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Grave stone records : from the ancient cemeteries in the town of Claremont, New Hampshire, with historical and biographical notes online

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From the ancient Cemeteries in the town of

Claremont, New Hampshire.

With historical and biographical notes.

Compiled by





An increasing interest in famil\ history and yenealugv has caused numerous
inquiries concerning early families of Claremont.

In many instances no replies can be made for lack of evidence that the
parties were buried here. No town records of death exist prior to 1846. Many
of the stones have already become so weather beaten that it is with difticultv
they are transcribed, and a few years will entirely obliterate them.

Believing that a printed record of these will be of service to posterity as
well as of value to the historian and genealogist, a transcript has been made of
all the stones in the West Claremont churchyard, the village burying ground,
the Jarvis yard, and all prior to 1S46 in the Catholic cemetery. The town
records gi\'e dates of deaths of all interments here since that year.

The usual couplets and verses upon the old stones have not been copied
unless they in some way give facts worth recording. In other words the record
is a plain statement of facts with such notes as it has seemed proj^er to add for
reference or information.

To this transcript it is not proposed to add any extended notes. In some
instances, however, items are introduced regarding the native place, and service
as soldiers or public officials. Whenever the maiden name of a wife or widow
is known, but does not appear on the stone, it is inserted in parentheses.

The usual abbreviations will be used, omitting inmost instances the words
"died," and "aged."

The names are arranged alphabetically for easy reference.

CIL\S. 1!. .SrOFFUKI).
Cl.AKKMoxi', X. II., Jan. i, 1896.



The first mention of this yard occurs in (lie town rccurcls as follows :
"August 27, 1 79J. Voted to give off the school lot two acres of land lor a
Ikirying yard near the meeting house.

"Voted — to acce]it a highway from .\tkins i'.ridge (now called the iipin r
bridge) to the meeting house through James Strowbriclge's land.

"^'oted — to exchange one acre and two rods of land olf of the school Ini
\o. 29 with Mr. Samuel Whipple inv one acre and \\\u rods of land on whieh
the meeting house stands.

"March 31, iSoi, Mr. John Whitty was appointed sexton [n dig graves in
the Burying yard near the meeting house.

"March ij, 1S04. Voted — That a hearse and harness be pidcured foi' the
Hurying yard by the meeting house and also one for the church burying yard."

1!\- reference to the town treasurer's accounts it is found that tliese hearses
were built by William Rhodes at a cost of S1S2.61, and that Capl. 'riniothy
Munger was paid ,'^63.00 for a hearse house.


Abliott Lvdia (Clark), \v. of Joseph. March 27, 183.S. 53\ ,
Amadou, son of Roxaiia and John. Sept. 20, 1799, iv-, 2od.
Allien Martha J^. An^-. 4, 1833, joy.
AUlcn \"., danghter of Joseph and Lucy (Warner). Aw^.

2 1 , 1800, 2\ .

Alden. IIarr\- and Geor!2;e, twin sons of Jos^>ph and Lucy. I>orn
Jan. II. 180^. George died same day and llenry next day
but one .

AUlcn James. March 14, 1807, 55y.

Alden Esther (York), \\ife of James. -Vug'- .^4. 1825, 66y.

Ainsworth Edwartl Lt. -AVho died in an apoplex fit" Feb. 10.
1806, 76V. '•AVe monrn his sudden exit ont of time."
Tic was the first of this family in town, lixing here about 1767.


Aiiiswortli S\ liil ^CIiil(l), July 7. 1820, S^x.

Slic was the second wife nl l.t. I'.dwaid AiiiswDitli.
Aiiisworth Lutlicr, son of Ll. ICtlwiird and S\l)il. An;^. 7,

1796. _'|y.
Aiiisworth La!>in, s )n of Ll-iiuicI and Louisr (Orcult). Nov. 6,

1 79S, z\ . 9111.
^Vinsworth Charles, son olaU )Vl'. Sept. 6, 1799, 6v.
^Vinsworth Frederick, son ofahove. Sept. 7, 1799, i/in.
Ainsworth 01i\er, son olahoNC. Jan. C). 1804, 13m.
Abbot Elizabeth M.. dani^hler of SainncI C and Dorotin . Jan.

