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Barrowist Depositions 35

before Henry Townsend Richard yonge and
lohn Ellys Esquiers And beinge required to
be deposed vppon a booke refuseth to
take any other oath then to protest before god
that all his sayings were true^

Beinge examined whether he was with the Coffyn at newgate,
denyes that he was there and that he did not see the lybell
fixed on the said Coffin, but saith y'' afterwards a straunger
shewed vnto him the Coppie of the same at his owne shopp in
Southwarke and denyes that he knewe the name of the
straunger nor any thinge els of him, but that he was a
Wiltsheere man and came to see how he did/
And saith further that he was vppon sondaye last in thafter-
noone in the Cunstable his house in Islington where he did see
emongst others of their fraternitie Penrhyn [John Penry] /
And saith further that George lohnson was Reader there in
the Cunstables house as aforesaid And saith alsoe that there
were there aboue fortye of them together and diuers others that
were not of their societie

And saith further that he was not in his parishe Churche thes
xij monethes, bycause it is against his conscience vnlesse there
were reformacion in the Churche accordinge as they be war-
raunted by the word of god

And as conceminge the Bushopps he thinkes that they haue
noe spirituall aucthoritie over the rest of the Clergie
Beinge asked what vowe or promise he had made when he
came first to their socyetye he aunswhereth and saith that he
made this protestacion, That he wold walke with the rest of
that congregacton soe longe as they did walke in the waye of
the lord and as ffarr as might be warraunted by the word of

Beinge demaunded whether there shold be any motion made
by some of their fraternitie that they should goe some where
in to the Cuntrye wherby they might be in more saftie denyes
that he herd any such matters / but saith that he herd that one
Myllers a preacher at St Andreas vnderashafte sayd that if

» Harl. MS. 6849, fol. 216 recto— 217 recto, in the British Museum.


36 Early English Dissenters

they did maynteyne the truth they should not keepe them
selves in Cornez-s but should shewe them selves forth publiquely
to defend the same, and he thought that vnfitt lest it should be
a meane to stirr a Rebellion

And further beinge demaunded whoe was their pastor and by
whome he was Created saith that m' Frauncts lohnson was
chosen Pastor, and m' Grenewood docto^ and Bowman and
Lee deacons, and Studley and George Knifton potticary were
chosen elders, in the house of one Fox in St Nicholas Lane,
London / about halfe a yere sithence all in one day by their
congregacion, or at m"^ Bylsons house in Crechurche he re-
membreth not whether /and that the Sacrament of Baptisme
was (as he called it) deliuered there to the number of vij
persons by lohnson, but they had neither god fathers nor
godmothers, and he tooke water and washed the faces of them
that were baptised : the Children that were there baptised
were the Children of m"^ Studley m' Lee with others beinge of
seuer'all yeres of age, sayinge onely in thadministracion of this
sacrame/it I doe Baptise thee in the name of the father of the
Sonne and of the holy gost withoute vsinge any other cerimony
therin as is now vsually observed accordinge to the booke of
Common praier B[e]inge then there presente the said Daniel
Studley: wilh'am Sheppard, wilh'am marshall, lohn
Beche, Roberte Bray Thoma[s] Lee. Arthur Byllet
Edmund Thompson Roberte lackson wilh'am Mason,
George marten, Thomas michell, Robert Abraham,
henry wythers, Thomas digson[?], peter farland;
wilh'am weber, dauy Bristoe, lohn Nicholas, lohn
Barnes. George Smell[?], Cfwistofer Raper, Christofer
Sympkins, Christoiev diggins Roger Rippo7i Christofer
Boman, Thomas Settell lohn Grenewood, aforesaid
Edward Graue, wilh'am Collins, Abraham pulbery,
Nicholas leye aforesaid George manners George Knyfton,
aforesaid m" Settell, katherine Onnyon[?], m", Boyes,
margery daubin[?] Ellyn Rowe, Avis Allen, An homes,
lone pulbery, nichoias lee his wyfe, frauncis lohnes. An
Bodkyn, Elizabeth moore, Barbera Sampford,and others
whose names he doeth not remember.

