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in attractive form, with fine illustrations from new and original plates, takes in the
Letter A down to Bonaparte. This shows that the work b as exhaustive as at least
our Appletotfs or Chamber^ ; yet it is thoroughly Catholic, and the price, in royal
binding, is only three and a half dollars a volume.

We boast of being readers, students, lovers of literature, and lovers of truth —
the best Catholics in the worid ! — ** Vox^ vox ei prat'erea nihil^^^ if we test it by Uk^,
German Catholics have made Herder's Encychpadia a great success. The same
firm found it possible to publish at the same time an encyclopaedia which deals exclu-
tively with Church topics. And that work, too, in niore than twenty large volumes,
is going into a third edition.

Mr. Mallock's new volume, ReHgion as a Credible Doctrme^ is, from
viewpoints, a most interesting study. It has for its object " to exhibit theistic religioD
generally as a system worthy of reasonable acceptance," and this especially with
reference to the difficulty of assenting to the theistic system in fiice of the verified

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imcts of science. He riddles the faulty methods at present porsoed by controversialists
on both sides, and says : " What is wanted primarily is an intellectul accountant, who
will go carefully over the books of both the apologists of religion and the champions
of science.*' The work is of special value, inasmuch as it provokes reflection and
discussion on a vital theme. Catholic philosophers will take exception alike to some
of his definitions and to his conclusions, in so for as they overturn the traditional max-
ims of the schools. But on the whole, the work does not call for a critique from
defenders of the Catholic position ; it rather strengthens the attitude of the Chuxch
as the guardian of religious thought against the outside world of infidel science. We
are informed that Mr. Mallock is likely to be answered in the Fortnightly Review by
an American priest. Father John T. DriscoU, whose recent volume on the Soul Life
had been noticed in one of Mr. Mallock' s essays. The rejoinder is to appear under
the title of '* Philosophy and Science at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century," and
will deal at some length with Mr. Mallock' s method of criticism and scientific demon-

Dodd, Mead & Co. have in press a large and important work on the Art of
Organ Building, It is from the pen of Dr. George Ashdown Audsley, author of a
number of excellent works on church architecture, missal illumination, and ecclesi-
astical decoration, and a member of the well-known church -building firm of Audsley
Brothers. The work is being issued by subscription, a limited number only being

That there is a decided craving by many souls outside the Catholic Church for
that beautiful devotion of the Evangelical Counsels which is properly understood and
practised only in the religious orders of the ancient fold of Christ, is evident from
the success which The Lady Poveriy^ recently issued in the United States by
Tennantand Ward, has had. Although it has a chapter by Father Cuthbert, O.S.F.,
on the spiritual significance of Evangelical poverty, it is evident that Mr. Carmichael,
who seems enamored with the spirit and locality of Assisi, wrote for Protestants.
And Protestants will be the better for reading it. It is a very neat publication and
might readily take the place of a Christmas souvenir, even among Catholics who
have sufficient appreciation of the beautiful reflections of St Francis of Assisi, which
are here translated. We reviewed the little book in the October number.

Herder announces a new book by Bishop Spalding, entitled The Young Chris-
tian Teacher Encouraged, The same author is preparing a volume under the title
Sociaiiifn and Labor ^ of which a first instalment appears in The New Century (Wash-

Father Nicholas Walsh, S.J., author of The Comparative Number of the Saved
and Lost, which was exhaustively commented upon in The Ecclesiastical Re-
view, has in press a book entitled Vetera et Nova^ which name recalls a similar work,
Ni/va et Vetera, from the pen of Father Tyrrell, S.J. Father Walsh's volume deals
mainly with Spiritual Training, Meditation and its Difficulties, Vocal Prayer, Temp-
tation, etc.

The movement created by Cardinal Newman in his Oxford days, far from dying
out as one would expect it should by this time, seems to receive continually new

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LITER A R y CHA T. 699

impulses, if we may jud^ from the character and tone of the religious literature
published in England. There b probably no name so frequently quoted in the
ascetical and controversial books that come from Anglican sources, as that of John
Henry Newman. The announcement that Father Lucas, S.J., is preparing a com-
plete reference index to tbe works and letters of Newman is therefore not without
its purpose and significance.

