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Grave stone records : from the ancient cemeteries in the town of Claremont, New Hampshire, with historical and biographical notes online

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Button Julia .V., wife of David S. Dutton and daughter of Lem-
uel Tracs'. Born in Cornish, N. H., June 3, 1819. Died
in Claremont Sejit. 13, 1843-

Dwinnell Marv. daughter of Benjamin and Fanny. Oct. 9,
1827, ly.

Eastman Rebecca, '-wife of B. C. Eastman, itinerant preacher

in the M. E. church ; who died in her Master's work Oct.

5, 1833, aged 38y."
Edmondson Joseph, son of Joseph and Rosamon. Jan. 22,

1796, i8y.
Ellis Jennings. June 8, 1862, 9oy.

Resided where John L. Farwell lives on Broad street.
Ellis Philena (Baldwin), wife of Jennings. Feb. 26, 18^2, 75y.
Ellis Elize, daughter of Jennings and Philene (Baldwin). Jan.

9, 1804, 3y.
Ellis Sylvender, son of above. Jan. 16, 1804, 5y.
Ellis Gilbert, son of above. July 24, 1804, i6m.
Ellis Sylvender, son of above. March 21, 1836, 28y.
Ellis Sarah M., daughter of above. Oct. 30, 1839, 22y.
Ellis James Jennings, son of above. Nov. 17, 1843, 28\'.
Ellis Joshua, son of above. March 5, 1845, 26y.
Ellis Silas B. (Bingham), son of above. May 5, 1845, 3Sy.
Elmer Betsey, wife of Roswell. Nov. 4, 1818, 3oy.

She was his first wife. He afterwards married Sybil Kingsbury of Plain-
field, and removed late in life to New York state.
Elmer Ellen P., daughter of Roswell and Sybil (Kingsbury).

Aug. 7, 1829, 14m.
Ellis Caleb Hon. "One of the Associate Justices of the Supreme

Judicial Court of New Hampshire, who died May 9, i8i6,

in the 49th year of his age. The memory of the just is



Hon. Caleb lillis was born in Walpole, Mass., in 1767, graduated at Har-
vard in 1793, "^"^1 settled in Claremont about 1800. In 1S04 he was chosen
a member of Congress, and re-elected in 1806. In 1S09-10 he was a member
of the E.xecutive Council, in 181 1 a member of the State Senate, in 1812 a
jiresidential elector, and in 1813 was appointed Justice of the Supreme
Court. He was married in February, 18 16, to Nancy, daughter of Robert
Means of Amherst, N. H. On the occasion of his funeral Rev. Stephen
Karlev delivered his funeral sermon, taking as his text, "The memory of
the just is blessed." This sermon was afterwards pulilished in pamphlet
form, copies of which are now very rare. Mr. Ellis left by his will $5,000
to the Congregational church of Claremont. \ pamphlet containing the
address of Chief Justice Jeremiah Smith at the ojjcning of the trial term at
Haverhill, N. H.. in May, 1816, containing a sketch of his life, was also
Emerson Meliitahle {Morgan), witc of Jonatlian. Jan. 1. i8o^,

Emerson, infant cliikl of Jonathan and Mt'hitable. Born Dec.

24, 1S03, died Dec. 25.
Emer.son John. Feb. 4, 1821, 88y.
Emerson Hannah. Sept. 25, 1S36, looy.

She was probably the wife of John.
Emerson Jonathan Jr. March 29, 1877,71}'.

A second wife, Ann C. (Haskell) Emerson, lives. {1896.)
Emerson Sarah M. (Tyler), wife of Jonathan Jr. Apr. 11,

1848, 37y.
Emerson George H., son of Jonatlian Jr. and Sarah M. Apr.

15, 1S42, 2y. 9111.
Emerson Hannah, daughter of Simeon. Sept. to, 1814. 2y. 6ni.

The stone was erected by Joseph Pulling and wife.
Emerson Mary. May 10, 1841, 22v.

Erskine Esther (Nightingale), wife of James. June 4, 1841, 77V.
Erskine George, son of James and Esther. March 13, 1796, 7y.
Erskine George, son of above. Oct. 1800, ^v.
I'^rskine Christopher. Jan. i, 1819, 6iy.
P^rskine Freelove (Greene), wife of Christopher. Feb. 21,

1 85 I, 84}.
Erskine Celia, daughter of Christopher and Freelove ((ireene).

