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296 Eai'hj KiKjUsh Diascnters

or two edifying one another in y*-" best manner they could
according to their Gifts received from above, And then at
length lohn Lathorp sometimes a Preacher in Kent, joyned
to y" Said Congregation ; And wtis afterwards chosen and
Ordained a Pastor to them, a Man of tender heart and a
humble and meek Spirit serveing the Lord in the ministry
about 9 Years to their great Comfort.

1632. the 2** Month (called April!) y'' 29^*' Day being y*^
Lords Day, the Church was seized upon by Tomlinson, y® Bps
Pureevant, they ware mctt in y* House of Hump : Bomet
[Barnet], Brewers Clark in Black : Fryers, he being no member
or hearing abroad. At w*^** time 18 were not comitted but
scaped or ware not then present.

About 42 ware all taken & their names given vp. Some
ware not comitted, as M? Bemet, M' Lathorp, W. Parker,
M" Allen &c Several ware comitted to the Bps Prison called
then the New Prison in [blank space] Crow a merchants house
again) & thence Some to y*' Clink, some to y*^ Gat house, &
some that thought to have escaped he joyned to them, being in
Prison togeather viz

John Lathorp Widd Feme

Sam House Bro' Arnold

John VVoddin Marke Lucar

M"" Granger M"" Jones

M' Barbone [blank space]

Mr. Sargent Sam Hon [How ?]

Sister House M' Wilson

John Milburn M"" Crafton [Grafton]

Henry Parker H. Dod, deceased, a Prisoner

M"" Jacob M"" Lemar.'

Elizab. Milbuni, about 26 comited y° 12^1? of y'^ 21? Month
(called May 12'*') being y*' Lords Day. Just a fortnight after
was y* Antient Church so seized upon & two of them comitted
to be fellow Prisoners with these. The Lord thus tryed &

' In the Gould Manuscript these names are written in four columns,
and the word "Prisoner" in the entry relating to "H. Dod" is there
placed in the margin.

Documents from the Goidd Manascrli^t 297

experienced them & their Friends & foes y*^ Space of some two
Years, some only under Baill, some in Hold : in w*^^ time y®
Lord Wonderfully magnified his Name & refreshed their Spirits
abundantly, for

1. In that time y^ Lord opened their mouths so to speak at y^
High Comission & Pauls & in private even y*^ weake Women
as their Subtill & malicious Adversarys ware not able to resist
but ware asshamed.

2. In this Space y^ Lord gave them So great faviour in y^ Eyes of
their Keepers y*" they suffered any friends to come to them
and they edify ed & comforted one another on y° Lords Days
breaking bread &c.

3. By their Holy & Gratious carriage in their Sufferings, he so
convinced others y' they obtained much more faviour in the
Eyes of all Such generally as feared God then formerly, so that
many ware very kind & helpfull to them, contributing to their
Necessities, some weekly sending Meat &c, to them.

4. Their Keepers found [them] so sure in their promises that they
had freedom to go home, or about their Trades, or buisness
whensoever they desired, & set their time, & say they would
then returne it was enough without the charges of one to
attend them.

5. In this very time of their restraint y*' Word was so farr
from bound, & y*^ Saints so farr from being scared from the
Ways of God that even then many ware in Prison added to y^
Church, viz

Jo. Ravenscroft Will"" f

Widd Harvey Tho« j Harris

Mary Atkin Jane (

Tho« Wilson Widd. White.

Sarah Ailce \

Hump: Bernard [Barnet or Eliz [Wincop.^

Bernet] Rebec)

G. Wiffield

6. Not one of those that ware taken did recant or turnc back
from the truth, through fear or through flatterry or cumiing
Slights but all ware y'' more strenghtened [sic] therel)y.

^ Id the Qould MS. theso names are an-anged in four columns.