A name that calls forth a sympathetic chord, when mentioned in connection
with Newman, is that of Hurrell Froude, the brother of the noted historian, and the
intimate friend to whom indeed Newman largely owed hb conversion, though
Froude had not the good fortune himself of being received into the external fold of
the Church. We understand that Miss Loube Imogen Guiney is preparing a
biography of Hurrell Froude.

Father Gasquet, the erudite Benedictine Abbot who has done so much to illumine
the English Reformation period, and to show forth the true character of the secession
to which the Establishment of the Anglican Church is due, b preparing an edition of
the Letters of St. Bernard of Gairvaux.

Canon De Becker, regular professor at the Louvain University and Rector of the
American College, has prepared a new edition of hb splendid work on Matrimony.
It b intended for theologians and students of canon law mainly.

A new Life, or rather a translation, of Cheranci's Life of St. Margaret of Cortona
Is announced.

A Year- Book, containing thoughts for every day on moral and religious topics,
from the pen of Archbbhop Keane, of Dubuque, b announced for the beginning of
the year. John Murphy Company are the publbhers.

The same firm b about to issue a series of lectures on Maryland Colonial Hbtory,
entitled <<The Lords Baltimore and the Maryland Palatinate," by Clayton C. Hall.

Dr. Shahan, of the Catholic University, has prepared a number of pamphlets
embodying Studies of Church Hbtory. « Catholicism in the Middle Ages,*' « Outlines
of Church Hbtory Down to the Reformation,*' "The Study of Church Hbtory,"—
are the titles of some of the brochures thus far issued.

It were rather belated to offer a review at this date of Mr. Balfour*s widely read
essay on The Foundations of Belief, Publbhed in February, 1895 (Longmans, Green
& Co.), it leaped at once into favor with the more thoughtful public Four editions
were reprinted in as many successive months. Four more have since appeared ; but
the last, the eighth, alone has come forward with the marks of revbion. It b to these
revbionsor rather additions — for the revbions strictly speaking consist merely in some
verbal corrections — that we would call the reader's attention. There b first of
all a new introduction in which Mr. Balfour, taking note of certain adverse criticism,
sets forth in isolation the fundamental ideas of hb position. The reader b thus placed
from the start vis-a-vb with the author's philosophical standpoint. The other notable
addition b the concluding summary in which the entire argument of the work b
presented in a clear continuous outline. These addenda, facilitating as they do the
following of a discussion which, though reflected in a most luminous style, caUs none
the less for a strain on attention, enhance considerably the value of the last edition.

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There appears an excellent appreciation of the Rev. Dr. Henry*s translation of
Pofms, Charad x, and Inscriptions of Pope Leo XI 11^ by Mr. Walter George Smith,
in the Norember number of the Alumni Register of the University of Pennsylvania.

The Stience of the Saints ^ in practice, by the Rev. John fiapt Pagani, of the
Institute of Charity, in four volumes, has just appeared in third edition. It is a hand-
some book(Washboume-6enziger), and makes an excellent gift for Religious. |6.oa

Mrs. Wilfrid Ward, whose One Poor Scruple was well received by the best
critics, will soon give us a novel entitled Tlu Light Behind , through the publication-
house of John Lane. The title, which is taken from a poem of Mrs. Browning, indi-
cates the religions tendency of the story.

Books Received.


Anglo- Jewish Calendar for every day in the Gospels. Being an Introduction
to the chief dates of the Life of Christ. ( An Essay towards a final determination of
the Gospel Chixmology.) By Matthew Power, S.J., B.A. St Louis, Mo. : B.
Herder. 1902. Pp. 93. Price, 75 cents.

