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[Part I. will, the Editor hopes, be issued in 1890 or 1891.]




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S. L. LEE, B.A. Rev. Prof. WALTER W.SKE AT, LL.D.

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out of print, two guineas) are :

1. Early English Alliterative Poems, ab. 1360 A.n., ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. 16*. 1864

2. Arthur, ab. 1440, ed. F. J. Furnivall, M.A. 4*. ',

3. Lauder on the Dewtie of Kyngis, etc., 1556, ed. F. Hall, D.C.L. 4?.

4. Sir Gawayne and the Green Kjiight, ab. 1360, ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. 10*. „

5. Hume's Orthographie and Congruitie of the Britan Tongue, ab. 1617, ed. H. B. Wheatley. 4*. 1865

6. Lancelot of the Laik, ab. 1500, ed. Rev. W. W. Skeat. 8*.

7. Genesis and Exodus, ab. 1250, ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. 8*. >•

8. Morte Arthure, ab. 1440, ed. E. Brock. 7*. .»

9. Thynne on Speght's ed. of Chaucer, a.d. 1599, ed. Dr. G. Kingsley and Dr. F. J. Furnivall. 10#. „

10. Merlin, ab. 1440, Part I, ed. H. B. Wheatley. 2s. 6d.

11. Lyndesay's Monarche, etc., 1552, Part I, ed. J. Small, M.A. 3*. »

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14. Kyng Horn, Floris and Blancheflour, etc., ed. Rev. J. R. Lumby, B.D. „

15. Political, Religious, and Love Poems, ed. F. J. Furnivall. „

16. The Book of Quinte Essence, ab. 1460-70, ed. F. J. Furnivall.

17. Parallel Extracts from Forty-five MSS. of Piers the Plowman, ed. Rev. W. W. Skeat. Is. llnprmt.-} „

18. Hali Meidenhad, ab. 1200, ed. Rev. O. Cockayne. ..

19. Lvndesay's Monarche, etc., Part II, ed. J. Small, M.A. 3*. Qd. [/n print.} „

20. Ham pole's English Prose Treatises, ed. Rev. G. G. Perry. 1*. lln print.'] „

21. Merlin, Part II, ed. H. B. Wheatley. 4*. [In print.]

22. Partenay or Lusignen, ed. Rev. W.W. Skeat. ..

23. Dan Michel's Ayenbite of Inwyt, 1340, ed. Rev. Dr. R. Morris. 10*. Gd. lln print.] „

24. Hymns to the Virgin and Christ ; the Parliament of Devils, etc., ab. 1430, ed. F. J.Fumivall. 3*. 1867

25. The Stacions of Rome, the Pilgrims' Sea-voyage, with Clene Maydenhod, ed. F. J. Furnivall. 1*. „

26. Religious Pieces in Prose and Verse, from R. Thornton's MS. (ab. 1440), ed. Rev. G.G. Perry. 2s. „

27. Levins's Manipulus Vocabulorum, a ryming Dictionary, 1570, ed. H. B. Wheatley. 12*. „

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31. Myrc's Duties of a Parish Priest, in Verse, ab. 1420 a.d., ed. E. Peacock. 4>s. 1868

32. Early English Meals and Manners : the Boke of Norture of John Russell, the Bokes of Keruynge,

Curtasye, and Demeanor, the Babees Book, Urbanitatis, etc., ed. F. J. Furnivall. 12*.

33. The Knight de la Tour Landry, ab. 1440 a.d. A Book for Daughters, ed. T. Wright, M.A. 8*. „
84. Early English Homilies (before 1300 a.d.). Part II, ed. R. Morris, LL.D. 8*. „
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SB. Merlin, Part III. Ed. H. B. Wheatley. On Arthurian Localities, by J. S. Stuart Glennie. 12*. 1869

37. Sir David Lyndesay's Works, Part IV, AneSatyre of the Three Estaits. Ed. F. Hall, D.C.L. 4*. „

38. William'sVisionof Piers the Plowman, Part II. TextB. Ed. Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 10*. 6rf. „

39. Alliterative Rfjmanceofthe Destruction of Troy. Ed. D.Donaldson and G. A. Panton. Partl. 10.*.6(f. „

40. Englisli Gilds, their Statutes and Customs, 1389 A.D. Kd. Toulmin Smith and LucyT. Smith, with

an Essay on Gilds and Trades-Unions, by Dr. L. Brentano. 21*. 1870

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43. Ratis Rjiving, and other Moral and Religious Pieces. L'd. J. R. Liunby, M.A. 3*. ,.

