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' l\


ecclesiastical review

Catholic University of America


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librars of tte Btbtntts ^djool

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Received ^0 'Vuvo. * ^ ^^ju..190L

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"C/t Ecdesia aedifieaHonem aeeipiat."

I Cor. 14: 5.





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Q. -


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The First Popular Almanac — The Shepherd's Cal-
endar. (Illustrated.^ The Printing Press in the
Service of the Churcn. — II.

The Rev. Herbert Thurston, S.J., London, England i

Libraries and "Magna Pueris Reverentia."

W. F. P. Stockley, Esq., University of New Brunswick, Frederic-
ton, N. B., Canada 28

"Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus"

The Rev. Hugh Pope, O.P., Hawkesyard Priory, England .... 49
Father Luis De Barbastro. The Florida Mart)rr of the
Sixteenth Century.

The Rev. L. A. Dutto, Mississippi City, Miss 59

Ecclesiastical Chronology.

December 15, 1 901, to June 15, 1902 71

Analecta :

EpiSTOLA Encyclica Leonis pp. XII I De Sanctissima Eucha-


Conferences :

Our Analecta — Roman Documents for the Month . 94

Tra^ for the Clergy 94

Their Prayers— A Guaranteed Article —Only Ten Dollars .... 98

Outside the Church No Salvation 100

Methods of Truth Work loi

The Furnishing of Westminster Cathedral 103

American Research in Palestine 104

A Poet on Dr. Heniy's Presentation of the Papal Muse 105

The Ecclesiastical Library Table 105

Criticisms and Notes.

Genicot : Casus Conscientiae 106

Lehmkuhl: Casus Conscientiae 106

Hettinger : Timothy 108

Van den Berghe: Ordo Missae 109

Palladino: Mary our Mother 109

Henry: Poemsof Pope LeoXIII no

Mann: Lives of the Popes of the Early Middle Ages in

Einstein: The Italian Renaissance in England 113

Literary Chat "5

Recent Popular Books "i

Books Received "6

Digitized by


iv Contents.



The Sacrificial Idea in the Mass.

The Very Rev. Alexander MacDonald, D.D., V.G., St. Francis

Xavier^s College, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada . . 129

Miracle Plays.

The Rev. W. R. Carson, Shefford, England ... 141

Father Luis De Barbastro. The Florida Martyr of the
Sixteenth Century.

The Rev. L. A. Dutto, Mississippi City, Miss 160

Rabbinical Studies. — III.

The Rev. W. H. Kent, O.S.C, London, England - . . . 173

Analecta :

E Sacra Poenitentiaria :

Relieiosae, in communitate viventes, confiteri possunt
cuilibet confessario pro utroque sexu adprobato, quando

extra monasterium versantur 185

E S. Congregatione Rituum :

I. Praecepto satisfaciunt qui missam audiunt in capella fixa

in navibiis ... 186

II. Electrica lUuminatio super Altari prohibita . ...... 187

E Sacra Congregatione de Propaganda Fide:

I. De Missae celebratione in Navibus 187

II. Extractio Foetus Imroaturi 188

III. Dubium quoad Translationem Festi Sancti Titularis ... 189
E S. Congregatione Indulgentiarum :

Conceduntur Indulg. piam infrascriptam jaculatoriam
recitantibus 190

Conferences :

Our Analecta— Roman Documents for the Month 192

The Provincial of the Dominicans and the Advertisement of the
Purgatorian Society. [JThe Very Rev, L, F, Kearney,

O.P.) 193

Titular Feasts of our Churches 194

" Catholic " Dances : Their Toleration and their Vaunted Publi-
cation (C.P.B,) ... 19S

The Immaculate Conception in Christian Art 197

Mass Stipends by Testamentary Bequest 201

Electric Lights in Churches 203

The Friars Question 205


The Incandescent Gas Mantle (By the Rev, H,J, De Laak, S./.) . . 206
Items of Current Science 212

Criticisms and Notes.

