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Studies in Political Science).

Appeared originally in briefer form in Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science,
May, 1900. 15: 313-54.

Great Britain.
CJ.U. Blunden, G. H. British local finance. (Political Science Quarterly,

March-June, 1894. 9: 78-107, 268-302).

J.U. The County Councils, municipal corporations, urban district, rural
district, and parish councils companion, magesterial directory, poor-
law authorities and local government year book. London, Kelly,
1897+. No. 21+. 10s. 6d.

Edited by Sir J. R. Somers Vine.

CJ.U. Dolman, Frederick L. Municipalities at work. The municipal policy
of six great towns and its influence on their social welfare. Lon-
don, Methuen, 1895. 143 p. 2s. 6d.

Contents. 1. Birmingham. 2. Manchester. 3. Liverpool. 4. Glasgow.
5. Bradford. 6. Leeds. Conclusion. Appendices: 1. The municipalities and
labour. 2. Comparative statistics.

J.U. Gomme, George L. Lectures on the principles of local government.
Delivered at the London school of Economics, 1897. Westmin-
ster, Constable, 1897. 267 p. 12s.

"With special reference to England."


J.( 1897+) Great Britain. Local Government Board. Annual report. Lon-
U. don, 1872+.

The reports of the Board on Local Taxation also give valuable information.

J. Great Britain. Local Government Board. Municipal corporation?

(reproductive undertakings). Return of the reproductive under
takings carried on by municipal boroughs, brought up to the 31st
day of March, 1902. London, 1902. 141 p. (Great Britain. Par-
liament. Sessional papers, 1902. 398.)

J. Great Britain Parliament. Report from the joint select committee

on municipal trading. London, 1903. 462 p. (Gt. Brit. Parlia-
ment. H. of C. Reports, 270.) 4s.

Also in H. of L. Reports. 172.

Report of a similar joint committee on municipal trading was made in 1900.

CJ.U. Hartshorne, Charles H. The management of English towns. (Po-
litical Science Quarterly. March, 1906. 21: 91-110.)

CJ.U. Howe, Frederic C. Municipal ownership in Great Britain. (U. S.
Bureau of Labor. Jan, 1906. 62: 1-123.)

C1J.U. Maltbie, Milo R. English local government; a study of the rela-
tions of central and local government. 296p. (Columbia Univer-
sity. Studies in history, economics and public law. 1897. Vol. 9,
No. 1.) $2.

CJ.U. Maltbie, Milo R. The English local government board. (Political
Science Quarterly, June, 1898. 13: 232-58.)

CJ.U. Meyer, Hugo R. Municipal ownership in Great Britain. (Journal
of Political Economy. Sept, 1905. 13: 481-505.)

J.U. Municipal socialism, a series of articles reprinted from the Times.
London, The Times office, 1902. 88 p.

Contents. The socialist idea. The increase in local burdens. Local rates
and commercial enterprises. Municipal versus private trading. The question of
efficiency. Municipalities and direct labour. A socialist regime at West Ham.
"A municipal Mecca" [Battersea] A triumph of democracy. The position at
Birmingham. Municipal enterprise at Glasgow. Where municipal management
does not pay. The housing question: Municipal enterprise. Private enterprise.
Conclusions and recommendations.

J.U. The Municipal year book of the United Kingdom. London, i897-j-.
No. 1-f-. 3s. 6d. per no.

Edited by Robert Donald.
Cl. has 1904+.

Cl.J.U. Redlich, Josef. Local government in England. Ed. with addi-
tions by Francis W. Hirst. London, Macmillan, 1903. 2 v. 21s.

"The standard work on the structure of English municipal government."

C.Cl.J.U.Shaw, Albert. Municipal government in Great Britain. N. Y,
Century Co, 1895. 385 p. $2.

Appendix 1, Chief provisions of the English municipal code. Appendix 2,
The London Progressive platform, adopted by the London Liberal and Radical
Union in 1892; a statement of a progressive policy. Appendix 3, the unifica-
tion of London.


C.Cl.J.U.Adler, Herbert M. Recent changes in the government of London.
(Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. March, 1904.
23: 237-54.)

U. London. County Council. Publications. No. 2+. Lond, 1890+.

J.U. The London Manual. London, Lloyd, 1896+. No. 1+. Is. 6d.
per vol.


J.U. Seager, John. The government of London under the London gov-
ernment act, 1899. London, King, 1899. 102 p. 2s. 6d.

