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Factory and lluhl^ll■ial Acoicleiits in (ieiieral - - - 4

Fire Prevention and Prutection - - - - - 5

First Aid Manuals - - - - - - - 5

Mine Accidents - . - - - - - -6

Railway Accidents - - - - - - - 7

Safety Devices - - - - - - - - S



Industrial Accidents

This brief bibliography inchides only the more important of the
books in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh which deal with industrial
accidents and their prevention. Many papers and magazine articles of
value are indexed in the Technology Departifient.

Factory and Industrial Accidents in General

Calder, John. * 614.8 C12

Prevention of factory accidents. 1899.

Eastman, Crystal. 331.823 E18

Work accidents and the law. 1910.

Contents: The cause of work-accidents. — Economic cost of work-accidents. — Em-
ployers' liability. — Appendices.

The same 1331.823 E18

V.2 of findings of the Pittsburgh .Survey.

Gol^biewski, Eduard. r6i7.2 G58

Atlas and epitome of diseases caused by accidents; authorized trans-
lation from the German, with editorial notes and additions by Pearce
Bailey. 1900.

Hard, William, and others. 1331.823 H25

Injured in the course of duty; being an exposition and some con-
clusions on the subject of industrial accidents, how they happen, how
they are paid for and how they ought to be paid for; a plan on which
labor and capital can unite to the advantage of both. 1910.

Reprinted, with some additions, from "Everybody's magazine."

Law, Frank E. & Newell, William. 614.8 L39

Prevention of industrial accidents. 1909. ( Fidelity and Casualty
Company, New York. General pamphlet no.i.)

"It is believed that this is the first attempt that has been made in this country to
gather together in a systematic treatise what has been settled by experience with regard
to the prevention of industrial accidents, and to present a measurably adequate and
comprehensive treatment of this vital ([uestion." Introductory note.
Illustrates many safety devices.

Minnesota — Labor, industries and commerce bureau. r33i.823 M72

Bulletin, Oct. 1909-date. no.i-date. [i909|-date.

no.i. Industrial accidents and workingmen's compensation, by |1. D. Lescohier.

West, Thomas Dyson. 614.8 W56

Accidents; their causes and remedies; a treatise of the development
of care and faithfulness to aid the safeguarding of life and property.



Fire Prevention and Protection

Braidwood, James. r6i4.84 B68

I'irc prevention and fire extinction. 1866.

Contents: Memoir. — Fire prevention, inchuling fireproof structures; Causes of
fires. — Fireproof structures. — Fire extinction, including fire l)rigades, fire engines and
water supply. Fire brigades. — London fire brigade. — Kdinlnirgli fire brigade. ■- I"'ire
engines. — Water supply. — Appendi.x.

British Fire Prevention Committee. r6i4.84 B75

I'ublicatiuns; cd. by E. O. Sachs, no.i-dale. i8ij7-(hUc.

no. 12 is a report on the Home building fire, Pittsburgh, i8y8.

Ingle, Herbert, & Ingle, ilarry. 614.84 I24

Chemistry of fire and fire prevention; a handbook for insurance sur-
veyors, w^orks' managers, and all interested in firo risks and their
diminution. 1900.

The same r6i4.84 I24

Merryweather, James Compton. r6i4.84 M63

Fire brigade handbook; a manual of organisation and equipment ol'
fire brigades. 1888.

For volunteer and private fire brigades.

Sachs, Edwin O. qr6i4.84 S12

hires and public entertainments: a study of some i.ioo iiMiable fire.-).

St. Louis — Education board. 1614.84 S14

The safety of the schools; published l'(»r the information of the

parents and the public. iyo8.

What is being done in St. I.nuis to prevent fire in the school buildings and to insure
the safety of the ])uiiils.

Schwartz, Dr von. 614.84 S39

Fire and explosion risks; a handbook dealing with the detection,
investigation and prevention of dangers arising from fires and ex-
plosions of chemico-technical substances and establishments, for the
use of fire insurance officials, fire brigade officers, members of the
legal profession, law officers, councillors, factory inspectors and factory
owners. 1904.

Especially for non-chemists.

First Aid Manuals

Austin, J. A. 614.88 A93

-Manual of first aid; being a text-book for ambulance classes and a
work of reference for domestic and general use. 1898.