Bellord : A New Catechism of Christian Doctrine and Practice . 222

Kinosita: Past and Present of Japanese Commerce 225

Duggan: The Eastern Question 225

Spalding : Religion, Agnosticism, and Education 228

Steele: The Convents of Great Britain 229

Boyle : Preaching. Catechising, and Clerical Life 230

Henry: Poems, Charades, and Inscriptions of Pope Leo XIII . . 231

Literary Chat 233

Recent Popular Books 236

Books Received 239

Digitized by


Contents. v



" Catholic " and *• Roman Catholic " 241

The Rev. H. G. Hughes, B.D., Shefford, England.

The Question of a Vocation to a Religious State . • 255
The Very Rev. William Stang, D.D., Providence, R. L

Catholic Journalism and the Friar Question 266

The Rev. H.J. Heuser, Overbrook Seminary, Philadelphia, Pa.

Priestly Ministration in Cases of Febrile Disease

AND Delirium 274

The Rev. Alfred Manning Mulligan, Birmingham, England.

What are we to think of Modern Spiritualism.^ . . 284
The Rev. Hugh Pope, O.P., Hawkesyard Priory, England.

Analecta :

£ Sacra Congregatione rituum :

I. Dubia circa Missam de Requie 301

II. Decretum diei 9 Maii 1897 de novendiali supplicatione

in honorem Spintus Sancti pro singulis annis .... 304
E Sacra Congregatione Indulgentiarum:

I. Conceduntur Indulg. recitantibus novam Coronam

Spiritus Sancti 306

II. Indulg. 50 dierum conceditur toties quoties recitantibus
vers. : *' Requiem aeteman dona eis, Domine, et lux
perpetua luceat eis '* 310

Conferences :

Our Analecta — Roman Documents for the Month 312

A Complaint from Australia about Cathedraticum 313

Illegality of the Associations Law in France 317

V/SLnied Honest BuHdersiB^ one wA4fAasdeendi//eH) 318

The Question of the Friars m the Philippines 319

A Testamentary Promise 320

The Pontifical Jubilee of Pope Leo XIII 322

The French Government and the Religious Orders 323

Criticisms and Notes.

Tanquerey : Synopsis Theologiae Moralis et Pastoralis .... 329

Eaton : A Book of Oratorios 330

Member of Soc. for Psychical Research : The Dangers of

Spiritualism . 333

Jackson : From the Hearth to the Cloister in the Reign of Charles 1 1 335
Simpkinson : A Relation of the Conference between William Laud

and Mr. Fisher 337

Fairbairn : The Philosophy of the Christian Religion 339

Carmichael: Life of John Walter Walshe 341

Literary Chat 343

Recent Popular Books 346

Books Received 349

Digitized by


vi Contents.




The Rev. T. B. Scannell, D.D., Folkestone, England 351

Bridging the Grave.

The Very Rev. Alexander MacDonald, D.D., St Francis Xavier*s

College, Antigonisb, Canada 367

The Priest as a Guardian of Public Morality.

Amicus Cleri 376

The Rationale of Saint-Worship.

The Rev. W. R. Carson, ShefiEord, England 386

Theology, Science, and Imagination.

The Rev. Francis T. Lloyd, D.D., Oscott College, Birmingham,

England 397

Analecta :

E S. Congregatione Rituum:

Confirmatio Cultus Sanctorum quorumdam Hibemiae . 411
E S. Congregatione S. Poenitentiariae :

De mentione aetatis superadultae pro obtinenda dispen-

satione matrimoniali 413

E S. Congregations Indulgentiarum:

I. Applicatio Indulp^entiarum Ordini Praedicatorum conces-

sarum ad animas defunctorum 413

II. Extensio Indulgentiarum Ordini Praedicatorum concessa-

rum ad Tertiarias in communitate viventes 414

III. Sanatio pro invalida erectione stationum Viae Crucis a

18^ ad 190^ 415

IV. Peractio Exercitii Viae Crucis in sacellis sororum religio-

sarum 416

Conferences :

Our Analecta 417

The Symbolism of Westminster Abbey 418

St. Maurice in Christian Icono^;raphy A19

Celebration of Titular Offices in our Churches 421

The Invocation : '' Desire of the Eternal Hills ** 423

Obli^tion of Blessing the Cement of Portable Altars 434

Restitution on the Part of a Confessor 425

Publishing the Banns 425

The Imp^ment " Mixtae Religionis " 425

The " Recent Popular Books'' Department for The Dolphin . . 426

Ecclesiastical Library Table.

