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columns, but are here for convenience placed in two.



[The names of certain Brownists (Barrowists) taken at
a Conventicle in Henry Martin's House, October 8, 1587, and
examined in the Episcopal Palace, London, on the same day.]^

8** die mensis Octobris 1587.
in palacio epwcopali London.

Crane a minister mad by 23 "i called for beinge
Browneste*. Grindall when he was Bushop at privat conven-

1 of London, and before that tides this daye in
he was a student in Lawe \ henry Martins

in the inner Chauncery — howse in S'' An-

drewes in the war-
. dropp. /
he saieth that all the booke (meaninge the comon
booke, is not gospell)

2 Henry Martin / of the same secte.

3 George Smells / of the same sect
for beinge

at [p]rivat






1 S. P.

Edward Boyce / of the same sect
Anne lackson / of the same sect
George Collier / of the same sect
Katherin Owin [Onyon].

Roberte Lacy of S*" Andrewes in holborne of the
I — same sect/ he refuseth to take an othe./

Dom., Elizabeth, Vol. 204 (10), in the Public Record Office,


20 Earlji Etiglhli Dissenters

9 Thomas Freeman of the parishe of S'Botulphewith

owt aldersgate of the same sect and a Brownest.
iO Edithe Burry of Stepney [?] /

ii M' Grenwood p7*e«cher dep/nued of his benefice [?]

in norfolke about 2 yeres past takin at the said
privat conventicles in mortins howse /
he is comitted to the Clincke /

12 Margaret maynerd of Bredstreet she saieth ther
is no church in England, she hath not bin at
church theis x. yeres. / comitted to Bridwell

13 Alice Roe wydow. of S'' Andrewes in the wardrop

14 Agnes Wyman of Stepney,

15 Roberte Griffith of the same sect

16 lohn Chaundler of Stepney / of the same sect /

17 Edmond Thompson of Stepney / of the same sect

18 Henry Thompson eiusdem praedicte of the same

19 Roberte Redbome &] servantes to m' Boyce of

[ the parishe of S'' Brigittes
20. Thomas Russell J in flet stret. /

2i Peter Allen servant to m' 1

Allen a salter of the parishe \ of the same
of S*" Botulphe nere Billingsegatj sect and at

martins howse a
foresaid at the
conventicle /
vacat Clement • Gamble servante -fee^ Anno Jackson

[Information concerning the Barrowists in 1590.]

A briefe of the positions holden by

the nevve sectorie of recusants [i.e., the
Barrowists] \

6. That the Sacraments of Babtisme & the Lords supper, as
they are administred now in the Church of England, be not
true Sacraments.

gyuen out by the Bisshops | ...", 1590 [p. 7].

Miscellaneotis Barrowist Documents 21

y That infants ought not to be baptised, according to the
forme of baptisme ministred now in the Church of Englajid,
but are rather to be kept vnbaptised.

[The experiences of the Barrowists at the hands of the
Bishops were by no means pleasant.]

Now the course the BBs & their cleargie haue taken, to
approoue themselues vnto all men to be no such deceitful!
workmen, theire building to be no such wood, hay, stubble,
hath not beene to bring their w^orkes to the light, & to submit
yt & themselues, to be measured by the golden reed of Gods
word, therby iustifying themselues, conuincing and perswading
others: But in stead of this, they first imprison all such as
make anie scruple or question of theire doings : yea all such as
but speake against them, they shut vp in close pryson, there to
continewe without bayle or mainprice, all the daies of theire
life, except they submit & recant : Some they cast into most
noisome & vile dungeons, without ayre, foode, bedds, or so
much as strawe to lye vppon, keeping them from theire wyues,
children, trades labours, to the vtter vndoing & affamishment
of them, their wyues, & children ; Others they lade, with as
manie yrons as they can beare ; some others they a while
produced to the Sessions, there indicting them as recusants
vppon the Statute made for the Papists ; publishing them by
theire prynt with priuiledg Anabaptists, Hereticks, Schis-
maticks, Sectories, Donatists, Conuenticlers, seditious, turbulent;
sparsing abrode through all the land certeine Articles of theire
owne deuising against them, to bring them into hatred with
the whole land, whervnto also they haue not spared theire
toungs, in theire pulpits, where euery one of their priests might
forge what opinion he lyst against them, & confute it with the
same mouth, in their name : and all this, without once pro-
ducing them, to anie christian triall where they might haue
place giuen them, to defend themselues, & produce theire
reasons, or once endeuoring to perswade or confute them by
anie one place of scripture ; ^

gyuen out by the Bisshopa | ...", 1590, sig. Ay recto and ver3o.

