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Grave stone records : from the ancient cemeteries in the town of Claremont, New Hampshire, with historical and biographical notes online

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Pettv Ka/.iah. daiif^hter of Capt. Renheii and Evdi.i. .Sept. 5.
18 lb.

Pettv Mehitai.le Mrs., second wife of William. Nov. :}. 180.'.

MJ> ■
Petlee William. .\pr. i |. |8;,7. 8j;y.
PeUee Esther, relict to Mr. Joseph. March h. 1816, ysy.

She was i)i()h.d)lv the witc ot Joscpli, wiio was a brother of Reuben.
Pettee Hiram, son of Williani and Mehitahle, (second wife of

same name), jidy JO, i8o|, ly. 8m. i8d.
Parker Jacol'. Mafch 6. 18;/), 79y.
Parker Abiah. May 1, i8;vf, '">7y-
I'arker Elizabeth. June 9, 1826, \oi\. 8m. i7d.

The oldest person buried in town, so far as any grave stone records.


lY-ckcns Rt'incnibcr, wife of Alexriiuler. June i8, 18^7, 72V.
Peckens James, son oi" Alexander and Remember. Mav 21,

1S03. 2o\ .
Perrv John, son of Thomas and DolU . ]ime 19. iSoo. 2\. 6m.
Perry Lyman. Oct. 29, 1S24, 29\ .

Perry Dolly (Wilson), wife of Thomas. March :5. 1829,62V.
Perry Thomas. Sept. 16, 1839, ^^v.
Perry Clarissa. March 5, 1S78, SSv.
Peck Sypron Weils. Sept. 20, 183^, i9\.
Putnam Zelotes. Jan. 13, 1S63. 78\ . lom.
Putnam Esther, (second wife of Zelotes ) . Api". \u. 1881. 89\ .

Putnam Hannah, wife of Zelotes. Au;^-. 18, i8r9, 29\ .
Putnam ^Jiriam. dauohteiof Zelotes and l'2sthei-. Pel), i, \^]\,

2\. lom.
Putnam Esther E., daughter of abo\e. Feb. i, 1840, 7V. 8m.
Putnam Clarissa, dau^dUer of Zelotes and ITannah. |an. ^1.

I'utnam Miriam (ICImer). wile of Capt. Solomon. March 7,

1S26, 71 \.
Putnam Solomon Capt. Apr. 18, 1810, 5^\.
Putnam Chester and Elisha, ''sons of the late Capt. SoIoukju
Putnam who, on the morning of the 29th of January, 1S14, in
the .same ])ed were Ibund suffocated. A kettle of common
coals having been placed in their room for comfort proAed
the fatal instrument of their death ; the former in the 27th.
the latter in the 19th vear of his age.

*'Ilow many roses perish in their bloom,
liow many suns alas go down at noon."
This fatality occurred in the house now owned and occupied t)v Deacon
James. Piper. The house had been newly finished and plastered, or an ad-
dition thereto, and because of its dampness the coals of fire were placed in
the room. The two parties were uncles of SolfMnon Putnam now of
Weathersfield, Vt.
Putnam John, (son of Solomon and Miriam ) . Oct. 8, 1851. 6^\.
Porter Edwin S., son of Luther and Eli/a. Feb. j. 18^5.
Porter, intant son of above. No\ . 18, 1828, 2d.
Pulling Joseph. Dec. 27, 1840.86V.

■'i'J n/.i) Vll.LAUE (■KMETEUY

l*;ii]LJc Eli/a H., wife of Tliomas F. I>unihain. Ma\ i},. iS^y.

6oy. 7m.
Pressey, infant child of Joliii and ML'liital)lo. Marcli 2. iSoo.
Patch Oliver. JiiK 17, 1S42, 74\ .
Patch TainsiiK wife of Oliver. Xo\ . 19. 1S.13. 75y.

i^ankiu James, son of Moses and Hwunali. Sept. 24, i'So3, 3V.

3m. lod.
Kankin Moses, son ofabo\e. Sept. 11, 1H03, iv. lom. iSd.
Rankin Aaron, son of above. Oct. 2, 1803, 6m. 8d.
Rankin Hannah, daughter of a])ove. Nov. i, 1827, 23\ .
Redfield Louis, wife of Ambrose. July 28, 1864, 42y.
Retlticld llermon, Feb. 2, 1810, 28y. Also Charles William,

son ol' llermon and Sophia. liis second wife. Marcli ^.

iSio, 7m.
Redlield Sophia, wife of llermon. June 1, 1S07, 20y. 9ni. 22d.
It is probable that this should be 1S09. The inscrijition however, is as given
Redfield Sylvanus. Dec. 26, 1837, ^T)}'-
Redtield Isabella ( Ainsworth), (second) w ife of Svhanus. Dec.

