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A family prayer book: containing forms of morning and evening prayers for a fortnight; with those for individuals, religious societies, and schools: to which is added a large selection of hymns online

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Online LibraryCharles BrooksA family prayer book: containing forms of morning and evening prayers for a fortnight; with those for individuals, religious societies, and schools: to which is added a large selection of hymns → online text (page 9 of 15)
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upon the whole human family. Comfort every
sorrowful soul. Bring into the way of truth
all such as have erred and are deceived. Bring
the wickedness of the wicked to an end. May
truth, and righteousness, and peace, gladden
the whole earth. Let thy grace be multiplied
upon the religious society of which I am a
member, and upon the pastor of the flock. Let
all with whom I am connected, and who are
dear to me, be enrolled in the book of life.

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Hear me, O Father, through him, whose doc-
trine was that bread which came down from
heaven ; guide me safely through my earthly
pilgrimage, and at last receive me to thyself in
glory. Amen.


O THOU, whom we have assembled to wor-
ship ! Infinite God ! May I remember that this
is none other than the house of Grod, and that
this is the gate of heaven. Assist me, O Lord,
and accept my services. May I woiship thee
in spirit and in trath. Wilt thou aid him who
is to lead in our devotions; and dispose my
heart to seriousness, attention and reverence.
Grant that I may improve this opportunity to
the honor of thy holy name, and the benefit of
my soul, through Jesus Christ my Saviour.


Blessed be thy name, O Lord, for this oppor-
tunity of attending thee, in thy house and ser-
vice. Grant that I, and all who profess thy name,
may be doers of thy word, and not hearers only.

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Pardon our wanderings and imperfections ; and
accept us in our services, through our only
Mediator and Advocate, Jesus Christ. Amen.


O THOU great Author and Supporter of life !
thou art the same from everlasting to everlast-
ing; in thy duration there is no succession, one
day being with the Lord as a thousand years,
and a thousand years as one day ! Thou hast
been the Refuge of thy children in every age !
To thee I would raise my soul with thanks-
giving and supplication. Thou hast maintain-
ed my frail existence, through many years, and
crowned its successive periods with thy mercy.
Where should I begin, or where should I cease,
if I would enumerate the favors which thy
hand has bestowed on me ! With what inces-
sant kindness hast thou supplied the wants both
of my soul and body, opened to me many
sources ofsatisfaction, shielded me from dangers
and calamities, consoled and sustained me
under trials and distresses, and conducted my
feet in the path of peace ! What gratitude do
I owe to thee, especially for the light and assist-
ance of thy holy Gospel ; for its precious prom-
ises and animating hopes, and for the many

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opportunities and means of improvement whicli
I have enjoyed ! Hitherto thou hast led and
supported me ; and my only trust is in thy sure
and never failing mercy.

Heavenly Fatilier ! I confess to thee my many
errors and transgressions, with sorrow and re-
pentance. Of thine infinite goodness, forgive
whatever I have thought or said or done amiss
in the long course of my pilgrimage. Let my
hoary head be found in the way of righteous-
ness. Whatever I may have neglected, what-
ever remains to be done, assist me to perform
immediately with conscientious fidelity. If I
have injured any, enable me to discover*it, that
I may make due reparation, and be at peace
with all men, before I go hence. O Lord!
sanctify my mind, correct my passions, and pre-
serve me from every sin to which I am exposed.
Save me from a selfish, censorious, severe, im-
patient and dissatisfied temper. Teach me to
be thankful to those who contribute to my ease
and comfort, to rejoice in the happiness of all
around me, and with a fiiendly spirit to instract
and admonish the rising generation. Help me
especially to render the religion of thy Son at-
tractive and venerable in their estimation, by
setting them an example of cheerful piety, and
by entertaining a holy confidence in thy provi-
dence and grace.

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Grod of compassion ; my strength is now of
ten labor and sorrow, and I shall soon go
down to the grave. Forsake me not, I beseech
thee ; cast me not ojS* in the time of my old age*
Let my afieqtions be fixed among the things
which are above ; let the prospect of heaven
support me in every hour of euflfering; and
when my heart and fiesh fail, be thou the
strength of my heart, and my portion forever,
through Jesus Christ, my Saviour. Amen.


