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Publication No. 3

City Club of Chicago

List of Titles on Municipal

With Special Reference to City Charters and to
Local Conditions in Chicago

Compiled by

Charles Harvey Brown

Reference Librarian, The John Crerar Library

List of Titles


Municipal Government

With Special Reference to City Charters and
to Local Conditions in Chicago

Prepared at the Request of the City Club of Chicago
for the Chicago Charter Convention


Charles Harvey Brown
Reference Librarian, The John Crerar Library

Chicago, 111., March i, 1906

City Club of Chicago



Municipal Elections, Appointments and Tenure of Office.

Municipal, Executive and Departmental Organization.

Municipal Legislature.

Municipal Courts.

Municipal Taxation and Revenues.

Municipal Expenditures and Accounting.

Relations of the Municipality to Other Organizations and Public

Public Education.
Public Utilities.

Penal, Charitable and Reformatory Institutions.
Municipal Parks and Public Grounds.
Law Committee.
Rivers and Harbors.
Rules, Procedure and General Plan.


In view of the recent favorable decision of the Supreme Court of Illinois
on the charter amendment, and the organization of the Chicago Charter
Convention, it is certain that the structure of municipal government will
be very seriously considered during the coming year. There is, however,
no convenient list of the most important sources of information bearing on
these problems now of such great interest. The bibliography here pre-
sented does not purport to cover all of the books upon municipal govern-
ment, but includes merely a selected list of such material as particularly
bears upon the structure of city government. It includes the charters of all
the most important American cities and recent charters of a number of
comparatively small cities, the most valuable treatises on municipal gov-
ernment and a number of special reports or investigations of city prob-
lems. By no means all of the existing works are cited here, but it is
believed that the most important and reliable have been included. It is
hoped that this list may be of service to those interested in improving the
structure of the local government or governments.


Library Committee

This list was compiled solely with reference to the requirements of the
Chicago Charter Convention, hence certain subjects of importance in Chi-
cago at the present time have been emphasized, while topics of perhaps
greater interest elsewhere have not been so fully treated. The classifica-
tion was determined by the organization of the convention into committees.
No attempt has been made to give full bibliographical details in collation,
but the main pagination has been indicated in all cases. The initials in
the margin denote the libraries in which the titles may be found ; the list


having been compared with the catalogues of the University of Chicago,
the John Crerar, the Chicago Public, and the City Club of Chicago
libraries. The resources of no one of the libraries has by any means
been exhausted, however. The Municipal Library has a representative col-
lection of city charters, but lack of time prevented any attempt to check
these, except in so far as they are not in other libraries in the vicinity.
The Law Institute Library and the University of Chicago Law Library
have valuable collections of state and city codes, session laws and legal
text-books, all of which contain material of use to the student of city
government. Few administrative reports of the various cities have been
given, although many of them are of value. The municipal registers of the
larger cities, which usually contain the city charters, should also be con-
sulted. As a general rule titles in foreign languages have been omitted.
Whenever necessary, titles have been entered under both the name of the
city and the specific subject, except in the case of Chicago. The compiler
is under great obligation to Professor Charles Edward Merriam, of the De-
partment of Political Science of the University of Chicago, who has care-
fully revised the list, and who has been largely instrumental in deter-
mining its scope and selection. This list, in somewhat extended form, is
to be submitted to the N. Y. State Library School in partial fulfillment of
its requirements for graduation. The following are the abbreviations used
for the various libraries :

C. Chicago Public Library, Washington street, Michigan avenue and
Randolph street.

Ci. City Club of Chicago, 228 South Clark street.

/. The John Crerar Library, Marshall Field Building, 87 Wabash

Z. Chicago Law Institute, sixteenth floor, 134 Monroe street.
M. Bureau of Statistics and Municipal Library, Room 206, City Hall.

