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Grave stone records : from the ancient cemeteries in the town of Claremont, New Hampshire, with historical and biographical notes online

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181 7, I3y.
Jones Zabina, (son of Asa }\. and Mary.) June 7. 182S, 43y.
Jones William, (son of aboye.) July 20, 1874, 83y.
Jones Harriet (Patrick,) wife of William. June 5, 1828, 3oy.
Jones Elizabetli (Mann,) (second) wife of William. July 18,

1881, 73y.


Mary, (laujj^liter of William and Harriet. April ii, iSjS.

-y •

Alice A., daughter of William and E. M. December 16,
18S2, 48}-.
Junes Frederick. March 31, 1883, 62V.
Jones Worster. December 20, 18^8, 7^y.
Jones Sarah (Dove.) November 23, 1841, :;3v.

Helen. April 2, 1S17, i6m.

Maria. Fcliruary 28, 1833, i^v.

Helen. March 2, 1833, ^y. lom,

George. March 22, 1834, ^7^^-

Fanny Curtis. November 12, 1S44, 2oy.
From Helen to Fanny, all were ehiklren uf Worster and Sarah Jones.
Jueld Orange. August 16, 1S20, 3oy.
Judcl Truman. January 27, 1813, 4S}-
Judtl Thankful, wife of Truman. Nov. 15, 1816, 44y.
Judd Amanda, daughter of Truman antl Olive D. (vSartvvell.)
Februarv 5, 1821, lom.

Kendall Mary Ann P. (Eddy), wife of Jam^js. May Z2, 1^43^

24y. 2m. 22d.
Kendall Lucretia S. (Eddy) , wife of James. Mch. 27, 1859, 46y.
These were two sisters. James the husband died in Providenee, I\. I. in
1S93. He had two sons; Walter, who died in the army, and I^ouis, who
died in Claremont but has no stone.
Kidder Ruth, wife of Jesse. August 11, 1847, 4^y-
Kilbiun John. "In mc'iiory of Lieu. John KiUnirn whutleParl-
ed tliis Life .Sept. 14, 1776, in ye 50th }ear of his age.
beneath this stone c\:

gloomy shade
A wise and Vertues

Man is laid
Who Liv'd beloved ; Lam-
ented died & may
He Rest With Christ Above."
He was born in Morristown, N. J., in 1736, and was a nephew of John Kil-
burn of Walpole, N. H., the celebrated Indian fighter. He settled first in


Hebron, Conn., where he married I lamiah Sumner Sept. 25, 1746. (She
was a daughter of Dr. Thomas Sumner and sister of Benjamin; born April
23, 1730). From Hebron they removed to Colchester, Conn., where they
resided for a few years and he represented the town in 1754. Was a soldier
in the northern army undei Sir William Johnson, from whom he received a
commission in 1755. Was attached to Col. Williams's regiment when that
officer, with 1000 men, assisted by Hendrick, the Mohawk chief, and 200
Indians, gave battle to the French troops near Lake George, in which en-
gagement Lt. Lilburn and Diskeau, the French commander, were wounded,
and Col. Williams killed. In May, 1756, Ivilburn was commissioned Lieu-
tenant by Gov. Fitch of Connecticut, and he removed from Colchester to
Surry, N. H., and about 1769 to Claremont. He signed the "Association
Test" in May, 1776, and was enlisted to serve in the army when he died.
They had only one son, John, born Feb. 2, 1772.

Kingsbery Sanford. November 12, 1S33, 913-.

He was born in Windham, Conn., April 7, 1743. Fie was an early settler
of this town and one of its most prominent citizens. He was in the Revolu-
tionary war from Connecticut, attaining the rank of Major. He was select-
man several years. Representative four years, Senator two, on the Governor's
Council one, and for a short time Judge of Probate. He died in Claremont
village at the house of his daughter Olive, wife of Theojihilus Clarke. His
home was on Town hill, it being the farm now owned by the heirs of
Russell Jarvis.

Kingsbury Elizabeth (Fitch), wile of Sanford. Jan. 14, 1S32,

Knowland vSarah. October 27, 1854, SSy.

Laniberton Beverly M. Dec. 11, 1S50, 28y.

Lamberton Beverly Monrt), .scni ol" Joseph and Rhoda. .Vu;j;. 4.