Synopsis Theologiab Moraus et Pastoralis ad mentem S. Thomae et S.
Alphonsi hodiemis moribus accommodata. De Poenitentia, de Matrimonio et Ordine.
Auctore Ad. Tanquerey, S.S. Tomad (Belg.): Descl6e, Lefebvre et Soc Neo-
Eboraci et Chicagi : Benriger Brothers. 1902. Pp. 628 and ^^. Price, $1.75.

Compendium Theologiab Moraus. Beatae Mariae Virgini dicatum. Auctore
Jos. Calasanctio Card. Vives, O. M. Cap. Editio VII, aucta et emendata. Romae,
Ratisbonae, Neo-Eboraci : Fridericus PUstet 1902. Pp. 668. Price, $1.25.

Casus CoNsasNTiAE propositi et soluti Romae ad sanctum Apollinarem in
Coetu S. Pauli Ap. Anno 1901-1902. No. 7. Cura et expensis R.mi D. Felids
Cad^ne, Urbani Antistitis. Romae. 1902. Pp. 75. Price, I lire — 25 cents.

Reugion as a Credible Doctrine. A Study of the Fundamental Difficulty.
By W. H. Mallock, author of Is Life iVorth Livings etc. New York : The Mac-
millan Company. 1903. Pp. 287. Price, $3.00.

Les Vertus Morales. Instructions Pastorales pour le C&reme par S. E. le
Cardinal Perraud, £v£que d'Autun, Membre de TAcadimie fran^aise. Paris:
Duniol, P. T^qui. 1902. Pp. vii-191. Prix, 2 francs.

Ordo Divini Officii Recitandi Missaeque Celebrandae, juxta Rubricas
Emendatas Breviarii Missalisque Romani, cum Officiis Votivis ex Indulto pro Clero
Saeculari Statuum Foederatorum Offidis Generalibus hie concessis utente concessus.
New York and Cincinnati : Fr. Pustet & Co. 1903. Price, 30 cents.

Ordo Divini Opncii Reotandi Mis^eque Celebrandae, juxta Rubricas
Emendatas Breviarii Missalisque Romani, cum Officiis Votivis ex Indulto pro Cleio
Romano, Statuum Foederatorum Officiis Generalibus hie concessis utente concessus.
New York and Cincinnati : Fr. Pustet & Co. 1903. Pp. Price, 50 cents.

Propylaeum ad Acta Sanctorum Novembris. Synaxarium Ecdesiae Con-
stantinopolitanae. Pp. lxxx-1180 col. Soci6t6 des BoUandistes, 14, rue des Ursu-
lines, Bruxelles (Belgium). Price 60 francs.

Little Manual of St. Joseph. Compiled by the Very Rev. Dean A. A.
Lings. New York, Cincinnati, Chicago : Benziger Brothers. 1902. Pp. 192.
Price, bd., 25 cents.

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Forget- Me-Nots of Past and Present. By the Rev. Ignatius Mary
Ahmann. Pp. 152.

The Cloister. The Apostolic Character of the Monks and Nuns who live
there. By Professor L. E. Henry, B. A., M.R.C.P., University of Cambridge and
Oxford Union Society ; Certified in Theology and Philosophy ; late Reader to His
Rojral Highness the Duke of Clarence. Introduction by die Very Rev. Robert
Butler, D.D., O.S.C. James Duffy and Co., Ltd. Dublin, New York : Benziger
Brothers. 1903. I^. zxviii-232.

The Harmony of the Religious Life. By Herman J. Heuser, Oveibrook
Seminary. New York, Cincinnati, Chicago : Benziger Brothers. 1902. Pp. 247.
Price, $1.25. .

BucH DER Weisheit. Textkritische Materialien, gesanunelt aus der sahidi-
schen, syrohexaplarischen und armenischen Uebersetxungvon Dr. Franz Feldmann,
Prof. Theol. Freiburg im Breisg. : B. Herder. 1902. Pp. 85. Price, 60 cents.

