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On invitation of the editor of the New England Historical and
Genealogical Register, the compiler contributed articles upon " The
Stimpson Family of Charlestown, Mass.," for the July and Octo-
ber numbers of 1905. This publication was instrumental in awak-
ening an active interest among the descendants, in making correc-
tions, and in gathering further material for the compilation of par-
tial records and more detail regarding members of each generation.
At the outset the compiler was interested in his own ancestral line,
but coming in contact with other persons and families, the work
grew in breadth and fascination. Through the publication of the
Register articles came the desire for a volume with the records of
the family brought down to the latest born.

The compiler found in Andrew' Steavenson, the emigrant, an
interesting character. His early New England home was Cam-
bridge, and the homestead of his son Andrew* Stimson was at
Charlestown. The names of many prominent men are to be found
in the following pages, amongst whom are able statesmen, honored
clergymen and enterprising merchants, who have occupied exalted
positions, have served mankind nobly, and have left an impress
upon the times in which they lived ; most of these traced their an-
cestry to the old " Keeper of Bridewell at Cambridge. "

Those bearing the family name were so few in number, that there
have been added to the first four generations, many of the descend-
ants of the female lines. In the compilation of this family the fact
appears that for these first four generations, although the daughters
were numerous, only one male member married and had children.
From John* Stimson, born 1728, all the descendants, both male and
female, with a very few exceptions, are given to the present time.

The genealogical annotation is after the " Register " plan. When
the name of the State in which a town is situated is not given, it is
understood to be Massachusetts, except in the case where a town,
in some other State, is mentioned more than once in a paragraph,
and then the State is not repeated. Double dating, that is, old and
new style of reckoning time during January, February and March,
prior to 1752, is clearly noted and will be readily understood. The
abbreviations are those in ordinary historical use.

The compiler finds himself under many obligations to the various
members and descendants of the Stimpson family and to others who
have generously assisted him in his work. It would be injustice on
his part not to acknowledge the generous assistance rendered him
by Miss M. B. Fairbanks of the New England Historic Genealo-
gical Society, whose extensive knowledge of genealogy has been freely
imparted in the preparation of this book. The thanks of the family
are due to the Suffolk Engraving and Electrotyping Company of Bos-
ton, for the half-tones which are given. The high standard of their
work has been maintained in the present case. The photographs
of the John" Stimson tombstone and of Main Street, Charlestown,
are the work of one of the descendants, Mr. George Thorndike^
Barker. An extensive correspondence has been carried on, and
material gathered from both public and private records, and un-
familiar sources, while the research has been patient, persistent and
thorough. The indifference sometimes manifested, is clearly shown
by the absence of recorcli in certain families, and in the many ad-
ditions and corrections made necessary by inattention and delay on
the part of correspondents.

The compiler hopes these pages may afford their readers a share
of the pleasure and satisfaction he has had in their preparation ;
if this proves to be the case, then his labors of the past few years
have not been in vain.

Charles Collyer Whittier.
Boston, Mass., April, 1907.


1. Andrew Steavenson or Stevenson, the ancestor of the family,
who resided at Cambridge and Charlestown, Mass., came from New Castle-
upon-Tyne, England, after 1637,* and was made a freeman at Cambridge,
May 10, 1643.

Andrew and his wife Jane, whom he had married in England, both
joined the Church at Cambridge in 1643 (Church History), and were still
members at the church gathering which occuri-ed, Jan., 1658 (Mitchel's

His name, as given in the various records, was written Steavenson and
Stevenson, but later generations have changed the spelling to Stimson and

His occupation is given as that of a cobbler or shoemaker, a trade he
followed for some years after his arrival. He received a number of grants
of land in Cambridge. In 1645 he was given three and one-half acres of
land at Meuotomye River; Aug. 15, 1646, he bought of William French
four acres of land in the New West Field; Dec. 12, 1648, he purchased
of Thomas Crosbye one dwelling house, within the towne, with half a rood
of land; Nov. 29, 1689, he received eight acres, in the first division in
Cambridge (Proprietors' Records of Cambridge). This lot of land his
children sold to Ebenezer Swan, Mar. 19, 1694 (Middlesex Co. Deeds,
V. 14, p. 125).

