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Colchici Seminis Fluid extraction (Fluidextract of Colchicum
Seed). Used chiefly in gout.

Dose : Cc. well diluted.

Collodium (Collodion). A colorless, syrupy liquid, with the odor
of ether. Used externally only.

Collodium Ccmtharidatum (Cantharidal Collodion). Cantharides
60, flexible collodion 85, chloroform to 100.

Used externally to blister.

Collodium Flexile (Flexible Collodion). Collodion 930, Canada
turpentine 50, castor oil 30.

Capaiba (Copaiba). An oleoresin of a yellowish color, more or
less transparent, viscid, having a peculiar aromatic odor.

Used chiefly in gonorrhea.

Dose : i Cc.

Copaiba; Pilulcr Composite? (Compound Copaiba Pills). Each
contains 100 mgms. copaiba with guaiac, iron, and cubebs.

Dose : I pill.

Creosotal (Creosote Carbonate). Contains 90 per cent creosote.
A thick, oily, amber-colored liquid, with but little taste or odor. In-
soluble in water ; soluble in 95 per cent alcohol and in oils. Use and
does the same as creosote.

Creosotum (Creosote). A mixture of phenols and phenol deriva-
tives obtained by the distillation of wood tar, preferably from the
beech. A yellowish, oily liquid having a penetrating, smoky odor
and a burning taste.

Used principally in phthisis.

Dose : Cc.

Cresol (Cresol. Tricresol). A mixture of three cresols obtained
from coal tar. A straw-colored liquid, having a phenol-like odor.
Soluble in 60 parts of water.

Used externally as a disinfectant.

Dose : 0.05 Cc.


Cresolis Liquor Compositus (Compound Solution of Cresol). A
50 per cent solution of cresol with 35 per cent linseed oil and 8
per cent caustic potash in water.
Used externally as a disinfectant.

Creta Prceparata (Prepared Chalk). A white powder; odorless,
tasteless, insoluble, permanent.
Used in diarrheal troubles.

Dose : i Gm.
Cubebce Oleorasina (Oleoresin of Cubeb). Used in gonorrhea.

Dose : | Gm.
Cupri Arsenis (Arsenite of Copper).

Dose : 0.65 milligramme.

Cupri Sulphas (Sulphate of Copper). Deep-blue crystals, odor-
less, efflorescent,. soluble in 2.2 parts of water. Used as an astringent.

Dose : 10 milligrammes.

Digitalinum (Digitalin). A glucoside, and active principle of
digitalis. Dose : i milligramme.

Digitalis Tinctura (Tincture of Digitalis). Used as a heart tonic.

Dose : i Cc.

Ernestine Hydrochloridum (Ernstine Hydrochloride). An alka-
loidal salt obtained from ipecac.

Dose : 30-60 milligrammes.

Ergotce Fluidextractum (Fluidextract of Ergot). Used chiefly to
control bleeding. Dose : 2 Cc.

Ergotinum (Ergotin). An unofficial extract of ergot.

Dose : 1 30 milligrammes.

Eucaine Hydrochloridum-B. A synthetic preparation closely re-
sembling cocaine, for which it is often used as a substitute in the
production of local anesthesia.

Dose : 30 milligrammes.

Eucalyptol (Eucalyptol). An oxide from the oil of eucalyptus.
A colorless liquid of aromatic odor and pungent taste.

Dose : i Cc.

Ferri Chloridi Tinctura (Tincture of Ferric Cloride). A bright,
brownish liquid, having an astringent, styptic taste. Injures the
teeth ; should be taken through a glass tube and well diluted. Used
as a tonic. Dose : i Cc.

Ferri et Quinina? Citras Solubilis (Soluble Iron and Quinine


Citrate). Thin, greenish, odorless, deliquescent scales; completely
soluble in water, partly soluble in alcohol. Used as a tonic.

Dose: | Gm.

Fern lodidi Syrupus (Syrup of Ferrous Iodide). A syrupy, pale-
green liquid, having a sweet taste. Used as a tonic.

Dose : i Cc.