22 Early English Dissenters

[The names of the persons belonging to the imprisoned
"nevve sectorie of recusants" are the following: — ]*

lames Forester) . ,

^ , „ )■ prvsoners in newgate

lohn Francys j ^ -^

Robert Batkine in the Fleete

Thomas Freeman^

Thomas Settel \ in the gatehowse

lohn Debenham J

George Collierl .^ ^^^ ^
lohn bparowe J

Edmond Nicolson) . ^, ^, ,
^, . ^ _, ^ in the Clynke

Ghristoter Kaper j

GhHstokr Browne) • . i r,, i
^ . o, .1 y in the Clynke

Quintan bmyth )

Androwe Smyth ) • . . /-ti i
«Tii- -Di 1 u ^ m the Clynke

William Blakborowej "'

Thomas Lemar ] . ^, />,, ,
Thomas MichellJ " *''" ^'^"''^

Anthonve Clakston) .

•'^ y in newgate

William Forester j °

William Denford) .

_ „^ > in newgate

Roger Waterer j

Edeth Burrowghe) .

AiTir -D f Mn newgate

William Burt j

George Smels ) in the Counter wood-

Christofer Bowman] street

Robert lacksonj ^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^

Nycolas Lee )

Robert AQdrewesj .^ _ ^^^^^^

William Button )

J^,^ ^^ J i in Count: woodstr.
lohn r issherj

gyuen out by the Bisshops | ...", 1590, sigs. A,, verao— B recto.
'■^ Could lohn Baser have beeu Leonard Basher's father ?

Miscellaneous Barrowist Documents 23

William Clarke ) . ^ ,

TT , , 1 , \ m. Uount : vvoodstr.
Kicnard maltussej

William Fouller) . ^ , , ,

T5 . , J oi 1 . r in Count : woodstr.
Kicnard SkarletJ

Roger Rippine] . ^ ,

T h PI V 1 ^^ Count vvoodstr.

Rowland Skip worth] in the Counter
George Knifton j poultrye

Richard Hayward) . _, ,

T , X 1 V, f in Count : poult.
lohn Lankaster J ^

Thomas Endford] in Count : poult.

Hem-y Barrowe } . , -m
T 1 V. 1 r in the r leete

lohn UreenwoodJ

Daniell Studlev] . , , -,,
,,, , , T •' ^ in the J^ leete

Walter Lane )

Edmond Tomson] . , , ,

T 1 T.T- 1 }■ in the gatehouse

lohn JNicolas ) "

William Dodson") . ,, , ,

_ , „ ^ in the gatehowse

lohn Barrens j

lohn Cranford ) • ,, , ,

„. , , , 1 r m the gatehowse

Kichard wheeler]

Thomas Canadine — in the gatehowse

[Part of a letter from lohn Smith to Dr. [John] Reynolds,
dated February 20, 1592/3.] ^

This daye it is reported the Baroists shalbe arraigned, yesterday
m'' smith \^sic\ & I dealt with half a score of them at y® gatehowse
co7iceming out church, & [?] ther errours in refusing to say the
L. prayer, & to eate any thing vpon the Sabboth. They denyed
both at first, but at length yelded that thei held the former.
The men be verye readye to ther poore [?] still, but as impudent,
as obstinate, as proud & disdainfull as ever I talked with any ;
The L. geeve them humble & repentant hartes [?]... .

London the 20^^ of Febr.

* Corpus Christi College Library, Oxford. MS. No. 318, present press-
mark C. 3. 2 (fol. 143).