1S20, 17m.
Laniberton Joseph. Aug. 2, 1871, 79y. 8ni.
Laniberton Martha R., wife of Joseph. Apr. 11, 1S25, 38y.
Laniberton Martha, daughter of Joseph and Mary. June 5.

1S49, ^Sy.
Laniberton Ruth Mrs. Feb. 25, 1827, 76y.

Joseph and Ruth were parents of Joseph Laniberton, now of Claremont.
Laniberton Obed. Oct. 13, 1830, 84V.

He was a Revolutionary soldier from Connecticut.
Lane vSaniuel. "A Revoluticjuarv Soldier,"
Lane Ruth, his wife.

Stones erected by Augustus Lane.


Leet Asa. Jan. 9, 1799, 72y.

He was one of the first settlers, coming from Guilford, Conn., about 1767.
He was a descendant of William Leete of Connecticut, governor of the colo-
ny from 1676 to 16S3, and of the fourth generation. He was ancestor of the
familyinClaremont bearing his name, the orthography of which is Leete,
Leet or Leat.

Leet Hannah (Raynor), wife of Asa. Apr. 6, 1792, 66y.

Leet Sarah Miss, daughter of Asa. Sept. 16, 1773, i9y.

Leet Lemuel. Apr. 16, 1S19, 36y.

Leet Benjamin. Dec. 10, 1S27, 75y.

Leet Jane (Meigs), wife of Benjamin. Feb. 6, 1S22, 66y.

Leet Lydia (Buckman), wife of Benjamin. Feb. 14, 1S55, 97y.

Leet Rhoda, daughter of Benjamin and Jane. Dec. 5, 1810,

Leet John. May 16, 1S93, 7oy. Sm.

Leet James. Sept. 27, 1S57, 6$\.

Leet PhiHnda (Rice), wife of James. Jan. 8, 1S80, 86y.

Leet Cynthia, daughter of James and Fhilinda. June 17, 1816,


Leet Levi, Co. I, 14th N. H. Litantry. July 17, 1863.

Leet Timothy, son of Levi and Abigail. Oct. 8, 1803, 8y.

Leat John. Nov. 30, 1833, 4oy.

Leet Fanny (Thomas), wife of John. Oct. 5, 1SS2, 86y.

Leet Laurenda, daughter of John and Fanny. Nov. z-j, 1826,

4y . 3m. 1 5 d .
Leet Lemuel, son of above. Nov. 27, 1826, 3y. 3m. 3id.
Leet Russell, son of Benjamin and Eunice (Russell). April 3,

1S36, 3 2y.
Leet Ezekiel. Feb. 26, 1846, 8iy,

Leet Elizabeth, wife of Ezekiel. March 3, 1826, 6oy. 8m. 8d.
Leet Levi, son of Ezekiel and Elizabeth (Olncy). Dec. i, 1794,

3y. 3m. id.
Leet Andrew. March 18, 1826, 36y. 7m.
Leet Lucy (Thomas), wife of Andrew. July 14, 1879, 93y.

1 1 m .
Leet Betsev, daughter of Samuel. March zz, 1826. 27y. 8m.

Leet Ira B. July 5, 1831, 34y. 7m. iid.

62 WEST vAirr ciirncii yaud

Ia'C'I Alhcrt M.. sou of As;i 15. and Mary. \(j\'. y, iSjo. lov.

Lcct .\8a. March 7, J^3^>i 7?)}-

Lcct Submit (Bates), wife of Asa Xo\ . 7, 1S36. 73\ .
Lcct John, sou of Asa and Submit (Bates). March 14, 1830,

28y. 1 1 m. 5(1.
Leet Horace, (son of aboxc). Dec. 31, 1831, 26\. ym. 1 ^d.
Leet Asa B., (sou of abo\e-). Dec. 5, 1833, 4iy. 3m.
Leet David, son of above. March 4, 1829, 26y, im. ^l\.
Leet Submit, dauj^hter of above. vSept. 5, 1829, 3oy. 7m. 2d.
Leet Esther, daughter of above. Feb. 24, 1830, 35y. 6m. jil
Leet, son of Benjamin and Jane. Oct. 17, i797' ^y- 4'"-
Leet Mary, wife of Joel and daughter of Mica and Mary Potter.