298 Earhj Emjlhh Dlssotfcrs

7. When in y® time of their Sufferings, M' [John] Davenport had
so preached that some brought the Notes of his Sermon to these,
as if it ware to condem their practice, & would have them answer
them if they could : they sent a letter to him desireing he
would Send them his own Notes to avoid Mistakes hoping that
either he might inform them or they him in some things
discover to him w'h[w^] wiis made known to them, He
loveingly performed it, they having perused his Notes, wrote
back to him a large answer ; after his receipt thereof he never
did comunicate with them any more, but went away when y"
Sacrament day came, and afterward preached, publickly &
privately for y*^ truth, & soon afterward went to Holland, where
he sufferd somewhat for y*^ truths sake, & then went to New
England where he now preacheth the same Truth that these do
here, 'though there without such Persecution.

8. The Answers of M" Jones & Some others in y'' time of their
Sufferings are not Yet Extent fory'^ Comfort and Encouragement
of others against taking that Oath ex officio against false
Accusers. Their Petitions to his Maj.*^*

Sarah Jones her Grievances given in & read openly at y""
Comission Court.

Her Cronicle of Gods remarkable Judgments & dealings
that Year &c wonderfuU are the Lords works its meet he

should have all y^ Praise.

After y^ Space of about 2 Years of the Sufferings & Patience of
these Saints they ware all released upon Bail (some remaining
so to this day as M'' Jones &c, though never called on) only to
M"^ Lathorp & M"" Grafton they refused to shew such faviour,
they ware to remain in Prison without release.

At last there being no hopes y'^ M"" Lathorp should do them
further Service in y® Church, he having many motives to go to
new England if it might be granted After the Death of his
Wife he earnestly desiring y*^ Church would release him of y''
office w'^'' (to his grief) he could no way performe, & that he
might have their consent to goe to new England, after serious
consideration had about it it was freely granted to him
Then Petition being made that he might have Liberty to 1634
depart out of y^ Land he was released from Prison 1634, about

Documents from the Gould Manuscript 299

y^ 4^? Month called lune, & about 30 of the members, who
desired leave & permission from y*" Congregation to go along
with him, had it granted to them, namely, M"" lo: Lathorp,
Sam. House, lohn Wodwin, Goodwife Woodwin, Elder &
Younger, Widd: Norton, & afterwards Rob.^ Linel & his Wife,
M' & M^ Laberton, M';f Hafnond, M^' Swinerton

joyned those w*^ M"" lacob, these inhabiting in
Coulchester (though an old Church of y'^ Separation was there)

viz loshua WaiTen, Henry lanuary, St Puckle a

Manasses Kenton, Lemuel Tuke &c who afterwards by Concent
became a Church. Tuke left them & is a Preacher at Dry.

M,^ Dupper had been of this Congi-egation he w"-"" Tho: 1630

Dyer y*^ was one of them & Daniel Chidley y'' Elder

these joyned togeather to be a Church, M"" Boy joyned

himself to them & M"" Stanmore [Staismore?] Bcnj: Wilkins,
Hugh Vesse, lohn Flower, Bro : Morton, & his Wife, lohn lerrow.

There haveing been much discussing these denying Truth 1633
of y*^ Parish Churches, & y*^ Church being now become so large
y*' it might be prejudicial, these following desired dismission
that they might become an Entire Church, & further y^
Cofnunion of those Churches in Order amongst themselves, w'^'^
at last was granted to them & performed Sep* 12. 1633 viz

Henry Parker & Wife

Widd: Fearne Marke Luker Hatmaker

M^ Wilson Mary Milburn Tho' Allen,

lo: Milburn

To These loyned Rich: Blunt, Tho: Hubert, Rich: Tredwell &
his Wife Kath:, lohn Trimber, W? Jennings & Sam Eaton Mary

Greenway M' Eaton with Some others receiving a further


Others joyned to them,
These also being of y*^ same Judgment w^ Sam. Eaton &
dcsireing to depart & not to be censured our interest in them
was remitted w^'^ Prayer made in their behalfe lune 8^ 1638.
They haveing first forsaken Us & loyned w"' M"" Spilsbury,

300 Early English Dlsacntcrs

M: Peti. Fcncr W? Batty

Hen. Pen M? Allen (died 1639)