Feb. II, 1794, 2y. 4m. 2 id.
Evarts James Capt. March 13, 1813, 39y.
Evarts Jerusha (Baldwin), wife of James. Oct. 20, 1838. 64V.

There is no stone to mark this grave.


Farley Thomas Saunders. Born Apr. 2. iSri, died Aug. 14,

Farnham Cleniane, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth. Aug.

4, 1S08, loy.
Farnsworth Henry, son ol' Leonard and Abigail. Sept. 30,

1827, 4y.
Farrington Phebe. April 6, 1841, Siy.
Farrington Ichabod. Dec. 16, 1878, 84y.

Farrington Betsey Smith, wife of Ichabod. Nov. 37, 1883, 84y.
Farrington Betsey, wife of Ichabod. Oct. 37, 1841, 45y.
Farrington William P. Oct. 10, 1857, 2iy.
Farrington, daughters of Isaac and Nelly. Jane, Dec. 24, 1838,

2y. ; Martha, .Sept. 13, 1839, 6y. ; Marion, Dec. 22. 1839,

I 2y.
Farwell John Capt. Dec. 12, 1827, 45y.
Farwell Sarah C daughter of John and Lydia (Clapp). March

28, 1826, lom.
Farwell John vS., son of Nicholas and Susan (Corey). July 13,

1822, I4y.
Farwell James K , son of above. Dec. 20, 1828, 2y. 9m.
Field Thomas Dr. May 20, 1801, 34y.
Field Richard, '^who died of a burn" Dec. 18, 1804, 53y.
Field Rebecca, wife of Richard. Jan. 12, 1831, 7iy.
Field Waldo, son of Waldo and Mar}-. Sept. 8. 1793, 9m. i7d.
Field Beriah P., son of above. -'Died suddenly," Dec. 13, 1804,

7y. 3m. 7d.
Fielding Ebenezer. Oct. 2S, 1830, 76y.

He was a Revolutionary soldier, and for many years town constable.
Fielding Alonzo, son of Ebenezer and Keziah (Ainsworth).

Aug. 14, 1801, i8m. Also Iniried in the chinx-h yard (west

part), a son who died Dec. 7, 1788, aged im., and a daugh-
ter who died May 11, 1790, aged 2m.
Fielding Samuel A., son of Ebenezer and Keziah. May 29,

1813, 29y.
Fielding Susannah, daughter of Ebenezer. March 16, 1826, 44y.
Fielding Henry. Dec. 31, 1831, 35y.
Fifield James Dr. April 30, 1S27, 33y.
Fisher Leonard, son of Jonathan and Anna. Sept. 20, 1799.


Fisher Ahitjail (Goss), wife ofTimotliv. Fcl). i, 1S03, 5Sv-

Fisher, infant son of Jacol) and Clarissa. Sejit. 25. 18 18.

Fisher Curtis. Oct. 20, 1846, 5oy.

Fisher Jeremiah. May 24, 1S09. 87} .

Fisher Esther, wife of Jeremiah. Oct. 1 i, 1S22, Syy.

Fisher Abraham. Feb. 3, 1851, 87y.

Fislicr Lucy, wife of .Vbraham. Oct. 20, 1815, 49y-

Fisher Jane, wife of Abraham. June 21, 18^4, 85y.

Fiske Samuel Esq. Dec. 29, 1834, ^5}'-

See history of Watertown, Mass., for ancestry, page 213. Graduated from
Harvard 1793. Settled in Clarcniont 1794. Senator New Hampshire
Legislature 181 5-16.

Fiske Sarah (Foxcroft), fust wife of Samuel Fiske, Escj. June
23, 181 1, 4iy.

Fiske Matilda (Stevens), second wife of above. Aug. 28, 1820,

Fiske Elizabeth II. (Mill), third wiic or al)ovc. Jidv 7, 1S4:;,

Fiske Edwin Eustis, son of Sanniel and ICli/ahcth. June z\,

1 83 1, 6y.
Fif.kc Samuel. Jime 27. ;S)2. 72\ .
Fiske Fanny, wife of Samuel. Ajjr. i j. 1856, 87\-.
Fiske Horace, second son of Samuel and Famu . Sept. iS.

