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The playgoers' year-book, for 1888. Story of the stage the past year with especial reference to Boston .. online

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Online LibraryCharles E. L. (Charles Edgar Lewis) WingateThe playgoers' year-book, for 1888. Story of the stage the past year with especial reference to Boston .. → online text (page 8 of 8)
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Martha, Jan. 10 - 15, B; Jan. 1-3,

Feb. 5, B; Feb. 14 - 19, B.
Mary Stuart, Jan. 10— i^, H.
Mascot, The, Oct. 17 - 22', G.
Masks and Faces, Api. 11-16, M;

Apr. 18-23, H.
Mason, J. B., in Alain Line, Jan.

17, G.
Mather, Margaret, in Lotidon As-
surance, Lady of Lyons, Leah,

Romeo and Juliet, As 7'ou Like

It, Honeymoon, Macbeth, Feb.

21-26, B; R. dr y., Honeymoon,

Leah, Macbeth, L. of L'ns., Apr.

4-9' B.
Meg Merrilies, Apr. 25, P.
Merchant of Venice • Dec. 19-24, B.
Meredith, Harry, in Ranch jo, June

20, B.
Mighty Dollar, Apr. 4-9, P.
Mikado, The, May 2T„ G.
Modjeska, Mme., in As I'ou Like

It, Daniela, Frou Frou, Mary

Stuart, Twelfth jVight, Camille,

Adrienne, Jan. 3-22, H.
Monte Crista, Sep. 12, G.
Moore, Laura, in Galatea, Jan. 3-

8, B.
Morris, Clara, in Article 77, Alixe,

Oct. 24, P.
Moths, Jan. 10—15, P-
Much Ado about Nothing, Jan. 24 -

29, G; Apr. ii~i6, P.
Mulcaheys Big Party, Aug. 22, B.
Murphy, J. S., in Kerry Goxv,

Shaun Rhue, Mar. 14-19, G.
My Brother's Sister. Dec. 26, H.
Mv Milliners Bill, Mar. 7-12, P;

"Dec. 12, P.

National Opera, Jan. 3—15, B; Feb.
14-19, B.

Octoroon, The, Apr. i8, B.
Old Homestead, Dec. 26, B.
Oliver T-Mist, Apr. ii~i6, P; Apr.

18-23, M; Oct. 15 M.
O'Neil, James, in Monte Cristo,

Sep. 12. G.

Full Record of the Year.


On the Rio (irande, May 9, B.
Orpheus and Eurydice, Jan. 3— 8, B.
Othello, Dec. 19 - 24, B.
Our Goz'ernor, Apr. 4—9, P.
Over the Garden Wall, Feb. 7, G.

Pair of Kids, Aug. 29, G.

Palmer, A. M., May 2, P; Sep. 5, P.

Palmer, Minnie, in My Brother's
Sister, Dec. 26, H.

Panto7nimc Rehearsal, Mar. 7"'^-!
P; Dec. 12, P.

Parisian Romance, Apr. 25, M.

Parlor Match. Dec. 26, P.'

Passing Shado-vs, Apr. 11, B.

Patience, Jan 10—15, G.

Patti, Adelina, in Semiraniide,
Apr. 28, B ; Traviata, Apr. 30,

Pawn Ticket No, 210, Nov. 14, P.

Philopene, Oct. 17, P.

Phryne, Oct. 17, H.

Pinafore, Maj' 2, B-

Pitt.'lL M., in 5^/w. ///r Penman,
May 2, P.

Pi.xley, Annie, in Deacon's Daugh-
ter, Oct. 3, P.

Ponisi, Mme. in Dominie's Daugh-
ter, Aug. 29, M.

Price, Mark, in On the Rio Grande,
May 9, B.

Prince Karl, Mar. 28, P.

Princess Ida, Jan. 3—8, G.

Private Secretary, Feb. 21, P.

Putnam, Bovd, in Dr. Jckyll, May
9. M.

Pygmalion and Galatea, Feb. 28—
'Mar. 5, B.

Queen's Favorite, Mar. 14—19. P.

Rag Baby, Mar. 21, P.

Rankin, Mrs. McKee, in Golden

Giant., Dec. 5, H.
Ranch lo, June 20, B.
Ratcatcher. The, ^L■^r. 21, B.
Red Lamp, Sep. 19, M.
Redmund. Wm., in Rene, Sep. 5, G.
Reed, Chas., in Ruddvgore, Apr. 4,

Reed, Roland, in Cheek, Aug. 22,

Rehan, Ada, in Love in Harness,

May i6, M ; Taming of the

Shre-w, May 23, M.