U. University of Chicago Library, Press and Law Buildings, Ellis
avenue and Fifty-eighth street.



General Works and TT S -



Great Britain
New Zealand


Charities, Juvenile Court, Prisons - 15

Civic Aesthetics, Parks, Playgrounds 16

Education - _ 17

Elections 18

Engineering, Sanitation, Public Health, Streets 1 8

Finance, Taxation, Accounting - 19

Housing 2 1

Legislature, Mayor - - 22

Police - 22

Relations to State - - 23

Public Utilities, Municipal Ownership - - - - 24

Electricity, Gas, Lighting Transportation
Telephones Water Works

Individual States - - - 30

Connecticut New York

Illinois Ohio

Indiana Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Wisconsin

Individual Cities -


New York











Grand Rapids

St. Joseph

Kansas City

St. Louis

Los Angeles

St Paul


San Francisco





New Haven



General Housing

Charters, Ordinances Parks, Playgrounds

Proposed Charters Police

Charities Saloons

Civil Service Sanitation, Public Health

Education, Libraries Streets

Finances, Taxation, Accounts Transportation

Gas, Electricity, Lighting Tunnels

Harbors, River Tunnels Water Works


C. Chicago Public Library; Cl. City Club Library; J. John Crerar Library;
L. Library of the Law Institute; M. Municipal Library; U. Library of the
University of Chicago.

The sign + denotes a current publication, of which the library has a complete
file from the year or vol. preceding the sign.

C.C1. Brooks, Robert C. A bibliography of municipal problems and city
J.U. conditions. 2nd ed. N. Y., Reform Club, 1901. 346 p. (Municipal
.affairs, vol. 5, no. 1. March, 1901.) $1.50.

Supplemented by quarterly lists in Municipal Affairs, 1901-2.
The best yet published.

J. Detroit Public Library. Municipal affairs. Books and articles in

the Detroit Public Library. 1902. Detroit, 1902. 44 p.
Useful mainly as a check list.


CJ.U. American Academy of Political and Social Science. Annals. With

Cl. supplements. Phil., 1890+. Vol. 1+. $6 per year. Bi-monthly.

CJ.U. American Economic Association. Economic Studies. With sup-
plements. N. Y., 1896-99. 4 vols. $2.50 per year. Bi-monthly.

CJ.U. American Economic Association. Publications. N. Y., 1886-K
Vol. 1-f- $4 per year. Quarterly.

CJ.U. American Journal of Sociology. Chicago, 1895-f. Vol. 1-f. $2
per year. Bi-monthly.

J.M. Canadian Municipal Journal. Devoted to the interests of munici-
palities in all Canada. Montreal, 1905-f . Vol. 1-f. $1 per year.

CJ. Charities. A weekly review of local and general philanthropy.

U.(7+) N. Y., 1901-f. Vol. 6-f. $2 per year.
Absorbed The Commons, Nov. 4, 1905.

J.U. Chicago University. Studies in political science. Chicago, 1894-f.
No. 1+. Published irregularly.

J.U. Columbia University. Studies in history, economics and public
law, edited by the Faculty of Political Science of Columbia Uni-
versity. N. Y., 1891-f . Vol. 1-f. Published irregularly.

J. Commons. A monthly record devoted to aspects of life and labor

U.(2+) from the social settlement point of view. With supplements.
Chicago, 1896-1905. 10 vols. $1 per vol.

United with Charities, Nov. 4, 1905.

J.U. Conference for Good City Government. Proceedings. Phil.,

C.C1. 1894-f. No. 1-f. $1 per year. Published annually.

CJ.U. Johns Hopkins University. Studies in historical and political sci-
ence. Baltimore, 1883+. Vol. 1-f. $3 per year. Monthly.

CJ.U. Johns Hopkins University. Studies in historical and political sci-
ence. Extra vols. Baltimore, 1886-f . Vol. 1-f. Published irregu-


CJ.U. Journal of Political Economy. Chicago, 1893+. Vol. 1+. $3

per year. Monthly.
J.U. League of American Municipalities. Bulletin. Des Moines,

Iowa. 1902+. Vol. 1-f. $1 per year. Monthly.

C.(3+) League of American Municipalities. Proceedings. Des Moines,
J.(4+) Iowa, 1899+. No. 3+.