Father of lights, and Source of being! I
bless thee for conscious existence; for the rank
allotted me among the works of thine hands ;
for my intellectual and moral powers, for all
my capacities of enjoyment, and for all that
variety of objects around me adapted to their
nature and improvement. I bless thee, the
father of knowledge, for all the assistance in
the pursuit of science and virtue, which thou
hast afforded me, through the channel of friends,
teachers, books or conversation. Most of all
I bless thee, for the light, consolation and
hope, which thou hast put into my power to
obtain, by the careful study of the holy Scrip-
tures, by serious meditation on their important

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doctnnes and discoveries, and by an impartial
and diligent use of them in the regulation of
my faith, temper and practice, O may I show
forth my gratitude for these many favors, by
devoting my powers to thy service.

Gracious God ! thou hast brought me to this
period of life, when my strength is upon me,
and when I am able to make the greatest exer-
tiona Wilt thou teach me the duties which
this season requirea Forbid, great God, that I
should misapply or trifle with any portion of
that precious time, for the use of which I am
accountable at thy bar. May I regard my time
and all my opportunities, as talents which thou
hast lent me. May I remember that the obli-
gation and the ability to do good are of equal
extent; and wilt thou graciously dispose me
to fulfil the measure of my duty.

God of wisdom, enlighten my understanding
to discern the great objects of existence. O let
me never weakly imagine, that thou hast placed
me so high in the scale of being, only to enjoy
the fleeting gratifications of the body. May I
seek a happiness more exalted and durable,
more pure and refined ; a happiness, flowing
from obedient appetites, well regulated affec-
tions, increasing knowledge, the exercise of
piety and benevolence, and the well grounded
hope of thine approbation and favor. While

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my thoughts are engaged in the things of earth,
may I reserve my affections for what is pure,
ennobling and heavenly.

Pardon, O Father ! the many sins I have
committed. I have indulged passions which
are offensive in thy sight. I have wasted many
hours, and have not always placed thee before
me. Pardon, through the Saviour, these vio-
lations of thy law; and O enable me hereafter
to live wisely. May I be more industrious,
thoughtful and decided; have a more tender
regard to those who depend upon me for aid,-,
support or counsel; have more philanthropy,
more piety, more trae holiness, and more reli-
gious zeaL Keep me from idle amusements,
and vicious company. Arm my soul against
the thousand temptations whch beset me, and
whenever I act, may I do good.

I now give up myself, O God, to thee. I
ask thy power to strengthen my weakness ; thy
wisdom to direct my ignorance ; thy bounty to
supply my wants, and thy mercy to pardon
my numerous sins. Go with me through this
world of danger. May I perform my part well,
and at the close of life have the testimony of
my conscience, that in simplicity and in godly
sincerity, not by fleshly wisdom, but by the
grace of God, I have had my conversation in

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the world. Hear me, holy Father, through my
Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.


Righteous and merciful art thou, O Lord,
in the ordination, that hy the sweat c^our brow
we should eat bread. Thou hast created aU
beings, that they might enjoy their existence ;
and thy wisdom is manifest in every provisioa
for their welfare. Thou lookest upon the earth,
and fillest it with blessings for them.

Thou art calling all to activity and labor,
that they may be useful to each other, and be
preserved from the evils of idleness and vice.
It was the Saviour's meat and drink to do thy
will, and to finish his appointed work. Mei>
ciful God ! let me not esteem it a burden, that
I am called to activity and solicitude. I ask
thy divine grace, to give me faithfulness and
alacrity in the duties of my employment
As I am fixed in business, not for my own pri-
vate interest alone, but for the good of society^
O implant and increase within me a principle
of truth and good will towards all men, that I
may always abhor the thought of enriching
myself, by the gains of secret fraud or base
ambition. Keep in me a conscientious regard
to that great principle of doing to others as I

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would that they should do to me. May I never
forget that the wages of unrighteousness bring
down thy quick displeasure, and that the pros-
perity of the wicked shall destroy them.
Amidst undue eagerness for wealth, wilt thou
sound in my ears that momentous question, —
What is a man profited, if he shall gain the
whole world and lose his own soul? Save me
from the snares of covetousness, and may I
remember that the day is approaching in which
earthly riches cannot profit me. O grant, that
amidst all my pursuits, I may preserve a su-
preme regard to the one thing which is most
needful ; and secure those heavenly treasures
which can never be taken away. To this end,
O Grod! I ask the guidance of thy gracious
spirit; and while my thoughts are steadily
fixed on earthly objects, may I be careful to
reserve my affections for what is pure and
heavenly. Knowing the tendency of the world
to extinguish all sense of spiritual blessings,
may I maintain such constant suspicion of
these earth-born passions, as shall keep me
from every inordinate pursuit of temporal
good. May the law of trath be written on my
heart, so that iniquity shall never be found in
my mouth.