44. The Alliterative llonuuice of Joseph of Arimathie, or The Holy Grail ; from the Vernon MS. ; with

W. de Worde's and Pynson's Lives of .Toseph ; ed. Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 5*. , 1871

45. King Alfred's Wost-Saxori Version of Gregory's Pastoral Care, edited from two MSS., with an

English translution, by Henry Sweet, E.sq., B.A., Balliol College, Oxford. Part I. lO.v. „

46. liCgends of the Holy R. t syn
wr. over the line and prob. add. t rede rihtwisra add. on er. 6. Er. bef.
cneow. cneoto in d. ink prob. add.

eadwine's cantekbuky psaltek. [ps. 2.


Forhwan grymmetedon f>eode 7 folc smeagdon idelnesse

1. Quare fremuerunt gentes et populi meditati sunt inania

Et stoden eort^an cyninges 7 ealdermen becomen tosomne

2. Astiterunt reges terrae et principes convenerunt in unum

ongean dryhten 7 ongean criste his we tosliten

adversus dominum et adversus christum eius 3, Dirumpamus

heora bendas 7 aweorpan we heora geoc from us Se f)e

vincula eorum et 2^^^^^^''^'*^^ ^ nobis iugum ipsorum 4. Qui
eardetS on heofenum ispeS t hyscf) hio 7 drihten hyspeS t holecS
habitat in caelis irridebit eos et dominus subsannabit

hie f)onne spree's he to hem on his irre 7 on his wylme 1

eos 5. Tunc loquitur ad eos in ira sua et in furore suo

hatheortnysse he gedrefS heo Ic so]?lice heom geseted

conturbabit eos 6. Ugo autem constitutus sum

cining from him ofor syon his haligne dune 7 lerende
rex ab eo super syon montem sanctum eius ^;reui bletsung

et super populum tuum benedictio tua


Jeanne ic gecigede 'Se ]?u geherdest me god rihtwisnesse mi[n]re
2. Cum invocarem te exaudisti me deus iustitiae meae

-wt/r^en, 9 wr, over the line. 3. 3, seggetS, first g prob. from some

other let. hire on cov. by d. ink. gode hire in p. ink. 5. MS. = cZeowetfe.
6. slep, fin. let, (e?) er. 7. Er. aft. ac. arts, fin. let. er. Twolett. er. aft.
halne. 8. Word (mines?) er. aft. ealle. abrutedest on er. 9. Two lett.
er. after is. 4. 2. /e er. aft. ic. -de Se add. ?

B 3

4 eadwine's canterbuky psaltek. [ps. 5.

on geswince )?u tobreddest me Miltse me drihtsen 7 gehire
in trihulatione dilatasti me Miserere michi domine et exaudi

mine gebed Monna bearna hu lange swsere I heuie

orationem meam 3. Filii hominum usque quo graves

of heorten to hwon lufiatS ge idelnesse 7 secatS leasungae
corde ut quid diligitis vanitatem et queritis mendacium

"WitoS JjetSte drihten gemiclsedse his hseligne drihtsen
4. Scitote quoniam magnificavit dominus sanctum suum dominus

gehirde me Jeanne ic clypede to him yrsyatJ 7 nellen

exaudivit me dum clamarem ad eum 5. Irascimini et nolite

ge sengien fa J?e gecwecSseJ? on ewrsen heortum 7 on ewrum
feccare quae dicitis in cordihus vestris et in cubilibus

bedcliofum wessej? onbryrdatS t reowsia'S Onseagse'S

vestris compungimini 6. Sacrificate

J?a onsegdnesse ai geoffrie'S offrunge of rihtwisnesse 7 gewensej? on
sacri/icium iustitiae et S2)erate in

drihten Monige cwecSse)? hwilc seteewetS us gode getacnod

domino Multi dicunt quis ostendit nobis bona 7. signatum

is ofer us drihten J?et lioht })innes onwlitan J>u sealdest
est super nos lumen vultus tui domine Bedisti

blisse on herte minre of tide hwsetes wines 7 eles

laetitiam, in corde meo 8. a temjyore frumenti vini et olei

his hy send gemanifeeld on sibbe on -p selfe

sui multiplicati sunt 9. In pace in id ipsum

ic slaepe 7 reste forf)on J?u drihcten synderlice

obdormiam et requiescam 10. quoniam tu domine singulariter

on hyhte ])u gesettest me
in spe constituisti me


Mine word drihten earum senfoh ongiet mine cli-
2. Verba mea auribus percipe domine intellige clamorem