Barrowist Depositions 37

Beinge further demaunded the manner of the lordes supper
administred emongst them, he saith that fyve whight loves or
more were sett vppon the table and that the Pastor did breake
the bread and then deliuered yt vnto some of them, and the
deacons deliuered to the rest some of the said eongregactow
sittinge and some standinge aboute the table and that the
Pastor deliuered the Cupp vnto one and he to an other, and
soe from one to an other till they had all dronken vsinge the
words at the deliuerye therof accordinge as it is sett downe in
the eleventh of the Corinthes the xxuij'^'* verse
Beinge demaunded whether they vse to make any Collection
or gatheringe amongst them said that there is a gatheringe of
mony emongst them the w/jtch mony is deliuered to the deacons
to be distributed accordinge to their discretion to the vse of
the poore

And he herd saie that they did vse to marry in theire

And further refuseth to comm to the Churche and obeye the
forme of service wAich is vsed in the booke [?] of Common
prayer sett oute by the Quenes maaesties [?] Iniunctions, bycause
there is not a reformacton accordinge to the word of god

Rychard Young

Thexaminacion of lohn Penryn [Penry] taken
xxvj° martij 1593^
hee requireth that hee may haue a publike conference to bee
allowed or appointed by her maiestie & the Lordes of the
Counsell, if it so please their honours; or otherwise hee will not
confere for this p7'esent hee saith that there was a peticion
deliuered & allso there is a booke to bee deliuered into the
Parliament, conteyninge his Faithe and opinions & hee
expecteth to knowe their Censure thereof & allowance or dis-
allowance of the same /

Thexaminaczon of sondry persons abidinge in
the prisons in & aboute London taken before

1 Harl. MS. 6849, fol. 204. This is apparently the original MS. of this
deposition, signed by "RycAarc? young".

38 Early English Dissenters

Doctor Goodman deane of westmtWfer &
others iij°, iiij°, v"-", et vj^° April 1593'

Clinke Henry Broadwater scrivener in S' Nicholas Lane

aged XXIX yeares was committed to prison by the
Bishop of London & others aboute vj weekes paste

Newgate. Eklward Grave Fishmonger of the parishe of
S' Butulph in Thames streete aged xxv yeares was
committed to prison a weeke paste/
Item hee saieth that hee hath bene of this opinion
of the Sectaries this halfe yeare & was persuaded
by the Sermons of m"" Gardener and m' Phillips ;
who preached that men were bounde to heare & to
bee ruled by their pastor Elders & deacons Hee...
confesseth that hee had one of Barrowes his bookes
of conference wAich hee lent to Pedar the shoe-

Christofer diggins weuer aged xxnij yeares is
servaunte [?] to Nicholas haverenn' of the parishe
of S' Olaves in Southwarke & was one of them
that carried the Coffine to m' younges dore/

Hee saieth that hee was in the Assemblies euery

Lordes day by the space of two yeares now laste


Item hee saieth that hee hath scene one of Barowes

his bookes in the handes of one lohn wilkenson,

lohn Gierke husbandman of the parishe of wall-
soken in the Countye of Norffolke was committed
three yeares paste by the Sheriffe^ of London

beinge taken in an assembly with Barrowes Hee

saieth that hee will not goe to any churche nor to
any Sermons /

» Harl. MS. 6848, fol. 32 recto— fol. 36 recto.

* This is apparently the Dame here written, but in these hastily penned
depositions mistakes were likely to be made.

Barrowist Depositions 39

yt was thoughte good by the Commissioners
that hee should bee sente to Bridewell, to
grinde in the mill
Roger waterer haberdasher seryaunte [?] to Robert
Pavye [?] of the parishe of S\ Martens at Ludgate
was committed to Newgate... three yeares and
a quarter paste / & was neuer examined / The cause
of his imprisonment (as hee saith) was for that hee
wente not to his parishe churche in three weekes
& w£is fetched out of his masters house /
hee saieth hee was once at an assembly in a
gardeyne house neere Bedlem where lames Forester
did expounde the Scriptures.

