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Grave stone records : from the ancient cemeteries in the town of Claremont, New Hampshire, with historical and biographical notes online

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heart rightly to improve them, he in various departments of
ci\il and militar\ lil'e exhibited a character honorable to him-
self and u.seful to others. Having presided for several vears
in the lower court of this countv he with probity and iiilel-
ity disj)layed the virtues of the patriot and Christian, a.s
well in p.iblic as domestic life. The small pox put an ei d
to his earthly course Feb. 18, 1792, aged 71."

\shley was one of the proprietors of the town, settling heie soon
•'ion, and doing much to promote its grt)wth. An extended
ndilished in the (rranite Monthly, May, 1892, and a
magazine a few nrnith-; later.

,'hiliug. Oct. 30. i8||. 8oy.
ing). l)orn March 1, 1786,


Andrews Benjamin, (a cousin of Whiting). June i^, 1S43, 46y.
Andrews Amos, *>who was burnt in a liouse Jan. 26, and died

Jan. 28, 17S3, aged 22.''
.\ntlrews Samuel W. Jan. 17, 185^, 6^\ .
Andrews Eliza, wife of .Samuel. Jan. 14, 1841, 42V.
Andrews Mary (Thomas), wife of Samuel. Oct. 9, 187;^, 7Sy.
Ashley Daniel, ''died \vith a cancer on liis face." Oct. 8. 1810,


He was a son of Col. Samuel, and a Revolutionary soldier t'roni Swanzey.

xVtkins John. August 8, 1787,693-.

Atkins Rachel, daughter of David and Mindwcll. .\pril i-^,

179S, 8y. 9m. 6d.
Balloch Maria A. (Dean), wife of James. March 9, 1886, S5y.

Barker Thirza. Sept. 23, 1S49, 74y.
Barker Mary, wife of Daniel. Nov. 19. 1831, S^v.
Barker James. Feb. 8, 1883, 90V.

Barker Fanny (Lane), wife of James. Dec. 28, 18^3, 6oy.
Barker George H., son of James and Fannv. Dec. i^, 1839, 7^"*
Barker Charles A., son of above. Dec. 13, 1839, 9V.
Barron Sarah, wife of Capt. Mosefj of Bedford. (N. H. ?)

March 28, 1809, 77y. 2m. lod.
Beatty Francis, born in Ireland Dec. 28. 1^26. Died in Xewpoit

Sept. 20, 1786. 6o\ .
Belfield John, "l)orn in \'orkshire, England, Sept. 11. 1789,

He came to Claiemont and established a fullini; mill before the vear ijcSo.
Bixbv Walter. April 26., 181 2, 43V.
Blake Charles II. Jid\ 21, 1847, 3^\.
Blake vSusan Augusta, wife of Cliarles H.
Blake .Susan Augusta, ilaughter of Cliarles 11. and Augusta.

Aug. 17, 1S45, ly.
Blake x\lfred Wheat, son of abo\e. March to. 1S48. 2v.
P>lood Shattuck. Feb. 8, 185 i, 76y.

Blood Fliilena T. (Taxlor). w ite of abo\e. Nov. 2'S, 181O, 38V.
Blood Almira, daughter of Shattuck and Fhilena. March 28,

}8i6, I7y,

46 WEST rAnr church yaed

Blood Philcna, (hiii-^lUcr of :il)ovc, March-}. iS^r, izy. -'One

(.lav sick."
I)icck William. \ov. 22, 1819, 74y.
l>r(.ck Margaret (Thomas). Feb. 4, 1S20, 67\ .
IJrcck Peggy. ;\iig. 22, 1S33, 55y.
Harriet. June 30, 1836, 54y.
William Jr. April 13, 1S48, 73y.
Xancy. March i, 1858, 76y.
Ilaiinali. Aug. 22, 1S58, 7iy.
Henry. July 10, 1872, 86y.
Krom Peggy to Henry were children of William and Margaret (Thomas)
Breck, all being born in Boston.
Breck Sarah (Towne), wife of Henry. ]nnii 22, 18S9, 82y.
Breskna Mary. Oct. 11, 1885, 48y.
l^uckman David. Aug. 28, 1827, 75y.

