 1671, at Milford. The inventory of her estate was taken April 12

4. Hannah, b. Feb. 19, 1669; bap. June 4, 1671; m. Daniel Tuttle. {See

Tuttle Book Page 71.)

5. Ezekiel, bap. June 4, 1671; d. 1685-6; m. Elizabeth . (She

married (2) Jan. 11, 1686, Zachariah Baldwin.) He left a widow.
(Savage'.i TTork:) Inv. of his estate taken Jan. 14, 168.5. Estate was
taken by his widow and brother Andrew, showing that he left no child.

6. Martha, bap. June 4, 1671.

7. Elizabeth, bap. June 4, 1671; d. nnm. before her father. Not mentioned

in his will.

8. Abigail, bap. June 4, 1671.

9. Nathaniel, b. Mar. 30, 1673; d. young. Not named in father's will

10. Samuel, b. Jan. 27, 1674; d. Feb. 17, 1674.

11. Sarah, b. Apr. 7, 1677; m. Apr. 10, 1703. Joseph Beard. The records

as to the family vary. The names Ezekiel, Hannah, Martha and
Elizabeth are given in same order as they appear in Milford Church
Records. Savage, Vol. 4, pg. 13, does not give the names of Nathaniel
or Samuel and states that Ezekiel died in 1685, leaving a widow
and possibly one child. Ezekiel made deed to his brother Andrew
Apr. 13, 1685.

2. ANDREW^ SANFORD {Andrew 1) b. Hartford, Ct. :
d. 1705, .Milford. Ct. : m. J;in. S, 1667, Mary. dau. of Henry and
Elizabeth Botsford, by Mr. Fenn. magistrate. She was born May
21, 1643. This would indicate that Andrew was bom about 1640.
He joined Milford Church June 27, 1669 and became a freeman
the same year. The inventory of his estate is dated Dee. 10, 1705.
His son Andrew was named administrator {Neiu Haven Pro..
Book 3, p. 75). In 1707, the administrator deeded land in Mil-
ford to Hannah Tuttle, which he states had been the property
of "our" father {Milford Land Rcc; Tuttle Genealogy).

Had ten children, bap. in Milford.

12. Mary3, b. Aug. 1668: d. soon.

13. Hannah, b. Feb. 19. 1670: m. 1692, Thos. (Daniel) Tuttle.

14. Samuel, b. Mar. 17, 1671; d. Mar. 16, 1697-S, unm.

15. + Andrew, b. July 13, 1673.

16. Elizabeth, b. M'ar. 5, 1675; buried July 30. 1675.

17. Esther, b. May 6, 1677.

18. Mary, b. Julv 1, 167D.

19. Ezekiel. b. .July 11, 1683.


19a. Abigail, bap. Juno 9, 1689.
19b. Ann, bap. April 26, 1691.

Of several records secured no trro fully agree as to dates, and some

do not give all of the eight children above. Several give two

Samuels, the first of vfhich died soon.

15. CAPT. ANDREW^ SANFORD {Andrew 2. Andrew 1)
b. July 13, 1673; d. Apr. 23. 1747; m. (1) Nov., 169.5. Hannah,
dau. of John and Hannah (Clark) Piatt of Norwalk, Ct. ; b. Dec.

1.5, 1674; d. . Slip wns disir,is,=;pd from Church there to join

church with her husband in Milford Dec. 11, 1699; m. (2) Elizabeth

. Admitted to full communion on July 5, 1730. He is known

in church records as Capt. Andrew. In Oct. 1726, he was made
captain of the first Train band in Milford and in 1728 made Dep-
uty to General Court and many times afterwards. His will is
dated Apr. 26. 1747, probated July 6, 1747. It dves his widow
Elizabeth and daughter Mary Clark each £200; gives oldest son
Samuel his silver handled sword besides oyster lands, etc. ; grives
his son Andrew cane with silver head and land in Milford. Wal-
lingford. and Turkey Hill ; give John land in Wallingford, lodge
and land in ^lilford. half his home and barn and land at Gulf
Mill. He left a lar^e estate for those times. The will names
Samuel, Andrew and John executors. Those mentioned in will,
it is thought were the only children then living. (New Haven
Fro., Book 7, p. 129.) R. J. Sanford. Esq. of Stamford, Yt.,
hold - ^ a sword which is probably the one .eiven to above Samuel.
{See record of Samuel, 22.)

There is some confusion in the records as to his marriages and
children, but this record is believed to be practically correct.

Probably six children by first and three by second marriage.

20. Rebecca^, b. Aug. 2.5, 1700; (Some records give her death as Oct., 1700) ;

ra. Ray Sanford.
21 Hannah, b. 1701; hap. Oct. 26. 1701; d. young. Not named in father's


22. + Samuel (.Tr.), b. 1703.