If my means increase, grant me a liberal
hand to the poor and needy ; and may I use

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what thou impartest, with temperance, grati-
tude and charity. May I do much to promote
good learning and pure religion ; and by bene-
fiting society, may I prove that thou hast not
blessed me in vain.

Giver of every good ! I ask thy smiles upon
my labors and pursuits. May I be prospered
in all my lawful undertakings ; and by fidelity
and prudence, by industry and benevolence,
may I do honor to the religion I profess, and at
last receive those higher rewards, which earth
cannot bestow. In the name of him who died
to redeem us from the power of this evil world,
I ofier this my prayer, ascribing to thee, the
Disposer of my condition, praise everlasting.


Almighty Grod, Creator of men! from thee
come our choicest gifts. Thou hast bestowed
on me children, and inspired my heart with the
most ardent aflfection for them. Thou hast
committed them to my care, and commanded
me to educate them as Christians, as intelligent
and immortal beings. O make me fully sensi-
ble, I entreat thee, of the solemnity and import-
ance of this charge ; and give me thy gracious
assistance, that I may train up my offspring in

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the way in which they should go. -Enable me
to entertain abiding convictions of the value of
good instractions, and the necessity of early
religious impressions. Enlighten and direct me
in the choice of proper means for cultivating
pious and virtuous principles in their tender
minds. Make me constant and faithful in sow*
ing in their hearts the incorruptible seed of di-
vine truth, that they may love religion early,
and early walk with God. Increase my solici-
tude to set before them the pattern of a holy
and good life ; and never suffer me to forget,
that what I say and do cannot fail to influence
the formation of their temper and character.
I pray to be preserved from the e:!ctremes of
angry impatience and undue severity, and of
excessive indiilgence and misguided fondness.
Direct me to the most rational and salutary
expressions of my love to them ; and help me
to adapt my conduct to their several disposi-
tions. And while I study to bring them for-
ward on the stage of action, with those advan-
tages which are suitable to their situation, let
me always remember, that the care of the soul
is the one thing needful, and let it be my high-
est concern to prepare them, for eternity and

Gracious Gt)d ! save me, I pray thee, from
the most grievous calamity which parents can

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feel; that of beholding their children vicious
and miserable. O protect and bless those for
whom my heart beats with the tenderest anxi-
ety ; and let them never be led astray by v^rick-
ed principle, or seductive examples. What-
ever thou mayest deny me, grant that I may
see them walking in the truth, adorned with
innocence, piety and virtue. Vouchsafe to for-
give any errors m my conduct towards them,
and to supply all my deficiencies. When I
«hall be removed hence, let me die with the
consciousness that I have not wilfUlly neglected
my duty to them. And in the great day of
resurrection and judgment, grant that we may
be found together before thy throne, and that I
may be enabled to say — Here am I, O Lord,
and the children which thou hast given me.

I offer my requests in the name of Jesus
Ohrist, my Lord and Saviour. Amen.


Almighty Crod, Maker of heaven and earth !
my Creator, Preserver and Benefactor. Early
will I seek and praise and love thee. In the
hours of sleep, when I could not defend myself,
thou hast defended me. Thou hast brought
me to this morning in health, and I vnll now

