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go, 91 ; uses of, 105, 106.

Lampoon, 98.

Licentiousness, 43, 44.

Marietta, religion at, 61, 65.

Mathematics, study of, 6, 7, 8.

Michigan University, amount of instruc-
tion at, 23; expenses at, 36; instruction
in history at, 17; in mathematics, 7;
in modern languages, 10 ; in natural
science, 12 ; in philosophy, 15 ; in rhet-
oric, 17; intemperance at, 42 ; pecu-
niary aid at, 38 ; religion at, 60 ; re-
quirements for admission, 3.

Middlebury, amount of instruction at, 23 ',
instruction in classics, 6 ; in history,
17; in mathematics, 7; in natural
science, 12 ; in philosophy, 14 ; in rhe-
toric, 19 ; religion at, 61, 62, 67.

Modern Languages, study of, 8, seq.

Morality, 44, seq. ; promotion of, 48, seq. ;
compared with English Universities,
53, 54-

Natural Science, study of, ir, seq.

New York College, amount of instruction
at, 23.

Northwestern University, amount of in-
struction at, 23 ; expenses at, 36 ;
pecuniary aid at, 38.

Oberlin, amount of instruction at, 23 ; ex-
penses at, 36 ; instruction in history,
17 ; mathematics, 8 ; modern lan-
guages, 11 ; natural science, 13 ;
philosophy, 15; rhetoric, 20; intem-
perance at, 42 ; pecuniary aid, 38 ;
religion at, 59, 60, 65.

Oxford University, distinguished grad-
uates of, 137; expenses at, 35 J fel-
lowships at, 107.

Philosophy, study of, 13, seq.

Princeton, amount of instruction at, 23 ;
expenses at, 36; fellowships at, no;
pecuniary aid at, 38 ; religion at, 55,
60, 6), 64.

Religion in foundation of Colleges, 55, 56,
58, 59 ; in government and instruction
of, 56, 57, 58-

Revivals in college, 64, seq.

Rhetoric, study of, 18, seq.

Ripon, religion at, 61, 65.

Rowing Association, 84.

Smith College, expenses at, 35 ; religion
at, 65.

Societies, literary, advantages of, 70 ;
defects of, 71 ; secret, advantages of,
77 ; evils of, 78 ; expenses of, 76 ;
religion, 63.

Trinity, amount of instruction at, 23 ; ex-
penses at, 37 ; pecuniary aid at, 38.

Tufts, expenses at, 37; pecuniary aid at,


University Quarterly, 96.

Union, expenses at, 36 ; pecuniary aid at,

Vassar, amount of instruction at, 23 ; ex-
penses at, 34, 36 ; pecuniary aid at,
39 J religion at, 64, 65.
Vermont University, amount of instruc-
tion at, 23.
Virginia University, amount of instruction
tion at, 23 ; expenses at, 36 ; pecuniary
aid at, 39.
Wesleyan, amount of instruction at, 23 ;
expenses at, 36 ; pecuniary aid at, 39 ;
religion at, 61, 64,
Western Reserve, religion at, 59.


Williams, expense at, 36 ; pecuniary aid at,

39; religion at, 61, 62, 64.
Yale, amount of instruction at, 23 ; base-
ball at, 82, 83 ; boating at, 83, 84 ; dis-
tinguished graduates of, 129; fellow-
ships at, 109 ; gymnastics at, 88 ; in-
struction in classics at, 5 ; in fine arts,
18 ; in history, 16 ; in mathematics, 7 ;
in modern languages, 9; in natural
science, 12 ; in philosophy, 13 ; i n
rhetoric, 19 ; intemperance at, 40, 41 ;
journalism at, 92, 93 ; pecuniary aid at[
39 ; religion at, 55, 64, 65, 67 ; secret
societies at, 73.



HART (Prof. James Morgan) German Universities. A Record
of Personal Experience, and a critical comparison of the German
University System with those of England and the United States.
Third Edition. i2mo, cloth, . . . . . i 75

" Evidently the result of the closest personal observation, under the guidance
of high culture, and the purest interest in the knowledge sought."— N. Y. Independent.

BRISTED (Charles Astor) Five Years in an English Uni-
versity. Fourth Edition, revised. l2mo, cloth extra, . 2 25

" Characterized by excellent taste, and full of novel and interesting informa-
tion." — Phila. Enquirer.

HILL (Rev. Thomas, D. D.) formerly President of Harvard College.
The True Order of Studies. i2mo, cloth, . 1 25

" To older teachers and educators, the simple announcement ot such a work by
Dr. Hill, will be sufficient to attract their attention. * * * In his " True Order of
Studies" we have, in plain, simple English, the most practical, compact, and at the
same time, profoundly philosophical exposition of the fundamental processes of educa-
tion it has been our fortune to meet in any language." — New England Journal of

" Full of the most valuable and practical suggestions for earnest and intelligent
teachers." — Louisville Courier-Journal.