Doty, Alvah H. 614.88 D75

Manual of instruction in the principles of prompt aid to the injured,
including a chapter on hygiene and the drill regulations for the hospital
cori)s. U.S.A.; designed for mi!itar\' and civil use. 1902.


Drinkwater, H. 614.88 D82

First aid to the injured and ambulance drill. 1900.

Bibliography, p. 99-1 00.

"The number and excellency of the illustrations are special features of this little
book... Can be strongly recommended as a clear and trustworthy instruction in 'first
aid.' " Nature, igoi.

Dulles, Charles Winslow. 614.88 D88

Accidents and emergencies; a manual of the treatment of surgical
and medical emergencies in the absence of a physician. Ed./, rev. & enl.

Simple, practicable suggestions.

Lynch, Charles. 614.88 L99

American national Red-cross text-book on first aid and relief col-
umns; a manual of instruction, how to prevent accidents and w^hat to
do for injuries and emergencies. 1908.
"References," p.239-240.

McCurdy, Stewart LeRoy. r6i4.88 M14

Surgical and medical emergencies in abstract. 1906.
Pocket compendium of first aid treatment.

Pilcher, James Evelyn. 614.88 P58

First aid in illness and injury. 1899.

The same. 1899 r6i4.88 P58

The same. 1905 r6i4.88 P58f

United States — Surgeon-general's office. r6i4.88 U25

Outlines of first aid, U. S. army. 1899.

Wilder, Bert Green, comp. 614.88 W7r

Emergencies; how to avoid them and how to meet them. 1887.
"References," p. 35-36.

Mine Accidents

Abel, Sir Frederick Augustus. 622.8 A13

Alining accidents and their prevention; also the United States,

British and Prussian laws regulating the working of coal mines. 1889.
The same. 1889 r622.8 A13

Beard, James Thom. 622.41 B34

Mine gases and explosions; text-book for schools and colleges and

for general reference. 1908.

Chemistry and physics of mine gases, effects of heat, the atmosphere, common mine

gases, mine explosions, safety-lamps and testing for gas.

Chamberlin, Rollin Thomas. r557-3 U25b no.383

Notes on explosive mine gases and dusts, with special reference to
explosions in the JNlonongah, Darr and Naomi coal mines. 1909. (In
United States — Geological survey. Bulletin no.383.)

Crane, Walter R. roi6.622 C85

Accidents in mining. (In his Index of mining engineering literature.

1909, p. I.)

A 29-page bibliography of mine accidents. Nearly i ,000 references. Classified.


England — Royal coiumi.ssiuii 011 mines. qr622.33 E64

Report ui a committee appointed l>y ilu- Royal commissi(jn on minos
to inquire into the causes of and means of preventing accidents from
falls of ground, underground haulage and in shafts, lyoy.

Garforth, William Kdward. 622.86 G18

Suggested rules for recovering coal mines after explosions anil fire.-.


Small book, about half of which is devoted to precautions against accidents and

ciiuipuicnl of rescue stations. Deals esijecially witli conditions in British mines, bin

much of the information is applicable elsewhere.

Hall, Clarence, & Snelling, W. O. r557.3 U25b no.333

Coal mine accident.-; their causes and prevention; a i^reliminary
statistical report, with introduction by J. A. Holmes. 1907. (In United
States — Geological survey. Bulletin no.333.)

International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa. 622.4 I24

Properties of gases, mine gases, niine-venlilatioii |and| fuels, lyoj.
(International library of technology, v. 27^-)

The same r622.4 I24

Lamprecht, Robert. 622.82 L19

Recovery work after pit fires; a description of the principal methods
pursued, especially in fiery mines, and of the various appliances em-
ployed, such as respiratory- and rescue-apparatus, dams, etc.; tr. from
the German by Charles Salter, jyoi.

Payne, Henry M.

Coal dust as a factor in mine explosions; a resume of theories ad-
vanced, experiments conducted and conclusions of different authorities.

From "Mines and minerals," July 1908.

Sawyer, Arthur Robert. qr622.8 S27

Accidents in mines in the Xorth Staffordshire coalfield, arising from
falls of roof and sides; their causes and the means of diminishing their
frequency. 1887.

Stuart, Donald M. D. q622.8i S93

Origin and rationale of colliery explosions. 1895.