24 Early EnylisJi Dissenters

[The names of several Barrowists who were willing to conform
and were evidently bailed some time after April 5, 1593.]'

The names of suche Sectaries, as vpon
ther Conformitie the Commissioners have

lohn Hulkes [or Huckes] of Detford Shipwright. /

Willmm Mason of wappinge Shipwright. /

william Curland of Detford Shipwright.

Edward Gilbert apprentice to Isack Frees Taylor,

of the pa/'ishe of S*" Gregories neere powles. /

Henry Brodewater of S'^ Nicholas lane Scrivenor.

Thomas Mihilfield \sic\ of S' Saviours loyner. /

Thomas Farret servant to Wilham Greene of

Aldei-sgate streete.

Henrye Withers of Detford Strand, Shipwright.

[Part of a Letter of lohn Chamberlain to Mr Dudley
Carleton at "Eaton", dated "From London", the "22''' of
October 1608 ".]«

only there was a nest or assemblie of Brownists [probably
Barrowists] discouered on Sonday about Finsburie, wherof Fiue
or sixe and thirty were apprehended with theyre preacher one
Trundle that vsed to exercise at christs-church.

1 Harl. MS. 6848, fol. 210.

2 S. P., Dom., James 1, Vol. 37 (No. 25), in the Public Record Office,



In^ the yeare 1588 came fourth those hatefull libelles of Martin
Marreprelate, & much about the same tyme the Epitome, the
Demonstracion of discipline, the Supplicacion Diotrephes, the
Mineralles, Have you any worke for a Coop&r, Martin Junior,
alias Theses Martinianoi, Martin Senior, Moore worke for the
Cooper, all printed wtth a kinde of wandering presse which, was
first sett vp at Monsey [Moulsey ?] neare Kingston vppon
Thames, & from thence conuaied to Fawsley in Northampton-
shire, from thence to Norton, from Norton to Couentry, from
Couentry to Wollston in Warwickshire, from thence the Setters
were sent to an other presse in or neare Manchester where the
presse was discouered in printing of More worke for a Cooper,
vfhich. shamelesse libell as like wise all the forenamed were
fraught only with odious & scurrulous calumpniaci'ons against
the established gouerment & such reuerend Prelate* as deserued
honour with vprighter iudgementes, some of the Printers whiles
they were busied about the last libell, were apprehended, who
with the enterteiners & receauers of the presse were p?'oceaded
against in the Starre Camber & their censured but vppon their
submission, at the Archbishops humble sute were both de-
liuered out of Prison & eased of their synes. The Authors &
publishers, were lohn Penry and lohn Vdall with others the
cheefe dispersor was Humphrey Newman a Cobler (a fitt
brooker for such souterly worke) of wAich three hereafter we

1 Cotton MS. Julius F. VI, fol. 76 verso and 77 recto, in the British

26 Early English Dissenters

shall speake more in a fitter place The factious Monsters of
the pretended discipline haning with these seditious libeller (as
the forerunners & harbengers of their farther designes) made
waie in the hartes of the vulgar who euer are apt to entertaine
matter of Noueltie especiallie if it haue a shew of restraining
the authoritie of their Superiowrs, they thought it the fittest
time to prosecute their proiectes & while the one sorte of them,
were maliciouslie busie in slaundering the state of the Church
alredy setled, the other sor[t]e were as factiouslie eager in plant-
ing the discipline wAich they had newlie plotted Where vppon
shortlie after Thomas Cartwright Edmond Snape, Andrew
Kinge, Wilton Proudloue, lohn Graine, Melanchton lewell,
Lord, Fenny e, and Wright were called in question & proceeded
withall in Starre chamber, for setting forth and putting in
practise without warrant or authoritie a new forme of Common
Praier & administracton of the sacramentes & presbiteriall
discipline comprised in two bookes Intituled Disciplina Eccle-
sise sacra Dei verbo descripta and Disciplina S}Tiodica ex
Ecclesiarum vsu with other bookes and Pamphlettes of like
nature, And so putt their reformacton & Hierarchic in practise
they held their assemblyes & Classis in sundrie places of this
Realme viz: at London, Oxford, & Cambridge, Warwicke,
Northampton, Ketteringe, Daintry where they corrected &
altered diuerse imperfections conteyned in the said booke,
treating allsoe & concluding of sundry Articles & decrees in
allowance of the bookes & of the Matters therin vtz :
That the Queenes authoritie ought to be restrained in causes
ecclesiasticall. /



