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at some not very remote period, will rule as empress over the
southern hemisphere. It is impossible for an Englishman to behold
these distant colonies without a high pride and satisfaction. To
hoist the British flag seems to draw with it as a certain
consequence, wealth, prosperity, and civilisation.

In conclusion it appears to me that nothing can be more improving
to a young naturalist than a journey in distant countries. It both
sharpens and partly allays that want and craving, which, as Sir J.
Herschel remarks, a man experiences although every corporeal sense
be fully satisfied. The excitement from the novelty of objects, and
the chance of success, stimulate him to increased activity.
Moreover, as a number of isolated facts soon become uninteresting,
the habit of comparison leads to generalisation. On the other hand,
as the traveller stays but a short time in each place, his
descriptions must generally consist of mere sketches, instead of
detailed observations. Hence arises, as I have found to my cost, a
constant tendency to fill up the wide gaps of knowledge by
inaccurate and superficial hypotheses.

But I have too deeply enjoyed the voyage, not to recommend any
naturalist, although he must not expect to be so fortunate in his
companions as I have been, to take all chances, and to start, on
travels by land if possible, if otherwise, on a long voyage. He may
feel assured he will meet with no difficulties or dangers,
excepting in rare cases, nearly so bad as he beforehand
anticipates. In a moral point of view the effect ought to be to
teach him good-humoured patience, freedom from selfishness, the
habit of acting for himself, and of making the best of every
occurrence. In short, he ought to partake of the characteristic
qualities of most sailors. Travelling ought also to teach him
distrust; but at the same time he will discover how many truly
kind-hearted people there are, with whom he never before had, or
ever again will have any further communication, who yet are ready
to offer him the most disinterested assistance.





Abbott, Mr., on spiders.

Aborigines banished from Van Diemen's Land. of Australia.

Abrolhos Islands.

Absence of trees in Pampas.

Aconcagua, volcano of.

Actinia, stinging species.

Africa, Southern part desert, yet supports large animals.

Ageronia feronia.

Agouti, habits of.

Ague common in Peru.

Albemarle Island.

Allan, Dr., on Diodon. on Holuthuriae.

Alluvium, saliferous, in Peru. stratified, in Andes.


Anas, species of.

Animalculae. See Infusoria.

Antarctic islands.


Ants at Keeling Island. in Brazil.

Antuco volcano.

Apires, or miners.



Aptenodytes demersa.

Araucanian Indians.

Areas of alternate movements in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Armadilloes, habits of. fossil animals allied to.

Arqueros mines.

Arrow-heads, ancient.


Aspalax, blindness of.

Athene cunicularia.



Atwater, Mr., on the prairies.

Audubon, M., on smelling-power of carrion-hawks.


Australian barrier. group of weapons.

Ava (Macropiper methysticum).

Azara on spiders. on rain in La Plata. on habits of carrion-hawks.
on range of carrion-hawks. on a thunder-storm. on ostrich-eggs. on
bows and arrows. on new plants springing up. on great droughts. on

Bachman, Mr., on carrion-hawks.

Bahia Blanca. fossil tooth of horse from.

Bahia, Brazil. scenery of.


Balbi on coral reefs.

Bald Head, Australia.

Ballenar, Chile.

Banda Oriental.

Banks's Hill.


Barrier-reef, Bolabola. reefs, sections of.

Basaltic platform of Santa Cruz.

Bathurst, Australia.

Batrachian reptiles.

Bats, vampire.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Beads, hill of.

Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego.


Beetles in brackish water. on a fungus. alive in sea. at St.
Julian. dung-feeders.

Behring's Straits, fossils of.

Bell of Quillota.


Berkeley Sound.

Berkeley, Reverend J., on confervae. on Cyttaria.

Berquelo river.

Bibron, M.

Bien te veo.

Birds of the Galapagos Archipelago. tameness of.

Birgos latro.

Bizcacha, habits of.

Blackheath, Australia.

Blackwall, Mr., on spiders.

Blindness of tucutuco.

Blue Mountains.

Body, frozen.

Bolabola, barrier-reef.

Bolas, manner of using.

Bombs, volcanic.