-9' ^^35' '5'"-
Abbott Eliza p.. (lan!j;hter ol" Jonathan and I)oroth\ . An^. 3,

1838, 32y.
Abbott Miranda. \\ ife of Jonatlian. l-"cb. 23, 18:;^, 8i\.
Abbott Jonathan. Jidy j, 1855, 8(jy.

There is no stoiic tn niai k this grave.
^Vbbott Daniel. Ant^. 10, i8.i7, 7i\-

Daniel Al)l)ott was a Ke\nliiti<)nai\' soklier.
.Xbbott ]{;iizalicth. dau<iliter ol" SaniiK-l and ICIi/.abL-th. Oct. 3,

1833, 4oy.
.Vbbott I'vlizabeth (Cotton), wife of .Sanuicl. )nnc 7, 1837, (njx .
Abbott Samuel. April 13, 18 jO, 76V.
Alden Lc\i. March 3, 1845, 7iy.

.\lden Boadicia (Warner), wife ot" Ll\ i. June |, uS^S, 78\ .
Alden Patience, dauj^hter of }o]in and Keziah (Nb)oie). Oct.

io, 1795, 9y.
.V*j;cr Mariah P., wife of llira. Sept. xo, 184.). i^y.
Ager Elbridge (j., son of Ilira and Jane 15. A])r. Ji, 185 |, |\.
.\ger Joseph. July 10, 18) J, bi\.
Ai^er Jemina, wife of Joseph. June j8, 18)3, S7y-

She was tJie daughter of Daniel .Stearns.
Ager, infant child of Joseph and jeinina. fan. IJ, 1810, 6 w.
Allds Jothani (i. Porn Feb. j8. 1797: died I'eb. i8, 1866.
Allds ICinily ().. wife of Jolhain (i. March 31, 18.^3, 35}'.
Allds Harriet (i., wile of fotliam. A])r. k^. 18^6, 52.
Allds, infant son of Jotham and ICmih . .Sept. b, 1830.
Allds Sarah P.. dau<^htei" of b'thain and I-'.inil\-. Jan. i(), 1857,



Atkins Elizabeth, relict of the late John. Ahirch 3, 1794, 70\ .
.\rnior. I'wo children of (Jawcn and Betsey Armor; Andrew,

July 26, 1793? 9\v ; Jenny, Sept. 21, 1709. 6v. Sni. 2d.
Ashley Oliver. May 14, 1S39, ^^y-

He was the father of Mrs. Willavd M. Smith. The IjocIv \va> rL-movcd Id

tlic new cemetery in iSqf.

l^arnes Susan M., dau<^-hter ot' Ira X. and llaniet (ICastnian).
Feb. 23, 1S29, 6in. 2d.

Barnes Ira N. 13orn Apr. 28, 1800; died Apr. 13, 1830.

Barnes Bill Andrews. Born jSlarch 12, 1798. Killed instanll\-
by the fall of a tree June 29. 1S22. 2^\-.

Barnes Bill. Feb. 24, 1842, 89y.

Mr. Barnes was the ancestor of the Claremont family, coming to Claiemont
about 1772, and purchasing a hxrge tract of land on what is now \iirth
street. He was j^rominent in town and church affairs for man\' years.

Barnes Einiicc (Andrews), lirst wife of Bill JKirnes. ftd\ 27,

•793' 4-y-
Baldwin Caleb Capt. Dec. 6. 1823, 87\-.

ITc was a Revolutionary soldier.
Baldwin Jerusha (Parmalee).

The inscription on the stone states: "ilerc lies the liody of * * *

wife of Capt. Caleb Baldwin, with whom she lived a faithful wife fifty two

years and died Apr. 13, 18 13, aged 72."
P)aldwin Caleb Jr. June 15, 1836, 6ov.
r)aldwin Betsey (Kellojjo). wife of Caleb, Jr. Jid.y 21, 1842,

Baldwin James H. Jan. 20, 1816, 6w.

He was the son of Caleb Jr., and Betsey Baldwin.
Baldwin Aurelia. Jid}- 17, 1864, 6;;y.