Wattejme, Victor, and others. '■557-3 U25b no.369

The prevention of mine explosions; report and recommendation.-.
1908. (In United States — Geological survey. Bulletin no.369.)

By the inspector-general of mines. Belgium; the councillor for mines, Germany, ami
tlie inspector of explosives. England.

Railway Accidents

Adams, Charles Francis. 656.4 A21

Notes on railroad accidents. 1879.
Crum, Frederick S. r33i U25b no.84

Accidents to railroad employees in New Jersey, 1888 to 1907. 1909.
(In United States — Labor bureau. Bulletin no.84. p. 183-337.)


England — Trade board. qr656.4 E64

General report upon the accidents that have occurred on the rail-
ways of the United Kingdom during the year 1906. 1907.
England — Trade board. qr656.4 E64r

Returns of accidents and casualties as reported to the Board of
Trade by tlie several railway companies in the United Kingdom for the
year ending Dec.31, 1902-date. 1903-date.
Fagan, James O. 656.4 F13

Confessions of a railroad signalman. 1908.

Appeared in the "Atlantic monthly," v.ioi-102, Jan. -July 1908.

Essays on the question of safety on American railroads.

Hamilton, Allen AIcLane. 340-6 H19

Railway and other accidents, with relation to injury and disease of

the nervous system; a book for court use. 1905.
Technical. For lawyers and medical men.

Johnson, Frederick William. 621.338 J36

Prevention of accidents. Ed. 3. 1910.

For electric railway companies, and especially for the "instruction of conductors
and motormen, along practical lines, with respect to the prevention as well as the proper
handling, of the more common types of accidents." Preface.

Kent, Otis Beall, comp. rsSs K19

Index-digest of decisions under the federal safety appliance acts.


Prepared by direction of the United States interstate commerce commission.

Richards, Ralph Coffin. r656.4 R41

Conservation of men; address to the operating men of the Chicago

& Northwestern railway on the prevention of accidents. 1910.

Richards, Ralph Coffin. 656.4 R41

Railroad accidents; their cause and prevention. 1906.

Cites numerous cases of injury to patrons, trespassers and employees, and shows
that many of the accidents might have been avoided.

Stretton, Clement E. 656.5 S91

Safe railway working; a treatise on railway accidents, their cause

and prevention, with a description of modern appliances and systems.


United States — Interstate commerce commission. r856.4 U25

Accident bulletin, showing collisions and derailments of trains and
casualties to persons, Oct. 1902-date. no.6-date. T903-date.

Safety Devices

Association des industriels de France centre les r6i4.8 A84

accidents du travail.

Instructions, no. 2-4. 6. 1908.

no.2. Instructions sur les precautions a prendre concernant les transmissions et Ic
maniement des courroies.

no. 3. Instructions concernant les precautions a prendre dans I'emploi des meules
en gres et des meules artificielles.

no. 4. Instructions sur les moteurs industriels, leur mis en marche et leur arret.

no.6. Instructions sur les scieres mecaniques et les usines a travailler le bois.


Bavaria — Konigliclu-s l)ay(.Ti>cli<.-s ai"l)c-ilei-imisi.iuii r6i4.8 B32

ill Miincheii.

Jalircsbericht (i.-J.), 1906-07. 1907-08.

Organized as tlie Museum fiir .ArbeitcrWolilfalirtscinriclUungcn. I'I.-khI niulir
govcriiuient control in 1906, with present name. l'"or earlier reports see r6l4.8 Mq6.

Bavaria — Konigliches bayerisches'uin qr6i4.8 B32m

ill Miinclicn.
Mittciluiig, 1007-oy. ini.1-4. igo7-og.

Munich, Museum fiir Arbeiter-Wohlfahrtseinrichtungen. r6i4.8 M96
Jaliresbericht (,2.-5.), lyo 1/02- 1904/05. 1902-06.

Since 1906 under control of Bavarian government. l-'or furtlur reports see

r6i4.8 B32.

New York (city), American Museum of Safety Devices r6i4.8 N26

and Industrial Hygiene.

Catalogue of the exposition of safety devices aiul in(ki>trial liygiciu-,

With this is bound the Catalogue of the first international exposition of safety de-
vices and industrial hygiene, 1907, held under the auspices of the American Institute of
Social Service from which developed the permanent American .Museum of Safety De-
vices and Industrial Hygiene.