WilKam Marshall Shipwrighte dwellinge at wap-
pinge aged xxxij yeares was taken in the wood...
hee saieth he hath bene of these assemblies halfe
a yeare & was with them three tymes in the woodes.
& yet was at churche vj weekes paste /

Thomas hewett borne in Swan ton in the County of
Leicester pursemaker of the age of xxx yeares &
doth dwell at S*^ Martens le Graunde with lohn
Sutton & is his servaunte & was taken with the
Reste in the wood

George Knifton Apothecarye dwellinge in Newgate
markett of the age of yeares [sicj saieth that hee
hath mett at the assemblies at Barnes his house at
Billsons house & at Lees house & at the woodes &
at Rippons house & at deptford wood, & hee is an

Beinge demaunded whether hee will goe to Churche,
hee aunswereth that hee wilbee content to haue
conference & before that hee will not goe to the
churche, & refuseth to take an othe

hee is to bee sent to the deane of Westminster
to conferre

40 Early English Dissenters

wilh'am Mason shipwrighte of thage of xxj yeares
was taken in the wood Hee saieth that hee hath
bene of these assemblies since a little before
Christnisis laste & was persuaded by Roger Rippon
& Edward Chaundler, & hath bene at there
assemblies xij tymes viz in Nicholas Lane, at
Daniell Buckes neere Allgate & at Nicholas Lee his
house, & hee gaue vj** a weeke wAi'ch the deacons
receyued k, hee saieth that Chaundler had Barrowes
bookes & did reade them

Beinge demaunded whether hee will goe to the
Churche, hee saieth he will & is bounde with
his brother Richard Mason & lames Tailor & so
discharged /

Henry withers shipwrighte dwellinge at deptford
Strande of the age of xxvij yeares was cowimitted
a moneth paste beinge taken at the assembly in
the woodes/

hee saieth hee hath bene of the said assemblies
this halfe yeare by meanes & persuasion of the
Shipwrightes & they did assemble themselues
euery Sabboth daye at dyvers houses

Beinge demaunded whether hee will goe to Churche,
hee aunswereth that hee is willinge to goe to
Churche after that hee hath had conference/
Christofer Bowman goldsmithe of thage of xxxij
yeares & doeth dwell in weste Smithfield & was
Committed by [i.e., for] the Coffine & libells/
Hee saieth hee is one of the Confused [?]^ Churche
& is a deacon amongest them beinge chosen in
September laste

hee saieth hee was imprisoned v yeares paste for
puttinge vp a peticton to the Queenes ma.iestie &
continued in prison iiij yeares for the same /

* The writing of "Confused" is plain, but some other word was
evidently intended.

Barrowist Depositions 41

hee saieth that the Forward preachers caused him
to fall into these assemblies & that m'' Chattertons
printed Sermon was the cause that made him enter
into this Action

Hee [Christofer Bowman] saieth that hee hath beene
at their assemblies as often as hee could have time
& liberty viz at m"" Billsons house, at Penryns,
Lees ; Rippons and Barnes there houses & in
S' Nicholas Lane & in the woodes

Beinge demaunded where hee was maried, hee
saieth at Penryns house, and Settle did pray &
Grenewood was presente, & hee denieth to sweare
or subscribe

Thomas Micklefield loyner of thage of xxxiij yeares.
dwellinge in S'' Mary Overies pa?'ishe was taken in

the assembly in the woodes

hee confesseth that hee hath bene of the Company
of these Sectaries this quarter of a yeare & was
persuaded thereto by m' Phillips preachinge /

Dauid Bristowe tailor of thage of xxx yeares
dwellinge in S*" Martens le Graunde was taken in
the woodes

hee hath bene in their company this halfe yeare &
saieth hee cannot goe to any Churche but to that
wherevnto hee hath loyned himselfe
Christofer Simkyn Coppersmith dwellinge in alders-
gatestreete of thage of xxij yeares was taken in the

hee... saieth that hee hath not bene at his parishe
churche these xvnj moneths beinge thereto per-
suaded by hearinge m' Sparkes m"" Cowper & others
their Sermons,