She was the daughter of Caleb Baldwin, Jr.
Baldwin Lorenzo D, Feb. iS, 1830, 2^\ .
Baldwin Philena, wife of Dan Baldwin. .Vug. 7, 1S30, 63y.
Bates Sarah A. (Dimond), wife of Samuel C Bates of Ro\bur\ .

Mass. Aug. 33, 18^ t, 2i\-. 9m.
Bingham Walter. March 29, 1828, 68y.

Bingham Sarah (Gilbert), wife of W'altei-. Apr. 4. i8.|o, 7o\-.
Bingham vSilas. Dec. 29, iSio, 43\ .
Bingham Hiram. Feb. 16, 1819, 26\ .

N iil.n VILLAcE r/;.l/A'77;/.')'.

l)iiiL<!i;ini ICdw ;ii(l. son of |;iiiu-s II. nnd Chiirlottc (Mrlliii).

Apr. 7, 1S32, ^oin.
r>l()(Ij2^c'tt John Capt. Aj)r. 10, iSi:^, Soy.

Hl()ti_<4;ett Irene, Mrs., wile ol' Capt. John. Apr. 1 _'. 1S13. ,S(j\ .
Blodgetl Samuel. No\ . 5, 1S53, S^y.

!ilo(li;ett Charit\- (Alden), wife ol' .Sanniel. Apr. 16, 1862, S;v.
IJiodj^ett James, (son of Samuel ) . May ij, '^^J.v 7^\-
IJlodti^ettMarlha. March 17. 1S73, jjy.
r>lo(|oeii Luke. July 3, 1S50, H^y.

IMod^elt Martha, (fhst) wife of Luke. June z\. 179.2. iz\.
Blodgelt .Saiah (IJaii^s), wife oi" Luke. Any. 14, 18^3, 8o\ .
l)lod<^ett ICli/.alieth vS., wife of John. March 16, 1863, ^(yv.^m.
r>lo(l_i;etl IClizaheth. dau;^hter of John and I'^li/.ahcth. June 28,

I'lod^i'tl .Mhro. sou ot John and Eli/ahelh. \\\\i- z. i8|^. ^v.

1 m.
liooth, iufanL son ol" I losea and .\-iue\ . l'\'l). k;. 1828.
r>ntlerlield Amos. Sept. 21, 1836, C^^jy .
Buttcrfield Mary M.. (hui<;hter ol Amos and Polly. Au^-. 8.

Ilunncl Hela. Xo\ . 17, 1810, 45y.

Uunnel ICunice, wife of I?ela. .\pr. 10, i8o(, 36\-.

Uuunel Wvllis. son of Hela and ICuniee. Sept. 6, 1802. 3\ .
I m. I vl-

Ihunud Louis. .\o\ . II. 181 |. 32y.

liumiel. Infant son of Jesse and Betsew Jan. 31. i8iy. id.

I'unnel Abel.. Sept. 27, 1847, ^9}'-

lie was known us "l>ear" liunnel, and tradition gives this reason: In the
carlv (lavs of the town he chanced to meet an enormous bear. He iuul no
wcajion, hut neither had he any notion of retreating ; so he threw mud in
the animal's eyes until it was blinded, and then killed it with a fence rail.

liunnel Silence, wifeof Ahel. March 15, 1823, 63y.

IJunnel Sallv, dauojhter of j\l)el and .Silence. Apr. 4, 1S18, 2oy.

riiunu'l Ruth, daui^htei- of Ahel and Silence. Auo-. 20. 1822.

IJuck .Sarah. \\ ile of 1 Ienr\ . I'eh. 27, 1819, 5oy.

liutman I larriet . daaohter of Laid and Mary . Maich 13. 1832.
I I m.


I)in<:;haui Charles II., son of Covirtncy and Lorry A. Drowned
Oct. 2, 1S40, 3\-.
From a copy of the Eagle printed at the time, we learn that he fell off a
foot bridge over Sugar river near the upper \illagc.


This family has a tomb, the occupants of which are not known to the com-
piler, with the exception of Charles M. Bingham, who died Feb. 5, 188S,
aged 84; and Charles F,., who died April 26, 1876, in New York, and was
buried with Masonic honors April 30, 1S76.