16, 1S37, '^0.^ •
Redfield Hannah (Fr.-mklin). (fust) wife of Sylvanus. June 13.

I So I, 44y.
Redtield Clarissa, dauf^hter of Zina aiul Tripheua (Sims). Jan.

15, 1815, 5m.
Reiitield Samuel S., son of above. Jime 12, 1802. lom.
Reilheld Warner. Jan. 20, 1863, 77y.

His name is spelled in family records Warriner.
Redfield Ruth (Dexter), wife cf Warner. Oct. r8, 1840, 54y.
Redfield CJeoiH^e. (son oi" Warner and Ruth.) Xo\ . 16. 1838,

Redfield Sarah (Pierson), wife of Seth. Sept. 5, 1802, 42y.
Reilfield Clemont, son of Seth and Sarah. Au<^'. ir, 1802, 15U).
Russell Georj^e R. May ^, 1S27, 45y.
Russell Parnel (]MunL;er). wife of (Jeorge R. Nov. 26. i8.|i.

Russell, infant dauj^hter of Jehiel and Harriet H. Jan. 19. 18. )o.
Richardson Sophia, wife of Samuel. May 12, 1837, 24y.

Also -jou and daughter by second wife, aged about 6 and 3. No stones.

i}LI> Vll.LAdh: ('EMEI'Ein' -V.V

Rcadl'ctcr. M:n\:h J3, ^^?,S>^ 73> •

Read Sarah, wife of Peter. May 19, 1849, 85).

Read Rufiis R.. son of Peter and r^acliel. June 28, 1826, 2y.

5ni. 23d.
Read Lumen, son of above. Sept. 11. 1827, sy. loni. i^i\.
Read Peter. March 14, 1846, 56y.
Read Rachel, wife of Peter. Nov. 22, 1846. ^oy.
Rich David. March 6, 1794, 75y.

Rice David, son of Silas and Louise. Jan. 5, 1S07, i8d.
Rice Mehitable Miss. Jan. 28, 1820, t^6\.
Richards Prudence Mrs., (probably tlie wife of Joel). Feb. 15,

1834, 67y.
Richards Joel. Oct. 4. 1837, 78y.

He- was a Revolutionary soldier from Massachusetts.
Robinson Robert. Nov. i, 1854, 92y.

Robinson Hannah (Rich), wife of Robert. Feb. 12, 1851, S3y.
Robinson Philenda Miss, daughter of Robert and Hannah. Apr.

14, 182S, 39y.
Rol)ertson Eliphalet. son of I'^liphaiet and Mary. Jaly 6, 1810,

Robertson Cynthia, daughter of above. Jan. 7. 1809, 1511.
Robertson Betsey," (Wood), wife of Fliphalet Jr. Dec. 28,

Robertson Fanny, daughter of Eliphalet and Betsey. June 2X,
1 791 , 5w. 2(1.

Robertson Eliphalet Jr. Feb. 3, iSio, 46y.

Robertson Eliphalet. March i, 1813, 75y.

Robertson Mary. April 28. 1S16, 75y.

Rowell Rev. Joseph. Nov. 16, 1842, 75y.

He was a graduate of Dartmouth College in the class ol 1794 and a native
(if Rowley, Mass. He was ordained and installed over the Congregational
church of Croydon Sept. 24, iSoo, and dismissed in iS^.S after a continuous
ministry of 28 years. He married Hannah Chase.

Roys Minerva. July 4, 1814, 8y. 9m.

Roys Jerusha L., daughter of Benedic and Eli/.a. July 30.
1808. 4\ . lom.

S;iiikic- l*lu'lic. will' i)t" Scc-/:ii- (».i)l()if(l ) . |ul\ _*^. iS^S. 6^\ .
S:irt\\fll I'li/:il>ctli. diiirj^litcr ot' .\'-:i ;m(l >I;ii\ . Aulj-. 12. \'^-\},.

Sawyer Sainiicl. [iilx ij. iSj^. Ooy.

Sawvoi" Ilulda. \\ itV ol" SanuKl . Ma\ i _' . iS()^. ^J(^\ .