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show forth thy praise. I thank thee for all the
powers of my body, and for all the faculties of
my mind. My present blessings are more than
I can number, and more than I have deserved.
I have sinned against thee ; for I have left un-
done many things which I ought to have done,
and have done many things that I ought not to
have done. As thou hast promised to forgive
me through Jesus Christ, if I am heartily sorry,
I anxiously pray thee to look in mercy on my
sins, and enable me to do better in future. O
make me sensible of the importance of forming
right habits on my entrance into life ; and ena-
ble me to keep a constant guard over my
thoughts, my feelings, my words, and my ac-
tions. May I remember that thine eye is al-
ways directly upon me. Help me to gain good
learning ; so that when the aged, the wise and
the virtuous leave the world, I may be prepared
to fill their places, and be useful in society.
May I remember how much the happiness of
my friends depends on my good conduct, and
may I be all that my parents and instructors
wish me. Assist me to live as thy obedient
child, and to be a christian in spirit and in deed.
O God ! I look to thee for guidance and assist-
ance this day and every day of my future life,
and when I die, may I be received into thy
heavenly kingdom, through Jesus Christ, my
Saviouj:. Amen.

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O Lord, my heavenly Father ! 1 thsuik thee
that thou hast added another day to my life ;
and hast not /suflfered any evil to befal me« I
praise thy name for the food which thou hast
given me ; for the raiment with which I am
clothed, and for all the kindness of my parents
and friends to me* Thy mercies, O God, are
as many as the moments of my life. Especially
I thank thee^ that thou hast taught me through
Jesus Christ, what I ought to know and do, in
order to be useful here and happy hereafter*

my Father! guide my inexperienced feet.
As I grow in years, may I, hke the holy child
Jesus, increase in wisdom and in favor with
thee and man. May I be industrious, so that

1 may be useful ; and virtuous, so that I may
be happy. I pray that I may avoid bad com-
pany ; and seek continually to please thee. May
I remember that thou art v^dth me wherever I
am, and that thou seest me in all I do. I would
now recollect what I have done this day ; and
if I have said or done any thing contrary to
thy holy will, I pray thee to forgive me. Bless
my dear parents, my relations, my teachers and
fhends, and all my fellow men. I desire to
give up myself to thee for this night, and wilt
ihou defend me from every harm, and may I

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awake in the morning, prepared to serve thee
better than I have ever served thee before.
Hear me, O God, in these my prayers, through
Jesus Christ. Amen.


O THOU, who stillest the raging of the sea,
and the noise of its waves ! All powerful God!
I lift up mine eyes to thee, from whom cometh
my help ! Thou boldest the winds, and at thy
command they go forth. Thou art God of the
sea. Preserve and support me, I beseech thee,
during my exposure on the deep. While I am
thus dependent on thee, do thou be with me
for my safety. Let me not utter thy name, but
with the greatest reverence ; nor forget, that to
thee I owe my security, and that thou boldest
my soul in hfe. Fortify me in the seasons of
peril; not by blind courage, but by an unbound-
ed confidence in thy care and goodness. Let
it please thee to give success to my undertak-
ings ; to conduct me safely to my desired
haven, and return me to my family and friends,
with gratitude for thy sustaining providence.
Impress deeply upon my mind the value of
those domestic ties which bind me to my rela-
tives and family. May their constant solici-

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tude and anxious prayers for me, produce seri-
ous effects on my mind. May I be induced ta
improve wisely the many leisure hours I en-
joy; and gain some useful knowledge for my
future life. Especially, O God, let me be
thoughtful of the Sabbath day to keep it holy ;
and as I am here deprived of public worship,
may I read thy sacred word with seriousness,
and meditate upon it with devout prayer. Ena-
ble me, O Father, to have a strong faith in him
who rebuked the winds and the sea, and there
was a great calm. May I ever say to my tem-
pestuous passions, — Peace, be still — and look
forward toward the haven of eternal rest And
when the sea shall give up its dead, and each
one be called to judgment, then may I find
my name written in the book of life, through
Jesus Christ, my Redeemer. Aftiefi.


Almighty and most merciful God ! who hatest
nothing that thou hast made, and who hast not
thought even a crown of everlasting life too
much to promise to thy children! I desire
humbly to own and reverence thy hand in my
present sickness. All the causes which can
operate upon me, are in thy hand, as the min-