He settled in Claremont in 1779.
Buckman Rest (Goodell), wife of David. M.iy i.\, 1811, 4Sy.
P)uckman A'^enath, daughter of David and Rest. Aug. 6, 1809,

lUickman AugiisUis, son of al)0\e. April 2, 1803, toy.
Buckman. infant (child of above). Dec. 11, 1779. 9d.
Buckman, infant son of above. Feb. 6, 1779.
Buckman. infant daughter of above. April 14, 178^.
Buckman Charles, son of above. Aug. 5, 1791, 3}. 5m. 13d.
Buckmn Orena, daughter of above. Aug. 9, 1791, ly. im. lod.
P>uckman Lydia. May zG, 1832. .|9y.
Bmmel Mchitablc, -'wife of Jesse then relict of Henry Brooks."

Feb. 2:^. 1S13. 77y.
Biumel Jesse. Jan. 2^|. 1810, 47y.

CanipMi-^. N. M. L., tirsl wife of IClias Fu\ ell. second wife of

Abel Camp. Feb. 8, 1886, 72\.
Caswell Zebulon. June 7, 1855. <i5y.

Chase Sewall, son of .Sanford and Mar\ . Aug. 18, 1814. 1411.
Chase Sanford, son of Moses and Betsey. Sept. 24, 1816, 26y.
Clap]) Bela, Capl. July 12, lSi3, 52y.

His military title was probably from connection wiih ilif Ancient aiul

Honorable Artillery Company of Boston,


Clark Eleazcr, Ensign. Jan. 29, 17S7, 6t,\.

He was a Revolutionary soldier from Claremont in June, 1777.

Clark John. Nov. 25, 1S37, 7^}"-

He was in Gen. John Stark's re£;iment in 1777, at the age of 17, and was
discharged in 1780.

Cole Samuel, P2sq. **In nieniory of Samuel Cole, who departed

this lite Oct. 19, 1777, in the 69th year of his age. lie

graduated at New Ila\cn (Vale College) in the vear 172S,

followed the work of the ministry for a number of years, ami

was the founder of several churches in Connecticut."

Samuel Cole was the first Episcopal lay reader of the town, also the first

school teacher. A more extended sketch of iiis career may be found in tlic

History of the Eastern Diocese.

Cone Freddie W.. son of Lucia A. and Lxman. Sept. 26, i860,
9m. 3d.

C:)ne Thomas. Jan. 22, 1S5S, 78}-.

Cone Olive, wife of Thotnas. May 6, 1852, 62y.

Converse Ephraim. July 15, 1S66, 75y. 5111.

Converse Alarv, wife of above. May 23, 18S0, 87y.

Cook George Francis, son of Godfrey. Oct. 22, 1847, 26y.

Cook George, son of Godfrey and Abigail. Jnly 28, 181 s, i3ni.

Cook Godfrey. Apr. 4, 1S49, ^^y-

Cook Abigail (Hubbard), wife of Godfrey. Xo\ . 8, 1833, 48y.

Cook Hiel .S., son of Nathaniel and Mai'garet (Grannis). Apr.
4, iSio, 4y. 9m. 2(1.

Cook George. Oct. 29, 1S50, j/y.

C<:)ok Lutheria \V., daughter of Capt. (Jeorge and Tamasin
(Wilson). Jan. i, 1S29, 31}-.

Cook Emalv, daughter of above. Maich 30, 1803, 4y. 2m. iid.

Cook, infant of abo\e. Oct. 24, 1807, iid.

Cook John, Capt. Feb. 8, iSio, 75y.

He was a Revolutionary soldier in Walker's Massachusetts regiment. He
came from Taunton, Mass., and was grandfather of Mrs. M. E. Partridge.
Cook Mollv (Mar\- Godfrev), wife of Capt. John. Dec. 18,

1795' 5^y-
Cook Nathaniel. Jan. 23, 1852, 73y.

Cook Margaret (Grannis), wife of Nathaniel. Feb. 19, 1863,


/,«!; n-/:sT rAirr iini:<ii yaud

Cossit Almiram. Oct. i), 1877, Soy.

Cossit Willi:ini. •■s.m ()!' Kcv. ]^ann;i Cossit, lust I'^spiscopal min-
ister in this tow n. and 'Phankt'iii liis wile. Apviel 3, i 78.) ,
^\\ . 2(1."