June 17, 1803, 26v. lom. 2sd. : ;ind her intant diughter

aged ^d. buried on iier arm.
Lewis Marv, daughter of Jabez anil ALny. Aug. 27, 1788, i6y.
Lewis Justin, son of W'ilca and Betsey. July 26, 1801, sy.

lom. I id.
Lewis Phebe, wife ol" George G. Nov. 29, 1832, 25y. 27d.
Lewis Adalinc (Labarce).

She was his second wife. There is no stone to nuuk tiie grave.
Lewis George W., eldest son of George G. and .\deliue. Si-pt.

30, 1S45, 8y. 7m. 8d.
Lewis Herbert L.

There are no dates on the stone.,
Lewis John H. Aug. 5, 1883, 75y. 3m. 7d.
Lewis Wilca. August 3, i83i,63y.

Lewis Betsey (Stewart,) wife of W'ilca. Dec. 13, iSii,37y.
Lewis Elizabeth, wife of Wilca. Aug. 20, 1813, 38y. im. 20il.
Lewis, infant daughter of Frederick and Zelinela (Thomas.)

January 2, 1823.
Lono- Abraham, son (jf Simeon anil Chloe. Jan. 27. 1819, 8m.
Lon<'- Ed<'-ar A., son of Francis ami .Susan. December 19. 18s }.

5y. 8m.
Long Alfred H., son of Francis and Lucia. July 26, 1876, 2y.
Long Emily M. (Judkins,) wife of Hiram. April 29, 1S66,



Long Chloc, (Steele), wife of Simeon. March iS, 1866,843-.
Long Caroline Jones. Born Nov. 26, 1803, died May 5, 1880.
Long Charles Fred. Born May 37, 1801, died May 16, 1869.
Long Louisa (Delano), wife Isaac H. Born Sept. 25, 1846,

died Apr. i , 189^.
Lovell Randall Esq. March 25, 1852, 89y. 9m. 33d.
Lovell Caroline, wife of Randall. Nov. i, 1847, H'^'- ^V^-

r>urriirs record says she died in 1S46.
Lovell Hannah, daughter of Esquire Randall and Caroline.

November 11, 1830, 43V.
Lovell Elias. June 16, 1849, 47y,
Lovell Leverett S. April 4, 1888, 88y.
Lovell Alice Maud, daughter of J. S. and G. Sept. j:;, 1883,

6y. 4m. 2 id.

Mann vStephen Jr. Jal}- 13, 1834, 4oy.

Mann Lucia (Pardy), wile of Stephen Jr. Apr. 6, 1836, ^z\ .
Mann Esther (Jones), wife of Stephen, Jr. Oct. 23, 1S22, 24V.
Mann Nancy, wife of Lt. Samuel and daughter of Capt. Reuben

Petty. Jan. 3, 1791, 26y.
Mann Stephen. Apr. 6, 1833, 68v.

Mann Lucy (Pettee), wife of Stephen. JMarch 11, 180^, 3^\-.
Mann Stephen and Lucy, two children of; "-one died Apr. 9,

1795, aged 5 hours, and one died March 17, 1798, aged 3

Mann x^lice (Ainsworth), wife of Stephen. June 13, 184^, 78\-.
Mann Lucy Elvira, (daughter of Stephen Sr.) Julv 17, 1875,

Mercer William, "a native of Scotland." Oct. i^, 1S26, ^^v.

Mercer Walter, son of William. May 30, 184^, 41 v.

Mercer Walter. Born in Scotland Feb. 14, 1787, died Oct. 27,

Mercer Melinda, wife of Walter. Julv i, 1883, 9oy.
Mercer John. May 9, 187^, 67\ .
Marble Anna. Oct. 8, 1839, 84y.
Marsh John. Jan. 30, 18=;^, 3^v.
ALush George H. Sept. 15, 1863, 34V.

04 WEST PAJtT CllUIifli YAni)

Marsh Zehiiia. Feb. 4, 1S40, S^v.

Marsh Fannv (Hubbard), wife oiZebina. Aii*^. 14, 182S, 40}'.

Marsh Mehitable (Iliil)l)ar(l), wife of Zebina. Feb. 22, 1S69,

Marshall John. '>I)iccl ni this town Jan. i, 1802, aged 58, on a

journey from (jranbv, Mass., to Landafi", N. H."
Matthews Loiisa, "consort of Abncr. Born 1717, died March

22, 1777, in her 61 st year."
Matthews Phebe, daughter of John and Olive. June 7, 1819.