Saxton, inlaiU daii^lilcr of Dr. Thoiuas 1". and .\iirtlia (Sic-lt-

liins), hiswitV. • Born Marcli 7, iSi j.
S(.\ (.-ranci' l-aviil\. daii^htrr of r>cnjaniin and Luniva I". (()-,-

o-o(kI). March 23. iSj^). |\.
Severance lCinil\, daui;"hk-r of ali<)\t'. Maiili ij. iS^j.Oin.
Severance, infanl soi\ ol'alioxe. June JJ^. ■■'^.V-
S.'\eranee loK/ph. -<')m of L:ioini and \:nic\ . Jan. jo. iS^i. i\.

I 1 ni.
Severance Nathan, (sou of IJenjamin and IJetsey) (Dod-e).

A])ril 21.1 N,V.'' -^'.^ ■
Severance, intant dau<ihle!- ot" I )aniel and Mailha. Ma\ J. iN,V;.
SheUlon lliram Oscar, son -it" Horace and Koxana. March 17.

1827. i\ . Sin. I 7(1.
Sliehlon. infant dan^hlei- ol' 1 lorace and l<o\ana. Oct. i\. iSiS.
Slieldon L\(ha A., dan'^hter of al>o\ ^^ Aul^. _:;(). 1 No | . loni. i7d.
.Sheldon Charles \'.. son of above. Sept. 13. 1809.
.Sheldon Marv Ann. daughter of ahov c. l'\'h. 20, 1817. 8ni. ^d.
Shekl<»n Ahrani. son of IC/ra and Sallv . .'<ei)t.27. i8|_:^. iSv. 9n).
Sholcs Lvdla. vv ife of .\aron. Jan. i^ 181 j. 6|v.
Sholes Prentice. N<tv. j. i8()4, S^v. inn.
.Sholes Zerv iali ( W'aslilMnii ) • wife of I'rentici'. Jan. 9. 1840.

Slnis llenian. Jan. 15, 18:^:^. 21 v.

.Skinner I'r.mcis. .Vu;^. 30. 18^7. zi\.

Smitli Judith, wife i>f Joseph. Nov. 21. 1831). |2y.

.Smith Ira. Sept. iS, 1838. 45V.

Smith Jacol.. Dec. 18. 1.S42. 72V.

Smith Lucy, vv ite of Jacoli. \^i:^ . 4. r8o9. ^tv.

Smith William. s..n ol'|acol> and Lucv . An-, i^. 180). i\.

10m. 13d.
Smith Kmelia. dau-hter of Jacoli and iaicv. Sept. 3. 1 8o.j , 3).

9m. 3d.
Smith John, sun ol above and Ro\ana. May 18, 1824. ly. 5m.


Smitli Lf)uisa T.. ..iily child .,1" SnoHi.r.l jml FJi/a. Inly 8.

1839, 6\ . 6111.
Smith Ezra. Dec. j;, 1830, Ofv.

Smith Sylvia, dau,i;litfr nf K/ra aiul ICimicc. N..\ . 7. i8-^_'. i/y.
Spaulding Zacliciis. Jan. J5, 1834, 54y.

Spaiildino- Ruth, wife of Dea. Champion. (uU .7. 1843. 8sy.
Spencer Sarah M.. dano-htci- of \\'an en and Marv. Nov. zy.

1839. 4m.

S])cnccr (Juy, ■M.n of I^ciihcn and Alii-. An-. -' ^ . 1 80 | , _'\ .
Sperry Lcvcrctt. ( son of I'lhc-nc/er and Hannah Pardee.) Xov.

18, 1863, 72\.
Sperry Hannah ((ieoriiu). wife of Lexerett. )nl\ 10. i86_'. 6Sv.
Sperry .\lvaro. son of P.enjamin and I'oih I)a\i>. I'ol). j. iSi:;.

I ^ni.
Sperry Samnel (i., on of Le\ erett and Hannah. 1\-1.. 18. 18 13.

Sperry ICbene/er jr. Jan. 10. 1840. ^_'\.
Sperry I'oJiy. dan^hter of i:i)ene/er and Hannah. Jan. j^- iSo',.

Sperry l-^li. s,.n ofa!>.t\e. drowned j nl\ 1. 180S. jp .

Sperry Hannah (Pardee), w ife of l^hene/er. fulv j:;. i8_'8. jzy.

S]H-rry Klizalieth. relief of !srai-l late of \e\\ Haven. C'l. Feh.

II. 18 10. _'6\ .
Speny Joseph. Mareh ij. i.Soi. ^7\.

Sperry Susan ( Cninminns ) . wife of James. juh J3, i8.:8. 3;i\.
.Speiry l'\nno C. son of James and ••SidseN" ( C'nmminc.'^s) .

