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Cassino ; Very Rev. Robert Clarke, D.D., of the Archdiocese of
Westminster ; and Very Rev. D. A. Poels, D.D., of the Diocese
of Ruremonde, Holland.

4. Right Rev. Monsignor Robert Seton resigns from rector-
ship of St. Joseph's Church, Jersey City, N. J., and sails for Rome,
where he will reside.

5. At Winnipeg, Canada, a mass meeting held to protest
against the proposed action of the Government in violating a
clause of a previous compact by which the Galicians were allowed
to have their parents* language as well as English taught in the
schools. Archbishop Langevin, of St. Boniface, was the chief

1 1. Monsignor J. B. Lugari appointed Assessor of the Holy

15. Monsignor Alexander Volpini, Secretary of Briefs ad
PriTicipeSf appointed Consultor of the S. Congjregation of Studies.

17. Death of Cardinal Donne Maria Dell' Olio, Archbishop of
Benevento; bom December 27, 1847; created Cardinal April 15,

18. Most Rev. Nicholas Averardi, titular Archbishop ot
Tharons, Visitor Apostolic to Mexico, received in papal audience.

21. Antepreparatory Session of the Congregation of Rites for
the examination of the three miracles proposed for the Beatifica-
tion of the Venerable Servant of God, John Baptist Vianney, Cure
of Ars.

26. Right Rev. John M. Farley, titular Bishop of Zeugma and
Auxiliary of the Archdiocese of New York, received in papal
audience, with Eugene Ambrose Philbin, Esq., ex- District Attor-
ney of New York City.

29. Prince D. Marius Chigi-Albani, Marshal of the Holy
Roman Church and Guardian of the Conclave, received in papal

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Death of Sister Mary Constance Bentivoglio, head of the
Poor Clares in the United States. ^

Very Rev. Philip J. Garrigan, D.D., Vice Rector of the
Catholic University of America, appointed Bishop of the new See
of Sioux City, Iowa.

Right Rev. W. J. Kenny appointed Bishop of St Augustine,

Rev. Dr. Farrelly, Spiritual Director of the North American
College, Rome, appointed Private Chamberlain of His Holiness,
with the title of Monsignor.

30. Very Rev. Emmanuel Captier, Honorary Superior Gen-
eral of the Fathers of St. Sulpice, appointed Consultor of the
Pontifical Commission for the Reunion of Dissident Churches.


I. Very Rev. J. I. Emery, O.M.I., appointed Rector of the
University of Ottawa ; opening of its new Science Hall.

Public meeting held at New York to inaugurate a branch of
the Catholic University of America to be known as the Depart-
ment of Pedagogy, under the direction of the Rev. Joseph H.
McMahon, D.D.

6. Death of Cardinal Augustine Ciasca, O.S.A. ; bom May 7,
1835 ; created Cardinal June 19, 1899.

12. Death of the Reverend Mother General (Angelica Croft)
of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

14. Erwin Steinbach, Esq., of New York, made Knight of St.
Gregory the Great.

15 — March 3. Catholic Winter School in seventh annual
session at Tulane Hall, New Orleans, La.

17. Death of Right Rev. Monsignor Campbell, D.D., late
Rector of the Scots College, Rome.

18. Very Rev. P. A. Sheehan, D.D., P.P., Doneraile. Ireland,
receives the Degree of Doctor of Divinity and a medal from Pope
Leo Xin in recognition of services rendered to religion by his

20. Very Rev. M. Gaughren, Superior of the Oblates of Mary,
Edinburgh, nominated Bishop of Kimberley, South Africa, in suc-
cession to his brother, deceased.

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22. Death of Dr. Frederick George Lee, ex- Vicar of Lambeth,
recently received into the Church.

25. Antepreparatory session of the Congregation of Rites, to
examine into the heroism of the virtues of the Venerable Servant
of God, Sister Mary Magdalen Postel, Foundress of the Sisters of
the Christian Schools of Mercy.

26. Right Rev. Monsignor Murphy, D.D., Rector of the Irish
College, Rome, received in papal audience.


3. Solemn inauguration of the Pontifical Jubilee of Leo XIII,
in the Vatican Basilica.

4. Right Rev. John M. Farley, titular Bishop of Zeugma, auxil-
iary of the Archdiocese of New York, received in papal audience.