J.U. Whelen, Frederick. London government. London, Richards, 1898.
291 p. 3s. 6d.


Manchester Municipal Code, being a digest of the local acts of
Parliament, charters, commissions, orders, bye-laws, regulations,
and public instructions and forms in force within the city of Man-
chester. Manchester, Solicitors Law Stationery Society, 1894-1901.
6 vols. 15s. per vol.

Cl. has vols. 1-3. Municipal Museum has complete.


Cl.J.U. Atkinson, Mabel. Local government in Scotland. Edinburgh,
Blackwood, 1904. 441 p. 12s. 6d .

"A selected bibliography," p. 403-416.

J.U. Geddes, Patrick. City development, a study of parks, garden and
culture-institutes: a report of the Carnegie Dunfermline trust.
Edinburgh, Geddes, 1904. 231 p. 21s., net.


C.J.U. Bell, James. Glasgow, its municipal organization and adminis-
tration. Glasgow, MacLehose, 1896. 426 p.

J. Glasgow. Handbook on the municipal enterprises. Glasgow, An-

derson, 1904. 147 p.

Cl. Glasgow. Municipal Commission on the Housing of the Poor.

Report and recommendations together with minutes of evidence
and appendices. Glasgow, 1904. 979 p.


C.J.U. Clement, Ernest W. Local self government in Japan. (Political
Science Quarterly, June, 1892. 7: 294-306.)

Modeled upon Prussian system with 3 classes of electors.

New Zealand.

J.U. New Zealand. Registrar-General's Office. Statistics of the Colony
of New Zealand, with statistics of local governing bodies. Wel-
lington, 1891+.


C.J.U. Siosteen, Gustaf. City administration in Sweden. (Municipal
Affairs, Dec., 1901. 5: 779-92.)



C.J.U. Adams, Herbert B. Notes on the literature of charities. 48 p.

(Johns Hopkins University studies in historical and political science.

1887. 5th series. Vol. 8.) 25 cts.
C.Cl.J.U.Folks, Homer. Problems in administration of municipal chari-


ties. (Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. March,
1904. 23: 268-80.)

CJ.U. Henderson, Charles R. Modern methods of charity; an account of
the systems of relief, public and private, in the principal countries
having modern methods. N. Y., Macmillan, 1904. 715 p. $3.50 net.

Bibliography: p. 689-702.

C.C1 J.U.Henderson, Charles R. Modern prison systems. Their organization
and regulation in various countries of Europe and America. Wash.,
1903. 319 p. (U. S. 57th Cong., 2nd sess. House. Doc. No. 452.)

C.C1J.U. Juvenile Courts. (Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. An-
nals. July, 1902. 20: 255-85.)

Contents: Williamson, E. E. Probation and juvenile courts. Beitler, A. M.
Juvenile court in Phil. Almy, F. Juvenile courts in Buffalo.

J.U. Massachusetts. Board to Investigate the Subject of the Unem-
ployed. Report. March 13, 1895. Boston, Wright & Potter, 1895.
5 v. in 1.

Contents. v. 1. Relief measures. v. 2. Wayfarers and tramps. v. 3. Public
works. v. 4. Causes. v. 5. Final report.

"Most valuable and extensive inquiry yet made in U. S."

C.(7+) National Conference of Charities and Corrections. Proceedings.
J.(l+) Boston, 1874+. Vol. 1+.

CJ.U. U. S. Bureau of the Census. Special reports. Benevolent insti-

tutions, 1904. Wash, 1905. 335 p.
CJ.U. Warner, Amos G. American charities. A study in philanthropy and

economics. N. Y, Crowell, 1894. 430 p. $1.75.
CJ.U. Wines, Frederick H. Punishment and reformation. An historical

sketch of the rise of the penitentiary system. N. Y., Crowell, 1895.

339 p. $1.75.


CJ.U. American, Sadie. The movement for small playgrounds. (Amer-
ican Journal of Sociology. Sept. 1898. 4: 159-70.)

CJ. Art and Crafts Exhibition Society, London. Art and life, and the
building and decoration of cities: a series of lectures by members
of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society. London, Rivington,
Percival & Co, 1897. 260 p. 6s.

Contents: 1. Sanderson, T. J. Cobden. Of art and life. 2. Lethaby, W. R.
Of beautiful cities. 3. Crane, W. Of the decoration of public buildings. 4.
Blomfield, R. Of public spaces, parks, and gardens. 5. Ricardo, H. Of colour
in the architecture of cities.