In 1654, a committee was appointed by the Court " to provide a House
of Correction, with a fit person to keep the same." Jan. 7, 1655, the com-
mittee reported that " they had not only purchased Andrew Stevenson's house
and lot, but selected him as a proper person to be Keeper of Bridewell." He
served in the office as prison keeper from 1656 to 1672, when, for various

« John Sill and his wife Joanna were of Cambridge in 1637; he died before 1653.
She was made Attorney for Susan Blackiston of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, widow, Aug.
27, 1653, to recover several debts, one of which was from Andrew Steavenson, cobbler,
debt. 1637, formerly of Newcastle and now of New England.

fBardsley, in his work on English Surnames, under Patronymic Surnames, writes
the following concerning this family: "The proto-martyr Stephen has left many
memorials in our nomenclature of the popularity which his story obtained among the
English peasantry. The name proper is found in such entries as Esteven Walays or
Jordan fil : Stephen, and their descendants now figure amongst us as Stephens, Stevens,
and Stephenson. More curtailed forms are met with in Steenson and Stinson, and
the more corrupted Stimson and Stimpson."

reasons, he was dismissed, having served as keeper sixteen years. The deed
of this property from Stevenson to the County, and from the County back
to Stevenson, cannot be found on record at the present time, although in
his will he speaks of this house and land.* It was conveyed by his heirs
to Jonathan Nutting, by deed dated Mar. 25, 1695 (Middlesex Co. Deeds,
V. 13, p. 99), and was signed by Andrew Stimson, housewright, of Charles-
town, and Abigail his wife, Mathew Abdy of Cambridge, glover, and
Deborah his wife, Joseph Lowden of Charlestown, shipwright, James Bur-
bean and Mary his wife, James Patterson of Billerica and Rebecca his
wife, Thomas Richardson, Sen., and Thomas Richardson, Jr., of Billerica,
and William Burgess of Ipswich and Hannah his wife.

Andrew Stevenson's wiU, dated May 23, 1681, inventory filed June 28,
1683, mentions wife Jane, who was to have the entire estate during the
term of her life, and after her death his eldest son Andrew was to have a
double portion, while the rest was to be divided amongst the five daugh
ters. That portion which belonged to his daughter Sarah was given to
her two children Joseph and Mary Lowden.

Children :

Deborah, 2 b. about Aug., 1637; m. Robert Wilson.
Sarah, b. about 1640 ; m. John Lowden.
Rebecca, b. Jan. 20, 1642 ; m. James Patterson.
John, b. Dec. 29, 1644; d. at Cambridge, Mass., May 26, 1664.
Mary, b. Jan. 17, 1647 ; m. Thomas Ricliardsou.
Lydia, b. Aug. 2, 1648 ; probably d. young.
Andrew, b. Jan. 14 or 17, 1650.
viii. HAjfNAH, m. William Burgess.

2. Deborah^ Stimson (Andrew^), born in England, about Aug., 1637,
married first, Robert Wilson of Sudbury. Nothing has been found
as to his birth nor the date of his marriage. He died about 1685,
and administration on his estate was granted Nov. 14, 17H).

She married second, previous to 1695, Mathew Abdy of Cam-
bridge, son of Mathew and Tabitha (Reynolds) Abdy, who was
born about 1654, and died at Cambridge about 1730. The date of
her death is not known, but he had wife Ruth who died Dec. 10,
1762, aged 93 years. Deborah was admitted to full communion at
Cambridge, March 5, 1665-6. Mathew Abdy was appointed
" Sweeper and bedmaker " on probation at Harvard College, and
was assigned to Stoughton House. He retained this position imtil

* Paige, in his History of Cambridge, in speaking of this jail, saj-s: " This House
of Correction stood on the easterly side of Holyoke Street, almost two hundred feet
northerly from the present location of Mount Auburn Street. After the erection of a
jail, this estate was reconveyed to Stevenson, whose heirs sold it to Jonathan Nutting,
Mar. 25, 1695."

