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tities of water, and covering with a thick blanket ; by strong exercise
of the body ; by the heat of the weather, &c. In disease it is some-
times entirely wanting; at other times, a very prominent symptom,
for example, in pneumonia, in some forms of rheumatismus acutus, &c.
Some persons are much more inclined to sweat than others ; an ex-
cessive inclination to sweat is called Hyperidrosis. It seems that
repeated sweatings increase the inclination to it. When the fluid
which is secreted in the sudorific glands cannot pass freely upon the
surface, either because the sudorific ducts are stopped up, or because
they are too narrow to give vent to all the fluid which is produced
within the glands, we observe the fluid to collect under the epi-
dermis, and to raise it into numerous little vesicles, which contain a
perfectly transparent fluid of an acrid reaction. This state of things
is called

Sudamina, or Miliary Rash.

The stoppage of the outlets of the sudorific glands occurs most fre-
quently in diseases in which there has been great dryness of the skin
previous to the outbreak of the sweat, as, for example, in the first weeks
of typhus. The appearance of the eruption has no influence upon the
course of the disease ; it is observed as well in critical sweats as in
those which break out sometimes when the disease takes a bad turn
and may even appear during the last struggles of agony. When the
transparent, minute vesicles appear upon a naturally-colored skin, it
is called miliaria alba ; when upon a skin which is reddened by hyper-
semia or hemorrhagic effusions, it is called miliaria rubra. As a symp-
tom, it may indicate Arsen., Bry,, Calc. c, or Ipec.

Quite frequently do we find partial h^jperidrosis on the palms of the
hands, on the soles of the feet, under the arm-pits and on the genitals.
The sweat of the feet, in the axillge and on the genitals, is often exces-
sively offensive, which seems to have its cause in a decomposition


whicli the sweat, the sebaceous secretion and the softened and loos-
ened epidermis undergo. The suppression of these partial sweats has
been considered from olden times as very detrimental to health, caus-
ing spinal affections and different other complaints. In later times
this has been reversed ; now they say : intercurring diseases stop this
partial sweating. May be, may be not. So much is certain, and I
have observed many a time that the cessation of partial sweats stands
in closest relation with various general complaints, and that the patient
does not get better until the general foot-sweat or axilla-sweat, &c., is

TJierajyeutic Hints. — Compare any Eepertory.

Suppressed foot-sweats indicate especially Apis, Cupr., ISTitr. ac.
Puis., Sepia, Silic.

A diminution of fluid secretion, causing great dryness of the skin,
often attends marasmus senilis. Sometimes it is a disturbed innerva-
tion, and sometimes the consequence of skin diseases. Besides, there
are cases of Anidrosis and even of half-sided anidrosis^ for which
there is no explanation.

A qualitative change in the secretion of sweat takes place in icterus,
which colors the linen yellow, and in suppressed urinary secretions,
when the sweat contains urinary ingredients.

The secretion of sebaceous substances^ if diminished, causes great dry-
ness and brittleness of the skin ; if augmented, {seborrhcea,) it forms
crusts upon the scalp, especially in children, or on the cheeks, nose,
eyelids, ears and nipples, especially in females who irregularly men-
struate. A thickening of it within the excretory ducts causes come-
dones, milium and atheromata.

A Comedo has a dark surface from the dust and dirt outside, which
has been mixed with it.

A Milium is a collection of hardened sebum within the extended
follicle ; being covered by the epidermis it shows no dark, dirty point.

Atheromata are enormously enlarged sebaceous glands, which are
filled by thickened and hardened sebum ; they are alv/ays united with
the hair-follicle, with which they have a common outlet, and may
reach the size of a hazelnut or even a walnut.


Aeon., Aconitnm Napellus, now Aconitum

Aescul. glabra, Aesculus 2;labra.

Aescul. hipp., Aescnlus Hippocastanum.

Aetlinsa, Aetlmsa Cynapinm.

Agaricus, Agaricus musearius, now Amanita.

Agave Amer., Agave Americana.

Agnus east., Agmis castns s. Vitex A. c.

Ailauthus, Ailanttins glanclulosa.

Aletris far., Aletris farinosa.

