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57. On the Principles of Tools for Turning and Planing Metals, by
Charles Babbage. Printed in the Appendix of Vol. ii. Holtzapffel
Turning and Mechanical Manipulation. 1846.

58. On the Planet Neptune.—_The Times_, 15th March, 1847.

59. Thoughts on the Principles of Taxation, with reference to a
Property Tax and its Exceptions. 8vo. 1848. Second Edition, 1851. Third
Edition, 1852.

An Italian translation of the first edition, with notes, was
published at Turin, in 1851. {496}

60. Note respecting the pink projections from the Sun’s disc observed
during the total solar eclipse in 1851.—_Proceedings of the Astron.
Soc._, vol. xii., No. 7.

61. Laws of Mechanical Notation, with Lithographic Plate. Privately
printed for distribution. 4to. July, 1851.

62. Note respecting Lighthouses (Occulting Lights). 8vo. Nov. 1851.

Communicated to the Trinity House, 30 Nov. 1851.

Reprinted in the Appendix to the Report on Lighthouses presented to
the Senate of the United States, Feb. 1852.

Reprinted in the _Mechanics’ Magazine_, and in various other
periodicals and newspapers. 1852–3.

It was reprinted in various parts of the Report of Commissioners
appointed to examine into the state of Lighthouses. Parliamentary
Paper. 1861.

63. The Exposition of 1851; or, Views of the Industry, the Science, and
the Government of England. 6 _s._ 6 _d._ Second Edition, 1851.

64. On the Statistics of Light-houses. Compte Rendu des Traveaux du
Congres Général, Bruxelles, Sept. 1853.

65. A short description of Mr. Babbage’s Ophthalmoscope is contained in
the Report on the Ophthalmoscope by T. Wharton Jones, F.R.S.—_British
and Foreign Medical Review._ Oct. 1854. Vol. xiv. p. 551.

66. On Secret or Cipher Writing. Mr. T.’s Cipher Deciphered by
C.—_Jour. Soc. Arts_, July, 1854, p. 707.

67. On Mr. T.’s Second Inscrutable Cipher Deciphered by C.—_Jour. Soc.
Arts_, p. 777, Aug. 1854.

68. On Submarine Navigation.—_Illustrated News_, 23rd June, 1855.

69. Letter to the Editor of the Times, on Occulting Lights for
Lighthouses and Night Signals. Flashing Lights at Sebastopol. 16th
July, 1855.

70. On a Method of Laying Guns in a Battery without exposing the men to
the shot of the enemy. _The Times_, 8 Aug., 1855.

71. Sur la Machine Suédoise de M. Scheutz pour Calculer les Tables
Mathématiques. 4to. _Comptes Rendus et l’Académie des Sciences._ Paris,
Oct. 8, 1855.

72. On the Action of Ocean-currents in the Formation of the Strata of
the Earth.—_Quarterly Journal Geological Society_, Nov. 1856.

73. Observations by Charles Babbage, on the Mechanical Notation of
Scheutz’s Difference Engine, prepared and drawn up by his Son, Major
Henry Prevost Babbage, addressed to the Institution of Civil Engineers.
_Minutes of Proceedings_, vol. xv. 1856.

74. Statistics of the Clearing-House. Reprinted from _Trans. of
Statistical Soc._ 8vo. 1856.

75. Observations on Peerage for Life. July, 1833. Reprinted, 1856.

76. Observations addressed to the President and Fellows of the Royal
Society on the Award of their Medals for 1856. 8vo.

77. Table of the Relative Frequency of Occurrence of the Causes of
Breaking Plate-glass Windows.—_Mech. Mag._ 24th Jan. 1857.

78. On Remains of Human Art, mixed with the Bones of Extinct Races of
Animals. _Proceedings of Roy. Soc._ 26th May, 1859.

79. Passages from the Life of a Philosopher. 8vo. 1864.

80. [In the press]. History of the Analytical Engine. 4to. It will
contain Chapters V., VI., VII., and VIII., of the present Volume.
Reprint of The Translation of General Menabrea’s Sketch of the
Analytical Engine invented by Charles Babbage. From the _Bibliothèque
Universelle de Genève_, No. 82, Oct. 1842. Translated by the late
Countess of Lovelace, with extensive Notes by the Translator.



Original spelling and grammar have been generally retained, with some
exceptions noted below. Original printed page numbers are shown in
curly brackets like this: {52}. Original small caps are now uppercase.
Italics look _like this_. A character string such as “_{_x_}”
means that italic “x” is to be regarded as subscripted. A string
like “^{100}” means that “100” is superscript. Footnotes have been
relabeled 1–65, and moved from within paragraphs to nearby locations
between paragraphs. Many of the page headers in the original book
were significant as text headings, and have been retained, formatted
as all capital letters in angle brackets, e.g. “〈DIFFICULTIES NOT
ANSWERED.〉”. These have been inserted into the running text at the
appropriate places between paragraphs. Occasionally such location
might be somewhere in the page preceding the printed page header. The
transcriber produced the cover image and hereby assigns it to the
public domain. Large curly brackets, intended to graphically indicate
the combination of information on two or more lines of text, were
eliminated. The related text was restructured appropriately to retain
the original meaning. Instances include page 61, page 276, and page
364. Original page images are available from—search for

Page 19: “twelvemouth” to “twelvemonth”. “acccomplished” to

Page 22: “appeard” to “appeared”. “hankerchiefs” to “handkerchiefs”.

Page 54. The archaic practice of placing a left double quotation mark
at the beginning of each quoted line has been relinquished in favor of
modern English practice. Also, the right double quotation mark after
“composing it.” was removed, to conform with such practice.

Page 71. The footnote said “See Note on next page.”. This footnote has
been replaced by the referenced Note.

Page 89: “gradully” to “gradually”.

Page 116: “impossibilty” to “impossibility”.

Page 190: “Albermarle-street” to “Albemarle-street”.

Page 195: “HUMBOLT” to “HUMBOLDT”.

Page 234: “Hobb’s” to “Hobbs’s”

Page 240. The first "table" on the original printed page was not a
well-structured data table. This table has been considerably altered,
forming a new table followed by a list.

Page 245: “villanons” to “villanous”.

Page 283: “Tursntile” to “Turnstile”, (in small caps or all caps,
depending on the ebook edition).

Page 324. The unmatched right double quotation mark after ‘but had
missed it.’ was removed.

Page 338: “elevavation” to “elevation”.

Page 348: “philospher” to “philosopher”.

Page 384: “eylids” to “eyelids”.

Page 427. A matching right double quotation mark was inserted after
‘two Foreigners.’.

Page 435: “obvervations” to “observations”.

Page 495. There are two entries numbered “52”, the second one has an
asterisk following: “52*. Short account of . . .”. The reason for the
asterisk is not clear to the transcriber, unless perhaps to point to
the duplicated entry number.

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