Sacred Scripture 427

Theology 435

Criticisms and Notes.

Giganotto: De Consummatione Sanctorum 438

Sabetti-Barrett : Compendium Theolog^ae Moralis 439

Oxford Tutors : Contentio Veriutis 440

Orby Shipley: Carmina Mariana 443

McDevitt : The School Question 445

Hutton : The Soul in the Unseen World 447

Carmichael : The Lady Poverty 449

St. Cyres: Francois de F^elon 4S1

Brentano-Hague: Oridnof the Knowledge of Right and Wrong 455

Murphy: Priest's New Ritual 456

Croft : Account of Lisbon College 456

Literary Chat 458

Books Received 460

Digitized by


Contents. vii



Bridging the Grave. (Second Part.)

The Very Rev. Alexander MacDonald, D.D., St. Francis Xavier's

College, Antigonish, N. S.» Canada 463

Requiem Masses. Complete Legislation regarding Masses
for the Dead.

S. L. E 476

The Contemplative Life. Vocation and Apostolate.

The Rev. Joseph McSorley, C.S.P., St. Thomas College, Washing-
ton, D. C 501

Hieroglyphic Records and the Bible.

The Rev. W. H. Kent, O.S.C., Bayswater, London, England ... 517

Analecta :

Ex ACTis Leonis XIII:

I. Indulgentiae adnexae precibus in honorero S.S. Cordis

Eucharistici 531

II. Indulgentiae in honorem N. D. Lourdensis 533

£ S. Congregatione Propagandas Fidei:

Circa liceitatem Extractionis Chirurgicae Foetus iroma-

turi 536

E S. Congregatione Rituum :

De usu Pontificalium pro Abbat. Anglo-Benedictinis . . 537
E S. Congregatione Officii:

Documentum authent. ex A. D. 1680 de Probabilismo . . 538

Conferences :

Our Analecta 540

Indulgenced Prayer to S. Eucharistic Heart 541

The Manner of Saying the Angelus . . 542

Meditation in Reciting the Rosary 545

"Rosarium" and "Corona" . . $46

Celebrating Titular Feasts of Parish Churches 547

"Catholic^ and " Roman Catholic " 548

Absolution from Censures reserved to the Pope 550

Epitaphs of Priests 551

Hygiene of Churches ... 554

Anniversary Masses for the Poor 556

Ecclesiastical Library Table :

Sacred Scripture 557

Theology 565

Philosophy 567

Criticisms and Notes:

Paulsen-Creighton-Lefevre : Immanuel Kant 575

Sidgwick: Philosophy — Scope and Relations 577

Mackenzie : Outlines of Metaphysics 577

Bodkin : How to Reason . . 580

Mercier-Wirth : Relation of Experimental Psychology to Phi-
losophy 581

Baxter : Sermons from the Latins 582

Pustet: Breviarium Romanum 583

Perreyve-Bruneau : Day of an Invalid 584

Faber-Fitzpatrick : The Holy Souls 584

Burke : Literature and Art Books 585

Literary Chat 585

Books Received 588

Digitized by


viii Contents.



God in Us 591

Carentia O variorum est Impedimentum Dirimens Ma-

The Rev. N.Casacca,O.S.A.,Villanova College, Pa 609

Priestly Ministration in Various Diseases Accom-
panied BY Coma.