Blanchard Lucretia (Hill), wife ol' Benjamin Jr. March 31.
1S43, 3Sy.

Illanchard Roxanna, tlaiiohter of Renjaniin and Lucretia. Jan.
13, 1 84 1, lom. i6d.

Blanchard, infant son of above. Feb. i, 1839.

Blodgett Geon^e. son of Elizabeth ami John. Oct. 13, 1848. 8v.

r>lodgett Olivia L. S., daughter of Elizabeth and John. vSept.
7, 1S56, 5y.

Bond John. Dec. 29, 1803, 6gy.

Bond Deborah, wife of John. March 20, 181 2, 8iy.

Bond George. June 27, iS6_), 70V.
Me committed suicide by cutting his throat.

Bond Speedy P., wife of George. July 21, 1834, 28\ .

Bond Abby P., wife of George. Feb. 7, 18^3, 3^y.

Bond Deborah. Oct. 27, 1S46, 47y.

The Burrill record says she died Oct. 22. She was the daughter of Daniel.
Bond Daniel. Apr. 15, 1S45, 83y.

Bond Ruth (Kirtland), wife of Daniel. Jan. 6, 1830, 63y.
Bowman Abijah. Dec. 11, 182 1, :;^v.
Bradley Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah. May 2^,

1792, loy. im. lod.
l)rainerd Lticy (Bingham), wife of Dea. Jabez. Atig. 17, 1846,

79y. 6m.
l)rcwer Lucy Ann, daughter of Ebenezer and vSaraii. Apr. 23,

1816, r6 m. 2od.
Brewer William Wellstead, son of Ebenezer and Sarah. Drownctl

July 4, 1830, 3y. 6m.
])rewster Benjamin, son of Isaac and Betsey. Aug. 30, 1799,

zy. xm.

In OLD VlLLA(;h: ci: MET Kin.

lircwstcr );iiK', wife of Isaac late dcccM.scd. .Apr. 13. 1S03, "]$)'■
I'rooks Jonas A. Dec. 23, 1877, 56}'.
Urooks Jonas. Aug. 12, 1833, 4-^y.

lie was tlic sf)n df John ISrooks dI Winclicndon, Mass.
]>ro()ks Anna (Prentiss), wii'o oi' Jonas. Apr. 26, 1S77, 82y.
I'rooks Mary, daugliter of j\nna and Jonas. Xo\-. 26, 1S23,

5ni. <~)(\.
l)ruce Ascnath, daughter ot'Abrahap.i and r>arbe!i\ . \i)\. ly.

l>ucknian I)a\id. I"el). 17, 1791. 7oy.

Hucknian Naoiny, wife of David. ^Vpr. 22, iSog,Sj.\-.

Huckman Saviali. June 22, 1799, 34\'.

Hucknian Richard. Jan. 23, 183 i, 76\-.

IJucknian Ruth (Burnett), wife of Richard. Feb. 17, 1829, 63V.

Kuckman, infant chilil of l^ichard and Ruth. Horn and died

June 29, 1802.
Bucknian (icorge, Jul\- 25, 182 i, 38V.

l^uckman Meriah, daugliter of George. -Vug. 2, 1814, 3\ . lui.
Bucknian Deinas, son of Da\ id Jr. and .Vscnath (.Stone). Jul\

30, iSi I , im. 8d.
Bucknian Margaret, (huightei- of same. Apr. iT). 1816. lom.
Burnham Thomas F. Mcmlier of Co. G, 7th regt. \'erniont

Volunteers. Died at \'icksl)urg. Miss.. |ul\ [3, 1862, ^()\ .

9m. "He sleeps in a soldier's grave."
lUunham Eliza 11. (Page), wife of Thomas F. Ma\- 23. 1867,

C)0\ . 7m.
Burrill jMicajah of L\ini, Mass. Aug. 12, i8|2, 28\-.

lie was a hrother of Allied Ilunill, wlio was fur inan\- vcars sexton ot

Cady Ephraim ().. son of I'rastus and Deborah. Aug. i^. 182^.

Campbell John. May 17, 1831. 72\-.
Campbell Jesse Capt. Dec. 11. i83^,7:^\.