Tho. Wilson Mi;i Norwood

Other Persecutions besides the Persecutions befores**

The Good Lord Icsus gave, (Satan still envying y*^ Prosperity
of Zion, stirred up against this Church) several Tiyalls afterwards
wherein still y*' Lord gave occation of Triumphing in him ; It's
good to record & bring to remembrance our Straights & y*"
Lords Enlargements, Experience works Hope & Hope makcth
not asshamed because y® Love of God is shed abroad in our
hearts. to instance in

lohn Trash was taken by Rag at M' Digbeys & not Yelding 16.')(j

to Rags general warrant was had to y^ L. Mayor & was

comitted to y® Poultrey Counter for ten days & then was
released upon Bail, wanted his health & was shortly after

11^ Month (vulgarly January) y^ 21 day at Queenhith
(where M' Glover, M' Eaton, M' Eldrcd k others ware w*^** us) 1637

after Exercise was done, by means M"" the overthwart

Neighbour, Officers & others came, at last both y® Sheriffs, &
then Veasy y'' Pursevant who took y* names ; The Lord gave
such Wisdom, in their Carriage y'' some of their opposers
afterwards did much favour them & bail'd them. The next
Day Veasy the Pursevant got Money of some of them, & so
they ware dismissed, 4 ware comitted to y'' Poultrey Counter

R. Smith M^v-f lacob S. Dry

3 Month H'-i' Day At M^ DeLamars Veasy w^" others came 1038
upon them in Barnaby Street by Male all taken 4 bound to
answer at High Coiriission. viz Br. Russell & Cradock

11^" Month at Lambeth M"* Lovcl & M" Chitwood by Doctor 163!)
Featly were sent to Kings Bench & by Docf Lauds direction
bound to y* Assizes

2 Month Vulgo Aprill 21. At Tower Hill at M^ Wilsons 1040
where some ware seeking y*^ Lord w^** fasting for y*^ Parliament
(like to be dissolved unless they would grant Subsidies for

Documents from the Gonld Maniiscrijjt 301

Warrs against y® Scotish) by Procurement of Male y^ Arch
Prelates Pursevant, S"" W? Balford Leivetenant of y® Tower
sent theither H Jesse (who he found praying for y'' King as he
told his Mag*y) M^ lones, M"" Brown w^ others about 20.
Then S' W"" asked his Magesties Pleasure concerning them who
would have them Released but D'' Laud y® Arch Bishop being
Presant desired the men might be bound to y^ Sessions w'^'* was
perform & no Enditement being there against them at their
appearance they ware freed.

Also 6 Month 21. at our Brother Goldings by y^ Constables 1641
means, Alderman Somes came who took y® Names of Ml Puckle
& lohn Stoneard, y® Constables can-ied them with M' Golding,
M' Shambrook & some others to y® Mayor who bound them to
y® Sessions, from whence their Accusers being called then to
take y® Protestation w^*^ their Parishoners none appearing
against them they ware freed.

Also 6 Month 22* day at the L Nowels house y^ same 1641
L Mayor S"" John Wright came Violently on them, beat, thrust,
pinched & kicked such men or Women as fled not his handling,
among others M""^ Berry who miscarryed & dyed the same week
& her Child. He cofnitted to y*" Counter H. lessey, M"" Nowel,
M' Ghofton [Grafton], & that night bound them to answer at y^
House of Comons where they appearing he let it fall.

Covenant Renewed.

Whilst M"" Lathorp was an Elder here some being greived
1630 against one that had his Child then Baptized in y^ Common
Assemblies, & desireing & urging a Renouncing of them, as
Comunion w'^'' them, M"" Can also then walking Saints

where he left M'' How (he going w^'' Some to Holland) He
desiring that y*^ Church w'^'' M' Lathorp would renew their
Covenant in Such a Way, & then he with Others would have
Comunion w'^'' them : M' Dupper would have them therein to
Detest & Protest against y*^ Parish Churches, Some ware
Unwilling in their Covenanting either to be tyed either to
protest against y*" truth of them, or to affirm it of them, not

302 Earlji English Dissenters

knowing w' in time to come God might t'urthcr manifest to
them thereabout Yet for peace Sake all Yclded to renew their
Covenant in these Words

To Walke togeathcr in all y"^ Ways of God So flirr
as he hath made known to Us, or shall make known to us, &
to forsake all false Ways, & to this the several Members Sub-
scribed their hands

After this followed several Sheets containing y"' Names
of y*' Members of y" said Congregation & y*" time of their

Numb: 2

[So-called Kiffin Manuscript.]