Life of Blessed Emily Bicchieri, O.S.D. By Sister Mary Stanislaus
MacCarthy, O.S.D., author of A Saint Among Saints and Songs of Sum, Dublin :
M. H. Gill and Son; New York, Cindanati, Chicago: Benziger Brothers. 1902.
Pp. vii— 184. Price, 2s. 6d.

St. FRANas* Manual. Containing the Rule and Ceremonial of the Third
Secular Order of St Francis. With explanations and instructions, and a complete
Prayer Book for general use. By the Rev. Clementine Deymann, O.F.M. Four-
teenth edition, rearranged and revised. New York and Cincinnati : Fr. Pustet & Ca
1902. Pp. 595. Price, 75 cents.

Little Manual of the Third Order of St. Franos. Translated, adapted
and enlarged from the German of Rev. Casdan Thaler, O.M.Cap., by the Rev. Bona-
venture Hammer, O.F.M. New York, Cincinnati : Fr. Pustet & Co. 1902. Pp. 220.
Price, 10 cents ($7.50 per 100).

Tractatus de Sanctissima Trinitate. Auctore F. Alexio Maria L^ider,
Ord. Serv. B. V. M. in Pontifido Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide Theologiae
Professore. Tomus III. (i, Quaest XXVII— XLIII.) Institutiooes Theologiae
Dogmaticae ad Textum S. Thomae condnnatae. Parisiis : P. Lethielleux. 1902.
Pp. xliii-483.

De Perfectione Vitae Spirituaus. Opus R. P. Antonii Le Gaudier, S.J.
De SS. Jesu Christi amore et de vera Christi Jesu Imitatione. Editio recens emen-
data cura et studio P. A. M. Micheletti. Tomus I. Augustae Taurinorum : Petrus
Marietti, Typogr. Pontif. (London : Thomas Baker.) Pp. 604.

SuMMA Decretorum d. Magister Rufinus. Von Dr. Heinrich Singer,
Prof. Univers. Prag. Paderbom : Ferdinand Schdningh. 1902. Pp. 183 and 570.
Preis, 26 Mark.

The Day of an Invaud. From the French of Abb4 Henri Perreyve. By
Rev. Joseph Bruneau, SS. (Authorized Translation. > New York: The Christian
Press Association Publishing Company. 1902. Pp. 280.

SuMMULA Philosophiae Scholasticae in usum Adolescentium Seminarii
beatae Mariae de Monte Melleario condnnata. Volumen I : Logica et Ontologia.
Dublinii : Apud Browne et Nolan. 1902. Pp. vii-403.


The Teacher and the Child. Elements of Moral and Religious Teaching
in the Day-School, the Home, and the Sunday-School. By H. Thistleton Mark,
Master of Method, Owens College, Manchester. London : T. Fisher Unwin. 1902.
Pp. 165.

Poutical and Moral Essays. By Joseph Rickaby, S.J., B.Sc., Oxon.
New York, Qndnnati, Chicago : Benziger Brothers. 1902. I^* vii— 298. Price,
I1.50 net.

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Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology, including the principal con-
ceptions of Ethio^ Logic, i&thetics. Philosophy, of Religion, Mentsl Pathology,
Anthn^logT, Bi<^ogy, Neurology, Physiology, Economics, Political and Sooal
Philosophy, Ilijrsical Science, and Education ; and giving a tenninology in English,
French, Genaan, and Italian. Written by many hands, and edited by James Mark
Baldwin, Ph.D., etc, Stuart Professor in Princeton University. With the cooperation
and assistance of an International Board of Consulting Editors. In three volumes,
with illustrations and extensive biographies. Vol. II. Pp. zvi — 892. Price, $5.00.

Thb Employmbnt of Women in thb Clothing Trade. By Mabel Hurd
Willett, Ph.D. (Studies in History, Economics, and Public Law, edited by the
Faculty of Political Science of Columbia University. Vol. XVI. . No. 2. ) New
York : The Columbia University Press ; The Macmillan Company, Agents ; London:
P. S. King & Son. 1902. Pp. 206.