Alnus rubra, Alnus rubra.

Aloes, Aloes soccotrina.

Aluniiu. Alumina, the osyde of Aluminium.

Alumin. met., Aluminium metallicum.

Alum. P. 8., Aluminae and Potassae Sul-
phas, the common Alum.

Ambra, Ambra grisea.

Ammon. c., Ammonium carbonicum.

Ammou. mur., Ammonium muriaticum.

Ammon. phos.. Ammonium phosphoricum.

Anac., Anaeardium orieutale.

August., Angustura vera., Galipea officin-

Ant. or., Antimonium crudum.

Apis, Apis melliflca.

Apium virus, Apium virus.

Apoeyn. andros., Apocynum androsemifo-

Apoeyn. eann., Apocynum cannabinum.

Aralia racemosa, Aralia racemosa.

Aranea diad., Aranea diadema.

Argent., Argentum metallicum.

Arg. nitr., Argentum nitricum.'

Arn., Arnica montana.

Arsen., Arsenicum album.

Artemisia v., Ariemesia vulgaris.

Arum triph.. Arum triphyllum.

Asa f., Asa foetida ; Ferula A. f.

Asclepias syriaca, Asclepias syriaca.

Asclepias tuber., Asclepias tuberosa.

Aselli jecor. ol., Aselli jecoris oleum.

Askalabotes, Askalabotes Isevigatus, a liz-
ard of South America.

Asterias rubens, Asterias rubens.

Atropin., Atropinum sulphuricura.

Aurum, Aurum metallicum s. prsecipitatum.

Aur. mur., Aurum muriaticum.

Badiaga, Badiaga, a Russian sponge of fresh

Baptisia, Baptisia tinctoria.
Baryta, Baryta carbonica.
Bar. mur.. Baryta muriatiea.
Bell., Atropa Belladonna.

Berberis, Berberis vulgaris.

Bismuth., Bismuthum subuitricum.

Borax, Borax veneta, natrum boracicum.

Brom., Brominum.

Bry., Brj'onia alba.

Bufo, Bufo Sahytiensis and others.

Cact. grand.. Cactus grandiflorus.

Calad., Caladium seu-uinum.

Calc. arsen., Calcarea arseuiea.

Calc. c, Calcarea carbonica.

Calc. oxal., Calcarea oxalica.

Calc. phos., Calcarea phosphorica.

Calc. uiin., Calcareous deposits.

Calendula, Calendula officinalis.

Camph., Camphora.

Cann., Cannabis sativa.

Canth., Cantharides

Caps., Capsicum annimm.

Carbo an., Carbo animalis.

Carbo veg., Carbo vegetabilis.

Card, mar., Carduus marianus.

Cascarilla, Cascarilla, Croton Eluteria.

Cauloph., Caulophyllum thalictroides.

Canst., Causticum Hahnemanni.

Cepa, Allium Cepa.

Cham., Matricaria Chamomilla.

Chelid., Chelidonium majus.

Chelone, Chelone glabra.

Chimaph., Chimaphila umbellata.

China, Cinchona officinalis, regia, rubra.

Chinin. arsen., Chinini;m arseuicosum.

Chin, sulph., Chininum sulphuricum.

Chlorine, Chlorum in aqua.

Cicuta, Cicuta virosa.

Cimex, Cimex lectularius.

Cimicifuga, Cimicifuga racemosa.

Cina, Cina, Artemisia Santonica.

Cinnabaris,Hydrargyri sulphuretum rubrura.

Cistus, Cistus canadensis.

Clematis, Clematis erecta.

Cocc, Menispermum Coccnlus.

Coffea, CofTea arabica, cruda.

Colch., Colchicum autumuale.

Collinsonia, Collinsonia canadensis.

Coloc, Cucumis Colocynthis.

Con., Couium maculatum.

Convolv., Convolvulus arvensis.

Copaiva, Balsamum CopaiviB.

Corall. r., Corallium rubrum.

Cornus cir., Cornus circinata.

Crocus, Crocus sativus.

Crotalus, Crotalus horridus.

Crot. tigl., Croton Tiglium.