William Smithe of Bradford in the Comitatus [i.e.,

42 Early English Dissenters

County] of willshire mynister of thage of xxx yeares

was made mynister by the Bishop of Couentrye &i


hee saieth hee was imprisoned viij weekes since...

for the Carriage of the Coffine

Arthur Billett borne in Flanteclex' in the Coxnitatus
[i.e., County] of Cornewall aged xxv yeares saieth
that hee hath bene a SchoUer & a Souldiour & was
taken with Penryn and others at Ratcliffe aboute
a fortnighte paste /

hee saieth that hee hath bene in[?]drawen into this
Society these two yeares & hath bene three or foure
tyraes at the woodes & in dyvers houses, and
receyued the Communion at Barnes house
hee was the man that putt Barrowes & Grenewood
their bookes to the printe at dorte & hee sawe one
of the bookes in a Countrey mans handes.

lohn Parkes Clothworker of thage of L yeares was

taken in the woodes & committed... aboute a

moneth paste.

hee saieth hee serueth m"^ Livesey his sonne & hath

meate & drinke of him & noe wages & hath no


hee hath bene of this Secte a quarter of a yeare

& hath bene at these assemblies vj tymes in sondry


lohn Penryn mynister of the age of xxx yeares or


The cause of his departure out of the Lande of
Scotlande was for that hee putt vp a petition to
the parliament & could not bee heard / & therefore
hee departed /

^ " Fl&nteclex" ia quite plainly written.

Barrowist Depositions 43

Leonard Pidder shoemaker of thage of xxx yeares dwellinge
at blacke Friers was taken in the woodes

Wilh'am Curland Shipwrighte of thage of ^ yeares was

taken in the woodes neere yslington

Wilh'am Giles Taylor aged xxij yeares serwaunte to m' Cheryatt
of walbroke was taken as hee was goinge to the assembly in
the woodes

Thomas Emery is his felowe servaunte

Edward Gilbarte of thage of xxj yeares servaunte to Isaac

Frize tronkemaker was taken in the woodes/

Frauncis lohnson mjoiister was so made by the Sectaries &
chosen their pastor is of thage of xxxj yeares & is of noe
certeine abode

hee saieth that it is the power of their Churche that they may

excommun[i]cate the Queene vntill shee acknowledge & confesse

her selfe, and this is done to save her soule /

Hee [Francis Johnson] saieth that hee was committed the v''''

day of december 1592 by the Lord of Caunterbury & others, &

hee hath bene examined two seuerall tymes by the Lord Chiefe

Justice at Sergeantes Inne

Item hee saieth that the Lordes prayer is a forme of

prayer but not to bee vsed for the Apostles did not vse to

saye it

Item hee saieth that hee was prisoner in Cambridge for a Sermon

that hee made to this purpose for that hee would not take an

othe foure yeares paste

Beinge demaunded by whom hee was persuaded to these

assemblies hee saieth by the Scriptures & worde of god /

Edward Boys haberdashed [haberdasher] aged xxxiij yeares
dwellinge in Fleetestreete was committed xyj weekes paste by
the Bishop of Caunterbury

' There is a blank space at thia point in the manuscript.

44 Early EngUsh Dissenters

Beinge asked how longe hee hath bene drawen from his parish
Churche, hee saieth that hee hath bene of this Societie these
three yoarcs. & w;is moued thereto by m' Egerton m"" Cowper &
M' wigginton their Sermons

George Collier habe?-dashed [habe?-da8her] aged xxxviij yeares
of the parishe of S*^ Martens at Ludgate was committed by the
Bishop of London & others v yeares paste

hee saieth that hee was taken with Grenewood & Crane &

others & was neuer examined in all this time

Beinge required to goe to his parishe church & haue his liberty

hee saieth hee will not /

William denford Scholemas^er of the age of L yeares lodged at

mayres house in Fosterlane & was taken in the wood &

committed... aboute a moneth paste.

hee saieth that hee hath bene twise at the Assemblies in the

wood & doeth vse to saye the Lordes prayer, but hee will not

goe to Churche vntill the parishes bee reformed /hee saieth

that the ministery is not duely called

Thomas Settell mynister of the age of xxxviij yeares hath bene

in prison these xv weekes beinge cornmitted by Sir Owen

Hopton & doeth renounce his mynisterye / & was not examined

since his committinge.