Fern Pilulcc Composite (Compound Iron Pills). Each contains
65 mgms. pyrophosphate of iron, 32 mgms. sulphate of quinine, and
I mgm. sulphate of strychnine.

Dose : 1-2 pills.

Ferri Phosphas Solubilis (Soluble Ferric Phosphate). Thin,
apple-green, colorless scales; decomposed by light; soluble in water,
insoluble in alcohol. Used as a tonic.

Dose : Gm.

Ferri Sulphas Exsiccatus (Dried Ferrous Sulphate). A grayish-
white powder, slowly but completely soluble in water.
Dose : 125 milligrammes.

Ferrum Reductum (Reduced Iron). A fine, grayish-black pow-
der ; odorless, tasteless, insoluble.

Dose : 65 milligrammes.

Foot Poii'dcr. Contains 3 parts salicylic acid, 10 of starch, and
87 of talcum.

Gentiana Tinctura Composita (Compound Tincture of Gentian).
Used as a tonic. Dose : 4 Cc.

Glycerilis Nitralis Tabellce (Nitroglycerin Tablets). Heart stim-
ulant. Dose : One tablet containing 0.65 milligramme.

Glycerinum (Glycerin). A liquid obtained by the decomposition
of fats or fixed oils; clear, colorless, odorless, sweet. Used exter-
nally. Dose : 4 Cc.

Glycyrrhizce Extractum Puram (Pulvis} (Pure Extract of Lico-
rice). A brown powder used for flavoring.

Glycyrrhiza Mistura Composita (Compound Licorice Mixture.
Brown Mixture). Contains paregoric, wine of antimony, sweet
spirits of niter, licorice, gum arabic, syrup and water. Eight Cc.
contains about i Cc. of paregoric and | Cc. of sweet spirits of niter.
Used as cough mixture. Dose : 8 Cc.

Glycyrrhizos Pulvis Compositus (Compound Licorice Powder).


Contains senna, sulphur, licorice, oil of fennel, and sugar; about f
Gm. of senna and Gm. of sulphur in each 4 Gms. Used as a laxa-
tive. Dose : 4 Gms.

Guaiaci Tinctura Ammoniata (Ammoniated Tincture of Guaiac).
Used especially in tonsillitis.

Dose : 2 Cc.

Guaiac oils Carbonas (Guaiacol Carbonate). One of the chief
constituents of creosote. A white powder, almost tasteless and odor-
less; insoluble in water. Used in tuberculosis.

Dose : i Gm.

Hamamelidis Foliorum Fluidextractum (Fluidextract of Ham-
emelis Leaves. (Witch Hazel). Used chiefly externally.

Dose : 2 Cc.

Heroini Hydrochloridum (Heroin Hydrochloride). A morphine
derivative. Used chiefly to control cough. A white powder,
soluble in water.

Dose : 5 milligrammes.

Hexamethylenamlna (Hexamethylenamine. Urotropin). Color-
less, odorless crystals; soluble in 1.5 parts of water and 10 parts
alcohol. Used as a urinary disinfectant.

Dose : \ Gm.

Homatrophince Hydrobromidum (Homatropine Hydrobromide).
An artificial alkaloid derived from atropine. Used to dilate the
pupil. Soluble in 10 parts of water.

Hydrargyri Chloridum Corrosivum (Corrosive Chloride of Mer-
cury. Corrosive Sublimate). Colorless, odorless, permanent crys-
tals, soluble in 13 parts of water, 3 parts of alcohol. Used as an
antiseptic and in syphilis.

Dose : 3 milligrammes, dissolved in abundance of water.
Hydrargyri Chloridum Mite (Mild Mercurous Chloride. Calo-
mel). A white powder, insoluble, odorless, tasteless, permanent.
Used as a laxative and in syphilis.

Dose: 65-215 milligrammes.

Hydrargyri lodidwn Flavum (Yellow Mercurous Iodide). A
bright yellow powder, odorless, tasteless, insoluble; decomposed by
exposure to air. Used in syphilis.

Dose : 10 milligrammes.


Hydrargyri Alassa (Mass of Mercury. Blue Mass). A blue
mass. Used as a laxative and in syphilis.