9. The. Trustees of the University of Notre Dame confer the
Laetare Medal on John B. Murphy, M.D., of Chicago.

II. Preparatory session of the S. Congregation of Rites ex-
amine the two miracles proposed for the canonization of Blessed
Peter Louis Maria Chanel, of the Marist Congregation, proto-
Martyr of Oceanica.

14. Appointment as Chaplains in the United States Army :
Rev. James A. Dalton, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Rev. Francis B. Doherty,
C.S.P.; Rev. P. P. Carey, New York, N. Y.

16. Most Rev. Louis N. Begin, D.D., Archbishop of Quebec,
received in papal audience.

17. Silver Jubilee of the Very Rev. J. R. Slattery, Founder of
St Joseph's Seminary for the Negro Missions, Baltimore, Md.

18. Rotal Session of the S. Congregation of Rites examine
following questions: (i) Validity of the Apostolic Processes in
the Curia of Conza in regard to the two miracles proposed for the
canonization of Blessed Gerard Majella, Professed Lay Brother ot
the Redemptorist Congregation. (2) Validity of the Apostolic
Processes instituted by their respective Ordinaries regarding the
Martyrdom and Miracles, and establishing the non-cultus of the
Blessed Stephen Theodore Cuenot, Titular Bishop of Metellopolis,
and his Companions, Martyrs in Cochin China, Tonkin, and
China. (3) The same in regard to the Venerable Agathange
and Cassien, Professed Capuchin Priests, mart>Ted in Abyssinia.

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19. Encyclical Letter ot Pope Leo XIII to the Episcopate of
the Catholic world on the evils of modem society and their reme-

Holy See raises the number of members of the Metropolitan
Chapter of new Cathedral, Westminster, England, to eighteen ;
and grants the Chapter the same canonical dress as is worn by
the Canons of the Patriarchal Basilicas of Rome.

18. Right Rev. Matthew Gaughren, O.M.I., Bishop of Kim-
berley. South Africa, consecrated at Leith, Scotland.

23. Death of Cardinal Missia, Prince Archbishop of Goritz;
bom June 30, 1838; created Cardinal June 19, 1899.

25. "A Bill to make further provision with respect to educa-
tion in England and Wales " introduced into British Parliament.
The measure, which proposes to coordinate primary, secondary,
and tertiary education, is welcomed by the English Hierarchy,
who " commend it as a measure deserving the cordial support of
the country."

27. Death of Most Rev. Charles Eyre,' D.D., LL.D., Arch-
bishop of Glasgow, Scotland.

The Trustees of the Columbia University, New York City,
grant the Seminarians of St. Joseph's, Dunwoodie, N. Y., privi-
leges of free attendance in some courses in the School of Phi-
losophy, in retum for privileges granted by the Seminary to the
students of Columbia University.


6. Mass celebrated for the first time on a United States War-
ship, at the Charleston Navy Yard.

7. By the will of the late Col. John McKee, of Philadelphia,
Colored, non-Catholic, an estate valued at upwards of $2,000,000^
is left to Catholic charities

9. Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran, Archbishop of Sydney,
received in papal audience.

10. Right Rev. George Crompton Burton, D.D., appointed
Bishop of Clifton, England.

11. Monsignor Joseph Wilpert appointed Consultor of the
Sacred Congregation of Indulgences.

13. Most Rev. Louis N. Begin, D.D., Archbishop of Quebec,
received in papal audience.

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17. Organization of Catholic Truth Society for Archdiocese
of Philadelphia.

19. Most Rev. Patrick John Ryan, D.D., Archbishop of
Philadelphia, appointed by President Roosevelt a member of
the Board of Indian Commissioners.

21. Identification of the body of the Venerable John Nepo-
mucene Neumann by the Ecclesiastical Court in charge of the
process of the Beatification.

22. S. Congregation of Rites meet to consider the Canoniza-
tion of Blessed Bemardine Realini, S.J.; Examination of the
writings of the Servants of God, Francis Joseph Rudigier,
Bishop of Linz ; Andrew Soulas, Secular Priest of Montpelier ;
Louis Edward Cestac, Secular Priest of Bayonne, Founder of
the Servants of Mary, and of Bernard Francis de Hoyes, S.J.;
Concession and approbation of the new edition of the Roman
Missal for the diocese of Lyons.