1802, 2v. 4m. i8d.
Fiske Aron, son of above. Jid\ 23, 1800, iv. 9m. lod.
Fiske Horace, s(}nofabo\e. Air^. 2], 1800, 8ni. 24d.
Fiske Manerva. Dec. 4, 1845. 42y.
Fiske Mrs. Mercy. July 10, 1856, 74\ .

Fiske, infant son of Erastus and Anna. July 18, 1836. 121I.
Fiske Sarah Jennison, dau<;htcr of Re\ . X. Fiske. 1). I)., late of

I5rookfield, Mass. March z^. 18(^9. \z^\ .
¥\ic\\ Paul. Dec. 18, 1843, 7oy.

See liistorv of Rindge, X. H.. im ancc>tr\ .
Filch Paid Jr. July 31. 1881, -3\. ^m.

I'itch Lovina (llurd). wife of Paid Jr. Sept. 19. 1S37, 2^v.
Fitch IIenr\ W'., >on of Paul and Loxina. l-'eb. 22, 1833, 13m.
Fitch Hela Dr. March 2, 18 13, 4(y.

He was the great-unclo of Henry C. and (ieorgo Kitch. Died in the liouse

now occupied by George W. Dole,


Fitch Sally, wife of Dr. Bela and dauj^jhtcr of Samuel and Betsey

Whittle. Aug. 2^^ iSio, T^^y.
Fitch Fanny H. Hatch, daughter of Bela and Sally. Sept. i6,

Fitch Levi, son of Samuel and vSarah. Aug. 13, 1833, 5m. i6d.
Flanders Ezekiel, son of Jonathan and Sally. Sept. i. 1836,

I4y. 8m.
Fling Charles G., son of Erastus and Charlotte. April \<j. 1819,

Fow les Mar^• R. (Fiske), wife of Jacol). .Vpr. 14, 1839, ^Ay ■

She was his first wife. He afterwards married and removed to Boston.
Foxcroft vSarah, relict of Dr. Francis Foxcroft, late of lirooktield,

Mass. May i, 1827, S6y.

Gage Joseph. July 19, 1861, 7-y-

Gage Esther R., wife of Joseph. Feb. 4, 1S42, ^iv.

Gage John, son of Joseph and Esther C. Dec. 4, 1824, z\\\. \n\.

Gage Louisa, daughter of Joseph and Esther. March 29, 1823,

4m. I id.
(jates Charles E., son of John T. and Mary B. vSept. 19, 18^1,

Giddings Daniel Capt. Aug. 18, 1816, 82V.
Giddings Susannah Mrs. Nov. iS, 1828, 66y.
Giddings William Lord, son of Daniel and L\dia. Aug. 26,

1804, ly.
Gilmoi"e Jonathan. Feb. 29, 1820, 57\'.
Glidden Samuel. Sept. 17, 1856. 7o\ .

Glidden Lucinda (Goss), wife of Samuel. Sept. 5, 1S30, 37y.
Glidden Samuel L., son of Samuel and Nancv A. (Bingham).

May 2, 1840, 6y. 5m.
Goodrich ^Vlary, relict of Waitsrill (ioodrich of Connecticut.

Feb. I, 1813, 86y.
Goodrich Joseph Harvey, son of James II. and Clarissa. M;ircli

7, 1816, 7d.
Goodwin Thomas H. Aug. 15, 1830, S3v-
Goodwin Hannah (Farrington ) , wife of Thomas H. Jan. 20,

1864, 82y.
Goss Nathaniel. Jan. 35, 1824, 73y.


Goss Rachel (Gould), wife of Nathaniel. March 29, 1840, 87y.
Goss, son of Ziba and Persis. Sept. i, 1804, ly. 4m.
Goss, two infant daughters of above.

No dates.
Goss Calvin, son of Ziba and Clarihsa. Sept. 20, 1816.
Goss Clarence E., son of William and Erniina H. Aug. z^,

1 85 1, 3\v.
Gould Solomon. Nov. 20, 1S36, 52y.
Gould Oliver. June 25, 1832, 73y.
Gould Sarah, wife of Oliver. Oct. 29, 1846, S2y.

BurriU's list has the date Sept. 29.
Gould Lucy, daughter of Oliver and .Sarali. Oct. 26, 1802, 6y.

Gould Mary, May 20, 1S45, 6iy.