" Oct. 1660. The County Court ordered, that the House of Con-ection, or Bride-
well, should be used as a prison for the County, until further provision be made."














his death, and then his widow succeeded him. They probably lived
at the southwest corner of Mount Auburn and Holyoke streets in
Cambridge. He left a will, written in the most jocose manner, the
author of which it is hard to determine. It has been printed and
has had world wide reputation, being known as " Father Abdy's

Children, born in Cambridge :

i. Deborah'' Wilson, b. Sept. 25, bapt. Sept. 30, 1666; m. June 7,
1689, Elisha, son of William and Blythe Bull of Cambridge, who
was b. there June 21, 1657; d. Apr. 7, 1722.
Children, bom in Cambridge :

1. Elisha'^ Bull, b. Mar. 12, 1689-90.

2. JoJm Bull, b. 1693 ; d. Apr. 2, 1698.

3. John Bull, bapt. June 25, 1699; d. Jan. 14, 1720-1.

4. William Bull, b. Apr. 11, 1703; d. before 1755, unmarried.

5. Samuel Bull, b. Apr. 23, 1705 ; m. Mary, who d. Feb. 9, 1739-40,

aged 29 yrs. ; d. in 1747.

6. Bobert Bull, b. July 3, 1707; m. Tabitha, who was admitted to

the church at Meuotomy, July 12, 1741, aud d. Aug. 5, 1770,
aged 64 yrs. ; no issue.

7. Deborah Bull, b. July 1, 1710; nan compos mentis; d. at Me-

notomy, Jan. 20, 1772, aged 60 yrs.

ii. Sarah Wilson, b. Oct. 6, 1668; m. Thomas Creeson of Charlestown,
who d. May, 1717; d. Nov. 2, 1716.
1. Child, d. at Charlestown, Mar. 14, 1708-9.

iii. Andrew Wilson, b. Sept. 17, 1670; had wife Hannah; d. 1722. She

m. (2) Phillips (Probate).

Children, born in Cambridge:

1. Andrew* Wilson, b. May 12, 1696; m. June 7, 1722, Sarah, dau.

of Edward and Sarah (Parkhurst) Sherman, who was b. in
Watertown, May 29, 1701 (Bond) ; d. at Menotomy, June20,
1757 ; she d. Nov. 27, 1772, aged 77 yrs.

2. Hannah Wilson, b. Aug. 10, 1698; m. Mar. 27, 1723, Benjamin,

son of William Hopkins of Billerica, where he was b. May
23, 1701.

3. Deborah Wilson, b. Aug. 12, 1700 ; m. before Apr. 27, 1724,

John Perry of Lexington ; she was admitted to the Church
there, June 29, 1735 ; d. May 22, 1736.

4. John Wilson, b. Jan. 28, 1702-3; had wife Martha, who was

admitted to the Church at Menotomy, at the time it was or-
ganized, Sept. 9, 1739; d. at Menotomy, Feb. 11, 1773; she
d. there, Nov. 26, 1797.