Cotton .\n!ia, (laii>:^litcr ol" 'I'hoinas and Saiah. Jnly 25. 1777.

This record is taken from the town l)0()ks of birth and mariiage. There is
no stone in either cemetery to mark such a yravc, but slie must have been
bvuifd in the west part yurd.
Cnshman Cldoe, wilo ot .\nil)rosr. Sept. 11, 1S02, ^2\. Sni.

.\mbrosc C'uslmian lived in Weathcrsficld. \'t.; removed to Lebanon,
Conn., about 1S04, and died there.

Da\ is Elienezer, son of l*eter and Deli\ crancc (Goss. ) March

1782 (or 1792,) i8ni.
Davis Peter, son ot'al)o\e. Oct. y, 1793, 5> •

Davis. "A pair of twins'' of Isaac and Polh'. Jan. 4, 1810, id.
Davis Daniel Morgan, son of George F. and Helen E. Horn

April 18. 1871, died Dec. 5, 1889.
Davis George Franklin. Born Sept. 29, 1874. diedXov. 2, 1S83.
Dean Lemuel. Oct. 2, 1822, 61 y.

He was a Revolutionary soldier from Plainfield, N. H.
Dean Lucv, wife of above. Dec. 8, 1842, 6S\\
Dean Maria, daughter of Lenuiel and Lucy. Nov. 11, 1799,

I om . 1 1 d .
Dean Thomas, May 28, 1867, 24y. 11m.
Dean Lemuel, son of Horace and Emeline (Pressey). Sept. 13,

1849, I ly.
Dean Horace. Dec. 10, 1884, 82y. Sm.
Draper Lorenz(i Rev., son of Eli. Porn March 16, 1816, dietl

|an. 30, 1892.
Draper Matilda (Fay), wife of Loren/.o. Porn Aug. 12, 1809,

died Feb. i , 1892.
Rev. Lorenzo and his wife were buried' I'roni the .VKthntlist ciuirch on tiic
same day.
Draper Abbie R., daughter of Lorenzo and Xancy. -'^y^^- 30,
1S49, 5v. 8m.


Draper Nancy Jane (Newman), first wife of Lorenzo. Jan. 5,

1844, 25y.
Draper Eli. Aug. 4, 1S70, 'J'jy.

Draper Sarah (Tyler), wile of Eli. Aug. 29, 1819, 2^y.
Draper Abigail (Tyler), wife of Eli. April 15, 1878, 9oy.
Draper Ira. Dec. 13, 1821, 26y.
Draper Asa. Oct. 19, 1820, 5Sy.
Draper Ruth, wife of Asa. Jan. 12, 1836, 69V.
Draper Asa Jr., son of Asa and Ruth. March 19, 1813, 2iy.
Draper James Hervey. "In this town on the 20th day of Aug.

(1866) in the communion of the Catholic church, in the

confidence of a certain faith, in the comfort of a reasonable

religious and holy hope, aged ^6."
Dustin Timothv. March 15. 1813, 68y.

Dustin Eunice (Nutting), wife of Timothy. March 8, 1813, 63y.
Dustin PoUv, daughter of Timothy and Eunice. Feb. 2"^, 1813,


Dustin Timothy, son of above. Jan. 25, 1804, lyy. 23d.
Dustin Abel. Died at Miland, Ohio, M:irch 27, 1S29, 59y.
Dustin Lydia, wife of Abel. Sept. i, 1871, 9iy.
Dustin Joseph \V., son of Abel and Lvdia. Aug. 30, 1821, jy.

Dustin Ethana L., daughter of Rev. Caleb Dustin and Ethanii.

Sept. 10, 1827, i6y.
Dustin Mandana, daughter of al)ove. July 30, 1813, 4y. 3m. i2d.

On the monument of the same family the inscription makes the date July

9th aged 4y.
Dustin Caleb, Rev. Aug. 20, 1822, 39y.

He was pastor of the Methodist church of Claremont and vicinity from

1806 to 1822.
Dustin Ethana (Moore), wife of Caleb. March 28, 1865, 73y.
Dustin Moody, Esq. Aug. 11, 1810, 68y.

He was a Revolutionary soldier from Litchfield, N. H.
Dustin Alice (Kingsbery) (daughter of Sanford) wife of Moody.