punge mine begym stefne gebedes mines kyning

meum 3. intende voci orationis meae rex

3. From hu to -nesse on er. Er. bef. 7. Two lett. (ge ?) er. bef. secaS.
4. /eSle on er. se er bef. drihten ? his, s cov. by d. ink ; er. at end. hceligne
cov. by d. ink ; i wr. over the line ; let. er. betw. g and n. cly- on er. him
oner. 5. Er. bef. yr*yaJj. weZZewgfe cov. by d. ink. onbrt/rdad t reowsiatJ hy
Cor. 6. From -f^wes^e to WA/toi*- on er. in p. ink. 'Er.hef. cweScB/>. (ttawedus
gode on. er. 7. ofer, false let. er. sSt.f. 10. drihcten, c wr. over the line.
6. 2. Mine, e wr. over the line. Er. bef ongiet ; aft. it * t something ' er.
mine (last) on er. 3. begym stefne on er,

PS. 5.] eadwine's cantekbury psalter. 6

min 7 min god For^sen drihten ic to pe gebidde

meus et deus meus 4. Quoniam, ad te oraho domine

on morgen 7 J^u geherst stefiie mine On mergen

mane et exaudies vocem meam 5. Mane

ic }3e etstande 7 ic gesyo for'Ssen f>u eart god na vvillende
astaho tihi et videbo quoniam non deus volens iniqui-

unrihtwisnesse Ne eardsef) neah pe awirged ne

tatem tu es 6. N^on hahitahit iuxta te malignus neque

f>urj»wuni8ef> unso'Sfestsen beforan J^ine eagum J?u

permanebunt iniusti ante ocidos tuos 7.

hatest 1 feocSest drihten ealle J^a })e wurce]:) unrihtwisnesse
Odisti domine omnes qui operantur iniquitatem

|?u forspillest f>a f)e sprecaS leasunge were blode
perdes eos qui loquuntur mendacium Virum, sanguinum

7 fakenfulne amanse'S t ouscuniat^ drihten Ic so'Slice on

et doloswm abhominahitur dominus 8. Ego autem in

manege J^inre mildheortnesse ic ingonge drihten on J^in
multitudine misericordiae tuae introiho domine in domum

hus ic gebidde to J^inum halgan temple on J?inum ege
tuam adoraho ad templum^ sanctum tuum in timore tuo

geled me drihten on j?ine rihtwisnesse fore minum fiondum
9. Deduc me domine in tua iustitia proiMr inimicos meos

gerece on f)inre gesih^ae mine weg For'Saen nis on

dirige in cons^yectu tuo viam meam 10. Quoniam non est in

hirse mu'Se sodfestnesse 7 heortse here ydel is berien

ore eorum Veritas cor eorum vanum est 11. Sepulchrum,

openende is heore hrache hiorse tungsen facenfulHche deoden
patens est guttur eorum Unguis suis dolose agehant

deme hi god Frsem hierae gej^ohtum hie afeallsed efter
iudica illos deus Decidant a cogitatihus suis secundum

felefaldnesse arleasnesse heora adref hy forSaen hy gremeden
multitudinem imjnetatum eorum expelle eos quoniam exacerhaverunt

f>e drihten 7 geblissigen aelle J»a J^e hyhteS on )?e on

te domine 12. Et laetentur omnes qui sperant in te in

4. Er. bef. drihten. on morgen on er. 5. etstande, a from some other
let. Er. aft. god. na, a from o. 6. Er. aft. J>e. -ed on er. Er, aft.
parpwuniczp. 7. hatest t feo^est on er. t onscuniad add. by Cor. drihten,
-ten in pi. of er. 8. in- on er.? Er. bef. gebidde; also fin. let. er.
9. -wisnesseon er. ; n from r? 10. heortce, fin. let. (n ?) er. 11. herien

openende in d. ink. on er. 7 er. aft. is. hi one (or two ?) fin. lett. er. From
^ter to hy (ist) in pi. of er. 12. geblissigen on er.