Gowdey Sarah (Lathe), wifeof Thomas R. June 16, 1844, 32y.
Gowdey Charles B. L., son of Thomas R. and vSarah P. July

3, 1839, ly. lom.
Gowdey Sarah Isabel, daughter of Thomas R. and Cynthia .V.

(Stevens). Oct. 31, 1846, 13m.
Gowdey Olivia C, daughter of above. .Sept. lo. 1833, iiw.
Graves John. Feb. 3, 1840, 65y.
Graves Sylvanus, son of John and Philena. Sept. 13, 1804, ly.

lom. lod.
Graves John H., son of above. Jan. 27, 1^14, 4m. 22(1.
Greeley Lydia, wife of vSamuel. vSept. zj, 1838, 35y.
Greelev William S., son of Samuel and Lydia. July 13, 1842.


Greene Daniel, "'who did suJd^aly in his chtir." \ )v. 3,

1815, 69y.
Ciutmison Alice Adeline, daughter of Oliver and >^usan. Aug.

24, 1839, ^y- ^"^*

Hadley Martin, son of Elijah and Almira. May 18, 1833, 2y. 3ni.
Hall Barbara, daughter of Jarius and Barliarn. Sept. 5, 1799,

Handerson Gideon Capt. July 10, 1825, jiy. 9".n.

Was selectman in 1 791-92-93-99-1804-05.
Handerson Abigail (Church), wife of Capt. Gideon. June z^,
1846, 86y,

Handerson Sophrone Mrs. Dec. 7, 1S13, 22y.

Her maiden name was Stevens. She was the wife of Joseph Handerson.
They were married Oct. 28, 1810.
Handenson Rufus, Esq. Oct. 16, 1829, 48V.

Was representative to Legislature in 1822-23-24-26; selectman in 1813-14-15-
Haney Frank, son of Francis and Lydia. Aug. 16, 1849, 8m.
Hardy Isiah. Oct. i, 1836, 35y.

Harris Angeline B., wife of Enos N. Feb. 14, 1843, 29y.
Harris Angeline B. dau^-hter of Enos and An^reline B. Sept.

26, 1853, iiy.
Henry Charles, son of Frederick and Adeline (Buckman). Feb.

II, 1833, 2y. 22d.
Henry, infant son of above. June i, 1826, im.
Hill Polly (Fisher), wife of Henry. Feb. 21, 1823, 4oy.
Hill Lenicy, daughter of Henry and Polly. May 8, 1S31, 19V.

Hilliard Harriet E. Jan. i, 1843, 36y.
Holton Asa. March 4, 1840, 5^y.

He was a lawyer and resided on Broad street in the house now owned by
Herbert Bailey on the north side of Bailey avenue. Served as town clerk
from 1825 to 1828.
Holton George. Nov. 5, 1824, 5y. 9m.
Son of Asa Holton and Orra Evarts, his wife.
Howe Maria, wife of Rev. Moses Howe. Oct. 3, 1842, 34y.
Howe Nehemiah Kenney, son of Moses and Maria. May 25,

1839, 4y- lom. 25d.
Hubbard Solomon. Oct. 4, 1S41;, 7oy.
Hubbard Amarilla (Cowls), wife of Solomon. Dec. 8, 184^,

Hubbard, infant son of Solomon and Amarilla. Feb. 17, 1821,


Hubbard Fanny, daughter of above. Nov. 9, 1833, ^^^V-
Hubbard William H., son of Hiram and Emily. ]an. 29, 1843,

Hunt Lovina S., daughter of William A. and Lucv. Sept. 18,

1844, i6y.
Hurd Sally, widow of Elisha, formerly of Hanover, N. H. Oct.

28, 1840, 63y.
She was the grandmother of Austin T. Cowles.

'24 <>LI> VII.LAdh: iEMEIEny

Jackson M;ir\-. ilMULihttT of Moses ;nul S;ii-;ili. S^-pt. ii. 1799,

Jackso.n lietscv. daughter of ahovc. .Sept. 2, 1799, z\ . 7111.
Jackson Moses. July 23, 1824, (rzy .

lie was a RLVohitiDii.irv soldier, and removed to ("laremonl from Wasli-
in<;toii, \. II.
Jackson Sarah (Maxwell), wife of Moses. Oct. 10, 1846, 79T.
Jackson Charles R. Dec. 13, 1863. 25y. 5m.