23. Marv, b. Jnne, 1706; d. 1802; m. April 30, 1738. .Joseph Oark.
24.+ Andrew, b. Nov. 28. 1708; d. 17.59.

25. Eliiah. b. June 3. 1711; d. soon.

26. + .lohn. b. 1714; d. 1799.

27. Elijah, b. -Tulv 10. 171S; d. Mar. 27. 1737. in 19th year. Gravestone.


22. CAPT. SAMUEL* SANFORD, JR. (Andrew l.i.
Andrew 2. Andrew 1) b. 1703: bap. Dec. 19, 1703, Milford; d.
1761 : m. Jan. 6, 1731, Ann, dau. of Joseph and Susannah Plumb,
b. 1707, Milford. In 1741, the north part of Milford became the
Parish of Plymouth, but the records did not begin till 1747, and
so baptism of children Samuel and Susannah are not recorded.
He left a will dated Dec. 30, 1760. proved 1761. The vnW nave to
Samuel (eldest son) his "silver hilted sword, silver headed cane,
largest gun and Negro boy Primus": to son Ra.vmond (under 21


years) "his black mare branded on left hip S. S." Will also
mentions daughter Anne (single) and daughters Hannah and
Susannah (under IS years.) The sword is surely the one that was
willed to him by his father. {Milford Toivn Rec, First Church;
Xeic Haven Pro. Rec, Vol. 9, p. 501.)
Plad five children.

28. Hannahs, b. Apr. 30, 1733; d. Sept. 17, 1826, at Bethlehem, Ct.; m.

June 28, 1758, Capt.Elihu San ford (David 1-11, Samuel 35 Ephriam 6
Thomas 1). See No. 415.

29. Ann, d. Nov. 30, 1737.

30. + Samuel, b. ab. 1739.

31. Susannah.

32. + Raiinent (Raymond), bap. Sept. 13. 17.i2; d. Mar. ISO.i.

24. A>rt)REW^ SANFORD {same descent as 22) b. 1708-

d. 1759, Milford, Ct.; m. Margaret , b. 1714; d. June 28,

1781, age 67. He was also called Capt. Andrew of Milford. His
only son Andrew was appointed administrator of his estate on the
first :Monday in July, 1759. The e.state was distributed Feb. 25
1760. to wit:

One-third to widow Margaret, two-thirds of the remainder
to only son Andrew, and one-third to only daughter Elizabeth.
In May. 1760. the widow was made guardian of minor daughter
Elizabeth. {'Sew Harm Pro.. Rook .9. pp. 264. SOT. .?40.1

Two children.


34. KHzabeth, b. 1745: m. f 1 ) Thomas Gibbs ; m. (2) July 26, 1765, Samuel

26. JOHN* SANFORD {same descent as 22) b. Julv 1
1720; d. Dec. 29. 1799. Milford: m. Sept. 14. 1743. :\rarv, dau. of
Jesse and Mary (Gillette) Lambert, b. July 10, 1718; d. July 29.
1744. a<r. 26 yrs. 19 day.s; m. (2) Hannah, dau. of Joseph and
Hannali (Buckingham) Treat and granddaughter of Daniel Buck-
ingham, of whom there is a fine bronze statue in the state camtol
at Hartford. Ct. She was bom May 14, 1728: d. 1790. There
are deeds to his brother Samuel. Jr.. in 1722. to son Elisha in
178-3, and to sons John W, and David in 1796.

Had one child by first and four by second marriage.

35.J-.Tohn Williams, b. .Tnly, 1744; d. July 21, 1802.

36. Hannah, b. Jnlv 11, 1749; m. • Porter.

37.-(-Elisha, b. Aug." 11. 17!50; d. Aug. 12. 1841.

38. Mary, b. Sept., 1755; m. John Smith.

39. David, b. .Tune, 1758.

30, CAPT. SAJVnJEL' SANFORD {Samuel, Jr. 22, Capt.
Andreiv 15, Andrew 2. Andrew 1) b. about 1739 in Milford; d.
Mar. 17, 1804. in Milford: m. July 26. 1765, Parthena, dau. of
Joel Baldwin, who d. 1790, in Plj-mouth. Ct.. ag. 43 yrs. Their
marriage is noted in the church records in the Parish of Plymouth


(north part of Milford) ; m. (2) , d. soon. He was a great

soldier of the Revolution, serving in all seven years and ten months.
His son Samuel, a lad of ten years, entered the service with him,
but owing to his tender years was entered as his father's "body
servant." When the son died at the age of 92 at Mantua, 0., he
was buried with militarv honors. (.See American Monthly for
June, 1897, p. 1093.)