25. Death of Cardinal Augustine Riboldi, Archbishop of
Ravenna; bom February 18, 1839; created Cardinal April 15,

27. Cardinal Moran presents fifty Australian Pilgrims to the

28. Monsignor Philip Giustini, Auditor of the Roll and Pre-
fect of Studies in the Roman Seminary of St. ApoUinaris,
nominated Secretary of the S. Congregation of Bishops and


I. Right Rev. John Lancaster Spalding, D.D., Bishop of
Peoria, celebrates his Episcopal Silver Jubilee.

Consecration of Right Rev. George Crompton Burton, D.D.,
Bishop of Clifton, England.

3. Cardinal Sebastian Martinelli, pro-Delegate Apostolic to
the United States, receives his recall to Rome.

4. Forty-six priests from Brooklyn, under the presidency of
Bishop McDonnell, received in papal audience.

5. Death of Most Rev. Michael Augustine Corrigan, D.D.,
Archbishop of New York.

6. Most Rev. F. X. Katzer, D.D., Archbishop of Milwaukee,
received in papal audience.

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Congregation of Rites consider the following questions : Va-
lidity of the Apostolic Process concerning the reputation for
sanctity and virtues and miracles in general of the Venerable Vin-
cent Pallotti, Founder of the Pious Society of Missions, and of the
Venerable Marie de Sales Cappuis, Superior of the Convent of
the Visitation at Troyes ; the Validity of the Apostolic Process in
the cause of the Beatification and Canonization of the Venerable
Jean Martin Moije, Priest of the Foreign Missions, Founder of the
Sisters of Providence ; the question of the non-cultus of the Ven-
erable Amand Passerat, Priest of the Congregation of the Most
Holy Redeemer ; also of the Venerable Anne de Xainetonge,
Foundress of the Sisters of St. Ursula, of Dola

8. Miss Bessie Anstice Baker, of Australia, received from
Pope Leo XIII the Cross "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice" in recog-
nition of the services rendered by her pen to religion.

The Divine Office and High Mass celebrated for the first time
in the Chapter Hall of Westminster Cathedral, London, England.

ID. Death at Rome of Most Rev. Otto Zardetti, D.D., former
Bishop of St. Cloud, U. S., and later Archbishop of Bucharest,

II. Catholic Peers of Great Britain unanimously resolve to
sustain the appeal for a removal of the blasphemous Royal
Declaration against the teachings of the Church.

14. Body of English Pilgrims received in papal audience.

15. Monsignor Merry del Val, Monsignor Montagnini, and
Count Orsini nominated as the Papal Commission to the Corona-
tion of King Edward VII.

Committee of Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland at Univer-
sity College, Dublin, issue resolutions discouraging the emigra-
tion of their people to America.

16. Opening of a New Training College of Mary Immaculate,
Limerick, Ireland, for the Training of Female Teachers for work
in Primary Schools, under the direction of the Commissioners of
National Education.

17. Monsignor Marchetti, Auditor of the Papal Delegation,
Washington, appointed administrator in the interim between Car-
dinal Martinelli*s departure and the appointment of his successor.

18. Right Rev. W. J. Kenny> Bishop of St. Augustine, Florida,

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20. The Right Rev. Fr. Compton Galton, SJ., of Demarra,
appointed Vicar- Apostolic of British Guinea.

21. Right Rev. Charles E. McDonnell, D.D., Bishop of
Brooklyn, N. Y., received in papal audience.

25. Right Rev. Philip J. Garrigan, D.D., Bishop of Sioux
City, Iowa, consecrated.

Cardinal Sebastian Martinelli, late Apostolic Delegate to the
U. S., received in papal audience.

The Right. Rev. Paul Camillus Maes, D.D., Bishop of Coving-
ton, Ky., received in papal audienee.

28. Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII on the Holy Eucha-


1. Right Rev. Edward Clark, O.S.F.C, Vicar- Apostolic of
Aden and Arabia, consecrated as Bishop at Fourviere, by the
Cardinal Archbishop of Lyons.

2. Centennary of the Institute of the Irish Christian Brothers,
established by Edward Ignatius Rice, a wealthy merchant of
Waterford, who himself became its first member,

3. Synod of the Archdiocese of Chicago, at the Holy Name
Cathedral, direct the organization of a Board of Parochial School
Education for the uniform systematization of the control and
management of schools.

5. United States Philippine Commission, consisting of General
William H. Taft, Governor of the Philippine Islands, Bishop
O'Gorman, Judge Smith, and Mr. Porter, officially received by
Pope Leo XIII.