He enlisted from Unity in Co. K. 9th regt. N. H. Vols. Aug., 1862; was in
several battles — South Mountain, .\ntietam — was taken sick, remained in
the hospital eight months; came home on a furlough, and died in Clare-
mont as above, and was buried from the Methodist church. He was a son
of Joseph Jackson.
Jackson Joseph. Dec. 6, 1845, (S^y.
Jack.son luniice \V. Oct. 3, 1845, 43y.
Jackson Mary J. Aug. 26, 1841, 2iy.
Jenkins Obediah. Oct. 3. 1833, 83y.
Jenkins Lucy, wife of Obediah. June 12. 1834. 8oy.
Jones Ariel II. June 17, 1877, 75y.
Jones Frances M., daughter of Ariel If. and Barberry Ann.

July 9, 1833, 5\v.
Jones George E., son of above. July 10, 1S39, iSni.
Jones Barberr\- Ann (Parmelee), wife of Ariel H. Jidy 17,

1840, 36y. Also an infant.
Johnson Eunice 15.. (laughter of Parmer and Polly (Bunnel).

Feb. 22, 1848. 5y.
Johnson, infant daughter of abo\e. Jan. 2, 1837.
Johnson Eber. Oct. 4, 1838, 6oy.

In a news])ai)cr published at the time, his age is given as (>t^\.
John.son Mary (Palmer), wife of Miles. Feb. 1^, 1825. 73y.
Johnson Parmer. March 25, 1S66, 78y.

This record is from another source, but is given for reference.
Johnson Miles. Dec. i, 1834, S6y.
Johnson Miles Jr. Oct. 26, 1S42, 64y.

Johnson Judith (Lovejoy), wife of Miles Jr. Oct. 5, 1842, 68y.
John.son Betsey F., wife of Reuben. Jan. 9, 1838, 22y.
Johnson Reuben, son of Reiil)en and Betsey. Apr. 3, 183S,

Sni. 5d.
Johnson Charlotte, daughter of above. Sept. 9, 1836, 3y. 2m.

jiulkins Caleb, "l^orn Mmcli '^o. 17S3, ilied Nov. 9, i86i,

aj^ecl ySy."
Sec the History of Salisbury, X. H., page 645.
judkins Lucy (Kelly), wile of Caleb. Apr. 15, 1S47. 34y.
fudkins Emman F., daughter of Caleb and Lucy. July 18,

1S46, 2111.
judkins Ellen F., dauj^hter of above. March 5. 1845, ly. 2m.

13 d.
Judkins (jeorcrianna M.. dau^jhter of al)ove. Oct. i^. 1^54? ^y-

Judkins Lois (Field), wife of Joel. Auo-. 11, 1S30. 46V. iim.

Also an intant son, aged ^ni.
Jewett Roswell H. Dec. 20, 1S88, 64y.
Kingsbury J. C. Sept. 16, 1S37, ^■\y-
Knight Austin, son of Albro and Elmira (Stoddard). Sept.

25, I S3 1, ly.
Knights John P., son of Asa I>. and Mary. Sept. i, 1829, 15m.
Knights ^Ivranda, daughter of Phineas and Esther (Matthews).

Apr. 6, 1827, i8y.
Knights Cynthia (Alden). wife of Ania/.iah Jr. Apr. 3, 181 s,

Knights Olive, daughter of Amaziah and Lydia. May 20, 1792,


Knights Lydia R., wife of Amaziah. Sept. 7, 1S33, ^7y*

Her maiden name was Grandy according to some authorities. The History
of Northfield, Mass., says it was Lydia Wright of Granby, Conn.

Knights Amaziah. Jan. 14, 1835, 89y.

Knights Sarah, daughter of Amaziah and Lydia. March 10,
1837, 66y.

Knights Susan Miss, daughter of above. .Sept. 23, 1S48, 62y.

Kirtland Gideon Capt., "who in life was a good member of
society, who lived beloved and died regretted Apr. 18, 1805,
aged 74."
This name is variously spelled Kirkland and Caterling. He was a Revo-
lutionary soldier, enlisting from Claremont for one year in July, 1779, for
which he received ^60. Was one of the town's earliest settlers, and
bought large tracts of land, being part of the farms now owned by the heirs
of Leonard P. Fisher, Wm. E. Tutherly and Melvin Proctor. Built house
on Winter street now occupied by Ellen M. Bond.