Jesse and John were brothers, and Revolutionary soldiers from Hcnniker.
Campbell lk'tse\ . ^vifeofCapt. ]esse. Nov. 17, 1850. 86\-. •
Carlton Eliza, \\ ifi' of ( icorge. Dec. i\, 1838. '^()\ .


Carlloii Samuel. Aug. 17, 1849,84}-.

Carlton Lydia (Cunier), wife of .Samuel. Oct. 16, 1836, 73).

Carlton Samuel Jr. Nov. 28, 1857, 58}'.

Carlton Theoda Lovell, wife of Samuel Jr. Jan. 14, 1879, 75}'.

Carlton Sarah F., daughter of above. Apr. 36, 1839,2}-. 2m.


Carlton Caroline L., daughter of .Samuel Jr. and Theoda. Aug.

6, 1853, i8y.
Carrol ine Charles Mrs. March 14, 18 14, 39 v. -
Cary Caroline, daughter of Cyrus and Abigail. Nov. 30, 1806,

3}-. 3m. 2od.
Cary Jane, daughter ot same parents. Aug. 10, 1808, 19m. 3d.
Chaffin John. Dec. 5, 1864, 71}-.

Chartin Delia (01ne\), wife of John. Dec. 11, 1871, 69y.
Chatlin David, son of John and Delia. Feb. 14, 1840, 14}. lom.
ChaHin Albert, son of al)Ove. .Sept. i-(, 1855, 9}'- 5'"- ^4^'-
Chalhn David. Jul}- 25, 1838, 77} •

He was a Revolutionary soldier from Ashburnhani, Mass.
Chaffin Sally (Davis), wife of David. July 13, 1831, 57y.
Chaffin Luc}-, wife of David. Jan. 24, 1832, 56}. 8m.
Chaffin Poll\-, daughter of David and Luc}'. July 5, 1812, 15}-.

lom. 8d.
Chaffin Lucy, daughter of above, ^lay 2^., 1806, 15}. 10m. 23d.
Chaffin Eunice, daughter of above. Oct. 6, 1S44, 46}.
Chaffin Levi. INIarch 16, 181 2, in his 47th } ear. Three chil-
dren of Levi and Chloc his wife; viz. Chloe, Jan. 13,
\''l<^)Z^ ()A.^ -is-His tJic first person buried ill this yard, liet-
sey, March 31, 1795, i8d. Levi, Nov. 17, 1798, i8m.
I.cvi and David Chaffin were brothers, antl eanie from Ashl>urnham, Mass.>
aljuut 17S4-5.
Chaffin Chloe, widow. Feb. 10, 18^1, 84\-.

Chaffin \\^illiam IL Capt. .Sc4)t. 19, 1864. z^\ . -'Co. L 14th
N. IL Vols."
1 le was killed at the battle of lierryvillc, Va.
Chatiin Albert, son of John \V. and ."^usan ]\L -Vug. 19. 1S65,

2 m.
Chandler Clarissa (Johnson), wife of Benjamin IL Aag. 3.
1844, 2 7y. I


<iLi> Ml. I, At; K (• /■: M f-rn-: n ) Daiiifl. Dec. 2. 1840, 73\ •

J )anicl c.unc to ('laicnu)iU ficim Siitlnii, .Mass., built llic Sullivan
House ill 1794, and was proprietor of the same until his death. He married
three times; first, I'olly I''itch, second, Mehitahle Woodljiiry, and third,
N'ancy .Strowhridge. Mr. Chase built a faniilv tomb, and in this several ot
the family are i)laccd; among them being probably his son, Daniel I'.
Chase, who died in August, 1S56; a daughter, Sarah 1\, who died Nov. 17,
1818, aged 17; Polly and Meliitable his wives, and probablv others, no
record of which is attainaljle.

Chase Elijah. Oct. 14, 1846, S-V-

Chase Dcha ('riirncr), wife of Elijah. Aii;^. 28, 1866, 6t^\ .

Chase I'^ancis. Apr. 3, 1828, 6o\ .

Chase Mary (Weed). May 18, 1840. GSy.
She was the wife of Francis Chase.

Chase PoUv, tlaiii^hter of Eraiicis and Mar\. Oct. 9, 1 799, i\.