5. Marij Wilson, b. Mar. 11, 1706-7; living in 1722. -

6. Damaris Wilson, b. Nov. 1, 1708; died young.

7. Damaris Wilson, b. Aug. 25, 1710; living in 1722.

3. Sarah^ Stimson (Andrew'^), born about 1G40, married first, at Cam-
bridge, May 29, 1G62, John, son of Sergt. Richard and Mary (Cole)
Lowden of Charlestown, who was born May 10, and baptized May


15, 1641, and died at Charlestown, April 4, 1678. She married
second, Oct. 23, 1679, James, son of Edward and Mary Kibbey of
Dorchester, who was born June, 1642, baptized at the First Church
in Boston, Nov. 20, 1645, and died subsequent to 1681. She died
June 29, 1720, aged 80 years (gravestone at Charlestown). John
Lowden was admitted to the Church at Charlestown, Mar. 22,
1668, and liis wife was admitted Mar. 29, 1668. He probably lived
on the Country road leading out of Charlestown, near the Neck,
and had a house valued, without the land, at £90. By trade he
was a hatter. His father, just before his death, gave his grand-
children land near Andrew Stimson's.

James Kibbey had a previous wife, Hannah, but no record of the
marriage has yet been found. He was on the tithe list at Charles-
town for 1680 and 1681 ; had his tax abated in 1687 and 1688;
and had occupied John Lowden's house prior to 1692.

Children by first husband, born in Charlestown :

i. JoHX=' LowDEN, b. May 3, 1663, bapt. Mar. 29, 1668; m. Elizabeth
Speucer, who owned the Covenant Apr. 3, 1687.
Children, born in Charlestown :

1. Elizabeth* Loicden, b. Mar. 9, 1684-5; bapt. Apr. 3, 1687; m.

about 1713, James Turner.

2. John Loicden, b. Oct. 28, bapt. Nov. 6, 1687.

3. Pdchard Lowden, bapt. Oct. 27, 1689.

4. Mary Loicden, bapt. Dec. 20, 1691 ; m. at Boston, Dec. 7, 1710,

Joseph Price.

ii. Richard Lowden, b. Oct. 4, 1665, bapt. Mar. 29, 1668; had wife
Mary ; resided at Boston ; will probated Apr. 20, 1709.
Children, born in Boston :

1. Eichard* Loicden, b. Jan. 9, 1693; probably d. Apr. 7, 1703.

2. John Loicden, b. Apr. 16, 1696.

3. Benjamin Lowden, b. Oct. 30, 1704.

iii. Andrew Lowden, b. July 31, bapt. Aug. 2, 1668.

iv. Mary Lowden, b. Jan. 21, bapt. Jan. 22, 1670; m. (1) Sept. 11, 1688,
John, son of John George of Charlestown, who was bapt. Aug. 5,
1677, and d. Jan. 13, 1691; m. (2) James, son of John Burbean,*
who was b. May 15, 1668, and d. Sept. 4, 1729; d. at Woburn,
Oct, 14, 1724.

AVidow Mary George buys of brother John Lowden, Sept. 3,
1692, right in house now occupied by mother Kibbey, situated at
Charlestown. The estate of James Burbean, inventory taken
Nov. 3, 1729, was divided amongst his children, and was valued
at £2,038. 16. 5, consisting of laud in six towns. He was a busi-
ness man of much enterprise, and was engaged in shipping to a
large extent.

Children by second husband, born in Charlestown :

1. Mary* Burbean, b. Mar. 6, 1694; d. July 20, 1733.

* See History of the Burbeen Family, by Joseph Burbeen Walker, 1892,

2. Sarah Burbean, h. Mar. 6, d. Mar. 17, 1694,

3. James Burbean, h. Aug. 21, 169G; m. at Woburn, Sept. 5, 1721,

Mary, dau. of Pierson and Mary (Perring) Richardson, who
was b. in Woburn, Nov. 17, 1698. He d. at Boston.

4. John Burbean, b. Mar. 12, 1G99; killed by the Indians near

Dunstable, Sept. 5, 1724.

5. Sarah Burbean, b. June 17, 1701 ; m. at Woburn, Nov. 12,

1730, Rev. Timothy, son of Dea. Samuel and Judith (How-
ard) Walker, who was b. in Woburn, July 27, 1705, and d. at
Concord, N. H., Sept. 1, 1782; d. there, Feb. 19, 1778.