Matthews Betsey, daughter of above. Jan. 11, 1812, 24y.
Maynard Daniel F. Aug. 25, 1S65, 73y.
Maynard Mary (Xewhall), wife of Daniel F. Oct. 4, 1842,

Maynard Nancy W. (Eddy), wife of Daniel F. March 24,

1 86 1, 74y.
Maynard Eleanor C. (Stearns), wife of Daniel F. March i,

1889, 75y- 9'"- ^'^<^^-
M'lynard Mary II., (daughter of Daniel and Mary). Feb. 15,

1872, 56y.
Maynard Moses Newhall, only son of D. F. and M. X. July

10, 1821, 19m.
Meacham Benjamin. Apr. 20, 1877, 85y.
Meacham Esther. Sept. 3, 1857, '^^y-
Moore John. Sept. 6, 1832, 84y.

A Revolutionary soldier.
Moore Ruth, wife of John. May 5, 1844, 86y.
Moore Samuel, son of John and Ruth. July 28, 1S02, 17V.
Moore, daughter of above. Sept. 23, 1799, 14V.
Moore James Otis, son of above. Sept. 3, 17S4, ^y. 3m. ujd.
Moore John, son of above. May 18, 1789, 22(1.
Morgan Sarah M., wife of William D. March 15, 1850, 4oy.
Morgan George »S., son of W'illiam I), and Sarah M. Nov. 25,

1829, 3y.

Xe\ers Betsey M., dauglitei of Samuel anil Mehitable. Sept. 4,
1S02, 2y. 4m.

ifViNV iwjrr inrncii ymH) '!-^>

Xoiton MiuLT. Oct. ^5, iS36, 7o\ .

Norton Sally. July 14, 1S31, 7oy.

Norton LconaccN , daughter of Miner and Sarah. Drowned Oct.

iS, 1S02, ly. yni. Jt].
Norton Svlvanus, son of Joseph and Abigail. I'\'l). 24, 1777,

(or 178S). 6m. 24(1.

Olnev Benjamin. June 24. 1H73. 63y.

P.iine Abner. March 2, 1798. 77y.

Pardee Jerusha, wife of Levi. July 18, 1S25, 58y.

Pardee Lucia IL. daughter of Rusha and Levi. Aug. 13, I7^9'

-y- 4'ii-

Pardee ^Slarcia ^L, daughter of above. Aug. 11, 1789, 3m.

Parmelee Jerusha. Jan. 2, 1S28, 27y.

Parmele Polly, wife of Nathan. Jan. 10. 1S25, ^6\.

Parmelee Pamela, daughter of Nathan V. and Polly. Jan. i,
1823, 24y.

Parmele Svlvia A., daughter of above. June 14, 1816, roy.

Partridge Ldward A. Born March 26. 1826, died May 23, 1855.

Peak John. Sept. 7, 1795, 56y.

Peak .Sarah, first wife of John. Dec. 30, 1771, 37y.

I'eak Lucv, (probably second wife). Feb. 18, 1821, S4y.

Peck Jared, (Masonic square and compass). "A Free and Ac-
cepted ISLison who died Jan. 20. t8io, In the 5Sth year of
his age."

Peck Trvphejia. daughter of Jired and Phebe. May 27. 1809,
2 7y.

Peck David, sonofalwve. Sept. 16, 1799, iiy.

Peck Lucv, daughter of above. Sept. 26, 1S03, 6y.

Perrv Orpha F. (Leet), wife of Austin. [uly 24, 1S69, 6i)y .

Peterson Benjamin. IVIav 19, iSoo, 83\ .

Peterson Hannah, wife of Benjamin. Boin Apr. it,, i7-3i
died July 5, 1783.

Peterson Hannah, daughter f)f Ephraim and Anna. -Vug. 28,
1800, I \-. 2in. 23d.


WEST I'Airr (III !!( II )M;l)

IVtcrson Mar\ Ann, dauj^ht*. r of :il)()\ c. May i. 1S22. IJ\.
Peterson llannali P.. daii^liler ol' al)()\e. .\u.2f. iS. iSoo, 1 j \ .

2in. J^tl.
rieree K()l)ei"t. son ot" Poardinan W . and I-".niil\ . JuK 14. i SS j ,

^\. 6ni.
J*ierce l^phraim. ol" I .on^ineadow , Mass. Sept. \ \. 1S12. '^)7\.
Pike Avis. May 11, iS;i, j^y. iini.