The certificate of Capt. Samuel's service from the office of
the Adjutant General's Office, Hartford, abbreviated, is as follows:

He enlisted as sergeant July 10, 1775, in Capt. Peter Perritt's
company in Col. Charles Webb's 7th Continental Rest., discharged
Dec. 10, 1775. The Regiment was reorganized for the year 1776
with Samuel as 2nd Lieutenant. The Regiment was in the vicinity
of New York City from April till the close of the year, took part
in the battle of White Plains, Oct. 28, 1776. battle of Trenton,
Dec. 25, 1776, and at Princeton, Jan. 3, 1777.

He was commissioned First Lieut. Jan. 1, 1777, in the 8th Res.
Conn, line, Col. John Chandler, and commissioned Capt. Dee. 15,
1777. The Reg. went into camp in the spring of 1777 at Peeks-
kill, N. Y., fought at Germantown, Pa., Oct. 4, 1777, under Gen.
MaeDougal. Part of the Regiment took part in defence of Fort
Miffin, Pa., Nov. 12-15, 1777, Monmouth, June 28, 1778, and Stony
Point, July 15, 1779.

Capt. Sanford continued in commission with his command in
the 5th Reg. Conn. Line, Col. Isaac Sherman, and retired by the
consolidation on Jan. 1, 1783. {"Record of Conn. ?den in the
War of the Bevohtiion.")

R. Albert J. Sanford, Esq., of Stamford, Vt., has the sword
carried by Capt. Samuel during the war, and money could not
buy it. He describes it thus:

"The sword is type of dress sword used in early times. It
has a three-cornered blade made to thrust instead of cut and has
solid silver mountings or handle." It was presented to him by
his father Justin 0. Sanford, who got it from his father William,
who was a son of Capt. Samuel. It is morally certain that it is
the same sword given by Capt Andrew by will to his son Samuel,
father of Capt. Samuel. After his discharge in 1783, he settled
in Plymouth and late in life returned to Milford, where his death
is recorded.

Seven children.

40.-l-Samueln, h. Apr. 1, 17fi6; d. Sept. 27, 1858.
41.-|-Sarah, b. Dec. 29. 1767.

42. Elii.ih, lived in New Haven.

43. Raymond, Capt. of vessel and died before 30 yrg. old. Inventory of his

estate filed Oct. Ifi, 1793. He owned 1-8 part of a sloop and one part
of the Tremolv Library (Derby Vol. 16. pg. 446.)

44. Anthony, b. 1775.
45.+WiIliam, b. Dee. 16, 1782.
46.4-Har»iet, b. Apr. 5, 1786.


32. RAYJIOND^ SANFORD {same descent as 30) bap.
Sept. 13, 1752: d. Mar. 1805, Seymour, Ct. ; m. Dec. 21, 1773,
Rebecca Chatfield. at Milford, Ct., by Richard Mansfield, mission-
ary at Derby, Ct.

Had six children.

4".-fGay R.e, b. Sept. 12, 1787; d. Nov. 9, 1853.

48. Susan, m. Peter Chapell, Hamilton, N. Y, Five children all dead in 1897.

49. Mary, m. Loomis. One son, dead in 1897.

50. Nancy, m. Sprague. Three children.

51. Sarah, m. Castle. Had thirteen children.

52.4-Gay, b. Nov. 4, 1785; d. Nov. 27, 1851.

33. CAPT. ANDREW SANTORD {Andrew 24, Andrew 15,

Andrew 2, Andrew 1) m. Martha . On the first Monday

in April. 1778, Martha, widow of Capt. Andrew, was appointed
administrator of his estate, and on Feb. 22, 1779, she presented
inventory showing the estate insolvent.

Had five children; one was

53. Andrews, b. 1769; d. 1824; called "Emperor."

35. JOHN WILLIAM' SANFORD {John 24, Andrew 15,
Andrew 2, Aiidr^w J) b. July, 1744; d. July 21, 1802; m. Sarah,
dan. of Asa and Sarah (Johnson) Wilmot, d. Apr. 30, 1818. He
resided near the line of Wallin^ord and Waterbury, Ct. It
became Cheshire and is now Prospect. He was killed by a fall
from a load of hay in his barn. In a deed by his father he is
spoken of as my dear son John William, but was commonly caOed
John Sanford, Jr. His children all married in Cheshire, but soon

Had eight children.

54. Sarah", b. Oct. 6. 1771; m. Chauncev Tyler, MoDonoiigh, N. Y.

SS.+Mary, b. Mar. 30, 1773.

56.4-John, b. Apr. 30, 1775.