G. Buth Burbean, b. Mar. 28, 1708; m. at Woburn, Feb. 4, 1735,
Jonathan Haywood, who was b. 1704, and d. at Woburn, Aug.
13, 1749 (gravestone) ; graduated at Harvard College 1726.

7. Joseph Biirbean, b. Mar. 3, 1712; m. at Hampton, N. H., Oct.
8, 1736, Esther, dau. of Jonathan and Esther (Flagg) Pool,
who was b. 1717; d. at Woburn, June 7, 1794; she d. there,
Mar. 28, 1776 (town records of Woburn give date Mar. 30,'
1776). He graduated at Harvard College 1731.

V. Joseph Loavdex, bapt. Feb. 27, 1675-6; had (1) wife Mary, who d. at
Boston, July 6, 1706; m. (2) (pub. at Boston, Sept. 7, 1708), Han-
nah, dau. of James and Hannah (George) Miller, who was b. July
16, and bapt. July 22, 1677.

Andrew' Stevenson, in his will, mentioned Joseph and Mary
Lowdeu as his grandchildren, they to receive their mother's share
of his estate. In the deed of the homestead, given by Andrew
Stevenson's heirs to Jonathan Nutting, Mar. 25, 1695, Joseph Low-
den and James Burbean and his wife Mary signed the deed as
Children by first wife, born in Boston :

1. Abigail* Lowden, b. Oct. 2, 1700; m. at Boston, Dec. 7, 1726,

Ward Halloway.

2. Joseph Lowden, b. Sept. 14, 1702; d. Dec. 24, 1702.

3. Joseph Loicden, b. Jan. 7, 1703-4.

4. 3Iary Lowden, b. July 2, 1706 ; d. July 3, 1706.
Children by second wife :

5. Bichard Lowden, b. Feb. 10, 1709.

6. Hannah Lowden, b. Feb. 5, 1711.

7. Mary Lowden, b. Dec. 24, 1713.

8. James Lowden, b. Sept. 21, 1715.

Child by second husband, born in Charlestown :

vi. Elizabeth Kibbey, b. Aug. 13, bapt. Aug. 14, 1G81; m. Nov. 8, 1697,
her cousin Andrew, son of James and Rebecca (Stimson) Pat-

Rebecca^ Stijison (Andretv^), born in Cambridge, Jan. 20, 1642,
married at Cambridge, May 29, 1662, James Patterson of BLlleriea,
who was born in Scotland, about 1 633, and died at Billerica, July
14, 1701. She was a member of the church at Cambridge, and was
dismissed to the church at Billerica, Aug. 13, 1667. She died after


James Patterson was probably captured at "Worcester, England,
Sept. 3, 1651, and sent with other prisoners to America, sailing
from London in the "John and Sarah," Nov. 6, 1651. He arrived
at Charlestown, May, 1652; settled in BiUerica, 1658; and was
made Freeman, Apr. 18, 1690. His will, dated May 12, 1701,
probated Aug. 13, 1701, mentions wife Rebecca and son Andrew ;
and his brother-in-law Andrew Stimson who was one of the executors.

Children, probably all born in Billerica :

i. IIaey" Patterson, b. Aug. 22, 1666; m. Jan. 30, 1689, Peter Proctor
of Chelmsford.

ii. Jajies Patterson, b. Feb. 28, 1668-9 ; d. Oct. 3, 1677.

iii. Andrew Patterson, b. Apr. 4, 1672 ; m. Nov. 8, 1697, his cousin Eliz-
abeth, clau. of James and Sarah (Stirasou) Kibbey, who was b.
Aug. 13, 1681. He went to sea, and was never heard from.

iv. John Patterson, b. Apr. 8, 1675; m. Dec. 29, 1702, Joanna Hall of

V. Joseph Patterson, b. Jan. 1, 1677-8; m. at Sudbury, Sept. 22, 1701,
Mary, dau. of John and Mary (Axtell) Goodenow, b. in Sudbury,