C.Cl.J.U.Crawford, Andrew Wright. The development of park systems in
American cities. (Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. An-
nals. March, 1905. 25: 218-34.)

CJ.U. Decoration of cities. (Municipal affairs. Sept, 1901. 5: 675-753.)

Contents: Parks and tree planting, Plant decoration, Municipal sculpture,
Decoration of public buildings, Beautifying Columbus Circle, N. Y. Street signs
and fixtures, Advertising and art.

J.U. Geddes, Patrick. City development, a study of parks, gardens, and
culture-institutes; a report to the Carnegie Dunfermline trust. Ed-
inburgh, Geddes, 1904. 231 p. 21s. net.

Book 1, Parks and gardens. Book 2, Museum and institutes.

CJ.U. Municipal art. (Municipal affairs. March, 1898. 2: 1-132.)

Contents: Public art in American cities, Popular art in Belgium, The city's


plan, Civic architecture from its constructive side, Municipal sculpture, Mural
painting, Civic treatment of color, Matters that suggest themselves.

Municipal affairs for December, 1899, Vol. 3, no. 4, contains articles on "The
city beautiful."

C.Cl.J.U.Parks and public playgrounds, the record of a year's advance; a
symposium. (Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals.
Nov., 1905. 26: 764-73.)

Chicago, by Hugo S. Grosser. Buffalo, by A. C. Richardson. Washington,
by Geo. S. Wilson. Seattle, by J. Allen Smith. Duluth, by W. G. Joerns.

C.C1. J.U.Robinson, Charles M. The improvement of towns and cities; or,
The practical basis of civic aesthetics. N. Y., Putnam, 1901. 309 p.

Contents: A. Foundations of civic beauty: 1. The site of the city. 2. The
street plan. 3. The elementary construction. B. Beauty in the street: 4. Sup-
pression and repression. 5. The advertisement problem. 6. Making utilities
beautiful. 7. The tree's importance. 8. Possibilities of gardening. C. Aesthetic
phase of social and philanthropic effort: 9. Parks and drives. 10. "Squares"
and playgrounds. 11. Architectural development. 12. Architectural obligations.
D. Aesthetic phase of educational effort: 13. Function and placing of sculp-
ture. 14. Popular education in art. E. Means to secure civic aesthetics: 15.
Work of individuals and societies. 16. Work of officials.

C.Cl.J.U.Robinson, Charles M. Modern civic art; or, The city made beautiful.
N. Y., Putnam, 1903. 381 p. $2.50 net.

CJ.U. U. S. Senate Committee on District of Columbia. The improve-
ment of the park system of the District of Columbia. Ed. by
Charles Moore. Wash., 1902. 179 p. (57th Cong., 1st. sess. Senate
Kept. No. 166.)


CJ.U. Butler, Nicholas M. ed. Education in the United States. A series
of monographs prepared for the United States exhibit at the Paris
Exposition, 1900. Albany, Lyon, 1900. 2 vol. $3.50.

CJ.U. Chancellor, William E. Our schools; their administration and su-
pervision. Boston, Heath, 1904. 434 p. $1.50.

Chap. 1, The school system. 2. The board of education. 3, Administration.

C.Cl.J.U.Educational organization and progress in American cities; a sym-
posium on present educational conditions and needs. (Amer. Acad.
of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. Jan., 1905. 25: 157-88.)

Chicago, by Hugo S. Grosser, p. 161-64.

CJ.U. Orth, S. P. The Cleveland plan of school administration. (Politi-
cal Science Quarterly, Sept., 1904. 19: 402-16.)

J.U. Rice, Joseph M. The public-school system of the United States.
N. Y., Century Co., 1893. 308 p. $1.50.

C.Cl.J.U.Rollins, Frank. School administration in municipal government.
106 p. (Columbia University contributions to philosophy, psychol-
ogy, and education, 1902. Vol. 11, No. 1.) 75 cts.

C.Cl.J.U.Rowe, Leo S. The financial relation of the Department of Educa-
tion to the city government. (Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social
Science. Annals. March, 1900. 15: 186-203.)

Cl.J.U. Webster, William C. Recent centralizing tendencies in state edu-
cational administration. 78 p. (Columbia University. Studies in
history, economics and public law. 1897. Vol. 8, No. 2.) 75 cts.

C. Cl.J.U. Young, James T. The administration of city schools. (Amer.


Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. March, 1900. 15:

Favors a single official as administrative head with advisory board of not over
6 members, all chosen by the mayor.