BRACKETT (Anna C.) The Education of American Girls.

i2mo, cloth, . . . . . . . . 1 75

" The most remarkable, valuable, and interesting volume that has appeared
upon the subject." — Hartford Post.

" Characterized by comprehensiveness, learning, candor, and sense." — Christian

CALDERWOOD (Henry) Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Uni-
sity of Edinburgh, author of " The Philosophy of the Infinite." etc.
On Teaching: Its End and Means. i2mo, cloth, . 1 25

" A book of practical value ; Multum in parvo. Should be in the hands of
every teacher and parent." — Syracuse Journal.

PUTNAM. The Best Reading. A Classified Bibliography
for Easy Reference. With hints on the Selection of Books ;
on the Formation of Libraries, public and private ; on Courses of
Reading, etc. A Guide for the Librarian, Bookbuyer, and Book-
seller. The Classified Lists, arranged under about 500 subject head-
ings, include all the most desirable books now to be obtained, either
in Great Britain or the United States, with the prices annexed. New
Edition, corrected and enlarged. i2mo, paper, 1.25 ; cloth, 1 75

"The best work of its kind we have seen."- College Courant.
" We know of no manual that can take its place as a guide to the selection of a
library."— N. 1". Independent.

ARMITAGE (E. S.) The Childhood of the English Nation ;
or, The Beginnings of English History. i2mo, cloth, 1 25

" It would be quite impossible for us to praise this little book beyond its de-
serts. It does admirably what it attempts. * * * One of the very best of the recent
histories for both young and old." — Christian Register.

"The author has thought out her subject honestly and thoroughly, and has
given us the result in a clear and attractive shape." — Saturday Review.


Standard Works of Reference.

PUTNAM (George Palmer) The World's Progress. A Diction-
«uy of Dates. Being a Chronological and Alphabetical Record of the
essential facts in the progress of Society. With Tabular views of Uni-
versal History, Literary Chronology, Biographical Index, etc., etc.
From the Creation of the World to August, 1877. By George P
Putnam. Revised and continued by Frederic Beecher Perkins.
Octavo, containing about 1,200 pages, half morocco, $700; cloth
extra, $4 5c

*** The most comprehensive book ot its size and price in the language.

"It is absolutey essential to the desk of every merchant, and the table of ever/
•tudent and professional man." — Christian Inquirer.

" It is worth ten times its price. * * * It completely supplies my need."—
S. W. Piegart, Principal of High School, Lancaster, Pa.

" A more convenient literary labor-saving machine than this excellent compila-
tion can scarcely be found in any language."— N. Y. Tribune.

HAYDN. A Dictionary of Dates, relating t9 7LII Ages
and Nations, for Universal Reference. By Benjamin Vin-
cent. The new (15th) English edition. With an American Supple-
ment, containing about 200 additional pages, including American Topics
and a copious Biographical Index, by G. P. Putnam, A. M. Large
Octavo, 1,000 pages. Cloth $9 00 ; half russia . . . $12 00

THE BEST READING. A classified bibliography for easy reference.
Edited by Frederic B. Perkins. Fifteenth edition, revised, enlarged
and entirely re-written. Continued to August, 1876. Octavo, cloth,

$1 75 ; paper $1 25

"The best work of the kind we have ever seen." —College Courant.

" We know of no manual that can take its place as a guide to the selection of a

library." — N. Y. Independent.

giving priced and classified lists of the English and American publica-
tions of the pusi ''hree months, with the addition of brief analyses or
characterizations At the more important works ; being a quarterly con-
tinuation of The Best Reading. Published in April, July, October,

and January. Price to subscribers, socts., a year. Vol. I., boards, 50 cts.
" We welcome the first number ot this little quarterly. It should prove invaluable

alike to librarians, to students, and to general readers."— Boston Traveler.

JUKES (THE) A Study in Crime, Pauperism, Disease, and
Heredity. By R. L. Dugdale. Published for the "Prison As-
sociation of New York." Octavo, cloth . . . . $1 25
" A work that will command the interest of the philanthropist and the social re-

( ormer, aud deserves the attention of every citizen and taxpayer. '—AT. Y. Tribune.

JERVIS (John B.) Labor and Capital. A complete and compre-
hensive treatise by the veteran engineer, whose experience of more than
half a century has given him exceptional opportunities for arriving at a
practical understanding of the questions now at issue between employers
and employed. i2mo, cloth $1 25

LINDERMAN (Henry R., Director of the United States Mint)
Money and Legal Tender in the United States. 12010,
cloth 1 25

Works on Political Economy.

THE WEALTH OF NATIONS. An enquiry into the Nature and
Causes of. By Adam Smith. i2mo, cloth extra, 792 pages . $2 00

A perennial work, and the only book in history to which bis been accorded the
honor of a Centennary Celebration.