Nov. 1, 1680; m. (2) Mary ; m. (3) Nov. 19, 1724, Rebecca,

dau. of John and Elizabeth (Trowbridge) Myrick of Newton, and
widow of James Livermore. He d. about 1736 ; and she d. Sept.
1, 1760.

vi Rebecca Patterson, b. July 18, 1680; probably d. young.

vii. James Patterson, b. Apr. 13, 1683 ; had wife Mary ; removed toDun-
• stable, and afterwards to Groton, where he d. about 1737.

viii. Jonathan Patterson, b. Jan. 31, 1685-6; probably d. young.

5. Mary^ Stimson {Andrew^), born in Cambridge, Jan. 17, 1647,
married at Cambridge, Jan. 5, 1669-70, Thomas,* son of Thomas
and Mary Richardson of Woburu, who was born there Oct. 4,
1645. She died at Billerica, June 7, 1690 ; and he married second,
at Billerica, Dec. 29, 1690, Mrs. Sarah (Ditson) Patten of
Reading, who was the widow of Hugh Ditson and of Thomas Pat-
ten. He died at Billerica, Feb. 5, 1720-1 ; and she died Nov. 20,

Mary Stimson was baptized in the Cambridge Church. Thomas
Richardson was a prominent man of Billerica ; was a soldier in
Capt. Gallup's Co. in the unfortunate expedition of 1690; and was
Deputy to the General Court from that town in 1703 and 1704.
His will, dated Apr. 10, 1719, was probated Mar. 24, 1720-1, and
the estate valued at £692.

Children, probably all born in Billerica :

i. Mary'' Richardson, b. Feb. 8, 1670-1 ; d. same day.
ii. Mary Richardson, b. Jan. 31, 1671-2; d. same day.

* See Richardson Memorial, by John Adams Vinton, 1876.


iii. Mary Richardson, b. Feb. 17, 1672-3; m. Edward, son of Edward
and Mary Farmer, who was b. in Billerica, Mar. 22, 1G73-4, and
d. Dec. 17, 1752; d. May 15, 1746.

iv. Thomas Richardson, b. Dec. 30, 1675 ; had wife Abigail ; resided at
Billerica, on a farm bis father gave him; d. Mar. 18, 1717-8. She
d. June 4, 1758.

X. Andrew Richardson, b. June 16, 1678; m. (1) Dec. 9, 1707, Hannah,
dau. of Henry and Mary (Baldwin) Jefits of Billerica, who was b.

Sept. 10, 1685, and d. Oct. 81, 1749; m. (2) about 1750, Judith ;

d. Dec. 23, 1752; will dated Dec. 10, 1750, probated Jan. 15, 1753.

vi. Nathaniel Richardson, b. Jan. 25, 1679-80; m. May 7, 1703, Mary
Peacock, who d. Oct. 18, 1756; d. intestate, Apr. 4, 1753. His
father gave him a farm in Billerica, next to that of his brother

vii. Jonathan Richardson, b. Feb. 14, 1682-3; m. about 1713, Hannah,
dau. of John and Mary (Littlefleld) (Kittredge) French, who was
b. Feb. 18, 1692-3. He d. suddenly, Aug. 13, 1720; and she m.
(2) Feb. 15, 1725-6, Benjamin (his second marriage), son of James
and Rebecca (Hamlet) Frost, who was b. Mar. 8, 1687-8, and d.
Mar. 24, 1753; she d. Sept. 12, 1769.

Jonathan Richardson, who lived at Billerica, and afterwards at
Dunstable and Groton, was a soldier in July, 1706. Administra-
tion on his estate was granted to his widow, Jan. 9, 1720-1.

viii. Ruth Richardson, b. Dec. 4, 1685; m. Feb. 13, 1707-8, John, son of
John and Mary (Kittredge) French, who was b. in Billerica, May
15, 1679, and was brother to Hannah French who m. Jonathan

ix. Elnathan Richardson, b. Feb. 7, 1686-7; d. same day.