I'ikc Eniih Maria, wife of .\ndre\v |. July }. 1N63. \\\.
Pike Kli/a 1).. w it'i- ot" .\n(lte\\ |. Sept. 6. iSSo. 5;5y.
Pike Anna Maria, dau^liter otW. j. and \\. M. A|)iil 19. 1S59.

P. )tter Miriam, daui^hteiol" Meea and Mar\ . Di'c. IJ. 1S03,


Ravniond .\nna. June 4. 1S63. G>,\ .

Redfield WvUis. April 14. 186;,. r)iy.

Rice Raehel. Nox . i;,, 1S27, 59y.

Rice Danford. .\n.U- 4. I'^/J' 7'v- ''^'"•

Riee Caroline (Jones), wife ot" Dantnrd. Porn Oel. 15. iSii,

died Oct. I. 1S66.
Rice William Danford. son of Danford and Caroline. "Supposed

to have lieen killed at Poplar (»ro\e. \'a.. Sej)!. -^o. 1X64,

2oy. loni."
Rice Frances T^xdia. dannliler of Danfoiil and Caroline. .Scpl ,

21. 1S47. lom.
Rice Joseph. April 24, 1.S29, r)oy.
Rice Lucy, wife of Joseph. Aug. 23, i>^47. 75.\ •
Rice Franklin, son of Joseph and Lucy. \o\ . :;. 1.S22. i9\.
Rice Fl)cne/.er. June 19. 1S22. 77y.

Rice Fhebe (Tyler), wife of Khenezer. Oct. _:; 1 . 1.SJ4. S2y.
Rice Stephen, Capt. X^^jc. 2S. 1S26, 5oy.

Rice vSarah (Chadwiek), wife of Stephen. April 23, 1S27, 44y.
Rice Giles, son ol" Stephen and Sarah. Dec. 28, 1825. 2oy.
Rice Eli/.a, dau;.4hter of al)o\ e. \o\ . 28, 1827, 20\ .
Rice Xehemiah. .March 19. 1828. in his 741I1 year.
Rice Nehemiah, Hartford, Ct. Jan. 1. 1874, 58y,



Ilicc Rutli. wife of Xelicniiali, [r. M;i\ 4, 1819, in 1km- T,zd

Jlicc Ruth, daughter of Xcheniiaii and Ruth. .Sept. 8, 1819, 5y.
Rice Man Alma, daughter of Xcheniiaii antl Mar\ . Sept. 29,

1784. loni.
liiee Owen, sou of above. Ma\ i, 1819, in his \ear.
Riee Ijenjamin. sou of Ijeniamiu and Louise. Fel>. J9. 1808,

1 \-. 8ni.
Rice Mebitahle, wife ol" Bela. -Vug. 20. 1849, 'jOv.
Rice Joseph II., sou of Joseph II. and Maria. ^Vpril 4, i8_'9,

Rich Josiah. May 24, 1844. 77^-

Rich Bezehiel, son of Josiah and Elizabeth. June zS, 1773, t,}.
Rich Martin. ".Scolt on his berth da\-," March 18 and dietl ( n
the loth of .Vpril 1777 in the ninth \ear of his age.
He was a son of David Ricli.
Rich Eliza L., daughter of John W. and \anc\ . Jan. 28, 1830,

i7ni. lod.
Ro\s Joel. '•Here lies buried Mr. Joel Roys Who Fell in to a
Fier and Burnt to Death, Sept. 4. 1782, in the 27th year of
his age. O Mortalit\ ."
The circumstances of his death ha\cbc(Ln ic-hitctl hy liis granddaughter,
Mrs. Harriet, Parmelee .Smith, of Brooklyn. X. ^'., whose inother was a
daughter of the subject. It is said by Mrs. Smith that he was engaged in
burning a pile of logs, and thev rolled, falling upon him and pinning him to
the ground. He shouted for help and his wife attempted to assist hin\ but
to no avail. A townmeeting was being held and all the men in the neigh-
borhood were away so that [^no assistance could be summoned, and .'•'he
was compelled to see her huslsand burn to death. He was a Revolutionary
soldier, serving three years.
Ro\ s Hezekiah. Ma\ 29, 1813, 72\.
Ro\s Louise, wife of Hezekiah. Feb. 27, ' 799- 4''^> • "She

was the mother of twel\e children."
Roys Tabatha. wile of Hezekiah. ALirch 9, 181 7, 73}.
Roys Ijenedick. JidN' 19, t 709, 35y.