An Old MSS, giveing some Acco" of those Baptists who
first formed themselves into distinct Congregations, or Churches
in London. found among certain Paper given me by

M"" Adams.


Sundry of y'' Church whereof M"" lacob & M' lohn Lathorp
163:1 had been Pastors, being dissatisfyed w^'' y'' Churches owning of 1633
English Parishes to be true Churches desired dismission &
loyned togeather among themselves, as M"" Henry Parker,
M' Tho. Shepard M' Sam" Eaton, Marke Luker, & others w"*
whom loyned M^ W'" Kiffen.

1638. M' Tho: Wilson, M^ Pen, & H. Pen, & 3 more being
1638 convinced that Baptism was not for Infants, but professed 1638
Beleivers joyned w"* M"' lo: Spilsbury y*' Churches favour being
desired therein

3'^ Mo: The Church became two by mutuall consent just 1640

1640 half being w"^ M^ P. Barebone, & y^ other halfe with M' H. lessey

M' llichard Blunt w"' him being convinced of Baptism y' also it

ought to be by diping y*' Body into y* Water, resembling Burial

& riseing again. 2 Col: 2. 12. Rom: 6. 4. had sober conferance

' It is a gi'eat pity that Stiuton did not think it worth while to
transcribe this extended list of the members of the church.

Documents from the Gould Manuscript 303

about in y'' Church, & then w*-** some of the forenamed who also
ware so convinced : And after Prayer & conferance about their
so enjoying it, none haveing then so so [sic] practised in
England^ to professed Believers, & hearing that some in y®
Nether Lands had so practised they agreed & sent over
M'' Rich. Blunt (who understood Dutch) w^'' Letters of Comen-
dation, who was kindly accepted there, & returned w'^^ Letters
from them lo: Batte a Teacher there, & from that Church to
such as sent him.

They proceed on therein, viz, Those Persons y' ware persuaded 1641
Baptism should be by dipping- y*' Body had mett in two
Companies, & did intend so to meet after this, all these agreed
to proceed alike togeather. And then Manifesting (not by any
formal Words a Covenant) w*^** word was scrupled by some of
them, but by mutual desires & agreement each Testified.:

Those two Companyes did set apart one to Baptize the rest;
So it was solemnly performed by them.

M"" Blunt Baptized IVP Blacklock y'' was a Teacher amongst
them, & W Blunt being Baptized, he & M'" Blacklock Baptized
y'^ rest of their friends that ware so minded, & many being
added to them they increased much

The Names of all 1 1 Mo. lanu : begin

Richard Blunt Sam. Blacklock Tho Shephard)

Greg. Fishburn Doro: Fishburn his Wife j

lohn Cadwell Eliz. Cadwell Maiy Millisson

Sam. Eames Tho. Munden

Tho. Kilcop William Willieby

Robert Locker Mary Lock[e?'?]

' That is perhaps more accurately in London.

2 In Vol. I., p. 334, I speak of this mode of baptism by " dipping " as
having received about 1641 the nickname of "ducking over head and eai-s".
This expression, however, seems to have been of much eai'lier origin, for
in Stephen Denison's " The Doctrine of both the Sacraments ", London,
1621, p. 23, occur the following unexjiected words: — "Be Baptised, the
word translated baptizing doth most properly signifie dipping ouer head
andeares,..." He also says, p. 11, that "by report" there were "not a few
Anabaptists" about London in 1621, but gives no suggestion that they
then practised immersion.