C.C1 J.U.Branson, Walter J. The Philadelphia nominating system. (Amer.
Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. July, 1899. 14: 18-37.)

CJ.U. Brooks, Robert C. The three-class election system in Prussian cit-
ies. (Municipal affairs. Sept., 1899. 3: 396-433.)

CJ.U. Commons, John R. Proportional representation. N. Y., Crowell,
1896. 298 p. $1.75.

CJ.U. Commons, John R. Referendum and initiative in city government.
(Political Science Quarterly. Dec., 1902. 17: 609-30.)

CJ.U. Dallinger, Frederick W. Nominations for elective office in the United
States. N. Y., Longmans, 1897. 290 p. (Harvard University his-
torical studies. Vol. 4.) $1.50.

C.Cl.J.U.Deming, Horace E. Municipal nomination reform. (Amer. Acad.
of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. March, 1905. 25: 203-17.)

C1J.U. Meyer, Ernest C. Nominating systems: direct primaries versus con-
ventions in the United States. Madison, Wis. The author, 1902.
501 p. $1.50.

J.U. Michigan Political Science Association. Papers and addresses
on primary reforms, read at the annual meeting of the Michigan
Political Science Association. 149 p. (Michigan Political Science
Association. Publications. March, 1905. Vol. 6, No. 1.) $1.

C.Cl.J.U.Oberholtzer, Ellis P. The referendum in America, together with
some chapters on the history of the initiative and other phases of
popular government in the United States. N. Y., Scribner, 1900.
430 p. $2.

J.U. Ostrogorsfcii, M. The rights of women. A comparative study in
history and legislation. London, Sonnenshein, 1893. 232 p. 2s. 6d.

CJ.U. Ostr>gorskii, M. Woman suffrage in local government. (Political
Science Quarterly, Dec. 1891. 6: 677-710.)


C1J.U. Baker, Moses N. Municipal engineering and sanitation. N. Y.,
Macmillan, 1902. 317 p. $1.25 net.

CCl.J.U.Billings, John S. Public health and municipal government. An ad-
dress delivered before the American Academy of Political and
Social Science, Phil., 1891. 23 p.

Published also as a supplement to the Annals of the American Academy of
Political and Social Science, February, 1891.

C.Cl.J.U.Chapin, Charles V. Municipal sanitation in the United States.
Providence, Snow & Farnham, 1901. 970 p. $5.

This book, together with Sedgwick's Sanitary science, will probably prove to be
the most useful.

CJ.U. The City's health. (Municipal affairs, June, 1898. 2: 237-303.)

Contents: White, H. Working conditions. Daniel, A. S. Living conditions.
Wingate, C. F. Sanitary construction. Folks, H. Public hospitals. White,
J. H. Contagion and quarantine. Tsanoff, S. V. Children's playgrounds.

CJ.U. Cope, Francis R. A model municipal department. How the Low
administration has been caring for the health of N. Y. City. (Amer-
ican Journal of Sociology, Jan.-March, 1904. 9: 459-89, 631-71.)


L.U. Elliott, Byron K. and Elliott, W. F. Treatise on the law of roads
and streets. 2nd ed. Indianapolis, Bowen-Merrill, 1900. 1185 p. $6.

CJ.U. Goodhue, William F. Municipal improvements. A manual of th
methods, utility, and cost of public improvements, for the munici-
pal officer. N. Y., Wiley, 1900. 207 p. $1.75.

CJ.U. Hanger, G. Public baths in the United States. (U. S. Bureau
of Labor. Bulletin, Sept, 1904. 9: 1245-1367.)

J.L.U. Keasbey, Edward Q. The law of electric wires in streets and high-
ways. Chicago, Callaghan, 1900. 358 p. $4.

L.U. Morrill, William W. Of the law and practice in actions against
municipal corporations for negligence in the care of the highways.
N.Y., Peloubet, 1887. 281 p. $3.50.

J.U. New York, N. Y. Mayor's Committee on Public Baths and Public
Comfort Stations. Report on public baths and public comfort sta-
tions. N. Y., 1897. 195 p.

Contains a chapter: Bibliography.

L.U. Parker, Leroy and Worthington, R. H. The law of public health
and safety, and the powers and duties of boards of health. Albany,
Bender, 1892. 471 p. $5.25.

C.Cl.J.U.Sedgwick, William T. Principles of sanitary science and public
health with special reference to the causation and prevention of in-
fectious diseases. N. Y, Macmillan, 1902. 368 p. $3.