April 16, 1822, 55y.
Dutton George, son of Amasa and Betsey. June S, 1830, 2V-


Den^^inorc Cli.nles. fan. S, iSSS. 71 \. Sm. r^cl.

Ellis Barnabas. Jmu' 26, 1S3S, 9;^\ . "One of tlu- first settlers
of the town.'*
He was a Revolutionary soldier and was Lieutenant in the company thai
went from this town to the battle of Bennington. He lived on Town hill,
and the farm he owned is now in the possession of his grandson, Williani
B. Ellis; was the ancestor of the Ellis family in Claremont.

Ellis Elizabeth (vSpencer), wife of Barnabas. Sept. 17. 1800.


Ellis Lucy (Cady), nnHc of Barnabas. .May 16, 1832, 65y.
Ellis Sarah, daughter of Barnabas and IClizabeth. July 2, 1777,


Ellis Jeremiah, son of ab(ne. Apr. y, 1789, lyy.

Ellis John, Capt. Dec. 26, 1841, 54y.

Ellis Marcia (Tyler), wife of Capt. John. Died iti Franklin.
Iowa, Nov. 16, 1863, 7iy.

Ellis John Jr., son of John and Marcia. May z^, '817, i8ni.

Ellis William, son of John and Marcia. May 11, 1836, 5y.

Ellis Albert. July 2, 1778, 76y.

Ellis Sarah, daughter of Deacon John and Rose. Marcli 4.
1772, I9y.

Ellis Jerusha (Gilbert). Jan. 30. 1795, 2oy. (Wife of Jen-
nings Ellis. See page 17).

Ellis Lucy J., daughter of William and Marcia M. (rowne).
May 9, 1872, 28y.

Ellis John, son of above. Aug. 10. 1864, i6y.

Ellis William, Aug. 29, 1880, 73y.
Mrs. R. 4- E., aged 20.
This is the only inscription. Inquiry tails lu reveal the name.

Ellsworth William, son of Oliver. Aug. 1. 1777, 3y.

Farnsuoith Timothy K. Nov. 21, 1856, 39y.

Farnsworth Elizabeth (Grandy), wife of Timoth\ . April i,

185S, 38y.
Farrington Samuel, son of J. S. and H. J. Jan. 19, 1877, 3in.



Farrington Jacob March 13, i83i,42y.

Farrington Mary (Judd), wile of Jacob. Oct. 2, 1822, 29}".
Farrington, infant son of Jacob and Mary. May ^, 1824, 3d.
Farwell Oliver, son of Nicholas and Susan (Corey). June 5,

1813, 3y. Sm. I id.
Farwell James H. Feb. 6, 1858, 2oy.
(Farwell) Mary A. Feb. 20, 1854, r8y. im.

Helen M. Feb. 21, 1854, i4y. 401.

Ann L. Oct. i, 1854, 3y.

These are all on one stone, and no other inscription to inform of their
family name. Burrill's record, however, gives it as above.
Farwell Richard. Dec. 3, 1855, 55y.
Farwell Riiana, wife of Richard. Oct. 16, 1855, 53y.
Finney Esther, wife of Earl and former w ifc of Parlev .Sanders.

Sept. 7, 1885, 8oy.
Ford Lucia E., wife of William H. Feb. 13, 1853. 34V-
Ford William H., (son of Daniel). April 33, 1877, 67y.
Ford Lydia, wife of Daniel. Born July 11. 1756, died March
13, 1789.
She was daughter of Ensign Thomas Goodw in.
Ford Daniel. Oct. 2, 1822, 72y.

Freeman Dora U.. wife of William C Smith. March S, 1S83.

Gage Marv, widow of Josepli. \ov. 7. 1867, 71V. 6m.
Giles Ethan. Aug. 30, 1874, 72y.

Giles Joanna (Arnold), wife of Ethan. Nov. i, 1849, 43y.
Giles Sarah (Xevers), wife of Ethan. Feb. 9, 1881, 74y. 5m.
Giles Phebe Ann, daugliter of I-^than (i. and [oamia. .Sept.

I 7, 1846, 2y. 3m. 7d.
Gilmore Hiram. Died at Montreal, Nov. 12, 1862, 63y.
(iilmore Mindvvell McClure, wiie ol" Hiram. Died at Montreal,

C E., July 14, 1877, 77y.
tjilmore Robert M., son of Hiram aiul Minilvvoll. Matcl) 7.