Rene, Sep. 5, G.

Riddle. Geo";, in The Earl, Apr. 11,

Rienzi, Jan. 17, B.
Rip Van Winkle, Nov. 7, G.
Rivals, The, Mar. 21 - 26, M.
Roach, J. C, in Dan Darcy, Nov.

28, A.
Robinson, Frederick, in yim, the

Penman, May 2, P.
Romance of a I'oung Wife, Oct.

17. H.
Romeo and fuliet, Jan. 24—29, G;

Feb. 21 - 26, B; Apr. 4 - 9. B.
Ruddygore, Apr. 4, G.
Run of Luck, Sep. 12, B.
Ryan,' Kate, in Dr. Jekyll, May 9,


Salsbury Troubadours, Jan. 24, P.
Salvini, Alex., in Jim, the Penman,

May 2, P.
School for Scandal, Apr. 11— 16, P:

Apr. "18-23, H.
Schoolmistress, The, Feb. 28, P.
Scrap of Paper, Apr, 18-23, M.
Semiraniide, Apr. 28, B.
Serment d' Amour. Oct. 17—22, G.
Seymour, Wm., in Sophia, Oct. 17.

Shaughraun, The, Oct. 27, H.
Shaun Rhue, Mar. 14-19, G.
Sheridan, Emma, in Dr. Jekyll,

May 9, M.
She Stoops to Conquer. Apr. 11 — 16-

Simpsoti d- Co., Apr. 18—23, M:

Oct. 15, M.
Snake Charmer, Oct. 17—24, G.
Soggarth, The, Dec 19, ^L
Soldene, Emily, in Lorraine, Feb.

14, \j.
Solon Shingle. Mar. 7, M.
Sophia, Oct. 17, M.
Sothern, E. H., in Highest Bidder.

Nov. 21, H.
Stevens, J. A., in Passing SAado-vs.

Apr. II, B.
Streets of iVe-u' I'ork, ]une 1;^. B.
Sweethearts, Jan. 10-15. P; Apr.

11-16, M.
Sylvia. Jan. 3-8. B.

Taming of the Shrew, May it,. iSL
Tangled Lives, Feb. 28, B."


The Playgoers' Year-Book.

Tanner, Cora, in Alone in London,
Mar. 7, B.

Theodora, Apr. 4—9, H.

Thompson, Denman, in Old Home-
stead, Dec. 26, B.

Thorne, Grace, in Run of Luck,
Sep. 12, B.

Thorndjke, Louise, in Phryne,
Oct. 17, H.

Traviata, Apr. 30, B.

Triple Alliance, Mar. 14 - 19, P.

T-welfth Night, Jan. 10—15, H.

Under the Gaslight, June 6, B.
Upside Down, Nov. 14, H.

Vacation, Apr. 25, H.

Vanderfelt, E. H., in Antoinette
Rigaud, Mar. 7, M.

Vernon, W. H., in Queen's Fav-
orite, Mar. 14—19, P.

Verre d' Eau, Mar. 14—19, P.

Victor, Jan. 31— Feb. 5, B.

Vincent, Mrs. J. R., in Dominie's
Daughter, Aug. 29, M ; death,
Sep. 4.

Virginius, June 24, G ; Nov. 28—
Dec. 3, H.

Vokes, Rosina, at P., in The
Schoolmistress, Feb. 28 ; In
Honor Bound, Mar. 7—12; My
Milliner's Bill, Mar. 7—12, Dec.
12 ; A Double Lesson, Mar. 7—12 ;
Dec. 5; Pantomime Rehearsal,
Mar. 7—12; Dec. 12; Game of
Cards, Mar. 7-12; Which is
Which, Dec. 5 ; Circus Rider,
Dec. 5 ; Cousin Zachary, Dec. 12 ;
Widow's Device, Dec. 21, P.

Wainwright, Marie, in Virginus,
Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado,
Jan. 24-29, G.

Walsh, Flora, in Hole in the
Ground, Oct. 31, P.

Ward, Genevieve, in Queen's Fav-
orite, Forget-Me-Not, Mar. 14—
19, P.

Warde Fred., in Virginius, Damon
and Pythias, Gaston Cadol,
Galba, Nov. 28, H.

Which is Which, Dec. 5, P.

Widozv's Device, Dec. 21, P.

Wilson, Geo. W., in Sophia, Oct.
17, M.

World, The, Maj 30, B.


Bijou. — 72.

Boston.— 8, II, 13, 15, 20, 22, 24, 25, 38, 45, 48, 52, 53, 69.

Globe.— 9, 14, 19, 23, 33, 48, 52, 61, 72.