The Rev. Alfred Manning Mulligan, Birmingham, England ... 618

From Father Sheehan's Literary Workshop. —"Under

THE Cedars and the Stars." 629

The First Bishop of Jerusalem as a Modern Doctor . 637

Analecta :

E Sacra Congregatione Indulgentiarum :

De Translatione Festorum relate ad Indulgentias . . . 650
E Sacra Congregatione Indicis :

Decretum die i9Augusti 1902 651

E Sacra Poenitentiaria :

Dubia circa Confessarios Regularium 652

Conferences :

Our Analecta — Roman Documents for the Month 654

The Power of the Vicars-General . . 654

Is the " Carentia Ovariorum " a Diriment Impediment ? 656

A Dedication. The Dolphin. {Miss Eleanor C, Donnelly) . . . 656

" Gaudete " Sunday 658

Color of the Vestments for " Gaudete *' Sunday and Holy Innocents 659
From my Sacred-Art Portfolio— St. Andrew; St. Francis Xavier;

St Lucy 661

The Pontifical Letter on the Study of the Sacred Scriptures . ... 668

Ecclesiastical Library Table.

Sacred Scripture 669

Criticisms and Notes.

iAMES : The Varieties of Religious Experience 678

Iergenroethbr-Kirch: Allgemeine Kirchengeschichte ... 681

Broglie-Piat : Religion et Critique 683

Singer : Summa Decretorum des Magister Rufinus 684

Holland : Twenty-five Plain Catholic Sermons 685

Hutton : Studies m the Lives of the Saints 686

Mercier : Ontologie ou Metaphysique G^n^rale 688

Hay- Newton : Readings on tne Evolution of Religion 690

Gihr: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass 692

La CLAVifeRE-ELY : Saint Cajetan 693

Finn-Thiele: The Wager of Gerald O'Rourke 695

Elliott : The Life of Jesus Christ 695

MacCarthy : Life of Blessed Emily Bicchieri 696

Literary Chat 697

Books Received 700

Digitized by



Rofnan Documents and the Decrees of the various S. Congregations
"dHll be found separately indexed under the heading ^^Anaiectay