1852, i8y. 4m.
Gilmore Leonard. Dec. 11, 1876, 79y.
Qilmore Sarah (Grannis), wife of Leonard. Jan. 10, 1875, ^^V.


Gilmore Sarah Marcia, daughter of Leonard and Sarah. vSept.

.>i 1847, ly.
Gihiiore Charles Leonard, son of aho\e. Oct. 20, 1837, 3y.
Gillis James H., son of James ^L and Martha Gillis. Sept. 18,

1 83 1, lom. I id.
Gillis James. Sept. 19, 1836, 24y.
Goodrich Asahel, "of Windsor, Conn., who died in this town

June 5, 181 2, aged 22. A son of Seth Goodrich."
Goodwin Thomas. Apr. 23, 179^1 82y.
Goodwin Mary Mrs., relict of Mr. Thomas (Joodwin and former

widow of Mr. Thomas Dustin. March 1801, Soy.
Goodwin vSarah, "wife of Ensign Thomas Goodwin who in the

37th year of her age fell asleep in Jesus Aug. 3, i777* '
Goodwin James. Aug. 14, 1815, 6^\-

He was a Revolutionarv soldier.
Goodwin Mary (Sumner), wife (jf James. Jan. 21, 1846, S7y.
Gookin Edmund. Born 1767, died Eeh. 17, 1S41.
Grandy Alpha. Sept. 19, 1861, 5Sy. 7m.

Grandy Charles 13., "son of Alpha and Malvina, died in Wash-
ington, D. C. Oct. 16, 1861, aged 2oy. 8m. Member of

Company A, Anderson's Zoua\es, 62nd N. "S". Vols. Buried

at Tennalvtown, Md."
Grandy Malvina, daughter t)f Alpha and Mah ina ( Pressey ) .

Aug. 15, 1854, 6y. lom.
Grandy Cynthia, (daughter of above). Dec. 8, 1839, 39>'*
Grandy Benjamin. March i, 1828, 59y.
Grandy Chloe (Cov), (first) wife of Benjamin. Sept. 13, 179'!.

Grandy Susatmah (Leet), wife of Henjamiu. Maich j. 1867.

86y. I im.
Grandv Cvnthia (Barker), daughter of IkMijamin and .Susannah.

Dec. 10. 1S72, 72y.
Gvandy Susannah, daughter of above. .\o\ . 24. 1826, i7y.
Grandy James L.. (son of above) . June 3. 1874. 62y.
Giandy Synthia. daughter ol" Benjan)in and Chloc vScpt. 8,

1796, 4y.
Qrandv Alpha, son ol" al^7vc. Sej)t. 29, 1796, 3y. 8m.


Grannis Timothy, son of L. A. aiirl Martha. Died at Washing-
ton, D. C, Jan. 30, i852, aged Joy., in ths U. S. Service.

Grannis Mary, daughter of above. June 2, 1S53, 13m. yd.

Grannis Francis, son of above. Aug. 28, 184S, ly. mn. i/d.

Grannis Mary (Johnson), wife of!.. A. July 27, 1S35, 27y.

Grannis Nancv (Spaulding), wife of Solon C. March i f, 18^14.

Grannis Charles Clement, son of Solon C. and Nancy. Aug. i,
1S39, 15m.

Grannis Martha Ann, daughter of above. Aug. 25. 1831, i8m.

Grannis Sarah E., wife of Chester P. Smith. July 2, 1854, 29y.

Grannis Timothy (Jr.) March 17, 1855, 82y.

Grannis Timothy. May 7, 1827, 77y.

Settled in Claremont about 1769, coming from North Haven, Conn. He
bought several proprietors rights, and was the ancestor of the family m

Grannis Sarah (Sumner), wife of Timothy. June 24, 1789,

4oy. 2od.
Grannis Sarah (Nye) second wife of Timothy. Jan. 23, 1815.


Grannis Clement, son of Timothy and Sarah (Stunner). July

30, 1799, 23y.
Grannis Mary Mrs., (mother of Timothy) ? Feb. 22. 1812, 96y.
Grannis George. Feb. 28, 1847, 55y-
(jrannis Charles. Dec. 27, 1841, 23y.
(irannis George H. Feb. 21, 1840, i ly.