Bones of the guanaco collected in certain spots. fire made of.
recent in Pampas. fossil.

Bory St. Vincent on frogs.


Bramador, El.

Brazil, great area of granite.

Brazilian whips, etc.

Breaches in coral reefs.

Breakwater of seaweed.

Brewster, Sir D., on a calcareous deposit.

Bridge of hide. of Incas.

Buckland, Dr., on fossils.

Buenos Ayres. trading at. evening camp. bullock-waggons.

Buffon on American Animals.

Bug of Pampas.

Buildings, Indian.

Bulimus on desert places.

Burchell, Mr., on food of quadrupeds. on ostrich-eggs. on
perforated stones.

Butterflies, flocks of.

Butterfly producing clicking sound.

Button, Jemmy.

Byron's account of fox of Falklands. on an Indian killing his

Cabbage palm.



Cactus, Cereus Peruviana.

Calasoma on wing out at sea.

Calcareous casts of branches and roots of trees at King George's
Sound. incrustations on rocks of Ascension.



Calomys bizcacha.


Camelidae, fossil animal allied to.

Cancer salinus.

Canis antarcticus. fulvipes.

Cape Horn. False Horn. of Good Hope.

Capybara, or carpincho. fossil allied to.

Caracara, or Carrancha.

Cardoon, beds of.


Carmichael, Captain.




Castro, Chiloe. old church at.




Cats run wild. good to eat. scratch trees. cruelty to mice.

Cattle, effects of their grazing on the vegetation. killed by great
droughts. know each other. curious breed of. waste of. wild at the
Falkland Islands.


Cauquenes, hot springs of.

Causes of extinction of species among mammalia. of discoloured sea.

Cavia Patagonica.

Cawa-Cawa, New Zealand.


Cervus campestris.

Ceryle Americana.

Chacao, Chiloe.

Chagos atolls.

Chalk-like mud.

Chamisso on drifted seeds and trees. on coral reefs.

Changes in vegetation of Pampas. in vegetation of St. Helena.

Charles Island.

Chatham Island.

Cheese, salt required for.


Chile. features of country.


Chilian miner. spurs, stirrup, etc. vegetation.

Chiloe. old church at castro. forests of, and climate. inhabitants
of. roads of. Gunnera scabra.

Chionis alba.

Cholechel, conflict at.

Chonos Archipelago. climate of. zoology of. ornithology of.

Chupat, Rio.


Cicada homoptera.


Clearness of atmosphere within Andes, in Chile.

Climate of Tierra del Fuego and Falkland Islands. Antarctic
Islands. change of, in Chile. Galapagos.

Clouds of vapour after rain. on Corcovado. hanging low. at sea.

Coloeoptera in Tropics. out at sea. of St. Julian.

Colias edusa, flocks of.

Colnett, Captain, on spawn in sea. on a marine lizard. on transport
of seeds.

Colonia del Sacramiento.

Colorado, Rio.

Compound animals.

Concepcion, Chile.


Condor, habits of. (Sarcorhamphus gryphus.)

Confervae, pelagic.

Conglomerate on the Ventana. in Cordillera.


Convicts of Mauritius. condition, in New South Wales.

Cook, Captain, on kelp.

Copiapo, river and valley of. town of.


Coral formations. stinging species of. reefs, sections of. dead.



Corcovado, clouds on. volcano.

Cordillera, appearance of. different productions on east and west
side. passage of. structure of valleys. rivers of. geology of.
valley of Copiapo. mountains.

Cormorant catching fish.

Corral, where animals are slaughtered at Buenos Ayres.

Corrientes, Cape.

Corrobery, or native Australian dance.


Coseguina, eruption of.

Countries, unhealthy.

Couthouy, Mr., on coral-reefs.


Crabs, hermit species of. at St. Paul's. at Keeling Island.

Craters, number of, at the Galapagos Archipelago. of Elevation.


Cruelty to animals.

Crustacea, pelagic.

Ctenomys Brasiliensis. fossil species of.

Cucao, Chiloe.

Cuckoo-like habits of Molothrus.

Cudico, mission at.

Cuentas, Sierra de.


Cumbre of Cordillera.