[" Certen wicked sectes
& opimons . marche
1588 & 89 No 3i.Eliz."]*

The Manner of thassemblie of
the secret Conventicklers to-
gethe' with some Collections of
there opynions /
Confessed by clement

Gambell. In the somer tyme they mett

togethe' in the feilds a mile or
more about london. there they
sitt downe vppon A Banke &
diuers of them expound out of
the bible so long as they are
there assembled

In y* wynte' tyme they assemble
themselves by 5. of the clocke in
y^ morning to that howse where
they make there Conventicle,
for y''[?] Saboth daie men &
woemen togethe' there they Con-
tynewe in there kinde of praier
& exposia'on of Scriptures all
that daie They dyne togethe',
After dinner make collection to
paie for there diet[?] & what
mony is left somwe [?] one of
them carrieth it to the prisons
where any of there sect be
* Harl. MS. 6848, fol. 83 recto— 84 recto, in the British Muaeum.

Confessed by Clemente


Early EnijUsh Dissenters

Confessed by lohn

Confessed by Clemente
Gamble /

Confessed by Cleme?it

Taught in another of

there wrytmg[es] taken from

In there praier one speketh and
the rest doe grone, or sob. or sigh,
as if they wold wringe out teares,
but . . . not after . . . that praieth,
there praier is extemporall
In there conventicles they vse
not the lordes praier, nor of any
forme of sett praier, for the
lorde* praier, one, who hath ben
A dalie resorte"" [to ?] there
conventiclers [conventicles ?],
hath [sic\ this yeare & a half on
the Saboth daies, co7ifesseth y'
he neue7' hard it said emongest
them, And this is the doctryne
of the vse of it in there pamph-
lettes. To that which, is alledged,
that we ought to saie the
lordes praier, Bycause ouv saviowr
Christ saieth when you praie
doe yo" praie thus &c [?],...
for thuse of set or stynted praier
(as they terme it,) this they teach
that all stynted praiers & redd
service is but Babling in y*
lordes sight,...

In all there metinges they teach
that there is noe heade or
supreme gove[r ?]ment of the
Church of god, but Christe,
That the Queene hath no auc-
thoritie to appoyn[t] mynisters
in the Church nor to set downe
any govermente for y^ Church
which is not directlie commanded
in godes worde /

To co7ifirme there privat C07i-
venticles and expounding there

1 John Dove, M.A., who published at least half a dozen books.

Barrowist De^wsitions


the for[e]said Smyth,
Confessed by lohn dove /

confessed by Clement

confessed by lohn dove

they teach that A pryvatt man
being A Brother may preach to
begett faieth and nowe that
thoffice of thappostles is ceaseth
[sic] there nedeth not, publiqwe
mynistres but euery man in his
owne calling was to preache the

They condempne [?] it as vtterlie
vnlawfuU to co7^ime to our
Churches in england to any
publicque praier or preching of
whome soeuer, for y* they saie
as the Chirch [?] of england
standeth they be all fals teachers
& falce prophettes[?] that be in
it, there reason is for that owr
preachers (as they saie) doe
teach vs that the state of the
realme of England is the true
Church (which they denye) and
therfore they saie that all
p?'eachers of england be fals
preachers sent in the lorde* anger
to deceyve his people with lyes,
and not true preachers to bring
the glad tydinges of the gospell,
and all that come to our Churches
to publicque praier or sermons
they accompt damnable soules

Taught in the same
pamphlet taken from
Roger lackson
Confessed in m"" lohn
Doves examinacion A
m'' of Arte who

Those who haue ben of there
secret Brotherhood and seing
there errowrs do fall from them