This is the oldest recorded death in the old yaids ; in fact no records exist
that any person died in town pre\ ions to hiui.
Kovs. s(jn of Shubel and Rutii.
Date of death ndne.

68 WEST I'Mrr ciirncii ymid

Rov, llillcii. w itV of Al)cl. Jan. 23, 181. |, jS\ .

R()\s IIc'iiiN, soil (if Ahcl M. and ICUcii. .\\n\\ 1. iN-.V ''\-

Saiuleivs Parlcv . Dec. 5, kSjS, ^^y.

Sanders (jcor^c, son of Parley and I'^sther. S^'pt. kj. 1S37. ^y.

Sanders Martha, daiiL^htei' of al)o\ e. Aui;'. i^, i8,V>. 7^^'-
Sanders jane, daughter ol" above. Oct. 1, 1846, 5y.
Sartwell Snsan, wife of Jacob. Feb. 2, 1845, 83}.
Saxton Fred'k V.. son of Dr. Thomas V. and AmcHa. No\ . jC),

1815, 6in.
Scott Lewis, son of S\l\insaiid Lonisa. An^'. 31, 1851, z\ .

I m. i8(b
Sea\er fohn L.
vSeaver Jennison Jones, son of IChjali and Mai\ ]. I'eli. 3,

1837. ^*-'-
Shaw Jonathan. Jan. y, 1810, 71 \.
Shaw Sarah, wife of Jonathan. Xox . 16. 181:;. ^^y.
Shaw George, son of Jonathan and vSarah. Drowned A]iiil 30.

1804, Joy.
vShaw Jonas, son ofaboxe. I'eb. 28. 1788, io\ .
Sliaw Jonathan, 3d son of abo\e. l'\'l). 18, 1793. zo\\\.
Shaw John, son of fonathan Jr. and Poll\ . fan. 17, 1808, ^m.
Shaw Joseph, son of abo\e. Feb. 10, i8oy. 1 7\ .
Shaw Jonathan. March 17, 1837, 74^-
Sliedd ICli/.a R, (Coleman), wife of Hosea P. P) )rn .Nbiich zi.

183 I , (bed Apr. J |. 187 i .
Shjdd Mary, dani^hter of Ho.sea P. and VA'v/.n R. I'el). y, 1867,

SimsC'}rns. (son of W'ilbain and 'l"i\ phena ) . Anu. ly. 1791?


Sims Sanineb Anj^. jo, 1791. ym. ^4(1.
Sleeper Lncielia. wife of 'riiomas S. Jnne 3. 1868. 41 \.
Smith I'^rederick. Porn April C). iSi |. died Dec. j:;. i8<)j.
Smitli Helen M. (Cnoke). Pjoin .Sept. 13, i8ib, died Ma\ 3.


Siuitli J'klwaitl Partridge, son ol" Frederick and Helen M.

(Cooke). March 14, 1864, 7\ .
vSniith Arthur Frederick, son of above. Oct. 5, 1862. liy.
Smith Henry Cook, son of above. Oct. 14, 1849, 7^- 7'"-
vSmith John. Jan. 28, 1843, 7^\ .
Smith vSusannah. wife of John. Jan. ly, 181 s, 44\ •
Smith Caleb, son of John and Susannah. Aug. 10. i8io. t^s .
Smith Nancy, daughter of above. June 3, 1804, ^v.
Smith Lucia, daughter of above. Jan. 13. 1810, 4V.
Smith John W'. Sept. 33, 1826, 28} .
SmitJi Chester P., 2nd U. S. S. S. April 8, 1884.
Smith Sarah, daughter of Chester P. and Sarah. Julv 12,

18^4, lui. 2od.
Smith vSarah C., wife of Elbridge II. Dec. 29. 1862, i^x. 4111.
Smith Alvah. Jan. 24, 1840. 35}.

Smith Henry S., Rev. Born March 15, 1801. died Feb. 16.
1872. Rector of Union church 1843-1872.

lie was born in Nashua, March 15, iSoi; was ordained in 183(5 and served

continuously as a clergyman to 1871, part of the time in Ohio, but from

1S3S to 1871 in Clarcmont and vicinity.
Spaidding Joseph. Feb. iS, 1829, ']>,\.