Cuming, Mr., on shells.

Cuttlefish, habits of.

Cuvier on Diodon.

Cynara cardunculus.

Cyttaria Darwinii.

Dacelo Iagoensis.

Dasypus, three species of.


Degradation of tertiary formations.




Despoblado, valley of.

Dieffenbach, Dr. E. on Auckland Island.

Diodon, habits of.

Discoloured sea.

Diseases from miasma.

Distribution of mammalia in America. of animals on opposite sides
of Cordillera. of frogs. of Fauna of Galapagos.

Dobrizhoffer on ostriches. on a hail-storm.

Docks, imported.

Dogs, shepherd.

Dolichonyx oryzivorus.

D'Orbigny, Travels in South America.

Doris, eggs of.

Dormidor, or horse-tamer.

Doubleday, Mr., on a noise made by a butterfly.

Drigg, lightning tubes at.

Droughts, great, in Pampas.

Dryness of St. Jago. of winds in Tierra del Fuego. of air in


Dung-feeding beetles.

Dust, falling from atmosphere.

Earthenware, fossil.

Earthquake, accompanied by an elevation of the coast. accompanied
by rain. at Callao. at Concepcion. at Coquimbo. at Keeling and
Vanikoro, and Society Islands. at Valdivia. causes of. effect of,
on springs. on bottom of sea. effects of, on rocks. effects of, on
sea. effects of, on a river-bed. line of vibration of. on
south-west coast. tossing fragments from the ground. twisting
movement of.

Eggs of Doris.

Ehrenberg, Professor, on Atlantic dust. on infusoria in Pampas. in
the open sea. in Patagonia. in Fuegian paint. in coral mud. in tuff
at Ascension. on phosphorescence of the sea. on noises from a hill.

Eimeo, island of. barrier-reef.

Elater, springing powers of.

Electricity of atmosphere within Andes.

Elephant, weight of.

Elevated shells.

Elevation of coasts of Chile. Bahia Blanca. Pampas. Patagonia.
mountain-chains. Cordillera. Peru. within human period.

Entomology of the Galapagos Archipelago. Brazil. Patagonia. Tierra
del Fuego. Keeling Island. St. Helena.

Entre Rios, geology of.

Epeira, habits of.

Erratic blocks, how transported. absent in intertropical countries.
on plains of Santa Cruz. of Tierra del Fuego.

Estancia, value of.

Extermination of species and races.

Extinction of shells at St. Helena. of species, causes of. of man
in New South Wales.

Eyes of tucutuco and mole.

Eyre Sound.

Falconer, Dr., on the Sivatherium. on the Indians. on rivers in
Pampas. on natural enclosures.

Falkland Islands. absence of trees at. carrion-hawks of. wild
cattle and horses of. fox of. climate of. peat of. tame birds at.

Fat, quantity eaten.

Fatahua fall.

Fear an acquired instinct.

Februa Hoffmanseggi, butterfly.

Fennel run wild.

Ferguson, Dr., on miasma.

Fernando Noronha.

Ferns, tree.

Fields of dead coral.

Fire, art of making.


Fish emitting harsh sound. of Galapagos. eating coral.



Floods after droughts. clear after snow.

Flora of the Galapagos. of Keeling Island. of St. Helena.


Forests, absence of, in La Plata. of Tierra del Fuego. of Chiloe.
of Valdivia. of New Zealand. of Australia.

Fossil Mammalia. earthenware.

Fox of the Falkland Islands. of Chiloe.


Friendly Archipelago.

Fringing reefs.

Frogs, noises of. bladders of. and toads, not found on oceanic

Frozen soil.

Fruit-trees, southern limit of.

Fucus giganteus.

Fuegians. wigwams. basket and bone weapons.


Fungus, edible.


Galapagos Archipelago. natural history of. marked relationship with
America. zoology of. finches from.

Gale of wind.

Gallegos river, fossil bones at.


Gauchos. character of. live on meat. surcingle of.

Gavia mountain.

Gay, M., on floating islands. on shells in brackish water.

Geese at the Falkland Islands.

Geographical distribution of American animals. of frogs. of fauna
of Galapagos.