Corydalis, Corydalis formosa.
Cupr., Cuprum metallicum.
Cyclamen, Cyclamen Europseum.
Cypripedium, Cypripedium pubescens.

Diadema, Aranea diadema.
Digit., Digitalis purpurea.
Dioscorea, Dioscorea villosa.
Dolichos pr., Dolichos pruriens.
Drosera, Drosera rotundifolia.
Dulc, Solanum Dulcamara.

Elaps, Elaps corallinus.
Erigeron, Erigeron canadense.
Eryngium, Eryngium aquatieum.
Eupat. arom., Eupatorium aromaticum.
Eupat. perf., Eupatorium perfoliatura.
Eupat. purp., Eupatorium purpureum.
Euphorbia, Euphorbia corollata.
Euphorbiiim, Euphorbium offlcinarum.
Euphras., Euphrasia officinalis.

Ferrnm, Ferrum metallicum.
Ferr. ac, Ferrum aceticum.
Ferr. carb.. Ferrum carbouicum.
Ferr. jod., Ferrum jodatum.
Filix mas., Aspidium filix mas.
Fluor ac, Acidum fluoricum.
Frasera, Frasera carolinensis.

Galium, Galium verum.

Glonoine, Glonoinum, Nytroglycerine.

Gelsem., Gelseminum sempervirens.

Ginseng, Panax Ginseng.

Gnaphalium, Gnaphalium polycephalum.

Gossypium, Gossypium herbaceum.

Graph., Graphites.

Guaco, Mikania Guaeo.

Guajac, Guajacum officinale.

Gutti, Gummigutti, from GarciniaCeylonica.

Hamam., Hamamelis virginica.
Hedeoma, Hedeoma pulegioides.
Helleb., Helleborus niger.
Helonias, Helonias dioiea.
Hepar, Hepar sulphuris calcareum.
Hydrastis, Hydrastis canadensis.
Hydrophobinum, Hydrophobinum.
Hydrocyan. ac, Acidum hydrocyanicum.
Hyosc, Hyoscyamus niger.
Hypericum, Hypericum perforatum.

Ignat., Ignatia amara.
Ipec, Cephaelis Ipecacuanha.
Iris, Iris versicolor.

Jatropha, Jatropha Curcas.
Jod., Jodium.
Juncus, Juncus effusus.

Kali bichr.. Kali bichromicum.
Kali, c. Kali carbonienm.
Kali hydroj.. Kali hydrojodicum.
Kalmia lat., Kalmia latifolia.
Kousso, Brayera.
Kreos., Kreosotum,

Lach., Trigonocephalus Lachesis.
Lachnanthes, Lachnanthes tinctoria.
LaurocerasuSj Prunus Laurocerasus.

Led. pal.. Ledum palustre.
Leptandra, Leptandra virginica.
Lobelia inflata, Lobelia inflata.
Lye, Lycopodiiim clavatum.
Lycopus, Lycopus virginicus.

Magn. c. Magnesia cai'bonica.

Magn. mur., Magnesia muriatica.

Magn. usta, Magnesia iista.

Magnesium met.. Magnesium metallicum.

Mangan., Magnannm aceticum.

Marum verum, Teucrium Marum verum.

Menyanthes, Menyanthes trifoliata.

Merc, Mercurius solubilis Hahnemann!.

Merc, bijod., Mercurius bijodatus.

Merc, jod., Mercurius jodatus.

Merc, nitrosus, Mercurius nitrosus,

Merc, proecipit. r., Mercurius prsecipitatus

Merc. subl. corr., Mercurius sublimatus cor-

Mezer., Daphne Mezereum.
Millef., Achillea Millefolium.
Moschus, Moschus verus.
Murex, Murex purpurea.
Mur. ac, Acidum muriaticum.
Myrica, Myrica cerifera.
Myrtus com., Myrtus communis.

Natr. c, Natrum carbonicum.

Natr. mur., Natrum muriaticum.

Natr. sulph., Natrum sulphuricum.

Nitr. ac, Acidum nitricum.

Nitrum, Kali nitricum.

Nuphar, Nuphar lutea.