9. Right Rev. J. B. Pitaval, Aspen, Colorado, appointed Aux-
iliary Bishop to Archbishop Bourgade, of Santa Fe. Right Rev.
F. X. Specht, Vicar General of the Diocese of Columbus, made
Domestic Prelate of His Holiness.

Consistory at Vatican : Investiture of Cardinal Martinelli ;
preconization of Right Rev. William J. Kenny, as Bishop of St.
Augustine, Florida, and of the Right Rev. Philip J. Garrigan, as
Bishop of Sioux City, Iowa.

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Sanctissimi Domini Nostri Leonis Divina Providentia

Papae XIII


Ad Patriarchas, Primates, Archiepiscopos, Episcopos, Aliosque
LocoRUM Ordinarios Pacem et Communionem cum Apos-



VenerabUibus Fratribus^ Patriarchis, Primatibus^ Archiepiscopis,
Episcopis Aliisque Locorum Ordinariis Pacem et Communionem
cum Apostolica Sede Habentibus


Venerabiles Fratres

Salutem et ApostoHcam Benedictionem.

Mirae caritatis in hominum salutem exempla, quae a lesu
Christo praelucent, Nos quidem pro sanctitate officii inspicere et
persequi adhuc studuimus, ad extremumque vitae spiritum, ipso

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opitulante, studebimus. Nam tempora nacti nimis acriter veiitati
et iustitiae infensa, quantum erat in Nobis, docendo, admonendo,
agendo, prout nuperrima ad vos epistola Apostolica confirmavit,
nequaquam intermisimus ea late praestare, quae sive ad multipli-
cem errorum contagionem depellendam, sive ad nervos intenden-
dos christianae vitae aptius conducere viderentur. In his autem
duo sunt recentioris memoriae, omnino inter se coniuncta, unde
Nosmetipsi opportunae consolationis fructum, tot prementibus
aegritudinis causis, recolendo percipimus, Alterum, quum opti-
mum factu censuimus augusto Cordi Christi Rcdemptoris univer-
sitatem humani generis peculiari ritu devoveri; alterum, quum
omnes christianum nomen profitentes gravissime hortati sumus, ut
Ei ipsi adhaererent, qui vel singulis vel iure sociatis via^ Veritas^
vita divinitus est. — Nunc vero eadem ipsa, advigilante in Ecclesiae
tempora, Apostolica caritate movemur ac prope impellimur ut
aliud quiddam ad ea proposita iam confecta, tamquam perfection-
em suam addamus, ut videlicet christiano populo maiorem in
modum commendemus sanctissimam Eucharistiam, quippe
donum divinissimum ex intimo plane Corde prolatum eiusdem
Redemptoris, desiderio desiderantis singularem huiusmodi cum
hominibus coniunctionem, maximeque factum ad saluberrimos
fructus redemptionis eius dilargiendos. Quamquam in hoc etiam
rerum genere nonnuUa vel antehac Nos auctoritate et studio cura-
vimus. lucundumque memoratu est inter cetera legitima Nos
comprobatione ac privilegiis auxisse Instituta et Sodalitia non
pauca, divinae Hostiae perpetua vice adorandae addicta ; operam
item dedisse ut conventus eucharistici digna cum celebritate pari-
que utilitate haberentur, iisdem praeterea similisque causae open-
bus patronum caelestem attribuisse Paschalem Baylon, qui
mysterii eucharistici cultor extitit insigniter pius. — Itaque, Vener-
abiles Fratres, de hoc ipso mysterio in quo tuendo illustrandoque
constanter tum Ecclesiae sollertia, non sine praeclaris Martyrum
palmis, elaboravit, tum praestantissimorum hominum doctrina,
eloquentia variaeque artes splendide contenderunt, libet capita
quaedam alloquendo complecti ; idque ut apertior atque expres-
sior patescat eiusdem virtus, qua maxime parte se dat praesentis-
simam hisce necessitatibus temporum allevandis. Sane, quando-
quidem Christus Dominus sub excessum mortalis cursus istud

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reliquit caritatis immensae in homines monumentum, idemque
praesidium maximum pro ntundi vita} nihil Nobis de vita proxime
cessuris optare felicius possumus quam ut liceat excitare in om-
nium animis atque alere memoris gratiae debitaeque religionis
affectum erga Sacramentum mirabile, in quo salutis et pads, soli-
citis omnium studiis quaesitae, spem atque efficientiam maxime
niti arbitramur.