J. Michigan Political Science Association. Publications. Ann Arbor,

U.(2+) 1893+. Vol. 1+. Published irregularly.
CJ.U. Municipal Affairs. A quarterly magazine devoted to the consid-

eration of city problems from the standpoint of the taxpayer and

citizen. N. Y., Reform Club, 1897-1902. 6 vols. $2 per year.


J. Municipal Engineering. A monthly magazine devoted to the im-

C.(3+) provement of cities. Indianapolis, 1890+. Vol. 1+. $2 per year.

J.1901+ Municipal Journal and Engineer. An international magazine de-
U. voted to municipal affairs and allied interests. N. Y., 1899+. Vol.

6+. Weekly. $3 per year.

Absorbed Municipal News, Jan. 1, 1906.

J. Municipal Journal. Lond., 1893+. Vol. 1+. 9s 6d per year.

U (7+)

C.Cl.J.U.National Municipal League. Proceedings of the annual meeting.

(Conference for Good City Government. Proceedings, No. 3+.

Philadelphia, 1895+) .
C1J.U. New York State Library, Year book of legislation. Albany, Uni-

versity of the state of New York. 1891+. Vol. 1+. $1 per year.

At present published in 3 parts: Digest of Governor's messages, Summary and
index of legislation, Review of legislation. The latter contains Local government
by D. F. Wilcox, Local finance by F. R. Clow, Municipal functions by J. A.

Of great value.

J.U. Pennsylvania University. Publications. Political economy and
public law series. Philadelphia, 1885+. No. 1+. Published irregu-

CJ.U. Political Science Quarterly. A review devoted to the historical,
statistical, and comparative study of politics, economics, and public
law. Edited by the Faculty of Political Science of Columbia
University. N. Y., 1886+. Vol. 1+. $3 per year. Quarterly.

CJ.U. Quarterly Journal of Economics. Published for Harvard Uni-
versity. Boston, 1887+. Vol. 1+. $3 per year.

CJ.U. U. S. Bureau of Labor. Bulletin. Wash., 1895+. No. 1+. Monthly.

CJ.U. U. S. Bureau of the Census. .Bulletin. Wash., 1903+. No. 1+.
Published irregularly.

CJ.U. Wisconsin University. Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin.
Economics, political science, and history series. Madison, Wis.,
1894-1899. 2 vols. Published irregularly.

Contnued in two series: Economics and political science series; History series.

CJ.U. Yale Review. A quarterly journal for the scientific discussion of
economic, political, and social questions. New Haven, Conn.,
1893+. Vol. 1+. $3 per year.

Continued from New Englander and Yale Review.


Cl.U. Abbott, Howard S. A treatise on the law of municipal corpora-
tions. In 3 vols. St. Paul, Keefe-Davidson, 1905. $18.

Vol. 3 not yet published. (Feb. 1, 1906.)

C.ClJ.U.Addams, Jane. Problems of municipal administration. (Ameri-
can Journal of Sociology, Jan., 1905. 10: 425-44).

L.U. Beach, Charles F., jr. Law of public corporations. Indianapolis,
Bowen-Merrill, 1893. 2 vols. $12.

CJ.U. Bemis, Edward W. Local government in the South and South-
west. (Johns Hopkins University studies in historical and political
science. Nov.-Dec., 1893. 11: 459-546).

CJ.U. Bradford, Gamaliel. The lesson of popular government. N. Y.,
Macmillan, 1899. 2 vols. $4.

A review of popular government in the United States, Great Britain, and France.
Chap. 24-25: City government Chap. 33: The executive in the city. Gives plan
of a charter with detailed discussion.

C.Cl.J.U.Bryce, James. The American Commonwealth. Lond., Macmillan,
1888. 2 vols. $4.

Vol. 1; chap. 48: Local govt. 49: Rural local govt. 50: The government of
cities. 51: The working of city governments. 52: An American view of govern-
ment in the U. S. Vol. 2, 88: The Tammany ring in N. Y. City. 89: The Phila-
delphia gas ring.

U. Dillon, John F. Commentaries on the law of municipal corpora-

tions. 4th ed. Bost., Little, Brown, 1890. 2 vols. $12.

A reprint of this ed. was made in 1902.

CJ.U. Eaton, Dorman B. The government of municipalities. N. Y.,
Macmillan, 1899. 498 p. $4.