Hamilton Lucy, wife of Jude. April 4. 1814. 24y.

Hammond John, Capt. Born May 17, 1807. died Nov. 5, 188S.

Siy. 5m. 35d.
Hammond Vienna (Call), wife of John. Wnvn March 2^.

1813, died Oct. 13, 1885.
Harrington Leonora, daughter of J. anti P. March 20, 1836, 7\v.
Harrington Lucinda T.. (vSturtevant). April 22, 18^3, 84y.

' I im. I III.
Hart Elvira (Corbin), wife of Josiah, Horn Oct, 10. 1813,

died Dec. 4, 189;^.


Hart Charles A. - Co. G, 5th X. II. \o\\. Killed at Fredericks-

huif^j, Va., Dec. i;^, 1862, aj^ed 20v. 2111. 2 id. Son of

Josiah and Elvira."
Hcirt Louisa P., daughter olaboxe. Aug 17. 1847, z\ . 7111.
Halt Ichahod W. Nov. 29, 1S73, 88y. im. 13d.
Hart Lucy (Adkins), wife of Ichahod. Oct. 5. 1S73, 82V. 5111.

Haslett HenrA, son of William and Mary. June t. 1S20, 12111.

I 2d.
Hatch Abigail, wife ol John. June 11, 1845, 8iy. 2ni.
Hayden Thomas G. June 8, 1878, 75y.

Havdcn Sophia, wife of Thomas (i. Feb. 15, 1S89, 84y. 6m.
Henrv Robert, son of Robert and Cynthia. March 5, 1819, 6m.
Higbee Charles. I'^eb. 7, 1864, 79y.
Higbee Ri/paii ( Hitciicock). wife of Charles. Sept. 20, 1S66,

Higbee Charles A\lett, son of Charles and Rizjiah. May 19.

1844, 25y.
Higbee Esther Matilda, daughter of above. Dec. 18, 1S39, 23y.
Higbee John H. of Newport. Apr. z^^^ i857i 42y-
Higbee Elizabeth Rice, wife of Henry A. Christie. March 5,

1885, 43y. 6 m'.
Higbee John. Jan. 4, 1865. 75y.

H igl>ee John, son of Levi and Mary. April 8, 1790, 7y.
Higbee, infant son ot Stephen and Minerva. Feb. 21, 1813, 3W.
Higbee Eunice. Oct. 15, 1831. 44y.
Higbee Eunice, daughter of Stephen and Thankful. May 7,

I 77 1, I5y.
Higbee Stephen. Aug. 28. 1812, 82y.
Higbee Thankful, wife of Stephen. Sept. 6, 1809, 77y.
Higbee Abigail, wife ol' Charles. Nov. 2, 1824, 7iy.
Higbee Charles. luly 28, 1828, 75\.
Higbee Elnathau. Sept. 20, 1880, 86y.

Higbee C\iithia ( Thomas), \vife of above. .\piil(), 1847, 44y.
Higbee Elnathau. son of I-21nathan and Cynthia. March 22,

1835, 1 6m,


Higbee Lizzie Mabel, danorbtci of W'iUiani II. and Sarah. Jan.

6, 1865, 4\ . 6in.
Higbee Samuel. Aug. 7. 18^2, 63V.

Higbee Emily (Ashley), wife of Samuel. May 21, 1828, 62y.
Higbee vSamuel A. Oct. 8. 1886, 63V. 2m. i8d.
Hills Antinett. daughter of Hock and Laura (Gilmore). Jan.
21, 1830, 14(1.
This family removed to Vox Lake, Wis.
Hitchcock Ichabod. Nov. 24, 1838, 89}.
Hitchcock Rebecca (Pardee), wife of Ichab'xl. April 5, 1839.

Hitchcock Hannah, daughter of Ichaboil and Rebecca (Pardee).