Early EmjIUh Dissenters

was at one of the

Co«fessed by love
who is the partie
who[m] they so vsed
& by m"" dove who
was present at this
Accton and was the
first man who
reveled this /

Wydowe Vnyon one
of there Chief
CoMventickler[s] her
Child was Babtised
in S*^ Andrewes in
the wardrope

and Submytt them selves to be
partakers of pabliqitc praiers
and hering of gode5 worde with
vs they condempne[?] as ap-
postates[?] and they saie it is A
greater synne to goe to our
Churches to publique praier then
for A man to lye with his fathers

And when as one of late forsoke
there Conventickles they sent
for him, and when he gave them
many reasons whie he cold not
hold there opynions for good as
namelie that they reiected the
lordes praier, That they were
dissemblers in that two of them
had made A deede of gyfte of all
there landes to deceyve the
Queene and A nombre of other
reasons wAich he alledged to
them when they sawe they cold
not Wynne hime they gaue hime
ouer to thandes of Satan till he
wold Submitt hime self to the
Church agayne and they all
kneling he that gave that sen-
tence made A praier to desyre
god to ratiffie that censure
against hime

They held it vnlawfull to baptise
Children emongest vs but rather
Chewse to let them goe vnbap-
tized as in Somer 1588 A Childe
of one of theres[?] beinge xij
yeres of Age was knowne [?] not
to haue ben baptized And when
the pore infant desyred the

Barrowist Depositions


Confessed by
Clement Gamble

Confessed by
demerit Gamble [?]

mother often that it might be
baptized she and it was [sic]
borne of faiethfiill parentis wAich
was enough for it wAi'ch Child
was by the Chauncelo"" of
london caused to be publiquely
Baptised, at a sermon made for
that purpose the last sommer [?]
and the mother ranne awaie for
feare of puishmente
It cannot be learned where they
receyved the Sacramentes of the
lordes Supper and one who neuer
missed there metinges[?] of A
yere & A half confesseth that he
neuer sawe any min[i]stracion of
the sacrement nor knoweth where
it is donne

for marradges if any of there
Chirch Marry together some of
there owne Brotherhood must
marry them as of late A Cople
were married in the fleet

Thexawinacion of Abraham Pulbery of London free
of the Cowpers of thage of xxv or thereaboute*.
taken vij" die martij 1592 as foloweth^

Item hee saieth that hee was in Cheapeside when the dead
Corps of Roger Rippon was caried thorowe the same, and
saieth further that hee heard there publikely redde the paper
w/a'ch was sett vpon the Coffine but hee would not call the
same a libell, And the same libell being shewed vnto him hee
thinketh that it was in effecte the same hee heard redde in
Chepeside /

And beinge examined of what opynion hee was touchinge
the same libell he saieth that the mainteyninge of the Bishops
of Englande as namely the ArchBishop of Canterbury & the

1 Harl. MS. 6848, fol. 43 recto, in the British Museum.

32 Earhf Enfjlixh Diaacnters

rest of the Bishops, whom hee termeth to bee Antichristian
Bishops as they are, that they are- the mainteyners of Anti-
christian Authoritie sayeng further that the said Bishops haiie
their authorities as they are Bishoppes from Antichriste & not
from her maiestie because there is noe suche authoritie in the
word of god for any Princes to make such Bishoppes to overrule
the Churches of god

And saieth further that when hee heard that paper redde in
Chepesidc hee heard allso then reported that they raente to
carry the said Coffine to m'' Justice younge.s house
And hee saieth further that hee was vpon Sonday laste in the
mominge at a wood neere yslington with others that were there
the nomber hee knoweth not and then & there had a sworde
aboute himselfe, and denieth to aunswere how often hee had
bene there before /and saieth allso that m"" lohnson was their
expounder that daye. /

Item hee saieth that hee hath made a promise to the Lord in
the p?-esence of his Congregacton when hee entred therevnto
that hee would walke with them as they would walke with the

Lorde /

^ychard young
lohn Ellis

Thexaminacion of lohn Nicholas of
Smithfeild Glover taken before vs
Henry Tounsend, RicAarc^ yonge and lohn Ellis
Esquiers the viij'*" of Marche 1592'