Van Schaack, David, cd. q6i4.8 V19

Safeguards for the prr\ ention of industrial accidents. 1910. .Mtna
Life Insurance Co.

Published in interests of .<dna liability insurance but contains very little advertising.
Discusses factory sanitation and describes and illustrates representative safety devices.
Most of the suggestions are of a general nature and applicable to a large number of
industries. Gives sample rules and regulations, instructions to emjiloyees, factory warn-
ing notices, etc.


Publications of the Library Now in Print

In the folloiving list wherever two prices are given the first is that for which the
publication is sold at the Library only. All prices are strictly net except for individual
publications ordered in lots of twenty or of one hundred. Remittances should be made
payable to the order of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Classified Catalogue of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
First Series, 1895-1902. 1907. 3 vol. 3,890 pp. $12.00.
Second Series, 1902-1906. 1908. 2 vol. 2,020 pp. $5.00.

Bound in English buckram with gilt tops. Include full author and subject indexes.
The two series are arranged on the same general plan and comprise in five volumes
a complete catalogue of all the books in the Library from 1895 to 1906 inclusive.

The same [in pamphlet form].

The parts of this edition were issued at low prices primarily for use in the city
which supports the Library. Little demand was expected from any other source. Each
part contains an author index; all except parts 1-3 of the first series have individual
title-pages, and each except part i of the first series has both a synopsis of classification
and a prefatory explanation.

First Series, 1895-1902. 10 parts. 1903-07.

Part I. General Works. 1907- 67 pp. 10 cents, postpaid.

Part 2. Philosophy and Religion. 1903. 223 pp. :o cents; postpaid, 15 cents.

Parts. Sociology and Philology. 1904. 340pp. 15 cents; postpaid, 25 cents.

Part 4. Natural Science and Useful Arts. 1904. 598 pp. 35 cents; postpaid, 50 cente.

Parts. Fine Arts. 1905. 351 pp. 15 cents; postpaid, 25 cents.

Parte. Literature. 1905. 308pp. 15 cents; postpaid, 25 cents.

Part 7. Fiction. 1906. 446 pp. 25 cents; postpaid, 40 cents.

Parts. History and Travel. 1907. 691 pp. 50 cents; postpaid, 65 cents.

Part 9. Biography. 1907. 381 pp. 20 cents; postpaid, 30 cents.

Part 10. Indexes, Title-pages, Contents, Preface and Synopsis of Classification.

1907. 842 pp. $1.00; postpaid, $1.20.

Second Series, 1902-1906. parts 2-5. 1907-08.

Part 2. Natural Science, Useful Arts and Fine Arts. 1907- 477 PP- 45 cents.
postpaid, 60 cents.

Part 3. Literature, English Fiction and Fiction in Foreign Languages. 1908. 342 pp.
40 cents; postpaid, 50 cents.

Part 4. History and Travel, Collected Biography and Individual Biography. 1908.
465 pp. 45 cents; postpaid, 60 cents.

Part 5. Indexes, Title-pages, Contents, Preface and Synopsis of Classification.

1908. 460 pp. 80 cents; postpaid, 95 cents.

Monthly Bulletin. (Not published in August and September.) 25
cents a year, postpaid. Free at the Library.
Annual Reports, ist-i4th. 1897-1910. Free.

Except the 3d and 6th, which are out of print.

Circular of Information Concerning the Training School for Chil-
drens Librarians, sth-ioth Year. 1905-1910. Free.

No circular was issued for the 8th year, 1908-1909.

Periodicals and Other Serials Currently Received by the Carnegie
Library of Pittsburgh. Fifth edition. 1908. 33 PP- 5 cents, postpaid.

Books in the Library of the American PhilateHc Society. 19 10.
20 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

Lives and Letters; a Selected and Annotated List. 1910. 36 pp. 10

cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, March 191 0.

Gift of the German Emperor [List of Books, Maps and Photographs].
1908. 17 pp.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, April 1908.


Letters of General Forbes; Reprint of 35 Letters Relating to the
Expedition against Fort Duquesne. 63 pp. 20 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Bulletin, February, March, April, May, 1909. Not issued in separate

Index to Subject Catalogue of the Technology Department. 1909.
50 pp. 10 cents, postpaid.