Max II. I 83.'. 2\ . I i)d.
Sperry ilairiel. daughter of aWoxe. lulx 9, 18:^8. 4\ .
Sperry .Maiissa. dan;_;hter of Daniel and Deziah O. l\-li. .:::.

1866. ^5\ . _(m. 1 j(l.
Sperry De/.iah ().. xx ife of Daniel. Au-. 3. :840. 74\ .
Sperry Hannah, xx ife ol" (^'hanncex . April j). 18J4, 2\v.
Sperry Chaunecx Txler. son ol'Channeex and liaimah. ]u]\ 17,

1843. ii)\.
Sprai^-ue Reheeea (.\lden). wife of Ll. lohn Spra-^iie ."-^t-pt. 10,

1S17, 72y.
.Sprat^ne John. Nhtich 4. 1S43. ,)j\.


There is no stone to mark this giuvc. l)iit In: is Ixiriid hoidc his \\ ifc. so
mcnihcrs of tlic family state.
Spraguc Harriot, daughter ol' Isaac and Claiissn ( I liil>liai(i ) .

Sept. [7, 1802, lODl. I[(l.

Spragiie Joseph \\'., son ot" Chailes M. Awd Liic\. ()el. 17.
1853, i\. 5111.

Spraouf Sarah IClleii, daiij^litef of ahovc. Nhirch 1, 1855, 5111.

Spraj^iie I'^aniu Marie, daiij^hter of Josejih \V. and Charlotte.
Feb. 18, 1812, S'li-

Starliird Ste})hen. April \ \. 18.13, .^8\.

Starbird Lucy, wile ol' A. T. \ov. io. 1837. 3y\ .

Sterns Ilazen C Jan. 28. 1835, -7.^ •

Sterns Murrv W., son of Ila/en C and Mary (Chase). I'ch. 3.
1835, 4m.

Sterns Mary J., daii'j.;^hter of alto\ c. Jan. 6, 183}. ^w.

.Stevens EHlni Esq. Jan. 27, 1814, 83y.

Hr was born in Guilford, Conn., April 8, 1731, a son ot Nathanial aii()
Mindweil (Graves) Stevens. He became a proprietor of land in Claremont
as early as 1774 and perhaps before, and at once became a prominent citi-
zen of Jthc town. He was Esquire, a Representative of tiie town in thi-
Provincial Congresses from Dec. 18, 1776 to Aug. 1778, was two years
selectman, and held other offices of trust. He was the ancestor of the
<."laremonl familv bearing his name and had ten children, mo>t f)f whom
li\ed and died in this town.

Sleven.s Rachel (Meigs), wife of l'21ihu. Julx 21. 1708, ('>^\ ■

.Stevens lerusha, '"wifeof ICliliu and fornu'ilx wife of Col. Xadiah
Leonard of Sutherland. Mass." Nov. <;, 1808. 7()y.

.Steven.s Llihu Ji. .\pril 2. 1798. |^\.

Ste\ens I'vlihu \d. son of IClilui jr. and Lucieria. S^-pl. ^. 1799.

Stevens Sarali W. ( \\hitiiioi\- ) . wife of Liiui>. \o\ . 1. |8|<1.

.Stevens I'aran. son of Linns aiul .Sall\ . l"el>. 20. iSji. jw .
Stevens .Sarah M., daiighti-r of above. .\pril i. 1832. 20111.
Stevens Luther I-., (son of l)r. Linns and Loxewell.) .Sc-pt . i>,

1839. JJV.
Stevens Lovewell (fell). \\ileot'l)i. Linus. Apiil 1. 17^8. 33>-
.Stevens .Sevniour, son of Lo\t-\\i'll .ind Dr. Linus. Mav 17,

'79^' ?>}■ .'>'"•



Stevens Faniiv. dauj^hter of l.iiuib. Oct. i. i8oi. 13m. i6(l. Al

the left hand an infant hrotlu-r. Sept. 1, 1803. yh.
Ste\ens Susannah Mrs. Fel). i, 1815, Syy. ''Relict of I'Jiakini

who died in Connecticut Jan. 29, 1784. aj^ed 50} ." ^■■'
Stevens Prudence, consort of Eliakini. Dec. r^, 1825. 5(n\
Stevens Eliakini, (brother of IClilui). Dec. 16, 1834. 69y.
Stevens Eevi, son of Koswdl and Lucy {Chathn). Martli i],

1804, lyy. ^)ni.
Stevens Patty, wife of Kliakini. May 28. 1852, 78y.
Stevens Elizabetli R.. daughter of Thomas and Mary. I'd). 8.