Nux mosch., Nux moschata, Myristica N. m.

Nux v., Nux vomica, Strychnos N. v.

Oleander, Nerium Oleander.

Opium, Opium ; Papaver somniferum.

Pareira brava, Pareira brava .

Petr., Petroleum.

Petrosel., Petroselintira.

Phospti., Phosphorus.

Phos. ac, Acidum phosphoricum.

PhytoL, Pliytolacca decandra.

Platina, Platina.

Plumb., Plumbum aceticum.

Podoph., Podopliyllum peltatum.

Prunus spin., Prunus spinosa.

Psorin., Psorinum.

Pulmo vulpis, Pulmo vulpium.

Puis., Pulsatilla pratensis.

Punica, Punica granatorum.

Ranunc bulb.. Ranunculus bulbosus.
Ranunculus seel.. Ranunculus sceleratus.
Ratanhia, Ratanhia, Krameria triandra.
Rheum, Rheum australe and others.
Rhod., Rhododendron chrysanthum.
Rhus tox., Rhus Toxicodendron.
Rumex, Rumex crispus.
Ruta, Ruta graveolens.

Sabad., Veratrum Sabadilla.
Sabina, Juniperus Sabina.
Sambucus, Sambucus nigra.
Sanguin., Sanguinaria canadensis.
Sapo sodse, Sapo sodiB.



Sarracenia, Savracenia purpurea.

Sarsap., Sarsap., Smilax Sarsaparilla.

ScilJa, Seilla maritima.

Secale, Secale cornutum.

Selen., Selenium.

Senecio, Senecio gracilis.

Senega, Polygala Senega.

Sepia, Sepia officinalis, Atramentum, Sepise.

Silic., Silicea.

Sil;5hium, Silphium laciniatum.

Spigelia, Spigelia anthelmintica.

Spongia, Spongia tosta.

Squilla, Seilla maritima.

Stannum, Stannum metallicum.

Stapbis., Delphinium Staphisagria.

Stieta, Sticta pulmonaria.

Stillingia, Stillingia sylvatica.

Stram., Datura Stramonium.

Sulph., Sulphur.

Sulpli. ac., Acidum sulphuricum.

Symphytum, Symphytum officinale.

Tabae., Nicotiana Tabacum.
Tarax., Leontodon Taraxacum.
Tart, em, J Tartarus emeticus.

Tellur., Tellurium metallicum.
Terebinthina, Oleum terebinthinse.
Teucrium, Teucrium Marum verum.
Thea, Thea viridis.

Thlaspi b. past., Thlaspi Bursa pastoris.
Thuya, Thuya occidentalis.
Trillium, Trillium pendulum.
Tussilago, Tussilago Petasites.

Urtica ur., Urtica urens.
Uva ursi, Arbutus Uva ursi.

Vaccininum, Vaccininum.
Valeriana, Valeriana officinalis.
Variolinum, Variolinum.
Veratr., Veratrum album.
Verat. vir., Veratrum yiride.
Verbasc., Verbascum Thapsus.
Verbena Jam., Verbena Jamaicaensis.
Viola tri., Viola tricolor, .Jacea.

Zincum, Zincum metallicum.

Zinc, sulphuricum, Zincum sulphuricum.

Zizia, Zizia aurea.


Abdomen ,

Abdomen, general observations

Abnormal largeness of the head

Abnormal motions of the head

Abnormal smallness of the head

Abortive typhoid fever

Abscess of the ankle-joint

Abscess in the brain

Abscess of the cornea

Abscesses in the liver

Abscess of the psoas-muscle

Abscesses of the spleen

Acarns scabiei

Achorion Schonleini


Acne punctata 6(

Acne rosacea G(

Acne syphilitica

Acute yellow atrophy of the liver

Acute tumor of the spleen



Affections of the bronchial tubes

Afiections of the skull without enlarge-


Akinesia 501,

Albuminous degeneration of the liver . . .


Alcohol destroys the mould


Alopecia senilis



Analogy between the ear and the eye. . .