Aug- 3' 1777- ->■
Hitchcock Samuel, son of above. Jul\ 26, i///. 3> •

Lyman, son of above. Feb. 17, 1787, 3y. 4d.
Rebecca, daughter of above. July 6, 1795. 7y.
Ransom A., son of above. Aug. 12, 179^, 12}.
Esther, daughter of above. Sept. 22, 1795, 4}.
Esther, daughter of abo^•e. July iS, 1798, 3W. id.
Rebecca P., daughter of above. Sept. 26, 1799, sy.
Hitchcock John. July 17, 1835, 88v. "A native of New
Haven, Conn., and one of the first settlers of this town."
The National Eagle of July 24, 1835, says that he came to this town in
1767, and was one of the six families who came in that year. But one of
these remained, Barnabas Ellis.
Hitchcock Phebe (Tvler), wife of John and daughter of Benja-
min Tyler. Jan. 30, 182 i, 6^ v.
Hitchcock Elisha. son of John and Phebe. July 9, 1776, iv.

Hitchcock Lemuel, son of above. Aug. 4, 1777, 4m.
Hitchcock Zenas, son of above. Sept. 15, 17^7* i6m.
Hitchcock Salmon, son of above. .Sept. 7, 1795. 1 1\ .
Hitchcock Esther, daughter of above. Dec. 21, 1806, 9y.
Hitchcock Zenas, son of above. Feb. 12, 1822, 3iy.
Hitchcock Phebe, daughter of above. Sept. 10, 1859, 7%- 7'^^-
Hitchcock Lorenzo. Born Sept. 2, 181 i. died Apr. 10, 1840.
Hitchcock Sarah Tyler, wife of Lorenzo. Born Apr. 27, i8n.
died Jan. 13, 1883.


Hitchcock l'2(l\vai(l Tvler, son of Loren/o and vSnrali T. Boiii

Dec. 24, 1S3S, died Jan. 10, 184F.
Hitchcock Sarah, daii<ihtcr ot'Maj. John and Saial\ (Webster).

Sept. 1 , 1 8 18, 6d.
Hohiies William. Aug. 19, 180S, 93V.
Holmes Jonathan l*hinne\ . Sept. i, 17S4, z^\ .
Holmes Mar\ . daiighter of Jonathan ajid Keziah. Aug. 2S,

1 784. 7m. 13d.
Hosmer Hannah, wile of William. \o\ , 17, 1877, 86v.
Howe ICli/abeth B. (Tyler), wife of Samuel W. Apr. '26,

1868, 45V. 7ni. I id.
Hubbard George F. Dec. 29, 1876, 35)'.
Hubbard Henrv W. Dec. 39, 1848, 29y.
Hubbard John A. July 15, 1848. i8m.
Hubbard George, son of Henry and Sarah. Died in Windsor.

Vt., No\ . 29, 1822, aged 38(1.
Hubbard Henr\ . March 4, 1S71, 8oy.
Hubbard John \\'., son of Henrv and C\nthia. Dec. 2^, 184S,

Hul)bard Isaac Cieorge, Ke\.. I). 1). Horn April 13. 1813.
died March 30, 1879.
He giaduattcl from Trinity College in 1839. Was rector of the Episcopal
church at Manchester, and also the village and West Claremont churches.
He died suddenly in his sleigh Sunday, March 30, 1879.
Hubbard George Isaac, son of Rev. Isaac and E. 1). Born Feb.

4, 1864, died April 30, 1878.
Hubbard Isaac. Jan. 29, 1861, 90}. 6m.

He was a son of George. Born in Tolland, Conn., and settled in Clare-
mont with his father in 1778. Was selectman several years, representative
twice, and succeeded his father in the ownership of the farm, it being the
"Governor's Farm" and is now owned h\ Isaac Hubbard Long, his grand-
Hubbard Caroline ( Jones), wife of Isaac and daughter of E/ra

Jones. Dec. i, 1803, 23\ .
Hubbard Ruth (Cobb), wife of Isaac. Fel). 14, 1861, 8oy.
Hubbard Charles Hatch, son of Isaac and Kuth. March 23,

1833, i2y.
Hubbard George. April 16, 1818, 79y.
Hubbard Thankful ( Hatch), wife of George. Oct. 2^^ 1S02. 6oy.