Andrew'^ Stimson (Andrew^), born in Cambridge, Jan. 14 or 17,
1650, and baptized at Cambridge, married at Charlestown, Mar. 9,
1678, Abigail, daughter of Benjamin and Abigail (Wigglesworth)
Sweetser, the date of whose birth is unknown, but who was bap-
tized and admitted to the church, Jan. 28, 1681-2 (First Church
records). He died at Charlestown, Dec. 14, 1721, aged 72 years
(gravestone); and she died there Mar. 3, 1725-6. He probably
removed from Cambridge to Charlestown about the time of his
marriage (1678), as this is the first record we find of him in Charles-
town. In the deed which he gave of the homestead in Cambridge
he is called " housewright," but in a bond given in the settling of
his estate he is styled " shopkeeper." As a shop is mentioned in
his inventory, he evidently engaged in business after moving to
Charlestown. In 1665, while in Cambridge, he was bound out to
Jonathan Remington for a term of years, but in 1668 he was
desirous of buying his time, and did so on the payment of £12
(Middlesex Co. Court Files, 1668). He was admitted a member
of the Church in Charlestown, Jan. 28, 1682-3.

In 1704 he purchased land, house and other buildings in Charles-


town of William Frothiugliam (Middlesex Co. Deeds, v. 13, p.
631). In 1717 he sold to his son John Stimson land on which he
had built a house, which adjoined his own. This property remained
in the possession of the family for mauy years ; the last deed, which
conveyed the interest of one of his descendants, was given in 1821.

He died intestate, and his widow gave bonds as administratrix,
Apr. 17, 1722. Before his estate was settled, the widow died, leav-
mg a will dated Jan. 27, 1725, probated Apr. 4, 1726. Her sons
John and Joseph Stimson were named as executors of their mother's
estate, and were at the same time appointed administrators of their
father's estate in her place.

Andrew Stimson may have been the one credited with service in
King Philip's War, Jan. 25, 1675-6. His father at that time
would have been over sixty years of age and hardly able to endure
the hardships of such a campaign.

Children, born in Charlestown :

8. 1. Abigail,3 b. Oct. 6, 1679, bapt. Jan. 28, 1682-3; m. Caleb Croswell.
ii. Andrew (twin), b. Sept. 15, bapt. Sept. 18, 1681; d. Dec. 28, 1681

iii. Bethiah (twin), b. Sept. 15, 1681; d. same day.
iv. Andrew, b. Feb. 17, bapt. Feb. 18, 1682-3 ; d. Sept. 5, 1683 (gravestone) .

9. v. Mary, b. Oct. 21, bapt. Oct. 26, 1684; m. Thomas Frothingham.
vi. Andrew (twin), b. Jan. 9, 1686-7; d. same day (gravestone).

10. vii. John (twin), b. Jan. 9, bapt. Jan. 16, 1686-7.

11. viii. Bethiah, b. Mar. 19, bapt. Mar. 23, 1689-90; m. Henry Fowle.

12. ix. Benjamin, bapt. Sept. 18, 1692.

X. Joseph, b. Dec. 17, bapt. Dec. 22, 1695 ; d. Aug. 29, 1696.

xi. Lydia, b. Aug. 13, bapt. Aug. 22, 1697; d. Apr. 12, 1703 (gravestone).

13. xii. Joseph, b. Feb, 7, bapt. Mar. 18, 1699-1700.

14:. xiii. Lydia, b. Oct. 14, bapt. Oct. 17, 1703; m. Robert Galley.

7. Hannah^ Stimson (Andrew^) married at Cambridge, May 20, 1684,

William Burgess of that town. They resided at Cambridge for a
number of years, but removed to Ipswich pre-sdous to 1695, at which
time they sold their interest in her father's estate to Jonathan Nut-

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