Geology of Cordillera. of St. Jago. of St. Paul. of Brazil. of
Bahia Blanca. of Pampas. of Patagonia.

Georgia, climate of.


Gill, Mr., on an upheaved river-bed.

Gillies, Dr., on the Cordillera.

Glaciers in Tierra del Fuego. in latitude 46 degrees 40'. in


Goats destructive to vegetation at St. Helena. bones of.

Goeree Roads.



Good Success Bay.

Gossamer spider.

Gould, Mr., on the Calodera. on birds of Galapagos.

Granite mountains, Tres Montes. of Cordillera.


Gravel, how far transported. of Patagonia.

Graves of Indians.

Greenstone, fragments of.

Gregory, Cape.

Gryllus migratorius.

Guanaco, habits of. fossil allied genus.

Guantajaya, mines of.

Guardia del Monte.


Guasos of Chile.

Guava imported into Tahiti.



Gunnera scabra.

Gypsum, great beds of. in salt-lake. in Patagonian tertiary beds.
at Iquique with salt. at Lima with shells.

Hachette, M., on lightning-tubes.

Hacienda, condor, and cactus.


Hall, Captain Basil, on terraces of Coquimbo.

Hare, Varying.

Head, Captain, on thistle-beds.

Height of snow-line on Cordillera.

Henslow, Professor, on potatoes. on plants of Keeling Island.

Hermit crabs.

Hide bridge.

Hill emitting a noise.


Hippah, New Zealand.

Hobart Town and Mount Wellington.

Hogoleu barrier-reef.

Holes made by a bird.

Holman on drifted seeds.

Holothuriae feeding on coral.

Homeward bound.

Hooker, Sir J., on the Cardoon. Dr. J.D., on the kelp. on
Galapageian plants.

Horn, Cape.

Horner, Mr., on a calcareous deposit.

Horse, swimming powers of.

Horse, wild at the Falkland Islands. fossil of extinct species of.


Horsemanship of the Gauchos.

Horses difficult to drive. drop excrement on paths. killed by great
droughts. multiplication of. broken in.

Hot springs of Cauquenes.


Humboldt on burnished rocks. on the atmosphere in tropics. on
frozen soil. on hybernation. on potatoes. on earthquakes and rain.
on miasma.

Humming-birds of Rio De Janeiro. of Chiloe.


Hybernation of animals.

Hydrochaerus capybara.




Ibis melanops.

Ice, prismatic structure of.


Incas' bridge.

Incrustations on coast rocks.

Indian fossil remains.

Indians, attacks of. antiquarian relics of. Araucanian. of the
Pampas. decrease in numbers of. grave of. Patagonian. perforated
stones used by. Valdivian. powers of tracking. ruins of houses of.


Infusoria in dust in the Atlantic. in the sea. in the Pampas. in
Patagonia. in white paint. in coral mud. at Ascension.

Insects first colonists of St. Paul's rocks. blown out to sea. of
Patagonia. of Tierra del Fuego. of Galapagos. of Keeling Island. of
St. Helena.

Instincts of birds.

Iodine with salt at Iquique.


Iron, oxide of, on rocks.

Irregular troops.

Islands, oceanic, volcanic. Antarctic. floating. Low.

Jackson, Colonel, on frozen snow.

Jaguar, habits of.

Jajuel, mines of.

James Island.

Jemmy Button.

Juan Fernandez, volcano of. flora of.


Kater's Peak.

Kauri pine.

Keeling Island. inside an atoll. flora of. birds of. entomology of.
subsidence of. Birgos latro.

Kelp, or seaweed.

Kendall, Lieutenant, on a frozen body.


King George's Sound.


Labourers, condition of, in Chile.



Lake, brackish, near Rio. with floating islands. formed during

Lamarck on acquired blindness.


Lancaster, Captain, on a sea-tree.


Las Minas.


Leaves. fossil.

Leeks in New Zealand, imported.

Lemuy Island.

Lepus Magellanicus.

Lesson, M., on the scissor-beak. on rabbit of the Falklands.

Lichen on loose sand.

Lichtenstein on ostriches.

Lightning storms. tubes.