1836. 9y. 6m.
Stexsart, infant son of Samufl and Lucy. IJorn April 29. 1 80 |

and died same day.
Stewart Silas P., son of al)o\c. March 21. 1808, 4(1.
Stiles Austin P>., son of vSanuiel and llei)sihah. Pel). i<j. 1817,

Stiles Apiiia Miss. dau<j;hier of TimothN Stiles oi" ( ireeniield.

Oct. 28, iSoo, I9y.
Stoddard Cortez A. June 27. 1816. \\. 7d.
Stoddaril, wife of Harmon. Dec. 29, i85(), 72y. Om.
Stoddard Judson. March 3. 185 i. 2iy. lom.
Stoddard Harrison, son of Curtis and AK ira (Jones). Ocl . in,

1841. 2od.
Stoddard Mar\ , wife of Putnam (ieor-e. May 5. 1.S12. zi\. 9m.
StoddartI Emeline. No\ . 12, 1836, 2-|y.
Stoddard Miram. Dec. 5, 1834, 2 7y.
.Stoddard Harmon. July 5, 1847, 58y.
Stoddard Katherine. dauj^hter ol" Amos ;ind Katherinc. Aui;.

18, 181 7. 8\\ .
Stoddard Mar\. wife of Curtis. Apr. 23, 181O. 55} •

Curtis Stoddard was distharL^cd to rlie church in Unity X. H.. Apr. 5, iSnj.
.Stone, infant son of Nathaniel and vSophia. May 29, 1835-
.Stone, infant dau;^hter of al)o\e. \o\ . 4. 1825.
Stone Clarissa (Ccllnirn). wife of Nathaniel. Dec. 13. 1821, 2.Sy.
Stone .Sophia (l>ald\vin). w ite of ah(i\ e. .\\)V. i. 1847. 52y.
.Stone Lene. (Asenatli Warner), w ifc of Da\ id. No\ . 17, 1831,




Stone DaAid. Ayiw iS. iSjj. .Sj\.

.Story Nancy II. (Dimond), wife of i'raiici^ 15. Sept. S. 18^7.

Slorv, inlaul >(>n of Natliau and l'"Ji/al>elli. |m1\ z(k 1S19. Sd.
Story Xatlian. .\uj^. 11. ' 8_:; 1 , :; 1 \ .
Story Elizalictli (l>ctts), will- of" Capl. Nathan. Ian. <). iSji,

Gj^\ .
vStrowhrid^^c iCli/.ahctli Mi>s. ()ci. y). iNiS. ji\.
.Swctt James, son ot" josiali and Pindcnce. April _•:;, iSoj, zz\.
Swett I'liulence. wile of Jcjsiali. .\n^. S, i^^^i. S|\.
Swett Clarissa. (iau<;liter ot' josiali and Hannah. .Ma\ jj. 1.S18.

ii\ .
Swett Kliza. daughter oj ai)o\ e. Nov. jj^. I7<)7. (iw .
Swett Hannah, dan^hlcr of al)ii\ e. .\])i". jo. iNoj, \\\.
Swell Sall\. (lau<;hter ol' ahoxr. Aj)!'. i\. 1 No j . i^v.
Swctt [osiah. r>orn()cl. J. 176S, died Dec. K), i^^-^, 1^\.
."■>W(.'tt Josiali. Dec. J^, 1S68. 67 \.
Swcit Hannah (llealex). w ife ol' [osiah. Dec. j^. |S^}. S^x .

TaJman ]'"di. .\pr. id, 1S16. jjN.
TaN lor .\iad. )nl\ 30, iSjr. j^y.
Temple )olin. fan. 16, lN2<), (')\\.

i'emple Hannah, wife ol' John and danLrhtor ol" .Svhnnn- Ked-
lield. Jan. 31, iSo^, ii\ .

I'licrc is an e.r\ox in the age nl lliis |Kirt\-, :i> >lie was ni.uiied in ir-^'-
Tiiompson Hctsev (Miteliell), wile ol' Stephen 11. Jan. 30.