He was a Revolutionary soldier.
vSpaidding IMartha, wife of Joseph. Nov. 23, 1833, 73V.
Spaukiing Polly, daughter of Ezra and Lydia. Feb. 9, 1S04,

Spencer Mary, wife of Elijah. Uec. 1^. ''^43' 69V.
Spencer Joseph. Feb. i, 1834, 23y. iim. i2d.
Spencer Jeremiah. Oct. 10. 1769, in Ye 49th \ ear of bis age.

Was the first tax collector of the proprietors.
vSpencer Hezekiah. (probably son of aboxe). Oct. 29. 1769.

Speri'}-, infant son of Joseph and ^Vbigail. Nov. 20, 1790, 4V.
Starbird Austin T. Died in Bo.ston Nov. 16, 1845. 3y. 3m.
Sterne (reorge. son of Joseph S. and Hetsev. Oct. iS. 1801,

Sterne Helen, daugiitrr of Capt. fo.^eph and Betsev. Dec. zi,

1803, lOll.
Sterns Augusta \i. (C»iies), wife of Charle-,. )an. 9, t8^i, 26y.


wf:sT T'Airr rnrnai yard

Slc\ ciis ^\l)ii^;iil. \\ itc of L'apt. Josiali. A)))!! 2y. '79^^ '" 3'^''i

\ cat".
StcNcns .\l)iL;ail. clau^litcr of" Col. josiali and .\l>iL;ail. Scpi.

-vS, 1777, I |ni.
St(.-\ ens josiah. son ol alxnc. IJoni June s< i7>'^i. (lied same

Stevens Ruth, daiij^htcr »>!' al)ovf. \o\ . j(, 17.SJ. iin.
Slfxcns Friendly Mrs., daus^hter of Zaia and ICli/.ahelh 'I'lionias.

Dec. 30, 1S28, 35 \ .
Sle\ens, inl'ant child t)r IClilui Jr. and Lucretia. IJorn )ni\ 3.

I 787, died same da\ .
.Stexens Elone, son ot'abo\e. .\|)i'. 7, 17S5.
.Stevens S\lvia, tlau_u,"htei" of Ziha and Lydia (Kirtland). Apr.

24, 1790, 4m. 24(1.
.Stewart l'21i/.al)eth, w ife ol" Jacoh. July 14. 1792, 45y.

She was the mother of Klizabeth, who married Wilca Lewis.
.Stiles Mary Lizzie, wife of James A. and daiio^hter of John T.

Emerson. May iS, 1888, 26y. 4m. zd.
Stone Hannah (Jones), wife of .Samuel (Jr). March 17, 1849.

.Sione vSu.sannah ( L'hadw ick ) . w ife ol" Deacon Matthias Stone.

l-^s(j. Marcli 6. 1789, ssy.
,Stro\\liii(l,i2,e John. May 5, 1823 (or 1^). (-xjy .
Slro\\l)rid<:;e Patience ('i\vler). wife of John. .Sept. 15. 1827.


Strowbrid<4e S<jlon. son ol'Col. John and I'atience. Au\x. 12,
1804. 16m. HJ(.\.

Strowhridoe Thomas 'r.. ( son ol" alio\ e ) . |id\ 17. 1797. -in-
I 9*1.

.Strowhridoe .Sall\ , ( daiiohler of ahox e ) . Feh. 22. 1795. ipl-

.Strow bridge Polly, dau<j;liter of al)o\e. .Sept. 19. 1788. id.

.Strowbiidge Caroline. No\ . 28. 1824. i9y.

Strowbridge Desdimon\ Emal\ . dauohter ol" William D. and Lu-
cretia. Oct. I \. 1818. 7\ .

.Slrowbridge lliram. July 15. 1828, 28\ .

.Struch Paulina, wife olCail. Oct. _^(), 1890. ^ov . ()m. 181I.

.Slmle\anl Job. Oct. 8, 1881. Niv.

Wk's'l I'Airr <ni i!<n vMin t/

Sturte\;iiit L\(li;i, wife of [oh. )iil\ i6, 1 880, S^\ .
Stui"te\ant Xaliuni C. 1"\'1>. 12, 18SS, 71 v. ^111. r^d.
Sliirtcvant Martha J., w if\' of Xaluini C. I'ch. 11, 1854, 26\ .
vSturtcxant Ilcnrv W'.. son of Xahum and Martha. Killed on

the IJoston and Alhanx R. R. Adi4', 30. 1872, aj^cd ji\.
Sturtevant Xahum. Sept. 22, 184s, ^t,\ ■
SturtCN ant vSarah, wife of Xahum. March 16, 1836, ^t,\.
Sturtex ant Lucy M.. (lau<ihter of Zadoc and Mar\-. jidy 31.