Dose : Gm.

Hydrargyri Nitratis Unguentum (Ointment of Mercuric Nitrarte.
Citrine Ointment). A bright yellow ointment. Used externally.

Hydrargyri Oleatum (Oleate of Mercury). A thick, yellowish
liquid. Used externally.

Hydrargyri Oxidum Flavum (Yellow Mercurous Oxide). A
light orange-yellow powder; insoluble in water or alcohol. Used

Hydrargyri Salic ylas (Salicylate of Mercury).

Hydrargyri Unguentum (Mercurial Ointment. Blue Ointment).
A blue ointment. Used externally in syphilis.

Hydrastis Fluidextractum (Fluidextract of Hydrastis). Used in
coughs. Dose : 2 Cc.

Hyoscince Hydrobromidum (Hyoscine Hydrobromide). The salt
of an alkaloid obtained from hyoscyamus or henbane. Colorless,
odorless crystals; soluble in 1.5 parts of water. Used as a sedative.
Dose : -J milligramme.

Hyoscyami Extractum (Extract of Hyoscyamus). Used as a
sedative. Dose : 65 milligrammes.

Hyoscyami Pilule Composite? (Compound Pills of Hyoscyamus).
Each contains 65 mgms. each of extract of hyoscyamus and of cam-
phor, and 3 mgms, each of acetate of morphine and of oleoresin of
capsicum. Dose : i pill.

Ichthyolum (Ichthyol). A black, tarry substance, obtained from
bituminous oil and containing about 15 per cent of sulphur. Used
externa'lly in skin diseases.

Pyrethrum (Insect Powder. Dalmatian Powder). The powdered
flower heads of a species of chrysanthemum similar to our daisy.

lodoformum (lodoform). A yellow powder with a peculiar,
penetrating odor. Very insoluble in water. Used externally as a
mild antiseptic.

lodum (Iodine). Bluish-black crystals. Very insoluble in water ;
soluble in 10 parts alcohol. Used to make the tincture.

Ipecacuanhas Pulvis (Powdered Ipecac). A yellowish powder.
Used as an emetic. Dose as an emetic : i Gm.

Ipecacuanha? et Opii Pulvis (Powder of Ipecac and Opium.

Dover's Powder). (Powdered ipecac 10, powdered opium 10,
sugar of milk 80.) A yellowish- white powder. Used as a dia-
phoretic. Dose : | Gm.

Ipecacuanha Fluidextractum (Fluidextract of Ipecac).
Dose : 0.05 Cc.

Liquor Cresolis Compositus (Compound Cresol Solution). A
linseed-oil-soap solution of cresol of 50 per cent strength. Used as
a disinfectant in mixtures of I to 2 per cent.

Liquor Formaldehydi (Solution of Formaldehyde. Formalin).
A solution containing 37^ per cent of formaldehyde. A clear, color-
less liquid having a very pungent odor. Used as a disinfectant by

Lithii Carbonas (Lithium Carbonate). A white, odorless pow-
der; permanent; soluble in 75 parts of water. Used in gouty
troubles. Dose : \ Gm.

Lithii Citras Effervescens (Lithium Citrate. Effervescing). Tab-
lets, odorless and having a cooling, alkaline taste, soluble in about
2 parts of water; insoluble in alcohol. Uses and doses same as

Ly co podium (Lycopodium). A very light, pale-yellow powder,
Used as a drying powder in pill boxes.

Magnesii Carbonas (Magnesium Carbonate). A white, insoluble,
permanent powder. Used in acidity of the stomach.

Dose : 3 Gm.

Magnesii Oxidum (Magnesium Oxide. Magnesia.) A white,
bulky powder, odorless, and having an earthy taste. Almost insolu-
ble in water. Used chiefly as an antidote to arsenic.

Dose : 2 Gm.

Magnesii Sulphas (Magnesium Sulphate. Epsom Salt). Small,
colorless needles, odorless, efflosescent ; soluble in 0.85 part of water.
Used as a laxative . Dose : 15 Gm.

