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The Wisconsin Teachers' Pension Law of 191 1 has
not been discussed in this monograph, because of the
uncertainty that prevails regarding the final outcome
of that act. The writer is informed that "a strong
effort is being made for the repeal of the law."

When the system was established, all teachers
except teachers in the city of Milwaukee were per-
mitted to join the retirement association. On and
after June 12, 191 1, all new teachers were compelled
to join. There is no requirement as to age, but
twenty-five years' service, eighteen of which must



have been in the state, are required for retirement.
A teacher may retire if incapacitated any time after
eighteen full years' service in the state. Quarterly
pajonents are made on an annuity at the rate of
$12.50 per year for each year of service, not exceed-
ing S450. Teachers of less than ten years of service
pay one per cent of their salary into the annuity
fund. Teachers of over ten years' service pay two
per cent. The state annually adds, from the school
mill tax, ten cents for each person of school age in the
state. The fund may be augmented by gifts, legacies,
and accumulated interest. Management is vested in
a board of five trustees, consisting of three members
elected by prospective beneficiaries, the state treas-
urer and the state superintendent of instruction.
No retirement age is prescribed. The annuity con-
stitutes a service pension. If the teacher withdraws
from service, he receives one half the amount paid
in. No provision is made for any refunds in case of




1. The extent, method of support, and amount of
teachers' retirement allowances in foreign
coimtries i

2. The protection afforded, and method of dis-
tribution to beneficiaries 2

3. Methods established to insure beneficial results
from teachers' retirement allowances, and rea-
sons therefor 3

4. The extent of teachers' retirement systems in the
United States 4

5. State retirement systems for teachers:

(a) Supported entirely by the state 6

(b) Supported partly by teachers 6

6. Amounts paid under the several state plans . . 7

7. Conditions of retirement under these plans . . 8

8. The management of the retirement funds . . . 11

9. The extent, method of operation, and results
from certain "permissive pension laws" ... 12

10. City or local pension plans for teachers:

(a) Extent 13

(b) Method of support 13

(c) Effects 14

II. Criticisms regarding the scope and general char-
acter of teachers' pension systems in the United
States 14

» The reader should keep clearly in mind the distinction between " an-
nuity " and "pension."



12. Conclusions in regard to present tendencies in
teachers' pension legislation



1. Explanation of the phrase "social insurance" . 19

2. The place of teachers' pensions in the develop-
ment of social insurance plans 19

3. The extent of social insurance in Europe . . 20

4. Changes in the scope of teachers' pensions,
growing out of the development of social insur-
ance * 20

5. Protection offered under certain European
plans 21

6. The German method of insuring wage-earners . 22

7. The fundamental principles underlying foreign
plans for social insurance 22

8. A comparison of the extent and scope of social
insurance in Europe and the United States . . 23

9. The position of Massachusetts in regard to
social insurance 25

10. The extent of social insurance in Massachusetts 26


1. Arguments for state teachers' retirement sys-
tems based upon social insurance principles . . 30

2. Certain unsound reasons that have been ad-
vanced in favor of teachers' pensions .... 34

3. Equitable principles of teachers' insurance . . 37

4. "Contributory" versus "non-contributory"
plans 38


5. The obligation of the state to supplement the
teachers' contributions 41

6. "Withdrawal equities" and the teachers' rights
therein 43

7. Annuities versus "lump sums" as a method of
distribution 44

8. The law for Massachusetts state employees cited
as embodying correct principles. (Compare this
discussion with the Massachusetts Teachers'
Retirement Law, Appendix A) 45

9. Retirement plan for all employees of school
systems 49

10. The place of state certification of teachers in a
retirement plan 50

11. The question of tenure of teachers in a retire-
ment plan 53

12. The advantages of state retirement systems for
teachers over local or municipal plans • • • 55

13. Cost of a state retirement system 60

14. Conclusions regarding state pensions for teachers:
(o) for teachers entering the service after a fixed

date; 65

(&) for teachers in the service prior to that
date 67


1. Fundamental principles regarding teachers' pen-
sions asserted by the Carnegie Foundation . . 70

2. Certain points of dissent from the Seventh
Report of the Carnegie Foundation 71

3. Risks of life from which the teacher needs finan-
cial protection 72



4. Plan for securing such protection — An old-age
pension act 74

5. The necessity for exact definitions 75

6. Time between enactment and the inauguration

of the system 76

7. Membership in a retirement association ... 76

8. The Retirement Board, method of its selection,
and duties 77

9. The necessary funds and method of securing
them 78

10. The retirement age 80

11. Method of computing pensions, and guarantee-
ing to all teachers a pension on the same basis . 81

12. An annuity " option " 81

13. Methods of safeguarding the savings of the
teacher 83

14. Duties of local school oflficials in administering a
pension system for teachers 84

15. Duties of the state treasurer 85

16. The merging of local pension plans into a state
system 85

17. Court jurisdiction 87


1. Need for careful investigation before legislating 88

2. Ideal method of legislating 88

3. Opposition to this method 90

4. Complete state system a fundamental principle gi

5. Need for cultivating public sentiment ... 92

6. Actuarial advice needed 92

7. Difficulties to be encountered in merging local
into state systems 93



8. A commission and its duties suggested ... 96

9. Conclusions regarding adjustments that can be
made in merging local into state systems . . 97

10. Conclusions regarding taxation and reimburse-
ment 98


A. The Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement Law 99

B. Comparative table of state compulsory insur-
ance systems for teachers 120

C. A brief bibliography 121

D. Extended bibliography 124

E. Statement of the terms of the Wisconsin Teach-
ers' Pension Law 134



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