1827, 3y. 12(1.
Sumner William, Dr. March 4, 1778, 79V.

He was prol)alilv the first jilivsician in tnwn, and tatlici ol Col. I'-enjaniin.
Sumner Hannah (Hunt), wife ol" Di". W'illliam. Api'. 2. i 78 r .

Sumner IJenjamin, Col. "^Vn earh settler of Claremont. and a
distinguished man of his time. Died 1815, ati^ed 78. I'rii-
dence (Hubl)aril) his wife died 1S21, ag^cd Sz. Their sixth
son Georj^e W'heaton Sumner died 1806. ni>ed 27. His wife
Matilda Hutchins died 18 14, aged 31, and their onl\- daugh-
ter, Caroline MatiUla, wife of Dr. James Hall, died at
Windsor, ^'t., 1829, acjed 24. This stone was erected 1)\
order of their lineal descendant. (Jeo. Wheaton Sumner Hail
of Baltimore, Md., in 1884. '"
lienjamin Sumner came to Claremont about 1767; was selectman in ijCv),
town clerk, and a large owner as proprietor of rights in the town and rej)-
resentative to the legislature in 1 7 S4-8 5-93-94. He was not an ardent sup-
]5orter of the American cause during the Revolution, which doubtless had
much to do with his not having attained more imjiortant positions, as he
was a man of marked ability and C[ualified to serve. He lived at what is
now known as the ''Cupola farm."
Sumner Da\ id Huhbard, son ofCapt. Heniamin. .Vpr. 6. 1774,

Sumner Hannah, daui^hter of above. Au^-. 22, 1773, ^v.
Sumner Hannah, daughter of Ijenjamin and wife of John \\'\se.

Ma\ I, 1S06, 32\. im. 2 1(1.
Sumner f(jhn H. July Si iS^o, 84y.

Simmer Hannah (Fitch), wife of John H. Dec. 28, 1826. 5-^y.
.Sumner Caroline ]\I., daughter of John H. and Hannah. Aug.
28, 1801 , 34d.

72 whsr I'Airf (lit i:< II ).\i:l>

SiiMiiUT H;mii;ili. Any. "^ i . iS^o. \t,\ .

ThoiiKis Susan ( Smith ). wit'c of AIoii/d. \o\ . io, 1S67. S^^ •
Thoiiias James Orlando. s<in of Alon/o and Susan. [an. 31,

1841 , 7\ . 1 m.
Thomas Zina. Oct. 28. 1828, 6iy. 14(1.
Thomas Mamie, wife of Zina. I'cl). 3. 1855, Sj\ .
Thomas Jolni. Mav 24, 1798, 68\ .

Thomas Stephen, (l)rother of Alon/o. ) Jan. 22, 18^2, 40V.
Thomas Elizabeth (Rice), wife of Zara. Oct. 29, 1840, y^y.
'Thomas Zara II.. son of Zara and lCli/al>eth. June k). 1826,

i6y. 6m.
Thomas Solomon, son ofal)o\e. April ;^o, 1826, 2^\. 2ni.
'Thomas. '••O Senes Memento Mortis. Sacred to the memorv
of Zara and Orlandt) 'Thomas, sons of Zara and Kli/.abcth
'Thomas. 'Thev were killed with lij^htnint;- July 8. 180^,
Zara in his i8th vear, Orlando in his 7th year."
The two boys were standing in an open doorw.iy during a hard thunder
shower. Directly over their heads hung an old musket. This is supposed
to have attracted the lightning. A numher of other people were in the
room at the time, and all were stunned. The lightning played curious
pranks with the furniture ; a single long sliver was taken by it out of a
hard wood table, doing it no other damage. The house where this occurred
stood in what was called "I'unkshire," near the old (Irannis homestead, in
West Ciaremont.
'Tliomas Marv A. I\es, dau<4"hter of John and Lucinda. Dec.

16, 1829, 4V. 2m.
Thomas Benjamin. Oct. 30, 1851. 28y.

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