Menthol (Menthol). An alcohol obtained from oil of pepper-
mint. Colorless crystals having an odor of pepermint. Only
slightly soluble in water ; freely soluble in alcohol. Used externally.

Methylis Salicylas (Methyl Salicylates. Oil of Wintergreen,
Synthetic). A colorless liquid having a wintergreen odor.

Dose : i Cc.

Morphines Sulphas (Sulphate of Morphine). The salt of an alka-
loid obtained from opium. White, feathery crystals ; odorless, per-


manent, and bitter. Soluble in 15.3 parts of water. Sometimes mis-
taken for quinine, which it closely resembles, with fatal results. May
be distinguished by the action of nitric acid, which with morphine
gives an orange-red color fading to yellow, and with quinine does not
give the color reaction. Used to relieve pain.
Dose: 15 milligrammes.

Myrrha Tinctura (Tincture of Myrrh). Used chiefly in mouth
waches. Doses : i Cc.

Naphthalenum (Naphthalene). A coal-tar derivative. Colorless,
shining, transparent laminae.

Dose: 125 milligrammes.

Neosalvarsan. Resembles salvarsan, except that its solution in
water is neutral. Dose: 300-900 milligrammes.

Normal Saline Solution Tablets. Each contains 2 grams sodii
chloridum and 300 mgms. sodii carbonas monohydratus.

Nucis Vomicce Tinctura (Tinctura of Nux Vomica). Used as a
tonic. Dose : ^ Cc.

Nucis Voniicce Extractum (Extract of Nux Vomica). Used as a
tonic. Dose: 15 milligrammes.

Oleum Aurantii Corticis (Oil of Orange Peel). A pale yellow
liquid used as a flavoring agent. Should be kept in amber-colored
bottles in a cool place.

Oleum Caryophyli (Oil of Cloves). A pale-yellow, volatile oil,
distilled from cloves. Dose : 0.2 Cc.

Oleum Gaultheria (Oil of Wintergreen). A volatile oil distilled
from wintergreen leaves. Used in rheumatism.

Dose : i Cc.

Oleum Gossypii Seminis (Cottonseed Oil). A fixed oil expressed
from cottonseed.

Oleum Menthce Piperitcz (Oil of Peppermint). A volatile oil dis-
tilled from the leaves and flowers of pepermint. Used chiefly for
flavoring. Dose : 0.2 Cc.

Oleum Morrhucz (Cod-liver Oil). A fixed oil expressed from
fresh livers of codfish. Used chiefly in tuberculosis.

Dose: 15 Cc.

Oleum Ricini (Castor Oil). A fixed oil expressed from castor
beans. Used as a laxative ; acts in 4 to 6 hours.

Dose: 15 Cc.


Oleum Santali (Oil of Santal). A volatile oil distilled from san-
dal wood. Used in gonorrhea.

Dose : i Cc.

Oleum Theobromatis (Oil of Theobroma. Cacao Butter). A
fixed oil expressed from the roasted cacao seeds. A yellowish-
white solid. Used chiefly as a basis for suppositories.

Oleum Tiglii (Croton Oil). A fixed oil expressed from the seeds
of Croton Tiglium. A pale-yellow, viscid liquid, having an acrid,
burning taste. Used as a powerful cathartic; acts in i to 2 hours.

Dose : 0.05 Cc.

Oleum Terebinthince Rectificatum (Rectified Oil of Turpentine).
A thin, colorless liquid used as a stimulant and diuretic.

Dose : i Cc.

Opii Tinctura (Tincture of Opium. Laudanum). Used to re-
lieve pain and control diarrhea. Dose : | Cc.

Opii Tinctura Camphorata (Camphorated Tincture of Opium.
Paregoric). Contains opium, benzoic acid, camphor, and oil of
anise, each 4, glycerin 40, alcohol 950. Dose : 8 Cc.

Opii Pulvis (Powdered Opium). A brownish powder.
Dose : 65 milligrammes.

Pancreatinum (Pancreatin). A mixture of the digestive fer-
ments of the pancreas. A cream-colored powder ased to aid diges-
tion. Dose : ^ Gm.