Anaemia of the brain

Anaemia of the skin 608,

Anaemia of the spine

Anaemic murmurs


Anaesthesia of the trigeminus

Anchilops ,

Aneurysraa, acute, of the heart

Aneurysm of the aorta

Aneurysms of the brain

Angina faucium

Angina granulosa or follicularis

Angina maligna

Angina parotidea

Angina pectoris


Animal parasites in the brain

Animal parasites within the spinal mar-

, 239















5. 77

\ 77















I Animalcules in comedones 66

! Ankle-joint, abscess of the 483

I Anomalies in the secretions of the skin. 627

Anteversion of the womb 423

Aorta, aneurysm of the 327

Aorta, diseases of the 237

Aortic opening, constriction of the 320

Aortic valves, defective 230

Aphthae 113

Aponeurotic dropsy of the scalp 37

Apoplexy, pulmonary I9i

Apoplexia sanguinea ]5

Apoplexia serosa n

Apoplectic cyst ig

Apoplexy of the spine 4.51

Arachnitis 13

Arthritis 470

Arthritis deformans, nodosa or pau-

perum 463

Ascaris lumbricoides 305

Ascites 314

Asthma 167

Asthma bronchiale nervosum 167

Asthma humidum I68

Asthma laryngeum infantum 130

Asthma MiUad 130

Asthma periodicum acutum infantile . . . 130

Asthma spasmodicura 130

Asthma thymioum Koppii 130

Atheromata 639

Atrophy, acute yellow, of liver 337

Atrophy of the brain 20

Atrophy of the skin 608

Atrophy of the skull 30

Atrophy of the spinal cord 459

Auricles, cold 56

Auricle, erysipelas of the 59

Auricles, iiushes of the . ,56

Auricles, hot 56

Auricles, paleness of 56

Auricles, purplish spots of the 56

Auricles, redness of the ... 56

Auricles, swollen 56

Auriculo-ventricular opening, constric-
tion of the left 219

Auscultation 148

Auscultation of the brain 1

Auscultation of cough 160

Auscultation of larynx 139

Auscultation of voice 156

Balanitis 393

Baldness 37, 608

Bamberger 335

Barclay 35, 138




Basilai' meningitis 8

Beating with one arm and one leg up

and down 35

Bednar 113

Bed-sores in typhus 578

Bending the head baclcwards 25

Biliary ducts, diseases of the 384

Blacli-Tomit 565

Bladder, diseases of the 368

Bleeders 543

Blepharitis 89

Blepharo-plegia 54

Blepharo-spasmus 52

Blisters, isolated, forming thick crusts.. 618

Blisters, large, isolated 617

Bloatedness 293

Blood 539

Blood-spitting 191

Bock 190

Boil 618

Boenninghausen 73

Bones, softening of the 474

Bony protuberances of the skull 28

Bouy tumors within the skull 31

Boring the head into the cushion 35

Bothriocephalus latus 306

Brain diseases, diagnosis of, ofteii im-
possible 27

Brain and its membranes, diseases of the 1

Brain symptoms 36

Breathing, irregular and sighing, as a

brain symptom ^26

Bright 's disease, acute 360

Bright's disease, chronic 363

Bronchiectasia 161

Bronchial respiration 148, 151

Bronchitis 161

Bronchitis capillaris 162

Bronchophony 157

Broncho-typhus 5'''''