Quod sacculo, usquequaque pertubato et laboranti tam misere,
talibus Nos remediis adiumentisque ducimus praecipue consulen-
dum, non deerunt sane qui demirentur, et fortasse qui dicta Nostra
procad cum fastidio accipiant. Id nempe est potissimum a super-
bia : quo vitio animis insidente, elanguescat in iis Christiana fides,
quae obsequium vult mentis religiosissimum, necesse est, atque
adeo caligo de divinis rebus tetrius incumbat : ut in multos illud
cadat: Quaecumque ignorant, blasphemant} lam vero tantum
abest ut Nos propterea ab inito avocemur consilio, ut certum sit
contentiore potius studio et recte animatis lumen afferre et sancta
vituperantibus veniam a Deo, fratema piorum imploratione,

Sanctissimae Eucharistiae virtutem integra fide nosse qualis sit,
idem enimvero est ac nosse quale sit opus quod humani generis
causa Deus, homo factus, potenti misericordia perfecti. Nam ut
est fidei rectae Christum profiteri et colere summum effectorem
salutis nostrae, qui sapientia, legibus, institutis, exemplis, fusoque
sanguine omnia instauravit ; aeque est eumdem profiteri colere sic
in Eucharistia reapse praesentem, ut verissime inter homines ad
aevi perpetuitatem ipse permaneat, lisque partae redemptionis be-
neficia magister et pastor bonus, peracceptusque deprecator ad
Patrem, perenni copia de semetipso impertiat. — Beneficia porro ex
Eucharistia manantia qui studiose religioseque consideret, illud
sane praestare atque eminere intelliget quo cetera quaecumque
sunt continentur ; ex ipsa nempe vitam in homines, quae vere vita
est, influere : Panis^ quern ego dabo, caro mea est pro mundi vita?
— Non uno modo, quod alias docuimus, Christus est tnta ; qui
adventus sui inter homines causam professus est earn, ut afferret
ipsis certam vitae plus quam humanae ubertatem : Ego veni ut
vitam habeant, ct abundantius Itabeant,^ Statim namque ut in

* loann. vi, 52. ' ludae 10.

' loann. vi, 52. * loann. x, 10.

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terns benignitas et humanitas apparuit Salvatoris nostri Dei,^ nemo
quidem ignorat vim quamdam continuo erupisse ordinis rerum
prorsus novi procreatricem.eamque in venas omnes societatis civilis
et domesticae permanasse. Novas inde homini cum homine
necessitudines ; nova publice et privatim iura, nova officia ; insti-
tutis, disdplinis, artibus, novas cursus : quod autem praedpuum,
hominum animos et studia ad veritatem religionis sanctitatemque
morum traducta ; atque adeo vitam homini communicatam, cae-
lestem plane ac divinam. Hue nimirum ea spectant, quae crebro
in sacris litteris commemorantur, lignum vitae^ verbum vitae, liber
vitae^ corona vitae, nominatimque panis vitae.

At vero, quoniam haec ipsa de qua didmus vita expressam
habet similitudinem cum vita hominis naturali, sicut altera cibo
alitur atque viget, ita alteram sustentari cibo suo et augeri oportet.
Apte hie facit revocare quo quidem Christus tempore ac modo
moverit animos hominum et adduxerit ut panem vivum, quem
daturus erat, convenienter probeque exdperent. Ubi enim mana-
vit fama de prodigio quod ille, multiplicatis panibus in satietatem
multitudinis, patraverat ad litus Tiberiadis, confestim plures ad
ipsum confluxerunt, si forte par sibi obtingeret benefidum. Tum
lesuSy opportunitate arrepta, similiter ac quum feminae Samari-
tanae, ab haurienda puteali aqua ; sitim ipse iniecerat aquae sali-
entis in vitam aetemam * cupidae multidudinis sic erigit mentes, ut
panem alium cupidius appetant qui permanet in vitam deternam?
Neque vero huiusmodi panis, instat lesus admonere, est manna
illud caeleste, quod patribus vestris per deserta peregrinantibus
praesto fuit ; neque ille quidem quem ipsi nuper a me mirabundi
accepistis ; verum egomet sum panis iste : Ego sum panis vitae}
Idemque eo amplius suadet omnibus, et invitando et praecipiendo ;
Si quis manducaverit ex hoc pane, vivet in aeternum ; et panis
quem ego dabo caro mea est pro mundi vita? Gravitatem porro
praecepti ita ipse convincit : Amen amen dico vobis, nisi manduca-
veritis camem FilH hominis et biberitis eius sanguinem, non habe-
bitis vitam in vobis}^ — Absit igitur pervagatus ille error pemido-
sissimus opinantium Eucharistiae usum ad eos fere amandandum
esse qui vacui curis angustique animo conquiescere instituant in