Chase Mai"\, daiii^htcr of above. Ian. 31. i8j_i, i6\.

Chase .Susan, dannhler of al)o\ e. Oct. JO, 1816, i\.

Chase Sophia, daughter of ahovc. Dec. 31, 1822, i^v.

Chase Joseph, son of al)o\e. Oct. 2^. 1812. [^\.

Chase Atleline, daughter of Bariich and Mar\ P. Sepl. 19,
1813, 31 \ . -(ni.

Cliase Erancis Jr. Iinij_[, 183:^, 2|,.

Clark Erancis .\L. daughter of Carlos C. and l-^nll\ . .Maich T,
I 84 I, 3y.

Clark Isaac H., son oi" Idca/.er and Peisis. MaicJi 20, 1800, 2i\.

Clark Asahel, son of IClea/er and Pcrsis ( Piittiick ) . .\nc;. ^,
1N02, 2I\'.

Claik Lucy, daii^hlci- of W^iricn and "Patlv" (i*err\). .Sjil.
8, 1810, 8111.

Clark Roland Deacon. Apr. 12. 1821. /3\ .

Clark Mary (Welds), wife of Roland. jid\ 20, 1840, 8ov.

Clark Samuel. Oct. 13, 1836, 23\ .
Tlie stone thai marks Ihis gra\e has fallen.

Clark J(jhn. Jan. 31, 1861. jzy.

Clark Lucy (\'ose). wife of John. Ian. s. i8|(j, 4.|\.

Clark Eli/aheth, daughter of lohn ar-d Lncv. Eel). 2^. i8:;6,
2v. 8ni.


Clark Erastiis. Fell. 2, 1846, ^Sy-

ISunill's l)i)ok makes the date of his death March 2.

Clark George. Sept. 10, 1S24, S^}'-

Clarke Theophilus. June 17, 1816, 55}.

Clarke Elizabeth M. , Slaughter of Theopilus and Olive (Kings-
l)iiry) his wife. Sept. 21, 1801, ly. ^m- 2id.

Clarke Sanford, son of Theophilus. March 18, 1811, i^y.

Clarke Oliver, son of above. Aug. 13, 1814. iini.

Clarke Martha, daughter of above. Aug. 11, 1815, ^ni. 2 id.

Clapp Preserved. Jan. 34, 181 1, Soy.

He was a physician, and the father of Roswell Chaiip.

Clapp Mrs. Eunice (Atherton). wife of Preserved. Nov. 7,
181 7, 84y.

Clapp Roswell. March 11, 1843, 87^. "A soldier of the Rev-

Clement Philip. Nov. 10, 181 7, 73y.

Comings Lvdia, daughter 01 Joseph and llanna'i. Oct. 16,

^795' 4y-
Comings Peter, son of above. Oct. 9, 1803. 14m.
Commings Hannah (Monroe), wife of Deacon Josc4)h. leb.

23, 1826, 63y.
Cone Robert L. Nov, 30, 1814, 26y.
Cook vSusannah, wife of Moses. Feb. 10, 1824, 66y.
Cossit Amljrose. Juh' 13, 1S09, 6o\-.

He came to Claremont from Granby, Conn., and was an influential man of

the town, serving many years as town clerk an<.l treasurer. He was also a

prominent Mason.
Cossit Anne (Cole), widow of Anibiose. Aug. iS, 1828, 74.^-

.She was the daughter of .Samuel Cole, the iir.^t Episcopal lay reader of

the town,^and also the first school teacher.
Cossitt Phebe L., daughter of above. March 30, 1794, loni. i8d.
Cotton vSamuel Rev. Nov. 25, 1819, 82}'.

.See New Hampshire Churches by Lawrence vnider Litchlleld; also i)agc

41 volume 3, Farmer & Moore Collections.
Cotton Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of the late .Samuel. l-'eb. 5. 182 i.

Cotton Samuel, son of Charles and vSusan T. Oct. 4. 1854. 4}.
2m. 8d.



Cotton I'riidciiCL- ( (ioodw in ) Mrs., wife of Nathaniel. An,-, j;,.