Pepsinum (Pepsin). A digestive fermen obtained from the hog's
stomach. Yellowish scales or a white powder.

Dose: Gm.

Peptonizing Tablets. Contain pancreatin and bicarbonate of soda.
One tablet is sufficient for 250 Cc. of milk.

Petrolatum (Vaseline). A petroleum product. Used externally
as a basis for ointments.

Petrolatum Liquidum (Liquid Petrolatum. Liquid Vaseline).
A yellowish, oily liquid, used externally, chiefly in sprays for the
nose and throat.

Phenol (Carbolic Acid). Obtained by distillation from coal tar
or prepared synthetically. A white crytalline mass sometimes ac-
quiring a reddish tint. Soluble in 19.6 parts of water and liquefying
in the presence of 13.6 per cent .of water. In poisonous doses colors
the urine dark green. Used chiefly as an antiseptic.

Dose : 65 milligrammes.

Phenolphthalein (Tablets). A coal tar derivative. White or
grayish-white powder, soluble in 600 parts water. Used as a mild
laxative. Dose: 100-300 milligrammes.

Phenylis Salicylas (Phenyl Salicylate. Salol). A white powder
having a faint aromatic odor and a slight taste. Soluble in 2,333
parts of water. Used as an intestinal antiseptic.

Dose : Gm.

Physostigmina Sulphas (Sulphate of Physostigmine). A salt
of an alkaloid obtained from physostigma or calabar bean. A yel-
low powder, deliquescent, odorless. Used in the eye.
Dose : I milligramme.

Pilocarpince Hydrochloridum (Pilocarpine Hydrochloride). A
salt of an alkaloid obtained from pilocarpus or jaborandi. Used as
a diaphoretic. Dose: 10 milligrammes.

Pilulce Cathartics Composite (Compound Cathartic Pills). Con-
tain calomel, colocynth, jalap, and gamboge. Each pill contains 60
milligrammes of calomel.

Pilulce Carminative (Carminative Pills). Each contains 0.8 mgm.
morphine sulphate with carminatives.

Plumbi Acetas (Lead Acetate. Sugar of Lead). Colorless crys-
tals; efflorescent, soluble in 2 parts of water; having a sweetish taste.
Used as an astringent. Dose : 65 milligrammes.

Podophylii Resina (Resin of Podophyllum). A grayish-white
powder of peculiar odor and bitter taste. Used as a laxative ; acts
slowly in 6 to 12 hours.

Dose : 5 to 15 milligrammes.

Potassii Acetas (Potassium Acetate). A white, very deliques-
cent powder, soluble in 0.4 part of water. Used as a diuretic.

Dose : 2 Gm.

Potassii Arsenitis Liquor (Solution of Potassium Arsenite.
Fowler's Solution). Used in malarial and skin diseases.
Dose : 0.2 Cc. well diluted.

Potassii Biscarbonas (Potassium Bicarbonate). A colorless,
granular, permanent powder. Used in rheumatism.

Dose : 2 Gm.

Potassii Bromidum (Potassium Bromide). Colorless crystals,
odorless, permanent; soluble in 1.5 parts of water; should be admin-
istered dissolved in plenty of water.

Dose : i Gm.


Potassii Chloras (Potassium Chlorate). Colorless plates or a
white granular powder ; odorless, permanent, soluble in 16 parts of
water. Handle with care, as dangerous explosions are liable to fol-
low trituration with organic substances like sugar, or oxidizable sub-
stances such as sulphur. Dose : | Gm.

Potassii et Sadii Tartras (Potassium and Sodium Tartrate. Ro-
chelle Salt). A white, odorless powder, soluble in about 1.2 parts of
water. Used as a laxative. Dose : 8 Gm.

Potassii Hydroxidum (Potassium Hydroxide Potassa). Fused,
white masses; odorless, acrid tasting, deliquescent, caustic. Not
used internally.

Potassii lodidum (Potassium Iodide). A white, granular pow-
der ; deliquescent ; soluble in 0.7 part of water ; irritant to the stom-
ach and should be given dissolved in plenty of waater. Used espe-
cially in syphilis. Dose : | Gm.