Lima. and San Lorenzo. elevation of a river near.

Lime, changed by lava into crystalline rock.

Limnaea in brackish water.


Lizard. marine species of.

Lizards, transport of.

Llama or guanaco, habits of.


Longevity of species in Mollusca.

Lorenzo, San, island of.

Low Archipelago.

Luciano, story of.

Lumb, Mr.

Lund, M., on antiquity of man.

Lund and Clausen on fossils of Brazil.


Luxuriant vegetation not necessary to support large animals.


Lyell, Mr., on terraces of Coquimbo. on longevity of Mollusca. on
change in vegetation. on fossil horses' teeth. on flocks of
butterflies. on extinct mammals and ice-period. on stones twisted
by earthquakes. on frozen snow. on distribution of animals. on
subsidence in the Pacific.

MacCulloch on infection.

Macquarie river.



Madrina, or godmother of a troop of mules.

Magdalen channel.

Magellan, flora of. H.M.S. "Beagle" in Straits of. Straits of. Port
Famine. kelp of.


Malcolmson, Dr., on hail.

Maldiva atolls.


Mammalia, fossil.

Man, antiquity of. body frozen. fossil remains of. fear of, an
acquired instinct. extinction of races.


Mandioca or cassava.

Mare's flesh eaten by troops.

Mares killed for their hides.


Mate pots and Bambillio.

Matter, granular, movements in.


Maypu river.



Mendoza. climate of.

Mercedes on the Rio Negro.

Mexico, elevation of.


Mice inhabit sterile places. number of, in America. how
transported. different on opposite sides of Andes. of the
Galapagos. of Ascension.


Mills for grinding ores.



Miners, condition of.

Mines. how discovered.

Miranda, Commandant.

Missionaries at New Zealand.

Mitchell, Sir T., on valleys of Australia.


Molina omits description of certain birds.

Molothrus, habits of.

Monkeys with prehensile tails.

Monte Video.

Moresby, Captain, on a great crab. on coral-reefs.

Mount Sarmiento. Tarn. Victoria.

Mountains, elevation of.

Movements in granular matter.

Mud, chalk-like. disturbed by earthquake.


Muniz, Signor, on niata cattle.

Murray, Mr., on spiders.


Myopotamus Coypus.

Narborough Island.

Negress with goitre.

Negro, Rio. lieutenant.

Nepean river.

New Caledonia, reef of.

New Zealand.

Niata cattle.

Noises from a hill.

Noses, ceremony of pressing.


Notopod, crustacean.

Nulliporae, incrustations like. protecting reefs.

Octopus, habits of.

Oily coating on sea.



Opuntia. Darwinii. Galapageia.

Orange-trees self-sown.

Ores, gold.

Ornithology of Galapagos.


Osorno, volcano of.

Ostrich, habits of.

Ostrich's eggs.



Ova in sea.


Owen, Captain, on a drought in Africa. Professor, on the Capybara.
fossil quadrupeds. nostrils of the Gallinazo.

Owl of Pampas. of Galapagos Islands.


Oysters, gigantic.

Paint, white.

Pallas on Siberia.

Palm-trees in La Plata. south limit of. in Chile.

Palms absent at Galapagos.

Pampas, halt at a pulperia on the. number of embedded remains in.
southern limit of. changes in. giant thistle of. not quite level.
geology of. view of, from the Andes.

Pan de Azucar.

Papilio feronia.

Parana, Rio. River. islands in.

Parish, sir W., on the great drought.

Park, Mungo, on eating salt.



Pas, fortresss of New Zealand.

Passes in Cordillera.

Pasture altered from grazing of cattle.


Patagonia, geology of. birds of. zoology of. raised beaches.

Patagonian bolas, etc.

Patagonians, Cape Gregory.

Paypote ravine.

Peach-trees self-sown.

Peat, formation of.

Pebbles perforated. transported in roots of trees.

Pelagic animals in southern ocean.

Penas, glacier in Gulf of.

Penguin, habits of.

Pepsis, habits of.

Pernambuco, reef of.

Pernety on hill of ruins. on tame birds.

Peru. dry valleys of.