1831 , 51 y.
Cotton Charles, son ol" Nathaniel and Pindence. May 18. 1807,

2\ . 3ni. z'Sd.
Cotton John. March 1, 1S52, Siy.
Cowls 'I'iniothy. N(n'. 29, KS32. 78y.

lie was an ancestor of the Claicinotit familv, cuuiing limn I- .11 ir,ini;i(ni.
Conn., a1)0ut 1783.
Cowls Sarah (Stilson), wife of Timothy. Jan. i|, N:^.!. -j z\ .

Cowls ICli S., son of Timothy and Sarah. May 23^ '-'^.V-'- ■l.x'^ •
Cowls Levi, son of above. Sept. 1, 1797, 3y. 6m. i.:|d.
Cowls Lam-\. dauLijliter of aiiove. Aiijjj. 30, iSoi, lom. 7d,
Cowls Lama 1^., daiij^hler (jf Levi and Polly (llurd). Dec. 5,

iS|i, i8y.
Cowles ()/.ro, son of Lemon and Clara (lUinuel). Aul;'. 19,

1843, 3y. im. 23d.
Cra^^iic Jonathan .S. I). Sept. 28, 1826, 25y.
Crampton HarrN . Jan. zz^ i8(xj, 2iy.
Cimimings John. No\ . 12, 183), 35y.

He was a son of Joseph and Ilannali, and hroiliei ol Kev. !•",. V.. Ciinnnin_!^s.
Cimiminj^s Portia IL P., wife ol' John. July 20. i8||. .\z\.
Ciniiminj^s, infant daughter of John and Portia. -Vu;^-. 2|, 1827,

Cm-rier Jane (Mitchell), wife of TinDthy. Dec. 12. 1816,

Curlier Mar\- (Camphell), wile of Ldiphalel. No\. 2, 18)3,

Currier I'Lliphalel. Sept. 0, 1833, ^ly.
Cntean Mary V. Ajjr. 26, i8|o, 3y. 7m.

'I'iiink tliis name is meant for C'uttini;.
Cuttiny;- NLir\- P., wife of Col. N. P. CuLfin^^. jul_\ 1 |. 1836,


Daile\. infant son c^f Nathaniel anil Mar\ . Ocl. 17, 1839.

Dame Moses. June 30, 1828, 39y.

Dame Sally, wife of Moses. March ij. 18. |i. (9y.

Dame Eiirania. April 10. 1872, 57.^ •

Davis [esi;e. May 13, 18-I3. 7j.y.


Davis Milley, wife of Jesse. April i6, 1S41, 65y.

Davis Joshua. Jan. 21, 1863, 66v. 6m.

Davis Martha G., wife of Joshua. IJoru Oct. 23, iSoo. die 1

Oct. 4, 1S75.
Da\is Jesse, son of Joshua and Alartha C Now y. 1S42, yni.

Davis Edmund P., ''son of Joshua and Martha, killed at tlie

battle of Ciettvsbur^^, Jul\ ■;, 1863. iSw cjm. Co. 11 i6lh

Vt. Vols."

Dean Luther. June 12, 1809, 48y.

He came to Clarcmont from Taunton, Mass., alxnit iSco.
Dean Margaret (Strowbridge). Feb. 16, 1829, G^\ .

SI1C was tlie wife of Luther Dean.
Dean J>enjamin. Feb. 23, 1841. 2^\.
Dean, infant son of David and vSusan S. .Sc4)t ^, 1813.
Dean Marv W., daughter of Da\ id and Susan. Feb. N, 1S28. 2\ .
Dean John W., son of John and Thankful U. Jan. i:;.rS4^. lom.
Dean Caleb. Jidy 15, 1^58, 88v.

Dean Anna, ( vStrowbridge) ^\ ife of Caleli. Dec. 21, 18^7, >^.\\ .
Dean Patt\', daughter of Calel) autl Anna. Sept. iG^ 1803, 6\ .

I I m .
Dean Parnel, daughter of above. Sept. 16, 1803, 3\-. im. 2c)d.
Dean, two children of Caleb and Anna; Abigail. Aug. 31, 180:^,

2\. 3m. 2od. ; Nathan, Aug. 31, 1803, 8m. 3d.
Dean, a .still l)orn son of above. Born Ma\ 2. 1809: and an in-
fant son l)orn Feb. 24, 1816 and died Feb. 2^-
Dean Noah. April 16, 1871, ']6\.