181 J. 4()\.
Thompson Lo\ ina 1'.. ( dani^liter ol al)o\e). June J7, i8j^<i, 1 ^x .
Tenv John. .\j)i-. 1. iN^cj. ^ly.
TciTx lalward Dele\an, son of [ohn and Mar\ 1',. I'cii. S.

i8;,9, 911 1.
Tow lie Maria. dan>^hbr o|' l)a\ id and l"di/,al>eth. Au'^. J^.

18:^0, 8\ . 6in.
Trac\ Lemuel. .\pr. '), 1855. 81 \. 8111.

lie u.i> tlie Kitlier Ot' .\llreil Tracy, J'lsq., iu)\\ ot M.mclie.-lci , .\ . II.

Tiacv .Sarah (llrvant), wife of Lemuel. Nov. iS, i8»'>.:. ()8y.
Tracy Mar\ S.. dant^hter of Lemuel and Sarah. Se})t. 16, 1851,
.JO\ .


Tr.icv Harriet \. \,,\ . i;^, 1839, -5y-
Tiinier Le\i. An - . 12. 1845,66V.
Turner Delia. jiiU 31 . i S67. c/n .

Tyrrell, infant son of I), and I\ A. II. B,,ni Vii.-^ . j6. 1858.
died Jan. _' i . 1 S:;^.

Vargascjn l-:ii/.a])etli. Xu\ . ,S. i8ji.67\.

Varo-Mson John >-or Waliinolord. O.. and dic-d at .\K-r\land

Xo\ . iN. 1 ;.Si , a<4ed 34."
X'aro-ason John, son ot" John and i:n/'i. Ma\ 18. 1796. i6\.
V'ose Jesse. Oct. u. 1843. so\ .

Vose Harriet, daiiuhter of Jesse \\\u\ Ro.lah. Ma\ \i. \^\\. i;\.
Vose Francis B. Xo\ . 29, i8j8, 68v.

Vose Phel)e (Clement), wife of Francis 1 J. \,,\. ,,. iS.)^. 78\ .
N'ose Maria. dau-IUer of i^-ancis 11 and l'hei)c-. l>b. -. 1828.


\'os(; Leonard, son of above. |unc (). 1814, i\ .

\'ose Louisa. March 4, 1S33. 47V.

\'ose vSophia. w ife of Cleinent. Au<4-. 8. 18:58, i^w .

Walker Oracy. danoliK-!- of Solomon and L'harit\. Si-pt. 1.

i8o-|, i\ . 1 id.
WakeHeld Folly. dau-lUer of IVler an.l Ke/iah. Oct. 17. 17,;,^.
Wakefield Peter, son of ahove. Pel. 7. [797. jv. ^\\\. 1 \\.
Wakefield Betty. dau.<,dUcr of ahove. Oct. _'o. 1799, i\ . 6m.
Walker Sidney F. Sept. i\ . (816, 13m.
Walker John, son of Samuel and ]-:ii/al)eth. Feli. j6. 180^. '\.

3m. I 1 (1.

Walker Sanl.orne M.. son of Benjamin P. and llannali. |an.

13. 1844, 8m. ()(\.
Walker Sanl.orn A.. sonofal)o\e. Api-. 27. 1839. |\. i<>ui.
Walker Sarah Jane, dauo-hter of al)o\e. An'4. 21. 1829, lom


\\ ark Rebecca Lewis, wife of Moses April 17. i8:;6. o .j \ .
Wark Moses. l\'b. 10, 1845, ^^^V-

He had a daughter Rebecca who married Allx-it Cuwlcs.
Warner Thomas Capt. Feb. 7. iSiS. 70V.


nl.[) VILLAHI-: cEMKIKl;)'

(apl. WariRi \\.i> a Kivoluliimai v si)klitr iKim C'oiiiiccliciil. lie ic>iilc(l
in Clarcmnnt maiw vi-ais, and wa-; the nicat ui^indfatlui' nt llenrv and
I'lCoiuc I udkin - .
W'.iiiiiT ll:i'T\ A., son ot rii(.m;is ;mil I!iil.l:ili ( Ulixli^clt ) . M;i\

i\s 1799. \(n\.
W'cscotI )ctenii:ili. ^oii of ) crciuiali nud Ruth. S.'pt. |, 1S13, 6\ .
Wi'^ton \\'\llis 1).. son of I".))lir;iiiii .iiul I,\ili:i (Rico). A])r. 6,

iSoS. I \ . 7111. i I (I.
W'c'slon (icoi^v !>.. son ol"al)o\c. July 3. iSoS. :^\ . ^m. jod.
West riu-l.c Nfiss. Oct. 10. iSj_|. 56%.