From standpoint of civil service reform.

J.U. Elliott, Charles B. The principles of the law of public corpora-
tions. Chicago, Callaghan, 1898. 364 p. $4.

C.C1. J.U.Ely, Richard T. The coming city. N. Y., Crowell, 1902. 110 p.
60 cts.

C.ClJ.U.Fairlie, John A. Municipal administration. N. Y., Macmillan,
1901. 448 p. $3.

Pt. 1: Municipal history. Pt. 2: Municipal activities. Pt . 3: Municipal finan-
ces. Pt. 4: Municipal organization.

C.ClJ.U.Fairlie, John A. The problems of city government from the ad-
ministrative point of view. (Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social
Science. Annals. Jan., 1906. 27: 132-54).

C.ClJ.U.Ford, Henry J. Principles of municipal organization. (Amer.
Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. March, 1904. 23:

C.Cl.J.U.Goodnow, Frank J. City government in the United States. N. Y.,
Century Co., 1904. 315 p. $1.25.

The best treatise on the structure of city government.

CJ.U. Goodnow, Frank J. Comparative administrative law. N. Y., Put-
nam, 1893. 2 vols. $5.

"Local administration," U. S., Great Britain, France, Germany, 1: 162-338.

CJ.U. Goodnow, Frank J. Municipal home rule. A study in administra-
tion. N. Y., Macmillan, 1897. 283 p. $1.50.

C.Cl.J.U.Goodnow, Frank J. Municipal problems. N. Y., Macmillan, 1897.
321 p. $1.


C.C1J. Howe, Frederic C. The city, the hope of democracy. N. Y., Scrib-
U. ner, 1905. 319 p. $1.50 net.

"Attempt at the economic interpretation of the city." Pref.
Advocates municipal ownership.

C.J.U. James, Edmund J. The elements of a model charter for American
cities. (Conference for good city government. 1894. 2: 154-73).

C.J.U. Lalor, John J., ed. Cyclopaedia of political science, political econ-
omy, and of the political history of the United States, by the best
American and European writers. N. Y., Maynard, Merrill & Co.,
1895. 3 vols. $15.

First published 1881. Reprint 1904.

J.L.U. McQuillin, Eugene. A treatise on the law of municipal ordinances.
Chicago, Callaghan, 1904. 1031 p. $6.

C.J.U. MacVeagh, Franklin. A programme of municipal reform. (Ameri-
can Journal of Sociology. March, 1896. 1: 551-63).

J.U. Michigan Political Science Association. Papers and discussions
on municipal problems. 204 p. (Michigan Political Science Asso-
ciation. Publications. March, 1904. Vol. 5, No. 4). $1.

Contents: Municipal ownership, League of municipalities, Municipal legislation,
Municipal public works.

Wilcox, D. F. Municipal home rule, city charters framed by municipal con-
ventions; p. 97-108. Swarthout, Elvin. Some requisites of a good city charter;
p. 182-204.

C.C1. J.U. Municipal Year Book. Giving the population, assessed valuation,
principal officials, and ownership of public utilities; also informa-
tion regarding the water supply, sewerage, street cleaning, street
sprinkling, garbage, fire, and underground electric service in all
the incorporated places in the United States, and in all the New
England towns of 3,000 population and upwards by the census of
1900. N. Y., 1902. $3.

Ed. by M. N. Baker.

C.Cl.J.U.National Municipal League. A municipal program. Report of a
committee of the National Municipal League, adopted by the
League November 17, 1899, together with explanatory and other
papers. N. Y., 1900. 246 p. $1.

Contents: Fairlie, J. A. Municipal development in the United States. Deming,
H. E. The municipal problem in the United States. Shaw, A. The city in the
United States the proper scope of its activities. Goodnow, F. J. The place of
the council and of the mayor in the organization of municipal government the
necessity of distinguishing legislation from administration. Rowe, L. S. Public
accounting under the proposed municipal program. Coler, B. S. The power to
incur indebtedness under the proposed municipal program. Richardson, C. Muni-
cipal franchises. Goodnow, F. J. Political parties and city government under
the proposed municipal program. Deming, H. E. Public opinion and city govern-
ment under the proposed municipal program. Rowe, L. S. A summary of the pro-
gram. Proposed constitutional amendments. Proposed municipal corporations act.
Wilcox, D. F. An examination of the proposed municipal program.