-jA' oi.n VI 1. 1. Mil: cnMiriKHy

Kiitl:ni(l ( ii(ici)ii Mis., ■•iclici of' tlu> l;itc (iidcdii Kirlland."

April .', iSo^, l-y-
Kiltti'iit;c' AiiloiiK'Ht- II., (l:in<_;lit(.M" 111" I'liniiKis 15. and Caroline.

March i(). loin.

Li-ai"li I'.imdiiu" L.. daiinlilcr <>( David and i.iKiiida. .\o\ . j^.

ivS^S, ii^y.
Lt-aincd Clariiia C. daii<ihUr of .Saniiu-1 and L'laiina C ]\\\\

lO. 1S13. 3\ .
Lc-w is Saimicl. Au^. 17. 1S08, 64\ .

l^ewis Marv (I'owner) w ilV of Samuel. .\o\ . (). iN^^J, 6c^\ .
Lewis Betsey. March 15. 182.}, lyy.
I'loljablv a daughter of Samuel and Mar\.
l^adil Paran I)., son of Dudley and Louisa (l'err\ ). March i().

1S39, 25y.
lie was a hrotlicr of Dr. William .M. l.add.
Lowell I'Lniih L., ilaughter of I^zra and Mar\ .\. (WOoison).

March 19. 1S40, 2y.
Leonard Mrs., wiie o(' C'ol. NOdiah Leonard of Sunderland.
Sec Jenishn Stexcns, wile of Klilui.
Lake Fann\', dausfhter of Jonathan and C'hailolte. ()cl. J.|.

>S27, 7.V-

Lawrence Al)igail. \\ ik' of iJu- late C'a|>l. Asa T-a\\rence. Iiuie

12, 1S30. 93y.
Lon<^ Catherine, \vife ol'Capt. Simeon. Jan, 30, 1S15, ^t^\ .

She was his second \\itc. .She fell down stairs and broke her neck.
Long Simeon Capt. June 10, 1848, 88y.

He was the grandfati\er of ("apt. Cieorge Y. Loni; of this town.
Lonj]j Simeon Capt.. son of the aho\t-. 1\1). i). 1826. 39y.
Lovcll Mary. Nov. 24. 1S56, 58y.

Lovell Sevmour. son of Michad and S:dl\ . Jan. 2i). i8_^^. .|o\ .
Lovell Michivl. Apr. 29, i860, 95y. 4m.

• Ht was born in Rockingham, ^'t.. and came to C'laremonl in iSji, buying
ihc Ralston farm and residing there until his ileath. He was the grund-
lather of Dr. O. H. Way.

LoNcIl .Sall\ K.. w ite of Michal. Jan. H). 18^8, 68y.

Langtlon James i>f W-rshire. \'. K. Oct. 2^. i8o(). .jiy.


Liimmis Samuel A. (Ashley), ^oii of Porter aiul Susanna Iv (Ash-
ley). Born A[)r. 4, 1795, died Apr. i;^, iSoS.
L()\ejoy Nathan. .March 30, 1S13, 6t,\. .\n^.
Lovejov Mar\- Mrs., wife of Nathan. Fe!^. 11, iSty. 66v.
Lane Samuel. I\l). 24. 1805. 6y.

Mellen Candaee. wile of Amor\ . fnne ::., 47^.

Mellen Louisa IC, onl\' dauj^htei' of Anior\- arid Candacf NL"^I-

len. .Sept. 3, 1S35. S\-.
Meacham Asa. May 5, 1836, 77y.

Meacham Zilpha (I:^lmer), ''consort of .\s;i. died Dec. 11. iSji.
in the 62nd \ear ot' her aj^e."