J.U. Tillson, George W. Street pavements and paving materials, A

C.( 1903) manual of city pavements: the methods and materials of their con-
struction. For the use of students, engineers and city officials.
N. Y, Wiley, 1900. 532 p. $4.

CJ.U. Tolman, Wm. H. Public baths; or, the gospel of cleanness. (Yale
Review, May, 1897. 6: 50-62.)

C.C1J.U. Waring, George E. Street-cleaning and the disposal of a city's
wastes: methods and results and the effect upon public health, pub-
lic morals, and municipal prosperity. N. Y, Doubleday & Mc-
Clure, 1898. 230 p. $1.25.

CJ.U . Waring, George E. Street cleaning in the city of New York, 1895-
97. (Municipal Affairs, June, 1898, supplement. Vol. 2, No. 2. 234 p.)

Contents: Observations on street cleaning methods in European cities, Re-
view of the general work of the Department of Street Cleaning of N. Y., Report
of the snow inspector, The adjustment of labor questions by the committee of
41 and the Board of Conference.


C.ClJ.U.Baker, Moses N. Bibliography of uniform municipal accounting.

(Conference for Good City Government. Proceedings, 1902. 10:

CJ.U. Adams, Henry C. Public debts. An essay in the science of finance.

N. Y., Appleton, 1895. 407 p. $2.50.

"Municipal indebtedness," p. 343-66.

"The most satisfactory treatment of municipal finance for an American." Clow.

CJ.U. American Economic Association. Special Committee on Uniform
Municipal Accounts. Uniform municipal accounts and statistics.
Report. (American Economic Association. Publications, Feb.,
1901. 3d series. 2: 254-92.)


CJ.U. Blunden, G. H. British local finance. (Political Science Quarterly,

March-June, 1894. 9: 78-107, 268-302.)
J.L.U. Bronson, Harrison A. The law of recitals in municipal bonds.

St. Paul, Keefe-Davidson, 1901. 240 p. $2.

CJ.U. Brooks, Robert C. Berlin's tax problem. (Political Science Quar-
terly, Dec., 1905. 20: 665-95.)
L.U. Burroughs, William H. Public securities. Jersey City, Linn, 1881.

737 p. $5.
J.U. Cadoux, Gaston. Les finances de la ville de Paris de 1798 a 1900.

Paris, Berger-Levrault, 1900. 821 p. F. 15.
CJ.U. Cleveland, Frederick A. Municipal accounts; a first step toward

municipal reform. (Political Science Quarterly, Sept., 1904. 19:

C.Cl.J.U.Clow, Frederick R. A comparative study of the administration of

city finances in the U. S., with special reference to the budget.

(American Economic Association. Publications, Nov., 1901. 3rd

series. 2: 667-814.)
CJ.U. Commercial and Financial Chronicle, State and City Supplement.

N. Y., 1891-f.

Gives list of bonds of various cities, amount of indebtedness of cities, net value
of bonds, etc.

C1J.U. Cooley, Thomas M. A treatise on the law of taxation, including
the law of local assessments. .Chicago, Callaghan, 1886. 991 p. $6.

CJ.U. Curtis, Charles E. Taxation of street railways for purposes of rev-
enue and control. (Yale Review, Aug., 1899. 8: 173-201.)

,/ L.U. Dillon, John F. Law of municipal bonds. St. Louis, Jones, 1876.
63 p. $1.

J.U. Dubois, Louis Paul. Essai sur les finances communales. Paris,
Perrin, 1898. 306 p. F. 3.50.

CJ.U. Durand, Edward Dana. The finances of New York city. N. Y.,
Macmillan, 1898. 397 p. $2.

CJ.U. Durand, Edward Dana. Taxation as a partial substitute for bor-
rowing to cover the cost of permanent municipal improvements.
(American Economic Association. Publications. Feb., 1900. 3rd
series. 1: 123-48.)

J.U. Eastman, Frank M. The taxation of public service corporations
in Pennsylvania. Phil. Bisel, 1905. 46 p.

C.Cl.J.U.Ely, Richard T. Taxation in American states and cities. N. Y.,
Crowell, 1888. 544 p. $1.75.

C.Cl.J.U.Fairlie, John A. Municipal finances. (In his Municipal adminis-
tration. 1901. Part 3, p. 317-71.)

J. Harris, William H. The law governing the issuing, transfer and

collection of municipal bonds. Cincinnati, Anderson, 1902. 357 p.

