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be made good by a reference here to outstanding items, but they are
in any event of less consequence than might have been expeeted, since
legajos 104-6-18 and 19 are predominantly Alta Californian, and there-
fore most of the documents in them were catalogued, while legajos
104-6-21 and 23 are of little value, and 104-6-20 and 22 are less
strikingly important than the first seven legajos of the set.

Legajo No. of Items Legajo No. of Items

104-6-13 220 104-6-20 70

104-6-14 392 104-6-21 37

104-6-15 286 104-6-22 181

104-6-16 340 104-6-23 27

104-6-17 421

104-6-18 244 Total 2,327

104-6-19 109

Much of the materials in the unentered expedientes has already been
indicated in the general description of the contents of the set. The
following are some of the more noteworthy expedientes that were not
catalogued : a considerable expediente about the visit of Governor Anza
of New Mexico to the land of the Moquis, whom he found in a state of
great misery (legajo 104-6-19) ; an expediente of about a thousand pages
concerning the removal of Captain Rafael Martinez Pacheco from the
command at Babia, Coahuila (legajo 104-6-20) ; an expediente contain-
ing the reviews of Texas presidios in 1782 (legajo 104-6-20) ; and two
expedientes, composing half a legajo concerning the militia of Parras
(legajo 1 04-6-2 1). 26 NPC

59. Legajo 104-6-24. Espedientes sobre instalacion, Trastacion
[Traslacion] y Reglamento de Presidios Ynternos. Anos 1779 a 1782.
The twenty-one items of this valuable legajo were all entered. While
most of the documents appear in other legajos, the general idea con-
veyed in the above title is nowhere so well represented as here. All
the documents are for the years 1779 and 1780, except the printed in-
structions of 1771 and 1772 for a line of frontier presidios and a Gdlvez
letter of 1782. Worthy of special note is a bulky summary (noted in
the Catalogue at item number 4,082, paragraph three) covering not
only Croix's letters catalogued as 4,082, 4,149, and 4,150, which are in
the legajo, but also his letters numbered 396 and 450 (both absent and

26 Many copies have since been procured for the Bancroft Library.


not catalogued) and another, which is in a different legajo, entered as
4,151. NPC

60. Legajo 104-7-6. Espedientes del Comer do de San Bias de Cali-
fornia con Panama. Anos 1789 a 1818. The whole legajo forms a
single expediente, which is subdivided into twenty-three subordinate
expedientes. The principal idea involved is that of the continual com-
plaints of the merchants of Vera Cruz against the grant to Panamd of a
right to trade freely with neighboring colonies, and, among other
places, with the port of San Bias. Only those expedientes bearing upon
the commerce of San Bias were entered, but that port is dealt with in
all of them, except part one of number 2, and numbers 14 to 16, 18
to 21, and 23. The number of items entered was 104. The uncata-
logued expedientes treat of the following matters : the commercial rela-
tions of Vera Cruz with Havana, Tampico, and Campeche; the com-
plaints of the casa de moneda of Mexico, because silver was not being
brought there for coining; and appointments to the new customs house
at Tampico, and the regulations concerning it. Much of this type of
material appears also in some of the entered items of the expedientes
catalogued. Most of the documents are for the period of the Spanish
American revolutions, which, in the case of San Bias, made communi-
cation with Panama 1 a necessity, since it was not possible with
Vera Cruz. NPC

61. Legajo 104-7-8. Eclesiastico. Consultas, Decretos y Provi-
siones eclesiasticas. Anos 1797 a 1807. This is the middle of three
legajos so entitled, the inclusive dates of the set being 1700 to 1821.
The dates of this legajo are not accurate, as there are a number of
expedientes for the years preceding 1797, especially from 1786 to 1796.
Most of the documents concern ecclesiastical appointments, such as
to the office of canon, dean, or treasurer of a cathedral, but there are
many that are more general in character, all dealing with the secular
branch of the clergy, except where the regulars were serving as priests
and were subject, in a measure, to a bishop. None of the documents
bear specifically on regions now within the United States, and no en-
tries, therefore, were made, but much of the material came near to a
right of entry. The following of this type may be noted: an expedi-
ente of about three hundred pages concerning the erection of the bishop-
ric of Nuevo Leon, involving also the province of Nuevo Santander, with
documents for the years 1774 to 1797; and several expedientes on the
question whether soldiers of the Provincias Internas ought to pay
tithes. NPC


62. Legajo 104-7-33. Eclesiastico. Espedte. sobre erection del obis-
pado de Sonora y su establetimiento. Anos 1776 d 1787. This legajo
bears the marks of usage, though not of copying, in that it is in utter
disorder. Originally, the documents formed a single expediente and
they have been brought together in cataloguing, though not as they
must once have been filed. They deal, not only with the erection of
the bishopric of Sonora, but also with the establishment of the custodias
of San Gabriel (Alta California), Sonora, Nueva Vizcaya, and New
Mexico. The plans for these institutions take up most of the legajo,
while the later material deals almost wholly with Sonora and its north-
ernmost district, Pimeria Alta. By far the greater number of the docu-
ments serve to illustrate the machinery involved in the execution of
these projects, from their proposal by Antonio de los Reyes, the later
bishop, to their authorization by the pope and enactment into law.
The Reyes plan (3,317), the Revilla Gigedo history of the custodias
(5,436), and the Barbastro statistical account of the custodia of San
Carlos, or Sonora (5,493), are perhaps the principal items of the legajo.
All but a few of the documents were entered, yielding 117 items. NPC

63. Legajo 105-1-24. Eclesiastico. Erection y Estatuto para los
Misioneros en las Provincias Ynternas. Anos 1774- This covers the
same subject-matter as legajo 104-7-33, part of the material of which
it duplicates, but it is almost wholly concerned with the erection of the
four custodias. The documents of legajos 104-7-33 seem to have been
the file of the ministro general, while those of legajo 105-1-24 were prob-
ably that of the Council of the Indies. This legajo is in good order,
and omits many of the purely routine documents that appear in
legajo 104-7-33. It is wrongly dated, for there are materials of other
years than 1774; in fact, perhaps the greater part of the legajo is for
1779 to 1782. While most of the legajo is an outgrowth of the Reyes
plans for custodias, there is one expediente for 1796 and 1797, about
Indian affairs in Nueva Vizcaya, that is somewhat remote from the
principal idea of the legajo. This expediente was not entered, leaving a
total of sixty items that were catalogued. NPC

64. Legajo 105-1-25. Eclesiastico. Espedientes de Misiones. Anos
1768 d 1819. The dates given are misleading, since the legajo is almost
wholly for the years 1788 to 1810. It contains much useful material
for the two Calif ornias, to which more than half of the legajo is devoted,
in fairly equal amounts for each of the two provinces. Fourteen expe-
dientes, containing seventy-eight items, were entered. The following
are some of the matters taken up : an expediente of over three hundred


pages, dated 1768 to 1797, about the grant of missions in Baja California
to the Dominicans; various expedientes about the sending of Dominican
missionaries from Spain, involving the question how much the govern-
ment should allow them for expenses; two expedientes, 1788 to 1792,
about the mutual complaints of the governor and the president of the
missions in Alta California; and an expediente of 1789, concerning the
steps taken for founding new missions in the two Californias. NPC


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Online LibraryCharles E. (Charles Edward) ChapmanA description of certain Legajos in the Archivo General de Indias → online text (page 5 of 5)