Also, in somewhat different form, in Conference for Good City Govt. Proceed-
ings. 1898-1900.

C.J.U. N. Y. (State) Legislature. .Tilden Commission. Report on munici-
pal government. (Reprinted in Municipal Affairs, Sept., 1899. 3:

Wm. M. Evarts, chairman. Report made 1877. Favors home rule and inde-
pendence of municipal politics.


C.Cl.J.U.Parsons, Frank. The city for the people; or, the municipaliza-
tion of the city government and of local franchises. Phil., Taylor,
1901. 704 p. $1.

"Home rule for cities," p. 387-468.
Favors municipal ownership.

C.Cl.J.U.Steffens, Lincoln. The shame of the cities. N. Y., McClure,
Phillips, 1904. 306 p. $1.20 net.

"Reprinted from McClure's Magazine."

Contents. Introduction; and some conclusions. Tweed days in St. Louis.
The shame of Minneapolis. The shamelessness of St. Louis. Pittsburg: a city
ashamed. Philadelphia: corrupt and contented. Chicago: half free and fighting
on. New York: good government to the test.

C.C1J.U.U. S. Bureau of the Census. Census reports. Twelfth census of the
United States, taken in the year 1900. Washington, 1901-02. 10 v.

Contents. v. i-ii. Population. v. iii-iv. Vital statistics. v. v-vi. Agriculture.
v. vii-x. Manufactures.

Supplemented by special reports and bulletins.

CJ.U. U. S. Bureau of the Census. Statistics of cities having a popula-
tion of over 25,000, 1902 and 1903. 481 p. (U. S. Bureau of the
Census. Bulletin 20, 1905).

Gives comparisons in detail for various subjects, such as finances, street rail-
ways, municipal industries, etc.

C1J.U. Weber, Adna F. The growth of cities in the i9th century; a study
in statistics. 495 p. (Columbia University. Studies in history,
economics, and public law, 1899. Vol. 11). $3.50.

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of small industrial centres. (Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social
Science. Annals. March, 1904. 23: 223-36).

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struction, and management. N. Y., Macmillan, 1903. 241 p. $1.50

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N. Y., Macmillan, 1904. 423 p. $1.25 net.

Cl.J.U. Wilcox, Delos F. The municipal program. (Chicago Conference
for Good City Government. Proceedings. 1904. 12: 181-90).

Contains statement of use made of the municipal program.

C.Cl.J.U.Wilcox, Delos F. The study of city government. An outline of
the problems of municipal functions, control, and organization.
N. Y., Macmillan, 1897. 268 p. $1.50.

C.J.U. Wilson, Woodrow. The state. Elements of historical and prac-
tical politics. A sketch of institutional history and administration.
Boston, Heath, 1895. 686 p. $2.

Considerable attention is given to local government.

C.J.U. Woodruff, Clinton R. An American municipal program. (Political
Science Quarterly, March, 1903. 18: 47-58).

C.Cl.J.U.Zueblin, Charles. American municipal progress; chapters in muni-
cipal sociology. N. Y., Macmillan, 1902. 380 p. $1.25 net.

Contents. Introduction : municipal sociology. Transportation. Public works.
Sanitation. Public schools. Public libraries. Public buildings. Parks and bou-
levards. Public recreation. Public control, ownership, and operation.

Cl.J.U. Zueblin, Charles. A decade of civic development. Chicago Uni-
versity of Chicago Press, 1905. 188 p. $1.25.



C.C1. J.U.Shaw, Albert. Municipal government in continental Europe. Lon-
don, Unwin, 1897. 505 p. $2.

Appendix 1, The budget of Paris. Appendix 2, Condensed budget of Berlin.
Appendix 3, The French municipal code.


C.C1J.U. Gelling, B. R. The municipal institutions of Australia; with special
reference to conditions in New South Wales. (Amer. Acad. of
Polit. and Social Science. Annals, March, 1904. 23: 255-67).