Potassii Permanganas (Potassium Permanganate). Slender
dark-purple prsims, permanent, soluble in about 15 parts of water.
Used chiefly externally as a skin disinfectant.
Dose : 65 milligrammes.

Protargol. A protein silver compound containing 8.3 per cent of
silver, and non-irritating in character. A yellow powder soluble in-
water. Used externally in inflammation of mucous membranes. I
to 5 per cent solutions.

Pruni Virginians Fluidextractum (Fluidextract of Prunus Vir-
ginianae or Wild Cherry). Used in cough mixtures.

Dose : 2 Cc.

Quinines Hydrochlorosulphas (Quinine Hydrochlorosulphate). A
salt of an alkaloid from cinchona bark. Colorless crystals; soluble
in i part of water. Used in malaria, especially for hypodermic
purposes. Dose : Gm.

Quinines Sulphas (Quinine Sulphate). Has the same qualities as
the bisulphate, but less soluble in water, i : 720. Used in malaria.
Dose: i-ioto i Gm.

Rhamni Purshiana Fluidextractum (Fluidextract of Cascara
Sagrada). Used as a laxative; acts as such in 8 to 10 hours.

Dose : i Cc.

Rhamni Purshiana? Extractum (tabella) (Cascara Tablets). Each
contains 130 milligrammes of extract of cascara.
Dose : i to 2 tablets.


Rhei Pulvis (Powdered Rhubarb Root). An orange-yellow
powder. Used as a laxative. Dose : i Gm.

Saccharum Lactis (Sugar of Milk). A white powder from the
whey of cow's milk.

Salophen (Salophen). A white powder containing about 50.9
parts salicylic acid. Almost insoluble in water. Used in rheuma-
tism. Dose : -J Gm.

Salvarsan. A yellow crystalline powder containing 31.5 per cent
of arsenic metal ; being readily oxidizable it must be kept in vacuum
tubes. Readily soluble in water with acid reaction.
Dose : 300-600 milligrammes.

Santoninum (Santonin). Obtained from Santonica flowers.
Colorless crystals, turning yellow on exposure to light, odorless,
nearly tasteless, insoluble, permanent; colors the urine a greenish
yellow or reddish purple.

Sapo Mollis (Soft Soap). A soft, unctuous, yellowish-brown
mass. Used externally.

Scilla Syrupus (Syrup of Squill). Used in cough mixtures.

Serum Antidiphthericum (Diphtheria Antitoxin). A fluid sepa-
rated from the blood of a horse immunized through the inoculation
of diphtheria toxin. Should be kept in sealed glass containers in a
dark, cool place. A yellowish, transparent or slightly turbid liquid.
It gradually loses its power.

Dose, hypodermically : 3,000 units. Immunizing dose : 500 units.

Serum Antitetanicum (Tetanus Antitoxin).

Serum Antimeningitidis.

Sinapis Emplastrum (Mustard Plaster).

Sinapis Nigra Pulvls (Powdered Black Mustard).

Sodii Bicarbonas (Sodium Bicarbonate). A white, odorless pow-
der, having an alkaline taste; soluble in 12 parts of water.

Dose : I Gm.

Sodi'- Bicarbonat. et Meyithce Piperitce Tabella? (Soda mint tab-
lets). Dose: 1-2 tablets.

Sodii Boras Pulvis (Powdered Borax). A white, odorless
efflorescent powder, having a sweetish taste, soluble in 20.4 parts
of water. Used as an astringent.

Dose : | Gm.

Sodii Bromidum (Sodium Bromide) A white, granular powder,
odorless; soluble in 1.7 parts of water. Used as a sedative.
Dose : i Gm. well diluted with water.


Sodii Carbonas Monohydratus (Dried Sodium Carbonate). A
white, odorless powder having a strongly alkaline taste and absorbs
moisture readily ; soluble in 2.9 parts of water.

Dose : Gm.

Sodii Fluoridi (Sodium Fluoride). A powder used to poison
cockroaches. Antiseptic. Poisonous. External use only.