Bruised head of a child after birth 38

Bryan • • -60, 58

Bubo 383

Bubo, inguinal 390

BuilEe, large, isolated 617

Burdach 84

Calculi vesicae 373

Callosities 607

Callosity of the edges of the eyelids 46

Calvities 608

Calor mordax 539

Camp-fever 569

Cancer of the breast 448

Cancer of the cfecum 364

Cancer of the eye 51

Cancer, flat, of tlie face 78

Cancer of the intestines 303

Cancer of the liver 380

Cancer of the lower lip 78

Cancer of the pancreas 352

Cancer of the rectum 303

Cancer of the spleen 849

Cancer of the stomach 347

Cancer of the tongue 104

Cancer of the womb 438

Cancerous tumors in the brain 31

Cankers of the mouth 113

Caustatt 544

Caput medusse • 331

Caput succedaneum 38

Carbuncle 619

Carbunculus 619

Carbunculus oris 124

Carcinoma hepatis 330

Carcinoma mammae 448

Carcinoma testis 403

Carcinoma ventriculi 347

Cardialgia 341

Carditis 332

Caries 475

Caries of the skull 30

Castrates 37

Catalepsy 511

Cataracta lentis and capsulae 47

Catarrh of the bladder 368

Catarrh of the bronchi 161

Catarrh on the chest of infants 163

Catarrh of the gall-ducts 334

Catarrh of the intestinal canal 256

Catarrh of the mucous membrane of the

larynx and trachea 181

Catarrh of the nose 68

Catarrh of the rectum 265

Catarrh, acute, of stomach 236

Catarrh, chronic, of stomach 239

Catarrh of the uterus 415

Catarrh of the vagina 444

Catarrhal pneumonia 173

Catarrhus intestinalis 256

Cauliflower excrescences of the womb . . 428

Cavernous voice 160

Cellular dropsy of the scalp 27

Celsius' thermometer 547

Cephalaliria 487

Cephalalgia rheumatica 464

Cervico-occipital neuralgia 495

Cervico-brachial neuralgia 495

Cessation of menses 437

Chalazion 46

Chancre 384

Chancre, constitutional 384

Chancre, indurated 387

Chancre, local 384

Chattering of the teeth 79

Chemosis 41

Chicken-pox 605

Chiragra 473

Chirarthrocace 484

Chloasmata uterina 607

Chlorosis 583

Cholaemia 538

Cholera p^3

Cholera infantum 380

Cholera morbus 379

Cholerine 275

Chorea 504

Chronic tumor of the spleen 348

Chronic intestinal catarrh 359

Cirrhosis ^^^

Cirsoeele 403

Clavi 607

Click sound lo6

Clonic spasms -'4

Closure of the womb 433

Coagulum in the portal veins 836

Coating of the tongue ^. 101

Cock'sgait f

Cold in the head 6S

Cold, yearly • "9



Colelithiasis 33-4

Colic 295

Colica flatulenta 297

Colica renalis 365

Colica rheumatica 297

Colica saburralis 297

CoUapsus of the brain 39

Colloid liver 329

Colloid spleen 349

Color of the tongue 100

Coma 23

Comedones 66, 77, 629

Complications of gonorrhoea 382

Condylomata 389, 608

Congestion of the brain 4

Congestion of the liver 318

Congestion of the skin 608

Congestive fever 562, 564

Conjunctivitis 41

Consistency of the tongue 102

Constipation , 283

Constitutional chancre 385, 387

Constitutional syphilis 385

Constitutional syphilis, hints to 398

Constipation of the bowels, a brain-
symptom 26

Constriction of the aortic opening 220

Constriction of the left auriculo-ventric-

ular opening 219

Constriction of pulmonary opening. .. . 221
Constriction of right auriculo-ventricu-