Early Fuf/Iish Dissenters

lohn Braunson
Rich. Ellis
\\> Creak
RoV Can-
Martin Mainprise

Hen: Wool mare*
Rob'^ King
The. Waters
Henr}' Creak
Mark Liikar
Henry Darker
Eliz lessop

41 in all

lohn Bull
Mary Liingride
Mary Hanian
Sarah Williams

. ' \ Dunckle
Ann j

Eliz. Wool more

Sarah Norman

Isabel Wool more

ludeth Manning

Mabel Lukar

Abigal Bowden

Mary Creak

Susanah King

11* January 9 added

• ll'h month
understood as

l-'^S'tai I"hn Cat.tope
lanu' 9:t. Nicholas Martin
Ailie- Stanford
Nath Matthon"
Mary Burch

thus 53 in all

George Denham
Tho: Daomunt
Rich Colgrave
Eliz Hutchinson
lohn Croson
Sybilla Lees
lohn Woolmoore

Those that ware so minded had comunion togeather were 1G44
become Seven Churches in London.

M"" Green w'** Cap^ Spencer had begim a Congregation in 1639
Crutched Fryers, to whom Paul Hobson joyned who was now
w'*" many of that Church one of y® Seven

These being much spoken against as unsound in Doctrine as
if they ware Armenians, & also against Magistrates &c they
joyned togeather in a Confession of their Faith in fifty two 1644
^f E d°*T *• Articles w'*' gave great satisfaction to many that had been
ConfesBion. " prejudiced.

[? Woolmore].

[? Ailce, i.e., Alice].

[? Matthew}

Documents from the Gould Manuscript 305

Thus Subscribed in y® names of 7 Churches in London :
W? Kiffin ]

Tho: Patience! The: Gun ) Paul Hobson)

Geo: Tipping ] lo: Mabbet} Tho: Goore )

lohn SpilsburyJ lohn Web | lo: Phelps )

Tho: Shepard| Tho: Kilcopj Edward Heath]
Tho: MundenJ

[Part of] Numb: 23. [which is]

An Account of A Church that usually met in Southwark
near S| Mary Overys Church, consisting partly of Psedobaptists,
& partly of Antipsedobaptists, from their first Constitution in y°
Reign of K. lames I, to their Dissolution in 1705.
taken out of their Church Book, &c.

[Supposed to have been written by old M"" (lohn ?) Webb.]

This Church I find was constituted in Gospell Order about y*"
Year 1621. The first Pastor thereof was one M'' Hubbard,
a learned Man of Episcopal Ordination, who having left the
Church of England, took his Ministry from this Church, & with
them went into Ireland, & there died. They returned again to
England, and chose M"" lohn Canne, (flimous for filling up
a Bible with Marginal Notes to this day much valued) to be
their Pastor, who attended that service for some time, and then
with some of the Members left tho Church, and went to
Amsterdam, and there continued with the English Church
many years, and tho' he came into England afterwards, yet he
returned to Amsterdam, and there died. During which time
they continued without a Pastor, and then chose M"" Sam: How,
who served in the ministration about 17 years and died in
peace very much lamented. In his time they were persecuted
beyond measure by the Clergy and Bishops Courts, and he
dying under the Sentence of Excommunication, They with
a Constables guard secured the parish ground at Shoreditch to
prevent his being buried there so that he was buried at Anis
a Cleer, and several of his Members according to their desire
was buried there likewise. He wrote that little Book so often
B. II. 20

306 Early English Dissenters

printed, called Hows SuflBciency of the Spirits teachings, and
was veiy famous for his vindication of the Doctrines of
Separation, and both he and his People were much harrassed
for it by their Enemies, and were forced to meet together in
fields and woods to avoid them.

They afterwards chose one M"" Stephen More to be their
Pastor, He was a Deacon of their Church excellently gifted
for the work of the ministry, a man of good reputation and
possessed of an Estate. In his time their Case was altered for
the better, and they who used to be avoided, and who were
hardly reckoned among men, but look'd on as a kind of Wild
Creatures, and greatly persecuted, met with some respite of
peace. Indeed once on a Lords day when they were met
together, they were taken, and by S"" lohn Ludhall [Lcnthall]
committed to the Clink Prison and some of them had before the
house of Lords as aforementioned. But after that I find little
inteiTuption given them.