57.-|-Medad, b. .Julv 22, 1777.

58.+Betsey, b. Mav 22, 1780.

59.+Eunice, b. Feb. 3, 1782.

60.+Anna, b. Feb. 13, 1785.

61.+Libbeus. b. .June 9, 1788.

37. ELISHA' SANFORD {same descent as 35) b. Aug. 11,
1750,Milford., Ct.; d. Aug. 12, 1841, at Milford; m. Feb. 1, 1774,
Rhoda Johnson Cheshire, Ct., b. May 21, 1756; d. July 12, 1847.
She and Elisha eloped, she throwing her clothes out of the cham-
ber window and driving with him to Cheshire. He enlisted in
the summer of 1776 and served in the Coast Guard, under Capt.
Samuel Treat; re-enlisted in Dec, 1776, for three months under
Capt. Benj. Hine; re-enli.sted in 1777, in Capt. Samuel Peck's
company, and in 17S2. under Capt. James Davidson. {Conn.
Men in Rev., p. 655. 660.) Drew from 1832 annual pension of
$40. Miss Lovell Frances Sanford, of Rockford. III., has the pistol
with large knife attached from her great grandfather's time.


Had ten children.

62. Hannah", b. Oot. 25, 1774; d. Apr. 18, 1S61; m. Nov. 21, 1801, John L.


63. + Eliphalet, b. June 11. 1775; d. June 11, 1837.

64. + Elisha, b. Mar. 14, 1777; d. May 20, 1864.

65. Charlotte, b. 1778; m. Smith.

66. + Mabel, b. June 11, 1781; d. Sept. 8, 1849.

67. Betsev, b. Mar. 11, 1782; d. Nov. 26, 1858, Milford; unm.

68. Nancy, b. 1790; d. Mar. 31, 1862; m. Oliver Rice.

69. + Eunice, b. 1790.

70. Sena, b. Apr. 23, 179r; m. Wm. Umberfield.

71. Rhoda, b. Feb. 21, 1801; unm.

40. SAMUEL' SANFORD {Samuel 30, Samuel 22, Andrew
13, Andrew 2, Andrew 1) b. Apr. 1, 1766, Milford, Ct.; d. Sept.
27, 1858 Mantua, 0. : m. Nov., 179.5, Rhoda Atwater of Harwinton,
Ct., b. Oct. 16, 1774 ; d. May 3, 1860, Mantua. 0. He entered ser-
vice in the war of the Revolution at the age of 10 years as his
father's "bodv servant." {See xketch of father.) After the war
his father settled in Plymouth, Ct. On Feb. 28, 1817, Samuel
with his wife and seven children set out T\-ith canvas covered
wagons for what is kno^vn as the Western Reserve in Ohio. The
son Raj-mond remained in Connecticut and the son George, or
Garry, was placed with an uncle in Vermont. It took them just
four weeks to go from Plymouth, Ct. to Mantiia, 0., where they
settled. His wife's brother had preceded them in the settlement
there. On his d^ath he was buried with militarv- honors.

Had eleven children, all but last bom in Plymouth, Ct.

72. Raymond", b. Oct. 12, 1796; d. Dec. 30, 1877; m. Apr. 30, 1828, Jane

Brazzleton. He went to Jackson Co., Ga., in 1821, settled in Hall Co.
till 1849, when he went to Lampkin, now Dawson Co. Elected to
legislature from Hall Co. in 1S34-5. Was a farmer and merchant;
owned seventy-five slaves at opening of the Civil War. Served in
a Confederate' regiment as Major. Was reduced from affluence by the
war to a mere competency. His sons were in the war, one a captain,
was shot and killed, and another died in a hospital. They had ten
children, x\z:- Truman H., b. 1829; George H., b. Jan. 2. 1835.
killed in the war, m. Jane R. Kellogg, three children. Flora J., Henry
E., and Truman; William S.. b. Jan. 20. 1837, m. Nancy W. Erwin,
res., Livingston, Ga., had eight children, Eula, Arthur, Raymond, John
G., Eva. J.. Charles T.. Walter M., and William, Jr.; Mary A., b. 1839,
m. E. R. Diamond; Emily J., b. 1841. m. B. H. Brow-n; Clarissa A.,
b, 1843, m. G. H. Porter; Walter, b. 1845, d. 1846; Raymond, Jr., b.
1846, d'. 1864 in war; Julia C, b. 1848, m. J. P. McConnell; Rhoda

Online LibraryCarlton Elisha SanfordThomas Sanford, the emigrant to New England; ancestry, life,and descendants, 1632-4. Sketches of four other pioneer Sanfords and some of their descendants (Volume 2) → online text (page 46 of 72)