Thoughts on Education. Speeches and Sermons by Mandell Creighton,
D.D., D.C.L., LL.D. Edited by Louise Creighton. London New York, and
Bombay: Longmans, Green & Co. 1902. Pp. 215. Price, |i.oo.

Essays, Historical and Literary. By John Fiske. Vol. I— Scenes and
Characters in American Histoiy ; Vol. II~In Favorite Fields. New York: The
MacmilUn Company. 1902. Pp., vol. i., 422 ; vol. ii, 316. Price, I4.00 net.

Herder's Konversations-Lexikon. Dritte Auflage. Reich illustrirt durch
Textabbildungen, Tafeln und Karten. Bd. I. A — Bonaparte. St Louis, Mo. :
B. Herder. 1902. Pp. 1739. Price, I3.50.

The Holy Ghost and the Holy Eucharist. By the Rev. A. A. Lam-
bing, LL.D. For sale by Rev. A. A. Lambing, Wilkinsburg, Pk., and by Catholic
bocMuellers. Pp. 30. Price: single copies, 10 cents; 13 copies, |i. 00; 25 copies,
^1.75 ; larger orders, 6 cents a copy.

The Wager of Gerald O'Rourke. Christmas Drama in three Acts. From
a story by Francis J. Fmn, S.J. Transposed by M. R. Thiele. New York, Cindn-
nati, Chicago : Bensiger Brothers. 1902. Pp. 47. Price, ^.35.

Easy and Natural Method of Sight-singing. For self- instruction and
dass use. By W. P. Schilling, Ornnist and Choirmaster at St. Peter's Cathedral,
Scranton, Pa. Scranton, fti.: W. P. SchUling, Box 33. Pp. 78. Price, ^.50.


The Venetian Repubuc By Horatio Brown. London : J. M. Dent & Co.,
Aldine House. Temple Primers. 1902. Pp.211. Price, ^.40 »^/.

The New Empire. By Brooks Adams, author of « The Law of Civilization
and Decay,** •* American Economic Supremacy,'* etc. New York : The Macmillan
Company (London: Macmillan & Co.). 1902. Pp.243.

Das Mittelalter, einst und jetzt. Historische Vortrilge von H. Grisar,
S.J. IV. Auflage. Freiburg, Breisgau : B. Herder. 1902. Pp.92. Preis,^.35.

New England and its Neighbors, Written and illustrated bv Clifton John-
SOD. New York: The Macmillan Company (London: Macmillan « Co.). 1902.
Pp. 335.


In the Days of King Hal. By Marion Ames Taggart, author of Loyal Bbu
and Royal Scarlet^ etc. New York, Cincinnati, Chicago : Benziger Brothers.
1902. Pp. 172. Price, I1.25.

Later Lyrics. By John B. Tabb. London and New York : John Lane.
1902. Pp. xi— 138.

The Roosevelt Hospital, New York. Thirtieth Annual Report, Jan., 1901—
D«c. 31, 1901. New York. Pp. 116.

Famiuenfreund. Katholisdier Wegweiser fllr das Jahr 1903. St. Louis, Mo.:
Herold des Glaubens, St. Louis: B. Heifer. 1902. I^. 112.

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C"^ ^ "^ "^ [APygHTISEMENTS \ // // // ff\

Firms Having Episcopal Authorization



NBW YORK: MESSRS. FR. PUSTBT * CO., 5a BwcUy Stfeet» New

York City.
BBNZIQER BROS., 36 Barclay Street, New York City ;

Factory in De Kalb Aireniie and Rockwell Plaoe^

Brooklyn, N. Y.
JOSEPH BAY AN, 456 Ponrth Arenne, N. Y.

NBW YORK QORHAM MPQ. CO., Broadway and i^th Street, New


CHICAGO : THE W. J. FEELEY COMPANY, 6 Monroe St, Chicago, lU.

BENZIQER BROS., 211-3x3 MadiMm Street, Chicago, m.;
Factory in De Kalb Ayenne and Rockwell Place^
Brooklyn, N. Y.