West |olin. "who (lied snddenlv in a lit."" .\o\ . jj^. iSio, 71 \.
W'c-sl 1'Ik'1)c Mrs., iflict to the late John. Apiil 1^, iMi.j, 71 \.
\\\'st .\h)iiis. son ol' .\aron and ICh/al)eth. Ma\ 11, iS^j, c^ni.
W'l'sl Caiohiie A., dau^'htef ol' aho\ e. .\o\ . 15, 1.S16. im. 13d.
\\'e>t Aaron. No\. 10. iNji, V)\ ■
W'ilkins AluL^ail Mrs., wile of Daniel W'ilkins and dannhler ol"

l'hili[) Clenu-nt. .\o\ . 2S. \>\a-j. ■^.\\ .
W'ilkins So))liia. daiit^hler -of Af)inail and Daniel. Apiil kj.

1S05, _(y.
Willard lothani. l)orn()el. 23. 17N5. died June 15. iSf):^.

77y. 7ni. J^d.
\\ illard. a still horn son of jolharn.
Willard William, son ol" jothani and C'atheiine. Sept. iS. iS^^J.

I (;\ .
Willard Samuel Dextei-. son of aho\e. Jan. 13. i.Sj(x y\ .
Willard Mar\ Ann. dani^htia- of ahovc. .May ^-^o, 1S26, iiy.
Willard Catherine (Randall), wife ol" Jolham. Dee. 10, l.S^50,

)()\ .
Whilaker X'enelly. w il'e of Al>ner \ . June J(). iN.^). JO\ .
Whitmore Ilc/ekiah Jr. Jan. if), 1N43, 7-'> •
Whitmore .\Iarv (ITuntoon). wife of TIc/ckiah. .May jO. iSp.

Whitcomli Xatiian. son of Jonathan and Mar\ . Dc-e. 30, 1S26.

Whiteomh .\lar\. wife ot' Jonathan. \j\ . 15, iS.'f). ^in.
While Svlvia. daughter of Philip and Mary. Dee. u. 1S.J7, 57y.
White Betty. dau<ihler of ahove. July 17, iSo_:;. i 7y. 9m. 13d.
White Lu\ina 1\. w ife of IJcnjamin. Si-pt. 6. iS.}7..}5y.


Walker Sarah. June 5, 1815, 43.

Walker John. January 10, 1S30, 50}.

Webster John Harrison, son of John and Betsey. Aug. 10,

1831, 3y. 2m.
Wheeler Abel Mrs., (Dorcas Niles), (widow of Eli Talman).

September 33, 1846, 64\-.
Wheeler Aaron. Drowned April 12, iSi^, 36v.
Wheeler Abel. July 23, 1843, 49y.
Wheeler Susannah, (first) wife of Abel. Oct. 16, 1818, 42y.

1 1 m .
Wheeler. "In memory of a pair of twins," sons of Abel and

Susannah Wheeler. One died January 17, 1812, iid., the

other March ^, 1S12, 2m.
VV^hittle Elizabeth, wife of Samuel. Sept 9, 1836, 8iy.
Whittlesey Newton. May 23, 1S44, 66y. (He was born Oct.

31, 1777, iu Wallingford, Connecticut.)
Whitty Nelson, son of John and Dorkis. Sept. 17, 1804, -^'-


Whitty George, son of aboye. May 27, 1802, 14m. 2d,

Wilkins Paschal Y. September 15, 1834, 3oy. 6m.

Wilkins Anna C, daughter oi" Paschal and Betse} . April 3,

1834, lom.
Wilkins Sarah, wife of Benjamin. December 26, 1842, 8iy.
Wood Nathan W. Aug. 14. 1857, '>0'-
Wood Ann B. (Currier), wife of Nathan W. Xoy. 3, 1S41,


Woodbury Eliza C. Jan. 9, 1850, 27y.

Woodbury Juditli A., daughter of Amos and Mary. Oct. 13,

1841, iiy. 10m. 33d.
Woodbury Hannah, wife of William. Jan. 8, 1S37, S<^V-
Woodbury Sarah M., daughter oi" Amos and Mary. Aug. 6,

18385 2y. 7m.
Woodbury Mary F. (Carlton), wife of Amos. Sept. 1=;, 1839,


Woodman Martin. Dec. 1^, 1844, 32y.

Woolson Thomas D., son of Thomas and Hannah. April 26.

1826, iSy.
Woolson George, son of above. Oct. 26, 1S16, lom.