*Tit. iii, 4. • loann. iv, 14. "^ lb. vi, 27.

• lb. 48. • lb. 52. 10 lb. 54.

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quodam vitae religiosioris proposito. Ea quippe res, qua nihil
sane nee excellentius nee salutarius, ad omnes omnino, cuius-
cumque demum muneris praestantiaeve sint, attinet, quotquot velint
(neque unus quisquam non velle debet) divinae gratiae in se fovere
vitam, cuius ultimum est adeptio vitae cum Deo beatae.

Atque utinam de sempitema vita recte reputarent et provide-
rent ii potissimum quorum vel ingenium vel industria vel auctori-
tas tantopere possunt ad res temporum atque hominum dirigendas.
At vero videmus deploramusque ut plerique cum fastu existiment
se novam veluti vitam eamque prosperam saeculo indidisse, prop-
terea quod ipsum ad omne genus utilia et mirabilia inilammato
cursu contendere suo impulso urgeant. Sed enim, quocumque
aspexeris, humana societas, si a Deo aliena, podus quam quae-
sita fruatur tranquillitate rerum, perinde angitur et trepidat ut qui
febri aestuque iactatur ; prosperitati dum anxie studet eique unice
fidit, fugientem sequitur, inhaeret labenti. Homines enim et dvi-
tates ut necessario ex Deo sunt, ita in alio nulio vivere, moveri,
eflficere boni quidquam, nisi in Deo per lesum Christum queunt ;
per quem late profluxerunt et profluunt optima quaeque et lectis-
sima. — Sed horum omnium fons et caput bonorum est potissimum
augusta Eucharisda: quae quum eam alat sustentetque vitam
cuius ex desiderio tam vehementer laboramus, tum dignitatem
humanam quae tanti nunc fieri videtur, immensum auget Nam
quid maius aut optabilius, quam effici, quoad eius fieri possit,
divinae partidpem consortemque naturae? At enim hoc nobis
Christus praestat in Eucharistia maxime, qua evectum ad divina,
gratiae munere, hominem arctius edam sibi adiungit et copulat
Id enim interest inter corporis dbum et animi, quod ille in nos
convertitur, hie nos in se convertit ; qua de re Christum ipsum
Augustinus loquentem indudt : Nee tu me in te mutabis sicut
cibum camis tuae^ sed tu mutaberis in me}^

Ex hoc autem praecellentissimo Sacramento, in quo potissime
apparet quemadmodum homines in divinam inseruntur naturam,
iidem habent in omni supemarum virtutum genere incrementa
maxima. Et primum in fide. Omni quidem tempore fides oppug-
natores habuit; nam etsi hominum mentes praestantissimarum
rerum cognitione extollit, quia tamen, quae supra naturam esse

^* Conf. 1. vii, c. x.

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aperuit, qualia sint celat, eo videtur mentes ipsas deprimere. Sed
olim turn hoc turn illud iidei caput oppugnabatur ; deinceps multo
latius exarsit bellum, eoque iam perventum est ut nihil omnino
supra naturam esse affirmetur. lamvero ad vigorem fervoremque
fidei in animis redintegrandum perapte est, ut nihil magis, mys-
terium Eucharisticum, proprie mysterium fidei appellatum : hoc
niniirum uno, quaecumque supra naturam sunt, singulari quadam
miraculorum copia et varietate, universa continentur : Memoriam
fecit mirabiliutn suartim misericors et miserator Dominus^ escam
dedit iitnentibus se}^ Si Deus enim quidquid supra naturam fecit,
ad Verbi retulit Incamationem, cuius beneficio restitueretur
humani generis salus, secundum illud Apostoli : Proposuit . . .
instaurare omnia in Christo, quae in cae/iSy et quae in terra stint^ in

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