hee was taken in an Assembly at a Schoolehouse in S*^ Nicholas


Beinge demaunded how longe hee hath absented himselfe from

the church of England hee aunswereth, about a yeare paste &

hath not rcceyued the Co?/imunion these three yeares & hath

bene againste the discipline of the Churche of England these

vij yeares ; & refuseth to take an othe /

hee allso saieth that hee was at the excommunicacton of Robert

Stokes & the wordes were pronounced by Frauncis lohnson

their pastor & confesseth that hee hath prophesied in their


hee saieth that hee did receyue the Communion in Barnes his

Barrowist Depositions 45

house in Smithfield in the Aforenoone, & hath persuaded
the people to their assemblies/

william wevar shoemaker of Grayes Inne Lane of thage of

XL yeares servaunt to George Smith... was taken in the


Item hee saieth that hee hath frequented these assemblies

these xvuj monethes...

hee saieth that hee hath made a Couenaunte to the Congre-

gaci'on to bee of their Societie & refuseth to goe to the

churche /

Quintine Smith Feltmaker sert;aunte to his brother in South-

warke aged xxx yeares. was taken in the woodes...

hee saieth hee hath bene of these assemblies these two yeares

hee saieth that hee made a Couenaunte wtth the Assembly
that as longe as they did walke in the lawes of god hee would
forsake all other assemblies and onely folowe them /

Katherine Onyon spinster dwellinge at Allgate, is willinge to
goe to Churche, but shee is not able to putt in Suerties /

2. Aprilis. 1593. Thexaminacion of William Gierke of S''
Buttolphes without Bushopps gate, aged
xl. yeres, or ther aboutes,...^

First that he hath bene in prison in the Fleete this
moneth. /

Item, that he was committed by the Bushopp of London, and
othe" highe com?7iissioners beinge taken in the woode, beyonde
Islington, wher he saieth they praied and exercised the word
of god, and ther George lohnson vsed the exhortacion and
praier. /

Item, he saieth he hath refrained to come to churche but halfe
a yere, but hath held his opinions these fyve yeres, beinge

1 Harl. MS. 6848, fol. 55 recto.

46 Early English Dissenters

drawen therto first by Greene wood, then in prison, and since
by one Crane who died in Newgate, /

Concordat cum Original

[April 2, 1593.]

Thexaminacton of lohn Nicholas of the
parishe of St Pulchrcs London Glover aged
xxxvj yeres or theraboutes...*

First that he hath bene in Prison a monthe.

Item that he was comitted...beinge taken in the wood beyond

Islington amonge diuerse others ther assembled /

Item that he hath refrained from parishe churche assemblies

thes fowre yeres, wherof he hath bene thre yeres and more in

prison in the gate howse at Westminster,...

Item beinge asked by whome he was drawen into his oppinions

and when, sayeth by the word of god, and that he hath heard

George lohnson preache once or twice wherof once was in the

wood, and hath heard Francis lohnson preache once in S*"

Nicholas Lane/

Item he sayeth that they vsed to meete in ther assemblyes in

S'^ Nicholas lane and in the woods beyond Islington wher he

was taken /

Item he sayeth that one of his sonnes named nathaniell [?]
beinge five yeres of age was baptized by Francis lohnson in
S*^ Nicholas lane in the Scolehowse ther about Christmas last,
and that he was never baptized before that tyme. /

Concordat cum Original

2. Aprilis 1593. Thexaminacton of George lohnson late

Scholemaster in S' Nicholas Lane. London

» HarL MS. 6848, fol. 63 verso.