Cl. New Zealand. Parliament. General Assembly. Municipal corpo-

rations. Wellington, 1900. 110 p.


Cl. Ontario, Canada. Legislative Assembly. Consolidated municipal

act. Toronto, 1903. 430 p.

Cl. Ontario, Canada. Legislative Assembly. Select Committee. Mu-

nicipal trading and municipal ownership or operation of public
utilities. Toronto, Cameron, 1903. 246 p.

J.U. Shortt, Adam. Municipal government in Ontario, by Adam Shortt.
Municipal organization in Ontario, by K. W. McKay, Bibliogra-
phy of Canadian municipal government by S. Morley Wickett.
(University of Toronto Studies. History and Economics. Vol. 2,
no. 2, 70 p.)

CJ.U. Wickett, S. Morley. City government in Canada. (Political Science
Quarterly, June, 1900. 15: 240-59).

C.Cl.J.U.Rowe, Leo S. The reorganization of local government in Cuba.

(Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals, March, 1905.

25: 311-21).

CJ.U. Block, Maurice. Dictionnaire de 1'administration franchise. Qua-

trieme edition. Paris, Berger-Levrault & cie, 1898. 2342 p. F. 37.50.
J.U. Dubois, Louis Paul. Essai sur les finances communales. Paris,

Perrin, 1898. 306 p. F. 3.50.
CJ.U. Rowe, L. S. The socialistic municipalities of northern France.

(Yale Review, Feb., 1899. 7: 363-74).


J.U. Cadoux, Gaston. Les finances de la ville de Paris de 1798 a 1900.
Suivies d'un essai de statistique comparative des charges commu-
nales des principales villes francaises et etrangeres, de 1878 a 1898.
Paris, Berger-Levrault, 1900. 821 p. F. 15.

"Probably the most extensive and elaborate study which has yet been made
concerning the finances of any city." E. Dana Durand.

J.U. Gessen, Rene. Organization municipale de Paris; projets de re-
forme. Paris, Giard & Briere, 1904. 172 p.

J.U. Seine, Departement. Direction des affaires municipales. Annuaire
statistique de la ville de Paris. Paris, Masson, 1881-f. Vol. 1-f-.
F. 6, for 1902.



CJ.U. Brooks, Robert C. The three-class election system in Prussian

cities. (Municipal Affairs, Sept., 1899. 3: 396-433).
CJ.U. Goodnow, Frank J. Local government in Prussia. (Political

Science Quarterly, Dec., 1889 March, 1890. 4: 648-66; 5: 124-58).
CJ.U. James, Edmund J. City administration in Germany. (American

Journal of Sociology, July, 1901. 7: 29-52).
U. Leidig, Eugene. Das preussische Stadtrecht Die Verfassung

und Verwaltung der preussischen Stadte, systematisch dargestellt.

Berlin, Siemenroth und Worms, 1891. 552 p. M. 7.
CJ.U. Woodhead, Howard. The first German Municipal Exposition, held

in Dresden in 1903. Chicago, University of Chicago, 1904. 84 p.
"Reprinted from the American journal of sociology, vol. ix, nos. 4, 5, 6, and

vol. x, no. 1, January, March, May, and July 1904."

J. Wuttke, Robert, ed. Die deutschen Stadte, geschildert nach den

Ergebnissen der ersten Deutschen Stadteattsstellung zu Dresden
1903. Leipzig, F. Brandstetter, 1904. 2 vols. M. 30.


CJ.U. Brooks, Robert C. Berlin's tax problem. (Political Science Quar-
terly, Dec., 1905. 20: 665-95).

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view, Feb., 1906. 14: 361-73).

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nal of Sociology, Nov., 1900. 6: 407-15).

CJ.U. James, Edmund J. Street railway franchises in the city of Berlin.
(Journal of Political Economy, March, 1901. 9: 260-71).


J.U. James, Edmund J. Municipal administration in Germany as seen
in the government of a typical Prussian city, Halle a/S. Chicago,
University of Chicago Press, 1901. 93 p. (Chicago. University.

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