C.C1 J.U.Hollander, J. H. The financial history of Baltimore. 397 p. (Johns
Hopkins University studies in history and political science. 1899.
Extra vol. 20.) $2.

CJ.U. Macpherson, Frank H. Municipal accounting. A comprehensive
treatise on the subject of municipal accounts. Detroit, Book-
Keeper Pub. Co., 1901. 46 p. $3.

C.Cl.J.U.Merriam, Charles E. Report on the municipal revenues of Chicago.


Chicago, City Club, 1906. 161 p. (Chicago. City Club. Publica-
tion No. 2.)

Part 2: Revenue systems of American and foreign cities.

C.Cl.J.U.National Municipal League. Committee on Uniform Municipal
Accounting and Statistics. Report. 1901+. (Conference for good
city government. Proceedings. 1901+. Vol. 12+.)

J.U. New York. Legislature. Joint Committee on Taxation. Report
relative to taxation for state and local purposes. Albany, 1893. 602 p.

CJ.U. O'Meara, John J. Municipal taxation at home and abroad. Local
government indebtedness and valuation. With statistics relating to
the principal municipalities of the world. London, Cassell, 1894.
310 p. $2.75.

J. Powell, Henry M. Taxation of corporations in New York for state

and local purposes. Albany, Bender, 1905. 286 p.

Local taxation, p. 1-128.
Special franchise tax, p. 129-39.

C.Cl.J.U.Rosewater, Victor. Special assessments. A study in municipal
finance. 152 p. (Columbia University. Studies in history, eco-
nomics and public law. 1893. Vol. 2.) $1.
C.Cl.J.U.Seligman, Edwin R. Essays in taxation. N. Y., Macmillan, 1897.

434 p. $3.

C.Cl.J.U.Seligman, Edwin R. The shifting and incidence of taxation. N. Y.,
Macmillan, 1899. 337p. $3.

"Bibliography," p. 317-334.

L.U. Simonton, Thomas C. A treatise on the law of municipal bonds
of the municipal corporations of the U. S. N. Y., Banks, 1896.
566 p. $5.50.

CJ.U. Stokes, Howard K. The finances and administration of Providence.
464 p. (Johns Hopkins University studies in historical and politi-
cal science. 1903. Extra vol. 25.) $3.50.

CJ.U. Tuttle, Leonard. Local option in taxation. (Municipal Affairs.
Sept., 1898. 2: 395-410.)

Argument for home rule in taxation.

CJ.U. Urban taxation. (Municipal Affairs, June, 1899. 3: 269-349.)

Contents: Warner, J. D. The Ford bill. Purdy, L. Taxation of personalty.
Holt, B. W. The single tax applied to cities.

L.U. Welty, D. W. A treatise on the law of assessments. N. Y., Banks,
1886. 631 p. $6.


C.Cl.J.U.De Forest, Robert W. ed. The tenement house problem includ-
ing the report of the New York state tenement house commis-
sion of 1900, by various writers, ed. by Robert W. De Forest and
Lawrence Veiller. N. Y., Macmillan, 1903. 2 vol. $6 net.

Cl. Glasgow. Municipal Commission on the Housing of the Poor.

Report and recommendation together with minutes of evidence
and appendices. Glasgow, 1904. 979 p.

C.Cl.J.U.Housing Problem. (Amer. Acad of Polit. and Social Science.
Annals. July, 1902. 20: 79-149.)

Contents: De Forest, Robert W. Tenement house regulation. Addams, Jane.
Housing problem in Chicago. Octavia Hill Association, Housing problem in Phil.
Paine, R. T. Housing conditions in Boston. Sayles, M. B. Housing condi-
tions in Jersey City.


CJ.U. Housing problem in cities. (Municipal Affairs, March, 1899. 3:

Contents: Working men's hotels, Housing of single women, The bousing prob-
lem, Model tenements and suburban homes, A model factory town.

CJ.U. Reynolds, Marcus T. The housing of the poor in American cities.
132 p. (American Economic Association. Publications. 1893.
Vol. 8.) $1.

"Bibliography. Tenement house life and population," p. 127-132.

C.Cl.J.U.Veiller, Lawrence. The housing problem in American cities.
(Amer. Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. March, 1905.
25: 248-72.)


U. Bayles, George J. Office of mayor in the U. S. A study in ad-

ministrative law. Newark, Plum, 1895. 74 p.

C.C1J. U.Bradford, Gamaliel. Our failures in municipal government. (Amer.
Acad. of Polit. and Social Science. Annals. May, 1893. 3: 691-702.)

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