.Vsa Meacham aixl Zilplia Elmor were iiKiiricd in Hins<lale. N. H., tlie'

intention 1)eiiig piihlislied Se|)t. 29, 1785.
Meachani lle/ekiah. son of .\s;t [r. and l*e;^L;\ . I'ch. 2O. 1S19,

Meachani 1 lorace, son ol above. Feb. zi. 1 S3 1 .
McLauji^idiii .Saiali. March 8, 1846. 6j\ .
McLaughlin Thomas. .Vn;4. 10. 1810, 88y-

Sarah and ThonKis Mel .augiilin were ])robal)lv frimi Acwmth. N. Tl.
McLauj^hiin David. l\-b. i(). 1S18. 66y.
McLau;4"ldin L\dia. w ile of I)a\ id. June 8, 1810, 78y.
McLaughlin Sarah, daughter of l[ai\e\ .and Kulh. Felt, zj,

1 8 I J . 1 \ . 1 1 n 1 .
Mclvaughlin llar\e\. son of abo\c. -\-ug. 20, iSzz, 'j\. iim.
^IcLaughlin NLir\. daughter of aboxe. June 3, 1S35. •^3}-
McLaughlin Franci^. - on of James and M.aria. ()ct. 31, i8jJ.

NLixwell lames W ., son of Uenjamin and Lucinda (Fettee).

Oct. 30, i8_',S. 3m. 8d.
Maxwell James. Maich 23. 1823. 8yy.

He \va> a l\e\ i)lutii.)narv M>ldier iVdUi \\'asliini:;ton. \. 11.
McFarlev Stei)hen. Feii. z'J. 1826. i6y.

Moodv FnuK' (Walker), wife of Jonathan. .Scpl. S, iS3(">. iSy.
Munger Linus. No\ . 5, 18 iS, SSy-

Munger Llizabelli. w ife of Liiuis. Dec. 2y, 1838, 7->-
Munger William Lt. Dec. 19, 1865. 2^\.


Munger George. vSept. i, i86i.3oy.

Munger William F. July 23, 1856, 63y.

Munger Ruth (Bond), wife of William F. March 28, 185^, s>V-

Munger Julia, (laughter of I^ituis and Elizabeth. Sept. i j. 1800.

20ni. 2(\.
Munger Julia, daughter of above. Sept. 1803. z\ . Jin 2(1.
Munger Darius, son of above. Aug. (), 181 i, 7nK \()(\.
Munger Matilda. Xov. k^, 1836, |iy.
Munger Mina. Sept. 6, 1842, szy.
Munger Martin. Oct. ij, 1S18, 32y.
Munger Fannv, daughter of Martin and Rachel. May 1 ), 181(1.

V. 8m.

Munger, infant child of al)ove. July 25, 181 j.
Munger Mabel Mrs., wife of Capt. Timothy.

Her m.^iden ti.ime was Stevens, anci she was a sister of Elihu Stevens, Ksq.
Munger, infant daughter of Wm.' F. and Ruth M. Apr. 17, 1822.
Munger Frederick, son of above. Feb. 13, 1828, 3111.
Munger Timothy Capt. Jan. 30. 1836, 78y.

He was a Revolutionary soldier.
Munger Lovine. wife of Timothy. July 28, 1845, 8(^y.
Mitchell Reuben. Born Apr. 11, 1831, died Sept. 20. 187^.
Mitchell Reuben, son of Robert and Lucia. May 5. 1832, .\\ .
Mitchell Robert, (son of William and .Sophia) . Dec. 15, i8ji.

Mitchell Horace I)ca.. (son of above). Jul\ 27. 1844, .\z\.

Mitchell Louisa, (daughter of above). Xov. 7, 1850, 4iy.
Mitchell Sophia, (daughter of above). .Sept. 17, 1830, 25y.
Mitchell Lucia (Spencer), wife of Robert. Aug. 6, 186C), 67y.
Mitchell Sophia Mrs, (.Scales), wife of William. Jan. 8, 181 |.
46} .
The town records give lur in;iidcn ii;ii)>c as Atlicituu.

Mitchell William. Oct. 9, 1832. 64y.

Mitchell Holly (l>lake), ( widow of Tiiomas Mitcliell betbie she
married William ) , wife of William. Aug. 20, 1851. 73\ .
\[ilton johM L., son of John M. ;iiul l.ydi;!. Mar. 17. |8:;_'. i jv.
Milton Lvdia, wife of John M. July 6. 1831), 32y.
Matthews David. Apr. 25, 1822, 77y.
Matthews Rhoda, wife of D.'ivid, Feb. 11, iS(j7, y}\ . 7rri. (yd,


Matthews Myranda. Aug. i8, 1811. lom. 2d.