Absolution from Censure reserved to the Pope 550

Advertisements of the Purgatorian Society 9^) 193

Altars. Blessing of Cement of Portable — 424

Amicus Cleri 376

Analecta. Digest of the month^s— .94,185,312,417,540,654

Angelns. Manner of saying the — 542

Anniversary Masses of the Poor 556

Anniversary Mass of the Dead 493

Apparitions in Modem Spiritualism 287

Associations Law in France. Illegality of the — 317

Australia about Cathedraticum. A Complaint from — 313

Banns of Marriage. Publishing the— 425

Bible Criticism. Growth of Modern — 518

Bible Dictionary of Dr. Hastings . 427

Bible. Hieroglyphic Records and the— 517

Biblical Study in Palestine. American School for— 104

Blessed Sacrament Exposed. Mass for Dead before— 499

Bridging the Grave 367, 463

Builders. Wanted: Honest— 318

Calendar of Shepherds : First Popular Almanac . . i

Carentia Ovariorum est Impedimentum Dirimens Matrimonium . . . 603

Carson. The Rev. W. R.— 141,386

Casacca, O.S.A. The Rev. N.— 603

Cathedraticum. A Complaint from Australia about — 313

" Catholic " and " Roman Catholic " 241,548

Catholic Journalism and the Friar Question 205, 266

Cement of Portable Altars. Blessing of— 424

Censures Reserved to the Pope. Absolution from— 550

Chaldee Book of Tobias 178

Christ in Us, and in the World ' 591

Chronology. Ecclesiastical— 71

Church Festivals. Priest as Regulator of 383

Coma Patients. Priestly Ministration in cases of— 618

Company Promoters and the Clergy 94

Confessors and Vocation to the Religious State 255

Confessor. Restitution on the part of a — 425

Contemplative Life. The— 501

Coptic as an Aid in the Study of Assyriology 521

" Corona " and " Rosarium " 546


Digitized by


704 Index.


Cuba. Improved Sanitary Conditions in — 217

Dances. Toleration and Publication of— 195

Dedicated to The Dolphin. A Poem— 656

" Desire of the Eternal Hills," in Litany of S. Heart 423

Diseases accompanied by Coma. Last Rites in — 618

Donnelly. Miss Eleanor C. — 656

Dutto. The Rev. L. A.— 59, 160

Egyptology. Rosetta Stone and— 520

Electric Lights in Churches 203

Encyclopaedia of Bible Study 427

Epitaphs of Priests. Curious and Edifying— 551

Evolution. The true Founder of— 213

Eucharistic Heart. Prayer to the — 54 1

Fairs, Dances, Picnics, etc. Parish — 383

Fevers and Delirium. Priests in cases of — 274

First Bishop of Jerusalem as a Modem Doctor 637

Fitzgerald. The Rev. William J.— 550

Florida. Fr. Luis de Barbastro. First Martyr of— S9t 160

France. Illegality of the Associations Law in— 317

Friars in the Philippines. The Question of the— 205, 266

From my Sacred-Art Portfolio 600

Gas Mantle. The Incandescent — 206

" Gaudete " Sunday. Color of Vestments on — 658

" Gaudete " Sunday. The Liturgy of— 658

Geography of the Bible 430

God in Us, and in the World 591

Grave. Bridging the — 367, 463

Gulf Stream Myth. The— 218

Hieroglyphic Records of the Bible 517

Holy Innocents. Color of Vestments on the Feast of the — .... 659

Hughes, B.D. The Rev. H. G.— 241

Hygiene of Churches 554

Iconography. St. Maurice in Christian — 419

Imagination. Theology, Science, and— 397

Immaculate Conception in Christian Art 197

Immateriality of Soul. New Argument for the — 367, 463, 566

Impediment " Mixtae Religionis.'* The — 425

Incandescent Gas Mantle. The— 206

Jemsh Vernacular Literature 177

Judaism and the Monuments 183

Kabbala or Mystical Tradition 174

Kearney, O.P. The Rev. L. F.— 194

Kent,O.S.C. The Rev. W. H.— i73i5«7

Laak, S.J. The Rev. H. J.— 206

Lamarck, the True Founder of Evolution 213

Last Sacraments for Coma Patients 618

Last Sacraments for Fever Patients 281

Digitized by


Index. 705


Leo XIII. Pontifical Jubilee of Pope— 322

Levitation in Modern Spiritualism ... 292

Libraries and " Magna Pueris Reverentia " 28

Literary Workshop of Father Sheehan. The— 629

Lloyd, D.D. The Rev, Francis T.— 397

Luis de Barbastro, First Martyr of Florida 59* 160

MacDonald, D.D. The Very Rev. Alexander— 129,367,463

Marriage Impediment " Mixtae Religionis ''.... 425

Marriage. Publishing the Banns of— 425

Mass. Sacrificial Idea in the— 129

Mass Stipends by Testamentary Bequest 201

Masses, by S. L. E. Requiem — 475

Masses for the Poor. Anniversary — 556

Matrimonium. CarentiaOvariorum est Impedimentum Dirimens— . . 603

MacSorley, C.S.P. The Rev. Joseph— 501

Meditation in Reciting the Rosary 545

Midrash. Rabba in the Talmud 173

Mind and Body and Immortality 367,463

Miracle Plays 141

Modem Doctor. St James as a— 637

Monday Privilege and Requiem Mass 498

Monuments. New Light from Ancient— 519

Mulligan. The Rev. Alfred Manning — 274,618

Murillo*s Pictures of the Immaculate Conception 197

" Outside the Church there is no Salvation ** 49, 100

O variorum Carentia est Impedimentum Dirimens Matrimonium . . . 603

Philippines. The Friars in the — ... 205

Plays of the Middle Ages. The— 141

Pontifical Jubilee of Pope Leo XIII 322

Poor. Anniversary Masses for the— 556

Pope, O.P. The Rev. Hugh— 49, 284

Prayer to the Sacred Eucharistic Heart 541

Predictions in Modem Spiritualism 297

Priestly Ministration in Cases of Coma Patients 618

Priest as the Guardian of Public Morality 376

Priests. Epitaphs of— 551

Printing Press in the Service of the Church i

Progress in Biblical Sciences 557

Promise made to the Priest and Last Will 320

Pseudo-Prophecy in Modem Spiritualism 298

Psychical Research. The Society for— 285

Public Morality. Priest as Guardian of— 376

Pulse and Temperature in Fevers 274

Purgatorian Society. Advertisements of the — 98* >93

Rabbinical Studies 173, 517

Rationale of Saint- Worship 386

" Recent Popular Books " Department 426

Digitized by


7o6 Index.