A Brief Account of this Church of Christ, from the be-
gining : Togeathcr w''' y® Progressions down to this present
Year. 1699.

According to y*^ best Account from Ancient Members
therein, & such Notices as in Old Books we find : That about
y® Year 1621 was this Church constituted in Gospel Order, &
carried on by one M' Hubbert ; who in that time of Trouble
then all did pass to Ireland, where he for some time continued
with them & dyed. He was a Man brought up in Learning,
& was formerly an ordained Man of the Church of England,
but renounc'd it, & took his Ministry from that Church. This
one thing is remarkable of him, That on his Death-bed he said.
He thought there was Some Spell in his first Ordination, Seing
that tho he knew y*- Some of y" Members had as good gifts as
himselfe & more Grace Yet could not get over this, but think
of himselfe aboue them & thought this did arise from y®
Impressions in his mind made at that Ordination. This Church
returned into England, & kept close their Comunion here about
London, where one M' Tho : Hancock, a member of this Church,

Docmnents from the Gould Manuscriiyt 307

preaching to them as a Brother for some Months. After w'^^ y^
Church called M"" lohn Can, (who was since famous for filling
up a Bible w*''* Marginal Notes, to this day much Vallued)
whom y® Church called & Chose their Pastor, who attended
that Service for Some Time, & then w^'' Some of y^ Members
left y^ Church, & went to Amsterdam, Sm there continued w*-^ y®
English Church many Years ; And the he came into England
after yet returned & there dyed. All w''^^ time y® Church
planted by M' Hubbard, w^'' Such other as loyned w*-^ them
continued serving the Lord w'^ Singleness of heart, & in
process of time had y^ Oportunity of enjoying as a Member
Sam: How.

At w* time, they Solemly renewed & confirmed their
Antient League & Covenant one w"' another, & then did freely
Elect, Choose, & Ordain y*" Said Sam.' How to be their Pastor,
who faithfully «& painfully served in this Ministration about the
Space of Seven Years, till, according to y® will of God, he fell
asleep [& died in Peace] in a troublesome Day, being much

Before I go further take these remarks on this Sam! How
who lived about 1634 or 35, w"'' was a time of great trouble by
the Bpp* Courts in King Charles y^ It time, in many Vexatious
Conditions by Pursevants &c, & Excomunications : & This
Servant of Christ dyed under this Punishment, & therefore
they would not let him have y'' w*^^ they call Christian Burial,
but w''' a Constables gaurd secured y® Parish ground at
Shoreditch against them, who very quietly was buried at Anis*
a Cleer, where several Members desired & when dead was
buried by him. This is y*" How so much talked of in latter
Years who wrote y*^ little Book so often printed, called Hows
Sufficiency of y° Spirits Teaching &c. And as farr as I can
find by them y^ were of y^ Church at y*" time (for I know many
of them) he was famous for y^ Vindication of y'' Doctrines of
Sepcration, & were for it much harrassed up & down in Fields
& Woods; but God was w''*' them, & they cheerfully passed

After these things, some considerable time after, finding y*
want of a Pastor, & desireing y^ Groth of y"" Church, & their


308 Early English Dissenffrs

Edification, they chose out among themselves, & pitched upon
Stephen More, a gifted Brother, & a Deacon to y® Church, &
did freely Elect, Choose & Ordain him unto that Oflficc about
y" Year 1641. He was a Cityzen of Good Worth, & possessed
of Some Estate, & lived in good Reputation, yet did he willingly
comply w'*" all y" Providences of God in all their Afflictions &
Sufferings to Serve our Lord lesus, & purchased to himselfc
a good degree & great boldness in his Work, «fec.*

' Since this material was prepared for the press, Dr Whitley has
published the entire document with some useful annotations ("Trans-
actions of the Baptist Historical Society" for May, 1910).


JULY 17, 1630

The names of all such Seperatistes or Brownistes as are resident
within the Towne of great Yarmouth [" Julij. 17. 1630 "j^

1 William Vring now in Norwich Castle and comitted to the
Goale in Yarmouth by W^ Buttolphe & Henry Da[..]

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