PHILADBLPHIA : Z. J. PiQUIQNOT, 1332 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
H. a OESTERLE ft CO., 21 N. Tenth St, Philadelphia, Pa.

BOSTON: VINCENT LAPORME ft CO., 3 Franklin St, Boston, Haaa.

THOS. J. FLYNN ft CO., i6» 18, 20 Baaex Street, Boston, Mass.

ST. LOmS : B. HERDER, 17 South Broadway, St Lonia, Ha

CINCINNATI : M. AHMANN ft CO., 431 Main Street, Cincinnati, O.

BENZIQER BROS., 343 Main Street, Cincinnati, O.; Fftctorr
in De Kalb Ave. and Rockwell Place^ Brooklyn, N. Y.
MESSRS. PR. PUSTBT ft £0., 436 Main Street, Cindn-
nati, O.


CleTcland, Ohio.

MILWAUKBB : M. H. WILTZIUS ft CO., 439 Bast Water St, Milwankee, Wi&

NBW O^LBANS : P. A. BRUNET, 313 Royal Street, New Orleana, La.

PROVIDBNCB : THE W. J. PEELEY CO.^ 185 Bddy St, ProTideno%-^ L


OMAHA : JOHN BAUMER, M^th and Faman^ Streets, Omaha. Neb.

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wishing to have pure wax candles used
on the altar, can have a guaranteed

PURE VAX hand-madc candle

for (45) forty-five cents a pound from

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with or without a teacher, 12 livraisons,
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•• SHERLOCK HOLMES/' for practice in French Conversation,

with directions ; 96 pages ; Booklet free

LIvralaona mailed separately at 10 cents each. " Sherlock Holmes,'* 25 cents


1135 Pine Street Philadelphia

Course of Religious Instructions




Christian Doc


By a Seminary Prol

Autliorized Englisli Version. lamo.

$1.00 net.

Prepared especially for Classes in Hisli Sc|iools» At

Colleges. Send for Prospectus, or sample copy will be

John Joseph McVey



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A large C()tee>^anual pipe

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Chuzch and Cliambet ^Pipe
Organs. Ttacket and Tu-
bulat Pneumatic.



920 De Bevoise Avenue, Steinway

Borough of Queens

Saint Cailiarine' s

539 io 543 W. S52d St., Washington Heights


Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy.
Boarding and Day School for young
ladies and children. Course of studies
approved by Board of Public Instruc-
tion, Albany, and also by the University
of the State of New York. For par-
ticulars address Sister Superior.

John Morg:an & Sons


Stained 6la$$joLCburm$

yigured ana ornamenfal Winaoips

Only the Most Compttent Artists Employed

We have recently executed all of the Stained Glass
Windows for the following New York Churches :

8t« H^sntB^f 43d Street and Lexington Avenue.

Rev. Dr. Brann, Rector.
Our lady of the Roeai^, East U9th Street.

Rev. Dr. Wall, Rector.
8t<. Tlnccnt ftmtf Lexington Ave. and 66th Street.

Very Rev. B. F. Logan, O.P., Prior.


OFFICE, 32 Bast 9th Street, New York.
STUDIOS, 17 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.

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BEBRT BROTHERS, Umited, Varnish Mkniilkctiireiii



Faeftory and Mala Oaee» DBTROIT

%^t 3Raleigjj

Pennaylvania Ave., Cor. Twelfth St., N. W.


European Plan

Absolutely Fire-Proof t. j.

The Modem Hotel of the City Manairer


Manual of Forty Hours' Adoration

Its accuracy, convenience and popularity have made this Manual
indispensable to Clergy and Choir during the Devotion of the
Quarant ' Ore,

Price, 23 cents a copy; $1,009 ^ copies

A companion manual, and one that should be within the reach of
every Priest is the

Manual of Episcopal Visitation

It contains full ceremonial and instructions for the Sacrament of
Confirmation and the Visit of the Bishop.



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