Dean Elizabeth, wife of Noah. Aug. 20, 1831, 27V.
Dean iSIaiv, daughter of Noah antl ^iarantla. Apr. 21, 1843, i\.
Dean Keziah Miss, 'date of Taunton, Mass., who died in this

town Nov. 23, 1809, in the thirtv-first vear of her age."
Dearborn Elizabeth H., wife of John and onlv daughter of Le\-

erett and Flannah Sperry. Mav 20, 18^7, 23V.
De.xter David Col., who died suddenly June 4, 1829. 64V.

Col. Dexter was a Revolutionary soldier from Rhode Island, being captain
in Col. Leppert's Regiment of the Rhode Island Continental Line, evidenllv
at tlie age of 16 or 17 years. Was a prominent man in Claremonl for, a
long time, serving many years as selectman, was representative in 1S14-17-
18-19-20. l^esidcd nil what is now known as l)c\ter Hill anil ran mills

k; old vii.LAdK <i-:Mi:rh:i:y

■-iliKilccl wlu'ic- p:)rt nf the Monaclnock Mills now stand, on the north side
of the river.

Dexter Pnrncl ( Sh()\vl)ri(lo',>) wile of Daxid. M:in- :;, 1839, 62V.

Drxtri' \\'illi;iin S.. son ol" M;ij. l);i\i(l ;m(l Panicl. Born Fcl").
|, iSoS. died l'\'l). 17, iSoS.

Dexter Lueia, dauohier of Daviil and Parnel. Feb. 17, 1.S21, i^\.

Dexter Allen McLauohlin, son of David \V. and M. L. M.
(Miner). Dec. J.j, 1859,39}'.

Diniond facol) R. March iC), 1S26, 67\-.

Was a Revolutionary S':;]dicr from Ashlnirnhani, Mass. l!y reference to
the history of Ashl)urnham, Mass., jiagc 874, it seems this family originally
spelled the name Rodamel. Later it was spelled Rodimon and successively
Rodimond, Ro Dimond and liriallv R. Oimond, the given name of facoli
being the same in all cases.

Diniond Abioail, wile of Jacob K. April I'j . 1S26, S/X'.

Diniond Asa L. I'A'b. 1, 1847, S^y.

Dimond Jacob D. March 24, 1884, ^V)\.

Dimond Esther, wife of Jacob D. May i.|, 1847. S3\-.

Dimond, daiioliter ol' Jacob and ICslher. Jan. 29. 1829,

Dimond James II., son of above. Jan. 20, 1831. 3m. 2f)d.

Dimond Rodman L., onl\- son of Jacob D. and Esther. Jnl\
I |, 1 8^2. i8y. 3m.

Dodi^e Ichabod. Oct. 31, 1822, ^1\.

Dodoe Mehitable. wife of Ichalnxl. Dec. 31. 1S40, G^w

Dod<2,"e William, son of Ichabod and jMehitablc. Ajjril 30, 1803,
18m. zoA.

Dodoe Eliza (Lf)rig) wife of Isaac. Jid\ 19, 1830. 26\ .

Dodc^c Israel. Jinic 7, 1830, 20\ .

Draper Nathaniel. Oct. i, 1832, 79y.

He was a Revolutionary soldier from Massachusetts.

Draper Anna (Jones) wife of Nathaniel. Sept. 11, i8.ji, 83\ .

Draper \. Aldis, son of Maj. Xalhaniel. March 10. 1S17, t |\.
I I m. 7(1.

Draper Thomas I'. I\'b. 6, 183^, 39\ . In tlu' sameor;i\^..
Charles J., son of Thonias 1'. ,ind ,S;ir,ih D.. |aii. 12, 18:5:;,

Draper .Sarah. I'eb. 21, iS3:;,.|7y.


Dunlap Nancw dauj^^hter of Samuel and Muriel. Oct. 2r, 1S28,

Diirrent Ellen Almira. dauj^hter of Lewis and Flavilla. Sept. 5,
1S42, Sm. 2od.

Dntton, infant daiis^htcr of David S. and Julia. Auo-. 10, 1843,

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