Matthews Charles, sou of Deacon Joel and Rachel. Feb. 5,

181 2, 3oy. lom.
Matthews Joel Deacon. Sept. 10, r8z2, 72y.
Matthews Rachel (Gilbert), wife of Joel. Jan, 19, 1837. 85y.

Xiles Peter. March 15, 1844, 87y.

The family Bible says S9y.
Nilcs Deborah, wife of Peter. Aug. 18, 1840, S7y.

Otis Cyrus H. March z'S, 1834, 42y.

Orcutt Rachel, wife of Ichabod. Aug. 24, 1833, 69y.

Osgood Iliel, son of James and vSophia. Juh' 23, 1816, 6w. 3d.

Osgood Franklin, son of above. May 4, 1S38, 6ni. 22d.

Osgood Prudence (Farrington ). (first) "wife of Jaines, who

died Feb. 23, 1S12 ; and their full born babe was buried on

her arm."
Osgood vSusan (Field), wife of William. Feb. 3, 182S, 39y.

William was of the third generation of the family in Claremont.
Osgood Janet, daughter of Joseph and Either (Knights). July

6, 1842, 2y.

Parmely James, son of Eliel ami Sarah. Aug. 19. 1821, iv.

Parmelv Frmina, daughter of above. Fell. 17, 1806, Sy. 3m. i 2d.

Parmelv, infant son of above. Oct. 11, 1810, 3W.

Parmelee Sarah IL, wife of Eliel. Oct. 2."!^, 1848, 72y.

Parmelee Eliel. June 27, 1S49, 83y.

Page Charles D., son of Samuel and Malinda. July i. 1835.

2y. 3m. 6d.
Parmelc William, son of William and Fanny (Rice). March

12, 1 8 10. 4y. 4m. ^k\.
Parmele William, son of abo\e. Xov. 5. 1804, 2,6.
Parmele William, son of above. Aug. (i, 1814, ly. 8m. 4d.
Parmelee Peter. May lo. 1841, 63y,

Church records say died 1839.
Parmeleee Jemima, wife of Peter. Jan. 3, 1867, 86y.
Parmelee Henry F,, s(jn of Peter and Jemima. Feb. 29, 1S12.

1 V. 9UJ.


I'arnick'C .Msoii, >.oii (>(" al>(>\ c. March I7, 1S09.

Pannelet' |aincs E., .>>on ol'aboNc. |an. ^6, 1814, "jw.

Parniclcc (jcorgc, son of above. I\'li. 17, 1S16, 8111.

I'aniiclce Richard. Dec. 2<.j, 18:^9. [^\.

Parmelcc Mary M., dauii^hter of Daniel ami Alni^ail. Apr. 10.

1808. i^m. 171I.
rariiielee l^uth, (iaiij^jhter oi ahov e. -Vul;. jj^. 1800, j\. ^^iu.
I'annelce Mina, ilaughter of al)(j>\ e. Apr. i], i8()(^.
I'nrnielee Pollv L.. 'Mlauj^lUer of Capt. Aaron and wife, now

wife of Seth Rcdiield. Drowned Jiuie 1^, 180^," 6v. >m.

I'arnielee Eli/a E., daii'^huioi I'di and ;\Iar\ . Sept. 7. i8r;^.
yv. 7m. i^d.

I'ettv E\tlia (I'^ield) Mr.^.. ( \\ ife ol" Rcui)en ) . Doc. 30. i8;;j.9.2y.

Petty Renhcn Capt. March \(\ 18 18, 8o\ .

("apt. Pctty's father, Jcscj)!!, was in a scouting party against Indians ncai
what is now Xorthfield, Mass., in May, 174S; being wounded and unable t<i
travel, lie was left beside a spring to live if he could until help came. Two
days after Capt. Phineas Stevens, afterwards of Charlcstown. \. H.. with
a party from Fort Dinnn\er, made search but found no trace. In Juno,
Lieutenant Hunt went with fifteen men from Northfield "to bury .Sergeant
Petty." I'resumablv they did so. Reuben, the subject, was Sergeant
Pctty's oldest son, born July 31, 173S. lie served in the French and Indian
wars, was sergeant and was taken prisoner at Fort William Henry, Aug. •).
1757. He married Lydia Field, and had seven children prior to 177::.
about which time he probably came to Clarcniont.

Peltv Encia. ilaiii^liter of Warren and Martha. May 27. 1818. ly.

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