West part church yard 57

Hubbard Anna (Ilinkley), wife of George. June 4, 1S44, S6y.
Hubbard Pamela, (daughter of George). July 31, 1812, 3iy.
Hubbard Chloe, wife of Stephen Steele. Feb. 16, 1843, Soy.
Hunton George H., son of Horace F. and Mar\-. Dec. 8, 1817^

Ide George C. Born Sept. 25, 1S21, died March 12, 1SS3.
Ives John. March 27, 1S13, 44y.
Ives Joseph, Lt. Nov. 25, 1785, 49y.

He was a Revolutionary soldier from Claremont at Ticonderoga.
Ives Elizabeth, wife of Joseph. Sept. 9, 1819, 78y.
Ives David, son of Joseph. July 31, 1777, 5y.

Jarvis Samuel G. Born Sept. 30, 1S16, died March 5, 1S92.

He was a physician and the eldest son of Dr. Leonard Jarvis (see Jarvis
yard). He was born in Claremont, and was in the active practice of his
profession for over fifty years. A remarkable distinction was accorded his
memory, it being a series of resolutions adopted in regular town meeting,
and ordered spread upon the town records, they being expressions of the
great services rendered by him to the poor and needy.

Jennison Nathan F. Born Jan. 28, 1782, died May i, 1866.

Johnson Daniel W. Born in Sutton Oct. 16, 1827, died in
Claremont Apr. 29, 1894.

Jones Roys. April 16, 1S57, 72y.

Jones Lydia F., wife of Roys. Aug. 17, 1846, 62y.

Jones Lydia N., daughter of Lydia and Rovs. Jan. 28, 1818,
1 6m. 1 2d.

Jones Douglass R., son of above. Sept. 19, 181S, 4y. £;m.

Jones John William, son of Abraham and Susan. Feb. 25,
183S, loy.

Jones Abraham Jennison, son of above. Drowned Nov. i, 183 1,
iiy. 3m.

Jones Esther, daughter of above. Sept. 5, 1831, I2y. 9111.

Jones Ezra, Major. August 11, 1841, S9y.

Major Jones was one of the earliest settlers of the town, coming here prior
to 1773. He was Representative in 1800, 1801, 1802, 1815, 1816 and 1817;
Selectman from 17S8 to iSog with the exception of five years; Moderator
from 1792 to 1804; and was also Master of the Masonic lodge.

r>s WEST PATiT cnrncii yath)

Jones Su.sannah (Stone,) (lirst) \\ itc of I-^/ra. March ^, i 7S0,


Jones Esther (Roys,) wife of Ezra. July 2, 1826, ySy.

Jones ]Mar\ (I'^anar,) (third) wife of Ezra. January iS. i^^^/y.

S9y. 9ni.
Jones Esther, daughter of ICzra and Esther. Oct. 4, 1791, iSni.

Jones (ileorgc Augustus, son of abo\e. Aug. S, 179^^ ''^ 'i'^
fiftli \ear.

Jones Joel, son of l-^zra and Susannah. l-\'b. 1^. 17.S1. i:;ni.

Jones Charles. May 10, 1S43, 49y.

Jones Aim (Cole,) \yife of Charles. March 16, 1S57, G^y .

Jones Margaret Joanna, daughter of Alfred and I'^li/alieth. Dec.

5' 1839' 5y- 3'i^-
Jones Ed\yard Hatch, son of aboye. Oct. 6, 1S39. ^y. 4in.

Jones Amelia. September 22, 1S20, 22y.

Jones Benjamin. August 15, 1S37, 8*^y-

Jones Mar}-, wife of Benjamin. April 23, 1S05, 44y.

Jones Augustus. March 2S, 1S56, 62y.

Jones William II., son of Augustus and .Amanda. August i,

1842, 2 I m.
Jones Horace S., son of aboye. Noy. 4, 1856, 2i\-.
Jones Marcus L., son of aboye. Dec. 24, 1S70, 24y. "Stone

erected l)y his friends on the Cheshire R. R."
Jones Anna, Mrs., wife of Josiah. Aug. 9, 1S18, 53y.
Jones Ransom, son of Lt. Asa and vSarah. Feb. 17, 1796, i3y.
Jones Asa, Lt., "one of the first settlers of the town." June 15,

1 8 10, 7iy.
Jones Asa, Jr. June 4, 1828, 66y.

Jones iSIary (Pardee,) wifeof Asa Jr. May 17. 1833, 76y.
Jones Eliza M., daughter of Asa Jr. and Mary. January 27,

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