Religious Orders in France 323

Requiem Masses, by S. L. E. 475

Restitution on the Part of a Confessor 425

" Rosarium " and " Corona " 546

Rosary. Meditation in Reciting the— 545

Rose tta Stone and Eg^yptology 521

Rosmini. Historical Sketch of— 351

Sacred-Art Portfolio. From My— 661

Sacrificial Idea in the Mass 129

Saint- Worship. The Rationale of— 386

St. Andrew. Pictures of — 661

St. Cyprian and the Church 49

St. Francis Xavicr. Pictures of— 663

St. James as a Modem Teacher 637

St. Lucy. Pictures of— 664

St. Maurice in Christian Iconography 419

Scannell, D.D. TheRev.T. B.— 351

Science and Imagination. Theology — 397

Sheehan. From the Literary Workshop of Father— . 629

Shepherds. First Popular Almanac or the Calendar of the— .... i

S. L. E. on Requiem Masses 475

Spiritualism? What are We to Think of Modem— 284

Stang, D.D. The Rev. Wm.— 255

Stipends for Mass by Legacy 201

Stockley. Professor W. F. P.— 24

Substantiality of the Human Soul 570

Symbolism of Westminster Cathedral 41 S

Talmud. Church and the— . . 180

Telepathy in Modem Spiritualism • • • . . 288

Temperatiu*e and Pulse in Fevers 274

Testamentary Promise. A — 320

Thurston, S.J. The Rev. Herbert— i

The Dolphin. A Poem Dedicated to— 656

Theology, Science and Imagination 397

Titular Feasts of Our Churches 194,421,547

Tobias. Chaldee Book of— 178

Transformism. Biological Data of — 571

Traps for the Clergy 94

Tmth Work. Methods of— loi

Typhoid Fever. Priest Visiting Patients of— 277

Tyrrell, S.J. The Rev. George- 591

Vatican Council and the Word " Catholic." 241

Vestments on " Gaudete " Sunday and Holy Innocents. Color of— . 659

Vicar-General. The Power of the— 655

Vocation to the Contemplative Life 501

Vocation to the Religious State 255

Walsh, M.D., LL.D. James J.— 55^

Digitized by


Index. 707


Westminster Cathedral. Furnishing of the— 103

Westminster Cathedral. Symbolism of— 418

Wills. Stipends for Mass in— 201

Words Used in Conversation. Number of — 220

World. God in the — 591

Yale University. Science Studies at — 212


Ex AcTis Leonis et E Secretaria Brevium:

Epistola Encyclica Leonis PP. XIII de Sanctissima Eucharistia , 80
Indulgentiae adnexae precibus in honorem SS. Cordis Eucharistici 531

Indulgentiae in honorem N.D. Lourdensis 533

E S. Congregatione Propagandae:

De Missae celebratione in Navibus 187

Circa un Dubbio relativo alia translazione della Festa del Santo

Titolare ai una chiesa 189

Circa liceitatem Extractionis Chirurgicae Foetus immaturi . • . . 536
E S. Congregatione Rituum:

Praecepto satisfaciunt qui Missam audiunt in Capella fixa in

Navibus 186

Electrica Illuminatio super Altari prohibita 187

Dubia circa Missam de Requie 301

Decreta diei 9 Maii 1897 de Novendiali supplicatione in honorem

Spiritus Sancti pro singulis annis 304

Confirmatio Cultus quorumdam Dei Servorum, Sanctorum Hiber-

niae 411

Circa usum Pontificalium pro Abbatibus Anglo-Benedictinis ... 537

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