Sodii Phosphas Exsiccatus (Dried Phosphate of Sodium). A
white, hygroscopic powder. Used as a laxative.

Dose : i Gm.

Sodii Salicylas (Sodium Salicylate). White scales, or a color-
less powder with a faint pink tinge ; odorless and having a sweetish
taste ; soluble in about 0.8 part of water. Irritating to the stomach
and should be dissolved in an abundance of water. Used in rheu-
matism. Dose : i Gm.

Sodii Thiosulphas (Sodium Thiosulphate. Hyposulphite). Color-
less crystals, odorless and having a cooling taste ; soluble in 0.35 part
of water. Used chiefly externally in parasitic diseases of the skin.

Spiritus Frumenti (Whisky).

Spiritus Glycerilis Nitratis (Spirit of Nitroglycerin). A clear
colorless liquid containing i per cent of Nitroglycerin.
Dose: i minim (0.05 Cc.).

Spiritus Vini Gallici (Brandy).

Strophanthi Tinctura (Tincture of Strophanthus). Used as a
heart tonic . Dose : | Cc.

Strychmce Sulphas (Strychnine Sulphate). The salt of an alka-
loid obtained from Nux Vomica. Colorless, efflorescent crystals, or
a white powder, odorless, intensely bitter. Soluble in 31 parts of
water. Dose : i milligramme.

Sulphonethylmethanum (Trional). Colorless, odorless scales,
with a bitter taste; soluble in 195 parts of cold water, more readily
in hot hot water. Used as a hypnotic.

Dose: i Gm.

Sulphonmethanum (Sulphonal). Colorless, inodorous and nearly
tasteless crystals; soluble in 360 parts of cold or 15 parts of boiling
water. Used as a hypnotic.

Dose: i Gm.

Sulphur Lotum (Washed Sulphur). A fine yellow powder,
odorless, tasteless, and insoluble. Used as a laxative.

Dose : 4 Gm.


Syrupus Hypophosphitum Compositus (Compound Syrup of
Hyphosphites). Contains the hypophosphites of calcium, potas-
sium, sodium, iron, magnesium; also quinine, strychnine, citrate
of soda, and dilute hypophosphorous acid. Used as a tonic.

Dose : 8 Cc.

Talcum (Talc). A white or grayish- white powder. External use.

Terebenum (Terebene). Obtained by the action of sulphuric
acid on oil of turpentine. A thin, colorless liquid with an agreeable
odor; becomes resinified on exposure to air and light. Used as an
expectorant. Dose r Cc.

Thymol (Thymol). A phenol occurring in the oil of thyme.
Colorless crystals having an aromatic odor and taste. Soluble in
1,100 parts of water, freely soluble in alcohol and in oils.
Dose : 125 milligrammes.

Thymolis lodidum (Aristol). A bright chocolate-colored or red-
dish-yellow powder, insoluble in water. Used externally.

Tolutanum Balsamum (Balsam of Tolu). A yellowish-brown
solid, readily soluble in alcohol, nearly insoluble in water.

Dose : i Gm.

Trinitro phenol (Picric Acid). Light yellow scales. Used chiefly
externally for burns. The solution employed is 5 parts picric acid
and 75 parts alcohol in 1,000 parts of water.

Valeriance Fluidextractum (Fluidextract of Valerian). Used as
a sedative. Dose : 2 Cc.

Veronal. Colorless crystals, slightly bitter in taste; soluble in 145
parts of water. Hypnotic. Dose : ^ gram to i gram.

Vinum Xericum (Sherry Wine).

Zinci Oxidum (Zinc Oxide). A fine, white powder, insoluble,
odorless, and tasteless. Used externally in ointments.

Dose : Gm.

Zinci Phenolsulphonas (Zinc Phenolsulphate. Sulpho-carbolate
of Zinc). Colorless, odorless, efflorescent crystals; readily soluble
in water or alcohol. Used chiefly as a local application.
Dose: 125 milligrammes.

Zinci Sulphas (Zinc Sulphate). Colorless, efflorescent crystals;
odorless and having an astringent, metallic taste ; soluble in 0.53 part

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