Item beinge tendred his oath to aunswhere truly to such

matters as should be demaunded of him conce7*ninge the

Queues maiestie refuseth to take any oathe

Item beinge demaunded whether he were at newgate or in

Cheepesid when the Coffin was carried to M"" Yongs saith he

was not, nor wtis prevye of the raakinge of the said Coffin onely

Rippons wyfe did tell him on Frydaye night (as he thinks that

hir husband was deade

Item he saith he did not knowe of the makinge of the Lybells

that were fixed on the Coffin nor did knowe whoe they were

> HarL MS. 6848, fol. 61 recto, in the British Museum.

Barrowist Depositions 33

that made them beinge demaunded whether he knowes
Pendred [Penry] or not saith he hath heard of him but knowes
him not

Item he saith he knowes Abraham Pulbery /
Item he saith he knowes one lones but hath not bene

longe acquainted with him nor doeth he knowe where he

Item this Examinate saith that he with his company were at
the wood where they were nowe taken on sonday was a fort-

Item he saith that the Lords prayer is noe praier for that (as
he saith) Christ did not saie it as a praier

Thexaminacion of Wilk'am Gierke, a worker
of Capps, of the parishe of St Buttolphes, taken
before vs Henry Townsend Richard yonge
and lohn Ellis esquiers the viij''' of marche 1592^

Item he beinge tendred his oath to aunswhere truly to such

questions as should be demaunded of him on the behalfe of the

Queues maiestie refuseth to take any oath :

Item he saith he did knowe Roger Ryppon but was not with

him duringe his imprisonme?«t nor was at Newgate when the

CofFyn was carried from thens, nor was previe of yt nor of the

lybell fixed theron nor who wrote it /

Item he saith he hath bene of the foresaid congregacion these

Fower or Fyve yeres, and made promise to stand ivith the said

Congregacion soe longe as they did stand for the truthe and

glory of god, beinge then of that Congregacion at that tyme

present aboute twentie or there aboutes

Item beinge demaunded when he did see Pendred [Penry]

denies to aunswhere that Question/

And beinge demaunded whether he wold geve his consent to

repaier to his parishe Churche (as he is bound by the lawes of

the Land) saith he maye not soe suddenly yeld there vnto but

(soe that he maye be at libertye) he saith he will put in good

securytie to be of good behauioure towards the Quenes maiestie

and the state /

> HarL MS. 6848, fol. 62 recto.

B. II. 3

34 Early English Dissenters

Thexamination of Richard Hawton shoomaker
taken before vs Henry Townsend Richard
yonge and lohn Ellis esquiers the viij*'*'
of marche 1592^

Item he denyes to take any oath to aunswhere to any question

but will aunswher truly soe nere as he can

Item he saith he hath bene of the foresaid congregacion a

fortenight or three weeks

Item he saith he hard noe notice of their meetinge at the wood

but meetinge with a shoomaker whome he knowes not went

with them/

Item he saith he knowes not Roger Rippon nor was at newgate

nor in Cheepesid when the Coffin was carried from newgate,

but he heard that a Coffin was carried throughe the streetes

and that Libells were fixed on yt but was not previe of them

nor knowes whoe wrote them

Item he saith he is nowe contented to repaier to his parishe

Churche as he ought and will hereafter refraine the Company

of that congregacion and will observe the Quenes majesties [?]


Thexaminaczon of lohn Barns tayler
taken... the viij*^ of Marche i592='

Item he saith he did knowe Roger Ryppon and was at newgate
in the mominge before he was carried thens but was not prevye
of the carri3Tige[?] of the Coffyn to m"" yongs, nor of the Lybells
fixed theron nor whoe wrote them

Item he saith that at his first entringe into that societie he
made noe other vowe, hut that he wold followe them soe farr
forth as the word of god did warr&unt him

Thexaminacton of Daniell Bucke scrivoner of the

of Southwarke taken the nyneth daye of marche


» Harl. MS. 6848, fol. 61 verso.

2 Ibid., fol. 67 recto. This MS. is an original.

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