[ps. 6.

ecnesse hyo fagnise'S 7 f>u on him eserdsest 7 hie wuldrieS on

aeternum exultabunt et inhabitahis in eis et gloriahuntur in

t5e ealle j^se J^e lufised ]?ine nomsen For'Ssen Jjii

te omnes qui diligunt nomen tuum 13. Quoniam tu

drihten bletsiest J>ane rihtwisne drihten swa of scylde godes

domine henedices iustum domine ut scuto bone

willen J?ines f)u us gehelmedest
voluntatis tuae coronasti nos


i sinden eallse mine been
sunt omnia ossa mea

7 pu drihten hu lange
Ut tu domine usque quo

ssewle halne me do fore


drihten on [milium yrre ne Jjrsegse f>u me ne on f)inum
2. Domine ne in ira tua arguas me neque in furore

wylme ne gegrip f)u me Miltsa me drihten for'Ssen

tuo corrijpias me 3. Miserere michi domine quoniam

ic eom seac t antrum gehele me drihten for"S3en "pe gedrefede beotS
infirmus sum sana me domine quoniam conturhata

7 min ssewle is swi'Se gedrefed
4. et anima mea turhata est valde

beo gecyrred 7 genere mine
6. converter e et erijpe animam

f>inre mildheortnesse ForSaen ]^e

meam salvum me fac projpter misericordiam tuam 6. Quoniam

is on deaj^e hwylc J^e J?ines geraundige syo on belle
est in morte qui m^emor sit tui in inferno

BO'S! ice hwylc ondetec5 fe Ic swanc on minre geomrunge

autem quis confitehitur tihi 7. Labor avi in gemitu meo

ic wessce J^urh sindrae niehtse min bed mid tearum strelum
lavabo per singulas noctes lectum meum lacrimis stratum

minum ic wete gedrefed is min eaegse for f>inum yrrum

meum rigabo 8. Turbatus est prae ira oculus mens

7 ic eselddige betweoh eallum minum fiondum gewitset^

inveteravi inter omnes inimicos meos 9. Discedite

from me eaelle f)8e Ipe unriht vvircha'S forjjsen J?e drihten
a me omnes qui opera/mini iniquitatem quoniam, exaudivit

fagniced on. er. wuldrieS on er. ealle on er. 13. hletsast, fin. let. prob.
er. pane rihtwisne on er. From swa to willen in pi. of er. Er aft. pine».
Er. betw, ge- and -helm-. 6.,g from some other let. 3. t unfrum
add.? beodt&ddA sinden, d from t. 4. min, a fin. let. er. -fed, a fin.
let. er.? hu lange, prob. by Cor. part, on er. 5. heo gecyrred, prob. by
Cor. part, on er. halne me do, prob. by Cor. on er. 6. gemundige syo in
p. ink, 7. -anc on er. strelum minum in p. ink. 8. min, fin. c er. eaga,
fin. n er.


geherde staefne weopes mines gehyrde drihten

dominus voceiri Jletus mei 10. exaudivit dominus

bene mine / drihten bene mine underfeng

deprecationem meam dominus orationem meam assumpsit

gesceemie 7 sien gedrefede eselle mine fiend syon gecerred
11. Eruhescant et conturhentur omnes inimici mei avertantur

on hinder 7 scamie swi^e hredlice
retrorsum et eruhescant valde velociter


Min drihten god on pe ic gehopede gefriolsa I alys me 7

2. Domine deus tneus in te speravi libera me

genere me from eselluill ehtendum me - 7 genere me

ab omnibus ^;er5eg'i6e7i^i6ws me et eripe me

pjles hwonne gegripseS swiee se leo mine saule )?anne

3. Ne quando rapiat ut leo animam meam dum

nis se Ipe alise ne pe hselne gedo Min drihten god

non est qui redimat neque qui salvum faciat 4. Domine deus meuS

gif ic pis dyde 7 gif is unryhtwisnesse on handen mine
si feci istud si est iniquitas in manibus meis

Gif ic ageald geldendum me yfela ic ahreose be gewyrhtum

5. Si reddidi retribuentibus michi mala decidam merito

fram fiondum minum on idel Fulfylgaet fynd

ab inimicis meis inanis 6. Persequatur inimicus

minre saule 7 gegripae hie 7 fortredesef) min lif
animain meam et comprehendat earn et conculcet in terra

on eor'Ssen 7 min wuldor on diiste gelede he Aris

vitam meam et gloriam meam in pulverem deducat 7. Exurge

drihten on erra Jpinum 7 upaheue on ende fyonde J^inre
domine in ira tua et eXaltare in Jinibus inimicorum tuorum

Aris drihten god min on bebode J^et p\x bebude
Exurge domine deus meus in p'ecepto quod mandasti

7 gesomnunge t motstowe ]:)inra folcse ymbselle'S pe 7 for
8. et synagoga pojmlorum circundabit te Et propter

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