lar opening 221

Consumption of bodily substance 549

Consumption of the bowels 302

Continued fever 563

Continuous malarial fever 562

Contraction of muscles and tendons,

syphilitic 396

Convulsion 24, 501

Convulsions of children 530

Copper-colic 298

Cor hirsutum 212

Cor villosum 212

Corns 607

Cornua humana 36

Cornua cutanea 607

Corpus striatum, frequent seat of hemor-
rhages in the brain 16

Coryza 68

Coxalgia 478

Coxarthrocace 478

Cracked-pot sound 147

Cracks on the tongue 103

Cramp 501

Cramp of the stomach 241

Craniotabes 39

Cranium, its integuments 30

Crepitant rattle 153

Crisis 549

Critical days 549

Crural neuralgia 499

Crusta lactea 76, 614

Crusta serpiginosa 614

Croup 133

Croupous nephritis 595

Croupous pneumonia 173

Curling 257

Cutis anserina 553

Cyanosis 530

Cyanosis 608

Cysticercus cellulosa 33, 306

Cystitis 368

Cystitis parenchymatosa 373

Cystitis serosa 373

Cysts in the brain 31

Cysts, formation of, in the ovaries 413

Dacryo-cystitis 40

Dandruff 33, 613

Davies 153

Deafness 63

Decubitus 609

Decubitus in typhus 578

Defective aortic valves 230

Defective valves of pulmonary artery. . 221

Defective tricuspid valves 221

Deficiencies of the brain 20

Deforming inflammation of the joints . . . 463

Deformities of the nails 394

Degeneration of the coatings of the arte-
ries in the brain ... 15

Delirium 23

Dermatitis 609

Dermo-cystoides 36

Diagnosis of brain diseases often impos-
sible 1, 27

Diagnosis of ear diseases 57. 58

DiarrhQ3a.... 257, 258

Diabetes mellitus and insipidus 356

Diabetes mellitus is associated with a
diminution of gaseous secretions of

the skin 638

Diaphragm, perforation of 229

Diaphragm, rupture of 229

Diaphragmitis 338

Diastole 304

Dilatation of the heart 333

Diphtheria 114

Diphtheritis 114

Diplosporium fuscum 13 L

Discharges from the ears 56, 60

Diseases of the biliary ducts 334

Diseases of the cranium and its mem-
branes 37

Diseases of the hepatic parenchyma. . . . 318
Diseases of the integuments of the skull 30

Diseases of the kidneys 353

Diseases of the prostata 404

Diseases of the respiratory organs 160

Diseases, spasmodic 503

Diseases of the testes 401

Diseases, venereal 377

Diseases of the vcsiculae seminales 407

Dissolution of the red blood-corpuscles. 531

Displacement of the womb 433

Dolor faciei Fothergillii 491

Dribbling of urine 376

Dropsical effusions within the brain, ... 7

Dropsy of the appendix 263

Dropsy of the bowels 314

Diopsy of the chest 300

Dropsy, ovarian 413

Dropsy of the pericardium 215

Dropsy of the peritoneum 314

Dropsy of the scalp 27

Dropsy of the spine 453

Drowsiness 23

Drum-sound 144

Dry pleurisy 1 93

Dry sounds 153



Duration of pneumonia 173

Dysentery 267

Dysmenorrlioea 440

Dyspepsia 233

Dysphagia inflamraatoria 127

Dysuria 376

Ears 54

Ears, bleeding from the 56

Ears, discharges from the 57

Ear, general observations on tlie 56

Ears, inflammation of the 57

Ears, best means and modes of exploring

the 57

Ear-speculum 57

Ear-wax, thin 57

Eclampsia acuta 518

Echinococcus hominis 22

Echinococcus-cysts of the liver 332

Echiuococcus-cysts of the spleen 350

Eclampsia gravidarum et parturientium 519

Eclampsia infantum 520

Ecthcma 616

Ecthema capitis 34

Eczema 613

Eczema capitis 34

Eczema impetiginosum 614

Eczema marginatum 614

Eczema rubrum 614

Eczema of the scalp 37

Eidherr 176, 177

Emboli 217, 347

Emphoric echo 160

Empliysema pulmonum 186

Eraprosthotonus 509

Empyema 197

Encephalitis 12

Eucephalomalacia 18

Encysted tumors on the eyelids 50

Endarteritis deformans 15

Endocarditis 216

Enlargement of the spleen 348

Enlargement of the prostata 405

Enlargement, chronic, of the tonsils.... 108

Enteralgia 295

Enteric fever 572

Enteritis 256, 257

Entero-mesenteric fever 572

Entozoes 304

Ephelides 607

Epilepsy 24, 512

Epistaxis 70

Epulis 83

Eruptions, syphilitic 78

Erysipelas of the auricle 59

Erysipelas buUosiim 31

Erysipelas of the face 76

Erysipelas of the scalp SO

Erysipelatous meningitis 31

Erythema 609

Erythema nodosum 609

Erythema papulatum 609

Erythema tuberculosum 609

Eunuchs 37

Eustachian tube 57, 58

Eustachian tube, stoppage or stricture of

the 62

Exanthemata 587

Exostosis 475

Exostosis of the skull 28

Expiratory murmur '. . .150, 1 .51

Expiratory sound 148

Eyelids, inflammation of the 39

Eyes, appearance of the 38

Eyes, brilliancy of the 38

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