Peruvian pottery.

Petrels, habits of.

Peuquenes, pass of.

Phonolite at Fernando Noronha.

Phosphorescence of the sea. of land insects and sea animals. of a


Pine of New Zealand.

Plains at foot of Andes in Chile. almost horizontal near St. Fe.

Planariae, terrestrial species of.

Plants of the Galapagos. of Keeling island. of St. Helena.

Plants, fossil, in Australia.

Plata, River. thunderstorms of.

Plover, long-legged.

Polished rocks, Brazil.

Polyborus chimango. Braziliensis. Novae Zelandiae.

Ponsonby Sound.


Port Desire. river of. St. Julian. Famine. Jackson.

Portillo Pass.

Porto Praya.

Potato, wild.

Potrero Seco.

Prairies, vegetation of.

Prevost, M., on cuckoos.

Priestley, Dr., on lightning-tubes.

Prisoner, bringing in a.

Procellaria gigantea, habits of.


Proteus, blindness of.

Protococcus nivalis.

Pteroptochos, two species of. species of.

Puenta del Inca.

Puffinuria Berardii.

Puffinus cinereus.

Puma, habits of. flesh of.

Puna, or short respiration.

Punta Alta, Bahia Blanca. Gorda. Huantamo.

Pyrophorus luminosus.

Quadrupeds, fossil. large, do not require luxuriant vegetation.
weight of.

Quartz of the Ventana. of Tapalguen. of Falkland Island.


Quellaypo volcano.


Quillota, valley of.

Quinchao Island.


Quiriquina Island.

Quoy and Gaimard on stinging corals. on coral-reefs.

Rabbit, wild, at the Falkland Islands.

Rain at Coquimbo. at Rio. effects on vegetation. and earthquakes.
in Chile, formerly more abundant. in Peru.

Rana Mascariensis.

Rat, only aboriginal animal of New Zealand.

Rats at Galapagos. at Keeling Island. at Ascension.

Rattlesnake, species with allied habit.

Red snow.


Reef at Pernambuco of sandstone.

Reefs of coral. barrier. fringing.

Reeks, Mr., analysis of salt. bones. salt and shells.

Remains, human, elevated.

Remedies of the Gauchos.

Rengger on the horse.

Reptiles absent in Tierra del Fuego. at Galapagos.

Respiration difficult in Andes.


Revolutions at Buenos Ayres.

Rhea Darwinii (Avestruz Petise).

Rhinoceroses live in desert countries. frozen.

Rhynchops nigra.

Richardson, Dr., on mice of North America. on frozen soil. on
eating fat. on geographical distribution. on polished rocks.

Rimsky atoll.

Rio de Janeiro. Botofogo Bay. Plata. Negro. Colorado. Sauce.
Salado. S. Cruz.

River-bed, arched.

River-courses dry in America.

Rivers, power of, in wearing channels.

Rocks burnished with ferruginous matter.

Rodents, number of, in America. fossil species of.

Rolor, General.

Rosas, General.


Ruins of Callao. of Indian buildings in Cordillera.

Salado, Rio.

Saladillo river.

Salinas at the Galapagos Archipelago. in Patagonia.

Saline efflorescences.

Salt with vegetable food. superficial crust of. with elevated


San Carlos. Nicolas. Felipe. Pedro. Pedro, forests of. Lorenzo


Sand, hot from sun's rays, at Galapagos Archipelago. noise from
friction of.

Sandstone of New South Wales. reef of.

Sandwich Archipelago, no frogs at. Land.

Santa Cruz, river of.

Santiago, Chile.

Sarmiento, Mount.

Sauce, Rio.

Saurophagus sulphureus.

Scarus eating corals.


Scenery of Andes.

Scissor-beak, habits of.


Scoresby, Mr., on effects of snow on rocks.

Scorpions, cannibals.

Scrope, Mr., on earthquakes.


Sea, open, inhabitants of. phosphorescence of. explosions in.

Sea-pen, habits of.

Seals, number of.

Seaweed, growth of.

Seeds transported by sea.


Sertularia, protecting reef.

Shark killed by Diodon.

Shaw, Dr., on lion's flesh.

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