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isters of thy pleasure. I repose entire confi-
dence in thy wisdom. May my bodily suffer-
ing bring good to my sou]^ and lead me more
justly to value health and strength, and to em^
ploy them to nobler purposes than I have done,
if this sickness shall not be uMo dtoth. « L^
me take that view of life from my sick bed,
which cam be taken from no Other pl&ce. With
subtiaission to thy ^ill, I pi*ay fot the removal
of my disorder, and for the perfect restoration
of my health. Thy will, O God, and not mine,
be done. Endue me with resignation, patience
«nd meekness, u!nder the pains df di^eade and
the irfcsomeness of confinement. Above all,
prepare me Ibr death. Blot out my numeroos
transgressions, through thine infinite mercy in
Jesus Christ, and dispose me to do what is
necessary for the great exchange of worlds.
Thou dost not willingly afHict or grieve thy
children, and I believe thou intendest good to
me by this iatherly correction. May I yet live
to perform my duties more acceptably. May
no increase of pain produce repining, or draw
ifrom me an inconsiderate prayer. Into thy
hands I commend myselfj desiring to be num^
bered with those who love thee, and to find by
experience all things, and this sickness espe-
cially, working my spiritual good. Help me
to finish; while I live, the work thou hast given

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me to do. If I have injured any, I would be
truly penitent, and when I die, may I be at
peace with all men. O may I at this time,
whatever the issue of this sickness may be, fix
my heart steadfastly upon thee, and have a
lively faith in that blessed Saviour, who led the
way through the grave to the immortality be-
yond it. Through the wilderness of this world,
let me ever bless thee for the manna and the
rock. On the brink of Jordan let thy promises
be precious. In the last hour let my faith in
a Redeemer be strong, and grant me to ascend
into thy blissful presence in the chariot of love
and praise. O Lord, hear! O Lord, forgive!
Be my God in life, my hope in death, and my
everlasting portion, through Jesus, my Saviour!


Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is
within me bless his holy name. Bless the Lord,
O my soul, and forget not all his benefits ; who
forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all
thy diseases, who redeemeth thy life from de-
struction, and who crowneth ^hee with loving
kindness and tender mercy. I praise thee,
great God, that, although thou hast chastened
me, thou hast not given me over unto death. I

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praise thee that thy powerful arm has arrested
the progress of the destroyer, and helped me
out of all my troubles. I thank thee for every
comfort and alleviation of pain, with which thou
hast been pleased to furnish me, and especially
for the love of my friends, and the promises c£
thy GospeL I acknowledge thine inexpressible
goodness in restoring me from the brink of the
grave, and from the anguish of suffering, to en-
deared connections, to enlivened hopes, to new
opportunities, and to increased motives for
cultivating christian affections, for abounding
in good works, and for laying up treasures in

Father ! let not these opportunities be ne-
glected by me, but be wisely improved to thy

1 have experienced thy power and compas-
sion. May I ever live in the exercise of a grate-
ful confidence in both, and be duly sensible of
my total dependence on thy providence and
government I have been brought near to the
realities of the world to come ; brought to feel
the worth of thy favor, and the value of a con*
science void of offence. Almighty God! let
the convictions I have had of them never be
extinguished in my heart. Enable me at aU
times to entertain that humble contrition for
my sins, and that penitential sense of niy need


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ef thy. mercy, *vidiich the i^eenie&s of death wn^
instramental in producing. Help me to appre-
ciate, as I ought, eternal things, and to do all
that thou requirest, in order that I may secure
thine approbation and friendship. May the
resolutions I formed, when sick, now be ef-

Thou hast enabled me to realize the rani^
and uncertainty of the world. Preserve me
from attaching too much importance to its
pleasures^ honors or possessions; and assist
me constantly to remember how rapidly it is
passing away.

Thou hast taught me by sickness the worth
of friendship; and the offices of kindness, which
have been performed for me, have, with thy
blessing, cheered, consoled and supported ma
My God ! never let me be insensible of the
love of those whose hearts thou hast warmed
with good will towards me. Make me ready
to return their benevolence on every occasion.
Let me be softened with humanity towards all
that suffer; and let me never behold the bed of
sickness, without sympathy and charity.

It was thy Gospel, O thou God of all con-
solation in Jesus Christ, from which my hope
was derived, when the shadows of death ap-
peared to encompass me. The assurances
whicl^it contains of thy forbearance and mercy^

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and of eterftal redemption through thy Son,
were the only support of my spirit. O give me
grace to cling, with faster hold than ever^ to
this Rock of salvation, to abide in the love of Je-
sus> to follow him, undismayed, and constantly
to hope through him for justification and celes-
tial happiness.

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