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September's slender crescent grows again, 19.

She is so fair, I thought, so dear and fair, 66.

She passes up and down life's various ways, 190.

She turned the letter's rustling page ; her smile, 220t

She walks beside the silent shore, 75.

Sing, little bird, oh sing, 105.

Skeleton schooner, looming strange on the far horizon's rim, 188.

So bleak these shores, wind-swept and all the year, 15.

So soon the end must come, 150.

Softly Death touched her, and she passed away, 32.

Softly the flickering firelight comes and goes, '2i0.

Southward still the sun is slanting day by day, 156.

Stands Hjelma at her lady's chair, 245.

Sunflower tall and hollyhock, that wave in the wind together, 171.

Swift o'er the water my light yacht dances, 140.

Tears in those eyes of bine, 187.
Tell us a story of these isles, they said, 124.
That was a curlew calling overhead, 27.
The aster by the brook is dead, 190.
The barley bows from the west, 197.
The blossoms blush on the bough, 226.
The childish voice rose to my ear, 258.
The childieu wandered up and down, 177«


The ohill, sad evening wind of winter blows, 132.

The clover blossoms kiss her feet, 95.

The crimson sunset faded into gray, 174.

The day is bitter. Through tlie hollow sky, 99.

The kuoii north wind pipes loud, 93.

The lilies clustered fair and tall, 153.

The \oug black ledges are white with gulls, 1 14.

The morning breaks, the storm is past. 1 ehold, 218.

The quiet room, the flowers, the perfumed ciilm, 184.

The sparrow sits and sings, and sings, KiO,

The sttiadfast planet spins through space, 242.

The Slimmer day w.ts spoiled with fitful storm, 112.

The swallow twitters about the e.aves, 20.

The tide flows up, the tide flows down, 239.

The white reflection of the sloop's great sail, 154.

The wide, still, moonlit water miles away, 51.

The wild rose blooms for tlie sun of June, 175,

The wind blows from the stormy quarter and the moon is old, 204.

There is no day so dark, 168.

There is no wind at all to-night, 41.

They called the little schooner the White Rover, 95.

They crossed the lonely and lamenting sea, 67.

Tliis gnassy gorge, as daylight failed last night, 34.

Thou little child, with tender, clinging arms, 132.

Through the storm, through the wind and the rain, 251.

Through the wide sky thy north wind's thunder roars, OL

Throughout the lonely house the whole day long, 4.

Thy own wish wish 1 thee in every place, 203.

Upon my lips she laid her touch divine, 39.
Upon the sadness of the sea, 142.

Warm, wild, rainy wind, blowing fitfully, 84.

Wo launch our boat npon the sparkling sea, 138.

We sail toward evening's lonely star, 44.

What dost thou here, young wife, by the water-side, 86b

What good gift can I bring thee, O thou dearest, 139.

What is the whole world worth. Dear, 238.

What is there left, I wuudur, 192.


What wondrous power from heaven upon thee wrought, 149.
When the darkness drew away at the dawning of the day, 103.
White as a blossom is the kerchief quaint, 231.
Whither departs the perfume of the rose, 217.
Why art thou colored like the evening sky, 119.
With clamor the wild southwester, 214.


OCT 24 193^

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Jl/L I 2 1983


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