Barrowist Depositions 47

borne in Richmonshire in the Countie of yorke.
of the age of xxix. yeres,...^

First that he hath bene prisoner in the Fleete a monthe,
comitted...for beinge taken in an assembly e of people in
a wood beyond Islington/

Item beinge demaunded by whome he was drawen into his
oppinions, saieth he was drawne therto, by the worde of god,
and by hearinge of m' Egerton preacher, at his Sermons /


3. Aprilis. i593. Thexaminacion of lohn Dalamore of the
Cittye of Rathe brodeweaver of the
age of XXV yeres. . .^

First that he hath bene in prison in Newgate this monethe
being taken in the wood beyond Islington in thassembly ther. . .

Item being asked by whome he was drawen in to his opinions
sayeth by the word of god and that he hath hard one Smythe
& others preache at Kensham [Keynsham] and other places in
Sommersetshire. /

• ••

Concordat Cum Orignall[?]


3. Aprilis i593. Thexaminacton of Robert Abraham servaunt
to Thomas Rookes dwelling in S^ Olives
in Sowthewarke letherdresser of thage of
the \sic\ xxvj yeres...*

First that he hath bene in prison in Newgate this monethe
being taken in the wood in the assembly...

Item he sayth he hath not bene at any Churche this twelve
monethes and hath bene of his opinions a yere & halfe

» Harl. MS. 6848, fol. 63 recto. 2 /ftjo^.^ fol. 58 recto.

3 /6irf., fol. 67 verso.

48 Early English Dissenters

Item being asked how often they haue vsed to meete in their
assemblies saythe twyce a weeke comwonly except they were
otherwise occupyed and saythe they mett somtymes at Smyth-
fielde in an house by the hospitall allwayes earlye in the
mominge And in the wynter about iiij°^ or v a clocke in the
moniinge and somtyme by Algate besydes Christchurche and
they met by such direccion as they tooke alwayes at ther last
meetinges and somtymes about moregate [?]. they tooke their
direccton for meeting as they met ther And sayth they received
the Communyon [?] but once w/irch was in a house about
Smythfyeld but he remembreth not the house and yt was at
the hande* of Francis lohnson ther pastor. /
Item he confesseth that they met thre or fowre tymes at
S^ Nicholas Lane and once at Rippons [?] house in Southworke
and in the field by Detforde somtymes and oftentymes in the
feilds & woods by Islington. /

Item he sayth they vsed to geve ther pastor every man
accordinge to his abylitye. /

Concordat cum original

3. Aprill. 1593 . .Thexamiwacton of Abraham Pulburye of the
parishe of Crichurche pursmaker by trade, but
free of the Coupers, of the age of xxuij°'.
yeares. / or their aboutes, ^

First, that he hath bin in prison this moneth... taken in the
Wood beyond Islington,... and saieth he had with him a Sworde
at the wood. /

Item, he saieth he hathe byn at some of their assemblies at
diuerae places, viz. by Smythfeild, earlye in the mornynge, wher
they continewed most parte of the daye, and sometymes by
Crichurche, sometymes by Detford. /

Item, he saieth that Francis lohnson, was their Pastor, Greene-
wood their Doctor, Studley and knyveton their elders, Nicholas
Lee and lohn [i.e., Christopher] Boweman their deacons. /
1 Harl. MS. 6848, fol. 47 verso and 48 recto.

Barrowist Depositions 49

Item, he saieth their hathe bene baptised in their assemblies
in Nicholas Lane, at one tyme, lllJ°^ or fyve children, wherof
some wear of fyve yeres ould, some of sixe yeares, and some of
vij. yeres ould. /

Item, he saieth he was about a twelmonth since, Commytted to
prison in Sussex together with one wilKom Collin, by the
Bushopp of Chichester, and from him sent to Sir Henrys
Goringe, and by him send \sic] to Arrundell, their to be kept,
vntill the quarter Sessions/, beinge taken in Arrundell as
suspected to be a Brownist, and then Continewed in prison
vntill Thassises, whear he was Indicted, and Burned in the
eare, for a vagabounde, and then prest for a souldier, wAt'ch he
saieth was done agaynst, all Lawe and lustice. /

Concordat cuw Original

3. Aprilis. i693. Thexamiwacion of Roger Waterer late Servant
to Robert Pavye of S*" martyns Ludgate,
haberdasher, aged xxij. yeres../

First, that he hath bin in prison in Newgate, these three yeres,

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