./I' nlJ) Ml. LAG [■: ( 'EMK IK /.' )

Woolbon Thomas. July 3, 1837, ^°}'-

, He came to Claicmont about 1S13. Was a noted inventor and was the
first successful maker of cooking stoves in this country. About 1818 he
made the first cast iron plows ever made. His furnaces were located near
what is now the Sullivan .Machinery Company's plant. He also built seve-
ral town clocks, including the one in the old Clarcmont town hall. The
building in which these were made stood near the present residence of ]'.
P. Coburn, on .Sullivan street. He lived and died on the spot were Dr.
Jasper Back's house now is. He was representative in 1825-26, state sena-
tor in 182S, and the same vcar presidential elector, casting; his vote for John
(^)uincy Adams.

W'oolson Ann Co()i:)cr. April 3,^1840, sy.

Woolson Gertrude Elizabeth. March 22, 1840, 4y.

Woolson Julia Campbell. March 24, 1840, 4y.

The above three children were grandchildren of Thomas Woolson, daugh-
ters of Charles Jarvis Woolson and sisters of the late Constance Fennimore
NV'oolson. All three died with scarlet fever. Charles f. Woolson died in
Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 6, 1869, aged 63 years.

VVyse Mary Ann. January 27, 1S38, 6iy.

W'vsc David A. .\u<4-iist 15. 1844, 34y.


The first mention of a yard for the burial of the dead is in the town records
of March 29, 1768, in which it was "Voted; to take two acres of land off the
North West corner of the Fair for a burying place."

On May 26, 1784, it was "Voted; to take two acres leu rods to bo laid oui
eighteen rods East and West and twenty five rods seven links North and South
for a burying place for the use and benefit of the town to bury their dead in and
to be alienated to no other use whatever. Lying and butting North on Mr. Eb-
enezer Rices house lot and West on the Church Glebe. Also four acres for
the u^e and benefit of the ApiscopaJ Church conunonlv called the Church oi
England, for a church yard. including the ground on which the church now
stands, said land butting North on Ebenezer Rices and West on the burying
vard before mentioned."


Ainsworth Laban. lioin Sept. 11, 1S06. died May 19, iSSt.

Ainsworth Ada ^Martha ([.ocke). Horn Jan. 2:;, 'S'S-'' ('ii-"'^
June 1 1, iSSi .

Aldcn Joseph. Septcin!)Ci-, 177S, Z2\.

Alden Adam. Febriiaiy 11, 1777? -4\ •

Joseph and Adam were brothers and sons of John and Rebecca (Nightingale)
Alden. They were born in Bridgewater, Mass., and became, about 1772, r™

settlers in the south east part of the town, being part owners of what »^ 7^ ' "^ ^ ^
was known as the "Alden 1200 acre farm." They were lineal descendant^ -^^ '^^-^ o '^ '^ 'i-
in the fourth generation of John .A.lden and Priscilla MuUins. '•<;, "^ 'X '^ "^ "ti ^

' e- t 5^ ^ ^^ ^ ^
-? " V '^ "




Alden Elicc, daughter of James (and Mstlici ) (York). Octo-
ber 26, 1779, ni. (Age utuleciplierahle. )

Ashley Fanny M., daughter of Robert and l^iniiy (I'eity).
August z, 1813, lod.

Ashley Friendly, daughter of Col. Samuel and Lydia. Sept.

Ashley, Solomon W. Dec. 8, 1845, 71}.

Ashley vSalh' A. (Goodwin), wife ot' .Solomon. Dec. 7. 1852,


Ashley John, son ot" Solomon \\ . and Sarah A. ((Joodwin.)

October 4, 1819, iiv. 6m. lod.
Ashley vSamuel, Major. January 10, 1813, ^'jy-
Ashley Anna (Simmer), wife of Samuel. .Vpr. 2'^, 1850, 76V.
Ashley Caroline Maria. October 28, 1S18, 17 (or 47)y.
x\shley Oliver. April 9, 181S, 74y.

Oliver Ashley was the son of Col. Samuel, one of the proprietors of the
town, and one of the early settlers. Was Captain of the Clareniont coni-
])any at Bennington, and established Ashley's Ferry in 17S4. In October,
1788, he married Olive Lawrence. Another record shows an Oliver to
have married Eunice Doolittle Aug. 9, 1770. If the same Oliver it is
probable that Olive Lawrence was a second wife.
Ashley Olive (Lawrence), wife of Oliver. Oct. 20, 1825, 74y.
Ashley Samuel, Hon. '•'•Blessed with good natural talents, and a

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