Index to Proceedings of the Engineers' Society of Western Pennsyl-
vania, Volumes i to 20, 1880-1904. Compiled by Harrison VV. Craver.
1906. 144 pp. $1.00, postpaid.

Catalogue of Books in the Childrens Department of the Carnegie
Library of Pittsburgh, iqoq. 604pp. 75 cents; postpaid, $1.00.

Catalogue of Books, Annotated and Arranged, and Provided by the
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for the Use of the First Eight Grades
in the Pittsburgh Schools. 1907. 331 pp. 35 cents; postpaid, 50 cents.

An enlargement and thorough revision of the lists prepared for the first eight school
grades, originally published in the "Graded and Annotated Catalogue of Books... for the
Use of the City Schools," now out of print. The other lists contained in that catalogue
are undergoing revision.

Annotated Catalogue of Books Used in the Home Libraries and
Reading Clubs. 1905. no pp. 20 cents; postpaid, 25 cents.

Gifts for Children's Book Shelves; a List for Mothers. 1908. 32 pp.

5 cents, postpaid.

' Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, November 1908.

Reference Lists

These lists have been compiled to render easily accessible the material in tins Library
on the various subjects.

Publications marked * either haze not been issued separately or are out of print as
separates. Copies of the Motithly Bulletin in which they appeared will be sent postpaid
for 5 cents each.

♦Expeditions of Colonel Bouquet to the Ohio Country, 1763 and 1764.
II pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Bulletin, December 1909.

Expedition of General Forbes against Fort Duquesne. 1908. 20 pp

5 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, June 1908.

* Washington's Visits to Pittsburgh and the Ohio Country. 15 pp.

5 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Bulletin, February 1908.

*Braddock's Expedition, npp. 5 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Biillelin, November 1906.

*The Whiskey Insurrection. 9 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Bulletin, July 1906.

Contemporary Biography. 1903. 171 pp. 20 cents; postpaid, 25

References on 350 contemporary writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, actors, clergy-
men, scientists, statesmen, sovereigns, social reformers, etc.

Famous Royal Women; a Reading List for Girls. 1908. 11 pp. 5
cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, January 1908.

Short Plays and Monologues; a List for Amateurs. 1908. 6 pp.
5 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, January 1908.

Sewage Disposal and Treatment. 1910. 96 pp. 13 cents, postpaid.
Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, November 1910.

Industrial Accidents, tqio. 12 pp. 5 cents, ptjsti^aid.

One Hundred Recent Books on Agriculture. 1910. 19 pp. 5 cents,



List of Technical Indexes and Bibliographies Appearing Serially.
1910. 17 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, June igio.

Electric Heating and Cooking. 1910. 16 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, January 1910.

Metal Corrosion and Protection. Second edition, revised and en-
larged. 1909. 64 pp. 10 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, July 1909.

Refuse and Garbage Disposal. 1909. 39 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, January 1909.

Mica. 1908. 18 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, October 1908.

Floods and Flood Protection. 1908. 48 pp. 15 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, July 1908.

Sodium Nitrate Industry of Chile. 1908. 12 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, March 1908.

Enlarged from the brief list which appeared under the same title in the Monthly
Bulletin, November 1903.

Electric Driving in Rolling-mills and Foundries. 1907. 15 pp.

5 cents, postpaid.

Reprinted from the Monthly Bulletin, November 1907.

*Smoke Prevention. 18 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Bulletin, May 1907.

*Steam Turbines. 21 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Bulletin, November 1904.

*Water Softening. 8 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Bulletin, June 1904.

*List of Selections for Reading Aloud to Boys and Girls. 29 pp

5 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Bulletin, January igo?-

Story Hour Courses for Children from Greek Myths, The Iliad and
The Odyssey. 1906. 32 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

*List of Good Games, with References to Books Telling How to
Plav Them. 12 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.

In the Monthly Bulletin, April 1906.

*List of Good Stories to Tell to Children under Twelve Years of
Age. 1905. 18 pp. 5 cents, postpaid.
In the Monthly Bulletin, December 1905.

November 22, iQio.

Tiaylord Bros.

Syracuse, N. \

PAT. JAN. ?1. 1908




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