Hollis St.— 9, 12, 20, 32, 35, 36, 61, 63, 65, 66, 68, 70, 72.

Howard. — 72.

Museum.— 5, 9, 25, 27, 43, 46, 48, 55, 58, 65, 67, 71.

Park— 9, 10, 19, 22, 24, 29, 31, 36, 38, 39, 40, 47, 62, 69.

Biography. 87


Minnie Palmer's Unique Record.

The bright little actress who closed the year at the Hollis Street
Theatre is a thorough American at heart, but yet cosmopolitan in
reputation. She is one of the few who have won plaudits among all
the English speaking people of the globe, and her return to Boston
after a three years' absence therefore warrants especial mention.
Born in Philadelphia, March 31, 1865, Minnie Palmer received
her early education at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Manhatten-
ville, N. Y. But with her studies she indulged in the pleasures of
private theatricals and the applause that admiring friends bestowed
upon her amateur efforts led her to seek a professional opening.
Her debut was made in a juvenile part at the Park Theatre, Brook-
lyn, in 1876, and there her success was so marked as to lead her
parents to prepare her for future advance by completing her edu-
cation in Vienna. To this study and practice on the Continent is
due her proficiency in the German language, as well as in singing and
dancing, which leads her to anticipate a future starring tour in the
land of the Teutons. But while abroad. Miss Palmer received a
cablegram offering her the part of Dorothy in Daniel Druce, at Booth's
Theatre, New York, and this she accepted. Succeeding that came
an engagement under Henry E. Abbey's management at the Park
In the latter playhouse she appeared in Engaged, Cricket on the
Hearth, Champagne and Oysters^ etc., following those plays with a
special engagement, under the management of David Bidwell in New
Orleans, as Louise in The T700 Orphans. This last character was
widely different from any she had hitherto assumed, but she made
an instant hit. Then came her starring seasons in Minnie Palmer's
Boarding School, and following that in My Sweetheart. Her
recent tour of Great Britain and Australia is well known, while her
later vivacious impersonations of the leading characters in The
Schoolmistress, Pert, Little Treasure, Ring and Keeper, and My
Brother's Sister have received warm praise. Miss Palmer's success
has been not only profes.sional but also social, the little lady winning
abroad the friendships of the best people and in America gaining the
distinction of being the only actress privately received at the White
House by Mrs. Cleveland.

The Playgoers' Year-Book.


Is universally indorsed by eminent
Physicians as the most SCI-
CORSET known.

Patented January 6, 1874.

No. 1 represents a high-necked gar.
nient. No. 2 a low-necked one which
admits of being high in the back, and
low front. No. 3 is to illustrate our
mode of adjusting the "Flynt Hose
Support" each side of the hip, also the
most correct way to apply the waist-
binds for the drawers, under and out-
side petticoats and dress skirt. No.
4 shows tlie Flynt Extension and
Nursing Waist, appreciated by moth-
ers. No. 5, the Misses',; Waist, with
Hose Supports attached. No. 6, how
\\L dress very little people. No. 7,
illustrates how the -warp threads of
the fabric cross at right angles in the
bad thereby insuring in every waist


Sfg' Our "Manual," containing 46
p lyes of reading matter, relating to
the subject of Hygienic Modes of Un-
der-dressing; sent free to any physi-
cian or lady, on application to




The Pi.avc.oers' Year-Book.


Should be in every Public and Private Library.







5 Volumes, 1 2nio., Extra Cloth, Gilt Top, Price per vol., $1.50.

Vol. I. — Garrick and His Contemporaries.

Vol. II. — The Kembles and their Contemporaries.

Vol. III. — Kean, Booth, and their Contemporaries.

Vol. IV. — Macready, Forrest, and their Contemporaries.
Vol. V. — Actors and Actresses of the Present Time.

In this series of volumes the P^ditors give a biographicnl sketch of the
artists considered, as well as a critical estimate of their powers, and sup-
plement each article with extracts culled from various sources, relating to
the subject of the sketch. This plan, as will be seen, is at once novel and
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TiiT': Tlavcoers' Year-Book.




In three volumes, i2mo, each $1.75; or the set, in paper box, $5.00. Vol, i, COME-

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Yesterdays with Actors,

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Charmtntr Personal R< miniscences. Anecdotes, Critic'sms,
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Charlotte Cu - hman and many others. Heautifullv illustra-
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Online LibraryCharles E. L. (Charles Edgar Lewis) WingateThe playgoers' year-book, for 1888. Story of the stage the past year with especial reference to Boston .. → online text (page 8 of 8)