Bastiat, with Introduction and Notes by David A. Wells
T2mo, cloth . $1 25

" '1 ic laws of an abstruse science have never been made more clear, or expressed
more forcibly." — Cincinnati Commercial,

with Introduction by Horace White. i2mo, cloth extra, 400
pages $1 00

" Contains the most telling statements of the leading principles of Free-Trade
ever published." — N. Y. Nation.

WHAT IS FREE-TRADE ? An Adaptation for American Readers
of Bastiat's *' Sophism of Protection." By Emile Walter, a Worker.

i2mo, cloth 75

" Unsurpassed in the happiness of its illustrations."— N. Y. Nation.

SOCIAL ECONOMY. By Prof. J. E. Thorold Rogers. Revised
and edited for American readers. i2ino, cloth ... 75

" Gives in the compass of r-p pages, concise, yet comprehensive answers to the
most important questions in social e oomy * * * cannot be too highly recommended
for the use of teachers, students, ant! ius general public."— A merican Atheneeum.

PROTECTION AND FREE-TRAEE. A series of essays. By

Isaac Butts. i2mo, clu.'L extra $1 25

11 A clear and effective preset lat'jn of the case."— N. Y. Evening Post.

AN ALPHABET IN FINANCE. A simple statement of permanent
principles, and their application to questions of the day. By Graham
McAdam. With Introduction by R. R. Bowker. i2mo, cloth, $1 25

" A timely volume whose directness and raciness can but be of service."— New

" A model of clear-thinking and happy expression."— Portland Press.

SUMNER (Prof. W. G., of Yale College) Lectures on the His-
tory of Protection in the United States. Octavo, cloth
extra 75

" There is nothing in the literature of free-trade more forcible and effective than
this little book."— iV. Y. Post.

" The book is especially timely, because it furnishes an adequate application of the
principles of economic science to the concitions existing in this country."— Buffalo

WELLS (David A.) How shall the Nation Regain Pros-
perity 1 A Discussion of the elements and amount of our National
Wealth, and the causes and remedies for the present industrial, com-
mercial, and financial depression. 8vo, cloth. (In preparation).

STURTEVANT (Prof. J. M.) Economics, or the Science of
Wealth. A Treatise on Political Economy, for the use of High
Schools and Colleges, and for the general reader. Octavo, cloth. I 75


CONSTANTINOPLE. By Edmundo de Amicis, author of "A Journey
through Holland," "Spain and the Spaniards," &c. Translated by,
Caroline Tilton. With introduction by Prof. Vincenzo Botta
Octavo, cloth.

A trustworthy and exceptionally vivid description of the city which, in the present
reopening of the Eastern question, is attracting more attention than any other in the
world. De Amicis is one of the strongest and most brilliant of the present generation of
Italian writers, and this latest work from his pen, as well fiom the picturesqueness of its
descriptions as for its skilful analysis of the traits and characteristics of the medley of
races represented in the Turkish capital, possesses an exceptional interest and value.

THE GREEKS OF TO-DAY. By Hon. Charles K. Tuckerman,
late Minister Resident of the U. S. at Athens. Third Edition. i2mo,

cloth, $1.50

This work attracted special attention at the time of its publication, in 1872, as giving
a trustworthy and interesting picture of life in Greece, and of the character and status of
the modern Greek. At this time, when public attention is so generally directed towards
the scheme of practically re-establishing a Greek empire and Greek supremacy in the
East, it is thought that a new edition will prove of interest and service.

" The information contained in the volume is ample and various, and it cannot fail
to hold a high rank among the authorities on modern Greece." — N. Y. Tribune.

"No one can read this book without having his interest greatly increased in this
brave, brilliant, and in every way remarkable people." — N. Y. Times.

" We know of no book which so combines freshness and fullness of information." —
N. Y. Nation.

Translated by J. M. Hart. 121110, cloth, . . . . $1.50

" It is written with a tone of confidence and force of expression which captivate."
— Buffalo Commercial.

" Affords a clear, distinct, and comprehensive view of the political institutions of
England."— N. Y. Nation.

" Here, in every sense, is a charming book. * * * * So full of thought, that,
like the best of Macaulay's Essays, it will bear reading more than once. * * * *
We hav; rarely met with more picture-like descriptions of what seems to have dwelt most
upon his mind — English landscape scenery and rural life." — N. Y. World.


A Review of the Mineral and other Wealth, with the attractions and
material development of the former kingdom of New Spain, comprising
Mexico and the territory ceded by Mexico to the United States in 1848
and 1853. By Alexander D. Anderson. 8vo, cloth, with Hypso-
metric Map, . ........ $1.75

"Just at the present moment everything which affords reliable information on the
question of silver, its uses and production, is of almost paramount interest." — Washington
National Republican.

" A very useful book for those who wish to study the silver question in its funda-
mental feature." — Chicago Journal.

" The book will unquestionably become the authority on^he subiec^of/which it
treats."— .SV. Louis Republican. %& i^ W

*0 \v

V ^

4* ** J .


°* *•* ^ <U *^T7?' ,G* <%> *..



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